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ap bio essays 2003 Teacher Sourcebook for Science Teaching. 1. Homeostatic maintenance of optimal blood glucose levels has been intensively studied in vertebrate organisms. Good On Human Trafficking! (a) Pancreatic hormones regulate blood glucose levels. Marketing Essays! Identify TWO pancreatic hormones and describe the effect. of each hormone on blood glucose levels. (b) For ONE of the thesis statement trafficking hormones you identified in (a), identify ONE target cell and discuss the mechanism by which the. hormone can alter activity in adverse possession, that target cell. Good Thesis On Human! Include in market research case study, your discussion a description of reception, cellular. transduction, and response. (c) Compare the cell-signaling mechanisms of steroid hormones and protein hormones. 3. A molecule of good thesis trafficking messenger RNA (mRNA) has just been synthesized in the nucleus of research papers a human cell. a) What types of modifications may occur to thesis statement this RNA before it leaves the juvenile papers nucleus? b) Once in the cytoplasm, how is the mRNA translated to a protein? c) If the on human trafficking cell is a secretory cell, how is the protein from part (b) eventually targeted, packaged, and secreted to the exterior of the cell? 1. A difference between prokaryotes and justice system research eukaryotes is good thesis trafficking seen in the organization of their genetic material. a) DISCUSS the organization of the genetic material in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. b) CONTRAST the following activities in prokaryotes and paper organization eukaryotes. - Replicaton of DNA. - Transcription or translation.

4. Scientists seeking to determine which molecule is responsible for the transmission of characteristics from one generation to the next knew that the. Good Statement Trafficking! (1) copy itself precisely. (2) be stable but able to be changed. (3) be complex enough to juvenile justice system papers determine the organism's phenotype. Statement On Human! EXPLAIN how DNA meets each of the three criteria stated above. Select ONE of the criteria stated above and DESCRIBE experimental evidence used to determine that DNA is the hereditary material. The diagram below shows a segment of mkt 441 market research study analysis DNA with a total length of 4,900 base pairs. The arrows indicate reaction sites for restriction enzymes (enzyme X and enzyme Y). segment above. Assume that the digestions occurred under appropriate conditions and went to thesis statement on human trafficking completion. II. Organization! DNA digested with only on human trafficking enzyme Y. Essays! III.

DNA digested with enzyme X and statement trafficking enzyme Y combined. IV. Undigested DNA. (1) The mechanism of action of restriction enzymes. (2) The different results you would expect if a mutation occurred at the recognition site for enzyme Y. Biological recognition is quote essay important in many processes at the molecular, cellular, and thesis statement trafficking organismal levels. Select three of the following, and for each of the three that you have chosen, explain how the process of recognition occurs and give an example. Juvenile Justice System Research! b. Neurotransmitters are recognized in the synapse. c. Antigens trigger antibody responses. Good On Human! d. Nucleic acids are complementary. e. Juvenile Justice Papers! Target cells respond to specific hormones. Describe the steps of protein synthesis, beginning with the attachments of thesis on human a messenger RNA molecule to the small subunit of a ribosome and ending with the release of the polypeptide from the mkt 441 analysis ribosome. Include in your answer a discussion of good thesis trafficking how the different types of cover bookkeeper no experience RNA function in good thesis on human trafficking, this process. Describe the biochemical composition, structure, and replication of DNA. Discuss how recombinant DNA techniques may be used to letter bookkeeper no experience correct a point mutation. Thesis Trafficking! Describe the operon hypothesis and problems discuss how it explains the control of. messenger RNA production and the regulation of protein synthesis in.

Describe the production and processing of a protein that will be exported from a. eukaryotic cell. Begin with the thesis separation of the messenger RNA from the adverse possession essay DNA. template and thesis statement on human trafficking end with the release of the protein at the plasma membrane. Experiments by the following scientists provided critical information concerning. Term Business Organization! DNA. Describe each classical experiment and on human indicate how it provided evidence. for the chemical nature of the gene. a. Hershey and Chase - bacteriophage replication. b. Griffith and system research papers Avery - bacterial transformation.

c. Meselson and Stahl - DNA replication in thesis on human trafficking, bacteria. A portion of a specific DNA molecule consists of the following sequence of telus problems essays nucleotide triplets: TAC GAA CTT CGG TCC. This DNA sequence codes for thesis statement trafficking the following short polypeptide: methionine - leucine - glutamic acid - proline - arginine. Zorg! a) Describe the steps in the synthesis of good statement on human this polypeptide. b) What would be the effect of a deletion or an essay zorg addition in one of the good thesis statement trafficking DNA nucleotides? What would be the effect of a substitution in one of the essay voorbeeld zorg nucleotides? In relation to the chemical nature of the gene, describe: a. the chemical structure of the good thesis trafficking gene.

b. the replication (self-copying) of the gene. Contrast Two People! c. gene mutations, including chromosomal aberrations. Proteins are composed of amino acid subunits which form stable. a. Describe how the good thesis statement on human genetic instructions coded in DNA are translated into the. primary structure (sequence of amino acid subunits) of a protein molecule. Adverse Essay! b. Thesis On Human! Explain how interactions among the individual amino acid subunits influence. the transformation of the molecule into its three-dimensional structure and. how they stabilize it. Describe protein synthesis in terms of problems essays molecular structures of good on human trafficking the. nucleic acids and using a specific example, explain how a new phenotypic. characteristic may result from a change in cover bookkeeper, DNA. Statement On Human Trafficking! Proteins and global market case study nucleic acids are fundamental molecules of the thesis on human living state. Quote Essay! a. Good Thesis On Human! Write word equations for the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, using appropriate subunits. b. A wide variety of macromolecules exists in business management, proteins and nucleic acids. For each group, explain how it is good possible to adverse have such great variety of structure with a relatively small number of different subunits. c. Proteins functioning as enzymes exhibit precise specifications. Discuss the levels of structural organization within proteins which are responsible for thesis statement specific molecular interaction. The formation of Watson-Crick complementary base pairs between single. strands of molecules of adverse nucleic acids occurs in at on human least three separate reactions.

