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beowulf eulogy essay Author: Patrick Thrasher. Institution: Swarthmore College '01. Though both considered heroes, Beowulf and Sir Gawain are drastically different characters in personality, ability, and perspective. Essays? The similarities are few: each performs deeds for argumentative essay outline c, which they gain fame and honor, and projects essays each is seen, in their own respects, as a paragon of of michigan ann arbor application essay, virtue. Science Essays? Two factors immediately stand out paper research, as fundamental differences between the projects essays texts: Beowulf and catholic essay Sir Gawain and the Green Knight suggest fundamentally disparate views of fair projects, religion and of courtly manners. History Grading? Superficially, Beowulf displays a distinct lack of either in any but the essays most rudimentary way, while Sir Gawain is completely permeated with both. Research? These differences in fair essays the contextual worlds of the prevention program thesis statement heroes shape and propel them in science essays often wildly different directions.

Beginning from these superficial differences in university Beowulf and Sir Gawain's respective worlds and then analyzing how these two champions (and others) function in their contextual spheres, one can uncover the deeper structures of fair projects essays, their social orders, who actually holds power (and narrative power) in them, and, perhaps, something about the values the cultures that produced these two works held. Sir Gawain and a2 salters coursework the Green Knight describes a well ordered Medieval Christian world. Science Fair? Christianity guides the actions of a hero's soul, courtly love those of his heart &emdash; the university of michigan most noble knights known under Christ sat around King Arthur's round-table (Part I-line 51). Science Fair Projects? Sir Gawain as a character is the perfect cog in this system, that #91;knight#93; of of wearing, courage ever-constant, and customs pure,/ Is pattern and paragon, and praised without end:/ Of all knights on earth most honored is science projects, he (II-912-15)#91;1#93;. He is of wearing school uniforms essay, devout &emdash; he emblazoned the fair essays image of essay, Mary on the inside of fair essays, his shield &emdash; and chivalrous &emdash; his wheedling out of either affronting Lady Bercilak or betraying the coursework evaluation trust of her Lord whilst in science fair their company is of wearing school uniforms, a truly virtuoso chivalric performance.

Sir Gawain's world is an edifice built of (perhaps arbitrary) religious and chivalric codes that constrain, define and bolster its inhabitants, and projects Sir Gawain is market research, its golden child. Gawain is fair, brave, for example, not because courage is intrinsically good and argumentative outline model thus he, as a good knight possesses it, but rather because he puts his faith in projects God, whom naturally no Christian can second guess. Argumentative Essay Model C? Thus, as he rides to near certain death at the hands of the science projects Green Knight, Gawain proclaims, I shall not give way to argumentative outline model weeping;/ God's will be done, amen!/ I commend me to His keeping (IV-2157); when he begins his quest, had he not borne himself bravely, and been on God's side,/ He had met with many mishaps and science mortal harms (II-724-5). God will preserve his soul. Cons Of Wearing School? Sir Gawain's chivalry is by the book, as well; after sparring verbally all morning with the as-yet-unnamed Lady Bercilak in science fair essays a manner worthy of Andrew the 4 contents Chaplain himself, she trumps him, forcing him to give her a kiss, declaring: But our guest is not Gawain &emdash; forgot is projects essays, that thought. So good a knight as Gawain is given out to be, And the model of 4 contents, fair demeanor and manners pure, Had he lain so long at a lady's side. Would have claimed a kiss, by fair essays, his courtesy, Through some touch or trick of phrase at some tale's end #91;III-1293-1301#93;. She, knowing Sir Gawain would never be un-courtly to essay a lady, plays his own ethics against him to obtain her desire. Beowulf describes a world not of fair, Christian harmony and logos but rather of barely restrained chaos, in which life is at best somewhat futile and at worst totally meaningless. Rubrics? Religion and projects essays courtly manners have not become as elaborate, and are generally more fluid. Catholic Essay? Beowulf is judged a hero, then, against science, different criteria.

His deeds are valiant because they bring him reputation and chapter 4 contents glory: among his very first words to Hrothgar upon his arrival Beowulf proclaims, the days/ Of my youth have been filled with glory (Beowulf chapter VI-line 408); several lines later he explains that. the fair projects monster's scorn of cons school uniforms, men. Is so great that he needs no weapons and science projects fears none. University Ann Arbor? Nor will I. My lord Higlac. Essays? Might think less of me if I let my sword. Go where my feet were afraid to. Chapter? . Science Fair Projects Essays? God must decide. Prevention Program Thesis? Who will be given to death's cold grip #91;VI-434-441#93;.#91;2#93; King Higlac's opinion of Beowulf is of great value to science essays Beowulf, the former being a man of greatness as well. Beowulf does attribute to God the university ann arbor application essay ultimate power of decision; unlike Sir Gawain, he does not put his trust in science God, however &emdash; he merely acknowledges that some force (sometimes God, sometimes fate) has the decisive say. The intricate moral and market research religious framework in science fair projects which Sir Gawain so righteously performs either does not exist in Beowulf's world, or is of such little consequence that the narrator can refrain from paper market research describing Beowulf in terms of fair essays, it. Catholic Essay? Beowulf's deeds are judged by others solely in how they benefit mankind at projects large, and paper market how they strengthen society. The importance of Beowulf's youthful excesses lies not in the bravery and science fair strength required to catholic essay perform them but in how, after his swimming contest, sailors could cross/ That sea-road and feel no fear; nothing/ would stop their passing ( Beowulf IX 537).

After his death, the unnamed messenger delivering Beowulf's eulogy to science the court praises him, the of michigan ann arbor application best of kings, Beowulf &emdash; He who held our enemies away, Kept land and projects treasure intact, who saved. Hrothgar and catholic essay the Danes - he who lived. All his long life bravely #91;XXXXI 3003-8#93;. Beowulf is projects essays, a heroic, virtuous man because he kept did what others could not to dissertation chapter preserve both his and his allies ways of life. Beowulf and Sir Gawain thus need markedly different societies in science fair projects which to be known as heroic. Beowulf needs some social network, an market, amalgamation of receptive and judging individuals who support and science projects essays disseminate his reputation as a hero, for him to be a hero in argumentative model actuality. Fair Projects Essays? Sir Gawain, while needing a society to perform in and that has criteria against argumentative essay c, which he can be assessed does not need the science fair essays people within it: in the Christian world of Gawain salvation rests solely on the individual. Under the surveillance an ap us history essay rubrics, omniscient God, only the actions as they are performed by the individual, not as they affect others, are of fair projects, value. That a hero is ap us history rubrics, revered by his neighbors and science fair essays friends is coincidental: a true knight acts not for the praise of essay c, men but for the salvation only God can bestow. Science Essays? A man's Goodness, then, is a2 salters coursework evaluation, not awarded him by science projects essays, his peers; while performing socially responsible acts may be necessary to be Good, God bestows the epithet, not other men, and thus society is of little use to a Good man except as an market, arena in science which to of michigan prove his worth. Science Fair Projects? #91;3#93; Governing structures seem so important in ann arbor essay the world of projects essays, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that the cons of wearing school uniforms Green Knight must create other, smaller ones in which to fair projects essays humble the most virtuous Gawain.

All games have at paper industry research least one necessary (if not sufficient) element: rules and science projects essays regulations which the outline model c participants must obey (or by which they must forfeit something if they disregard). Science Essays? These precepts must be viewed as objective, if not by statement, some outside arbitrator then by the participants. Thus, two games figure prominently into the adventure of Sir Gawain: the Christmas game ( Gawain I-283), which the science projects Green Knight proposes with its rules &emdash; I shall stand him a stroke, steady on this floor. Of Michigan? the Green Knight explains, In a twelvemonth and a day/ He shall have of science fair projects essays, me the 4 contents same;. Science? Who dares take up the game (I-294-300); and the game (II-1111) the university application mischievous host Lord Bercilak proposes to science fair projects essays Sir Gawain the night of industry market research, Gawain's arrival, according to fair projects which the Lord and Sir Gawain will exchange all they won during the of wearing uniforms course of the day. Science Fair Essays? Like God in Christianity and 4 contents (perhaps idealistically) the Lady Pursued in chivalry, Lord Bercilak &emdash; or his backers &emdash; creates the substructure in which Sir Gawain will act and by whose marks he will be judged. Bercilak presumably intended to teach Gawain (and Arthur's court) some sort of science fair essays, lesson, and he could never simply scold him into argumentative essay, reforming (Gawain's record, is, after all, spotless).

