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Bay Area Career Coach + Life Strategist. Resume #038; Cover Letter Review #038; Refinement. Good idea about goals, interests, demonstrated skills Increasing clarity on research paper, personal strengths and weaknesses Focused investment of time, resources, and ieee papers on web services positive energy! View our special, high-value. SPECIAL VALUE Resume Writing PACKAGES. Mla Citation. (Review, Refinement, Strategic Advice) Total of research on web services, 2 hours of paper mla citation, phone consultation in 2 sessions. Total of 4 hours of phone consultation in 3 sessions.

Total of 6 hours of on web services, phone and face-to-face consultation in paper mla citation 4 sessions. Diagnostic Medical. Refine job search strategy, target positions, identify strengths transferable skills from other jobs / projects. Clarify career goals, ideal job positions, interview advice talking points. Research. * Discounts on resume refinement and + 5th advisory services: Special discount for students and research mla citation new college grads: 15% For those within 5 years of database, college graduation (undergrad. degree): 10% Special offer for research paper, those in database coursework between jobs: Pay 75% upfront, 25% after you get a job! Get started on boosting your job search and mla citation career today. Contact us with a brief description of your goals, target job/s, current situation, and desired package . I will get back to you soon to are the good essay test schedule an mla citation initial phone discussion (free) to thesis in water analysis go over the process, clarify any issues, and to ensure we are a good fit. Research Mla Citation. How to coursework identify get the research paper mla citation best resume critique #038; advice. Critcal Essay. The sections below elaborate on research paper mla citation, the bullet points above highlighting the critical attributes that make a big difference when choosing a resume service. It explains how top resume coaches leverage their knowledge and programs high school business experience to research mla citation develop a better understanding of diagnostic medical, your goals strengths. Building the necessary foundation that leads to mla citation the creation of high quality, effective resumes and more fruitful job search efforts! Vital pre-requisite for the hobbit, reviewing writing a winning resume. Paper Mla Citation. Writing / updating a professional resume is essays diagnostic medical not just about language / writing skills.

What makes a difference is good guidance from paper, people with considerable industry as well as recruiting experience. Industry professionals with well honed observation skills and summer programs high good judgment. To create impressive resumes and cover letters that get you the research mla citation job / career you are aiming for, the best way to start is narrative rubric getting objective, professional feedback. Valuable critique that includes sharp insights and good, actionable ideas and tips based on solid corporate experience . Mla Citation. Helping you develop powerful,well-written resumes that effectively present and in water analysis position your credentials for research, your dream job. Professional leadership and essays management experience also brings with it the ability to mla citation provide both positive feedback (on things you are doing well), as well as corrective feedback (on things you can improve) – given in essay rubric + 5th a constructive, encouraging, inspiring way. Paper Mla Citation. Value of real-world business experience in effective resume development. Identify. Resume writing services in the Bay Area are an area where quantity may exceed quality. Research Paper Mla Citation. When you end up with an OK (or worse) service, you do not simply waste a few hundred dollars; the grade real cost / loss can be substantial losing out on research paper, great opportunities for professional and sonography financial advancement. Research. Good decision making and judgment (that your employers look for) starts with good personal choices and meaningful investments in essays diagnostic medical your self-development! For high quality resumes and mla citation cover letters that help you get your dream job, the identify best option is paper a career coach who understands business priorities and narrative essay rubric management issues based on mla citation, their significant work experience.

And who can recognize the what are the of a good essay relative importance as well as the mla citation underlying needs behind the long list of skill and experience requirements on essays, your target job posting. Mla Citation. Professional CV creation and refinement delivers great value for summer, money (ROI) when you are getting resume improvement recommendations that go beyond language / grammar issues and visual presentation. Mla Citation. An outstanding resume influences a hiring manager to diagnostic medical continue reading, and paper then add it to analysis their shortlist. That happens when your resume highlights all your varied strengths and research paper demonstrated skills and the FIT with the essays job you are seeking. Paper Mla Citation. Top resume writers apply marketing principles for best results. Database Coursework. It is good to view this as a marketing exercise. You are the product and paper the goal is to essays diagnostic medical sonography enhance your value and research mla citation appeal in sonography the job-search market where the mla citation company / hiring manager performs the test buyer role. A resume coach with a thorough professional understanding of: strategic marketing principles (not just promotion) buying process (in this case the research hiring / recruitment process) effective communication / pitch-writing skills. can significantly help you shape the database coursework identify marketing campaign that is your job search!

For tips about improving the product itself (another core marketing task), i.e. refining your skills, goals, action plans identifying and paper mla citation building on your strengths addressing any weaknesses and database gaps. In the research mla citation section below, you can view a summary of the resume review / resume development process. To get started on strategically improving your job search efforts, please use the links to the contact page. The detailed descriptions of the major steps of the resume review and the hobbit essays refinement process are now on research paper, a separate page. You can use the thesis in water analysis main navigation menus or follow the mla citation link below: To get started on ieee research papers on web, this vital step towards your new job, please write to paper me with a brief outline of your background and goals. Coursework Identify. I will get in touch shortly with additional details.

High quality, effective, resume coaching / job search coaching services based in research paper mla citation Silicon Valley. Serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area and critcal essay beyond. Research Paper. Major emphasis on critcal essay, the cities of research paper mla citation, South Bay, East Bay, and database coursework Peninsula areas. Primary focus on research paper mla citation, the high-tech / IT industry, spanning business roles (product management, marketing, finance, business development, general management) as well as technical / software development / IT specialist roles. From new college grads, entry-level positions, to coursework senior management roles. Contact us today with any questions and to paper mla citation get started. Grade. Based in paper mla citation San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California. Or if you prefer, Silicon Valley. Thesis In Water. Palo Alto, Redwood City, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, Union City, San Leandro, Hayward, Oakland, Berkeley and other Bay Area cities. Paper Mla Citation. You can also reach me at: Career Coach and Strategist with considerable real-world experience in leadership, management, communications at the hobbit essays, top-tier consulting firms, large leading corporations as well as small businesses, start-ups, non-profits.

MBA, DUKE University. Mla Citation. BS, Engineering, IIT. Critcal Essay. Get started on paper mla citation, the 3 Pillars of SELF MARKETING. Coursework Identify. CLEAR GOALS STRATEGY FOR PERSONAL GROWTH VISIBILITY COMMUNICATIONS ACTION PLANS. San Francisco Bay Area, California - serving South Bay, Peninsula, East Bay, Contra Costa Alameda, San Francisco, CA.

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Research paper mla citation

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Dec 19, 2017 Research paper mla citation,

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myspace essay Citation: boyd, danah. 2006. Friendster lost steam. Is MySpace just a fad? Apophenia Blog. March 21. [Note: this is an essay that would've been a blog post but it got too long.] A lot of folks have asked me What went wrong with Friendster?

Why is MySpace any different? I guess i never directly answered that question, even though i've addressed the causes in other talks. Still, i guess it would be helpful to mla citation piece some of it together and directly attend to this question. There is narrative + 5th grade, no single answer, but there are a lot of factors that must be considered. To an outsider, Friendster and MySpace seem identical. Paper Mla Citation. But they are far from narrative essay rubric grade, that. They are rooted in different cultural practices and values. People use them differently and they relate to them differently. If you want to understand the differences, you need to understand the history, the decisions that were made, and mla citation, how these decisions affected practice. Let me address some of the most critical components. Social technologies succeed when they fit into identify, the social lives and research, practices of identify those who engage with the technology.

When Friendster launched, it was quickly inhabited by populations who had good reasons to connect with each other. By and large, the early adopters were living in a region different from their hometown (or living in their hometown post-college and cranky about it). Finding lost friends was a fun game - people wanted to connect. Of course, connecting is not enough and it was bound not to last, but it was fun. Connecting is also the initial activity of research newcomers on MySpace, but they move beyond that quickly. Of course, it never completely goes away, especially since MySpace acknowledges that not all friends are friends and no one bats an database eye if someone collects hundreds of people. It's more like a process of namaste - i acknowledge your soul and research mla citation, you acknowledge mine.

MySpace did not try to force people's connecting practices into pre-existing ideas of what should be. They let the practice evolve as users saw fit, without criticism, without restriction. As it evolved, people did new things with it. They used it to flirt, to advertise bands and activities, to offer cultural kudos. Friendster's early adopters were 20-somethings. Essays. While many did not come to Friendster to get laid (just as they say they don't go to bars to paper mla citation get laid), places where large numbers of hott singles hang out are bound to attract other singles, regardless of whether or not they want to admit that they're looking for sex. Friendster was a free site where people could meet other interesting people; at the same time, rejection was OK because no one was actually _looking_ to summer school meet someone.

Sex is still the reason why people use the site, particularly gay men. Paper. This was a big gain for Friendster and, also a gain for coursework, MySpace. Given its singular focus, Friendster was much more successful at supporting this than MySpace, making certain that search worked and paper mla citation, was meaningful and that relationships meant something . Of course, that also curtailed its growth tremendously. Friendster launched at a time when the economy was slow and many web-minded 20-somethings were slacking at menial jobs that they didn't care about (particularly in the SF region where people were only coming out of post-bust depression); many web-minded folks were happy to thesis in water analysis spend hours futzing online. Economic factors have changed and many web-minded have found interesting jobs. This is only a small cause of Friendster's loss of this group, but one that should be acknowledged. Friendster was a new thing, full of research interesting content that motivated people to surf and narrative essay rubric grade, surf and surf. Paper Mla Citation. Surfing motivated people to post more interesting things. Games emerged. Narrative Essay Rubric. Games were squashed by the company. Surfing got super duper slow.

Friendster became less novel and more restrictive and, thus, more lame. MySpace launched at a time when some of the game-minded were still enthusiastic and the enthusiastic surfers wanted to find more kitsch crap. They jumped on MySpace, created all sorts of culture and profiles complete with massive amounts of media, and research paper, helped figure out essay how to hack the system to mla citation make the are the characteristics of a good essay test profiles more expressive. MySpace didn't stop them. Mla Citation. As a result, the characteristics good cultural enthusiasm was nurtured and it grew and grew and grew. MySpace realized that people were promoting events on Friendster. They contacted promoters and got them to research engage with the coursework identify cool people on the site by promoting LA-based events. From this, there was the mla citation emergence of band profiles, giving musicians an papers services opportunity to create identity and have a place to point fans to. Music is cultural currency. 20-somethings want to know how to get on research the list.

Young people follow music and celebrities. Other young people follow the narrative grade young people that follow music. Music played a critical role in increasing its popularity, simply by giving it cultural currency amongst celebrities and by marking MySpace as cool. (Even teens who don't care about music recognize that music differentiates people and is part of the cool narrative.) Both Friendster and MySpace saw a drop in ages. Friendster squelched this fast because they saw themselves as a dating site.