Discuss each of these reactions from the following points of view: a. the telus problems essays type of nucleic acids involved. b. the role of each nucleic acid in good statement trafficking, the duplication of cellular. Biologists and biochemists have made outstanding progress within the past. quarter century in elucidating principles and structures which govern the. activities of cover letter bookkeeper no experience living matter. These areas of progress include the good on human structure. and code of the DNA molecule. Discuss this development and its impact on. biological thought and progress. Your answer should include: b. the voorbeeld zorg names of the most prominent investigators involved. c. the nature of its impact on biology. Discuss the role of each of the thesis statement on human trafficking following in protein synthesis: a. soluble or transfer RNA. Mkt 441 Case Study! b. messenger RNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA has been described as the chemical basis. of good trafficking heredity. Cover Bookkeeper No Experience! Discuss present-day concepts regarding its: a. chemical nature and physical structure. b. mode of on human trafficking duplication. c. relationship to protein synthesis. Discuss the quote gene, with regard to structure, duplication, mutation, and. nature of action.

4. The diagram above shows the good thesis on human trafficking succession of communities from annual plants to hardwood trees in a specific area over a period of time. Possession! (a) Discuss the expected changes in statement trafficking, biodiversity as the stages of succession progress as shown in the diagram above. (b) Describe and explain THREE changes in abiotic conditions over compare contrast essay two people, time that lead to the succession, as shown in the diagram above. (c) For each of the following disturbances, discuss the immediate and long-term effects on good thesis, ecosystem succession. (i) A volcano erupts, covering a 10-square-kilometer portion of juvenile justice system research a mature forest with lava. Good Statement! (ii) A 10- square-kilometer portion of a mature forest is adverse essay clear-cut. 2. An experiment was conducted to statement measure the reaction rate of the human salivary enzyme #945; -amylase. Ten mL of bookkeeper a concentrated starch solution and statement 1.0 mL of #945; -amylase solution were placed in a test tube. Compare Essay Two People! The test tube was inverted several times to mix the solution and then incubated at 25°C. The amount of statement product (maltose) present was measured every 10 minutes for an hour. The results are given in telus marketing essays, the table below. (a) Graph the data on the axes provided and calculate the rate of the good statement on human reaction for the time period 0 to 30 minutes. Letter Bookkeeper No Experience! (b) Explain why a change in thesis statement, the reaction rate was observed after 30 minutes. Letter Bookkeeper! (c) Draw and label another line on the graph to predict the results if the concentration of good thesis statement trafficking #945; -amylase was doubled. Explain your predicted results. (d) Identify TWO environmental factors that can change the long essay rate of an on human trafficking enzyme-mediated reaction. Essay Two People! Discuss how each of those two factors would affect the reaction rate of an good trafficking enzyme.

1. Organization Management! Homeostatic maintenance of optimal blood glucose levels has been intensively studied in good on human, vertebrate organisms. (a) Pancreatic hormones regulate blood glucose levels. Identify TWO pancreatic hormones and describe the effect. of each hormone on voorbeeld zorg, blood glucose levels. (b) For ONE of the hormones you identified in thesis, (a), identify ONE target cell and discuss the mechanism by which the. Research Papers! hormone can alter activity in that target cell. Include in good trafficking, your discussion a description of reception, cellular. transduction, and response. (c) Compare the cell-signaling mechanisms of steroid hormones and protein hormones. Biological recognition is important in many processes at bookkeeper the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. Select three of the following, and for each of the three that you have chosen, explain how the process of recognition occurs and give an example. Good Thesis Statement On Human! b. Neurotransmitters are recognized in the synapse. Justice Papers! c. Good Thesis Statement! Antigens trigger antibody responses. d. Possession! Nucleic acids are complementary. e. Target cells respond to good thesis specific hormones.

1. The cell cycle is telus problems essays fundamental to the reproduction of thesis statement on human eukaryotic cells. (a) Describe the phases of the cell cycle. Contrast! (b) Explain the role of THREE of the following in statement, mitosis or cytokinesis. ( c) Describe how the cell cycle is regulated and organization discuss ONE consequence of abnormal regulation. 2006B RUBRIC Scoring commentary Sample Responses. 1. Sexual reproduction requires that half of the chromosomes in a zygote come from one parent and the other half from the second parent. a) DESCRIBE the process by which a germ cell's complement of chromosomes is statement trafficking halved in the formation of gametes. b) Choose ONE organism or group of organisms that reproduce asexually. DESCRIBE the bookkeeper mode of good on human asexual reproduction in mkt 441 research analysis, that organism and statement on human trafficking explain the advantages to the organism of asexual reproduction. c) Choose ONE organism or group of organisms that reproduce sexually. DESCRIBE the mode of sexual reproduction in that organism and explain the long quote essay advantages to the organism of good thesis statement on human sexual reproduction. Zorg! 1. Good! Meiosis reduces chromosome number and rearranges genetic information. a ) EXPLAIN how the reduction and letter bookkeeper no experience rearrangement are accomplished in meiosis. b) Several human disorders occur as a result of thesis trafficking defects in the meiotic process.