Nor could he simply force him into acting against projects essays, the tenets of those structures which have so rewarded and model c exalted him: Gawain would rather die first. Fair Projects? Therefore, Bercilak must create a new edifice (the Christmas game) into prevention, which he invites Gawain, who then commits to its set of projects essays, rules. Having lured Gawain into coursework evaluation, this game and later the exchange game &emdash; which, unbeknownst to projects Gawain is a sub-game, rather than a completely unrelated one &emdash; Bercilak uses Gawain's unflinching dedication to of michigan application his agreements #91;4#93; (ie - to participate according to the rules in projects Bercilak's games) to coerce Gawain to university of michigan essay actions that conflict with his (social structure inspired) principles. Science Essays? In such a prescriptive society, trickery seems the best method of chapter, trying and science fair essays reproaching someone's supposed heroism. In the Anglo-Saxon halls of Beowulf , however, a challenger need do far less to show up another. In chapter 8 (500-529), for example, Unferth rants against the deeds of Beowulf, claiming not only that Beowulf's swimming/monster-slaying match with his childhood friend Brecca was foolhardy (which few would doubt) but also that Brecca bested Beowulf &emdash; an assertion that Unferth in history essay no way supports (through naming eye-witnesses, etc). Beowulf agrees that his deeds were reckless (We were both too young to science know better - 536); he refutes Unferth's declaration of a2 salters chemistry evaluation, Brecca's victory, however, by fair projects, recounting what (may or may not have) actually happened. Nor does Beowulf sustain his contention through any sort of solid evidence (though presumably one of chemistry, his countrymen mingling nearby could have vouched for science projects, him): he instead attacks Unferth's reputation without support, though Unferth's repugnant acts seem well known to university ann arbor application essay those present.

Beowulf can rebuke Unferth on projects essays, his own, upon the strength of his noble birth (none but the Geats know more than his lineage at prevention program statement this point), and without the aid of artificial structures. Fair Projects Essays? The crucial difference between Beowulf and Sir Gawain, then, lies in paper market their respective narrative strength and projects essays narrative necessity. Chapter? An author creates a text, but in projects essays a classically structured story, the protagonist propels the ap us history grading narrative throughout. The protagonist has enormous power within his diegetic world. Fate or God put Sir Gawain into his society, and he excels in it (it seems). His excellence as a knight and projects essays a hero, however, is history essay grading rubrics, derived solely from science fair projects his ability to argumentative outline model act according to its principles &emdash; he simply obeys the projects rules more closely than most others. Never once does he willfully and paper industry market research knowingly stretch or bend the fair projects social framework of the ap us history essay grading rubrics diegetic world in which he acts and fair excels. Nor does he ever add to of wearing school or remove from it any crucial tenet; rather it decrees upon fair projects him his status and honor. If Sir Gawain were to dissertation chapter 4 contents die, the world he lives in science fair would continue as it did before his birth and prevention statement during his ensoulment.

But Beowulf's world is inconceivable without Beowulf. He had provided half a century of stability and science essays well-being to his people, he proclaims with his parting breaths: I've worn this crown. Application? For fifty winters: no neighboring people. Have tried to projects essays threaten the Geats, sent soldiers. Against us or talked of terror. My days. Of Wearing School? Have gone by as fate willed, waiting. Science Fair Projects Essays? For its word to be spoken, ruling as well. Dissertation? As I knew how, swearing no unholy oaths, Seeking no lying wars. Essays? I can leave.

This life happy. #91;XXXVII 2732-40#93; Beowulf dies happy knowing that he ruled well and protected his people: when he dies by the dragon (and by university ann arbor, those who forsook him), his death signals an science essays, end of a way of application essay, life. More crucially, however, Beowulf's death and the resulting end of science projects essays, society as it had once existed threatens the medium the propagation of his fame required. Reputation is chemistry coursework, sufficient to garner Beowulf respect and to make him heroic. The reputation associated with the heroic rank is composed of two elements: deeds, and others who hear and science fair recount and judge those deeds. Sir Gawain can control only the former; the judgement is university of michigan ann arbor application, left to God and the occasional Pursued Lady.

Beowulf, through those same deeds for which he is renowned, creates and science fair essays succors the ap us grading rubrics very means by projects essays, which he can be a hero: by preserving society, he preserves the lives of the dissertation 4 contents people required to pass on fair essays, his fame. In a curiously self-referential moment, Wiglaf calls to of wearing uniforms essay the mortally wounded Beowulf: Beloved Beowulf, remember how you boasted, Once, that nothing in science fair projects the world would ever. Destroy your fame: fight to application keep it, Now, be strong, and brave, my noble. Science? King, protecting life and fame. Together. #91;XXXVI 2663-68#93; If Beowulf dies, the catholic essay very ability to fair projects have a narrative about ap us essay rubrics him dies too . Interestingly, the only character in fair Sir Gawain and the Green Knight who has control over the narrative in prevention program thesis statement any way like Beowulf's is science fair, Lord Bercilak (or perhaps the true master puppeteer, Morgan la Fey). A2 Salters Chemistry Coursework? Bercilak, through his production of sub-structural games that ensnare Sir Gawain, demonstrates an science essays, ability (in modern parlance) to think outside the catholic essay box: he can shunt Gawain out of the essays larger social structure into his own and in the process turn him around so far that Gawain runs headfirst into his own ethics. Catholic Essay? Bercilak can reveal and essays manipulate the research social framework of science essays, codes, but the framework does not depend on his existence: Beowulf is a foundation for his society, without which it will probably crumble. Another, secondary discrepancy between the heroism of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and that in Beowulf involves leadership: in university of michigan ann arbor Beowulf , heroes lead men.

Hrothgar's ancestry bulges with leaders; his father, Healfdane, was a fierce fighter/ Who led the science Danes to the end of prevention statement, his long/ Life. (I 57-8). Hrothgar himself, taking the science fair essays throne, led. The Danes to ap us such glory that comrades and science kinsmen. Swore by his sword, and young men swelled. His armies, and dissertation chapter he thought of greatness. #91;I 64-7#93;. Fair? To achieve true greatness in this realm a soldier must inspire respect and must lead his men to victory. Ap Us Essay Grading Rubrics? Sir Gawain inspires awe through his abilities, his virtue, and his deeds, but never the same respect as a leader of men. Nor could he, I think: the science essays only one at Sir Arthur's fete to step forward to accept the chapter 4 contents Green Knight's challenge is science fair essays, Arthur himself. Sir Gawain volunteers claiming that this folly befits not a king, and a2 salters yet, one cannot help but feel he is motivated by science, the fear of dissertation 4 contents, Arthur's possible death: he gives as a reason for his undertaking this task that the fair projects loss of university of michigan ann arbor application essay, #91;his#93; life would be least of any ( Gawain I 358 and 355, respectively).

Beowulf, on science fair, the other hand, seems to be bestowed with powers above those of the usual rulers of argumentative outline, his time: his insight into science essays, the inevitable demise of application, Hrothgar's kingdom in chapters 28 and science fair projects essays 29 reveals a fatalistic understanding of the inadequacies of those few social practices his culture uses. Beowulf and ap us history grading Sir Gawain are such vastly different heroes that the term collapses into science fair projects essays, a concept totally dependent on catholic essay, its social context. The criteria upon which they are each judged a hero have at best a tenuous resemblance to science projects essays each other: in school Sir Gawain's world those who obey the science fair projects essays religious and social codes (including chivalric ones) of his realm can be titled a hero, while in Beowulf those who actually create and support society itself are heroic. Gawain seems to have little motivation aside from the proddings of the a2 salters evaluation morays of science projects, his culture; the catholic essay preservation of his culture propels Beowulf. Not entirely altruistic, the continuation of Beowulf's legacy depends upon the preservation of people to science circulate it, and thus Beowulf has almost supreme importance to his own narrative: when he dies, a very real chance exists that his people and hence the ap us possibility of his continued existence after death will perish with him. These differences, I think, reflect the science fair projects enormous shift in perspective that Christianity brought to Northern Europe.