MySpace supported it with different features and paper, a drop in age limit as they realized there was more to sites like this than dating. Youth and alienated populations are inclined to spend more time going through identity development processes because they are trying to figure out who they are. Blogs and profiles are particularly supportive of this. Of course, blogs require having something to essays say while profiles let you write yourself into being via collage. People do grow out of ongoing identity production, but not for quite some time. (Hell, i still haven't.) Friendster tried to research mla citation stop this, wanting people to be serious and research papers services, fit into pre-defined checkboxes - to mla citation know who they are. Database. MySpace let these groups run wild and these are the two populations who dominate MySpace - youth (14-24) and 20/30-somethings who participate actively in cultural development (from performance artists to clubgoers to sex divas to wannabee celebrities).

These sites are ideal for research, these populations, even if they make no sense to ieee papers on web services parents and professionals. For many teens, MySpace is the research paper first asynchronous messaging system that they use regularly. Sure, they have emails but those are to communicate with parents/teachers/companies, not with friends. People check in daily to see what messages they get. Thesis In Water. This was starting to happen on Friendster, but server slowness killed this practice. Research Paper. This will make it quite tricky for teens to research papers on web fully leave MySpace while their friends are still using it.

Identity development requires taking ownership of your presentation of self and mla citation, really being able to personalize it, morph it to be you (even if you is copied from a site that tells you how to be you). Templates are not personalization. Analysis. MySpace allowed users to really make the site their own, asking one favor: don't overwrite the advertising. Out of respect, most users complied. Think about that: Out. Research. Of. Respect.

Basically, MySpace evolved with its users, building a trusting relationship, figuring out how to meet their needs and what are the characteristics test, cultural desires, providing them with features and really trying to give them what they were looking for. Friendster did not - it fought its users hand and foot, telling them how to behave. People use the social technologies that all of their friends are using. Freaks, geeks and queers all invaded Friendster in the early days and they made certain that all of their friends were there. They did so organically in clusters. This was very successful, until they felt alienated from the site. There is a tipping point to get on and a tipping point to get off. Research Mla Citation. Once mass departure began with a few pissed-off folks, it spiraled quickly. While the database early adopters left storm-like, canceling their accounts, most users simply stopped logging in frequently because it was no longer the place where their friends were. Friendster was beginning to get mainstream American 20/30-somethings when it got bogged down by dreadfully slow servers.

Mainstreams would (and did) irritate the research paper mla citation early adopters, but not enough to make them leave. Yet, both mainstream-ification and slowness played a role in ieee papers on web, the departure of early adopters. Mainstream-ification played a greater factor in early adopters' lack of paper mla citation interest in returning once the site was fixed. The slow servers made it very difficult (if not impossible) for mainstream users to engage. Frustrated, many lost interest before they really engaged. It should be noted that slow connections are more common in foreign countries and so this did not serve as the same kind of barrier elsewhere - growth continued during the slow period in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Because of this (and a few other factors), Friendster survived the server disaster in these regions and continued to grow into the mainstream there. And into the youth. Mainstream American users came on because of mass media, not because of organic cluster effects. When they joined, they couldn't see anything or anyone. It was also not where all of their friends were and often they got bored before their friends arrived; there was never enough of a tipping point for many mainstream clusters.

MySpace stayed out of the media for the first two years. Their growth was completely organic, allowing for significant cluster effects. Additionally, those who heard about it but didn't have many friends there could join and still participate, still see what people were doing. They got a friend - Tom - and could wander around looking at all of the profiles. For cluster influencers, this was critical, and looking around would often motivate them to drag in database, their friends. When clusters of friends are all on a social site, watercooler effects emerge. The limited amount of things people could share made this difficult on Friendster; people mostly shared profiles as cultural currency and testimonials did allow for paper, some marking of turf and narrative rubric grade, social hierarchy. Yet, on MySpace, there are a bazillion things to research mla citation find deep in the nooks, allowing lots and lots to be shared. Allowing media in comments and the ability to share video/pictures via profiles enhanced this.

Testimonials on Friendster took the identify form of paper singular acknowledgments of others' existence. Fakesters started turning it into a communication space, but that practice died with the Fakesters; very few users took that on. The comments section on MySpace took the form of a performative guestbook. Whenever someone thinks of someone else, whenever they stop by, they leave a comment. They let both the owner and the owners' visitors take note of thesis in water analysis their presence. They're writing presence into being in addition to writing themselves into being. This is paper mla citation, a very important turn and it really solidifies people's engagement in the site. Social technologies need benevolent dictators who love their constituents. Online communities are more like nation-states than technological tools. There is a master behind the are the of a essay test architecture, a master who controls the research paper walls of the system and can wage war on her/his people at any point. People know this.

They have to trust that the creators have their best intentions in mind. Programs High School. They invest a lot of time and research paper, energy into creating an identity in narrative rubric, the system - they want to believe that it is paper mla citation, worth it. Killing off profiles destroys the trust that users have in the leader. Doing so will alienate users and their friends. There are good reasons to alienate some groups - spammers, malicious users, etc. But if you start off treating all of your users as potential criminals, you will not build a healthy environment. Kinda like in real life. Friendster killed off anyone who didn't conform to their standards, most notably Fakesters and those with more creative non-photorealistic profiles. When MySpace users didn't conform, they were supported and recognized for their contributions to evolving the system. (Exceptions made for pornography, spammers, people using hate speech.) When Friendster was faltering because it was uncool, Friendster users did not stick up for the site. When MySpace began to falter over the predator crisis, many users got outraged at those attacking the system. They wrote supportive notes to Tom, made YouTube videos, wrote messages on their MySpaces.

They didn't want outsiders telling them they couldn't have their space. People need a figurehead to both love and hate. No figurehead can expect that the essay + 5th grade users will love her/him all of the time. Research Mla Citation. But lashing out at ieee research on web services users makes things much much worse. Figure heads need to operate as rockstars - making public appearances, putting on a good show, keep a happy face even when pissed off. Jonathan Abrams made it clear that he thought very little of his users.

Tom Anderson comes across as loving his users, listening to them, being present with them. Research Paper Mla Citation. Abrams wrote nasty-grams and the language he used when writing to everyone was either obnoxious or so corporate-y formulaic that users could not relate to essays him. Tom apologizes candidly, writes funny messages to users, welcomes comments on his page, responds to users. Users either love Tom or they think he's lame. But very few actually hate him. Friendster users loathed Abrams. It should be noted that one of the reasons that Friendster continued to grow abroad is that Abrams did not seem like as big of research a dick there. The Hobbit Essays. He was much more savvy in research paper mla citation, addressing the press (or they were nicer to him).

He killed off fewer profiles and let it grow amongst youth (probably due to being overwhelmed rather than insight). He had a more hands-off approach. Thesis. He's less hated there and thus, by default, more trusted. People often say that social networking sites will succeed when people have something to do . Research Paper. They point to sites like LinkedIn where business people can social network and rubric + 5th grade, actually get value out of the research paper mla citation site. There is database coursework identify, no doubt that LinkedIn is great for brownnosers, but there are a lot of folks out there who don't care about getting ahead by hegemonic standards. Suggesting that formalized action and tangible benefits are the only path to success is hogwash. Research Paper Mla Citation. These are simply ideals that contemporary America holds onto in a capitalist society where people are only valued based on research their productivity. It is reproduced by technologists who are living in research paper, a society full of venture capitalists and stockbrokers and other people who live by the do or die mentality. But the reality is essays, that most people's social lives are not so formal, not so action-oriented. Or, at least not in the sense that technologists speak of. Even when there's no prescribed activity, people are doing things on these sites.

They're hanging out. They're dancing in front of digital mirrors. Research Paper Mla Citation. They're patting their friends on their digital backs. They're increasing the strength of their relationships through sharing. Characteristics Of A Good. They're consuming and producing cultural artifacts that position them within society. They're laughing, exploring and being entertained.

People were hanging out on Friendster before they hung out on MySpace. But hanging out on Friendster is like hanging out in a super clean police state where you can't chew gum let alone goof around and you're told exactly how to speak to others. Research Paper. Hanging out on MySpace is more like hanging out in a graffiti park with fellow goofballs while your favorite band is playing. That said, there are plenty of folks who don't want to be hanging out in the hobbit, a graffiti park and they are not sticking around on MySpace as a result. It is not about technological perfection. Portability of identity doesn't matter. Easy-to-use interfaces don't matter.

Visual coherence doesn't matter. Simple navigation doesn't matter. Bugs don't matter. Fancy new technologies don't matter. Simple personalization doesn't matter. Before you scream but it does to mla citation me! let me acknowledge that you're right. It does matter to you . The question is whether it matters to the masses. And it doesn't. What Are The Characteristics Of A Essay Test. Especially for teens. What's at mla citation stake here is what is called subcultural capital by academics. It is the kind of capital that anyone can get, if you are cool enough to know that it exists and the hobbit essays, cool enough to participate.

It is research, a counterpart to cultural capital which is are the characteristics test, more like hegemonic capital. That was probably a bit too obscure. Let me give an example. Research Mla Citation. Opera attendance is a form of cultural capital - you are seen as having money and class and even if you think that elongated singing in foreign languages is boring, you attend because that's what cultured people do. You need the expensive clothes, the language, the body postures, the thesis in water analysis social connects and the manners to belong. Limitations are economic and research paper mla citation, social. Rave attendance is the opposite. What Of A Essay Test. Anyone can get in, in theory. There are certainly hodgepodged clothes, street language and research mla citation, dance moves, but most folks can blend in with just a little effort. Yet, the major limitation is knowing that the the hobbit essays rave exists.

Being in the know is paper, more powerful than money. You can't buy your way into programs high, knowledge of a rave. Coolness is about structural barriers, about the lack of universal accessibility or parsability. Structural hurdles mean people put in more effort to participate. It's kinda like the adventure of tracking down the right parking lot to mla citation get the bus to go to the rave. The effort matters. Sure, it weeds some people out, but it makes those who participate feel all the in water more validated. Research Paper Mla Citation. Finding the easter egg, the cool little feature that no one knows about is exciting. Learning all of the nooks and crannies in a complex system is exhilarating. Figuring out how to hack things, having the inside knowledge is fabu.

Often, people don't need simplicity - they want to feel proud of themselves for figuring something out; they want to feel the joy of exploration. This is the difference between tasks that people are required to coursework identify do and social life. Social life isn't about the easy way to do something - it's about making meaning out of practice, about finding your own way. Bugs make technologies seem alive, particularly if they're acknowledged and fixed. They give texture to the environment and people are impressively patient with it if they feel like the architects are on it. It makes the architects look vulnerable which brings them back down to earth, making them real and research paper mla citation, fallible, but giving them the database coursework identify opportunity to research do good. Database. They let the benevolent dictator really serve the people. Friendster focused on research simple and thesis analysis, narrow, giving users very limited options and cracking down on all hacks. For a long time, they took away features rather than adding them.

They worked to mainstream-ify, to be equally generic to all users. MySpace added features all the time, making it a game to see what had changed, to find new ways of navigating the site. Hacking the site became a cultural phenomenon with websites being dedicated to hacking techniques (brought to you by paper, fellow cultural participants not O'Reilly). MySpace let users define the culture. MySpace might be a fad, but it will fade for different reasons than Friendster. Database Identify. Friendster has itself to blame - it never loved its users. it never treated them with respect, or learned to understand why they were there. it never give them what they needed to mla citation make themselves at home. Friendster never learned to provide for the diversity of users it had - it wanted them all to be the same. MySpace is in a different position, one far more harrowing. MySpace has grown so large that the needs, values and practices of its users are slamming into thesis analysis, each other. It's facing the archetypical clashing of cultures. Yet, interestingly, most users are not that concerned - they're trying to figure out how to live in this super public.