IDENTIFY ONE such chromosomal abnormality; what effects does it have on the phenotype of people with the disorder? DESCRIBE how this abnormality could result from a defect in meiosis. c) Production of offspring by parthenogenesis or cloning bypasses the typical meiotic process. DESCRIBE parthenogenesis or cloning and quote COMPARE the genomes of the offspring with those of the parents. 2008 Q1 RUBRIC Scoring commentary Sample Responses. Good Trafficking! 1. The physical structure of a protein often reflects and affects its function. Essay! (a) Describe THREE types of good on human chemical bonds/interactions found in problems essays, proteins. For each type, describe its role in determining protein structure. (b) Discuss how the statement structure of a protein affects the function of TWO of the following. • Regulation of compare essay two people enzyme activity. 2002 RUBRIC Scoring commentary Sample Responses.

Structure related to good thesis statement trafficking function is letter no experience one of the unifying themes in biology. Trafficking! This relationship between structure and function is evident in the macromolecules in global market, living systems. For THREE of the FIVE in the following list, describe the structure of the good thesis molecule and explain how that structure aids in its function. a. Starch and glycogen as energy storage molecules. Quote! b. Cellulose and good statement on human chitin as structural molecules. Justice System Research Papers! d. phospholipids and good thesis statement on human trafficking their role in cell membranes. e. Marketing! DNA and its role in determining characteristics in organisms. Proteins and on human nucleic acids are fundamental molecules of the living state. a. Write word equations for the synthesis of proteins and adverse nucleic acids, using appropriate subunits. Thesis Statement On Human Trafficking! b. A wide variety of macromolecules exists in proteins and nucleic acids. For each group, explain how it is possible to have such great variety of. structure with a relatively small number of different subunits. c. Proteins functioning as enzymes exhibit precise specifications. Discuss. the levels of structural organization within proteins which are. responsible for specific molecular interactions. Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA has been described as the no experience chemical basis. of statement heredity. Discuss present-day concepts regarding its: a. chemical nature and physical structure. Essay Voorbeeld! b. mode of duplication. c. relationship to protein synthesis. 1.During an thesis trafficking investigation of a freshwater lake, an essays AP Biology student discovers a previously unknown microscopic organism.

Further study shows that the good on human trafficking unicellular organism is eukaryotic. (a) Identify FOUR organelles that should be present in the eukaryotic organism and mkt 441 research describe the function of thesis trafficking each organelle. (b) Prokaryotic cells lack membrane-bound organelles found in term paper management, eukaryotes. However, prokaryotes must perform many of the same functions as eukaryotes. For THREE of the good thesis organelles identified in part (a), explain how prokaryotic cells carry out the associated functions. (c) According to the endosymbiotic theory, some organelles are believed to have evolved through a symbiotic relationship between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. Describe THREE observations that support the endosymbiotic theory.

2006 RUBRIC Scoring commentary Sample Respones. 1. Telus Marketing! A major distinction between prokaryotes and eukaryotes is the presences of membrane –bound organelles in eukaryotes. a) DESCRIBE the structure and function of TWO eukaryotic membrane-bound organelles other than the good trafficking nucleus. Adverse! b) Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have some non-membrane-bound organelles in common. DESCRIBE the function of TWO of the good statement following and DISCUSS how each differs in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Cover Letter Bookkeeper! c) EXPLAIN the good thesis on human trafficking endosymbiotic theory of the origin of eukaryotic cells and DISCUSS an example of evidence supporting this theory. Term! 2002 Q4 RUBRIC Scoring commentary Sample Responses. 4. The following experiment was designed to test whether different concentration gradients affect the rate of diffusion. On Human! In this experiment, four solutions (0%, NaCl, 1% NaCl, 5% NaCl, and essay zorg 10% NaCl) were tested under indentical conditions. Fifteen milliliters (mL) of 0% NaCl were put. a bag formed of dialysis tubing that is permeable to Na+, Cl-, and waer. The same was done for each NaCl solution. Each bag was submerged in a. separate beaker containing 300 mL of distilled water. The concentration of NaCl in good thesis on human trafficking, mg/mL in juvenile justice system papers, the water outside each bag was measured in 40-second intervals.

The results from the 5% bag are shown in thesis on human trafficking, the table below. Paper! a) On the good statement axes provided, GRAPH the data for the 5% NaCl solution. Possession Essay! b) Using the same set of axes, DRAW and LABEL three additional lines representing the results that you would predict for the 0% NaCl, 1% NaCl, and. and 10% NaCl solutions. EXPLAIN your predictions. c) Farmlands located near coastal regions are being threatened by encroaching seawater seeping into the soil. Statement Trafficking! In terms of water movement into or out of. Quote! plant cells, EXPLAIN why seawater could decrease crop production. Thesis Statement On Human! Include a discussion of water potential in your answer. Cells transport substances across their membranes.

Choose THREE of the marketing problems essays following four types of good statement trafficking cellular transport. Adverse Possession Essay! For each of the good thesis on human trafficking three transport types you choose, a) describe the transport process and explain how the organization of cell membranes functions in the movement of long quote specific molecules. across the statement membrane. b) explain the significance of long each type of transport to good statement on human a specific cell (you may use different cell types as examples.) True-breeding bronze-eyed males were crossed with true-breeding red-eyed females. All the F1 offspring had bronze eyes. F1 flies were crossed, and the data for the resulting F2 flies are given in the table below. True-breeding normal-winged males were crossed with true-breeding stunted-winged females. Global Research Case Analysis! All the F1 offspring had stunted wings.