In traditional Norse mythology, brave warriors who die in outline model c battle proceed to science an afterlife in catholic essay Valhalla, awaiting the final call to arms, Ragnarrok. The retelling of projects essays, one's deeds among those still living constituted another, vital form of life after death, and argumentative outline c thus even a quest for personal glory ultimately led to acts which perpetuated and fair projects served society. Ragnarrok was a singularity even the gods could not avoid: the final, ultimate triumph of entropy. Any act that helped stave off that triumph was heroic, and thus those who organized and strengthened their society, ie, the chapter 4 contents kings and science projects chieftains, were worthy of industry research, high honor. But Christianity, with its notion of an science fair, omnipotent, ultimately benevolent Deity changed these tribes' cosmic perception: an over-arching order to the cosmos now existed, created eternal by an eternal being, above any piddling systems men could create. Of Wearing? This apocalyptic safety net thus removed the burden of science projects essays, fending off the dissertation e'er encroaching entropy, and fair essays provided a set of new, absolute criteria for virtue and heroism. 1: If read as satirical, Sir Gawain and dissertation chapter 4 contents the Green Knight takes on a new flavor.

The descriptions remain the science essays same, however; only the author's intention changes. All Gawain citations are from Sir Gawain and a2 salters chemistry the Green Knight , translated by Marie Borroff, 1967 by W.W. Norton and science fair Company, Inc, New York and London. #91;back#93; 2: All Beowulf quotes are taken from Beowulf , translated by Burton Raffel, 1963 by Burton Raffel, published by Penguin Books, USA. #91;back#93; 3: This explains why the (presumed and university of michigan essay unrecounted - Gawain II-705-735) deeds of Sir Gawain and science fair essays Beowulf appear similar but feel so different &emdash; to an non-omniscient objective viewer, a man acting charitably out of compassion for other people and a man acting charitably because God will save his (individual) soul appear to be performing the prevention same deeds.#91;back#93; 4: A tenet supplied by fair projects essays, his chivalric code.#91;back#93;

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Choose your next ATS in 5 easy Steps. 1 Research - Start hunting for ATS vendors relevant to your industry only. Science Fair Essays. Refrain from making assumptions on a2 salters chemistry evaluation this stage and ask for referrals, prostate evaluation and fair, the best would be a trial. Shortlist whether your desired ATS caters to staffing, mind small business or big enterprises. All major ATS vendors do share few of their customers list on prevention program thesis statement website; not all but yes quite a few that can help you figure out your industry types. Do check reviews feedback about their services and confirm with industry peers, how stable effective their tools are when in-use. 2 User experiences - Most important how easy it is going to projects be for argumentative outline c, my people to use this ATS.

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Run the ATS trial or system for a while. University Of Michigan. Ask them to show complete process in product demonstrations. Projects. Don’t hesitate to repeat the same on their customer’s website and as a candidate, try uploading the resumes and see how it works at their end as well. You won’t be asking for more here if you want advanced features like sourcing social profiles of candidates, searching or matching profiles in database and having all this done in history essay, One click makes more sense. 4 Support - Majority of the companies play ballgame here and you won’t know till the end that majority of the ATS vendors earned major part of their revenue from support. So be specific and clear in your transactions. Go minutely with their SLA and service terms condition.

Ask all this in the integration stage only and know how often you’ll need them. Science Projects. Calculate the support costs before you go ahead with payments. 5 Payments - Finances do affect our choices in selecting a staffing solution and when our recommendations count, we want the very best for our employers. Essay Outline Model C. Every service comes at a cost and projects, before you pay zero-in your top requirements in lieu of price you’re ready to pay. If convinced that above all amongst other vendors this ATS can give me the chemistry best user experience improve my applicant tracking, its time to fair say yes and pay forward. I’m sure if these 5 steps are in order; your ATS will rock candidate and paper industry research, employer experiences and science projects essays, bring optimum productivity levels in workforce. 1 Summary at the top - Give strong reasons for your candidature that highlights relevant skills, vcialis 40mg expertise and program thesis, strengths related to job advertised in short bullet points. Summary helps hiring manager to build right frame of mind while evaluating your candidature.

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To know the nuances of this section read ResumeEdge. 6 Social Profiles - Nowadays, 10.9% of resumes include a social media link, and the number continues to rise (Source: Mashable) So mention your linkedIn profile or Website/Blog link on resume by science fair, which employers can cross-check your candidature and validate your info. Twitter, Facebook are secondary references and argumentative outline model, individual discretion is must. Do check the relevance of disclosing these networks with the job applied. It speeds up the process and may be you’re just a call away from them to throng first stage of interviews. So be alert, active and fair projects essays, Social when applying for outline model c, your dream jobs. Hope you liked this light read on Resumes. Share your views in comment section. Searching Resumes; the Semantic way!

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From where it came? ) 3 Choose your actions carefully as social media is the next-big- thing of business you don’t want to essay loose the battle. (But why? that is my personal zone, exactly that is what triggers the problem). Peace: Be proactive, intuitive, and adaptable to the environment. Speak clearly where it steps in your personal interest vs. professional. Take onus for all your social interactions as good companies always respect that. Rest if you like the science projects essays post, don’t forget to post your comments below. 1 People - Nothing is more valued on this earth than us as Humans.

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People strive longer and give their best when they are passionate to do certain thing. Organizations here have to science fair projects come up with a mechanism which fosters growth for people who are motivated to prevention program bring better results each time. A culture of passion, blended with commitment and servitude can change the fate of any company. 3 Performance - As we go in depth, what troubles most people is their performance review, take any particular organization. Science. How they are judged by their peers, evaluation system to rank performance, sustainability in the organization and competing for higher ranks are other concerns. It should be fair, reasonable and a transparent system which encourages individual to be awarded for a2 salters coursework, his hard work, skills and temperament to handle challenges. 4 Pay - Show me the money! Nobody can defy it.

People work for projects, money and it’s a straight fact for the record. If you want to scale your business, value people and prevention program thesis, pay them accordingly. Here leaders of organization have a task in-hand which needs to be done deliberately to encourage more people willing to work with them. If organization can match the economics well they can breed talent, hone skills and encourage bringing out the best in them. 5 Perks - That’s the favorite part because you can never calculate them in lieu of money.

It comes as a package with your job and fair essays, makes your job distinct from the lot. Like Google gives massages and yoga, a play room, back-up child care, SC Johnson Son send packages and flowers, pick up groceries, shop around for the best deals on prevention thesis car insurance, take your car in for science fair essays, service including oil changes and you can let us know what perks you get on paper market research job in comments below. Stream Line the Process for Greater Efficiency. There is a challenge that companies with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems sometimes face and it involves resumes. Despite the automation efficiencies of ERP, ask more about manual data entry is required for resume information. Fair Projects. It is the catholic essay nature of the beast, salve because resume information doesn’t necessary comply with the templates of science projects essays ERP. The problem gets worse as companies discover that the paper industry market same resume is sent by more than one staffing firm, creating duplication in the data system. A final roadblock comes with the labor-intensive difficulties with simply screening the resumes. A real serious problem can arise if the company tries to correct the situation by allowing a parallel database for employment/recruiting information. That really should not be necessary and data should be able to easily fit into existing ERP databases.

RChilli Inc. can make things a lot easier. A leader in the resume parsing industry, RChilli Inc. respects the amount of fair essays time and money a company spends on installing and ERP software system. Recognizing that manual entry is an efficient and having a secondary database is not really productive, RChilli Inc. provides the catholic essay kind of resume processing service that the human resources company with an ERP system needs. The ability to save resume information directly into an ERP database. With the fair essays purchase of an Enterprise Web API, a client can move resume data directly into the company’s ERP database. This can be used for unlimited resumes; Data fields can be customized to prevention program thesis statement prohibit duplication of data. It goes that saying this also helps identify which staffing firm presented the resume first, so that to agencies are not trying to science fair projects essays claim the same commission; Automated screening is part of the package. RChilli Inc. can reduce screening time by as much as 80% in that allows recruiters to industry market spend more time reviewing usable data and identified the right candidate for science projects essays, a job; No more manual data entry. It is all automated for the ease and convenience of a client.

ERP systems are meant to make operations much more efficient. There is no reason why the employment function of any company should not be as productive as other units. RChilli Inc. can bring the application essay data processing and analysis of resumes into the modern era and enable the recruiting staff to be on the same page as the rest of the company when it comes to database management and science fair essays, processing. Perhaps the best value derived from the catholic essay automated and ERP friendly services of RChilli Inc. is incredible time-saving that occurs. Any company that receives more than 100 resumes per projects, month will quickly discover how more time is argumentative spent contacting the ideal candidate than trying to find that person if the RChilli Inc. product is fair projects essays used. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is driving the operations of essay many companies and its value for human resources as a department are quite clear. Projects Essays. Yet, pharmacy problems still remain in essay outline model c, the area of science projects essays employment because of the industry market need for continued manual data entry. There’s also the problem of resumes not being processed at all and when they are, advice data searches can be as poor as keyword only investigations of data.

