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bath essay wife On this page: an overview; her description from the General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales ; the describing essay person, Preamble: the essay, Wife of essay Bath's Tale. There are two women described in the General Prologue: the essay, Prioress and the Wife of describing person Bath and prompts, they are at describing essay, opposite ends of essay teachers importance a spectrum of delicacy and essay, refinement. The Wife is 1984, strong and coarse; although a good craftswoman, a cloth-maker, she is not given her trade as her main role or title as are most of the other pilgrims which makes her more personalised (she is person, one of the professional resume writing services groupon, few pilgrims to be named: Alison we learn later). Immediately she is introduced as being slightly deaf which turns out to be a metaphorical as well as a literal attribute, hinted at in Chaucer's falsely naif comment: and that was scathe [a pity]. Person! She is importance, highly competitive and essay person, will become uncharitable if any impertinent women goes to resynthesis after exercise the altar ahead of her with an offering. Describing Essay Person! The coverchiefs which she wears on her head on writing programs, Sundays weigh ten pounds and are made of fine cloth: the joke here is describing person, that such gear was already out of 1984 essay fashion even though the Wife is describing, clearly proud of resynthesis exercise her accessories. Her red stockings signify boldness and describing person, are tightly laced to show off her legs but her shoes are of glycogen excellent quality and describing person, new. Her face is 1000 essay warming, also bold and handsome and describing person, red like her stockings.

Chaucer, the text analysis, narrator, plays the role of the describing person, innocent commentator who contents himself with the bland remark: She was a worthy [excellent] woman al hir lyve before revealing that she has had five properly married husbands. Juxtaposition is through essay, one of describing person Chaucer's main ironic techniques: by placing two statements side by archetypal metaphor in rhetoric the light-dark family thesis, side he creates an describing essay, ironic effect, here that she believes she is excellent but others may disagree. She has had other lovers apart from words essay husbands but the person, narrator, in his persona of retiring witness, tickles our curiosity by refusing to 1984 say more on the subject: But ther-of nedeth nat to person speke as nowthe. Her love of resume writing services travel (and pilgrimages were a recognised way of achieving salvation and person, a holiday simultaneously) is importance, literal and describing person, metaphorical as she does know muchel of 1000 words on global warming wandrynge by the weye and experiencing all that life has to essay offer. Groupon! To be gap-toothed is the mark of person a traveller but also an emblem of mfa creative low residency programs lasciviousness and, possibly, gluttony.

She rides an describing essay, ambling horse (the mounts of the essay text analysis, pilgrims are an indication of essay person character, much as the mention of text analysis a brand of car would be today) which corresponds, by metonymy, to her casually ineffective way of narrating. Her hat is essay, as broad as a buckler or targe [shield], a military reference following the sexual ones which marks her as from Mars as well as Venus. Essay On Global! The fact she wears spurs adds a masculine quality but her love of describing essay talk and gossip is, perhaps, more female in doris critical, Medieval eyes. Her foot-mantel (worn to keep the gown clean) covers large, strong hips: her appeal is essay, that of an earthy, tough woman. An expert in remedies of love she knows all the teachers, rituals of sexuality: the olde dance but our apparently uncommitted author adds a perchance as if she had done nothing deliberately. Yet this is essay person, also a reference to archetypal metaphor family thesis Ovid's Remedia Amoris, thus suggesting that the Wife has taken her learning from literature as well as life. Whereas many of the describing person, pilgrims are savagely satirised for their hypocrisy, the Wife is essay, more gently mocked and left to essay reveal her own shortcomings, frequently unwittingly, in her lengthy Preamble. Her first words are: Experience, though noon auctoritee/Were in this world, is right enough for essay importance, me.

She is describing, claiming to have attended the university of life, disparaging written texts. Doris Critical Essay! This mocks the prevalent attitude that a person gains authority in the sense of describing essay person respect and dignity by quoting authorities, authors from the classics or texts from the Bible. Yet, in essay teachers, order to justify her numerous weddings, she immediately refers to essay the Bible, although she fails to make good use of these exempla' [examples] by interrupting herself with questions and then making the rather absurd claim that she did it all because God ordered people to resynthesis after wexe and multiply, adding that Christ never stated the person, optimum number of essay text marriages. She always cherry-picks the texts with which she agrees: from the essay, whole story of Solomon she mentions merely his multiple marriages. Her tone renders her material comic as she talks as if God and essay prompts, Christ had spoken to her directly in friendly fashion. Some authorities are named but others wasted as she calls them, vaguely, many another holy man.

To use examples effectively they must be precise. She is particularly virulent against describing essay person, virginity but this is 1984 essay, not the opposite of multiple marriages and describing person, shows her illogicality, defensiveness and personal dislike of prompts St. Describing! Paul. Essay On Global Warming! We note that no-one has yet accused her of ill-doing but she pre-empts criticism and describing person, assumes that her opinion on anything is worth hearing. Her speech is full of 'fillers' such as eek well, expressions which are largely meaningless. but which keep her talking. In the first hundred lines she has proved herself energetically out-spoken but undiscriminating, mentally chaotic and through tunnel doris lessing, obsessed with self-justification. Person! A blindness is metaphor in rhetoric family thesis, apparent when she says: Of myn estaat I nil nat make no boost (l.98) when she has been boasting about it openly. Describing! (Note that in through critical, Chaucer's English the two negatives, nil and nat do not cancel each other out; they merely stress what is person, being said.) She is more convincing when she uses homely examples: . Resume Groupon! a lord in describing essay, his houshold, He nath nat every vessel al of gold; Some been of tree [wood], and doon hir lord servise. Essay! (l.101) Yet there is wry comedy here also as the implication strikes the describing essay, listener that she is the tunnel essay, wooden vessel serving God by her promiscuity. Describing! Again, unaware of the impression she is archetypal the light-dark, creating, she announces that she is essay person, not one who wishes to text analysis live perfectly - as if the audience had not realised. Essay! When she promises to bestow the flour of al myn age in the acts of marriage she manages to make it seem more of through tunnel doris lessing critical essay a threat than an essay person, attraction and it must be remembered that some of the archetypal in rhetoric family thesis, other pilgrims are Church people who might be scandalised, particularly when she proceeds to a discussion about the function of the human genitalia.

Chaucer ensures that we do not overlook the describing, fact she may have pure-minded folk amongst her listeners when he has her turn to them and ask for agreement: say ye no? (l.123.) She has the best of both sides in the discussion when she claims that the sexual organs are for both purgacioun and engendrure. There is resynthesis, imagery of describing essay person debt and payment in essay teachers, her pronouncement on sex in marriage in describing essay person, a misplaced sententia [generalised statement of universal truth usually for archetypal metaphor in rhetoric the light-dark family thesis, matters of higher philosophy.] (l.129ff) Her argument swings to and fro even though no-one has interrupted and, when she induces us to consider Christ's body as manly, one can just imagine the describing essay person, reaction of the essay teachers importance, Prioress. As if we did not already know she proclaims: I nil envye no virginitee (l.142) before coyly referring to her own genitals as myn instrument - although she uses more basic terms elsewhere. Describing Essay Person! This is the rhetorical device of circumlocutio [saying something by essay, roundabout means] usually employed in person, a higher register. Her attitudes to her husbands are revealed in writing, lines 150ff: she will not be daungerous [a courtly love term where the describing, woman is disdainful and hard to please] and her language refers to dominance and debt, causing the spouse tribulacion. She then makes it sound as if St. Essay! Paul has ordered her to do this in essay, person.

This has a humorous side but it shows the worst aspect of the tunnel lessing critical, Wife's personality: her feminism has become mean and petty and describing essay, makes us hold back our sympathies. Perhaps it is this assumption of a direct line to through tunnel doris the Apostles that unnerves the Pardoner, whose livelihood depends on the pious appealing to describing essay him for salvation, and through doris essay, he interrupts - but is quickly put back in describing essay, his place. As the mfa creative writing, voice of describing experience, the Wife nevertheless vows to warming gives more than ten examples from learned writings. This threat silences the Pardoner and she resumes what she is now calling her tale, ironically, because it is, in one sense, her more important tale. Three of her husbands she defines as good, meaning that they were rich and old, liable to essay die and 1000 words essay warming, leave her money; these she drove so that they had to swinke [make love] until they were so distressed that they cried out describing essay weilawey! [alas] Yet she made sure she would have their money first. Essay Text Analysis! So carried away is she by her story that she seems unaware of the unpleasant side of describing essay her character that she is mfa creative, revealing: she is sure that the pilgrims admire her as much as she admires herself, when, in fact, they must be laughing or disgusted - or both. Describing! Envy of the lessing essay, possessions of the essay person, woman next door inflames her and we see that there are two conflicts: a realistic one between an old husband and lessing critical, young wife and an ideological one between Medieval traditional authority and boisterous feminism. Describing! Women were blamed for much as Eve was considered responsible for bringing evil and exercise, death into the world and we do sympathise with the Wife for standing up to this denigration, but less so when once again she lapses into describing mere cursing: Sire olde lecchour. 1000 Essay On Global! Chaucer captures the Wife's manner of essay speaking while she captures the husband's. We get a glimpse into what was considered dangerous though admirable in programs, women at person, the time: shapeliness, beauty, talents, breeding, playfulness, pretty hands and glycogen, slender arms but she points out describing essay that if a woman is ugly a man will believe her to sex-mad.

A woman cannot win. She is a mercenary scold who issues curses in writing low residency, base language: Moote [may] thy welked [withered] nekke be to-broke (l.277), which undermines any trust we may have developed in her arguments. She constantly wastes any progress she may have made in convincing her listeners. Describing Essay Person! The homely examples throughout make her points better than the 1984 prompts, learned: here, that household goods can be tested in advance, but not wives. This, she claims, gives her licence to describing essay behave badly once married thereby, once more, throwing away her advantage. The audience has to assess the truth of archetypal in rhetoric the light-dark thesis who is right and who is wrong whilst she starts every paragraph with Thou seist, listing his criticisms and answering his claims with one of essay her insults rather than argument. The rhythms here pulse along unstoppably as she recalls his condemnations, some of through doris critical essay which strike us as justified and describing essay, would have struck the listening pilgrims as well-deserved also. Glycogen After! Which of describing person them, we ask ourselves, is the words warming, olde barel-ful of lies! (l.302) Yet it is person, not so much that the the light-dark thesis, Wife lies, as that she gives a one-sided version and ignores any possible assonance between what she has admitted openly and describing essay person, the criticism of the essay, husband in question. Essay Person! He is resume writing services groupon, merely saying what she has already said, in person, many cases. A short piece on Janekin, the apprentice, reminds us that she is capable of true love as she paints a thumbnail of resynthesis after exercise his crispe [curly] heer, shininge as gold so fin (l.304) and convinces us that the present husband was right to be suspicious when the young man escorted her.

Her determination to essay secure her marital rights and her first four husbands' property continues even though she expects the analysis, spouse to trust her completely and describing, even puts words into glycogen resynthesis exercise his mouth: Wyf, go wher thee liste; Taak youre disport, I wol nat leve no talis [permit gossip] I knowe yow for describing person, a trewe wyf, dame Alis (l.318fff) Apart from the absurdity of the suggestion, the narrative technique here is sophisticated: Chaucer captures the essay analysis, Wife's voice as she attempts to capture the describing essay, voice of her husband saying something he would never say. Her justification of adultery involves false analogy as she compares going to essay text bed with her husband at night after a day spent with her lover to describing essay person taking a light from a candle. Her claim is that the essay, candle loses no light as the husband loses no sex but this false reasoning is something she would not accept if it were said to person her. Archetypal In Rhetoric Thesis! The next lines (336-361) include references to St.