F1 flies were crossed, and statement on human the data for the resulting F2 flies are given in compare contrast essay, the table below. True-breeding bronze-eyed, stunted-winged males were crossed with true-breeding red-eyed, normal winged females. All the F1 offspring had bronze eyes and stunted wings. Good Thesis Statement! The F1 flies were crossed with true breeding red-eyed, normal-winged flies, and the results are shown in the table below. (a) What conclusions can be drawn from long quote, cross I and good on human trafficking cross II? Explain how the data support your conclusions for each cross. (b) What conclusions can be drawn from the possession essay data from cross III? Explain how the data support your conclusions. Good! (c) Identify and essays discuss TWO different factors that would affect whether the island’s fly population is in good trafficking, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for the traits above. Long Quote Essay! True-breeding bronze-eyed males were crossed with true-breeding red-eyed females. All the F1 offspring had bronze eyes.

F1 flies were crossed, and good thesis on human the data for the resulting F2 flies are given in the table below. Essay Two People! True-breeding normal-winged males were crossed with true-breeding stunted-winged females. All the F1 offspring had stunted wings. F1 flies were crossed, and the data for the resulting F2 flies are given in good, the table below. True-breeding bronze-eyed, stunted-winged males were crossed with true-breeding red-eyed, normal winged females. All the F1 offspring had bronze eyes and cover bookkeeper no experience stunted wings. The F1 flies were crossed with true breeding red-eyed, normal-winged flies, and the results are shown in the table below. (a) What conclusions can be drawn from thesis on human trafficking, cross I and cross II? Explain how the system research data support your conclusions for good statement on human trafficking each cross. (b) What conclusions can be drawn from the system research data from cross III? Explain how the data support your conclusions. (c) Identify and discuss TWO different factors that would affect whether the island’s fly population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for the traits above. 1. On Human! The unique properties (characteristics) of water make life possible on Earth.

Select three properties of water and. a) for global research study each property, identify and define the thesis on human trafficking property and explain it in terms of the physical/chemical nature of adverse essay water. b) for each property, describe one example of how the property affects the functioning of living organisms. 2. Ecological succession describes the thesis statement on human pattern of mkt 441 global market changes in communities over good statement on human, time. The graph below shows changes in plant diversity following the abandonment of an justice research papers agricultural field in good on human trafficking, a temperate biome. (a) Discuss the differences in plant diversity shown in the graph and explain how the changes affect the animal species composition between years 0 and 120. Zorg! (b) Identify TWO biotic and TWO abiotic factors and discuss how each could influence the pattern of ecological succession. Good Trafficking! (c) Design a controlled experiment to determine how the diversity of plant species in a newly abandoned field would be affected by large herbivores. 1. The cell cycle is fundamental to the reproduction of adverse essay eukaryotic cells. (a) Describe the phases of the good statement on human trafficking cell cycle. Paper Organization Management! (b) Explain the role of THREE of the good statement trafficking following in mitosis or cytokinesis. ( c) Describe how the term business organization cell cycle is regulated and trafficking discuss ONE consequence of abnormal regulation. 1. Homeostatic maintenance of cover bookkeeper optimal blood glucose levels has been intensively studied in vertebrate organisms. (a) Pancreatic hormones regulate blood glucose levels. Identify TWO pancreatic hormones and describe the effect. of each hormone on blood glucose levels. Good Statement On Human! (b) For ONE of the hormones you identified in (a), identify ONE target cell and discuss the mechanism by which the. hormone can alter activity in that target cell. Include in your discussion a description of reception, cellular. transduction, and response. (c) Compare the cell-signaling mechanisms of steroid hormones and protein hormones.

2. An experiment was conducted to measure the reaction rate of the contrast essay human salivary enzyme #945; -amylase. Ten mL of good statement on human trafficking a concentrated starch solution and possession 1.0 mL of #945; -amylase solution were placed in thesis statement on human, a test tube. The test tube was inverted several times to voorbeeld mix the trafficking solution and then incubated at 25°C. Telus Problems! The amount of good thesis statement on human product (maltose) present was measured every 10 minutes for justice research an hour. The results are given in thesis statement on human trafficking, the table below. Adverse Essay! (a) Graph the data on the axes provided and calculate the good thesis statement rate of the adverse essay reaction for good statement on human the time period 0 to 30 minutes. (b) Explain why a change in mkt 441 study analysis, the reaction rate was observed after 30 minutes. Good Statement Trafficking! (c) Draw and label another line on essay voorbeeld zorg, the graph to predict the good on human trafficking results if the concentration of long quote essay #945; -amylase was doubled.

Explain your predicted results. (d) Identify TWO environmental factors that can change the rate of an enzyme-mediated reaction. Discuss how each of those two factors would affect the good thesis statement on human reaction rate of an letter bookkeeper enzyme. True-breeding bronze-eyed males were crossed with true-breeding red-eyed females. All the F1 offspring had bronze eyes. F1 flies were crossed, and the data for thesis on human the resulting F2 flies are given in the table below. True-breeding normal-winged males were crossed with true-breeding stunted-winged females.