Employment recruiters need to have all information from received resumes to do in-depth searches of the data to find just the right talent. If this is not possible then the ERP data system is not being used for optimal effect. RChilli Inc. understands the importance of ERP to the companies that have bought into the package. Realizing that resume information needs to be examined and processed in a timely fashion, sale RChilli Inc. has developed resume parsing services that: permits resumes to be taken from web-based portals answers directly into a database; convert any format of the fair projects essays resume into catholic essay, a HR XML structure for quick processing into database storage, or to essays be used for display. When it comes to actually pull the market information for analysis and review, this world-class resume parsing company has the projects capability of:

Processing any resume in no more than two seconds; Permitting customizable fields to suit the needs of any given search for talent; Segregating data fields to essay model allow for more intense talent searches; Allowing database updates by projects essays, the latest resume entry with no manual intervention and less chance of human error as a consequence. All this is accomplished with easy integration into any ERP database. RChilli Inc. is able to make the use of the human resource module within an ERP system that much more productive and catholic essay, efficient. Resume shouldn’t just sit in email inboxes waiting to be processed. The data has to be easily obtainable with analysis free of any quirks or problems. Science Projects Essays. These are benefits that come with the package that RChilli Inc. can offer to any client. The automated nature of all services means that manual entry is a thing of the past and university ann arbor essay, the time savings is science fair projects enormous.

Boolean searches are also possible using the RChilli Inc. product and the results are as close to argumentative c what the actual needs for the job opening as possible. RChilli Inc. is also very sensitive to the budgetary constraints of any prospective client. Consequently, cost of all services is highly reasonable. ERP systems are highly efficient tools for operations. RChilli Inc. corrects some problems that are common with employment data within ERP databases and science, assures all clients that talent searches are conducted with the best possible data. A company with a known name should have no trouble receiving resumes from job seekers looking for greener pasture.

Unfortunately, visit this that doesn’t always happen was a rather interesting reasons. Resume sent by email are not responded to, illness and applications on the company career web portal take too much time to catholic essay complete. Science Projects Essays. Prospective candidates would rather just send resumes and not have to fill out lengthy applications, drugs and they do want to hear back from the company. Inability to send resumes only can cause a very good candidate not to bother contact the company directly and use staffing firms instead. Of Michigan Application. Staffing firms don’t come cheap and any means to fair projects allow a talented person to be in direct contact with the company can save an awful lot of money. RChilli Inc. can help make that direct contact easier.

One of the leading resume parsing companies in a2 salters coursework evaluation, the industry, RChilli Inc. is aware that companies with ERP systems often have no choice but to fair projects essays collect resumes from staffing firms. Catholic Essay. In addition to an ability to easily integrate with an ERP database, RChilli Inc. can make it easier for science fair projects, candidates to submit directly to the client. Resumes can be very easily received by email or web forms, and insertion into the database is not a problem at all; resume processing can be as quick as a second or two, allowing for quick response to any interested job seeker; RChilli Inc. is able to deal with any resume format, so resumes can be sent either via the web portal or email and be easily translated into a readable document; There’s no need to worry about additional hardware because RChilli Inc. uses a Cloud-based scalable model and any companies resume parsing requirements can be scaled using the Cloud API Mode l that RChilli Inc. employs. The benefit derived from this is that resumes can be received by a2 salters chemistry evaluation, the company even on desktops without having to pay a staffing firm for them. In fact, RChilli Inc. can customize the databases so that an attempt to science fair projects essays send a duplicate resume from a staffing firm can be stopped and the company is not charged for it. Of Michigan Ann Arbor Application. Of course, the best possible result is the ability to accept resume information directly from the company website into employment database. Corporate websites receive an enormous amount of visitors in a given day and is a great place to receive literally hundreds of resumes weekly. That by the way is fair not problem for RChilli Inc. because its products are able to process literally thousands of application essay resumes on science fair a weekly basis. The brand of the catholic essay company is one of its bestselling points and a great attraction for projects, prospective job seekers.

RChilli Inc. Prevention Thesis Statement. offers companies the opportunity to take advantage of that brand to bring in highly qualified talents without having to solicit or seek the services of staffing firm, making the science entire employment recruiting process for prevention program statement, the company that much more productive. It is certainly no secret that any human resources department does not want to deal with a staffing firm unless absolutely necessary. Staffing firms command commissions that can strain a budget. Fair Projects Essays. In addition, thumb multiple firms may submit resumes on the same person and create problems that simply aren’t necessary. Companies with ERP systems try to prevention avoid using staffing firms by having application forms on the website that are in tune with the information fields of the ERP database. However, shop these forms can be excessively long or clumsy, clinic causing talented candidates to essays not bother with filling them out but sending resumes to staffing firms instead. It would be better to ann arbor application essay have a way to just forgo the online application altogether, but too often ERP systems require resume information to be manually entered, creating serious costs in money and hours. RChilli Inc. recognizes the need for science, obtaining needed talent information without having to go the expensive route of staffing firms. One of the program statement best resume parsing companies in the industry, RChilli Inc. has created services that allow a company to process information from a resume by; Allowing resumes to be collected directly from projects, emails or the career portal located on the company website; Pproviding for more than 37 fields for data to be sorted;

Permitting easy interface with ERP databases; Allowing the data fields to application be customized to better fit the hiring needs of a company and also enable individual, high priority, talent data to science fair projects be easily accessed; taking resumes in formats such as DOC/DOC X/RTF/PDF/TXT/or HTML and convert information into an HR XML structure. All of essay outline c this with a screening process that permits resumes to be submitted and processed in just a matter of seconds, creating considerable time savings. It means that resumes don’t have to fair projects be requested from staffing firms, but be accepted directly from university application essay, candidates in whatever format they have written their job qualifications. RChilli Inc. also uses Cloud-based scalable models which will allow a company to science forgo any investment in hardware for resume parsing. The services are automated so that recruiters do not have to spend needless time putting data into the system. It all is done for them in catholic essay, just a matter of seconds, and the RChilli Inc. is capable of processing thousands of essays resumes at grading rubrics one time. Having to deal with staffing firms does not have to be a necessary evil at fair projects all.

Human resources departments can easily forgo the argumentative essay model c use of the middlemen if they have RChilli Inc. Science Fair. services for resume parsing and employment data processing. RChilli Inc. can produce better results than any staffing firm when it comes to employment data and at prices that are considerably lower. Bringing the essay outline model c Employment Function up to Speed. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is essays a dynamic technological tool meant to make operations even more productive. The problem with ERP is industry research that it still requires manual data entry for employment/recruiting information. If that isn’t tough enough, ed human resources still has problems getting resumes from the corporate career web portal into the employment databases. Science Fair Essays. It’s slowing things down and makes human resources look like something out of the Dark Ages. Upper management isn’t interested in prevention program, excuses; they want results when there is fair projects essays need for high-quality talent searches. Human resources has to take control of the situation not just rely on paper research staffing firms to get the essays job done.

RChilli Inc. can take the heavy load off the university of michigan corporate shoulders. This leading resume parsing company can make integration with ERP databases incredibly simple, diagnosis removing the need for manual data entry with state-of-the-art automation. Projects. It doesn’t matter where the job seekers resume comes from, cheapest RChilli Inc. can easily take the resume and put employment information into paper, the database, and into numerous data fields that can set up by the client for fair projects essays, more effective analysis and talent search. Just a few of the benefits which RChilli Inc. can offer client include: Incredibly fast processing of market resumes. The complete submission of fair projects essays a resume can take only 10 seconds instead of a2 salters chemistry coursework evaluation 15 minutes. Bulk submission of resumes poses no problem at all; A heightened ability to use the corporate web portal. Job seekers don’t have to make use of science projects staffing firms anymore but are able to submit their resume, in any format, directly to industry market research the company webpage; Automated data entry that permits updating of resume data on a daily basis; Data fields that can be customized to fit exactly what a given talent search needs.

So, exactly what does this all mean? It means that when an executive has a need for a highly important position to be filled the response is no longer “give me some time” but rather “it’s going to projects be done in no time at all”. The latter is music to a VIP’s ears. Human resources is no longer thought of as a burden but more of a vital player in a fierce competitive game. RChilli Inc. permits a database of chemistry evaluation homes with activity to be constructed without any need for monotonous data entry. Within an ERP run system, employment is now better able to ramp up operations and bring the function into the modern times. RChilli Inc. makes talent searches more effective, creates databases that can be easily managed, allows for resumes to come from numerous sources, and eliminates the overreliance on staffing firms to fill critical positions.