The challenge is that outsiders are panicking about a culture that they are not a part of. They want to research paper kill the super public rather than support people in learning how to negotiate it. No one knows how to live in such a super public, but this structure is going to become increasingly a part of our lives. It is no wonder that youth want to figure it out. And it is critical that they do, especially since our physical worlds have become more segregated and walled off, partitioned by age, race, class, religion, values, etc.

Yet, it is the older generation that did that segregating and summer programs high, they're not really ready to face collapsed contexts at every turn or to learn how to engage with people who have very different values on mla citation a daily basis. Because of what are the characteristics of a good essay their position of power, outsiders are pushing the big red emergency button, screaming danger and research paper, creating a complete and utter moral panic. Welcome to narrative a generational divide, where adults are unable to see the practices of their children on kids' terms. If MySpace falters in paper mla citation, the next 1-2 years, it will be because of this moral panic. Before all of you competitors get motivated to exacerbate the moral panic, think again. If the moral panic succeeds: Youth will lose (even more) freedom of speech.

How far will the what are the characteristics good curtailment of the First Amendment go? All users will lose the safety and opportunities of pseudonymity, particularly around political speech and particularly internationally. Internet companies will be required to confirm the paper real life identity of all users. At their own cost. International growth on social communities will be massively curtailed because it is coursework identify, much harder to paper confirm non-US populations. Internet companies will lose the protections of common carrier which will have ramifications in analysis, all sorts of directions.

Internet companies will see a massive increase in subpoenas and will be forced to turn over research paper, data on their users which will in turn destroy the trust relationship between companies and users. There will be a much greater barrier for new communities to form and for startups to build out new social environments. International companies will be far better positioned to create new social technologies because they won't have to of a abide by American laws even if American citizens use their technology (assuming the servers are hosted outside of the research US). Unless, of course, we decide to block sites on a nation-wide basis. If the moral panic over MySpace succeeds and summer school, causes a change in law (which it is looking like it will), everyone invested in social technologies will lose. In other words, stop celebrating the crisis and get off your asses and engage. This panic is not just a funny side note. It is an industry wide problem concerning speech, property and responsibility.

I find it deeply disturbing that we are suggesting that technology companies should be operating in loco parentis. MySpace is in trouble because of its size and rapid growth. As a result of this, there are so many conflicting practices that people are panicking. Even if your kid has a perfectly PG profile, the idea that s/he can hang with R-rated ones is flipping people out, even when the R-rated ones are perfectly normal in the context in which their created. Collapsed contexts due to size.

All of you who want to grow in size better be paying attention, because there are severe complications when you grow. MySpace is facing them right now. We have faced seen massive communities with collapsed contexts before, but the additional factor of youth has elevated this issue to new levels. And, besides, we've never actually seen such rapid growth in research mla citation, a social technology, nor have we seen such a large coherent social community. Narrative Essay Rubric. Note: Usenet, MOOs and research, YahooGroups don't count because they were far more segmented structurally, especially pre-search.

When they emerged, a much larger proportion of the thesis analysis online population used them, and these technologies did not threaten cultural norms (mostly because hegemonic society wasn't online and didn't recognize the research power of digital interaction). Other social technologies did not attract an entire generation while alienating their practices from the previous generation. Finally, while people did expose themselves in other technologies, explicit profile creation of this multi-media form takes it all to a new level. Back to the hobbit essays the fad question. No, it is paper mla citation, not just a moral panic that could make MySpace a fad. The primary value right now has to do with identity production and narrative essay rubric, sharing, practices that are more critical to certain populations at certain times in their lives and it is paper mla citation, possible that growing up will be marked by leaving MySpace (both for the hobbit, the teens and paper, the 20-somethings). It is also possible that getting on ieee research on web MySpace will be marked as uncool by the next generation (in the same way that fashion changes across generations). Paper. Feeling spammed and invaded by advertisers (or musicians) who seek friendship might turn off users and an increase in this could cripple usage. It is possible that the site will stop evolving with its users.

It is possible that people will find new, more interesting ways to do identity production and sharing. Identify. It is also possible that the next blinky shiny object will attract users away in research mla citation, clumps, particularly if they better support users' desires in an innovative way. But none of these are right around the corner. When Friendster users left, they didn't go to the next thing. Yes, many Burners went to and what are the characteristics of a essay, created a really flourishing community there; this community is still alive and doing really well. Paper Mla Citation. And some of the gothy humans went to MySpace. But the vast majority of Friendster users simply went back to email and IM, web surfing and are the of a test, the occasional blogging. Friendster didn't meet their needs and the core practices of research mla citation identity production and the hobbit, social sharing that MySpace offered were not significant enough for this group.

A huge part of the success of MySpace is an age and paper, culture thing. Database Coursework Identify. Part of being an American teen is figuring out research paper mla citation who you are, how you fit into society and culture, how social relations work, etc. Ieee Papers Services. Part of this process involves sharing cultural objects, hanging out and trying out research different self-performances to find the one that feels right (think Goffman faces). Thesis In Water. There are plenty of adults who are doing this as well, but it is central to youth culture. Youth will always do this, using whatever medium is available to them. MySpace is research mla citation, far more deeply situated in the cultural values and practices of its constituents than Friendster ever was. MySpace teens may jump ship, but they are not going to stop doing identity work, at least not for a few years. I began this as a blog post and research, it grew and grew and i want to put it out there even though i know that i'm missing factors. Still, i think that this should answer many of the questions that people have. MySpace is not the mla citation same as Friendster - it will not fade in the same way.

Friendster was a fad; MySpace has become far more than that. If it doesn't evolve, it will fade, but MySpace is far better positioned to evolve than Friendster was. That said, i think we're seeing a huge shift in social life - negotiating super publics. I kinda suspect that MySpace teens are going to lead the way in figuring this out, just as teens in the 60s and 70s paved the way to figuring out globalized life with TV. Papers On Web. I just hope law doesn't try to paper mla citation stop culture.

Warning: if i wake up and the hobbit, think of more things, i may edit this essay.

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Zelf je ondernemingsplan schrijven. Wil je je eigen bedrijf beginnen? Of je nu een winkel, restaurant of mla citation, sportschool wilt beginnen: het is narrative essay grade verstandig om een ondernemingsplan te schrijven om je plannen concreet te maken. Wat ga je precies doen? Is er markt voor je product? Waar wil je naar toe? Dit zijn slechts enkele vragen die je beantwoordt in research paper je businessplan. Qredits helpt je hier graag mee op weg. Wij bieden je verschillende tools: een ondernemingsplan template, digitale cursus, schrijven met een coach of essays, klassikaal.

Bekijk hieronder onze verschillende mogelijkheden. Een gratis template die je helpt om jouw ideeën op een rij te zetten. Handig voor ondernemers die alleen een structuur nodig hebben. Deze e-learning laat jou nadenken over mla citation je onderneming. Je krijgt volop inspiratie en voorbeelden. Coursework Identify! Na afloop download je een kant en klaar plan. € 49,95 incl. btw inclusief financieel plan met inspiratie en voorbeelden eenvoudig online direct beginnen. Laat je je liever begeleiden door iemand? Een coach helpt je verder, geeft feedback en biedt zekerheid. Research Paper Mla Citation! Het resultaat: een perfect plan, klaar om in te leveren bij je kredietverstrekker.

ˆ 200 excl. Essays! btw inclusief financieel plan advies op maat persoonlijke begeleiding eerlijke feedback 100% focus op jou. Wil jij je ondernemingsplan schrijven in een klassikale cursus onder begeleiding van experts? Binnen tien weken heb jij je eigen plan. Paper Mla Citation! Een vaste docent begeleid je. ˆ 275 excl. Grade! btw klassikaal leren begeleiding van experts in 10 avonden een eigen plan inclusief e-learning inclusief werkboek optrekken met ondernemers hulp bij je financiele plan.

Wat je wil weten over een ondernemingsplan. Een ondernemingsplan, ook wel bedrijfsplan of research paper, businessplan genoemd, is coursework de eerste stap op weg naar een eigen bedrijf. Hiermee breng je de haalbaarheid van jouw ideeën in kaart. Een ondernemingsplan is op te delen in de volgende drie hoofdstukken: Graag helpen je op weg om je eigen ondernemingsplan te maken en schrijven met de onderstaande stappen. De ondernemer is research paper het eerste hoofdstuk van het ondernemingsplan.

Je eigen bedrijf draait namelijk om jou en jouw idee om een bedrijf te starten. Narrative Rubric Grade! Net zoals bij een sollicitatie moet je opschrijven wat je werkervaring is, wat je motivatie is mla citation en wat je persoonlijke doelstellingen zijn. Indien er sprake is van meerdere ondernemers, zoals bij een V.O.F., vul dan voor elke ondernemer dit hoofdstuk in. In Water! De gevraagde gegevens zijn namelijk bedoeld voor alle ondernemers. Met onze whitepaper helpen we je welke bedrijfsvorm (rechtsvorm) je zou moeten kiezen. Hier vermeld je je privégegevens, zoals je adres, naam, burgerlijke staat, enzovoort. Research Paper Mla Citation! Denk er ook aan dat je deze gegevens voor alle ondernemers aanlevert. 1.2. Persoonlijke motieven en doelstellingen. Hierin beschrijf je waarom je een onderneming wilt beginnen. The Hobbit! Vertel iets over research paper mla citation jezelf en je achtergrond als een soort persoonlijk CV waarin je benadrukt waarom je zo geschikt bent om een bedrijf op te starten én om dit bedrijf succesvol te laten verlopen.

Ook al heb je de beste opleidingen en werkervaring, je zal nog steeds gemotiveerd moeten zijn. Schrijf op wat je motivatie is ieee research papers services om met dit bedrijf van start te gaan en welke doelstellingen je jezelf hebt gesteld. Probeer voor jezelf na te gaan waarom dit bedrijf starten zo interessant voor je is. Research Paper! Wat zijn jouw sterke en zwakke punten? Probeer hier vooral eerlijk in te zijn. Dit is met name voor jezelf van belang. Als je weet wat je zwakke punten zijn, kun je daar rekening mee houden. What Of A! Op welke gebieden heb je coaching en begeleiding nodig? Om (meer) inzicht te krijgen in research je sterke en zwakke punten kun je een ondernemerstest invullen. What Characteristics Of A! De uitkomst van de ondernemerstest laat zien hoe je scoort op je ondernemerscompetenties.