Timothy and to describing essay everyday examples as she claims to essay teachers importance disparage texts and refuses to behave in describing, accordance with them: I wol nat wirch [act in obedience] as muchel as a gnat. Essay Text! The analogy with a cat is more striking and describing essay person, gives us an interesting insight into writing groupon the Medieval practice of describing singeing a cat's skin to keep it at home, but if the tunnel critical, cat and describing essay, the Wife feel that their skins (or clothes in her cace) are slik and essay, gay they will both want to show off and essay person, goon a-caterwawed. Essay Importance! She is so clearly untrustworthy that she could not expect freedom as this is, in describing person, her case, linked to words deception accompanied by describing person, curses and through critical essay, insults. Amongst the person, rhetorical devices, well known to a contemporary educated audience, is the art of diversio [diversion] whereby the speaker/writer leaves the thread of discourse temporarily to include an appropriate analogy or brief and relevant reference before returning to his/her main thread. The more learned amongst the Wife's listeners would have been amused or irritated by her misuse of this function as, in one sense, the whole Preamble is a diversion to her objective of telling a story according to the overall agreement of the tunnel essay, pilgrims. Within it is an uncontrolled tendancy to essay wander off the topic, sometimes moving off the on global warming, diversion itself, with chaotic side swipes at husbands and describing person, textual authorities. Even without a knowledge of this specific failing, a modern reader can see that she is frequently off the mark. Every now and tunnel doris lessing essay, then she gets a grip and returns to essay the story of her life with crude oral signals such as: Now wol I speken of metaphor family my fourthe housbande but not before she has spent minutes on describing essay person, digressions. Low Residency! From l. Describing Essay! 371 onwards, she repeats her husband's justifiable criticism of essay prompts her as one of the tribulations she has to bear whilst proclaiming her ability to describing person fight back: For as an horse I koude bite and whine [whinny], admitting at the same time that she was the the light-dark thesis, guilty one. She seems to have no awareness that she is contradicting herself, so involved is describing essay, she with her narrative and her obsession with the tunnel lessing critical essay, competitiveness of life and person, marriage.

The religious pilgrims must have been scandalised when she states that God donated to women Deceite, weping, spinning, thus giving backing to text the Medieval anti-feminism against which she is describing person, fighting. Essay Teachers! She will not allow her husbands sex until they have made a financial bargain with her: this is one of her means of describing essay achieving maistrie which is her one organised purpose. She contests every detail against resume writing services, the bacon [old flesh] to describing person whom she is married, feeling that the writing groupon, natural world is cunning and embattled also. Whilst inwardly and outwardly disparaging meek men, she advises the husbands to be like Wilkin, their sheep, and essay, complains against their grumbling although she grumbles herself. The levels of irony are complex beneath the tunnel doris essay, apparent simplicity of describing essay Chaucer's writing: she seems unconscious of her own duplicity and doris, the ironic eye of Chaucer, listener and reader on describing essay person, her preposterous self-proclamations. Prompts! Her references to her own sexual organs range from the crude to the euphemistic bele chose as we suddenly realise we have heard about person three husbands only and are about to have an importance, equally lengthy ramble about the final two. The fourth (l. Person! 453) was more of essay her equal, being adulterous also: she resents this and gives us a lively self-portait as: yong and ful of ragerie [wantonness] Stibourn [stubborn] and describing, strong and joly as a pie [magpie]. How koude I daunce to an harpe smale . Essay Prompts! She admits she drank and describing, that wine gave her a likerous tail [lecherous private parts] although she has accused earlier husbands of drunkenness but the 1984, regret she demonstrates at person, the passing of 1000 words on global her youth is touching and we feel that Chaucer is, perhaps, on her side after all; firstly she rejoices in the past self that has enjoyed life to describing person the full before admitting: But age, alls, that al wol envenime, [poison everything] Hath me birafte [stolen from mfa creative writing low residency me] my beautee and my pith, [vigour] Lat go, farewel; the devel go therwith!

The flour [flower] is goon, ther is describing essay person, namoore to doris essay tell. (l. 474-477) Despite the describing essay person, striking pathos and essay analysis, realism here, it is still full of contradictions: she earlier announced that she was determined to describing essay person enjoy the 1984 essay, flower/prime of life now and she certainly has plenty more to tell. Describing Essay! She is pragmatic but inconsistent. After this powerful digression she returns to archetypal metaphor the light-dark thesis the fourth husband although, since he died swiftly (perhaps as a result of her violent attitude: That in his owene grece I made him frye), what is to follow is more about describing Janekin, the 1000 warming, fifth-to-be. Describing Person! Her meannness will not even allow a decent burial for essay teachers importance, number four. Describing Essay! The fifth husband, Janekin, is writing programs, her true love and has the person, advantage in age and learning. She admits he was the moste shrewe [brutal] to her, proving that she did not want a sheep after all. He is good in bed and tunnel doris lessing critical, can glose [cajole], and describing essay person, yet he plays the traditional, reversed role of the distant woman in 1000 words warming, Courtly Love and person, is daungerous [hard to lessing critical get].

With an air of imparting a secret truth, she proclaims a commonplace: that women want what is difficult to person achieve: Forbede us thing, and through tunnel critical, that desiren we; again tuning in describing, with the main question in resynthesis exercise, the Tale (what do women most wish for, even thought the answer here is slightly different.) She marries him for describing person, love not money after a courtship during which she told him and her gossib [close friend] her husband's secrets. Her indiscretion knows no bounds: this is not an attractive deed to confess. During Lent, a season of piety when her husband was away, she shows the essay importance, opportunistic side of her nature and goes out describing showing off her scarlet clothes. Writing! A more appealing side is describing essay person, shown when she fights off nasty little creatures from 1000 words on global attacking her best garments by wearing them constantly: life is essay, a fight to her and she uses every chance, including religious occasions, to essay enjoy herself. Once again the person, horror of the Prioress and others hovers in mfa creative writing low residency, the background. Essay! At l. 562 she recaptures her narrative in 1000 words on global, the most obvious way. Of all the rhetoical devices she misuses, her more educated listeners would have noted the describing person, absence of writing programs diminutio [self-deprecation], often used with tongue in cheek, but here not at describing, all.

She uses every skill to 1000 words essay warming trap him as she believes, in person, a charming saying of the metaphor in rhetoric, time: I holde a mouses herte nat worth a leek. That hath but oon [one] hole for to sterte [run] to. Person! The mouse with two outlets is writing, one thing but the Wife, catching one husband whilst married to another as a cold-blooded insurance policy, is another. This she has done all her life but at least she loves Janekin. Another trick is the person, false dream, after which she admits that she has completely lost her track:

But now, sire, lat me se, what I shal seyn? A ha! by God, I have my tale ageyn. (l587) There is digression on glycogen resynthesis after, digression, the irony being that this is not even the describing essay person, Tale. By now the resume writing services, pilgrims must be exasperated, scandalised and frustrated; the essay, modern reader can picture them grumbling to themselves rather than according her the essay, admiration she craves and essay person, expects but which she has thrown away by resynthesis after, boasting about her own repugnant characteristics. At the essay person, funeral of essay husband number four, she plays the describing, distressed widow but falls even more in love with Janekin becuse of essay text his paire/Of legges and person, of feet so clene [shapely] and faire (l. 598) so that she accepts that he will have maistrie over essay warming her: . Person! al myn herte I yaf [gave] unto his holde [keeping.] He is twenty and resume writing, she forty, thus forming a parallel with the essay person, Knight and the Loathly Lady in text analysis, the Tale itself, but she notes that she always had a coltes tooth [youthful inclinations] along with the gap in describing person, her teeth, hardly an prompts, attractive picture! Her husbands all told her that she has the essay, best quoniam [whatsit] ever and through tunnel doris critical essay, she claims that her lecherousness is from Venus but her heart from Mars: she is a lustful warrior.

She has an abundance of euphemisms for her private parts, on which there is describing essay, also the text, mark of describing Mars. Her appeal to God in the midst of these revelations is both comic and shocking but we admire her lack of essay teachers importance class-consciousness: provided she is in describing essay, love she does not care about money or rank. After a month Janekin marries her and the tables are turned: she gives him her land and possessions although she repents later. He is in essay prompts, charge and even hits her when she tears pages from his book as these were extremely expensive at essay person, the time; this is the 1000 warming, cause of her deafness, a badge of the one relationship in which she failed to gain maistrie consistently. The reason for this incident is describing, her dislike of textual authorities, which Janekin constantly quotes but which seem out-of-date to her and 1000 words essay on global warming, contradict her desires.

When she admits: Stibourn [stubborn] I was as is a leonesse, and a verray jangleresse [absolute chatterbox], she is once more comically unaware that the essay, members of her audience have realised this for themselves by resume services, now.

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Receiving Padma Bhushan Award: 2016. The Man who Draws India Learn More. Tallest Residential Building in the World (Aug 2012) Learn More. Tallest Building in India Learn More. Architect Hafeez Contractor – The Firm. Architect Hafeez Contractor [AHC] is the describing leading architectural design consultancy firm, of India. Through Doris Critical Essay! The company has grown from a modest three-person firm in 1982 to having a team strength of over 550 plus people consisting of 24 Associates, 60+ Senior Architects, 90+ Architects, 5 Senior Project Managers / Coordinators, 20+ Interior Designers, 10+ Site Engineers, 10 3D Visualizers Photoshop Artists, 190+ Draughts men, 40+ Support / Technical staff and Student Interns. The firm prides itself on unique design concept and bold execution, while remaining responsive to the clients’ diverse requirements, solutions are crafted appropriately to the needs of person, each client. The rapid growth, massive body of completed work and writing low residency impressive clientele bear testimony to the firm’s commitment to produce the best in every project commissioned. AHC has successfully designed and executed works for clients ranging from large real estate developers, public sector undertakings, large corporations and institutions to health care entrepreneurs.

In addition, large residential complexes, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, resorts and large town and describing essay city planning schemes have all been undertaken and completed in through doris record time. AHC’s substantial experience and the large and person well-resourced team puts the firm in the enviable position of critical, being better equipped to essay person successfully deliver designs for jobs of any size, nature or complexity. Hafeez Contractor himself designs every project and 1984 essay prompts then hands over to essay his 20 extremely well qualified, experienced and specialized Associates, who further develop the essay text designs with their teams. Essay Person! They, with their teams focus deeply on the design potential of each work, converting them into built reality, within the teachers time frame and budget provided, ensuring quality and on time delivery from the person drawing board to the project completion stages, of each project. The unique “one window facility” based on the project profile, enables the in rhetoric family thesis firm to work with other eminent consultants, both Indian and International, to provide consultancy for describing essay structural, mechanical, engineering, tendering, landscaping, statutory approvals or any other services the client may require. This allows the essay text firm to single-mindedly focus on describing essay person their core competence of conception, creation and teachers importance realization of great design projects. AIIAGD Arch, MS Arch UD (USA), Dictor of describing essay person, Architecture Honoris Causa.

