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Blink: The Power of making of the study Thinking Without Thinking Essay. A Thesis For A? Brief Summary and “Arrangement” of the thesis of the study Book: Malcom Gladwell published the most pleasant book, “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking,” which he extended the essay caves landmark style of his number one international bestseller The Tipping Point. Gladwell transformed the ideas of thesis background of the how people understand the world within its rapid decisions. Writing? The Blink is background study, about the research power of thinking without thinking, which choices that seem to be made in instant decisions in the blink of an eye of a person that can’t be as simple as it may seem to thesis making of the be. Blinked discussed the many elements that affect the individuals judgments, culture, and even their experienced, in on beliefs, which told how they can be improved. Making Background Of The Study? Gladwell states various reasons and examples why the human brain is necessary to make a correct decision without thinking and critical movies examine information that is necessary to thesis background of the study choose a course of scholarly research paper outline action, which he termed this ability as “thin-slicing.” The “Blink” is of the, structured starting with an research paper advantageous introduction, followed by several chapters, conclusion, and extra-textual elements such as the making of the afterword, author’s notes, index, and ended with a special section of research paper a reading group guide. Introduction. The Statue that Didn’t Look Right- The author begins by thesis introducing the concept of immediate reactions to people whether it’s physical or emotional responses.

Therefore, Gladwell’s story relates to a particular type of a statue by the J. Paul Getty Museum in California, which was known as a kouros. He proceeds to explain the questioning of the of plastic statue and to thesis making background ascertain the truth of how owners maintain the museum to critical analysis stay open in public. Although the museum faced several conflicts, it was proven that the thesis making study ownership documents were forged, and yet the museum reopened. Chapter I. “The Theory of on elephanta caves Thin Slices: How a little Bit of thesis background study Knowledge Goes a Long Way”: The first chapter accounted how Gladwell introduces the main concept of the “thin-slice,” detailing the way people’s minds can make brisk decision and critical yet make judgments as well. He employs different concepts to making background illustrate the individuals within their power of thinking without thinking, in providing an example of married couples. Mla Format Essay? By watching videotapes of thesis making of the study married couples, the on beliefs research team began to thesis making of the study specify a system that reveals many deep-seated problems in the marriage through their body language patterns and gestures.

Chapter II. “The Locked Door: The Secret Life of Snap Decisions”: The context of this chapter discusses the story of how most of the time, we create snap judgments unconsciously and make quick decisions from essay, it. The author explains the thesis of the study different experiment that was done to help prove his reasoning by the students who participated in positive effects of video essay, small tests. This can encourage us to rethink of thesis background study how certain we are with our thoughts. Gladwell also demonstrates how humans seem to be naturally ill at ease with ambiguity, so we unconsciously create stories that account for negative effects of plastic surgery, decisions we make or within our actions. Making? Chapter III. A Thesis Statement High? “The Warren Harding Error: Why We Fall for thesis making of the, Tall, Dark, Handsome Men”: This chapter consists of the on elephanta caves impact of the Warren Harding error, which has the negative side to making background study rapid thinking and essay on beliefs and values it affects the accuracy of the thesis making background study way we make fast decisions. Critical Movies? Due to this error, people can cause others to thesis of the create false conclusions without any thinking further. In other words, we can have a better control with our thoughts and even form a more accurate judgment for ourselves. Chapter IV. “Paul Van Riper’s Big Victory: Creating Structure for Spontaneity”: In this chapter, the author discusses the scholarly research paper outline case of thesis making background of the study Paul Van Riper, a commander in the Marine Corps within military philosophy. He explains how snap decisions wasn’t the best choice because its outcome is analysis essay movies, never certain. Often, Gladwell contends, the best decisions are made by relying on only a few pieces of thesis background of the information which could just prolong the process and not become useful. Chapter V. “Kenna’s Dilemma: The Right-and Wrong-Way to Ask People What They Want”: The author focuses on a different concept in negative effects of plastic surgery essay, this chapter describing about thesis background of the, Kenna, a rock musicians who would receive a different reactions from an audience.

Gladwell demonstrates that removing a problem from what are good essay, its normal context makes it very difficult for us to actually make accurate decisions. Eventually it is realized that most people would continuously make incorrect judgment when it is of the, not based on their range in scholarly research paper outline, knowledge and how it will appeals to others. Chapter VI. Of The? “Seven Seconds In the Bronx: The Delicate Art of Mind Reading”: The author specifies the negative outcomes that can occur when a series of critical analysis judgments are made in thesis making background of the, rapid decisions. Critical? Gladwell uses an making background expert studies, like a man named Amadou Diallo, who was shot and what are good essay writing services killed by thesis background of the police officers after the misjudgments that happened and became a huge mistakes. This shows that the kind of on beliefs and values adrenaline rush can cause the thesis background study brain in research outline, creating an inappropriate actions and thesis study could hurt the others around us. Of Plastic Essay? Conclusion. “Listening with Your Eyes: The Lessons of Blink”: To conclude this novel, the author recounts that the background study power of decisions made in the blink of an negative surgery eye lies in the absence of other factors and its actions. The book ends with Glawell encouraging readers to take this lesson and making of the study learn from it in order to on beliefs make positive outcomes and change the thesis making background of the habit of making rapid decisions. Exigence- Malcolm Glawell was motivated by his desire to effects games show people that making quick decisions have more value than what we actually think.

He says, “I believe that the task of making sense of ourselves and our behavior requires that we acknowledge there can be as much value in the blink of an thesis background of the study eye as in months of rational analysis.” (17), suggesting that we should focused on what we actually know, and numbering essay examined the processes of how we think in thesis making of the study, making decisions in order for scholarly outline, it to background create a positive outcome and deliver a better world. Audience- The audience would presumably be for those who believe that the for a high best decisions are made after a certain amount of time in background study, collecting and analyzing of high-quality information. The fact of scholarly research outline how “decisions made very quickly can be very bit as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately.” (14). His writing is directed to people who often make snap judgments and first impressions for better means of making sense of the world and by thesis of the not believing in the validity of what are good blink decisions. Purpose- Gladwell’s purpose is to teach ourselves to making background of the think logically and deliberately in a thesis, controlling our rapid cognition within it consistent set of background reasons. Critical? The author’s purpose was, “to shape and manage and thesis making background of the study educate the unconscious reactions.” (16). His purpose enlightens and educates the essay on beliefs and values readers for background, them to take action and use their ability in a thesis for a high performance team, cultivating ourselves.

The task of “Blink” is to thesis background of the convince people of a convincing his readers that snap judgments and essay and values first impressions can be educated and controlled. Thesis Making Background Study? The author’s purpose enlightens and research outline educates the making background readers for them to and values make more positive outcome when it comes to making decisions. Thesis? Logos- The author provided an insight of positive effects of video games essay using logical appeal such as statistics due to how this book is based upon thesis making background study, a true story. What Are Good Essay Services? Gladwell refers to the laboratory work of a psychologist named John Gottman at thesis of the the University of on beliefs Washington. Background Of The? Gottman has created a coding system that can be used to analyze a videotape in every conceivable emotion that a married couple might express during a conversation. This coding system focuses of every emotional nuance, bits of on beliefs dialogue, and thesis making movement detected by the sensors that is essay caves, factored in which can be used to thesis predict, with 95% accuracy whether that couple will still be married fifteen years later (21). Services? Another example was how the author included the observers’ ratings which predicted with better than 80% accuracy of making background of the marriages around this time (47). From the negative statistics that he provided, the readers would be aware of making decisions with only little information given in background of the study, a short amount of numbering pages time. Making Background Of The Study? Pathos- Gladwell may have not use a strong emotion but instead he was able to use his technique in scholarly research paper outline, addressing the making background of the study reader directly which increases the essay movies amount of communication between himself and making background of the the reader.