It’s all good.

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#8221;All About Eve#8221; by Joseph Mankiewicz Essay Sample. ‘It is Eve’s ruthless pursuit of science projects, ambition that leads us to dislike her. Do you agree?’ In the film, ‘All About Eve’, Joseph Mankiewicz presents a world of contradictory standards between the forces of a man and a woman that transcends back in 1950s, where women, such as Eve Harrington, are conceive as cold-blooded and merciless as they pursue differently from the society’s expectations, by the means of chasing their ruthless ambition. To an extent, Eve’s immoral actions is prevention what may have influenced us, audience, to dislike Eve. However, Eve reconstructed her own identity with the fair heavy pressures coming from the university of michigan ann arbor essay society, Eve only wanted to find that sense of belonging and to be adored by science projects essays, everyone, and she find that the ‘theatre’ is a place that she can call hers. Furthermore, the conservative attitude of society on argumentative outline gender roles during the 1950s may also have an effect on the audience’s hatred on Eve. This film highlights the inequitable roles of being a woman and how men are treated differently by the society. The actions of Eve can be considered as ‘inhumane’ and barbarous to easily ‘manipulate’ people, such as Margo and Karen, like tools to help her step up the science fair essays ladder, Eve has no morals nor personal values which is why she had no guilt nor responsibility of her actions; her actions were not justified in the film which could the audience to disapprove of her character. Fuelled by her own desire for a ‘the end of an argumentative outline model, old road. The beginning of a new one’, she begins studying Margo ‘like a set of blueprints’. Once Eve have invaded their group and finally become an insider, she was able to break the loyalties and trusts the group had once together, making use of each and one of them to her advantage. Eve cruelly threatens Karen, who helped and introduced her to the world of theatre, for the role of ‘Cora’, as it was Eve’s ambition to win the most prestigious award, the ‘Sarah Siddons’ award.

Mankiewicz demonstrates Eve’s journey towards her goal through the use of Eve’s talent for projects acting. Eve firstly appears to be a down-trodden naive girl, and program, as she tells her sob story, people believed her and take pity on her, giving her opportunities to show how impressive she is. Fair Essays! Eve is ap us essay grading rubrics a cunning and ‘very clever girl’ which is how she was able to threaten Karen. During the ladies’ room scene, through the use of mise-en-scene, the audience are able to see Eve gripping onto Karen’s hand, leaving the audience in no doubt that Eve will not release Karen until she got what she wants, as the audience see the sinister side of hers. This serves to highlight that due to Eve’s immoral behaviours, the audience were easily able to disapprove of her character.

However, Eve’s desire is to be noticed and loved by everyone; Eve, as only by herself, is a nobody according to science essays the society, being herself was not good enough and Eve wanted to feel that sense of belonging where she is wanted and adored, the theatre gave her exactly what she wanted. The society drove her to change, the a2 salters chemistry recreation of her new identity is not made by projects, her, but is in market, fact made by the society. Eve is never contented with her success and science projects, constantly feel she hasn’t ‘created the image’ she wanted. Eve needs to ‘be somebody’ in order for people to catholic essay ‘like’ her, through copying Margo, Eve realises that she, too, can be a star that is desired by everyone. At one point of the film, Eve quoted “If nothing else, there’s applause… like waves of love pouring over the footlights’. Fair Projects! Through the thesis statement use of an close-up shot, the audience are able to see Eve shedding tears after Margo’s performance, following by an eye level shot, the audience are able to see Eve gripping onto the curtains, leaving the audience an impression that the applause and the attention was what she was crying for, and not due to the fact that Margo made a great performance. Eve gives an essays, insight of industry, her background to show how she didn’t have that sense of belonging, like what Margo, Bill and science fair projects essays, Lloyd have in theatre, “When you’re a secretary in a brewery, it’s pretty hard to make-believe you’re anything else. Everything is beer.” This confirms that Eve only wanted to be loved, but the society forced her to change her whole identity and therefore we, the audience, are matter in industry market, fact scorning at the work of the society.

Furthermore, the double standard of the society on gender roles during the 1950s may have an essays, effect to the reason why Eve recreated her own identity. Catholic Essay! In the 1950s, women pressured to science fair projects resume ‘traditional’ female roles, and that is to become a ‘happy little housewife’ such as Karen, which is why Margo states a woman’s career is a ‘funny business’. Clearly, this suggest to the audience that all females must give up and sacrifice things that a woman values in life in order to make their way up and reach their goal, and in Eve’s case, it was her own humanity that she chose to history essay grading sacrifice. Eve is portrayed as the true villain and antagonist in this film as she have the ambition to rise to projects the top with a corruptive force that enables her to do immoral actions. Through being cruel and ‘manipulative’, Eve was able to control almost every characters in the film in the palm of catholic essay, her hands. However, compared to men with ambitions such as Bill, Lloyd and particularly Addison, they are barely conceive as villains. Addison is very similar to Eve, they are both ‘improbable’ people where they prefer to rely on themselves, and they both have the ‘inability’ to love, and possess great talents and malicious ambitions. Despite the fact that Addison also manipulates people, just like Eve, the society don’t see him as evil as much as compared to Eve. Mankiewicz is giving us a message that women with ambitions are often looked down upon as for having a dream that goes against with their ‘traditional’ female roles. Through the use of static shot, Addison speaks to Eve at her hotel room and quote “and you realise and you agree how completely you belong to me?” Addison is declaring that Eve is his own property and something that he can use to his advantage, the way he looks down at Eve, who is lying down on the bed sobbing, shows men is fair projects essays more dominant than woman, thus leaving women to be vulnerable and easily expose to model c the criticism of the society due to science projects the nature of the 1950s era.

Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and catholic essay, order #8221;All About Eve#8221; by Joseph Mankiewicz. essay editing for fair projects essays only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for #8221;All About Eve#8221; by Joseph Mankiewicz. In the catholic essay film All About Eve, (directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and fair projects, released in university of michigan ann arbor application essay, 1950), Eve Harrison (Anne Baxter) was a young woman with evil running through her veins.

She#8230; An Analysis of Joshua Johnson#8217;s All About Eve. Joshua Johnson All About Eve All About Eve is a story about the intricate parts that made up theater life in the mid nineteen hundreds. It is a story of#8230; Cinematography in Birdman. The film Birdman directed by science fair essays, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu stresses the importance of cinematography in filmmaking and coursework evaluation, creates fluid transitions from projects one scene to the other, making the movie seem like#8230; The film Crash takes its audience through multiple characters lives and catholic essay, illustrates just how much evil there is in the world today. While taking the audience on science projects essays this ride of#8230; Symbolism in #8220;Heart of Darkness#8221; by Joseph Conrad. Paper Industry Research! Symbolism is an effective tool used by authors to construct meaning beyond the boundaries of literal understanding.

It is the process by which ideas are expressed through the use of#8230; #8220;The Journey of Crazy Horse#8221; by fair projects, Joseph M Marshall III. The first seven chapters begin by talking about the early years of Crazy Horse. These years are significant because it shows how he began his life before he went off#8230;

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career one resume This articles provides a collection of sample resume objectives. Career objective is the fair, most important part of resume which describe your motive for job. Industry Research. This statement helps employer to determine whether your goal is in line with their organization and the position available. Take your time to create a powerful opening for science fair essays resume. Your Objective should be two or three lines long at most. Choose the objectives which describe your skills best.

To make a sound position in corporate world and work enthusiastically in team to achieve goal of the organization/MNC with devotion and hard work. To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job Satisfaction and self development and catholic essay, help me achieve personal as well as organization goals. To seek challenging assignment and responsibility, with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as successful achievements. To succeed in an environment of growth and fair projects, excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self development and a2 salters chemistry coursework, help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals. To excel in my field through hard work, research, skills and perseverance. To serve my parents, and my country with the best of my abilities. To succeed in fair essays an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me satisfaction and catholic essay, self development and help me to achieve organizational goal. To work in an environment which provides more avenues in the fields of computer Hardware and Networking.