Hafeez Contractor has impacted the professional resume writing skyline of much of the built environment of describing essay, metropolitan India, with an unmistakable identifying stamp. Resume! He set up practice in 1982 with a dedication to describing essay design excellence, efficient delivery and sophistication in mfa creative low residency building technology. Today, Hafeez Contractor heads the largest architectural firm in India, with over 550 team members, comprising of essay, architects, urban/town planners, interior designers, landscape artists, civil engineers, CAD operators and writing low residency 3D and essay graphic designers. The firm has to its credit over 2500 clients and 7.2 billion square foot of lessing essay, ongoing projects in 100 cities and 5 countries. Hafeez Contractor was born in essay person Mumbai and studied at Boy’s Town Boarding School, Nasik. He completed his architectural studies from the Academy of Architecture in 1984 prompts Mumbai and graduated from describing essay person, Columbia University, New York, in 1976-77. However, his career began far earlier, in 1968 when he worked as apprentice with Ar. T. Mfa Creative Writing! Khareghat, a firm he became an associate partner with, in 1977. Describing Essay! Between 1977 and 1980 Ar. Through Tunnel! Contractor has been visiting faculty at the Academy of describing person, Architecture, Mumbai.

He is the metaphor in rhetoric the light-dark family winner of over describing essay person, 75 National and International Awards for excellence in contributions to architecture including CWAB Architect of the mfa creative low residency programs Year (2006 to 2013), A+D Hall of Fame for the Decade Award. He has twice has been included in India Today’s Most Powerful Indians List in describing last decade and essay text analysis has won innumerable awards for best residential, commercial, educational and hospitality projects across India. Essay Person! Ar. Contractor’s passion is to create structures that exemplify functional and aesthetic qualities and through has shaped and changed the urban built landscape of the country through provocative, unpredictable and revolutionary ideas while executing a wide range of describing person, architectural projects. His work spans the gamut of possibilities of the constructed space: bungalows, residential developments, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices, banking and archetypal the light-dark family thesis financial institutions, commercial complexes, shopping malls, educational institutions, recreational and sports facilities, townships, airports, railway stations, urban planning, civic redevelopment and essay person infrastructure projects and low cost housing. The impressive chart of work that Ar Contractor catalogs, includes some of the tallest structures on the subcontinent, The Imperial Towers, Mumbai; one of the tallest residential buildings in professional resume the world, 23 Marina, Dubai; has moderenized the two busiest airports of the country, Mumbai and describing person New Delhi; and one of the professional writing best cricket stadiums of the world, DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai. Apart from essay, commercial construction projects, he has invested in writing researching and conceptualizing ways in describing person which to essay positively impact the describing urban environment with proposals for public spaces and resume writing services groupon slum redevelopment. These include ‘The Western Waterfront Development,’ a scheme that attempts to rejuvenate the urban environment by creating large, open, green spaces in describing essay Mumbai and metaphor in rhetoric the light-dark streamlining the city’s transport needs, and describing essay is finally being realized as West Line Freeway Project . Hafeez Contractor has also worked on solutions for the issue of slums plaguing Mumbai, along with officials of the low residency urban development department and senior authorities, by introducing a Slum Rehabilitation Scheme. Person! He is professional services currently empanelled and describing essay person working with the critical housing boards of several Indian states including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and others. Hafeez Contractor was a member of the Bombay Heritage Committee and describing the New Delhi Lutyens Bungalow Zone Review Committee. His impressive practice, which has spanned over services, three and essay person a half decades, is mfa creative writing low residency programs based on essay person a core philosophy.

He asserts, “Architecture should be honest and must respond to the spirit of the time characterized by distinct ideas, disparate missions, contrasting convictions and divergent preferences. It is this enduring belief that has brought me to essay where I am today.” A strong advocate of the vertical growth of cities, judicious land use and the need for describing person sustainable, compact cities to maintain a perfect harmony between increasing population and limited land resources, Ar. Contractor has also worked with a leading Gurgaon-based developer to influence government that high-rise development has more advantages in terms of quality life versus intense low-rise structures dotting the essay text landscape. Ar. Contractor is person passionate about social housing and his dream is to mfa creative low residency programs provide a house for every Indian. Hiranandani Garden - Powai, Mumbai Mahindra Gardens - Goregaon, Mumbai Mantri Espana - Bangalore Nirmal Lifestyle - Mulund Neelkanth Woods - Thane Mahagun Moderne - Noida Mahindra Splendour - Bhandup Diamond District - Bangalore Dosti Acres - Wadala Gaur Saundaram - Noida Green Buildings and Achievements:- Crisil House Dosti Flamingo - CNBC Award Mahindra Eminente - CNBC Award Mahindra Splendour - CNBC Award Mahagun Moderne - CNBC Award data-excerpt= Hiten joined AHC in 1989, he completed his education from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Hiranandani Garden - Powai, Mumbai Mahindra Gardens - Goregaon, Mumbai Mantri Espana - Bangalore Nirmal Lifestyle - Mulund Neelkanth Woods - Thane . Read More data-last-height= Hiten joined AHC in 1989, he completed his education from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai.

Some of describing essay person, his notable projects are listed below:- Hiranandani Garden - Powai, Mumbai Mahindra Gardens - Goregaon, Mumbai Mantri Espana - Bangalore Nirmal Lifestyle - Mulund Neelkanth Woods - Thane . 1984 Essay Prompts! Read More. Noida City Centre - Noida Hiranandani Office Park - Mumbai ONGC, Delhi, Mumbai - Kolkatta Richmond Park Residential Complex - Gurgaon Atria Shopping Mall - Mumabi Akruti Trade Centre - Mumbai IGI Terminal 1B - New Delhi ATS Greens Residential Complex - Greater Noida Turbhe Railway Station - New Bombay Windsor Commercial Complex - Mumbai Green Buildings and describing essay person Achievements:- ONGC - Dehradun Hubtown - Akruti Gold, BKC data-excerpt= Nilabh joined AHC in 1991, he completed his education from School of Planning and 1984 prompts Architecture, New Delhi. Some of his notable projects are listed below:--

Noida City Centre - Noida Hiranandani Office Park - Mumbai ONGC, Delhi, Mumbai - Kolkatta Richmond Park Residential Complex - Gurgaon Atria Shopping Mall - Mumabi . Describing Essay Person! Read More data-last-height= Nilabh joined AHC in essay analysis 1991, he completed his education from School of essay, Planning and text Architecture, New Delhi. Person! Some of his notable projects are listed below:-- Noida City Centre - Noida Hiranandani Office Park - Mumbai ONGC, Delhi, Mumbai - Kolkatta Richmond Park Residential Complex - Gurgaon Atria Shopping Mall - Mumabi . Read More. High Rise Residence for resume Lloyds - Mumbai Aversekar Heights - Mumbai Magner Mall Avinash Group - Raipur KSL Group - Nagpur Aurora Birla - Mumbai Green Buildings and Achievements:- Aurora Birla - Mumbai data-excerpt= Prasad joined AHC in 1987, he completed his education from Sir J. Person! J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. Professional Resume! Some of his notable projects are listed below:--

High Rise Residence for Lloyds - Mumbai Aversekar Heights - Mumbai Magner Mall Avinash Group - Raipur KSL Group - Nagpur Aurora Birla - Mumbai . Describing Essay Person! Read More data-last-height= Prasad joined AHC in 1987, he completed his education from archetypal metaphor the light-dark family, Sir J. J. Describing Essay Person! College of essay, Architecture, Mumbai. Some of describing, his notable projects are listed below:-- High Rise Residence for Lloyds - Mumbai Aversekar Heights - Mumbai Magner Mall Avinash Group - Raipur KSL Group - Nagpur Aurora Birla - Mumbai . Text Analysis! Read More. 23 Marina - Dubai D. Y. Essay! Patil Stadium - New Mumbai DLF - The Aralias - Gurgaon DLF – The Magnolias - Gurgaon DLF – The Belaire - Gurgaon DLF – The Park Place - Gurgaon DLF – Cyber Terraces - Gurgaon DLF – The Pinnacle - Gurgaon DLF – City Court - Gurgaon DLF – The Cybercity - Gurgaon Green Buildings and essay Achievements:- Commercial Complex Adani Bandra Kurla Complex - Mumbai DLF - The Camellias - Gurgaon DLF – The Crest - Gurgaon DLF – The Horizon - Gurgaon data-excerpt= Rajeev joined AHC in 1990, he completed his education from Sir J. J. College of person, Architecture, Mumbai. Essay Prompts! Some of his notable projects are listed below:- 23 Marina - Dubai D. Y. Patil Stadium - New Mumbai DLF - The Aralias - Gurgaon DLF – The Magnolias - Gurgaon DLF – The Belaire - Gurgaon . Read More data-last-height= Rajeev joined AHC in describing essay 1990, he completed his education from through tunnel doris, Sir J. J. Describing Essay Person! College of Architecture, Mumbai.

Some of his notable projects are listed below:- 23 Marina - Dubai D. Y. Patil Stadium - New Mumbai DLF - The Aralias - Gurgaon DLF – The Magnolias - Gurgaon DLF – The Belaire - Gurgaon . Low Residency! Read More. Hiranandani Palace Gardens - Chennai DLF – Garden City - Lucknow DLF – Valley Homes - Panchkula, Chandigarh Riviera Town - Bhopal Oberoi Park View Kandivli - Mumbai Oberoi Springs Andheri - Mumbai Oberoi Woods Goregaon - Mumbai Ozone Malad - Mumbai Mini Metrozone - Chennai Sunmist Solaris Andheri - Mumbai data-excerpt= Swati joined AHC in 1989 she completed her education from Sir J. J. Describing Essay Person! College of Architecture, Mumbai. Mfa Creative Writing! Some of her notable projects are listed below:- Hiranandani Palace Gardens - Chennai DLF – Garden City - Lucknow DLF – Valley Homes - Panchkula, Chandigarh Riviera Town - Bhopal Oberoi Park View Kandivli - Mumbai . Read More data-last-height= Swati joined AHC in describing 1989 she completed her education from Sir J. Professional Services! J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. Some of her notable projects are listed below:- Hiranandani Palace Gardens - Chennai DLF – Garden City - Lucknow DLF – Valley Homes - Panchkula, Chandigarh Riviera Town - Bhopal Oberoi Park View Kandivli - Mumbai . Read More.

Island City Centre - Mumbai BITS Parivartan - Jaipur BITS Pilani - Hyderabad BITS Pilani - Goa Lodha Big Bang - Thane Manipal University - Jaipur/Bangalore Infosys Ltd - Mysore Infosys Ltd - Mangalore RGIPT - Raebareily Congress Bhavan - Delhi Green Buildings and Achievements:- RGIPT - Assam Bliss Residence IT Park - DLF Chennai data-excerpt= Apoorva joined AHC in 2004, she completed her education from describing essay person, School of Architecture IPS Academy and through doris critical essay Indian Education Society and College Of Architecture, Urban Regional Planning, Mumbai. Some of her notable projects are listed below:- Island City Centre - Mumbai BITS Parivartan - Jaipur BITS Pilani - Hyderabad BITS Pilani - Goa . Person! Read More data-last-height= Apoorva joined AHC in analysis 2004, she completed her education from describing, School of Architecture IPS Academy and Indian Education Society and College Of Architecture, Urban Regional Planning, Mumbai. Essay Text Analysis! Some of describing essay, her notable projects are listed below:- Island City Centre - Mumbai BITS Parivartan - Jaipur BITS Pilani - Hyderabad BITS Pilani - Goa . Read More. Dosti Pinnacle IT Park - Thane NITIE-Vihar Lake - Mumbai PPS School - Mumbai(Bhandup/Chandivali/Palava) Anantya-Radius Developers - Mumbai Hubtown Seasons - Mumbai RVNL Finance Management Institute - Secundrabad BITS Pilani - Hyderabad Avenue 77 - Surat Vineet Mittal Residence - Mumbai Multitech Towers - The Crown, Mohali Green Buildings and Achievements:- Architect and through tunnel doris Interior’s I-GEN Top 50 Architects of describing essay, India data-excerpt= Apurva joined AHC in 2004, he completed his education from Rachna Sansad and University of Texas, Austin, USA. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Dosti Pinnacle IT Park - Thane NITIE-Vihar Lake - Mumbai PPS School - Mumbai(Bhandup/Chandivali/Palava) Anantya-Radius Developers - Mumbai . Essay! Read More data-last-height= Apurva joined AHC in 2004, he completed his education from essay, Rachna Sansad and archetypal metaphor in rhetoric thesis University of person, Texas, Austin, USA.

Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Dosti Pinnacle IT Park - Thane NITIE-Vihar Lake - Mumbai PPS School - Mumbai(Bhandup/Chandivali/Palava) Anantya-Radius Developers - Mumbai . Read More. ICC Towers - Mumbai BITS Pilani Project Parivartan - Pilani BITS Pilani Campus Expansion - Hyderabad BITS Pilani Campus Expansion - Goa DB Orchid Crown - Mumbai Lodha Project Big Bang - Thane Lodha Venezia Kalachowkie - Mumbai Wadhwa/Hubtown-Hindoostan Mill - Mumbai Wadhwa W54 - Mumbai Manipal University - Jaipur/Bangalore Green Buildings and Achievements:- Architect and professional services Interior’s I-GEN Top 50 Architects of India data-excerpt= Karl joined AHC in 1999, he completed his education from Academy of describing, Architecture, Rachna Sansad, Mumbai, and Columbia University New York, USA. Some of professional, his notable projects are listed below:- ICC Towers - Mumbai BITS Pilani Project Parivartan - Pilani BITS Pilani Campus Expansion - Hyderabad BITS Pilani Campus Expansion - Goa . Read More data-last-height= Karl joined AHC in 1999, he completed his education from describing essay person, Academy of Architecture, Rachna Sansad, Mumbai, and Columbia University New York, USA. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- ICC Towers - Mumbai BITS Pilani Project Parivartan - Pilani BITS Pilani Campus Expansion - Hyderabad BITS Pilani Campus Expansion - Goa . Read More. Reliance Convention Centre - Mumbai Reliance Twin Tower Headquarters -Navi Mumbai Radius Ten BKC - Mumbai Kalpataru Thane Township - Thane Kalpataru Radiance - Mumbai DheerajJuhu Residence Development - Mumbai Dheeraj Maximus Office Tower - Mumbai ONGC Hyderabad Green Building - Hyderabad Muscat Golf Course Hills Development - Muscat DB Mira Road Township - Thane Green Buildings and professional Achievements:- Under construction ONGC Hyderabad Green Building Office Tower Jindal Stainless Steel Awards in essay person Architecture (2007) Notions of archetypal metaphor family, a Nation – Architecture Awards (2007) Kurukshetra Award in describing person City Design Competition (2005) data-excerpt=

Kirtisagar joined AHC in 2007,he completed his education from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. Archetypal Thesis! Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Reliance Convention Centre - Mumbai Reliance Twin Tower Headquarters -Navi Mumbai Radius Ten BKC - Mumbai Kalpataru Thane Township - Thane . Read More data-last-height= Kirtisagar joined AHC in 2007,he completed his education from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Reliance Convention Centre - Mumbai Reliance Twin Tower Headquarters -Navi Mumbai Radius Ten BKC - Mumbai Kalpataru Thane Township - Thane . Describing Essay! Read More. Colgate Corporate Head Office Powai - Mumbai Hiranandani Construction Corporate Head Office Powai - Mumbai RNA Mirage High Rise Worli - Mumbai DSK Mantri Pinnacle - Bangalore KalpataruAvana Parel - Mumbai Nirmal Lifestyle Mulund - Mumbai Discovery Tower Mulund - Mumbai Lifestyle City Kalyan - Thane Mahindra Bloomdale- Nagpur Vihaang Township Titwala - Mumbai Green Buildings and mfa creative low residency Achievements:- Nilkanth Tech Park - Mumbai Kalpataru Square - Mumbai Mahindra Splendour - Mumbai Mantri Blossom - Bangalore Garden City - Greater Noida data-excerpt= Mavji joined AHC in1995,he completed his education from describing person, L. Essay Text Analysis! S. Raheja College of Architecture, Mumbai. Essay! Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Colgate Corporate Head Office Powai - Mumbai Nirmal Lifestyle Mulund - Mumbai RNA Mirage High Rise Worli - Mumbai DSK Mantri Pinnacle - Bangalore . Read More data-last-height= Mavji joined AHC in1995,he completed his education from L. S. Raheja College of Architecture, Mumbai. Some of 1984 essay prompts, his notable projects are listed below:- Colgate Corporate Head Office Powai - Mumbai Nirmal Lifestyle Mulund - Mumbai RNA Mirage High Rise Worli - Mumbai DSK Mantri Pinnacle - Bangalore . Read More.

Westside Coastal Road Govt. of Maharashtra - Mumbai New Patna world city Riverfront Development Govt. of Bihar - Patna Karkardooma Transport Oriented Development DDA New Delhi - New Delhi Brickeagle Affordable Housing Xrbia, Sheltrex, Playtor and Olympeo – Mumbai/Pune Godrej Residence - Mumbai The Address Dheeraj Reality - Mumbai Aliya Manor D B Reality - Mumbai Blue Dream City Indo Sino IT Park - Hainan China The Marquise HubtownRadius Developers - Mumbai Kolshet Residential Development Lodha Developers - Mumbai Green Buildings and Achievements:- Architect and describing Interior’s I-GEN Top 50 Architects of India data-excerpt= Nishant joined AHCin 2006/2008,he completed his education from programs, Apeejay SAP, Delhi. Some of describing essay, his notable projects are listed below:- Westside Coastal Road Govt. of Maharashtra - Mumbai Aliya Manor D B Reality - Mumbai Karkardooma Transport Oriented Development DDA New Delhi Godrej Residence - Mumbai . Thesis! Read More data-last-height= Nishant joined AHCin 2006/2008,he completed his education from Apeejay SAP, Delhi. Essay Person! Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Westside Coastal Road Govt. of Maharashtra - Mumbai Aliya Manor D B Reality - Mumbai Karkardooma Transport Oriented Development DDA New Delhi Godrej Residence - Mumbai . Through Tunnel Critical Essay! Read More. Nahar’sAmrit Shakti Sector R-12 - Mumbai PannecCresenzo - Mumbai Nahar Sarvodaya Heights - Mumbai JLPL Falcon - Mohali Homeland Heights - Mohali Raycon Deutsche - Mumbai Sunrise Twilight - Noida Green Buildings and Achievements:- MahagunModernne - Noida Mahagun Mirabella - Noida Mahagun Meadows - Noida MahagunMizzaria - Noida Mahagun Manorial - Noida Prateek Edifice - Noida Gaur Sanndaram - Noida AjnaraBelvedre - Noida data-excerpt= Nisar joined AHC in describing essay 2006 he completed his education from SPSMBHS College of through lessing essay, Architecture, Kolhapur.

Some of describing essay person, his notable projects are listed below:- Nahar’sAmrit Shakti Sector R-12 - Mumbai PannecCresenzo - Mumbai Nahar Sarvodaya Heights - Mumbai JLPL Falcon - Mohali . Read More data-last-height= Nisar joined AHC in essay teachers 2006 he completed his education from person, SPSMBHS College of Architecture, Kolhapur. Some of teachers, his notable projects are listed below:- Nahar’sAmrit Shakti Sector R-12 - Mumbai PannecCresenzo - Mumbai Nahar Sarvodaya Heights - Mumbai JLPL Falcon - Mohali . Describing! Read More. Imperial Tower III - Mumbai Lavasa – Resi/Comm - Pune SP Infocity IT Park - Chennai DLF Westend Heights - Bengaluru Sahara Ambey Valley -Lonavla Universal Majestic (Office) - Mumbai Forbes One (Office) Thaper Group - Mumbai DLF Garden City - Chennai Green Buildings and Achievements:- Imperial Tower III data-excerpt= Pushyamitra joined AHC in 1998, he completed his education from MIET Gondia, Nagpur. Some of writing services groupon, his notable projects are listed below:- Imperial Tower III - Mumbai Lavasa – Resi/Comm - Pune SP Infocity IT Park - Chennai DLF Westend Heights - Bengaluru Sahara Ambey Valley -Lonavla . Read More data-last-height= Pushyamitra joined AHC in 1998, he completed his education from describing essay, MIET Gondia, Nagpur. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Imperial Tower III - Mumbai Lavasa – Resi/Comm - Pune SP Infocity IT Park - Chennai DLF Westend Heights - Bengaluru Sahara Ambey Valley -Lonavla . Read More.

Hiranandani Gardens Powai - Mumbai RustomjeeUrbania - Thane Dosti Acres Wadala - Mumbai Hiranandani Rodas Enclave - Thane India Bulls Green Ph III -Panvel Hirco Residential -Panvel DLF – Garden City - Indore Rising City Ghatkopar - Mumbai Kumar Ecoloch - Pune Xrbia - Pune Green Buildings and Achievements:- Crisil House Hiranandani Gardens Powai- Mumbai. Bayer House Hiranandani Rodas Enclave - Thane Dosti Ambrosia Dosti Acres Wadala - Mumbai India Bulls Green Ph III -Panvel data-excerpt= Rahul joined AHC in 1997,he completed his education from SPSMBHS College of through doris, Architecture, Kolhapur. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Hiranandani Gardens Powai - Mumbai RustomjeeUrbania - Thane Dosti Acres Wadala - Mumbai Hiranandani Rodas Enclave - Thane . Describing Essay! Read More data-last-height= Rahul joined AHC in 1997,he completed his education from SPSMBHS College of Architecture, Kolhapur. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Hiranandani Gardens Powai - Mumbai RustomjeeUrbania - Thane Dosti Acres Wadala - Mumbai Hiranandani Rodas Enclave - Thane . Read More.

CSIA Domestic Terminal - Mumbai Taj GVK Hotel - Mumbai Domestic Terminal 1A - Mumbai ITC Fortune Hotel - Mumbai GVK Residences (Luxury) - Hyderabad Kaloji Kala Kendram - Hyderabad Kala Bharti - Hyderabad RavindraBharati - Hyderabad UPAVP MandolaYojana - Ghaziabad Hillcrest JV - Mumbai data-excerpt= Sushant joined AHC in essay text analysis 2006he completed his education from person, D. Y. Patil CET, Kolhapur and University of archetypal in rhetoric, Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Describing Essay Person! Some of mfa creative low residency, his notable projects are listed below. CSIA Domestic Terminal - Mumbai Taj GVK Hotel - Mumbai Domestic Terminal 1A - Mumbai ITC Fortune Hotel - Mumbai . Read More data-last-height= Sushant joined AHC in essay 2006he completed his education from low residency programs, D. Y. Essay Person! Patil CET, Kolhapur and University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Some of tunnel essay, his notable projects are listed below. CSIA Domestic Terminal - Mumbai Taj GVK Hotel - Mumbai Domestic Terminal 1A - Mumbai ITC Fortune Hotel - Mumbai . Read More.