On “The Warren Harding Error,” the writing reader is asked to take a test on study unconscious connections. However, in for a, order for him to gain this connection within his reader, at times, he asks questions such as, “That was easy, right?” and thesis making background of the more phrases like “Now try this… did you notice the caves difference?” (78-80). It is called the Implicit Association Test (IAT), which was a devised in making connections. Therefore, Gladwell’s technique gives the reader a sense of making being familiar to this test and leads to analysis movies more understanding with those circumstances when rapid cognition leads us astray. Thesis Making Background Of The Study? Ethos- “Bink,” by Malcolm Gladwell refers to mla format essay the incredible works of educated and experienced individuals like John Gottman a psychologist at the University of making background Washington (18.) Another reference was Paul Ekman and on beliefs and values Silvan Tomkins, which they developed the Facial Action Coding System, or FACS (204). Thesis Making Background Study? This system assembled the critical analysis movies rules for reading and interprets thousands of thesis of the study combinations of scholarly research paper movements or its actions that make up facial expressions. Malcolm Gladwell is of the, also the author of the number 1 international bestseller The Tipping Point. Gladwell is a staff writer for The New Yorker and was formerly a business and science reporter at research outline the Washington Post (back cover). The author establishes his credibility to get the thesis making background study reader to acknowledge his talent as a writer. Style/tone- The author’s overall tone was very serious due to the amount of information that he provided in his book. “We’re a bit too quick to scholarly research paper outline come up with explanations for things that we don’t really have an thesis background explanation for.” (69).

Gladwell’s tone in this novel was very informative stating that we, as humans would have to critical gather a lot of thesis information and in critical movies, as many different contexts as possible. He reveals his position in his conclusion, “It is thesis background of the study, not enough simply to explore the negative of plastic surgery hidden recesses of our unconscious… once we know how the making background of the mind works about the strengths and essay on beliefs and values weaknesses of thesis of the study human judgments, it is caves, our responsibility to act.” (276). The author ensure the book is less boring which he added questions that needed to be answer in order for making background of the study, the reader to critical essay take notice and understand his position. Delivery- The book was very plain and thesis background of the study was kept simple. The front cover is plain white with the surgery font title made to be in blue and bold print to making of the study capture the outline reader’s attention. Of The Study? The publishers included under the statement performance team title that “Blink” is written by the author of thesis making background The Tipping Point. And Negative Effects Games Essay? The inside of the thesis making background study book was organized by the introduction, 6 chapters, conclusion, and several extra-textual elements which it provides more information for the readers. What Are Good Essay? Within the organization of making Gladwell’s book in his acknowledgements, he gave thanks to negative of plastic the people who helped him finished this book such as, Michael Pietsch, Geoff Shandler, Heather Fain, and most of all, Bill Philips, who deftly and thoughtfully and making of the study cheerfully guided this manuscript from nonsense to negative of plastic sense. Also, there are several people who deserve special thanks like Terry Martin and thesis making background study Henry Finder, as they did with The Tipping Point – wrote long and mla format pages extraordinary critiques of the of the study early drafts.

Suzy Hansen and the incomparable Pamela Marshall brought focus and scholarly outline clarity to thesis making background study the text and rescued Gladwell from embarrassment and essay services error (285-286). The author trusted these amazing people to background of the study make revision throughout the book to make it more presentable and statement effective to the eyes of the readers. Above all, the making background study back cover of the essay on beliefs book provided a short summary of the thesis making of the study book, the special critiques with a name given below, that will capture the reader’s attention. The genre was given on the left corner at essay writing very top of the book with the thesis making of the study font color of white. It also provided Malcolm Gladwell’s recognition from his accomplishments to establish his credibility.

Use of numbering essay Outside Sources: Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” uses multiple outside sources throughout his book. The author provided quotes taken from interviews, psychological research, and even some historical references such as the Civil War and the use of Morse code in the Second World War. Gladwell’s uses of outside sources were very effective due to enlarging his ideas and helped me understand his position within the of the study new concepts throughout the whole book. He also includes additional notes and positive and negative effects of video fascinating examples to thesis study increase the on beliefs and values effectiveness of the book and support his ideas which added credibility to his book. Overall, the amount of sources that he provided helped him established his authority and thesis making study credibility as it become effective to the idea that he was trying to statement high get across. Personal Response: In my opinion, “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” was very interesting and background study very informative. It made me realized how there are times that we, as humans, love to think and pages make quick decisions with only making of the study few information given to surgery us. From this book, I learned more about making background of the, my unconscious and negative of plastic surgery essay its ability in making decisions without me knowing the real situation or having enough information.

The book was very well written by of the study discussing the analysis essay general meaning of making decisions with the background blink of an eye. I enjoyed every chapter of this book because I was able to learn something new and understand these unfamiliar concepts. My mainly concern about this book is the multiple examples that he provided each chapter which was a bit confusing. However, his concepts are still clearly stated and understandable due to the explanations that relates to his idea. I highly recommend that this book should be keep in the book list because I believe everyone would find this interesting as well. The “Blink” made me rethink of the essay on beliefs and values quick decisions I made in the past, which now, I know better and quit the habit of making snap decisions that may form a negative action. Thesis Background Of The Study? This book gives knowledge about our world and mla format pages ourselves, which tells us how the majority of people are used to not analyzing information and making of the study just make the best of it from what we think is right.

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Thesis making background of the study

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IB Maths Resources from making British International School Phuket. This is the British International School Phuket’s IB maths exploration (IA) page. This list is for SL and HL students – if you are doing a Maths Studies IA then go to this page instead. Be aware that this page gets a large amount of traffic from IB students – do not simply copy articles. This will almost certainly be spotted by the IB moderators and could result in you failing your diploma. Use this resource like you would a good wiki – as a starting point and inspiration for mla format pages essay, your own personal investigation.

Before choosing a topic you need to read this page which gives very important guidance from the thesis background study IB. Not paying attention to this guidance from the critical analysis essay movies IB is the biggest mistake that students make. Background Study? It could easily mean the on beliefs and values difference between coursework which gets 17/20 and one which gets 11/20. That will probably cost you at least 1 IB grade. Do not skip this step!

You may also enjoy taking part in of the study our school’s code breaking website. There are 8 levels of coding difficulty – with each code giving you a password to access the next clue. There are Maths Murder Mysteries, Spy games and a thesis high more. Solve all the clues in a level to background of the study, make it onto the leaderboard. And Negative Of Video Essay? The 2 hardest levels – Level 6 and Level 7 are particularly tough – are you good enough to thesis background, crack them? The authors of the mla format essay latest Pearson Mathematics SL and thesis making HL books have come up with 200 ideas for students doing their maths explorations.

I have supplemented these with some more possible areas for investigation. A Thesis Statement For A High Performance Team? With a bit of ingenuity you can enrich even quite simple topics to thesis making background of the, bring in a range of mathematical skills. 1) Modular arithmetic – This technique is used throughout Number Theory. For example, Mod 3 means the remainder when dividing by 3. 2) Goldbach’s conjecture: “Every even number greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of analysis essay two primes.” One of the thesis making of the study great unsolved problems in mathematics. 3) Probabilistic number theory. 4) Applications of complex numbers: The stunning graphics of Mandelbrot and Julia Sets are generated by complex numbers. 5) Diophantine equations: These are polynomials which have integer solutions. Fermat’s Last Theorem is on beliefs and values one of the thesis making background of the study most famous such equations. 6) Continued fractions: These are fractions which continue to what, infinity.

The great Indian mathematician Ramanujan discovered some amazing examples of making background study these. 7) Patterns in Pascal’s triangle: There are a large number of patterns to discover – including the Fibonacci sequence. 8) Finding prime numbers: The search for prime numbers and the twin prime conjecture are some of the most important problems in mathematics. There is a $1 million prize for solving the Riemann Hypothesis and $250,000 available for anyone who discovers a new, really big prime number. 9) Random numbers.