Voor elke product of paper, dienst is research papers on web er een markt. Paper! Althans, heb je dat onderzocht? Welk product of essays, dienst ga je tegen welke prijs en op welke locatie aan wie verkopen? Hoe kun je het beste je product of dienst op de markt zetten, wie zijn jouw klanten en hoe ga ik eraan verdienen? Als je dit lastig vindt kan onze e-learning verkoopplan schrijven je daarbij helpen. Hier zet je alle algemene gegevens van de onderneming op een rijtje. Een duidelijke organisatie is research mla citation een belangrijke voorwaarde om succesvol te kunnen ondernemen. Ben je al wel of narrative essay rubric + 5th grade, nog niet ingeschreven bij de Kamer van Koophandel?

Heb je de benodigde verzekeringen en Algemene Voorwaarden geregeld? Voor welke rechtsvorm kies je, waar ga je je vestigen en wie doet de administratie? Dit is paper de kern van je ondernemingsplan. Hier leg je kort maar krachtig uit wat je wilt gaan doen en waarom. Probeer jezelf te verkopen. + 5th Grade! Maak anderen enthousiast. Hoe heeft de markt zich in het algemeen ontwikkeld en wat is research mla citation de toekomstverwachting? Geldt de uitkomst hiervan ook voor dat deel van de markt waar je je op wil richten? Je markt bestaat uit de verzameling van gegevens over database coursework bestaande afnemers, potentiële afnemers en alle aanbieders van het product of paper, dienst of analysis, vervangende product of diensten.

Zijn er weinig aanbieders en geen vervangende product of research paper mla citation, diensten, dan zit je natuurlijk goed. Database Coursework! Zijn er veel aanbieders en zijn er ook nog eens allerlei vervangende producten of diensten, dan heb je het als starter beslist moeilijk. Research Mla Citation! Voor een starter is essays het van belang dat je jouw markt kent. Hier geef je aan hoe de markt zich ontwikkelt, zowel op landelijk niveau als op lokaal niveau. Research! Verschuift de behoefte van de potentiële afnemers of juist niet? Wat gebeurt er met het aantal concurrenten en hoe ontwikkelt de prijs van het product of ieee research on web, dienst zich? Het is belangrijk om uw doelgroep zo nauwkeurig mogelijk te omschrijven. Research Mla Citation! Wie zijn je (potentiële) klanten? Wat zijn belangrijke kenmerken van deze klanten? Naarmate je jouw klanten beter kent, ben je ook beter in staat ze te bereiken en te bedienen.

Je moet weten of rubric, er meer aanbieders zijn van jouw product of research paper mla citation, dienst. Denk daarbij ook aan concurrentie die een alternatief aanbieden. Wat zijn de sterke en zwakke punten van de concurrentie? Weet welke prijs ze vragen en welke kwaliteit ze bieden. Database! Richten ze zich op dezelfde klantengroep? Hoe zorg je ervoor om hiertussen op te vallen? Wat zijn de sterke en zwakke punten van je eigen onderneming en wat zijn de kansen en bedreigingen die zich in de markt voordoen of research, gaan voordoen?

Met de marketingmix geef je je bedrijf een duidelijk eigen gezicht. Identify! De marketingmix maakt je bedrijf herkenbaar voor de buitenwereld. Mla Citation! De marketingmix bestaat uit de vijf P’s: Product of dienst staat voor meer dan alleen een product of what, dienst. Research Paper Mla Citation! Wat is de toegevoegde waarde voor de klant? Welk probleem lost het op? Denk ook aan verpakking, garantievoorwaarden, uitstraling en merk.

Wat zijn de belangrijkste kenmerken van je product of dienst? De prijs zegt iets over characteristics of a good het product of research paper mla citation, dienst dat je levert, maar ook over thesis in water het deel van de markt waar je je op richt. Met een hoge prijs trek je een andere doelgroep dan met een stuntprijs. Mla Citation! Welke prijsstrategie ga je hanteren? Leg je de nadruk op service of ben je een prijsvechter? Hoe liggen de prijzen bij concurrenten? Hier maakt je duidelijk waar je je bedrijf vestigt. Ga je huren of kopen? Start je vanuit huis of essays, kies je voor een bedrijfspand? Beschrijf ook hoe je bedrijfskolom eruit ziet. Research Paper! Hoe verloopt de distributie van leverancier tot klant?

Waar ga je de producten of essays, diensten verkopen? Wie zijn de leveranciers? Zijn er samenwerkingsverbanden? Promotie maken kan op allerlei manieren en via verschillende kanalen. Research! Beurzen, nieuwsbrieven of essay rubric + 5th, internet zijn mogelijke promotiekanalen. Research! Wanneer ga je wat precies doen? Promotie hoeft zeker niet duur te zijn.

Er zijn vele mogelijkheden: advertentie plaatsen, billboards, promotiefoldertjes, mondelinge promotie bij feestjes en verenigingen, mond tot mond reclame, gerichte promotiefolder, telefonisch contact, winkelinrichting, kortingsbonnen, persbericht, eigen website, webadvertising, sponsoring, beurzen (bezoeken of what characteristics test, eigen stand), etc. Alles begint met wie je wilt bereiken en wie jou moet begrijpen. Kun je het werk alleen aan, of paper mla citation, het nodig personeel aan te trekken? Personeel aannemen moet zorgvuldig gebeuren. Het belang van de uitstraling van het personeel naar buiten toe is the hobbit van groot belang en wordt regelmatig onderschat. Paper Mla Citation! Hoe kom je aan jouw personeel? Heb je behoefte aan hoog- of essays, laaggekwalificeerd?

Wordt het personeel zelf opgeleid? Welke normen en waarden worden er gehanteerd? Een missie is waarvoor we staan, een visie is paper waarvoor we gaan. Essay Grade! De missie heeft te maken met waarden en identiteit. Paper Mla Citation! Een visie geeft aan: hoe gaan wij de wereld van morgen beïnvloeden zodat wij succes hebben? Het is the hobbit essays noodzakelijk om kort en bondig je missie en je visie te kunnen beschrijven.

Grote lappen tekst met onderbouwing kunnen in research paper het plan zelf terug komen. Identify! Wel moeten ze duidelijk zijn. Research Paper! Dat kun je vrij gemakkelijk doen via de SMART theorie. SMART staat voor: Specifiek, Meetbaar, Attractief, Realistisch en Tijdgebonden. Als aan deze voorwaarden wordt voldaan kan via het ondernemingsplan zelf nagegaan worden of essays, deze missie en doelstellingen uiteindelijk met alle aanwezige achtergrond informatie werkelijk mogelijk zijn. Wie zijn we, wat zijn onze waarden, hoe willen we met onze klanten en medewerkers omgaan? Probeer ook zo reëel mogelijk in paper te schatten hoe groot de omzet is ieee research on web services die je verwacht te gaan halen. Waar wil je over research paper 5 tot 10 jaar staan met je onderneming? Wat ga je doen om te zorgen dat je succes hebt en houdt?

Het financieel plan is in database coursework identify feite het vertalen van de aannames uit het ondernemingsplan naar financiën/geld. Research! Je kunt onze gratis template financieel plan daarvoor gebruiken. Het financiële hoofdstuk bestaat uit de volgende onderdelen: Waar komt mijn kapitaal vandaan en waar is het geïnvesteerd? Ben ik - winstgevend? Kan ik op tijd voldoen aan mijn financiële verplichtingen? Een bedrijf starten kost geld. In Water Analysis! Sommige investeringen zijn noodzakelijk om te kunnen starten, andere kunnen misschien beter nog even wachten.

In de investeringsbegroting zet je op een rij wat je minimaal nodig hebt om te kunnen starten. De investeringsbegroting is paper mla citation onderverdeeld in thesis in water analysis vaste activa en vlottende activa. Mla Citation! Vaste activa, zoals een computer, machines, inventaris, en een bedrijfsauto, zijn bedrijfsmiddelen die langer dan een jaar in je bedrijf aanwezig zijn. What Characteristics Of A! Deze middelen maken het mogelijk dat je de activiteiten kunt uitvoeren. Research! Zij ondersteunen het bedrijfsproces. Bedrijfsmiddelen die korter dan een jaar in programs je bedrijf aanwezig zijn, zoals voorraden, vorderingen, voorfinanciering BTW en debiteuren, zijn vlottende activa. Deze middelen zijn onderdeel van je bedrijfsproces. Aanloop- en openingskosten zijn kosten die je maakt voordat je kunt starten en/of omzet kunt maken.

Voorbeelden: notariskosten, inschrijving Kamer van Koophandel, levensonderhoud eerste periode, marktonderzoek, advieskosten, visitekaartjes en briefpapier. Onderbouw de bedragen met offertes. Mla Citation! Vraag offertes op bij meerdere leveranciers om zo tot een juiste keuze te komen. Houd rekening met onvoorziene kosten. In uw financieringsbegroting staat hoe je de benodigde investeringen gaat financieren.

Dit kan door middel van eigen vermogen of programs school, met vreemd vermogen. Het deel van de investeringen dat je zelf financiert heet eigen vermogen. Mla Citation! Dit kan in coursework vorm van geld zijn dat je hebt gespaard of mla citation, bedrijfsmiddelen (auto, voorraad, computer) die je eerder hebt aangeschaft. Het kan ook zijn dat een familielid of database coursework identify, kennis je geld wil lenen. Er is een regeling die het voor particulieren, zoals familie of kennissen, fiscaal aantrekkelijk maakt geld aan startende ondernemers te lenen. Deze regeling biedt zo'n particuliere geldgever namelijk interessante fiscale voordelen. Research Mla Citation! Zogenaamde `achtergestelde´ leningen of durfkapitaal wordt door een kredietverstrekker vaak gezien als eigen vermogen.

Andere voorbeelden van partijen die kunnen financieren en hun bedrag achter zouden willen stellen, zijn de huurbaas, of de vorige eigenaar van de zaak die je hebt overgenomen. Vreemd vermogen is essays geld dat zakelijke financiers (bijvoorbeeld banken en leveranciers) je willen lenen. Research Mla Citation! Er is in water onderscheid tussen schulden met een looptijd van langer dan een jaar en korter dan een jaar. In feite zijn de langlopende leningen bedoeld om de vaste activa te financieren. Hypothecaire leningen hebben als doel een bedrijfspand te financieren, met een (middellange) banklening (of lease) kun je een machine of inventaris aanschaffen. Dat betekent automatisch dat de vlottende activa met kort vreemd vermogen moet worden gefinancierd. Dit zijn voornamelijk het rekening-courantkrediet (of werkkapitaal) en crediteuren (leverancierskrediet). Mla Citation! In feite kan zelfs de belastingdienst je financieren, maar daar kun je beter maar niet te veel op leunen.

Een balans is narrative essay grade een overzicht van de bezittingen, de schulden en het eigen vermogen van je onderneming op een bepaald moment. Anders gezegd: op een balans staat wat je hebt (activa, de linkerzijde van de balans), in mla citation de vorm van geld, goederen, enz., en hoe die gefinancierd zijn (passiva, de rechterzijde van de balans): met eigen vermogen of ieee research papers on web, met vreemd vermogen (leningen). Paper Mla Citation! Dus een balans is een momentopname van bezittingen en van de manier waarop deze zijn betaald. De solvabiliteit is de verhouding van uw eigen vermogen ten opzichte van het totaal benodigde vermogen. Dit geeft aan in hoeverre uw onderneming de schulden op lange termijn kan voldoen. In je verkoopprognose moet je de omzet op een juiste en reële manier inschatten. Essay! Het maken van een verkoopprognose is research paper niet eenvoudig, maar wel noodzakelijk. Narrative Grade! Daarmee kun je namelijk inschatten wat je gaat verdienen en of dat voldoende is mla citation om alle verplichtingen te kunnen voldoen.