BITS - Goa W54 - Mumbai India Tower DN - Mumbai Lodha Venezia - Mumbai data-excerpt= data-last-height= Vinay joined AHC in2010,he completed his education from RachnaSansad, Mumbai and Georgia Institute of person, Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. Some of essay importance, his notable projects are listed below:- DLF – NTH Kolkata - Kolkata DLF – Galleria - Kolkata Lodha Casa Paradiso - Hyderabad Lodha Supremus - Mumbai Vasantnagar - Mumbai NRL Corporate Office - Guwahati Indiabulls - Panvel Green Buildings and Achievements:- Wadhawan Mansion - Mumbai Ideal Unique Centre - Kolkatta 42, Chowringee-Kolkatta 37, Ballygung- Orbit Kolkatta data-excerpt= Vikas joined AHC in,he completed his education from Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. Describing! Some of his notable projects are listed below:- DLF – NTH Kolkata - Kolkata DLF – Galleria - Kolkata Lodha Casa Paradiso - Hyderabad Lodha Supremus - Mumbai Vasantnagar - Mumbai . Through Tunnel Doris Critical! Read More data-last-height= Vikas joined AHC in,he completed his education from person, Sir J. Prompts! J. Person! College of Architecture, Mumbai.

Some of teachers importance, his notable projects are listed below:- DLF – NTH Kolkata - Kolkata DLF – Galleria - Kolkata Lodha Casa Paradiso - Hyderabad Lodha Supremus - Mumbai Vasantnagar - Mumbai . Read More. ATS Greens - Noida ATS Paradiso - Noida ATS Hamlet -Noida Delhi Airport Domestic Terminal T1D -Delhi Airtel Bharti - Gurgaon TGB Meghduttam -Noida Hiranandani Knowledge Park - Powai NPC National Press Centre - Delhi CSOI Club - Delhi Green Buildings and Achievements:- ATS Hamlet-Safe Home Award of essay, India by Asia Pacific Property on 2015-2016 TGB Meghdeetam-WCRC Reality Excellent Award 2014 data-excerpt= Mayur joined AHC in2008, he completed his education from low residency, Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engg.

Architecture. Some of essay, his notable projects are listed below:- ATS Greens - Noida ATS Paradiso - Noida ATS Hamlet -Noida Delhi Airport Domestic Terminal T1D -Delhi . Read More data-last-height= Mayur joined AHC in2008, he completed his education from Dr. D. Y. Essay! Patil College of Engg. Architecture. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- ATS Greens - Noida ATS Paradiso - Noida ATS Hamlet -Noida Delhi Airport Domestic Terminal T1D -Delhi . Read More. Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Centre - Mumbai Mighty Gardens, Mumbai data-excerpt= data-last-height= Nikita joined AHC in 2011, she completed her education from Bharti Vidyapeeth College of essay person, Architecture, Mumbai. 1984 Essay! Some of essay, her notable projects are listed below:- Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention and mfa creative writing programs Exhibition Centre - Mumbai Mighty Gardens, Mumbai.

Intelenet BPO Office - Chennai/Thane/Mumbai Infosys IT Office - Chandigarh/Pune/Bangalore HGS BPO - Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai Bayer House Corporate Office - Thane Crisil Corporate Office -Powai TCS Mihan IT Campus, Nagpur ICICI Bank Office - Hyderabad Green Buildings and describing essay person Achievements:- CrisilCorporate Office - Platinium Rating Bayer Corporate Office - Gold Rating data-excerpt= Ashish joined AHC in professional resume writing groupon 1995,he completed his education from describing essay, Raheja College of Architecture. Some of his notable projects are listed below:- Intelenet BPO Office - Chennai/Thane/Mumbai Infosys IT Office - Chandigarh/Pune/Bangalore ICICI Bank Office - Hyderabad Crisil Corporate Office -Powai . Read More data-last-height= Ashish joined AHC in 1995,he completed his education from text analysis, Raheja College of Architecture. Some of describing essay person, his notable projects are listed below:- Intelenet BPO Office - Chennai/Thane/Mumbai Infosys IT Office - Chandigarh/Pune/Bangalore ICICI Bank Office - Hyderabad Crisil Corporate Office -Powai . Doris! Read More. ILFS Atrium Library - Mumbai IIT Convention Centre - Mumbai Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Housing / Hostel Auditorium - Rae Bareilly National Institute of person, Industrial Engg Academic Building - Mumbai BITS Academic Building - Pilani Mantri Residential Club House - Bangalore ATS Residential Lobby - Delhi NCPARenovation of Building and essay prompts Interior - Mumbai Om Sadan Residents - Mumbai Omaxe Mall - Agra/Ludhiana/Amritsar Green Buildings and Achievements:- ONGC Commercial Office - Dehradun Infosys Commercial Office - Pune RGIPT Housing / Hostel Auditorium - Rae Bareilly data-excerpt=Zakira joined AHC in 2007,she completed her education from person, Rizvi College of Architecture. Some of her notable projects are listed below:- ILFS Atrium Library - Mumbai IIT Convention Centre - Mumbai ATS Residential Lobby - Delhi National Institute of Industrial Engg Academic Building - Mumbai . Read More data-last-height= ILFS Atrium Library - Mumbai IIT Convention Centre - Mumbai ATS Residential Lobby - Delhi National Institute of Industrial Engg Academic Building - Mumbai . Read More. Lecture at Rachana Sansad College, Mumbai.

Lecture at essay, Manipal Institute, Jaipur. Lecture ar IIID Conference, Nashik. ARCHITECT HAFEEZ CONTRACTOR is the essay foremost architectural firm in India today. 1984 Essay! The Company has grown from a modest 3 person firm in 1982 to having a staff strength of well over describing person, 100 Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and other support staff. Adaptability is perhaps one of the essay best trademarks of humans. Through centuries one has seen the growth of the human race only describing essay person because change was accepted and acted upon. Professional Resume Writing Groupon! Human settlements to person kingdoms to cities - infrastructure and architecture became the mainstay, each evolving at crossroads of time into significant eras, creating new styles that have set precedents for others to essay teachers follow. It is rather odd to see a lot of what I have built across one book. Describing Essay! As an archetypal metaphor the light-dark family architect, I have always been only interested in my next building. But this book gives me one of those rare opportunities to reflect on my practice and essay person life at through doris critical, large. Essay! Looking back, I often feel that I haven't built enough and teachers importance I think the person best is yet to come - for 1984 me and my country!

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“The cover letter J. Melissa wrote for essay person me really helped open doors. I was already starting to panic that my resumes were getting nowhere, but after I added the cover letter, I got two job interviews within the week.” - Jen Carter, Software Engineer. “My husband had serious doubts on how hiring professional help for revising a resume would help him get out of that dead-end job he had. I insisted he had nothing to lose. JC Resumes got in teachers importance touch with him and after several consultations and one outstanding resume later, my husband has received three job offers, two of describing essay, which he never imagined he was qualified for. I saw my husband transform from being very irritable to a person who laughed easily.

Many thanks.” “I was shifting from a military job to a civilian job and I didn't exactly know how to craft my resume to meet what the business sectors are looking for. The people at services JC Resumes were a big help.” - R. Valdez, Quality Inspector. “Since I graduated from college two years ago, I have been jumping from one entry-level job to another. I just couldn't find the right job that gave me both personal and financial satisfaction.

When J. Melissa revised my resume and wrote my cover letter to reflect my skills and strengths, I was able to land the job that I've been looking for.” “While I was a stay-at-home mom, I discovered a skill that I was very good at. When my children became old enough for me to consider going back to person work, I didn't want to take up my previous career. Lessing. J. Melissa was recommended to essay person me as someone who could help me revise my resume so that it would be more appropriate for the new career that I would like to pursue. True enough, the importance service she provided opened doors for me and now I love my new job.” - Michelle B., Cedar Rapids, IA. “I did not think cover letters made such an impact in the hiring process. But after adding the one made by J. Melissa to my resume, job interviews came much faster than before.” “When I was laid off, it took me several months to even get an interview and describing essay, that interview was a step down from the level that I was already used to.

But when a friend of mine encouraged me to call J. Programs. Melissa, everything changed. In a short amount of time, she helped me revise my resume. This revision led to four job interviews that were either at the same level of my work or better. Thanks for the help.” - B. Berger, Product Manager.

“I could not believe how fast my college friend landed a job right after graduation. I knew we were at least equal in terms of skills and experience but she already had a job, whereas I still had yet to describing essay hear from even one company for an interview. I asked her what helped her and she gave me the contact information for text JC Resumes. She encouraged me to use their services so that I could also get that job that I want. After my initial consultation with them, I didn't have any doubt that they truly helped my friend land her job.

Their revision of describing essay person, my resume plus the cover letter they made looked so professional yet it was tailored to through critical essay my personality. In two weeks, I noticed the change. Job interviews came and now, I too, am proud to say that I have the job that I want.” - Tonya D., Administrative Assistant. “I was a housewife for 10 years and describing, did not think that I would be able to rejoin the workforce that quickly, but when I called JC Resumes and saw how J. Professional Services. Melissa could help me touch up my outdated resume, I knew I shouldn't waste time.

In 6 weeks, I was able to get a job that made it worth my while to describing give up staying at home with my family and at lessing essay the same time gave me career fulfillment.” “Many of my college friends were content with entry-level jobs, but after a good internship at an accounting office, I could not understand why I should settle for that. I decided to person seek professional help and mfa creative low residency, the staff at JC Resumes did not fail me. Describing. They gave me tips on writing low residency, what companies look for essay person in potential employees and gave me feedback on how I can make my resume more appropriate for the job I wanted. 1984 Essay. How can you go wrong when you have people who were truly concerned that you get the job you want? In a matter of person, six weeks, I had 4 interviews lined up, two of which came from companies I've always thought of working for. Writing a resume is easy, but writing one that actually gets you the job you want is mfa creative writing low residency programs, what JC Resumes did for me.

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“Our family business gave me a lot of experience, but I did not know how to work that experience into my resume so that it would look more professional. J. Melissa created my resume based on the details she got from our consultation and describing essay, not only did it look more professional, but it was also much more representative of what I've actually done. I truly am thankful for prompts her service. Describing. I know it was instrumental in getting me my current job.” “I had never worked for analysis a corporation before – I was running my own business since college. Person. But when times got hard and through doris critical, my business began to incur debts rather than profits, I had to reassess my options. Essay. The staff at essay JC Resumes was very helpful in answering my questions about coming up with a resume from my entrepreneurial background.

They wrote me a resume that was geared toward a private sector, corporate position, and in a short span of time, I was able to person land a managerial position in essay teachers an industry I enjoy.” “I have had various job experiences and I didn't know which ones to highlight in my resume for the new career I'm interested in. Essay. I didn't want to submit a resume that was not appropriate. Through research, the staff of JC Resumes helped rewrite my resume by bringing out those experiences that were more relevant to the position I was applying for.” “Working for the same company for over 20 years can make one feel as if there's no need to update one's resume. My revised resume helped me see that I am still marketable after all those years.” “The executive package from JC Resumes really gives executive service. 1984 Essay. I did not feel rushed and person, much time was devoted in trying to come up with drafts that neatly summed up my years of mfa creative writing, work experience.

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I felt I needed more professional help if I was going to professional services groupon avoid being part of the underemployed. Thanks to essay person my writer and her revisions, I now have a job that I really enjoy doing.” - T. Mfa Creative Writing Low Residency Programs. K., Administrative Assistant. “For people who are in a hurry, the rush service at JC Resumes really gave prompt attention to my needs. Describing Essay Person. Within 24 hours, I had a revised resume that suited the sudden opening at a company I always wanted to work for. I'm sure that gave me the edge in landing the job. Professional Resume. Professional, prompt service.” “I had just finished my military service and after being honorably discharged, I was eager to enter the world of Avionics as a civilian. I knew a lot of my military experience would be helpful if only I could present it in the appropriate private-sector format.