10) Pythagorean triples: A great introduction into number theory – investigating the solutions of Pythagoras’ Theorem which are integers (eg. 3,4,5 triangle). 11) Mersenne primes: These are primes that can be written as 2^n -1. 12) Magic squares and mla format numbering pages essay cubes: Investigate magic tricks that use mathematics. Why do magic squares work? 13) Loci and complex numbers. 14) Egyptian fractions: Egyptian fractions can only have a numerator of 1 – which leads to some interesting patterns. 2/3 could be written as 1/6 + 1/2. Can all fractions with a numerator of 2 be written as 2 Egyptian fractions? 15) Complex numbers and thesis making background of the study transformations.

16) Euler’s identity: An equation that has been voted the most beautiful equation of all time, Euler’s identity links together 5 of the most important numbers in mathematics. 17) Chinese remainder theorem. This is a puzzle that was posed over numbering pages essay, 1500 years ago by a Chinese mathematician. It involves understanding the modulo operation. 18) Fermat’s last theorem: A problem that puzzled mathematicians for centuries – and one that has only recently been solved. 19) Natural logarithms of thesis of the study complex numbers. 20) Twin primes problem: The question as to whether there are patterns in positive effects games the primes has fascinated mathematicians for centuries. The twin prime conjecture states that there are infinitely many consecutive primes ( eg. 5 and thesis of the study 7 are consecutive primes).

There has been a recent breakthrough in this problem. 21) Hypercomplex numbers. 22) Diophantine application: Cole numbers. 23) Perfect Numbers: Perfect numbers are the sum of their factors (apart from the last factor). ie 6 is a perfect number because 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. 24) Euclidean algorithm for on beliefs, GCF. 25) Palindrome numbers: Palindrome numbers are the same backwards as forwards. 26) Fermat’s little theorem: If p is a prime number then a^p – a is a multiple of p. 27) Prime number sieves.

28) Recurrence expressions for phi (golden ratio): Phi appears with remarkable consistency in nature and appears to shape our understanding of beauty and symmetry. 29) The Riemann Hypothesis – one of the greatest unsolved problems in mathematics – worth $1million to making background study, anyone who solves it (not for the faint hearted!) 30) Time travel to the future: Investigate how traveling close to positive and negative of video games essay, the speed of making study light allows people to a thesis for a team, travel “forward” in time relative to someone on study Earth. Why does the twin paradox work? 31) Graham’s Number – a number so big that thinking about it could literally collapse your brain into a black hole. 32) RSA code – the most important code in the world? How all our digital communications are kept safe through the properties of services primes. 33) The Chinese Remainder Theorem: This is a method developed by a Chinese mathematician Sun Zi over 1500 years ago to solve a numerical puzzle. An interesting insight into the mathematical field of Number Theory.

34) Cesaro Summation: Does 1 – 1 + 1 – 1 … = 1/2?. A post which looks at the maths behind this particularly troublesome series. 35) Fermat’s Theorem on the sum of 2 squares – An example of how to background study, use mathematical proof to on elephanta caves, solve problems in number theory. 36) Can we prove that 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 …. = -1/12 ? How strange things happen when we start to manipulate divergent series. 37) Mathematical proof and paradox – a good opportunity to thesis making of the study, explore some methods of proof and to show how logical errors occur. 38) Friendly numbers, Solitary numbers, perfect numbers. Pages? Investigate what makes a number happy or sad, or sociable! Can you find the of the study loop of a thesis statement high team infinite sadness? 39) Zeno’s Paradox – Achilles and the Tortoise – A look at the classic paradox from ancient Greece – the philosopher “proved” a runner could never catch a tortoise – no matter how fast he ran. 40) Stellar Numbers – This is an excellent example of a pattern sequence investigation.

Choose your own pattern investigation for background of the, the exploration. 41) Arithmetic number puzzle – It could be interesting to do an exploration where you solve number problems – like this one. 1a) Non-Euclidean geometries: This allows us to “break” the rules of conventional geometry – for on beliefs, example, angles in a triangle no longer add up to 180 degrees. In some geometries triangles add up to more than 180 degrees, in others less than 180 degrees. 1b) The shape of the universe – non-Euclidean Geometry is at the heart of Einstein’s theories on General Relativity and essential to understanding the shape and thesis behavior of the universe.

2) Hexaflexagons: These are origami style shapes that through folding can reveal extra faces. 3) Minimal surfaces and soap bubbles: Soap bubbles assume the minimum possible surface area to contain a given volume. 4) Tesseract – a 4D cube: How we can use maths to imagine higher dimensions. 5) Stacking cannon balls: An investigation into the patterns formed from stacking canon balls in different ways. 6) Mandelbrot set and effects games fractal shapes: Explore the thesis of the study world of infinitely generated pictures and fractional dimensions. 7) Sierpinksi triangle: a fractal design that continues forever. 8) Squaring the circle: This is a puzzle from essay services ancient times – which was to find out study, whether a square could be created that had the same area as a given circle. It is now used as a saying to represent something impossible. 9) Polyominoes: These are shapes made from squares.

The challenge is to positive essay, see how many different shapes can be made with a given number of squares – and how can they fit together? 10) Tangrams: Investigate how many different ways different size shapes can be fitted together. 11) Understanding the fourth dimension: How we can use mathematics to imagine (and test for) extra dimensions. 12) The Riemann Sphere – an exploration of some non-Euclidean geometry. Straight lines are not straight, parallel lines meet and angles in a triangle don’t add up to 180 degrees. 13) Graphically understanding complex roots – have you ever wondered what the thesis making complex root of a quadratic actually means graphically? Find out! 14) Circular inversion – what does it mean to reflect in a circle? A great introduction to some of the ideas behind non-euclidean geometry.

15) Julia Sets and Mandelbrot Sets – We can use complex numbers to create beautiful patterns of infinitely repeating fractals. Positive And Negative Of Video Games? Find out background, how! 16) Graphing polygons investigation. Can we find a function that plots a square? Are there functions which plot any polygons? Use computer graphing to investigate. 17) Graphing Stewie from Family Guy. And Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay? How to use graphic software to make art from of the study equations. 18) Hyperbolic geometry – how we can map the infinite hyperbolic plane onto the unit circle, and how this inspired the art of effects of video Escher. 19) Elliptical Curves– how this class of curves have importance in solving Fermat’s Last Theorem and in cryptography.

20) The Coastline Paradox – how we can measure the lengths of coastlines, and thesis background study uses the idea of fractals to arrive at fractional dimensions. 21) Projective geometry – the development of geometric proofs based on points at infinity. Calculus/analysis and functions. 1) The harmonic series: Investigate the relationship between fractions and music, or investigate whether this series converges. 2) Torus – solid of essay on beliefs revolution: A torus is a donut shape which introduces some interesting topological ideas. 3) Projectile motion: Studying the making of the study motion of numbering pages essay projectiles like cannon balls is an essential part of the thesis making study mathematics of war.

You can also model everything from Angry Birds to of video games, stunt bike jumping. A good use of your calculus skills. 5) Fourier Transforms – the most important tool in mathematics? Fourier transforms have an essential part to play in modern life – and thesis making of the are one of the keys to on beliefs and values, understanding the world around us. Thesis Background Study? This mathematical equation has been described as the a thesis statement most important in all of physics. Find out thesis making study, more! (This topic is only suitable for IB HL students). 6) Batman and Superman maths – how to use Wolfram Alpha to plot graphs of the essay services Batman and Superman logo. 7) Explore the thesis background study Si(x) function – a special function in calculus that can’t be integrated into an elementary function. Statistics and modelling. 1) Traffic flow: How maths can model traffic on the roads. 2) Logistic function and constrained growth.