Uiteindelijk bepaalt de omzet, minus de inkoopkosten en overige kosten je winst of essays, verlies. De berekening is simpel. Het aantal verkochte producten per paper, maand wordt vermenigvuldigd met de prijs die voor het product vraagt. Narrative Rubric Grade! Als dienstverlener kun je het aantal uren invullen, wanneer je een vergoeding op uurbasis vraagt. De omzet moet je exclusief BTW opgeven. Research! Je moet wel aangeven welk BTW tarief op jouw product of dienst van toepassing is. Narrative + 5th! (21%, 6% of paper mla citation, 0%). De belastingdienst geeft hier meer informatie over.

Omzet wordt gemaakt op het moment dat de factuur naar de klant/opdrachtgever wordt gestuurd. Dat wil in coursework de meeste gevallen niet zeggen dat het geld direct wordt bijgeschreven op je rekening. Research Paper Mla Citation! Betalen je klanten direct (contact of coursework identify, PIN) zoals in research paper de detailhandel, of coursework, moet je weken op je geld wachten. Paper! Deze periode noemen we de debiteurentermijn. Summer! Onderaan de verkoopprognose moet je invullen wanneer welk deel van je klanten gaat betalen. Zorg ervoor dat je prognose kan worden onderbouwd met cijfers uit de branchegegevens, je concurrentieanalyse en marketingmix. Research Paper Mla Citation! Houd rekening met seizoensinvloeden. Rubric + 5th Grade! Ga je direct in mla citation je eerste maand omzet maken, of is programs school er sprake van een aanloopperiode?

Is het geplande aantal uren daadwerkelijk declarabel? Houd rekening met bijvoorbeeld reistijd, acquisitie, ziekte, administratie. Research Mla Citation! Is deze omzet haalbaar (reëel), gezien vanuit de geplande investeringen en personeelscapaciteit? Om geld te kunnen verdienen aan producten die je verkoopt, moet je die producten eerst zelf inkopen. Het verschil tussen wat je verkoopt en de prijs die je zelf hebt betaald om die producten in te kopen is je brutowinst. Er bestaat dus een direct verband tussen inkoop en verkoop. De inkoopprijs van alle verkochte artikelen hoort tot de inkoopwaarde van de omzet. Thesis In Water! De formule om de inkoopwaarde van de omzet te bepalen is als volgt: Beginvoorraad + Jaarinkopen Eindvoorraad. Alle producten die je al wel hebt ingekocht, maar nog niet hebt verkocht, heb je op voorraad en worden daarom niet tot de inkoopwaarde van de omzet gerekend.

Bedrijven die niet handelen in research mla citation producten, maar hun kennis en tijd ‘verkopen’ aan de klant, hebben te maken met diensten. Narrative Essay! Diensten hebben meestal geen inkoopprijs (of slechts zeer gering). Mla Citation! Bij diensten kun je stellen dat de brutowinst (bijna) gelijk is what are the characteristics good test aan de behaalde omzet. Er zijn meerdere factoren die de inkoopwaarde van de omzet kunnen bepalen. Mla Citation! Denk bijvoorbeeld aan het inhuren van andere bedrijven (‘diensten van derden’). Deze worden meestal ook rechtstreeks van de behaalde omzet afgehaald.

Andere voorbeelden zijn provisies die je betaald aan tussenpersonen of agenten, het huren van materiaal die je nodig hebt om een dienst te kunnen verlenen. Coursework Identify! Dit zijn zogenaamde directe kosten. Heeft een bedrijf te maken met een werkplaats, dan worden veel van de bewerkkosten of paper mla citation, ‘maak’ kosten ook rechtstreeks verrekend met de behaalde omzet. Eigenlijk alles met een rechtstreeks verband met de behaalde omzet! Om de inkoopprognose correct in narrative rubric grade te vullen, moet je invullen wanneer je daadwerkelijk voorraad moet gaan inkopen.

Afhankelijk van het product, de branche en de vraag zal de frequentie verschillen. Mla Citation! Is het nodig dat je elke dag inkoopt (bijv. Thesis! verse levensmiddelen), of paper, kun slechts één keer per summer high, kwartaal je inkopen doen (bijv. kleding)? Kun je inschatten hoe lang je product gemiddeld op voorraad ligt? En welke deel van je voorraad is research niet meer te verkopen na verloop van tijd (incourante voorraad)? In je exploitatiebegroting schat je in what of a essay of je bedrijf rendabel is. Door de omzet en kosten in research mla citation een overzicht te plaatsen, kun je in characteristics good test een oogopslag zien of research mla citation, je bedrijf winst of what are the characteristics of a good essay, verlies maakt. In de exploitatiebegroting staan de bedragen exclusief BTW vermeld. Uitgangspunt voor de exploitatiebegroting is research paper de verkoopprognose (zie 3.3). Door de inkoopwaarde van de omzet af te trekken wordt de brutowinst zichtbaar.

De inkoopwaarde van de omzet wordt berekend aan de hand van de ingevulde inkoopprognose (zie 3.4). Door de brutowinst te verminderen met alle wederkerend bedrijfskosten, zoals huisvestings-, vervoers-, promotie- en personeelskosten, houd jij je netto bedrijfsresultaat over. Dit bepaalt of coursework, je bedrijfsactiviteit op zichzelf rendabel is. Onder de bedrijfskosten vallen ook de afschrijvingen. Afschrijvingen zijn wel kosten, maar geen uitgaven. Afschrijvingen geven de je gelegenheid reserves op te bouwen om te kunnen (her)investeringen in de vaste activa van je bedrijf. Research Mla Citation! Je geeft het geld pas uit op het moment dat je moet gaan investeren. Thesis In Water! Je geeft je ook extra ruimte om je aflosverplichting te voldoen. Voordat jij je winst uit onderneming kan bepalen, moet je opgeven hoeveel vergoeding je aan de financiers, die je bedrijfsactiviteit mede mogelijk hebben gemaakt , jaarlijks moet betalen. Dit wordt ook wel rente genoemd.

Als je winst hebt gemaakt, moet je daarover belasting betalen. Hoeveel dat is, hangt af van het winstbedrag en aftrekposten die je als zelfstandige mag opvoeren. Paper! Voor deze aftrekposten gelden wel diverse voorwaarden. Programs! Kijk daarom goed op de site van de belastingdienst. De nettowinst is research paper de basis voor uw inkomen uit een eenmanszaak of characteristics of a good essay test, VOF. In een BV staat de ondernemer als bestuurder/directeur van de BV op de loonlijst en ontvangt een salaris. Paper! Het salaris is research papers services een kostenpost voor de BV. Paper! De omzet moet hoog genoeg zijn om ook het salaris van de directeur te betalen. Services! We bieden je gratis een eenvoudige template voor exploitatiebegroting.

Aannames moeten gebaseerd zijn op goed doordachte veronderstellingen Omzet op basis van marktonderzoek en niet op alleen basis van aantal x prijs Check de samenhang met het Marketingplan Omzet moet met gewenst personeelsbestand en kapitaal vervaardigd kunnen worden. Kun je elke maand alle rekeningen betalen? Door het maken van een liquiditeitsbegroting bepaal je of research, er iedere maand voldoende geld op je rekening staat. Inkomsten en uitgaven kunnen gedurende een jaar sterk wisselen. Ieee On Web Services! Bijvoorbeeld door seizoensinvloeden, een vakantieperiode, belastingaanslag of research mla citation, door klanten die laat betalen. Ieee Research On Web! Met een liquiditeitsbegroting maak je inzichtelijk op welk moment extra financiën nodig zijn. Vrijwel alle bedrijfskosten die zijn opgenomen in research paper mla citation de exploitatiebegroting komen ook terug in de liquiditeitsbegroting. Programs School! Afschrijvingen vormen hierop de belangrijkste uitzondering.

De liquiditeitsbegroting toont hoe de kosten over research mla citation het jaar worden verdeeld en aan in welke maand de kosten daadwerkelijk betaald moeten worden. Ieee Research Papers On Web! Zeker in een groeiende ondernemingen zullen met de omzet ook de kosten maandelijks variëren (en toenemen). Naast de bedrijfskosten, worden ook de (maandelijkse) privéopnamen, inclusief inkomstenbelasting, en aflossingen staan niet in paper de liquiditeitsbegroting opgenomen. High School! Via onze site kun je nu eenvoudig een sjabloon liquiditeitsbegroting downloaden. Op de exploitatiebegroting zijn alle bedragen exclusief BTW. Research Paper! In de liquiditeitsbegroting reken je de BTW ontvangsten en uitgaven mee. Uit de exploitatiebegroting kun je opmaken of je voldoende omzet genereert om de bedrijfs- en financieringskosten te dekken. Thesis In Water Analysis! De cashflow berekent vervolgens of jij je privéopnamen wel uit de onderneming kan halen en of er daarnaast genoeg overblijft om leningen af te lossen, herinvesteringen te voldoen of research, reserves op te bouwen. Grofweg is de cashflow gelijk aan de nettowinst plus afschrijvingen van een onderneming. What Characteristics Good Essay Test! De cashflow is research positief als er jaarlijks meer geld binnenkomt dan dat er uit gaat. In Water Analysis! De cashflow is research mla citation negatief als er per database coursework, jaar meer geld wordt uitgegeven dan er binnenkomt.

Een positieve cashflow wil niet direct zeggen dat je onderneming liquide is, dat er het hele jaar door voldoende geld op je rekening staat. Dat moet blijken uit de liquiditeitsbegroting. Voordat je met je bedrijf begint, moet je weten hoeveel je maandelijks nodig om privé van rond te komen. Paper Mla Citation! Breng al je (huishoud)verplichtingen in essays kaart. Mla Citation! Vermeld ook alle inkomsten die je huishouding ontvangt, zoals het loon (inclusief vakantie geld en dertiende maand) van jezelf en/of je partner, uitkeringen, pensioenen en eventueel kinderbijslag. Het verschil tussen de privéverplichtingen en -inkomsten bepaalt het bedrag dat je maandelijks uit je onderneming moet halen om van te leven. Houd je zakelijke betalingsverkeer gescheiden van je privé-inkomsten en -uitgaven door het openen van een aparte rekeningen. Een afschrijving is het in ieee research de boekhouding tot uitdrukking brengen van de waardedaling van een bedrijfsmiddel over paper een bepaalde periode.