To be involved in work where I can utilize skill and creatively involved with system That effectively contributes to the growth of organization. To pursue a highly rewarding career, seeking for a job in fair projects essays challenging and healthy work environment where I can utilize my skills and knowledge efficiently for organizational growth. To be an astute learner and the best performer in your organization. So that I can build an innovative career in your esteemed organization by using my skills and other significant talents. To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and outline, earn a job Which provides me job satisfaction and science essays, self development and help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals.

To work in pragmatic way in paper research an organization where I can show my talent and enhance my skills to meet company goals and objective with full integrity and zest. To succeed in an environment of science fair projects essays, growth and excellence and earn a job which provide me job satisfaction and self development and help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals. To achieve high carrier growth through a continuous learning process and keep myself dynamic, visionary and competitive with the changing scenario of the world. To work in a challenging environment that provides generous opportunities for learning. In the field of Hardware/Networking. To seek challenging assignment and responsibility with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as a successfully achievement. To work hard with full determination and dedication to achieve organizational as well as personal goals. To give my best in ap us essay my professional pursuit for essays overall benefit and growth of the company that I serve by facing the challenges. I will show my caliber and gain some experience. To obtain professional and financial heights, both for the organization and self, through skill and knowledge and essay, learn from essays presents as well as establishment also.

To obtain a position of responsibilities that utilizes my skills and essay grading, experience and keen to work in fair projects essays an environment where I can enrich my knowledge. To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self development and help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals. To enhance my working capacities, professional skills, business Efficiencies and to serve my organization in best possible way with sheer determination and paper industry market research, commitment. To strive for excellence, to work in such an environment that will enhance my knowledge and career, where I can perform my management skills according to science fair my strong Caliber and efficiency. To enhance my working capacities, professional skills, business Efficiencies and to serve my organization in application best possible way with sheer determination and commitment. To live honest and hard life to work in a highly challenging competitive environment for the enhancement of my creative abilities and optimum profitability of the organization. To work hard with full dedication for projects essays the achievement of organization objective under satisfying job contact, hence enhancing my skill and knowledge and ready to learn new things. To serve the Organization as a hard worker in this competitive environment discharging all my professional skills.

To be a part of Organization that provides an atmosphere of mutual growth and chemistry coursework evaluation, benefits, where I can show my talent and potential. To work in tandem with a team in a challenging and competitive environment where I could improve my knowledge, capabilities and science fair projects, put them to use for the development of the organization. To take up challenges in university of michigan the field of computer Hardware learning the practical that Facilities translation of innovative ideas into novel finding of science fair, commercial therapeutic Importance. To create value and ap us history essay grading rubrics, recognition on essays, work place by producing the best result for the organization through synchronize and hard work. To obtain an entry-level position within an paper industry research, organization that offers security and professional growth which requires strong analytical and technical skills. To excel in my field through hard work, research, skills and perseverance.

To serve my parents, and my country with the best of my abilities. As I am the fresher in this field, I will know about the nature of fair projects essays, my work. Moreover, I will attempt to know about the various processes which form my job. By doing so, I will be able to do my job more proficiently. On the other hand, I shall implement my knowledge into the practical world. I will always try to use my skills like honesty, devotion towards my job, punctuality etc. I will discuss my ideology with my superiors. To work in a progressive organization which can expand all my knowledge and provided me exciting opportunities to catholic essay utilize my skills and qualification to produce result fidelity. To be part of science, reputed organization which provides a steady career growth along with job satisfaction, challenges and give value contribution in the success of organization. To be a professional and to utilize my skill and knowledge to full fill the prevention program statement, requirement of the organization in customer service. To work with best of my abilities an skills in order to benefit my organization to be better other in this competitive Time an influential position in science essays the organization.

To work in an organization where I can fulfill my dream to a2 salters coursework evaluation become as a successful computer hardwareand networking engineer.” To enhance my working capacities, professional skills, business Efficiencies and to serve my organization in best possible way with sheer determination and projects, commitment. To utilize my knowledge coupled with experience to convert organizational goals in to reality to also ensure a steady growth for self. To make contribution to the organization to the best of my ability and to develop new skills and share my knowledge while interacting with others and achieve new height. To reach the highest echelons in an organization with hard work, dedication constant endeavor to perform better and give results. To get a job that can provide challenge.

I believe that I would be the most effective in on organization that trust me with responsibility and provide s opportunity to learn and grow. To render my sincere effects in to catholic essay your esteemed organization this can develop and brush up my knowledge. To work in an environment where I will accomplish my goal to become a Hardware and Network Engineer. To work in science fair a organization where I can use my skills to achieve the organization objective and get conductive environment to Learn and grow. To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging Assignments that shall yield the twin benefits of the job satisfaction And a steady paced professional growth. To contribute organization effectiveness through emphasis on efficient utilization of Technical knowledge experience skill to paper industry market research enhance my job performance. To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical skills. To give my best in my professional pursuit for overall benefit and growth of the company that I serve by facing the challenges will show my caliber and science projects essays, gain some experience. To enhance my working capacities, professional skills, business efficiencies and to serve my organization in best possible way with sheer determination and commitment.

To seek challenging assignment and catholic essay, responsibility with an opportunity for science essays growth and career advancement as a successfully achievement. To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn job which provides me job satisfaction and history grading, help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals. To secure a challenging and regarding position and utilize my strong technical, analytical and team building skills. To work to my optimum level for the betterment of the company/organization and to make a mark as a distinguished professional in an organization. To work in rapidly growing organization with a dynamic environment and science projects, achieve organizational goal with my best efforts. To work in an environment where I will accomplish my goal to become a successful Hardware and Networking Engineer. To render my sincere effects in to your esteemed organization this can develop and brush up my knowledge.

To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self development and statement, help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals. To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence a job which provides me job satisfaction self development and help me to achieve personal as well as organizational goal. To seek a responsible and science fair, challenging position in the Organization where my knowledge and experience can be Shared and enriched. I would like to be a part of an organization where I could use and enhance my knowledge and talent for the development of both the organization and myself. To seek a challenging job in a reputed organization and to integrate my knowledge in your esteemed organization.

To work in an organization where I can acquire new knowledge and sharpen my skills and put my efforts or achieving organization as well as individual goals. To Obtain Position In A Multinational Company That Will Utilize My Knowledge In Computer And Be Part As A Team Player In The Success Of Grow Thing Company. To excel in ann arbor application my field through hard work, research, skills and science fair projects essays, perseverance. History Essay. To serve my parents, and my country with the best of my abilities. To have a challenging career in corporate world and to be a successful professional. To excel in my field through hard work, research, skills and Perseverance. To serve my parents, and my country with the best of my abilities. To join the organization, where I can contribute my skills talent in the growth of organization. To work in fair learning and challenging environment, utilizing my skill and knowledge to be the best of my abilities and contribute positively to my personal growth as well as growth of the organization. To work with an organization that provides me an opportunity to grow and to exploit my potential to excel in the area of catholic essay, my preview so to help the organization in the accomplishment of its goal. To enter an essays, impeccable relationship with an organization of outline c, repute which can utilize the science projects, inherent talent of the incumbent to the maximum and to work on a challenging and dynamic project with good amount of freedom and corresponding work responsibility.

To continuously strive for higher achievement in life and establish myself as a perfect and accept challenging work and contribute forward the success of esteem organization by hard work and acquired skills. To take up a challenging Career grows with honesty, loyalty, Good relationship and best performance, and translate my Experience, knowledge, skills and paper research, abilities into value for an Organization. To succeed in science fair projects an environment of growth and university application essay, excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self development and projects, help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals. I want to catholic essay get that position from where I will be able to do something not only for my family but also for those person who really needy. To serve a growing organization to the best of my ability sincerely, honestly with hard labor and where I am the role player for the overall growth of the concern and give respect to my senior. I am ever keen to acquire some new technologies and essays, climb the catholic essay, corporate to ladder by honest and projects essays, hard work. To continuously strive for higher achievement in life and establish myself as a perfect and accept challenging work and contribute forward the success of esteem organization by hard work and university of michigan essay, acquired skills. To take up a challenging Career grows with honesty, loyalty, Good relationship and best performance, and translate my Experience, knowledge, skills and abilities into value for an Organization. To continuously strive for higher achievement in life and establish myself as a perfect and accept challenging work and contribute forward the success of esteem organization by projects essays, hard work and acquired skills.

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chapter 5 homework See Chapter 1 for Disclaimer. Ranma sat down in front of essays, her husband's computer, not really knowing what to write. She had a creative writing assignment in her English class, and paper research, creativity wasn't exactly her strong point, except when it came to the Art. It didn't help her that the Roman keys made her nervous. It also didn't help that her husband was on alert status for the weekend, and science essays, couldn't help her.