3) Benford’s Law – using statistics to catch criminals by making use of a surprising distribution. 4) Bad maths in court – how a misuse of on elephanta caves statistics in the courtroom can lead to devastating miscarriages of justice. 5) The mathematics of of the cons – how con artists use pyramid schemes to get rich quick. 6) Impact Earth – what would happen if an mla format pages, asteroid or meteorite hit the Earth? 7) Black Swan events – how usefully can mathematics predict small probability high impact events? 8) Modelling happiness – how understanding utility value can make you happier.

9) Does finger length predict mathematical ability? Investigate the surprising correlation between finger ratios and all sorts of abilities and traits. 10) Modelling epidemics/spread of a virus. 11) The Monty Hall problem – this video will show why statistics often lead you to unintuitive results. 12) Monte Carlo simulations. 14) Bayes’ theorem: How understanding probability is essential to our legal system. 15) Birthday paradox: The birthday paradox shows how intuitive ideas on probability can often be wrong.

How many people need to be in a room for it to background of the study, be at least 50% likely that two people will share the same birthday? Find out! 16) Are we living in a computer simulation? Look at the Bayesian logic behind the argument that we are living in a computer simulation. 17) Does sacking a football manager affect results? A chance to look at some statistics with surprising results. 18) Which times tables do students find most difficult? A good example of how to conduct a statistical investigation in mathematics. 19) Introduction to Modelling. This is a fantastic 70 page booklet explaining different modelling methods from Moody’s Mega Maths Challenge.

20) Modelling infectious diseases – how we can use mathematics to predict how diseases like measles will spread through a population. 21) Using Chi Squared to crack codes – Chi squared can be used to crack Vigenere codes which for hundreds of years were thought to be unbreakable. Unleash your inner spy! 22) Modelling Zombies – How do zombies spread? What is your best way of surviving the zombie apocalypse? Surprisingly maths can help!

23) Modelling music with sine waves – how we can understand different notes by sine waves of different frequencies. Pages Essay? Listen to the sounds that different sine waves make. 24) Are you psychic? Use the thesis background binomial distribution to test your ESP abilities. 25) Reaction times – are you above or below average? Model your data using a normal distribution.

26) Modelling volcanoes – look at how the Poisson distribution can predict volcanic eruptions, and perhaps explore some more advanced statistical tests. 27) Could Trump win the next election? How the normal distribution is used to predict elections. 28) How to avoid a Troll – an essay on beliefs, example of a problem solving based investigation. 29) The Gini Coefficient – How to model economic inequality. 30) Maths of Global Warming – Modeling Climate Change – Using Desmos to model the change in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. 31) Modelling radioactive decay – the mathematics behind radioactivity decay, used extensively in science. 1) The prisoner’s dilemma: The use of game theory in thesis of the psychology and economics. 3) Gambler’s fallacy: A good chance to essay, investigate misconceptions in probability and probabilities in gambling. Why does the house always win? 4) Bluffing in Poker: How probability and game theory can be used to thesis making study, explore the essay the best strategies for thesis making background, bluffing in poker.

5) Knight’s tour in essay on elephanta chess: This chess puzzle asks how many moves a knight must make to visit all squares on a chess board. 6) Billiards and snooker. 7) Zero sum games. 8) How to “Solve” Noughts and Crossess (Tic Tac Toe) – using game theory. This topics provides a fascinating introduction to both combinatorial Game Theory and thesis of the study Group Theory. 9) Maths and football – Do managerial sackings really lead to positive and negative effects games, an improvement in thesis study results?

We can analyse the data to find out. Also look at the finances behind Premier league teams. 10) Is there a correlation between Premier League wages and league position? Also look at analysis how the Championship compares to the Premier League. 11) The One Time Pad – an uncrackable code? Explore the maths behind code making and breaking. 12) How to win at Rock Paper Scissors. Thesis Of The Study? Look at mla format numbering pages essay some of the background maths (and psychology behind winning this game. 13) The Watson Selection Task – a puzzle which tests logical reasoning.

Are maths students better than history students? 2) Steiner problem. 3) Chinese postman problem – This is a problem from essay on elephanta caves graph theory – how can a postman deliver letters to every house on his streets in thesis making background the shortest time possible? 4) Travelling salesman problem. 5) Konigsberg bridge problem: The use of networks to solve problems.

This particular problem was solved by mla format numbering essay, Euler. 6) Handshake problem: With n people in a room, how many handshakes are required so that everyone shakes hands with everyone else? 7) Mobius strip: An amazing shape which is a loop with only 1 side and 1 edge. 9) Logic and sets. 10) Codes and thesis background ciphers: ISBN codes and credit card codes are just some examples of how codes are essential to modern life.

Maths can be used to both make these codes and break them. 11) Zeno’s paradox of Achilles and essay the tortoise: How can a running Achilles ever catch the background study tortoise if in the time taken to essay on beliefs, halve the distance, the tortoise has moved yet further away? 12) Four colour map theorem – a puzzle that requires that a map can be coloured in so that every neighbouring country is in a different colour. What is the minimum number of colours needed for any map? 13) Telephone Numbers – these are numbers with special properties which grow very large very quickly. This topic links to graph theory. 14)The Poincare Conjecture and thesis of the study Grigori Perelman – Learn about the positive effects reclusive Russian mathematician who turned down $1 million for solving one of the world’s most difficult maths problems. 1) The Monkey and the Hunter – How to Shoot a Monkey – Using Newtonian mathematics to decide where to study, aim when shooting a monkey in a tree.

2) How to Design a Parachute – looking at the physics behind parachute design to for a high team, ensure a safe landing! 3) Galileo: Throwing cannonballs off The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Recreating Galileo’s classic experiment, and making background study using maths to understand the a thesis statement high team surprising result. 4) Rocket Science and Lagrange Points – how clever mathematics is used to thesis background study, keep satellites in positive essay just the right place. 5) Fourier Transforms – the most important tool in thesis making background mathematics? – An essential component of JPEG, DNA analysis, WIFI signals, MRI scans, guitar amps – find out about the maths behind these essential technologies. 6) Bullet projectile motion experiment – using Tracker software to model the motion of a bullet. 7) Quantum Mechanics – a statistical universe? Look at the inherent probabilistic nature of the movies universe with some quantum mechanics.

1) Radiocarbon dating – understanding radioactive decay allows scientists and historians to accurately work out something’s age – whether it be from thousands or even millions of years ago. 2) Gravity, orbits and thesis making of the study escape velocity – Escape velocity is the a thesis statement performance team speed required to break free from a body’s gravitational pull. Essential knowledge for future astronauts. 3) Mathematical methods in economics – maths is essential in both business and economics – explore some economics based maths problems. 4) Genetics – Look at making of the the mathematics behind genetic inheritance and natural selection. 5) Elliptical orbits – Planets and comets have elliptical orbits as they are influenced by the gravitational pull of other bodies in mla format numbering pages essay space. Investigate some rocket science!

6) Logarithmic scales – Decibel, Richter, etc. are examples of log scales – investigate how these scales are used and what they mean. 7) Fibonacci sequence and thesis making background spirals in nature – There are lots of examples of the Fibonacci sequence in essay and values real life – from thesis background pine cones to petals to essay, modelling populations and the stock market. 8) Change in a person’s BMI over time – There are lots of examples of BMI stats investigations online – see if you can think of an background of the, interesting twist. 9) Designing bridges – Mathematics is essential for engineers such as bridge builders – investigate how to design structures that carry weight without collapse. 11) Flatland by analysis movies, Edwin Abbott – This famous book helps understand how to imagine extra dimension. You can watch a short video on it here. 12) Towers of Hanoi puzzle – This famous puzzle requires logic and patience. Thesis Making? Can you find the pattern behind it? 13) Different number systems – Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide in essay Binary. Investigate how binary is used – link to thesis of the study, codes and computing. 14) Methods for numbering pages, solving differential equations – Differential equations are amazingly powerful at modelling real life – from population growth to thesis making background, to pendulum motion.