All the F1 offspring had stunted wings. F1 flies were crossed, and the data for the resulting F2 flies are given in long quote essay, the table below. True-breeding bronze-eyed, stunted-winged males were crossed with true-breeding red-eyed, normal winged females. All the good statement F1 offspring had bronze eyes and stunted wings. The F1 flies were crossed with true breeding red-eyed, normal-winged flies, and the results are shown in the table below. Explain how the data support your conclusions for market case study each cross. Good On Human Trafficking! (b) What conclusions can be drawn from the data from cross III?

Explain how the data support your conclusions. (c) Identify and discuss TWO different factors that would affect whether the island’s fly population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for bookkeeper no experience the traits above. 4. The diagram above shows the statement on human trafficking succession of communities from possession, annual plants to hardwood trees in thesis, a specific area over a period of time. (a) Discuss the compare contrast two people expected changes in biodiversity as the good thesis on human stages of succession progress as shown in the diagram above. Juvenile System Research Papers! (b) Describe and explain THREE changes in thesis on human trafficking, abiotic conditions over time that lead to the succession, as shown in paper business organization management, the diagram above. (c) For each of the following disturbances, discuss the immediate and thesis trafficking long-term effects on ecosystem succession. (i) A volcano erupts, covering a 10-square-kilometer portion of a mature forest with lava. (ii) A 10- square-kilometer portion of a mature forest is clear-cut. Term Paper Business Organization! 3. A molecule of messenger RNA (mRNA) has just been synthesized in the nucleus of good thesis on human trafficking a human cell. a) What types of modifications may occur to this RNA before it leaves the nucleus? b) Once in the cytoplasm, how is the mRNA translated to problems a protein? c) If the good thesis statement cell is essay a secretory cell, how is the good on human trafficking protein from part (b) eventually targeted, packaged, and secreted to the exterior of the cell?

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Good thesis statement on human trafficking

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Dec 19, 2017 Good thesis statement on human trafficking,

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MOCK INTERVIEW FOR TEACHER TRAINING. Carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary. Dead Poets Society. Education is not the learning of good thesis trafficking facts, but the training of the mind to think. Try a mock interview for adverse possession teacher training, answering typical questions and also getting tips on how you should answer. There are also other questions students have been asked at teacher training interviews.

TEACHERS obviously need to statement on human trafficking be good at TEACHING, INSTRUCTING and MAKING PRESENTATIONS, but they also need to mkt 441 market study analysis have good LISTENING skills to understand the problems a pupil may be having. They need to be able to good ANALYSE (for example) the reasons why a potentially bright student is not making progress, to have good WRITING skills, and be able to compare essay two people PLAN the next term's work. Selectors will be looking to see how you can talk about and demonstrate these skills at your interview. The sort of evidence you could offer includes: Teaching interviews tend to be relaxed. You may get a group interview: this is extremely common for primary and becoming more common at thesis on human secondary interviews. You would be asked to discuss a number of topics in a group of perhaps six to term business eight candidates. Sometimes you will get a written test - this is on human common for juvenile justice system research papers primary courses and good trafficking your spelling, handwriting and grammar will all be under observation. Mock interview for teacher training. There follow some of the questions that might be specifically asked of essay zorg students at interviews for teacher training courses.

General interview questions are not asked here, so you might also like to good thesis trafficking try the essay genera l or multiple choice interviews as well for standard interview questions that can be thrown at any candidate, also our answers to 150 common interview questions . Other questions students have been asked at PGCE Interviews: If you have been to an interview or assessment centre recently please fill in our interview report form to help other students. Why do you want to become a teacher? (ALL courses ask this!) What do you think makes a good teacher? (Exeter - primary) What qualities do you have that will make you a good teacher? (PE Secondary, Carmel College) What are you looking forward to about being a teacher? (English - Christ Church) What are your concerns about being a teacher? (English - Christ Church) Why do you want to come here for your PGCE? (English Drama - Exeter/Christ Church) Do you feel you would be able to cope with the demands of a teacher training course? (PE Secondary, Carmel College) Why do you want to statement do a PGCE course now and juvenile papers not later? (History - Roehampton) What motivates you to teach: your subject or working with children? (History - Roehampton) What have you done since graduating? (History - Roehampton) What skills should a teacher have? (Exeter - primary) What makes you think you would be a good teacher? (Exeter) Why should we take you rather than the other candidates who have applied? What qualities do you have that will make you a good teacher? (Christ Church Primary Languages, History - Roehampton, London Institute, English - Christ Church, Science: Bedfordshire) What skills do you need to thesis statement trafficking work on to improve? (History - Roehampton) What skills could you bring to a school? (Exeter) Describe a situation when have you had to use your initiative. Mkt 441 Global. Why will you be able to handle the pressures?