J. Melissa and her staff helped me arrive at a resume that neatly summed up my military experience without sacrificing the crucial points. Their assistance has really eased my transition from person military personnel to a civilian.” “This multi-national company had an international posting that was open and archetypal in rhetoric thesis, I knew a lot of applicants would be competing for the position I wanted. I got in describing essay person touch with JC Resumes, and writing low residency programs, my writer helped me tailor my resume for this specific revision. His revision of my resume helped me get into the short-list and now I am eagerly awaiting the next step.”

“Since I am a new graduate, I did not have much work experience to put on essay, my resume. But I did have a lot of experience in services community involvement, and I needed to translate all my volunteer work into something marketable in the business sector. My brother told me to contact JC Resumes. He used their services when he was looking for a job. He was very much satisfied with their service and so was I.” “The writer I worked with at JC Resumes was prompt and describing essay person, professional in 1984 her service.

She is invaluable to people who need help in getting a job and I'm speaking from my own experience.” “My consultations with J. Melissa were very thorough and very helpful. She researched the industry I worked in so that she could update my resume and help me be more competitive in my search for describing better employment.” - Ben Seaton, Systems Analyst. “I am in my mid-forties and professional services, was facing a career change. Describing Person. With the help of my writer from writing groupon JC Resumes, I bravely revised my resume and applied for describing person a more-fulfilling job. The cover letter was so well done that despite my lack of direct experience in the job I was applying for, I landed 3 interviews in two weeks.”

- Tim D., Environmental Health Officer. “I needed a rush revision done on my resume, and my writer delivered. Groupon. He was dependable when crunch time came and that is what made him professional.” - P. Garret, Retail Manager. “For a long time, I have been working for a company that I felt was not recognizing my hard work but I have been afraid to person risk changing employers, what with the current state of our economy and all that. Doris Lessing Critical. But after consultation with J. Melissa, I realized that I really have a lot to describing essay offer to essay importance others who would be willing to compensate me better for my skills.

After our initial consultation, J. Melissa helped me see that my strengths are valuable and that I deserve to get paid well for my hard work. She helped me regain the confidence eroded by years of staying in a company that did not value my work. Now I know I don't have to settle for a job that does not satisfy me anymore.” “My writer added a personal touch yet was very professional. Describing. She revised my resume to make it more suited to my current career and it was done with no waste of time on professional resume writing groupon, both sides. Person. I am very satisfied with her work.”

- Carla R., Project Manager. Copyright 2017 JC Résumés. Writing Programs. All rights reserved.

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Top 19 1-year MBAs in describing person Management 2017/2018. Archetypal In Rhetoric The Light-dark? Innovation and entrepreneurial skills are increasingly becoming fundamental requirements for the success of a business today. The MBA in Innovation Management enhances both aspects, shaping managers and entrepreneurs capable of creating value and making the difference. All of which is made possible by strong relationships with a unique regional environment, formed by enterprises operating in advanced. [+] Glasgow Caledonian University, London (GCU London) Our intensive Masters programme emphasises responsible leadership and international management strategy with a strong applied and professional orientation. [+] Master of Business Administration. The Ketner School of Business's Master of Business Administration MBA from describing essay person Trine University is focused on archetypal metaphor in rhetoric, delivering real world return on investment for professionals looking to develop their skills and marketability in describing essay person business and finance. [+] University Master#039;s Degree In Management And Business Administration. The Faculty of metaphor in rhetoric thesis Economics and Business of the UDC offers a Master's Degree in Management and describing essay person Business Administration (MBA) oriented mainly to eminently practical training in essay text analysis the field of business management. [+] Master of Business Administration. James Cook University's MBA program in Singapore consists of 12 subjects chosen from a wide spectrum covering all fields of contemporary management. [+] Business is person, becoming more global every day, transcending cultures and tunnel generations, crossing borders that used to stand between technologies, markets, and describing essay person [+] MBA in through critical essay General Management (12-Months) The programme has the following aims: To enable the person, advanced study of organisations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate; Equip individuals for and/or development of a career in business and management by developing skills at a professional or equivalent level to assume senior managerial and leadership positions in mfa creative low residency business; . [+] Compared to a traditional two-year programme, the Rome Business School’s 1-Year MBA provides a faster return on investment. It can be started anytime, either on campus or online (or both), offering the essay person, unique opportunity of fitting today’s professionals’ need for essay teachers freedom and flexibility.

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Essay, Research Paper: Marilyn Manson. and ethical issue for the parents and kids of the generation “X”. He is one. of the most controversial artists in describing essay the world today, one who chooses to essay text, express. himself in describing essay a way that provokes in the most extreme methods possible. His methods. are bizarre and shunned by most of society, as it cannot fathom what he is. trying to essay prompts, accomplish.

However, further research into his life and beliefs will. explain that he is sending a very strong message to the world. A message that is. firmly protect by the First Amendment in the American Constitution. Essay Person? This freedom. has unleashed a number of technical issues, as well as indirect damage done by. the people who would interpret his message incorrectly. The First Amendment.

guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association. (assembly). It also protects the rights of citizens to worship as they please. and the right not to be forced to support someone else’s religion. The First. Amendment also provides for the right to assemble and to demand a change in. government policies. (Bill of Rights, Encarta 1999 CDROM). Manson uses this.

freedom fully, getting his message across by any means possible, mainly to the. younger generation. Professional Services? These younger generations are more accepting of his attitude. and beliefs, partly due to the fact that teens are more susceptible to describing person, mass. persuasion and are easily confused. This has helped Manson conjure up a large.

loyal following of disgruntled teens that are called “Mansonites.” How. Manson gets his message across has been the doris lessing critical essay center of essay person controversy revolving. around the US ever since Manson’s rise to stardom. His moral, ethical and. religious actions have been questioned repeatedly. His ethics may be a. representation of how disorientated American society has become in writing low residency the late. 1990s. Alternatively, Manson may simply be showing that the media can be used to. manipulate the American mind more easily than their own values at heart. Person? “God.

is in the TV” (Rock is Dead) Manson screams. Now, how did this man become what. he is today? Where did he form his views about life and society, which would. ultimately lead to his notorious antics and cause millions of American parents. and city council members to want to cancel his concerts, against the First. Amendment? (“Politicians Rally against Manson”).

Marilyn Manson is the band. name and writing low residency programs the stage name of lead singer Brian Warner, who formed the essay band in 1989. and whose apparent business savvy and flair for controversy turned into a. success. Using androgyny, satanic images and themes of rebellion and death, Manson irked bystanders and proved that outrageous rock was still a viable form. of entertainment. (“Manson: Rock Star”) The name Marilyn Manson comes from a. pseudonym of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, two opposites of society. (Manson, 85) Ever since Marilyn Manson’s release of his album Anti-Christ. Superstar, many people have associated and accused him of influencing teen. suicide and Satanism, just because he acted, dressed and performed as an.

individual brought up by society’s mistakes. (“Marilyn Manson”) It is this. kind of media and political attention that Manson has received to become such a. big name in controversy in the last decade. It all depends in through tunnel doris essay how one takes his. remarks and viewpoints. Describing Person? If no attention were paid to Manson’s antics, there. would be no controversy; therefore, his entire essence of being the AntiChrist. may have been created by society itself. “On moral responsibility: Kids see.

more from their parents than they would anyone else. Through Tunnel Lessing Critical? They’re the ones who. should set the example.” (“Manson on Manson”) This is Manson’s criticism. of all the parents who would criticize him. Parents are the describing essay person biggest complainers. about Manson, partly because they are of the older generation and partly because. they can use Manson as a scapegoat for problems with teenage crime and suicide. in the writing US. “We talked about the essay kids inside, the tragedy of hopelessness, the. blatant rebellion against God and Manson’s part in teachers importance the whole thing.” (Benson, It’s only Rock N Roll..NOT). This is where the conflicts within the.

First Amendment come into play. Too many people disagree on everything, however. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course there are more against. Manson than for essay him which is where extreme actions are taken that are either. ridicules or unconstitutional. When college students are fined $250 plus court. costs for simply wearing a Manson T-shirt, there are definitely problems. (“Manson Shirt Wearer Fined”). Through Tunnel Essay? This is a violation of the First Amendment. and has been labeled a form of religious persecution. Essay? The amount of critics that.

Manson has is incredible, and society as a whole has been the major instigator. of the negative publicity Manson receives. In fact, a bill to shield children. from violent and sexual material in music, film, books and mfa creative low residency programs games was shot down. in Washington. (Dansby 55) These are some of the extreme measures taken to try. to shield the country from the unfortunate popularity of sex and violence in.

American entertainment. Describing Person? It is this violence and sex, which has helped promote. Manson. Teachers Importance? This negative publicity is helping Manson however, as he is being heard, and the more his is being heard, the more people he can reach out describing, to, no matter. what negative connotation there is involved. “Recent attempts by conservatives. to ban his shows have made him the darling of the the light-dark family thesis left wing and a perfect.

example of the kind of controversy the First Amendment can bring about.” (“Manson-Politically Correct?”). Now why is Manson under such heat? The. First Amendment does allow him the freedom to say and do what he wants to. provoke, but what exactly does he say? “I’m a controversial artist, one who. dares to have an opinion and bothers to create music and videos that challenge. people’s ideas in a world that is watered-down and hollow.” (Manson 56) Manson has particular problems with the describing essay entertainment industry and the way. society reacts to the media. It was never more apparent with the Columbine.

shootings last May. These are the criticisms that have caused the most. controversy in Manson’s saga. “I was dumbfounded as I watched the media. snake right in, not missing a teardrop interviewing the 1984 essay parents of dead. children, televising the funerals.” (Manson 57). It is person easy to doris, criticize. someone and describing essay put blame on them because they seem like the easiest way out of a. problem.

Manson even postponed his own concert because of the heat he was taking. for the archetypal family Columbine incident, although there was absolutely no relevance between. Manson’s viewpoints influencing the two boys. Describing? (Eliscu 23). “Responsible. journalists have reported with less publicity that Harris and Klebold were not. Marilyn Manson fans -- that they even disliked my music.” (Manson 57). He also. accuses the media of being able to manipulate who and what influences the minds. of the public. Groupon? “They love you when you’re on all the describing essay person covers, when you’re. not then they love another” Manson sings in “The Dope Show” as a criticism. of the entertainment business. It can be compared to the coverage of the Clinton.

scandal, which although the media had an obligation to televise, was also. overdone, and left part of the tunnel doris lessing critical American public with a negative image of person their. leader. However, this does not stop Manson from saying what he thinks, no matter. how many people who may have problems with him. “Whether you interpret the.

Bible as literature or as the final word of whatever god may be, Christianity. has given us an image of death and sexuality that we have based our culture. around. A half-naked dead man hangs in most homes and around our necks, and we. have just taken that for granted all our lives. Is it a symbol of hope or.

hopelessness?” (Manson 57) These views are not accepted because of his. differences in religion and moral values compared to mfa creative programs, most of America, which is. predominantly of the Christian faith. No matter how strong of a point Manson. would make in essay his comments, there will always be a large percentage of analysis the. population ready to disagree. If Manson were to say he loved God, nobody would. object, but because he has different views, and prides himself of it, a majority. of society looks down on him. Nevertheless, the nation also gives anybody the. right to say what he or she thinks, which is essay where the line is drawn for.

interpreting the constitution. There are people who do accept his views however. Foreigners who do not live under the same kind of society that Americans do tend. to have a more liberal view of Manson. Essay Text? “In America, the attentions of the. Moral Majority and the Fundamentalist Christian constituency outraged by his.

professed Satanism and sex and drug-obsessed lyrical bent, have ensured his. status as Public Enemy Number one.” (Mille, Monitor Online). This is just one. view from an Irish critic of Manson. Manson should be allowed to act how he. wishes and the observer would have to choice of agreeing or disagreeing. Describing Essay? This. freedom of interpretation leads to a completely new package of problems and. issues. Marilyn Manson comes to the world with a whole collaboration of new. philosophies and beliefs.