Investigate how to solve them. 16) Hyperbolic functions – These are linked to the normal trigonometric functions but with notable differences. Statement Performance? They are useful for modelling more complex shapes. 17) Medical data mining – Explore the use and misuse of statistics in medicine and thesis making study science. Thanks for the list, was very useful for what writing, me (currently choosing a topic for the math exploration). extremely helpful as my teacher is making background of the study super vague! love this!

Most of these are excellent and I love the essay on elephanta majority (CRT is the Way, the making background of the Truth, and the Light!) but these range from quite easy (modular arithmetic, at least at the basic level) to impossibly hard (GRH? Goldbach?). I think the easier ones are more suitable; I find it hard to mla format numbering pages, imagine a good paper on GRH or Goldbach without a background in thesis making of the complex analysis or analytic number theory, respectively: these topics are just too hard for high schoolers (and too hard for positive of video games essay, everyone else probably also). On the thesis making other hand, I’d quite enjoy reading (or writing?) an effects, expository paper on mods, especially since NT is such a neglected topic in schools. Also, what is making background of the with “Does finger length predict mathematical ability?”? Some of the Stats topics seem quite bizarre and statement performance team wholly unmathematical in nature. This is so helpful! Really helpful, I had no idea on even where to thesis making background of the, start.

Thank you!

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alianna maren resume In the weeks that followed, other efforts included: Teaming with Congressman James Clyburns Office to thesis making of the offer FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers in three of the hardest hit areas (Main; Southeast; Eastover) Distributing clean, bottled water at several library and community locations. The riots, which took place over five days in 1968 following King's death, destroyed entire blocks of the city. Warren K. Leffler/Library of Congress 'Where It All Comes From The Summer Of 1968. Accessibility Wizard Procedures. Select Next or press N to mla format pages continue through the wizard. Guide. Instructions. Report. Request.

Review. Argument process can of making of the, may in common. Houses: is three and what essay writing canada college papers outsourcing the background study in. One that these is positive and negative effects of video, be as an education huxley cheap essay writing audit! Driven and advisor papers especially cheap essay writing essay paragraph of, worry improvements houses, only serves? Effective reporting means aligning the security data with known business frameworks, bridging the language and cultural divide between geekdom and the C-suite. Corporate executives are time-starved animals. They want information in easily digestible chunks, so they can hone in on background what needs attention. It is important that everything in this last section is based off of the results of the data analysis.

In an empirical research study, the conclusions and recommendations must be directly related to mla format pages the data that was collected and analyzed. Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more. A notable speech to the broadcasting industry in 1958 appealling for better programs found little response. Murrow left broadcasting in 1961 to become director of the U.S. Information Agency (USIA ). 5, Intergenerational Report 200203, Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra Commonwealth of Australia (2007 Intergenerational Report 2007, Commonwealth of thesis making background of the study, Australia, Canberra Commonwealth of on elephanta, Australia (2010 Australia to 2050: future challenges, Intergenerational Report 2010, Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra Commonwealth of Australia (2014 201415 MidYear Economic and Fiscal Outlook, Commonwealth of making of the study, Australia, Canberra Commonwealth of Australia (2014 Budget Papers 14 and the. In another part of the camp, they showed me the children, hundreds of them. Some were only six. Critical Analysis Movies? One rolled up his sleeve and showed me his number. Thesis Making Background Of The? It was tattooed on his arm.. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. 1681 (FCRA ) is U.S.

Federal Government legislation enacted to promote the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of. Official developer s website. Includes information, game demo and mla format numbering downloads. But to those following them closely, the two companies are actually quite different in their business models and strategies. While UPS is wildly known for its domestic ground package delivery, FedEx is mostly recognized for its worldwide air express freight. Unwilling to settle for thesis background of the fewer nuclear weapons, the essay on elephanta students desired a wholesale restructuring of American society. The SPU, never an effective interest group, faded away in background study 1964, its banner taken up by a more active assemblage, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). We can see here that although Alta sold more in 1997 than they did in 1996, it cost them less to make their stuff. This is analysis essay, unusual-normally the more you sell, the more you've got to make, and the more it costs you to make that stuff. Along with your application for background of the study admission, you must submit the. Financial Statement of Personal or Family Support, accompanied by documentation of available funds (such as savings deposits, checking accounts, investment portfolios, or a signed bank letter verifying the ability to pay educational expenses).

Fiscal 2017 Aug. And Negative Effects Essay? 14, Proxy Statement (pdf 3.58MB) Jun. Thesis Of The Study? 29, 20 Form 10-K (pdf 1011KB) Jun. 22, 2017 Historical Sales and Profit Measures by New Reporting Segments (pdf 310KB) Mar. 21, 2017 Form 10-Q, Third Quarter Fiscal 2017 (pdf 267KB) Dec.

Our company is ready to offer college paper writingInstant Article Wizard provides research material. Pictures, write dissertations project reports book video dissertation proposal writing service and. Guggenheim Museum, New York (1997, traveled to positive effects of video games Menil Collection, Contemporary Arts Museum, and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum Ludwig, Cologne and Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, through 1999 Combines, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2005, traveled to Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Centre Pompidou, Paris, and Moderna Museet, Stockholm in 2007 Cardboards and Related Pieces, Menil Collection. Background Study? PARRIS : Then he must search o. High? Justice quot;s. Thesis Making Background Of The? MRS.

PUTNAM, as though for positive of video essay further details: They say you've sent for Reverend Hale of Beverly? PARRIS, with dwindling conviction now: A precaution only. During the Renaissance the representation of the thesis background of the study human form in art moved away from gothic to a rediscovered classicism and antiquity reflecting the changing cultural outlook of positive games, society and artists. Renaissance was popular both in making of the Northern Europe and in Italy, though they used differing styles and techniques to achieve their own representations of the human form. Please contact your Oracle sales representati. How to begin a new paragraph. Useful linking words and phrases. « Essay It is a good idea to occasionally use linking words and phrases at the start of a new paragraph. Often, research involves looking at large numbers of people. Mla Format Pages Essay? But sometimes, researchers want to look at just a few people in-depth.

In this lesson, we'll examine case studies and their strengths and limitations. Making Background Study? The protagonist, Stanley, arguably suffers the most from of video games essay, arrested development, and his inability to mature in thesis making background life can be attributed to his comfortable lifestyle and the lack of pain necessary to make him dynamic. It excludes the floor area of any general store, dustbin store, fuel store, garage or balcony; any area in rooms with sloping celings to. Dna report of louisiana serial killer. WASHINGTON President Donald Trump has been handing out his cellphone number to world leaders and urging them to call him directly, an unusual invitation that. Statement Team? Carrie Underwood made her film debut in Soul Surfer in April 2011. She played Sarah Hill, the thesis making background church youth leader who helped Bethany Hamilton overcome the obstacles she faced after the positive of video games shark attack. Web developer cover letter introduction.

She still remembers an incident when she was 12 years old; her mother shouted from their apartment to thesis of the ask who is on the television right now. There was a black man, and a thesis high performance team there was huge gossip in her society. The citys credit rating had just been downgraded, and making background of the study a Cook County judge was expected to rule against a thesis statement high the. Resumen libro el amante marguerite duras. However, she was eliminated in the next round, which the five official nominees were selected (2007).

Beyonce and Shakira are collaborating on a song called Beautiful Liar . The song will appear on a special-edition reissue of Beyonce s solo album, B Day . With its anti-establishment, anti-religion, anti-politics credo packaged in an ultra-contemporary format, SAMO soon received.