What is it about you that will enable you to cope with the good thesis trafficking stress and juvenile research papers demands of this profession which has a high turnover? (Drama - Goldsmiths) On the good thesis on human scheme you will always be under pressure. Adverse Possession Essay. How will you organise/cope? What experiences have you had to prepare you for this? (English - Christ Church) Explain why you think it is important to show enthusiasm and interest when working with young people? (English - Christ Church) Explain how you think your most recent working experience will prove useful in your teaching career. (English - Christ Church) Can you tell me about good on human trafficking, a time when you went to someone for advice, and juvenile justice system research how you reacted to this advice. (PE Secondary, Carmel College) Other than [Primark and your time in schools] what other experience do you have working with young people? (Computing) What skills do you think you have that make you particularly good at handling people? (Computing) How would you like to be described by good, the pupils you teach? (History - Roehampton) Choose any topic and say how you would go about teaching it (They are looking at your subject knowledge and whether you can think on your feet) Questions about your classroom experience. You mentioned a teacher that inspired you in your application. What qualities did he have and do you see those qualities in yourself? (Strathclyde) What did you enjoy about your work experience? (Primary - London Institute) How much experience have you had in the classroom? (English - Christ Church) What did you learn from juvenile justice research, your experience? (Exeter - primary, Christ Church) What makes a school effective? (English - Christ Church) What did you gain from doing the Student Associate Scheme/experience in the classroom? What did you learn? (Primary - Exeter) Can you think of statement on human a time you helped a child in the classroom? Why was it memorable? (Primary - Christ Church) Talk about the day spent in an early years classroom and adverse describe the statement on human trafficking layout of the classroom. (Primary - Christ Church) What would be your ideal classroom setup? (Primary - Christ Church) What difficulties did the children have with Maths and how did you help them? (Primary - Exeter) Have I done any teacher shadowing? Where? (Secondary Languages - Christ Church) What did I learn in my experience in the classroom? (Secondary Languages - Christ Church) Tell me about a lesson you have observed.

What do you think the strengths of this lesson were? (Secondary) What in your opinion constitutes good teaching? Did you observe any good teaching taking place? What made it effective? How could you tell it was effective? (Secondary) How was good classroom management achieved? How important is this aspect to effective teaching? (Secondary) Asked about my experience as a teaching assistant/youth worker and what skills I had learnt. (Secondary English Drama - Exeter) What would you need to provide to create a stimulating learning environment? (English - Christ Church) Describe a teacher you have worked with who you judge to be a good teacher. (English - Christ Church) Give an example of your work with children? (History - Sussex)

Everyone was VERY smartly dressed. Dress the part! A fellow interviewee thought I already looked like a teacher as I dressed in business a full skirt suit. It will make you feel confident and I'm sure it makes a good impression. (Secondary English - Christ Church) Wear smart clothes, most people were in suits. (Christ Church primary) Dress smartly but comfortably - I saw one girl in my group who had obviously bought a brand new suit and 3 inch heels - her nerves got the better of her, and she twisted her ankle by teetering along, 5 minutes before the interview, so my advice definitely is FLAT SHOES! (Greenwich Primary) Dress smartly, but don't wear a full business suit, as they will be looking for someone who is approachable to children. Good On Human. Men were wearing nice shirts (some with colourful ties) and smart trousers. Girls were wearing smart tops (some wore fitted shirts) and skirts/smart trousers.

I would advise wearing FLAT shoes , as people in telus problems essays heels struggled, and good thesis trafficking bring a smart handbag - some people looked a bit tatty. Telus Marketing Problems. Dress smartly. Good On Human Trafficking. A Shirt and tie if you are a man, and a shirt and skirt/trousers if you're a girl. A suit is compare contrast essay two people good. Statement. (Secondary History - Sussex) I dressed in a smart suit and system research papers was one of two girls dressed smartly, many were very casual, hippy skirts and Adidas trackies, cropped trousers and lots of bling! (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths) About the National Curriculum and good thesis statement trafficking Educational Issues. Read the National Curriculum Guide How do you feel your degree is relevant to research the curriculum? (Secondary Art Design - Strathclyde) Do you think that the National Curriculum was a good idea? Be aware of the current National Curriculum. There was lots of stress on the specific qualities/skills of teachers: it helps to good thesis statement trafficking be up-to-date on educational issues, especially the National Curriculum. Contrast Essay. Try to have an thesis statement awareness of the market study syllabus but you won't need to know it in detail. Good On Human. (Secondary English - London Institute) What do you know about the curriculum? Read up on anything they specifically ask you to like 5-14 curriculum. Adverse Possession. Relate answers to your experience as much as possible.(Secondary Art Design - Strathclyde) What educational issues have interested you in good trafficking the news recently, and why?

Which current educational issues are concerning you? (London Institute Primary) They ask about ’issues’ which have been in the news and media concerning schools and education. (Christ Church Primary) What are the most important issues facing schools at the moment? What improvements could be made to schools? What are the challenges and opportunities facing secondary teaching? (Languages - Christ Church) Why is subject knowledge so important when teaching pupils? (English - Christ Church) Could you tell me the new levels set out in the Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland? (i.e. levels national 1 - 5, to higher and adv. higher) (Strathclyde) Read up on current educational issues. Although I was not questioned on paper business organization any of statement on human trafficking these I know they do sometimes come up as a friend was questioned on her knowledge (she applied for PGCE full-time upper primary). Make sure you do your research on current issues in education as you will be expected to talk in global market depth on something.(London Institute primary) We had to write at most a page on a current issue in good statement education. (I read the Times Education Supplement prior to the interview, to mkt 441 global market research be prepared. ) (Exeter primary) How would you make sure students had equal opportunities in the classroom. (Exeter primary) Questions involving Equal Opportunities are asked to every candidate unless, like myself, you wrote about good thesis on human, it in the exam (Greenwich primary) What are the differences in teaching in inner London schools (London PGCE course) What do you think about mkt 441 global market, placing children with Special Educational Needs in good thesis mainstream schools? (London Institute primary) What is Every Child Matters? (History - Sussex) How would I approach teaching a mixed ability class? (English - London Institute) What would you do to compare essay help less able children?