Doordat je machines gebruikt zullen ze slijten. Ieee Papers On Web! Ook zal de waarde van je gebouw of vrachtwagens in de loop van de jaren afnemen. Research Paper! De waardevermindering van deze kapitaalgoederen wordt ook wel afschrijving of of a, afschrijvingskosten genoemd. Er wordt steeds afschrijving toegepast om de slijtage door het gebruik tot uitdrukking te brengen. Deze afschrijving vormt een kostenpost in mla citation de Winst- en Verliesrekening en leidt dus tot een lager resultaat. Bekijk de mogelijkheden van Qredits. Ondernemingsplan template downloaden. Als je een onderneming wilt beginnen, is het verstandig eerst een ondernemingsplan te maken. Essay Grade! Qredits wil je hier graag mee op weg helpen. E-learning Ondernemingsplan Schrijven. Deze e-learning laat jou nadenken over je onderneming.

Je krijgt volop inspiratie en voorbeelden. Research! Na afloop download je een kant en klaar plan. Vind je het moeilijk om je eigen ondernemingsplan op te stellen? Twijfel je of are the of a good essay test, het goed is? Een coach helpt je bij het structureren van je ideeen. Qredits helpt ondernemers bij het succesvol starten van en investeren in research paper mla citation hun bedrijf. Summer High! We bieden coaching, kennis in paper mla citation de Qredits Academy voor ondernemers en we verstrekken bedrijfskredieten tot ˆ 250.000. Qredits verstrekt de microkredieten mede dankzij twee programma’s van de Europese Unie: het EaSI, een Europees programma voor werkgelegenheid en sociale innovatie, en COSME, een programma dat de concurrentiepositie van midden- en kleinbedrijf verbetert.

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analysis essay paper You’ve been staring at your blank computer screen for research what feels like hours, trying to figure out how to start your analytical essay. You try to choose between writing the introduction first or getting right into the meat of it. But somehow, it seems too difficult to do either. Analysis. What you need is is a blueprint—a foolproof way to mla citation, get your essay structured. Then all you have to do is what characteristics essay test fill in the blanks. By Anonymous [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Research Mla Citation. What an Analytical Essay Is—And What It Isn’t. Helpful, right?

Um, not so much. First, it might be more useful to explain what an essays analytical essay isn’t before getting to what it is . An analytical essay isn’t a summary. Though this may seem obvious in theory, it’s more difficult in practice. If you read your essay and it sounds a lot like a book report, it’s probably only summarizing events or characters. One way to figure out if you’re summarizing instead of analyzing is to look at research paper, your support. Are you simply stating what happened, or are you relating it back to your main point? Okay, so what is an analytical essay, exactly ? Usually, it’s writing that has a more narrowed focus than a summary. Summer Programs School. Analytical essays usually concentrate on how the book or poem was written—for example, how certain themes present themselves in the story, or how the use of metaphor brings a certain meaning to a poem.

In short, this type of essay requires you to look at the smaller parts of the work to help shed light on the larger picture. An example of a prompt—and the example I’m going to use for the rest of mla citation this post—could be something like: Analyze the theme of sacrifice in the Harry Potter series. (Note: there might be some spoilers, but I figured everyone who was planning on reading the books has done so already—or at are the of a essay test, least has seen the movies.) One Way To Form Your Analytical Essay Outline. There are quite a few ways to organize your analytical essay, but no matter how you choose to write it, your essay should always have three main parts: I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of this soon, but for all you visual learners, here is a nice representation of all the components that make a great analytical essay outline. You can see that I’ve added a few more details than just the introduction, body, and conclusion. But hold your horses—we’re getting to those parts right now. Introduction of Your Analytical Essay Outline. The purpose of paper your introduction is to get the reader interested in your analysis. The introduction should include at least three things—a hook, your thesis statement, and a sentence or two describing how you intend to summer high, prove your thesis statement. 1. You gotta hook ‘em from the start. The first part of your introduction should draw the reader in. Paper Mla Citation. This is called the hook.

The hook should be interesting or surprising. You can achieve this by asking a rhetorical question, giving some relevant statistics, or making a statement that’s unusual or controversial. The Hobbit. For my Harry Potter example, I might say, “Since the publication of the research, first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone , some Christian groups have attacked the books for database coursework promoting witchcraft. Research Mla Citation. However, one of the main themes of the books draws inspiration from Christianity itself—that of sacrifice.” Okay, so that’s two sentences. But it’s got a little bit of controversy and relates to what the school, rest of the research, essay will discuss. 2. Narrative. Get to the good stuff—write a killer thesis statement.

Okay, so now that you’ve got your reader hooked, you need to start getting to the point. This is where the paper, thesis statement comes in. My thesis might be, “The theme of sacrifice is prevalent throughout the series and is embodied as sacrifice for papers on web the greater good, sacrifice for research mla citation an ultimate gain, and sacrifice to keep a promise.” 3. It’s time to back up your thesis. Let the reader know how you’re going to prove your claim. For my example, I would let the coursework, reader know that I intend to analyze the instances of Harry’s “death,” Voldemort’s sacrifice of his soul in exchange for immortality, and how Snape sacrifices in order to honor a promise made to Lily Potter. These points will be the building blocks of the research, body paragraphs. Body of Your Analytical Essay Outline. The body is where you can start to get really creative and play around with formatting. In the flowchart, there are three body paragraphs. But that’s because I was trained in the 5-paragraph outline. But you can include as many or as few body paragraphs as you want—as long as you end up thoroughly supporting your thesis.

For my outline, each body paragraph includes a topic sentence, followed by essay + 5th, three sets of claims, evidence to mla citation, support those claims, and how that evidence ties back to the topic sentence. Again, three is not necessarily a magic number here. You could make one claim with a lot of evidence, or five claims to support your topic sentence. But let’s get into it, shall we? 1. Develop a strong topic sentence. Narrative Essay. Each topic sentence in each body paragraph of your analytical essay outline should tell the reader exactly what that section is research going to be about. My first body paragraph might start with, “Harry Potter is willing to fulfill prophecy and make the ultimate sacrifice—that of his life—in order to save the rest of the wizarding world.” 2. Are The Of A Good Test. Make your claim.

The claim should dive into a smaller part of the overarching topic sentence. The topic sentence I gave can be broken down into research paper mla citation, several smaller claims—that Harry knew that he was fulfilling prophecy, that he was actually willing to die, and that his death would be of profound significance. 3. Provide evidence from the text to back your claim. Essays. You can’t just go around making claims without any support. You can use quotes or paraphrase parts of the text to add evidence.

For evidence that Harry knew that he was fulfilling prophecy, you could cite the instance in mla citation the hall of prophecies with the in water, quote, “and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.” 4. Tie that evidence to paper, the topic sentence. You have to make it absolutely clear why you included the evidence. If you don’t, your analytical essay runs the identify, risk of being a summary. For example, with the citing of the prophecy, I would tell the reader that Harry and his friends found said prophecy and figured out that it had to be about paper, him (although there are objections that it could’ve been referring to Neville, but we’ll leave that out of this example). High School. They knew that either Voldemort had to die or Harry did, and he had to be willing to do that.

They’re not needed in the outline, but when you write your final essay, be sure you include effective transitions. This will help your essay flow. Paper. Conclusion of Your Analytical Essay Outline. After you’ve built up all of your body paragraphs, given the appropriate evidence to back your claims, and tied that evidence to analysis, your awesome topic sentences, you’re ready to research paper mla citation, wrap it all up. The conclusion should be a brief restatement of your main points without being a direct copy. Database Coursework. For example, “There are many motivations behind sacrifice—to help others, to help oneself, or to keep a promise to a loved one—and J.K. Rowling explores several of them through the characters in the Harry Potter book series.” This, of research paper mla citation course, does not suffice as a full conclusion. To fill it out and give the thesis analysis, reader a sense of closure, you can relate the theme to research paper, the real world or end with a final quote from the text or the the hobbit essays, author. Mla Citation. Use This Downloadable Analytical Essay Outline as a Guide. Easy, right?

I know you’re pumped to get started, but before you do, I have a template for the analytical essay outline for you to download. Of course, your instructor’s directions will trump mine, so if they say to do something a specific way, I won’t be offended if you take their advice over mine. And don’t forget about the Kibin editors. When your analytical essay is all typed up, they can help you make sure that it’s as good as it can get. Psst. 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays.

About the Author. Eden Meirow is the hobbit a self-employed freelance writer with a passion for English, history and education. You can find her on Google+. dis was absooltelee fantasteec thxc you 4 de owwline. awesome! Glad you liked it. #128578; @naomi_tepper:disqus Oh my Gosh! this was amazing thank you so much! This helped a lot with my Economics essay for Humanities 6 World Studies!

Woot woot! Happy to help. #128578; Thanks for mla citation the comment. This is the hobbit essays undoubtedly very much helpful#8230; Thanks a lot. You#8217;re welcome! Thanks for paper mla citation the comment and thanks for reading. What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Essay Test. #128578; Hi#8230;.Eden thank you for orienting me on how to structure an analytical essay. Research Mla Citation. because of many reasons which i don#8217;t like to name writing an analytical essay has been my Achilies Hill. Your effort in essay + 5th writing this article has thrown much need light as far as I#8217;m concerned.

I look forward to your reply on the question of structuring of analytical political essay on issues like say Affirmative Action or Constitutionalism. Thank you for your kind words. Paper. In regards to essay + 5th grade, writing a political analytical essay, it varies depending on the course and the requirements of your instructor. However, you can follow the same advice in research paper mla citation this post. Introduction with a hook and in water thesis, body paragraphs that make claims with evidence to support those claims, and a conclusion that wraps it all up. The main difference is that you#8217;ll have to do more research than reading just one book. (And make sure to cite your sources.) I hope that helped! Thank you, this will help ? This was really useful I went through so many websites the finally got this one. Sweet!

Glad you found it helpful. hi this is great. Research. Fabulous! Happy to help. How would I write an analytic essay using dramatic conventions? I#8217;m supposed to write an essay on The Tempest from Shakespeare using dramatic conventions and I#8217;m not doing so well at understanding how to grade, do it. basically it#8217;s also asking me #8220;how dramatic conventions make the research paper, reader see characters in grade a certain way. Please respond to research paper mla citation, this if you can. I think that I would devote one body paragraph to each of the narrative rubric + 5th grade, dramatic conventions that you#8217;re covering in your paper. For instance, in one paragraph, if you are writing about the conventions of soliloquy, the play-within-a-play convention, and asides (these are the research paper, first three conventions I thought of thesis in water analysis #8212; I#8217;m not sure which ones you#8217;ve studied in class), then you could devote one body paragraph to each of research these topics and their influence on summer, how the research mla citation, audience views the characters. Database Identify. I hope this puts you on the right track! I have two write an essay about Animals by O#8217;Hara and how it reflects the research mla citation, innocence and thesis simplicity of childhood.

I don#8217;t know how to start. Could anyone suggest the first sentence of the introduction? I#8217;ve already got my outline #128578; Hi Lily Awesome that you have your outline ready to go. You might want to start with the quintessential quote from the text that stands out as reflecting these qualities of innocence/childhood simplicity. Research Mla Citation. For more great hook sentence tips visit: This is amazing and extremely helpful! Thank you author. Hey, thanks for reading and for thesis the nice comment! I#8217;ll be sure to show the research, author. #128578; do you eat pussy?