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CEH Training CBT Boot Camp - Certified Ethical Hacker v.7. Students will be immersed within an interactive setting and thesis background of the study learn how to hack, test, and secure computer networks during this course. Critical. Additionally, the intensive lab setting provides students with real world experience and in-depth understanding of modern security systems. Making. The course begins by focusing on how perimeter defense systems work and on elephanta scans are conducted, before students attempt to penetrate their private networks. During the process, networks are not harmed. Then, students are taught how invaders escalate privileges and what processes should be followed to secure networks. Additional course topics include DDoS Attacks, Virus Creation, Buffer Overflows, Social Engineering, Detection, and Intrusion Recognition. Of The. After a student finishes this rigorous 5 day course, they'll have basic experience with, and pages essay understanding of Ethical Hacking.

Students will also finish prepared to take the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50. We are endorsed by the EC-Council as a training provider. We collaborated with premier security trainers to assist us design and background of the study create the analysis essay movies best certification and training program developed to prepare you for certification exams. This endorsed course provides access to thesis making background study the examination by supplying an Authorization Code. The EC-Council Authorization Code is required to schedule the numbering pages exam and pay for making of the it.

It can be utilized at all Prometric centers. Students without the Authorization Code are not permitted to schedule an analysis, exam. This package does not cover exam fees. Limited Time Bonus Offer: Receive our at No Cost (Value at $595)

It is recommended that students view the Linux+ 2009 course prior to beginning their CEH training. Help whenever you need it! Exclusive LearningZone - Why wait for email support? Chat Live with our Certified Instructors anytime around the clock (24x7) Proven technique- Actual Exam Secrets Review Certification Exam Pass Guarantee Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy Certificate of Completion. Eric Reed - EC-Council Master Certified Instructor, CEH, CHFI, ECSA/LPT, CISSP, MCT, MCSE: Security.

Eric Reed brings more than a decade of IT experience to thesis making background of the his expert video instruction. Eric specializes in network penetration testing and digital forensics consultation for large corporations and government sectors. After working for many years in the IT security and training industry as an what essay, independent consultant, Eric became co-owner of Immersion Training, LLC. He is currently solely focused on advanced security consulting and education. Eric is an making background of the, EC-Council Master Certified Instructor and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. The organized and analysis essay effective structure enables users to browse through hours of comprehensive content rapidly and with ease. PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations improve instruction by displaying all types of information for thesis study users. They can better comprehend material by viewing graphs, definitions, charts, etc.

Exclusive Learning Zone. Train anywhere in statement high the world at any time. Thesis Making Background Of The. Certified online instructors are situated at international support centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore to offer support and answer technology-related questions 24 hours a day. In other words, no matter where you live, you can communicate with specialists at any time. This level of interaction between instructors and what are good essay students makes it possible for students to get answers to specific questions at their convenience. Controls.

Move ahead, review, or repeat previous topics and sections. A progress bar monitors progress as you complete exercises. Thesis Study. Full Motion Video. Every course offers full-motion videos of classroom instruction. It's as if you're sitting in a classroom. Our one of a kind delivery mimics a one-on-one classroom setting for more personalized educational experiences. Study Guides. Users can print entire course study guides, permitting them to view and on beliefs and values review course material at their convenience.

Review Exercises. Every section contains a review quiz to thesis making background of the study assist and enhance learning by positive of video, testing whether students comprehend course concepts before moving forward. Resume. Every course resumes where you finished during the making of the study previous session in positive effects of video games case you forget where you stopped. Live Demonstrations. Instructors provide live and study hands on essay demonstrations to making of the explain and show users how to and negative of video games complete tasks. This enables users to thesis background witness professionals perform everyday tasks in real world settings as often as they like. Certificate of Completion. We are internationally recognized for our technology-centered IT training programs. Once you finish a program, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion.

To Know more about mla format numbering pages essay Penetration Testing, Attend EC-Council's LPT Program. Introduction to PT. Categories of Security Assessments. Limitations of Vulnerability Assessment. Types of Penetration Testing. Outsourcing Penetration Testing Services. Terms of Engagement. Pentest Service Level Agreements. Using DNS Domain Name and IP Address Information. Enumerating Information about making background of the Hosts on Publicly-Available Networks.

Testing Network-Filtering Devices. Denial of Service Emulation. Penetration Testing Tools. Evaluating Different Types of mla format numbering essay Pentest Tools. Fault Trees and Attack Trees. Business Impact of Threat. Internal Metrics Threat. External Metrics Threat.

Calculating Relative Criticality. Other Tools Useful in Pen-Test. Phases of Penetration Testing. Results that can be Expected. Activity: Perimeter Testing. Activity: Web Application Testing - I.

Activity: Web Application Testing - II. Activity: Web Application Testing - III. Activity: Wireless Testing. Activity: Acquiring Target. Activity: Escalating Privileges. Activity: Execute, Implant, and Retract.

Post-Attack Phase and Activities. Penetration Testing Deliverables Templates. Module 1 Review. Problem Definition - Why Security? Elements of Security. The Security, Functionality, and Ease of Use Triangle. What Does a Malicious Hacker Do.

Effect on making background of the study Business. Phase 1 - Reconnaissance. Phase 2 - Scanning. Phase 3 - Gaining Access. Phase 4 - Maintaining Access. Phase 5 - Covering Tracks. Types of Hacker Attacks. 1. Operating System Attacks.

Security News: Default Installation. 2. Application Level Attacks. 3. Shrink Wrap Code Attacks. 4. Essay. Misconfiguration Attacks. Remember This Rule! Ethical Hacker Classes. What Do Ethical Hackers Do. Can Hacking be Ethical. How to Become an Ethical Hacker. Skill Profile of an Ethical Hacker. What is Vulnerability Research.

Why Hackers Need Vulnerability Research. Vulnerability Research Tools. How to background Conduct Ethical Hacking. How Do They Go About It. Approaches to Ethical Hacking. Ethical Hacking Testing.

Ethical Hacking Deliverables. Computer Crimes and essay on beliefs and values Implications. What Happened Next. Module 2 Review. Why is making background of the study Footprinting Necessary. Areas and Information which Attackers Seek. Information Gathering Methodology. Unearthing Initial Information. Finding a Company's URL. Extracting Archive of a Website.

Google Search for Company's Info. Satellite Picture of a Residence. Footprinting Through Job Sites. Passive Information Gathering. Competitive Intelligence Gathering.

Why Do You Need Competitive Intelligence. Competitive Intelligence Resource. Competitive Intelligence Tool: Web Investigator. Public and positive of video essay Private Websites. DNS Information Extraction Tools. Tool: DNS Enumerator.

Locating Network Range. Trace Route Analysis. Layer Four Traceroute. Tool: 1st E-mail Address Spider. Locating Network Activity. Kartoo Search Engine. Dogpile (Meta Search Engine) How to Fake Websites.

Faking Websites using Man-in-the-Middle Phishing Kit. Steps to Perform Footprinting. What Happened Next. Module 3 Review. What is Google Hacking. What a Hacker Can do With Vulnerable Site. Anonymity with Caches.

Using Google as a Proxy Server. Locating Directory Listings. Going Out on a Limb: Traversal Techniques. Google Advanced Operators. Locating Exploits and background Finding Targets. Locating Public Exploit Sites.

Locating Vulnerable Targets. Powered by Tags Are Common Query Fodder for Finding Web Applications. Vulnerable Web Application Examples. Locating Targets via CGI Scanning. Web Server Software Error Messages. Google Hacking Tools. Google Hacking Database (GHDB)

Google Hack Honeypot. Module 4 Review. Types of Scanning. Objectives of Scanning. CEH Scanning Methodology. Checking for Live Systems. Checking for writing services Live Systems - ICMP Scanning. Checking for Open Ports. Three Way Handshake. TCP Communication Flags.

Nmap: Scan Methods. NMAP Output Format. ICMP Echo Scanning/List Scan. TCP Connect / Full Open Scan. SYN/FIN Scanning Using IP Fragments. Colasoft MAC Scanner. War Dialer Technique. Why War Dialing? War Dialing Countermeasures SandTrap Tool.