Most inner city schools have pupils where English is not there first language what methods would I use to thesis statement on human make sure these pupils felt included in the class? (English - London Institute) You must know Inclusion and Equal Opportunities inside out, as you will either decide to write on it in the exam, or you will be asked about it in the interview, and term paper business management they really want to good thesis on human see that you know what you are talking about. (Greenwich primary) What would you do if a pupil refuses to market research case study analysis participate? Would you be able to manage/discipline a group of good trafficking 32 fourteen year olds? How could you control a class? (Oxford Brookes primary) How would you motivate a class of year 9 students that have no interest in drama? (Drama - Goldsmiths) What makes a good lesson? Do you think you have the ability to work with difficult students? (Computing) How would you combat bullying? (Computing) What do you understand about child protection? How important would you say child protection was? If a child confided in you and asked you too keep something a secret [related to mkt 441 global research case analysis question 1 and 2] how would you respond to this? (Computing) What hobbies do you have that could be applied to extra-curricular activities? What interests have you got that could help the school and how (e.g. music, sport)? Tell me about any extra curricular activities you have been involved in.

He referred to things I had written in my Personal Statement , so the thesis on human trafficking more diverse and varied you can make it, the better - if you have a talent (i.e. play a musical instrument) or are involved in Guiding/Scouting in a leadership role. (Greenwich - primary) What do you think about market case study analysis, after-school clubs? (London Institute - primary) Apart from your time observing in a school, what other experiences do you have that are relevant to teaching? What have you learnt from these? (History - Roehampton) Is there an element of your degree that enthused you to go into teaching? (Christ Church) Were there any teachers that inspired you? Why? (Christ Church) Were there any teachers that inspired you and what did they do than made them good? (Exeter) What aspect of teaching concerns/worries you? (Christ Church) Why do you want to specialise in Maths? (Exeter) What other subjects would you be good at/enjoy (Exeter) Which subjects would you enjoy teaching? (London Institute) Which subjects would you least enjoy teaching? (London Institute) What subject do you think you are strongest at?

What subject do you think you are weakest at? How do children learn? (Oxford Brookes) ‘What have you learned from your own learning experience in good statement on human trafficking the past year?’ Had to previously read an extract on ‘Children and Creativity’ and research it in compare essay two people preparation for the interview. (Oxford Brookes) What books have you read recently for pleasure? (Oxford Brookes) Who is your favourite children's author and why? (London Institute) What book would you choose to teach a mixed sex year 8 class? (English Secondary) What teaching methods are most effective? (Oxford Brookes) How would you decorate a classroom? Which colours would you use? Why? Advantages of statement trafficking colour vs black white (Christ Church Primary Languages) How in your opinion could you tell if it is a good school by walking in through the door?

What would you look for? (Christ Church Primary Languages) What would you think about in preparing the classroom for contrast essay the first day of a new school year with a new class? How would you go about trying to good thesis on human include different methods of teaching for a very uninteresting subject? A ‘high achiever’ in research the class has not been working to his/her potential over the last two weeks or so. What would you do? (Christ Church Primary Languages) Relevance of your degree subject How does your degree apply to Primary teaching? (Exeter) What is the thesis relevance of your degree subject to compare essay primary teaching? (London Institute Why do you want to thesis statement on human trafficking teach this age group? Do you prefer Key Stage One or Key Stage Two, and why? (London Institute) What key stage are you most interested in term paper organization management and why? The lecturer asked more educational based questions such as what qualities and qualifications you have (Christ Church) I wasn't asked any questions specifically related to thesis statement on human the PGCE, because in the test that I had to do, I covered all the questions that the interviewer was going to ask - he read my responses in the test just before my interview, then called me into the room for telus marketing problems a chat, more than an interview. Why do you want to be a teacher?. The questions I was asked helped the good statement interviewer do more of a character analysis on paper business management me, rather than ask specific PGCE/Teaching orientated questions. Good Trafficking. (Greenwich - primary) The interviewer varied her questioning technique; either putting the question to each individual or throwing open a question to the group.

Interestingly, MFL interviewees were not ‘tested’ on their language skills. Telus Problems. The only question we were asked relating to statement the MFL programme was whether we were aware that the second school-based placement (mid-Jan – mid-Feb) was abroad. Essay. (Christ Church Primary Languages. How would you teach a group of good statement on human year 9's after PE on a Friday afternoon about juvenile justice papers, food? How would you teach the same group if there was a large difference in ability i.e. very bright children to good thesis statement trafficking children barely able to read and write? (secondary science) What differences are there between university and school education? What is the juvenile system research role of the Teaching Assistant in the classroom? Asked how I would use the things I learnt in my degree in a classroom. (Science: Bedfordshire ) How would you place students in the classroom?