Aw hell, might as well tell my life story. She chuckled to program thesis, herself, as she began to hunt and peck her way across the projects essays keyboard. I doubt anyone is going to believe me anyway. My name's Reiko Sakai, and argumentative essay, I'm a martial artist. Science Fair Projects! I'm also married to the oldest lieutenant in one of the fighter squadrons at Misawa Airbase. I've been training under my father for ten years straight. Unfortunately, he's a better sensei than father; and market, his training methods, while unorthodox and border on the deplorable and highly dangerous, especially for the student, are highly effective. Some of my father's techniques included having me be chased by timber wolves to teach me to science, run faster; tying me to the back of a freight train to raise my endurance; teaching me to get around quicker, and I actually enjoy and university ann arbor essay, use that particular skill; leaving me to fend for myself in the woods while he'd be in town getting drunk and stuffing his face to teach me how to survive; oh, he'd sometimes forget to fair projects essays, pull his punches when we'd spar, especially if he were drunk. He'd turn anything into training—even eating. I think he did that just to feed his fat belly.

There was one technique though that really takes the cake, though. When I was six, my father found a technique manual for the Neko-ken, or Cat Fist. It's this supposedly unbeatable technique, but there's a draw back. To learn the technique, the student (that was me) must be tied up with fish products and thrown into a pit of cats, starved for three to four days. The student then either learns it by reverting to a cat-like state, or dies. The problem with the university application essay Neko-ken is fair projects essays, that it's been banned for generations, because it drives the student insane.

The student, should they survive, tends to be trapped in a feral cat-like state, or develops such an intense fear of cats that by argumentative essay outline c, being surrounded by them triggers the technique. Of course, I didn't learn it the science fair essays first time, so Pops threw me in several more times, with different fish products. I finally learned it; and now I can't stand to statement, be around cats for any extended amount of time. If I am, the fear becomes so intense that I black out, and fair projects essays, I'll revert to the cat-like state. I found this out after spending some time with Amazons in the hinterlands of paper research, China. The other thing Pops did was a never-ending search for the perfect training grounds for our school. I guess I should mention our school of martial arts. Science Fair Projects! It's called Musabetsu Kakutou Sakai-ryu, and there are very few practitioners of the school. Loosely translated the name means Indiscriminate Grappling or Anything Goes. Paper Market! What that means is that when we get into a challenge, we learn and then use our opponent's attacks against them.

Our school also uses taunts to enrage our opponent and projects, make them loose their focus. A2 Salters Chemistry Coursework Evaluation! Another thing our school specializes in is aerial combat. We can launch into the air and fight as comfortably as if we are on the ground; from a standing start I can leap 20-30 feet into the air. Pops was great for teaching how to enrage someone; he'd do it to me multiple times when we'd spar, call me weak and science fair projects, girly. There is prevention program, one other thing I guess I should mention. I wasn't always a girl; in fact when we started the training trip and for most of the fair trip, I was a boy. Like I said earlier, Pop's was always looking for the perfect training grounds. Ap Us Essay Grading! We wandered all over the world training with martial arts masters, learning their techniques. Well, our wandering took us into China, and deep into the hinterlands of that nation, to the Cursed Training Grounds of science fair essays, Jusenkyo. When we arrived, the paper research one hundred or so springs were shrouded in a mist that made them seem less ominous than they actually are.

Pops and I jumped on to a bamboo stake located in different pool, launched into the air and science fair, began sparring. The PRC provides a guide at the Springs to ann arbor essay, warn visitors against the dangers of falling into one. He started babbling in science essays pidgin Japanese about the dangers when I knocked my old man into one. He had just started saying something about the Spring of paper industry market, Drowned Panda when my father, now in his cursed form of a giant panda leapt out of the pool. I was so shocked, that Pops got in fair essays a clean shot in. I flew back, twisted around, and grabbed on to a bamboo pole in a different pool. The pole snapped, and in ap us grading rubrics I fell with a splash. I surfaced and felt different. Looking down, I saw what happened.

Well, hell yeah, I was in shock and passed out. Next thing I know, I'm in the Guide's hut. The Guide looked at science projects, me with an ann arbor application essay apologetic look on science his face. Sorry, Mr. Customer, the Guide said, you fall into paper research, Spring of Drowned Girl. The reverse of hot water does not work; the curse is permanent. At that point, I screamed, and ran out of the hut. I ran for most of the day and that night until I collapsed from exhaustion. Fair Projects! For the catholic essay second time in as many days, I woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling, but this time surrounded by women. I would have made some sort of comment, or tried to science essays, fight my way out, not that I liked fighting women. This old troll pogoed up to my cot and looked at me.

I tried to sit up, but the local healer wouldn't let me, until she felt I was ready to. She spoke first in catholic essay Mandarin. When I indicated I didn't understand her, she switched to Japanese. Science Fair Projects! You should consider yourself lucky, young lady, that our patrol found you and not the Musk. They have no compunctions about prevention thesis statement turning you into one of their breeding stock. I shuddered on the cot, I was still a guy inside, and that sort of science fair projects, thing frightened the piss out of me. Yeah, Pops tried to make me a man amongst men by teaching me Anything Goes Hentai Martial Arts when I was 15 at a2 salters chemistry coursework evaluation, a Bangkok brothel did make me lose my virginity, and it was fun, but I didn't learn any techniques from it.

At the time, because of my condition, I really didn't appreciate what I had learned in Bangkok happening to me. Oh yeah, Pops got caught by the Thai police and thrown in jail for prostitution, since money changed hands. The girls of the Bangkok Chicken Ranch adopted me until Oyaji was released on science his own recognizance. Of course, we weren't supposed to leave the country, but we did. I think there's an international warrant out for his arrest. What's you're name, child, the old troll asked me.

R-Reiko Sakai, I replied, a little hesitantly. All these feelings and different sensations, and whatnot had my system on permanent overload. Hm…what were you doing on the trail up from Jusenkyo? I sighed, and began my tale of woe. Of how my father took me away from my home when I was 6 on a ten-year training trip, the techniques I was taught, of the places we've trained at.

I finished with our adventure yesterday at Jusenkyo, and how I wound up as a girl. The Elder turned and said something in Mandarin. I guess it was an order, because the guards in my hut turned and left, but the healer remained. She then looked back at me, regarding me almost as a cat does the canary. Catholic Essay! I am Kuh Lon, an Elder of the Joketsuzoku Amazons. Science Projects! I know all about Jusenkyo, child, particularly the Spring that you had the misfortune of falling in. Balm, here, she gestured to the healer, is one of those unfortunates that fell in.

She was a doctor, and chemistry coursework evaluation, was adopted into our tribe. Science Essays! Many of our warriors and non-warriors were cursed in that particular spring. If you are willing, Reiko, I will petition the Council to catholic essay, adopt you into our tribe. I…I'll think about it, I told her, as I lay back on the cot. To be perfectly honest, I didn't know what to science fair, expect. I was a girl—the creature my panda of a father told me was weak—being offered a membership into a tribe of women warriors. Balm looked at me. Catholic Essay! Your ki reserves are still extremely low. Essays! You need to rest, young one.

I will have some food and drink brought it. I nodded and closed my eyes… Only to be poked what seemed like a minute later. A2 Salters Evaluation! A young Amazon with lavender hair was standing by science fair projects essays, my bed, a tray loaded with food in her hands. Ranma want food, yes? She asked in broken, pidgin Japanese. Paper Industry Research! I nodded and she set the science projects tray down. Taking up the chopsticks, I began to devour my food at prevention program thesis statement, Sakai speed. Well, that was until I noticed my father wasn't there trying to steal my food.

I may have said it earlier, but I'll state it again. Fair Projects! My old man turned anything into a training exercise—even eating. Paper Industry! If I wasn't fast enough, he'd steal food out from under my nose. It taught me how to science fair projects essays, be faster, and improved my hand and catholic essay, eye coordination, but I usually wound up tasting my food after I'd eaten it. And this training was apparent on the young Amazon's face while I was eating. With a sheepish grin, I apologized. Sorry… Shampoo.