Some people accept them and some do not which is why. he is so controversial. The younger generation is typically more accepting of. Manson's values. “The only thing that scares me is to through tunnel doris critical, lose the power and. strength of my own individuality.

I wouldn’t want to describing essay, become like the less. creative people.” Says Manson in an interview. ( Marray 77) This is a. strong principle of Manson’s and resume groupon a big part of the understanding of the. religion of Satanism. “I went to God just to describing essay, see/and I was looking at me.” Sings Manson (The Reflecting God). Essay Importance? This is part of describing essay person how Manson feels of himself. This is the essence of text Satanism, the belief that one’s individuality should be.

the sole influence of one’s moral and ethical values. (Manson 168) “In this. way, his kind of intellectual elitism (and mine) is actually politically correct. because it doesn’t judge people by race or creed but by the attainable, equal. opportunity criterion of describing person intelligence. The biggest sin in Satanism in not. murder, nor is doris lessing essay it kindness. It is stupidity.” (Manson 168) Manson is speaking. about his concurrence with Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder and high Priest of. the Church of Satan.

LaVey was a follower of Nietzsche’s philosophies and thus. transferred them to describing essay, Manson when they met. (Manson 164) “He told Rolling stone. Magazine: It’s the whole Nietzsche philosophy of you are your own god” (Benson, AFA). This philosophy has appeal to people of the younger generations. who are often confused about their own ideals. In Rhetoric Family? (Benson, AFA). Essay Person? It is obvious that. this kind of thinking does not have good connotation with most other religions. represented in America. His philosophies are by no means far-fetched and. therefore they should not be under any sort of heat for being “stupid”.

“Stupid” is what Marilyn Manson and many of his followers have been called. Many remarks like these are made by protective parents, whom however, must in. turn realize their own moral and ethical deficiencies first. The main argument. that has been made of Manson’s antics is his corruption of America’s youth. He has been accused of having sexual intercourse on stage (Manson 246) and. influencing others to have sex as well. Mfa Creative? These are of course false rumors, because singing and playing music at the same time would be rather difficult. Essay Person? Of. course Manson is in no way a perfectly clean man. “The rock group Marilyn. Manson consists if demons or evil spirits in that they espouse heretical.

beliefs, claim to tunnel lessing, be Antichrists and Satanists, and describing person attempt to essay, tempt children. away from describing person, Christianity with Sin.” (Manson 248). This is one parents view about. Manson’s lack of morals. Mfa Creative Programs? It is obvious in his music videos and describing essay person stage antics. that Manson is very liberal when it comes to teachers, drugs and describing essay person sex. Archetypal Metaphor In Rhetoric The Light-dark Family? However, his music. does not encourage suicide. “The American Academy of Child and Adolescent. Psychiatry lists 14 signs to look for in a suicidal child.

Music choices are not. among them.” (Rosen, Music Violence) His on stage antics are something that. many people would find disgusting and erroneous. He does pretend to have. simulated sex on describing person, stage, along with various on stage effects that are. degenerative towards religion. Writing Services Groupon? (Lunchbox, Rock is Dead Tour VCD). The pinnacle. of his onstage performances are the introduction where Manson is brought onstage.

crucified to a cross made of TVs, and his performance of “Antichrist. Superstar” where he proceeds to rip the pages out of the bible behind a podium. whilst the audience cheers and beats their fists in the air. (Antichrist. Superstar, Last Tour on Earth VCD) This has been controversial, as the essay person major. part of the population does not listen to Manson or follow Satanism. Resume Writing? Manson has. never done anything criminal other than illegal drugs; there he is not liable. for any of the events that happen during his concerts. Unfortunately, many of.

the audience members cause more problems than the describing band. Fights have broken out. and various other illegal activities have occurred. (Lunchbox, Rock is Dead Tour. VCD). However, not everything involved with Manson is negative. In fact, some. parents would interpret Manson in a different way. Mfa Creative Programs? “Manson is a gross-out. artist, his look is often repulsive, he has a laissez-faire attitude about sex. and drugs, his music is describing person often violent and vile. All this crap has made him.

ridiculously rich. Archetypal Metaphor Family Thesis? That's nothing new, though, in describing essay person the world of rock and roll. What is 1984 new is his message - America is neglectful, scornful and afraid of its. own children and they're not gonna take it anymore. Maybe parents are the ones. who should be listening to what he has to describing person, say.” (Humphrey, Fort Worth Weekly) This particular parent believes that Manson does send a strong message and that. he is a good spoof of American society. “The Religious Right needs Manson as. much as he needs it.

With the archetypal metaphor the light-dark thesis death of communism, the religious conservatives. and the politicians who feed off them needed a new bogeyman to scare true. believers into keeping those checks coming in. Marilyn Manson, who urges kids to. question the person existence of God and through doris essay believe in essay themselves, is a gift from. evangelical heaven.” (Humphrey, Fort Worth Weekly). In essence, this quote is. saying the only person you can trust is yourself, because politicians, the. church and other institutions are corrupted and only in it for the money. Writing? As can.

be seen, even the older generation may be somewhat cynical, but able to essay, relate. to what Manson is criticizing. “In these conversations we've had some very. spirited exchanges about morality, the First Amendment, values, the profit. motive in show business and good taste.” (Hall, Spirit) A parent says of. Manson’s appeal to 1984 essay, kids. Parents have found ways to show their kids the. importance of morals and ethics by using Manson as an example. In fact, it is. quite ironic that parents would be criticizing Manson’s morals and ethics. After all, Manson is the way he is because of his poor childhood and bad.

parenting. His lack of morals can be blamed on the fact that his parents did not. give him the attention he needed as a teenager. (Manson 60) He was never put. through the moral and ethical background that many of us take for person granted. He.

was left to figure out his own morals for himself. (Manson 71) “He is a hurt. man. Regardless of his actions, he still has feelings, and mfa creative writing programs truly believes that. is what Christianity is all about. If some could reach him, maybe, just maybe, he could be able to describing, bring millions of teenagers into Heaven, instead of leading. down the road to hell.”(Ignored Now Famous, Seaport Community Church) This. comes to the younger generations’ perception of Manson.

Many of the younger. generation can relate to Manson’s state of mind. Writing Services? Almost all teens feel. confused and disgruntled growing up, trying to determine where they fit in and. Manson has given them a place to describing essay, look. Manson too, had experienced just about. every kind of abuse and essay importance seen all the horrors of a young teenager growing up in. Christian School and then transferring to Public High School. His life has been. a messed up one and essay person only now has begun to capture a meaning, which has come to. him through his music. (Manson 180) Teens can relate to him, particularly the.

ones who are “different” look up to Manson, because he is the epitome of. different. He dresses differently, often cross-dressing and he pretends to be a. homosexual, which is always a big issue of the light-dark family acceptance in society. (Manson 182) Much of describing essay person his onstage antics also appeal to teens, the same ones that would appeal. to adults if they were in a different place.

In fact, the 1984 prompts WWF (World Wrestling. Federation) has employed some of the same antics that Manson uses on essay person, stage. It. has become one of the most popular entertainment phenomena in essay text analysis America in essay the. last few years. “Manson has become the Rolling Stone cover boy and the idol of.

quasi-Goth teenagers everywhere.” (Collins, YH online) Teens labeled. “Goth” are the ones who dress in black, are often depressed and into gloomy. settings and essay themes like Halloween and Edgar Allan Poe. (Webster's Ninth New. Collegiate Dictionary's Definition) Teenagers can relate to Manson’s thinking: “ I've always tried to let people know it's OK, or better, if you don't fit. into the program. Use your imagination -- if some geek from Ohio can become. something, why can't anyone else with the describing person willpower and creativity?” (Manson, Rolling stone). He uses himself as an 1984 prompts, example to show everyone that he made.

himself into describing person a rock star. This is a strong message to young kids who are. confused and discontented. The younger generation also tends to be a lot more. liberal and accepts Manson much better than the older generation. It is also. because of the short attention span of many youngsters who need someone like. Manson to do outrageous things to keep them entertained. Even kids however, will. support one another in what music they listen to, no matter whether they like it.

or not. Teenagers however do listen to Manson’s music much more than adults. and this is because they can relate much better to him and mfa creative programs the feelings of. emptiness. Essay Person? “Because it’s a Great Big White World/and we are drained of our. colors/We used to text analysis, love ourselves, we used to love one another.” (Great Big. White World) Manson sings about the emptiness of a world where perhaps a person. has had bad luck. A certain amount of teenagers can relate to Manson’s. childhood where faith failed him, love went sour and money was not fulfilling.

In this case, Manson resolves to promoting himself to his own god, a elitist. view, but one that appeals to adults and teens alike. Essay Person? The harm in Manson’s. expression comes indirectly to professional resume services groupon, most. Describing Essay? Teenagers such as Harris or Klebold who. would interpret messages in music and in rhetoric the light-dark family entertainment negatively are where. problems start to arise.

Manson does preach two things, drugs and sex which can. easily lead to greater problems should a person interpret his music’s message. incorrectly. “I am the god of f$#%, I am the describing god of f#$%/Virgins sold by. quantity, herded by heredity /Who says date rape isn't kind.” (Cake and. Sodomy) Manson sings. It is this kind of lyrics which would cause problems if an. action were taken according to the message.

However, those particular lyrics. come from an older not well-known song of Manson’s and luckily, no real crimes. of rape have occurred because of them. (Humphrey, Fort Worth Weekly) It is given. that Marilyn Manson has done dishonorable things, but he has self-confessed this. to the archetypal the light-dark thesis world. “I’m such a dirty Rock Star, yeah,” (Deformography, CD) Manson sings in his song Deformography, a song about his transition from a. nobody into a Rock Star. People, who listen to him, listen because they find him. intriguing in describing person that he speaks his mind against common concrete beliefs.

Although. Manson does has done immoral things, sings about sex, drugs and the antichrist, there are bands and people out there who are much worst than him. Resume? If America is. complaining about morals and describing essay person ethics, it should first worry about whom it selects. as President, because he has not shown to have much stronger morals than Manson. Manson chooses to convey himself to the world openly, which is 1984 why he receives. so much negative publicity. Describing Essay? This negative publicity is publicity either way, and. that means Manson is getting attention, which is what he wants.

If people who. dislike him were to utterly ignore him, there would be no controversy over his. religious and moral position or whether he was influencing teenagers to become. delinquents. The bottom line is, Marilyn Manson is an entertainer like all other. entertainers, and although he chooses to articulate himself in an out of prompts the. ordinary fashion, he is still protected by the First Amendment. The boundaries. of what exactly the Amendment allows and does not allow is a major controversy.

and which will never be solved because the Amendment allows for so much. difference in interpretation. Just like every belief of Manson’s is open for. interpretation as can be seen with the different viewpoints of parents and an. older generation compared to describing person, the views of teenagers and “generation X”. The. freedom of speech, press and religion granted by the First Amendment should.

benefit those who do not like Manson as much as those who do. Those who dislike. him do not have to essay teachers, listen to him or acknowledge him, and those who admire him. will experience a plethora of bizarre ideas and describing person antics. Resume Writing Groupon? Perhaps no one can sum. up Manson better than himself; “First of describing essay all your protests and put them to. Help other users to find the good and worthy free term papers and trash the bad ones. Get a Custom Paper on Famous People: Free papers will not meet the essay guidelines of your specific project. If you need a custom essay on Famous People: , we can write you a high quality authentic essay.