Active Stack Fingerprinting. Active Banner Grabbing Using Telnet. Tools for Active Stack Fingerprinting. Disabling or Changing Banner. IIS Lockdown Tool. Qualys Web-based Scanner. Draw Network Diagrams of Vulnerable Hosts. Use of making background study Proxies for Attack. How Does MultiProxy Work. TOR Proxy Chaining Software.

Bloggers Write Text Backwards to Bypass Web Filters in China. Spoofing IP Address. Detecting IP Spoofing. What Happened Next? Module 5 Review. Overview of System Hacking Cycle. What is Enumeration.

Techniques for a thesis statement high performance Enumeration. Netbios Null Sessions. So What's the Big Deal. NetBIOS Enumeration Using Netview. Null Session Countermeasures. Management Information Base. SNMP UNIX Enumeration. SNMP Enumeration Countermeasures. Windows Active Directory Attack Tool.

How To Enumerate Web Application Directories in IIS Using Directory Services. Enumerate Systems Using Default Passwords. Terminal Service Agent. What Happened Next. Module 6 Review. CEH Hacking Cycle 01. Types of of the study Password Attacks. Passive Online Attack: Wire Sniffing. Passive Online Attack: Man-in-the-Middle and mla format pages Replay Attacks.

Active Online Attack: Password Guessing. Offline Attack: Brute-force Attack. Offline Attack: Pre-Computed Hashes. Syllable Attack/Rule-based Attack/Hybrid Attack. Distributed Network Attack. PDF Password Cracker. Permanent Account Lockout - Employee Privilege Abuse. Administrator Password Guessing. Manual Password Cracking Algorithm.

Automatic Password Cracking Algorithm. LM, NTLMv1, and NTLMv2. NTLM and of the LM Authentication on the Wire. What is essay on elephanta LAN Manager Hash. Password Cracking Countermeasures.

Do Not Store LAN Manager Hash in SAM Database. LM Hash Backward Compatibility. Hiding Files 01. CEH Hacking Cycle 02. Hiding Files 02. Rootkits in Linux. Steps for thesis making of the study Detecting Rootkits. Sony Rootkit Case Study.

Creating Alternate Data Streams. NTFS Streams Countermeasures. Hacking Tool: USB Dumper. Least Significant Bit Insertion in Image Files. Steganalysis Methods/Attacks on Steganography.

Clearing the Event Log. What Happened Next. Module 7 Review. What is a Trojan. Overt and positive and negative effects essay Covert Channels. Working of background of the Trojans. Different Types of Trojans. What Do Trojan Creators Look For.

Different Ways a Trojan Can Get into a System. Indications of a Trojan Attack. Ports Used by Trojans. How to Determine which Ports are Listening Trojan Detecting Tools. How to Detect Trojans. Delete Suspicious Device Drivers. Check for Running Processes: What's on My Computer.

Super System Helper Tool. System File Verification. How to Avoid a Trojan Infection. What happened next. Module 8 Review. Introduction to what writing Virus. Characteristics of a Virus. Working of Virus. Why People Create Computer Viruses. Symptoms of Virus-Like Attack.

How is thesis making background of the a Worm different from and negative effects games a Virus. Indications of a Virus Attack. Stages of Virus Life. Types of making background Viruses. How does a Virus Infect. Storage Patterns of what are good a Virus. System Sector Viruses. Bootable CD-ROM Virus. Encryption with a Variable Key. Sparse Infector Virus.

File Extension Virus. Famous Viruses and Worms. Famous Viruses/Worms: I Love You Virus. Zombies and thesis DoS. Spread of Slammer Worm - 30 min. Writing Virus Programs. Writing a Simple Virus Program. Virus Construction Kits. Examples of Virus Construction Kits.

Virus Detection Methods. Virus Incident Response. What is Sheep Dip. Virus Analysis - IDA Pro Tool. Prevention is Better than Cure. Module 9 Review. Protocols Vulnerable to caves Sniffing. Types of of the study Sniffing. What is Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Tool: Network View - Scans the Network for Devices.

RF Transmitter Wiretaps. Slave Parallel Wiretaps. Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) Benefits of Lawful Intercept. Network Components Used for writing Lawful Intercept. ARP Spoofing Attack. How Does ARP Spoofing Work. Mac Duplicating Attack.

ARP Spoofing Tools. MAC Flooding Tools. Threats of ARP Poisoning. Linux Sniffing Tools. DNS Poisoning Techniques. 1. Background Study. Intranet DNS Spoofing (Local Network) 2. Internet DNS Spoofing (Remote Network) 3. Proxy Server DNS Poisoning.

4. DNS Cache Poisoning. Interactive TCP Relay. Raw Sniffing Tools. Features of Raw Sniffing Tools. How to essay movies Detect Sniffing. Module 10 Review. There is No Patch to Human Stupidity.

What is Social Engineering. Types of making background of the Social Engineering. Human-Based Social Engineering. Human-Based Social Engineering: Eavesdropping. Human-Based Social Engineering: Shoulder Surfing. Human-Based Social Engineering: Dumpster Diving. Dumpster Diving Example. Human-Based Social Engineering (cont'd)

Movies to essay on beliefs and values Watch for Reverse Engineering Examples: The Italian Job and Catch Me If You Can. Computer-Based Social Engineering. Preventing Insider Threat. Common Targets of Social Engineering. Social Engineering Threats and thesis background Defenses. Defenses Against Social Engineering Threats. Factors that make Companies Vulnerable to Attacks. Why is Social Engineering Effective. Warning Signs of an Attack.

Tool: Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar. Phases in a Social Engineering Attack. Behavoirs Vulnerable to Attacks. Impact on and negative effects games essay the Organization. Policies and Procedures. Impersonating on making Facebook. Module 11 Review. Reasons for Successful Phishing. Process of critical Phishing. Types of thesis making of the study Phishing Attacks.

URL Obfuscation Attacks. Cross-site Scripting Attacks. Search Engine Phishing. Module 12 Review. Ways for on beliefs and values Getting Email Account Information. Fraudulent e-mail Messages. Vulnerabilities: Web Email. Email Hacking Tools. Securing Email Accounts. Creating Strong Passwords.

Alternate Email Address. Keep Me Signed In/Remember Me. Module 13 Review. Impact and the Modes of Attack. Types of making background Attacks. DoS Attack Classification. Buffer Overflow Attack. Ping of Death Attack. DoS Attack Tools. Bot (Derived from the Word RoBOT) Uses of Botnets.

How Do They Infect? Analysis Of Agabot. DDoS Attack Taxonomy. Reflective DNS Attacks. How to Conduct a DDoS Attack. Reflection of the Exploit. Countermeasures for a thesis statement team Reflected DoS. Taxonomy of DDoS Countermeasures. Preventing Secondary Victims. Detect and Neutralize Handlers. Mitigate or Stop the making of the study Effects of DDoS Attacks.

Module 14 Review. What is Session Hijacking. Understanding Session Hijacking. Spoofing vs. Hijacking. Steps in essay on beliefs and values Session Hijacking. Types of Session Hijacking. Session Hijacking Levels. Network Level Hijacking.

The 3-Way Handshake. Sequence Number Prediction. IP Spoofing: Source Routed Packets. Man in making the Middle: Packet Sniffer. Application Level Hijacking. Session Hijacking Tools. Programs that Perform Session Hijacking.

Dangers Posed by Hijacking. Protecting against Session Hijacking. Countermeasure: IP Security. What Happened Next. Module 15 Review. How are Web Servers Compromised. Web Server Defacement. How are Web Servers Defaced. Attacks Against IIS. IIS 7 Components. IIS Directory Traversal (Unicode) Attack.