Haha! Awesome. We#8217;re happy to help, but don#8217;t sell yourself short just because of programs school your blonde hair. #128578; great site but second para 24th word should be ALWAYS not away. Mla Citation. dont take this as offensive but im just trying to improve this site that is all. Thanks for database identify keeping us on mla citation, our toes, Shayan! No offense taken #8212; we#8217;ll get that updated #128578; Great blog post ! Just to add my thoughts if you are wanting a Express Evictions 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit , my secretary came across a blank version here Hi there! Although this was really helpful for literary analysis, I was wondering if you had an idea as to how to apply this to historical analysis. I have to write about the narrative essay + 5th, effects of European migration, warfare, and research mla citation disease on Native Americans, and was thinking of finding 3 specific examples of each and explaining the effect that each had on Native Americans.

Is this a good plan? You could *definitely* apply this framework to a historical analysis, yes! As Eden mentions, you can have as many body paragraphs as you want, so you could devote a single paragraph to each of your examples #8212; giving you 9 body paragraphs. Essay Grade. Since that would get pretty lengthy, you could add a header before each of your 3-paragraph sections to keep your paper organized. DIOS MIO! this is research paper really helpful. Woot!

That#8217;s awesome. So happy you found this post helpful. #128578; Thanks for the hobbit the kind comment. This is research so helpful, thank you. The Hobbit. I have to research, write an analytical essay about The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara and I#8217;m stuck. This is my second essay and on the first I received a C #128577; I don#8217;t know how to start and it isn#8217;t even about the whole book, its only for half the book. Please help. Starting is definitely the hardest part sometimes :/ thanks so much for your blog. Are The Good. you have made it very easy for me to understand this (horrible) essay.

I have to write my first Analytical essay. Research Mla Citation. kind regards to you. Essay Rubric + 5th. And thanks to research paper, you for reading! Good luck with your essay #8212; you#8217;ve got this. I have to write an analytical essay for my college English course, and its about an American folk song called #8220;Frankie and Johnny#8221; and im stuck in summer high school how to begin it! my professor gave me an research paper example on how to start, she said #8220;to summarize a short definition of North American folk music from Oxford Music Online#8221; please help. A definition is one way to start your essay, sure! This post contains lots more great advice (plus you can sign up for 14 hook types + examples in the bottom right corner): Damn am I thirsty, any fine white beothches dtf. NAH MEAN. Thank you so much.

I was dying a moment ago. Now I think I can manage it. love the example! it got me even more excited! #128516;#128523;#128526; Yesss, you can totally manage it! Thanks for reading #128578; I feel motivated and have been trying my best all these days#8230; Grateful for coursework everything. )

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chisholm homework 24 September 2014. Sites near Northampton. Related BBC Sites. BBC News on Caroline Chisholm appearing on the Australian $5 note. 1807 : Caroline Jones born in Northampton, the daughter of a farmer. 1832 : Marries Archibald Chisholm. Goes with his husband to Madras. Caroline founds the Female School of Industry for paper, the Daughters of European Soldiers. 1838 : Arrives in database identify, Sydney, Australia.

1846 : Returns to England and forms a society to send families to Australia. 1850 : First ship chartered by Caroline (the Slains Castle) sets sail for Australia. 1877 : Caroline dies and is buried in Billing Road cemetery. Send us your comments about Caroline Chisholm and her achievements.. By some quirk of history, Caroline Chisholm remains largely unknown in research, this her home county, possibly because she was a Roman Catholic, writes Heather Wilson. Mention her name to an Australian and they will be able to tell you exactly who she was and what she did. Born on the outskirts of Northampton, the first stop on her way to Australia was in India where her husband, Capt Archibald Chisholm, was stationed. She found that conditions in Madras were appalling for the wives and daughters of the essay, ordinary soldiers.

They were wandering the streets involved in research paper mla citation, crime and prostitution, while the officers had schools for their children and educated wives who moved in the hobbit essays, elite social circles. Caroline's thinking proved to be way ahead of her times and extremely progressive for the middle of the 19th Century. She then went on to Australia because her husband was given furlough and everyone was going to Australia because it was the new place to go. When she returned to research England in summer programs high, the mid 1840s, Caroline campaigned to allow the families of convicts free passage to Australia and also for improvement to the conditions they had to endure during the journey. Paper Mla Citation? She also set up a loan scheme for those not able to gain free passage. She returned to Australia to set up shops in the outback for the gold diggers during the gold rush and are the essay, also started schools and paper mla citation, hospitals throughout the country. Caroline was also a water diviner. Settlements developed near water sources she discovered, so many towns and villages in Australia owe their origins to Caroline and named streets and roads after her. Caroline returned to the hobbit essays England where she died in poverty and research mla citation, obscurity on 25 March 1877, while her work in Australia earned her continued fame. Send us your comments about essay grade, Caroline Chisholm.

Please use the form below to send us your comments. I love CCS im in the 6th form and its the best i really love all the teachers i dont know what i would do with out them. But miss haines is the research paper mla citation, best she has been there for narrative, me all year if iv needed her. This ladie is an research paper mla citation out standing girl. wow thanks that was really useful for my homework! Caroline Chisholm College, Glenmore Park student. Caroline chisholm was woman of programs iron. She stood up for research mla citation, poor women's rights. She sacrificed her riches to help these women.

Caroline Chisholm you rock.Go Caroline Chisholm. What an amazing woman! It is such a shame that great and inspiring women such as Chisholm get lost to history just because they are women (and 'his'tory is written by men. this has helped thanx! I go to narrative essay rubric Caroline Chisholm Catholic College in Melbourne Australia!.I think Caroline was an inspirational woman, Im doin a project on research paper, Caroline Chisholm for SOSE this site is kool thanx 4 da info luv u ;P xx. I intend preaching on are the characteristics good test, Caroline Chisholm this Sunday as in my opinion, as a 5th generation Australian, believe her to be Australia's greatest hero. Yet nothing is done to promote her more. There has never been a feature film made on her life or,as far as I know, nor even a documentary.

Austarlia should be ashamed of this although I believe she fell into disrepute among the politically correcy brigade, this could be one reason. CAROLINE CHSIHOLM ROCKS! i need more info on her family. smartie pants NOT. interesting but what day was she born. Research Paper Mla Citation? i have a project and need a 1 page report if you have some info right on this thing please bye thankyou. I have been researching Caroline Chisholm's life and the hobbit essays, work for some while now, and hope to have a biography of her published in Melbourne later this year.

I Mike Welsh would like to mla citation give a contact address, I can give him some details of the Chisholm family tree. sian cotton CCS School. Caroline Chisholm was an amazing woman who did great things and I only wish that she could be more remembered. This has really helped me with my project but I only wish that there had been a bit more on summer, India. im doing a project thsnk you this website has been a great help- i got a level a plus. thanks once again. Paper? x. Im also doing a project on Caroline and what of a essay test, also go to the school in year 4. Your information was really helpful but made my mum upset that such an amazing women is not remembered in her home country. I think we should start a campain to have a memorial in Northampton. Great site andCaroline was a sinsere person she helped.

Caroline Chisholm was a great person. couldn't find anything on her family but thought rest of info woz fab!! good work:) :) :) Yo, caroline chilsolm was a great lady (from what i have heard from this website)and i am privaliged to go to paper mla citation a school that goes by her name! As my partner is Caroline's great(x3)grandson . Research? I find anything about her fascinating, but was wondering if anyone knew . Research? because I suspect I do . Essays? how she came to be on the decimal currency in 1966? Thanks for all the research paper mla citation, information because I'm doing a assignment on essay, her and yeah it was really handy. I go to research Caroline Chisholm wootton and I have to do a project about her and I didn't know so much about her. hi my name is tom lyman and i go ccs i love it der it prob the essays, best skl ive beeen to.

i love caroline chisholm especially the research paper mla citation, pe department i wouldnt know what to programs do with out paper mla citation, pe lol. her grave is in Billings RD cemetary. i belive caroline chisholm is a really nice and strong woman i chose he 4 my school project cause i heard lots of stuff about he. Can anyone help me with information relating to essay rubric + 5th grade Carolines' children, grandchildren and their families? I would love to paper mla citation hear from any family members. Regards, Mike Welsh. I am a distant relation to database coursework Caroline and am trying to trace the family back. My great grand parents names were Donald and Marie Chisholm who are buried in Naracoorte S.Aust.

My grand mother was Jean Chisholm who married Samuel Welsh. I have been hearing stories about Caroline all my life am happy she has been remembered so dearly. I decided to mla citation do our school project on Caroline Chisholm. Also my middle name is Caroline too. She is a very clever and famous Lady of her time and it is sad to hear that she is not so famous in England. Rubric + 5th? Caroline has definately helped our Country, Australia and paper, we will never forget her either. May we never forget her ever. When we fly back to the U.K. next year, I will insure that we will see her home town, school and grave. Thanks very much. Essays? Dana. im from melbourne and in research paper, yr 12. i decided to do my creative piece on caroline chisholm because she inspires me and was a strong women who helped those in need and was really kind and the hobbit essays, put everyone else in front of paper mla citation herself. a really nice thing to programs do. well hope i get an A!! lol.

I go to Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton aswell, i did'nt even know who she was when i first went but this has really helped! Hello there to research all other ccs pupils! Hiya ppl who Made this Site! All I Have To Say is, Your Site totally Rx! Oh, i just wanted to tell you I'm from essay rubric grade, Australia, and I'm doing a Report on Caroline Chisholm, and when i said i was doing it in mla citation, her , (Because we Got to Choose), my friends where all like: Who? So you don't Just Mention her name to an Australian and everyone can, Like, give you a Biography on her!

That's all I Wanted to Say. Kiss, Kiss, Luv Ya! Courts! xoxo. heyz. i live in melbourne, victoria in australia.i also go to a catolic highschool and now in religion learning about the people who did grreat things in this world and made alot of changes. we all got different people to study. Narrative + 5th? I personally got Caroline Chisholm and i have found that she is a very outstanding chik to learn about. i really lykd wat caroline chisholm did. i think she was a great person. Paper Mla Citation? i am currently doing an essay on her and i found that caroline chisholm was a very out there chik and ieee papers on web, i think that was awesome for someone to be so outstanding. i realli enjoy learning and finding out information i never knew about her. Paper Mla Citation? thank you for the time you used to read this letter. Thanx. xoxo. Debbie Williams W.A. wow i neva new who Caroline was until i was doing a project on her and it never crossed my mind how amazing she really was so this goes to u Caroline Chisholm thanks for being a great woman you will be remembered 4 eva. Database? love Zebrah oh n by the way this website rox ive learnt so much from it. Andrew Chmielewski, Northampton, UK. I'm impressed with all the enthusiastic comments about this great lady, especially as we in Northampton have done little to remember her by. I would have thought the least we could do would be to erect a monument to her, but I cannot even find her grave in Billing Road cemetery, despite frequent searching (I often walk through the graveyard on my way to paper mla citation work).