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Culture and Mythology/ The Aztecs: A Case Study term paper 18694. The Aztecs are an ancient culture that had many customs and rituals that by describing, modern standards are considered barbaric. Their culture was made up of different social classes, and was primitive yet very advanced. 1984 Essay Prompts? They were located in the mainland of Mexico, and their empire was quite vast over essay that area. Their culture began around 1100, and ended around 1520. The exact numbers of the Aztecs is not known due to the age of their culture, but judging by prompts, the size of their empire it was quite large. The only figure I could find was that in 1519 there were more than 1,000,000 people living in the civilizations boundaries.

The reason that I was drawn to this culture was some of the practices that they had. The most interesting being the human sacrifices to describing essay the gods, and the large ball game that they played that sometimes went on for days without a stop. The Aztecs lived primarily in a fertile volcanic valley of Mexico where they built their capital city named Tenochtitlan. The land in which they lived was a plateau seeing that most of the surrounding was mountainous. Teachers Importance? The soil in the settled areas was very rich and good for growing crops, due to the volcanic eruptions that occurred. The valley of person Mexico was the heartland of Aztec civilization. It is a large internally drained basin surrounded by volcanic mountains that are as high as 9,000 ft in elevation. Thousands of years of soil erosion had produced deep, rich soils in the valley and a system of shallow, swampy, salt lakes in its center. This gave the Aztecs a diverse variety of analysis foods that could be available. The salty lakes made available fish, turtles, insect larvae, blue-green algae, and salt. The food that was eaten by the Aztecs varied by social classes.

The peasants lived mainly on corn and beans, except for a duck or a crow that they may have trapped in essay their garden. Their only 1984 prompts domesticated animals were rabbits, dogs, and turkeys which were fattened and eaten on special occasions. Corn was the main food of The Aztecs and describing person, many foods were made fresh daily from doris lessing it. Every morning the woman of the family would grind up fresh corn, and make bread for describing essay person, the day. The higher classed people, however, enjoyed eating turtles and crabs imported from the coast. It was odd to the Spaniards to find that one of the delicacies of the 1984 essay Aztecs was dog. Aztec homes also differed by social class, peasants built their huts around the edge of the person city.

While handymen lived nearer to the center in in rhetoric mud-brick houses. In each of these homes there was normally a mudbrick tub, and essay person, they all consisted of a single room. Nobles that were higher in society lived in palaces built of whitewashed stone, and with over a hundred rooms, and were built around the essay teachers importance main plaza. Inside of all houses the describing essay rooms were almost bare, light came in from wooden torches and round the room were stored the family’s possessions and objects of daily use. Essay Teachers Importance? Even palaces had no doors but instead had cloth hung over openings, this allowed for cool air to circulate throughout the describing house. For the Aztecs clothing was way of showing social status, so there were very strict laws about who could wear what. An ordinary citizen wore a loincloth and cloak, which had to be made of plain undyed maguey-fiber cloth. And if they were caught wearing sandals in the palace they were put to death.

Nobles wore cotton cloaks with borders of precious stones. Craftsmen were able to dye the cotton green, and other colors; they also wove geometric designs into their cloak to writing low residency symbolize their status in the culture. Essay Person? The Aztecs loved to wear jewelry, but there were also strict laws about this. Most people pierced their ears to hold plugs of shell or polished stones. 1984 Essay? Nobles were allowed to wear gold and describing essay person, carved precious stones in their lower lips to show their high rank. Farmers were among the lowest in the dress, they slept in their loincloth, and in the morning he got his blanket and tied it around his shoulder and he was dressed. Women wore a woven blouse with an mfa creative programs, embroidered skirt that held it in place. Every class also had their own haircuts varying from highest to lowest for the most festive style. Through my studies of the Aztecs I was shocked to find out how much dress, and describing essay person, appearance had to do with social status. The economy of the Aztecs was largely one of bartering (trade).

The trading was of many goods; this is professional writing services groupon how the large open air markets operated. In the central market there were 4 hierarchal levels or marketplaces. Essay? These marketplaces were an area of bustling activity while they were open. The reason that these were so busy was that they were only open for and Aztec week (which is 5 days). While the market was open there were many stands set up where merchants paid a small fee to operate a stand to sell their goods. At the market products were monitored for quality, and if a product was found of bad quality they were shut down. At the same time anyone caught shoplifting was taken to the court at the market, and found guilty.

The punishment was being beaten to through tunnel doris critical death on the spot. The currency that was used was cacao beans for small purchases, for larger purchases the Aztecs used quachtli (cotton capes of standard sizes). The economic level of the Aztecs was quite high, and was considered as more sophisticated markets that several other civilizations. Even though there was no official currency they did use objects as money ranging from beans to capes. The only unique feature that I could pick out is how well the person market was monitored by archetypal family thesis, the people looking for quality products. This shows an amount of sophistication on their behalf, by regulating trade in a way.

The economy was very complex, in the way that all aspects of it were tied together, which made the Aztec empire unified. The economy was highly commercialized and person, dynamic, but it was not a capitalist economy. There was no paid labor, land was not a commodity to be bought and sold, and there were no chances for investment. Archetypal Metaphor In Rhetoric The Light-dark Family? The markets and describing essay person, the economy were embedded in a rigid system of social classes, and no amount of economic success would enable one to cross class barriers. The Aztecs at writing the personal level were taught to act sophisticated, with self-control, while still acting well behaved in essay public. The Aztec people loved to give speeches and help others with problems.

In the social sense of personal acting they were a very confident people, who were proud of their family. In public they were expected to writing low residency programs live and act appropriately to essay the class that they held in society. The family that the Aztecs lived in is a nuclear family consisting of the mother, father, and children all in one house. Essay? The parents of the describing essay person boy who was getting married arranged marriages within the culture. Men married in the late teens to the early 20’s, while women were married sometimes as young as 10 years old. After the bride was selected the wedding date was picked. Family Thesis? If the marriage fell on an unlucky day it was thought that it would fail. Weddings took place in 2 parts first with a feast at the wife’s house, and then a trip to the groom’s house for the actual wedding.

To signify the union clothes were tied together to describing essay show the unity to the gods. Once young people were married they assumed adult roles, and essay, responsibilities. Their society practiced monogamy, there were not multiple wife families in the culture. The kinship was mainly handled by describing person, men, and was patriarchal. The Aztec religion was based largely on a debt that humankind owed to the gods, which could only the light-dark thesis be paid back through sacrifice and blood letting. Essay Person? The religion focused on agricultural fertility and worship of the sun, which the Aztecs felt the gods created.

The Aztec religion was a complex blend of traditions, unified by emphases on blood, sacrifice, and doris lessing, debt payment. Gods of the Aztec religion had a separate temple where their idol was stored. Several priests ran each temple, along with commoner boys, and people who were studying the priesthood. Priests had 3 main duties; most important was the carrying out of rituals. They also left food for the idols, and kept sacred fires burning. The lower priests ran the calmecac, supervised by describing, the tlamacazton and personnel, and also kept the sacred books. 1984? Above the tlamacazton were the “fire priests”; these were the priests responsible for human sacrifice rituals. Regular priests assisted at the stone of sacrifice, but only essay a “fire priest” could wield the lethal flint knife.

The head priest was known as a Quetzalcoatl, who presided at the top of the Templo Mayor pyramid, and other buildings. The Aztec religion called for quite a large amount of human sacrifice ceremonies, which were necessary to pay the archetypal family thesis debt to the gods. There were two different ways of paying back the gods, Autosacrifice, or bleeding oneself. Heart sacrifice was also practiced, which was believed to a higher sacrifice to the gods. Describing? Autosacrifice was viewed as an alternative to heart sacrifice to pay back the mfa creative low residency dead. While heart sacrifice was considered stronger to show the gods respect. The heart sacrifice took place on a pyramid on person the stone altar, the heart of the importance person is person removed, and then the head is mfa creative writing low residency programs cut off and placed on a skull rack on the pyramid. The people sacrificed were not looked upon as mere mortals, but as deities whose deaths were similar to describing the god’s original deaths. The Aztecs did not have many myths that were in their culture, but they did have a few on the birth of their culture.

The main myth is of the essay importance four suns, in which one main god, created two other gods, who in between the creation of earth, other gods, and people were distributed. The name of the myth of the four suns comes from the four previous ages of describing essay gods which came before the present set. The Aztecs had several other myths in their culture, all of which dealt with creation of essay analysis objects, and light in the culture. The Aztecs used many different mediums in the art that they made, the most popular being stone sculptures, and paintings. Almost all of the art depicted religious symbols that were very important to the culture. The style of art is referred to describing essay as the “Mixteca-Puebla style.” The art that they did reflected their religious beliefs, and everyday life. There were collaborations by many carvers on projects for through doris critical, kings, which were mainly large temples, and pyramids. The use of music and dance was mainly reserved to religious rituals and ceremonies. Drums were the main instruments mentioned in written works, and in drawings. Some other instruments were trumpets on essay person conch shells, pottery flutes and whistles, and rattles. Dances were both with men and women, in which they moved in a circular pattern around the musician in the center.

Young people in the culture were especially proud of their ability to dance. Song and dance were not widely used outside of ceremonial purposes, unless in celebration. These were parts of the culture, but as most things were it remained mainly a religious practice. The Aztecs were also one of the cultures of the world that built pyramids. Mfa Creative? The pyramids were not built as a burial chamber like the describing essay person Egyptians though; they were built as pedestals for temples. The temples that were atop these structures were very well decorated, with statues of the deity they were dedicated to in the center of the temple. Although no statues still exist there are written accounts from the Spanish conquerors journeys to the region. In closing the Aztec culture was a very complex culture, with many rituals and ceremonies. Their culture is a very interesting one to study especially in the realm of human sacrifice, and the brutality that took place. They lived in 1984 essay a polytheistic society where there were many gods, and describing essay person, the number continued to grow.

That was the 1984 essay downfall of the Aztecs and many other great Mexican cultures. For the describing person Aztecs Cortez’ came to explore for Spain, and destroyed and stole a lot of elements from their culture. Cortez’ came at the end of a 52 year cycle of the calendar at which the god Quetzalcoatl would return to 1984 essay destroy them. So the Aztecs received the Spanish very well, at that time the Spanish attacked and destroyed the person culture. It is funny to think that a culture was destroyed by it’s own religious beliefs. In the end the strong belief in gods led to the end of a great early civilization of the Mexican country. A complex culture as well, which as time progressed became more sophisticated and wealthy. The Aztecs were very interesting to study, and professional resume, they are also an example how beliefs can be a hindrance to describing a culture, and maybe lead to it’s demise. 1968.

Everyday life of The Aztecs. G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, NY. 2. Crosher, Judith. 1976. Writing Programs? The Aztecs- Peoples of the past. Describing Essay Person? Silver Burdett Company, Morristown, N.J. 3. Hooker, Richard.

4. Stuart, Gene S. 1981. The Mighty Aztecs. National Geographic Society. 5. Townsend, Richard F. 1992. The Aztecs. Thames and Hudson Inc., New York, NY. 6. Essay? Smith, Michael E.

The Aztecs- The Peoples of America. Blackwell Publisher Inc. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 7. Vaillant, George C. 8. Essay Person? Microsoft Corporation. 1999. Encyclopedia Article. Word Count: 2195. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints.

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