I grinned at her, because I couldn't get the science fair pronunciation of her name in Mandarin down. Shampoo saw my smile and started laughing. I guess they say laughter is the best medicine, because when I started laughing, I began to feel a lot better. I spent close to grading rubrics, a year, something like nine or ten months, with the Amazons, and it was probably the science essays best thing that happened to me until recently. I told Cologne that I wanted to be just an honorary member, not a full member. I explained to her that I still had family in argumentative essay outline c Japan, and wasn't ready to give it up yet. The Elder understood, and in a brief ceremony calling upon their goddesses, I became an fair projects essays honorary Amazon and a near-sister to prevention statement, Shampoo, mainly because I got the somewhat lonely Amazon warrior to lighten up, and look at things from a different perspective. Heck, I didn't even know I was going to fair projects, be named her near-sister; it came as a surprise when Shampoo gave me the Kiss of Sisterhood.

But it's nice that I have a sister that I can talk to, even if it is just writing back and prevention program statement, forth. I wonder how she handled Mu Tsu. The time was well spent after the ceremony. They taught me, not only their particular brand of martial arts, but also who I had become. Fair Projects Essays! But at the same time, some of the prevention program statement more rigid Amazons, some who still thought that I was a guy underneath my appearance, tried making me do menial labor, more appropriate to a slave.

Apparently to them, my status as an honorary Amazon wasn't worth camel spit. Which was something else that annoyed me—the way men were treated. Science Essays! But there was no way I could change a system like that, and essay grading rubrics, even Cologne, the most liberal of the Elders when it came to males, would be unable to affect a change in the status quo, so there would be nothing changed. Some of the more liberal, I guess would be the best word I can use, Amazons, particularly those that were cursed liked me, treated the males with a little more respect. I tried my hardest to keep an even keel and not piss of those Elders that wanted Cologne to suffer a loss of face.

Balm became my mentor in a number of things—especially when it came to science projects essays, that time of the month. I was freaking out when the bleeding started; I had no idea about a2 salters chemistry a menstrual cycle, or periods. She calmed me down, told me what to do, and gave me, in better detail than my old man, a lesson in sex ed. Sure, I learned a lot at science, that brothel in Bangkok, especially after Pops was in jail, but that was as a guy. For a girl, it was different. I still get a little queasy when I remember Balm's training. Not only catholic essay, was she my mentor, but Balm also became an projects essays almost surrogate mother to a2 salters, me.

There were nights that I couldn't sleep, especially right after I was cursed. Pops raised me to be a man among, and the shock to my ego was too much for me to handle. I would cry throughout the night, and Balm would be there to comfort me; let me cry myself out on her shoulder. She would tell me that she went through the science essays same emotional turmoil that I was going through. I put a brave front up during the day, but nights were when I could let my emotions out, when Balm and I were alone in chemistry evaluation the hut we shared. Slowly, though, Balm got me to express myself, and my emotions to the outside world. Like I said, it was time well spent, so it was difficult when I left to go home. I wanted to find my mother, to talk to science projects essays, her. A2 Salters Chemistry! At the time, I didn't know about the fair essays seppuku contract I supposedly signed when I was 6. Kuh Lon arranged for a passport and visa through the Japanese Embassy, since Pops and I swam across the market Sea of Japan. I ran into Mom near one of the malls in the Juban district of Tokyo. I didn't know how to science fair, approach her, but I eventually did.

It was hard for the both of history essay grading rubrics, us to admit that I was once her son. Science Projects! But I wasn't happy with what her decision was. Sitting in university ann arbor the food court, she showed me the contract that my father and science projects, I signed and told me that I two choices for failing to be a man amongst men—appease family honor and argumentative outline model c, commit seppuku, or be disowned and science fair projects essays, expelled from the Sakai clan. Very harsh decisions for me to make, but my family has a samurai lineage that goes back to the Tokugawa era, so honor is program, everything to my family. I told my mother that I'm too young to projects essays, die; that I had a full life to live ahead of me. Very well, she told me. Then my son is truly dead to me.

Good day, madam. With that, she stood and walked out argumentative essay model of the food court. I left Tokyo and wandered around the country until early December. It was hard for me during that time to find food, let alone work. Science Essays! The various Shinto shrines and temples that dotted the countryside provided me food and catholic essay, shelter for work at the shrine. It wasn't the best of arrangements—there were times that I had to science projects essays, leave in the middle of the night because the priest was a pervert, and I didn't want my body violated. When Pops and I were on our training trip, we lived off the land. Rubrics! But we at least had a tent. When I left the Joketsuzoku, I didn't exactly have a tent with me, but Kuh Lon had provided enough funds for me to make it to the nearest city with a Japanese consulate, so that I could retrieve my passport and visa, and to arrange for transportation back to Tokyo.

But not enough for much camping equipment. By the time I reached Misawa, I'd taken to science fair projects essays, living under bridges, in culverts, abandoned buildings, basically someplace that I could get overhead cover to avoid getting raped. So I was getting sick. By the time the first snows hit northern Japan, I wasn't feeling all that well. Thesis! Heck, I was probably getting pneumonia, I wasn't feeling all that well anymore. I'd taken to projects, living in the doorway of the old building just off base. My husband found me in the doorway, ready to give up the ghost. I was feverish, coughing up green stuff, I wasn't thinking right. Catholic Essay! But when he helped me out, he did it out of concern for my well-being.

It was like he was a knight in shining armor out of a cheesy romance novel or shoujo anime. I apparently passed out, and the next thing I know, I'm warm, lying in a bed. That threw me for a loop. Fair Essays! I opened my eyes, and chemistry, the first sight that greeted me was a B-29 being attacked by an A6M. I closed them and fair, reopened them. It turned out catholic essay that my husband was a model builder.

I was in an unfamiliar room, naked. I was about to scream like there was no tomorrow, when something told me I should just double check. Science Fair Projects Essays! Warm? Yes. Catholic Essay! Dry? Definitely. I woke my savior up, using a little known Amazon technique—yelling in his ear. We talked for a while; I explained why I was in the dire situation that I was. He made an offer that I really couldn't refuse.

Although, there was still that little bit of male sitting in the back of my head, I protested, stating I was still a guy. Patiently, he explained the situation, based on what I had told him. Essays! And I realized that I should have remembered that, since I'd been like this for over a year at a2 salters chemistry coursework, this point. I still held on to the foolish notion that some how I could regain my lost masculinity. A part of my mind, the one that Balm and science projects, Kuh Lon grew and essay, nurtured, was reminding me that the curse was permanent; that I couldn't regain what the essays lone permanent spring that doesn't kill the recipient of the curse, like Nissanniichuan, the Spring of Drowned Nissan Pathfinder*. We spent that first day together shopping, stopping at prevention program thesis, the…he called it the fair projects essays chow hall, but it was more like a cafeteria that what I expected a chow hall to look like, for catholic essay, lunch first. Fair Essays! As I showered when we got back to his quarters, I finally made the decision to let my past life die in history essay rubrics the Springs; that it was time for me to embrace the woman that I was. Science Projects! Now, I wasn't gay or anything when I was a guy. Heck, the girls at Chicken Ranch were quite impressed with my stamina, and essay, a couple of the girls who were Japanese gave me the science fair projects essays nickname of ran ma. But it's just that I've spent the past year as a girl. Balm explained to me that different hormones and prevention program statement, chemistry would cause me to projects essays, become more female over time.

She even explained a bit of her history to me; that she had a successful practice in the Nerima ward of Tokyo, as a chiropractor and general practitioner, along with a few esoteric specializations in argumentative model c acupuncture and projects essays, moxibustion, until she left the ward to program statement, find her center. Which was how she wound up cursed by Jusenkyo, and continued to practice her medical arts for the Amazons. That was three years ago, and two years ago, Balm married Da Ger, a promising apprentice under the village wordsmith Ra Zor. When I got out fair essays of the shower and dressed, the Lieutenant asked me to marry him. He was so cute as he did it on bended knee, waffling as he made his speech. For a man almost twice my age, he sure is industry market, easily flustered. But I love him anyway. We had a quick wedding; I got my new identity and put my past behind me. Except for my martial arts.

That's something I'll never give up. And now I have an added surprise for my darling husband. He wanted to learn my family martial arts, so I started him out with a series of beginning katas. Well, I sort of pushed him a little too far, and science projects essays, wore him out. So while he was recuperating in the tub, we…well I won't go into that, but suffice to say in about eight months, we're going to have a new member to the family. And I could care less if I don't meet my mother's expectations about me being a man amongst men; I'm going to argumentative outline, be a mother. * This particular spring was found on Brian Drozd's webpage.

For a semi-complete list of the science fair essays springs, both official, Takahasi created, and fanfic author created, visit , replacing the underscores with periods.