I suspect it has been overgrown completely since 1977 when Mr Langford spotted it. Ola Ogunmola YR 5 Caroline Chisholm School. Caroline Chisholm is the Best school eva im in YR5 and it is database coursework tottally cool. I have just met the Principal at paper mla citation Caroline Chisholm Catholic College in Melbourne. We hope to set up some links between his school and in water, CCS in Northampton. It will take a few years but it will be great in future if staff and students from paper mla citation, Northampton can spend time in thesis analysis, Melbourne. My counterpart assures me he will have plenty of people who would be equally keen to visit us here. I go to Caroline Chisolm school and i think that Caroline Chisolm was a great person and that she did good deeds and research paper mla citation, helps lots of people in services, the world even though her dad was a pig farmer.

i go to caroline chisholm school n i got lots of paper mla citation info from heree fanx. i lived in the uk for 10 yrs and was amazed that no-one there had heard of in water caroline chisholm as she was one of the greatest (if not the greatest) women your country ever produced. Research Mla Citation? we have several schools and tertiary colleges called after her in melbourne. I'm presently helping my daughter do a project on influential women in history and database coursework, she has chosen caroline. i was very sorry to see caroline chisholm's face removed from our $5 note in favour the queen. hopefully, the powers that be will come to research mla citation their senses and return Carline to her rightful place, unless they want to put her on the $50! I am helping my young daughter Sarah with her project on ieee papers, Caroline Chisholm and I am amazed at the facts I am learning, such a great example of research mla citation how we all should life,how the world could be if we all lived as Caroline did, serving humanity.I only hope that I can put into practise in some small way what I have leant from the hobbit, Caroline. I'm giving a homily for an end of research mla citation year Mass for Caroline Chisholm High School and being a priest I am ashamed to admit, I had to database look here for some info on her as I knew diddly-squat about her apart from seeing her picture on the old $5 note. Thanks for the insights. I go to caroline chisholm School. This website was a real help. Paper? Thankzxxx. I really enjoyed this website and learnt alot from it.

Hi everyone at CCS especially all my best mates Sian, Hannah, Emma, Laura, Naomi and Rachie D!! Also a big shout out to narrative essay + 5th Dan Brophy - ignore what everyone says about you you're the mla citation, sweetest kid alive! As for CCS as a school . it's a brilliant learning experience and I've learnt more in a few months than I had in a private school!! Thanks for this article - now us students can discover who our school was named after! Hio peps from my school. Essay + 5th? I am simply amazed about how many names i know. I go CCS to mla citation and it's the best school ever. In Water Analysis? At school at mla citation the moment were putting on high, a production of Caroline Chisholm the mla citation, musical and it's well fun if any one wants to really learn the life of miss Chisholm you might want to go alond. it's happerning around december this year.

Yo guy's sup? I really lyk dis website. im doin assignment on ieee research, caz chisholm and this info's grr8! im from australia. Englanders are cool but never as kool as Aussie's r! i bet ive caused sum arguments with dat well im prepared to argue rite bak so come get sum babe's! anywayz luv ya but gotsta leave ya *buboi* xoxo. Thanks for research mla citation, the information. Am doing a major 7 week assignment on what of a, Caroline Chisholm and need as much info as possible, this really helped! Thanks again, peace x. I found this site very interesting and helpful for my project so thanx anyway. 0:) She helped to mla citation form the Family Colonisation Loan Society which lent money to families wanting to database identify come to Australia. I'm actually Australian, and I didn't know until to day she existed. I think Caroline Chisholm is a wonderful person and should never be forgotten!!xxx.

This sight was great!I've got this project on an eminent person, and I chose Caroline Chisholm. Although the other sights were of research paper little use, this one provided enough information to help me do most of it. Essays? This sight is paper mla citation great! We enjoy being school.Look forward to the coming years. I love the database identify, school. at school i am doing a project on caroline where do i gett good info. i go to caroline chisholm school in northanpton and just wanted to say that i am very lucky to be going here it is a great school and a brilliant learning experience! thankyou for a great first year! x. maddy, alex and sarah. hey! were from australia and we never knew much about caroline chisholm but this site has taught us heaps! it got lots of great info about research paper mla citation, her for our r.e assignment. thanks heaps!xoxo. as an old Northamptonian living in Oz. Coursework Identify? I was fascinated to read of our $5 lady! Thankyou very much.

how can i find good info on caroline chishlom im doing a project on her. this site is waesome thanx heaps it helped heaps if only it said something bout her education thats all i need now but thanx ill keep looking for paper, her educational life thanx.! iam in grade 5 and go to a school in + 5th, shepparton in australia .my school is called st.mel's.i did a progect on paper mla citation, caroline and i gota A+ iam in grade 5.i go to a school in shepparton, my school is called st.mels. i am in mr poppers class.This year i had to do a progect on caroline chisholm, and this web site gave me lots of info. thanx.xxxx. i go 2 Caroline Chisholm (england,wooton)i wondered who caroline chisholm was and now i no thanx xxxx. My GG Grandparents and their 7 children came out to Adelaide South Australia on programs school, the Slains Castle under Caroline Chisholm's resettlement scheme. Research? I have a copy of a diary of the voyage kept by another passenger and it seems like they were very lucky to have made it to Australia. Essay Rubric? Times were tough. It makes you wonder what conditions must have been like back in England for them to embark on such a formidable undertaking. Mla Citation? Thanks for your page and yes we do respect Caroline here in Oz.

im in year 8 and are the of a essay, doing a project on caroline. i just wanna say how cool she is and how much she has helped us. I got on this site to research paper mla citation do my project and it is essays very easy to understand and i told all my friends to use it and they used it and they found it very cool and interesting and fun thanx for this information YOU RULE FOR THIS . I live in Australia and am doing a project on Caroline Chisholm at mla citation my school which is called Biddabah Public School. It is in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. I found your site to be very cool and the information very interesting. Thankyou very much for this. There was alot of database identify info on this site I had to do a project on Caroline Chisholm and I got a A+. Research Paper Mla Citation? I was so impressed and now I use this site for all my projects. hey sup thanx 4 da website!! um yer n gotta say dat i live in australia n not everyone knows hoo caroline is actually i dont think many people do!! hehe n e wayz thanx agen bubiz. I am doing an assignment about ieee research papers on web, Caroline, the information is great!Thank you.

i am doing a project on paper mla citation, Caroline and this info has been a big help. THNX. I am a playwright living in thesis, northampton, i see CC's grave every day. i'm currently gathering research on her for a play which i hope to work on with the new CC school here in paper, northampton. very little seems to be known about her eraly days, even which village she was from. anyone who wants to send on the hobbit, anything they think might be useful, please ffel free: [email protected] CC deserves to be better known in what is the research, place where she started ended her full life. thanx heaps im doin a speech on are the good, Caroline Chisholm 4 english and research paper mla citation, i found this website VERY in4mative THANX HEAPS. chrissie and kirste x x x x x. we go caroline chism. its got loadsa new good equipment. love ya hunnies x x x x. caroline chisholm is my great X [times]heaps aunty.i love to the hobbit learn about my family history and this site was exelent! thanx heaps,vaness!xxx. i am making a power point on my family,which is the Chisholms! i find this infomation very helpful.thanx heaps,ness!xxx. it was realy intersesting as caroline chishlom is me skool.

I have just read a biography of Caroline Chisholm and though I do not take everything I read as accurate, I just wanted to point out research mla citation, a couple of inconsistencies compared with your information. Firstly, I believe that Sydney was not the place everyone was rushing to except in programs, that when people travelled to Australia, they did tend to arrive and stay in Sydney. Research? One of research papers Chisholm's projects was to get the immigrants out of the city and into the country. She also had to push for people from Britain to go to Australia in favour of research paper mla citation America which was a closer and in water, more established and popular destination. Research Mla Citation? Horror stories of Australia's heat, dryness and animals scared people away. Secondly, I am sad to say that not all Australians have heard of what of a Chisholm. When I asked several people I know here (I am English and have just moved to paper Australia), the programs high school, best answer I got was 'The name rings a bell. Paper? ' So, Australians need some reminding of who Caroline Chisholm was and services, what she did for Australia. I have more research to do and I apologise if my comments are inaccurate but I hope to make people aware of Chisholm and her work both in Australia and the UK. Christmas wishes to all admirers everywhere!

i go 2 caroline chisholm school (wootton) its really good but we dont no that much bout caroline chisholm! i found out bout her on here fanx XxX. Thanx ths website helped me alot!! A feature movie is being produced in Australia and UK,it traces apart of history with Caroline and events of her time.It will be an paper epic,very interesting view of life, to summer school date not seen,scary too, in cinema2005,cannot wait.Rumoured big names will star. I go Caroline Chishlom. I'm doing a school project and research, i found this site most helpfull. i am doing a project on her and i thought it would be so boring but she really helped young women go girls.

im oing a speech on caroline and this site helped alot! thanx. the school sound like a high educational school. I have recently started at analysis Caroline Chisholm School (Wootton)and i'm doing a project on her and I fond this site the research mla citation, most helpful and i've looked at a lot so thanks bbc. hey! thanks fot this infomation! it was very helpful! im doing a religion assignment on caroline chisholm. she is a very outstanding woman! thnanks:) Thanx for the info..came in handy..skool essay!

I'm doing a project on summer programs high school, Caroline Chisholm as well and research paper, I think this sight is the hobbit very useful! i think it was good useful information because i got alot of information from it for my assignment. danks for de info :-) it was sort of elpful. see ya m8z. I'm doin a project on Caroline Chisholm and she is great .Inever knew she did such good things.Thanxz 4 listening.bye. this info has helped me out haeps with the project i am doing on her Thanks. Most informative,many thanks. yhanks 4 the info, v. useful!! thanks for info on her she is my project person. thanx dudes. Research? dis waz gr8 for mu reseach. thanx again m8zz.

i go to a high school in which our panitrent saint is Caroline Chisholm and i very much enjoy learning about are the essay, her. I live in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia, where Caroline Chisholm lived for four years. My husband comes from North Hampton, and I was in Chisholm House when at school in the 1960s. For the research, past six years I have been writing a history of the women of my town. CC is prominent throughout, even in grade, a way during the research, years she was forgotten by 'the rest of the world'. If you would like to in water know more please let me know.

My email address is [email protected] I am doing a Project on caroline chisholm and I found this infomation very interesting and useful thanks. Colin William James Langford. My Father, Major Lawrence (Bill)Langford (Dec), 58th Northamptonshire Reg Born Northampton, we now reside in Australia, found Caroline Chisholm grave in 1977. This information plus photos of the grave were passed onto research the Australian Gov by me when my Father died in 1999. The Langfords, whom my father and I are direct decendents, had a farm next door to the hobbit Nee Caroline Jones, who's family were pig farmers in Wootton. The Langford families old farm is now Langford drive I beleive?

I am glad that someone else has correctly given Caroline Chisholm the acclaim she rightly deserves. I tried to have the Oz Gov erect a plaque telling of our connection to Caroline Chisholm as a year 2000 project, to remember our long lost neighour. Unfortunately to no avail. Research Paper? Kindest Regards, Colin W. J. Langford C/- Post Office YOLLA Tasmania Australia 7325. Text: 07786 200010.

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