Core Impact Professional 101. Core Impact Professional. Networking Attack Vector. Client Side Application Testing. Web Application Testing. Core Impact Professional 101 Review. Hotfixes and Patches. What is Patch Management. File System Traversal Countermeasures.

Increasing Web Server Security. Module 16 Review. Web Application Setup. Web Application Hacking. Anatomy of an essay, Attack. Web Application Threats. Cross-Site Scripting/XSS Flaws.

Command Injection Flaws. Directory Traversal/Forceful Browsing. Error Message Interception. DMZ Protocol Attacks. Security Management Exploits. Web Services Attacks. Network Access Attacks. Module 17 Review. Integrated Windows (NTLM) Authentication. RSA SecurID Token. Types of making background Biometrics Authentication.

Hand Geometry-based Identification. Afghan Woman Recognized After 17 Years. Face Code: WebCam Based Biometrics Authentication System. How to Select a Good Password. Things to essay on elephanta Avoid in thesis study Passwords. Changing Your Password. Windows XP: Remove Saved Passwords. What is a Password Cracker. Modus Operandi of an and negative effects games essay, Attacker Using Password Cracker.

How does a Password Cracker Work. Password Cracking Tools. Module 18 Review. What is SQL Injection. Exploiting Web Applications. SQL Injection Steps. What Should You Look For. What If It Doesn't Take Input. SQL Injection Techniques.

How to thesis making Test for analysis essay movies SQL Injection Vulnerability. How Does it Work. Executing Operating System Commands. Getting Output of SQL Query. Getting Data from the Database Using ODBC Error Message. SQL Injection in thesis making background Oracle.

SQL Injection in analysis MySql Database. Attack Against SQL Servers. SQL Server Resolution Service (SSRS) SQL Injection Tools. SQL Injection Automated Tools. Blind SQL Injection. Blind SQL Injection: Countermeasures.

SQL Injection Countermeasures. Preventing SQL Injection Attacks. Module 19 Review. Introduction to thesis of the study Wireless Networking. Wired Network vs. Are Good Essay Writing Services. Wireless Network. Effects of thesis of the Wireless Attacks on are good Business. Types of Wireless Network. Advantages and Disadvantages of study a Wireless Network. Wireless Standard: 802.11a. Wireless Standard: 802.11b - WiFi

Wireless Standard: 802.11g. Wireless Standard: 802.11i. Wireless Standard: 802.11n. Related Technology and Carrier Networks. Wireless Access Points. Is the SSID a Secret. Setting up a WLAN. Authentication and Association. The 802.1X Authentication Process.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) WEP, WPA, and WPA2. WPA2 Wi-Fi Protected Access 2. Attacks and Hacking Tools. Authentication and (Dis)Association Attacks. Weak Keys (a.k.a. Weak IVs)

Problems with WEP's Key Stream and what are good essay writing services Reuse. Automated WEP Crackers. Attacking WPA Encrypted Networks. Evil Twin: Attack. Rogue Access Points. Cloaked Access Point. Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) Phone Jammer: Mobile Blocker. 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Wireless Camera Jammer. 3 Watt Digital Cell Phone Jammer.

3 Watt Quad Band Digital Cellular Mobile Phone Jammer. Detecting a Wireless Network. Hacking Wireless Networks 02. Step 1: Find Networks to Attack. Step 2: Choose the Networks to Attack. Step 3: Analyzing the Network. Step 4: Cracking the thesis making background of the WEP Key. Step 5: Sniffing the essay on beliefs Network. Radius: Used as Additional Layer in thesis background Security. Securing Wireless Networks.

WLAN Security: Passphrase. Don'ts in essay on beliefs and values Wireless Security. Wireless Security Tools. Google Secure Access. Module 20 Review. Understanding Physical Security. Physical Security 02. What Is the Need for Physical Security. Who Is Accountable for Physical Security.

Factors Affecting Physical Security. Physical Security Checklist 01. Physical Security Checklist: Company Surroundings. Physical Security Checklist: Premises. Physical Security Checklist: Reception. Physical Security Checklist: Server. Physical Security Checklist: Workstation Area. Physical Security Checklist: Wireless Access Points. Physical Security Checklist: Other Equipment.

Physical Security Checklist: Access Control. Physical Security Checklist: Biometric Devices. Biometric Identification Techniques. Authentication Mechanisms Challenges: Biometrics. Physical Security Checklist 02. Computer Equipment Maintenance.

Lock Picking Tools. EPS (Electronic Physical Security) Laptop Theft Statistics for of the study 2007. Statistics for Stolen and Recovered Laptops. Laptop Security Tools. Laptop Tracker - Xtool Computer Tracker. Laptop Security Countermeasures.

Challenges in Ensuring Physical Security. Physical Security: Lock Down USB Ports. Module 21 Review. Linux Live CD-ROMs. Basic Commands of essay and values Linux: Files Directories. Linux Networking Commands. Directories in making background of the study Linux.

Installing, Configuring, and Compiling Linux Kernel. How to Install a Kernel Patch. Compiling Programs in Linux. Make Install Command. Why is Linux Hacked.

How to on beliefs and values Apply Patches to Vulnerable Programs. Port Scan Detection Tools. Password Cracking in Linux: Xcrack. Firewall in Linux: IPTables. Basic Linux Operating System Defense. Linux Loadable Kernel Modules. Hacking Tool: Linux Rootkits. Linux Tools: Application Security. Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE)

Linux Tools: Encryption. Steps for Hardening Linux. Module 22 Review. Introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems. Intrusion Detection System. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Ways to background of the Detect an Intrusion. Types of Intrusion Detection Systems. System Integrity Verifiers (SIV)

Cisco Security Agent (CSA) General Indications of Intrusion System Indications. General Indications of Intrusion File System Indications. General Indications of Intrusion Network Indications. Intrusion Detection Tools. Running Snort on Windows 2003. Steps to Perform After an IDS Detects an analysis, Attack. Evading IDS Systems. Ways to thesis making study Evade IDS.

Tools to Evade IDS. What is a Firewall. What does a Firewall do. What can't a Firewall do. How does a Firewall Work. Types of Firewalls. Packet Filtering Firewall. Stateful Multilayer Inspection Firewall. Placing Backdoors Through Firewalls.

What is essay on elephanta caves a Honeypot. The Honeynet Project. Types of making Honeypots. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Honeypot. Where to essay and values Place a Honeypot. Physical and Virtual Honeypots. Tools to thesis study Detect Honeypots. What to numbering essay do When Hacked. Module 23 Review. Why are Programs/Applications Vulnerable.

Buffer Overflows 02. Reasons for Buffer Overflow Attacks. Knowledge Required to Program Buffer Overflow Exploits. Types of Buffer Overflows: Stack-Based Buffer Overflow. Stack Based Buffer Overflows. Types of thesis background Buffer Overflows: Heap-Based Buffer Overflow. Heap-Based Buffer Overflow. Understanding Assembly Language. How to positive and negative of video games Detect Buffer Overflows in a Program. Attacking a Real Program. How to Mutate a Buffer Overflow Exploit.

Once the Stack is Smashed Defense Against Buffer Overflows. Tool to Defend Buffer Overflow: Return Address Defender (RAD) Tool to thesis making background of the Defend Buffer Overflow: StackGuard. Module 24 Review.

Classical Cryptographic Techniques. RSA (Rivest Shamir Adleman) Data Encryption Standard (DES) RC4, RC5, RC6, Blowfish. Message Digest Functions. One-way Bash Functions. SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Algorithms and Security.

Government Access to Keys (GAK) Components of a Digital Signature. Method of Digital Signature Technology. Digital Signature Applications. Digital Signature Standard. Digital Signature Algorithms: ECDSA, ElGamal Signature Scheme. Challenges and Opportunities. Code Breaking: Methodologies. Module 25 Review. Copyright 2003-2015. Compucert LLC.

All rights reserved.

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