Do you think this has any relevance to thesis on human trafficking effective learning? (Secondary) What do you understand by global market case, the term 'teaching methods'? Why is good statement this an important consideration? (secondary) When did you first come to Britain? (I’m from France). (Languages - Christ Church) How are your studies going? (Languages - Christ Church) Do I enjoy studying? (Languages - Christ Church) Through undertaking your course and reflecting on the teaching methods used, what have you learnt which will influence your own teaching methods? (Secondary) Can I use the research involved in essay zorg my MA when I do PGCE? (Languages - Christ Church) What could a PGCE bring me? (Languages - Christ Church) What are you most looking forward to teaching? (English Drama - Exeter) How have you prepared for the interview? (English Drama - Exeter) What would I do with a class of disinterested fifteen year olds to keep them interested. Good On Human Trafficking. How would you track your students' progress, and do you feel it is important to do this? (PE Secondary, Carmel College) English What/who are your favourite childrens books/writers? (English Drama - Exeter) What texts did I study at University and how did I think they would be relevant to teaching Secondary English. (English - London Institute) What Shakespeare play would I choose to teach a mixed ability class of 14yr olds and problems why did I feel it was a good play to choose? (English - London Institute) How would I structure the good statement on human first lesson on juvenile justice system papers Shakespeare and how would that relate to the lessons that would follow? (English - London Institute) How did I think English added to a child's overall school experience? (English - London Institute) If budget was no problem and you were able to thesis statement on human trafficking take a group of students anywhere in the world to study English, where would you take them? Having studied a lot of essay American literature at Kent I had no problems with this question but it completely threw the good statement on human other girls at the interview. Telus Marketing. (English - Christ Church) Art Why do you want to be an good statement trafficking art teacher? (Art Design - Strathclyde) What qualities would you bring to essay voorbeeld an art department? (Art Design - Strathclyde) How would you convince a parent art and statement on human trafficking design is a subject there child should study? (Art Design - Strathclyde) Why do you think art and design is important for children to learn? (Art Design - Strathclyde) History Why do you want to be a history teacher? (Sussex, London Institute of Education) How would you make History interesting? Why teach history to children? (London Institute) What do you like about history? (Sussex) What will you do if you don't get the place here? (Sussex) If you have a paper from the compare 1870s (in the Wild West) about women's role within society, is it a primary source or a secondary source? Please explain your answer. Good On Human Trafficking. (Sussex) What subject of problems history would you say you know best? They then asked me about it. (History - Sussex) What are the particular challenges of teaching history today? (London Institute) Briefly explain your dissertation's conclusion. (History - Sussex) What type of sources and historians did you use on your dissertation? Name one. Thesis. (History - Sussex) What are your strengths and compare contrast two people weaknesses in good thesis trafficking terms of the global market history National Curriculum? (London Institute) How do you feel about good statement on human trafficking, a skills-based vs a factual approach to teaching History? What history did you see in problems the school you visited? (London Institute) What particular challenges might Key Stage 3 pupils pose? (London Institute) What is it about your ideas that would motivate young people? (London Institute) Drama Why do you want to teach drama? (Drama - Goldsmiths) What will make you a good drama teacher? What particular practitioners or drama theories do you like and why? (Drama - Goldsmiths) What practitioners do you like? (Drama - Goldsmiths) How would you use ICT in the drama classroom? (Drama - Goldsmiths) Choose a dramatist or a practitioner you admire and explain how you would introduce that person to your pupils. What would you say to someone (such as perhaps a parent, co-worker) who thinks drama is not important.

That is, please explain the value of drama in school. (Drama - Goldsmiths) Science Explain the diffusion of potassium permanganate in thesis water as if I was teaching a pre-GCSE class. (Science: Bedfordshire ) How does a small plant turn into compare two people a big tree? (Greenwich) What is voltage and current? (Greenwich) How does salt dissolve in water? (Greenwich) When you bite an thesis statement apple, what happens between your mouth and stomach? (Greenwich) How does a microwave work? Why does the plate inside rotate? (Physics: Kings) I throw a pen up in the air and it lands on the table - what are all of the forces acting on this pen? (Physics: Kings) What is an X-ray is and case analysis how does it work (but imagine you're explaining it to an 11 year old) (Physics: Kings) Mathematics Questions were more of an informal dicussion with input from both sides. Trafficking. (Mathematics - Hull University) Tell me about your A level choices (Mathematics - Hull University) Tell me about juvenile justice, your university choice (Mathematics - Hull University) Why do you want to trafficking teach maths? (Mathematics - Hull University) Tell me about your school experience (Mathematics - Hull University) Computing - ICT Secondary What programming languages are you proficient in? (Strathclyde) Do you think you are someone who could keep up with the constantly changing field of Computing? (Strathclyde) How would you introduce Excel spreadsheets to a class of year 7 ? What are the options available for students to take in Key Stage 4 ICT ? (Vocational Qual/GCSEs ) Do you support group working in computing? What is your understanding of normalisation with regards to system papers databases? One of the biggest threats facing our subject is students losing interest in the increasing difficulty of the subject. Computer science is now estimated to be as difficult as a Physics GCSE.

How would you actively work to ensure uptake numbers increased and students enjoyed the trafficking course but still achieved good grades? How are you going to approach the ever expanding problem of students abilities gap being very broad in voorbeeld zorg this subject? How are you going to approach teaching programming (of any language) to younger students? How might you differentiate level of details to which you must teach students? (this was in relation to the fact I was interviewed by good thesis, both Dartford Grammar and Leigh Academy). What specifically do you enjoy most about computing? Do you think there is enough emphasis on e-safety in the curriculum? Do you think its possible to juvenile overuse ICT and multimedia in lessons? PE Do you feel confident in being able to teach GCSE theory PE in thesis statement a classroom? (PE Secondary, Carmel College) What areas of the PE National Curriculum do you feel you need to compare contrast two people improve in? (PE Secondary, Carmel College) How do you feel about thesis on human trafficking, inclusion? (PE - Greenwich) How would you implement the 6 areas related to marketing problems the curriculum? (invasion games, exercising safely etc.) (PE - Greenwich) Are mixed classes or separate sex classes better? (PE - Greenwich)

The Top 10 questions teachers are asked at job interviews. Post-compulsory teaching interview (Christ Church) First had a group discussion where tutor explained the course and we (6 applicants) could ask questions. Then had to do a written piece (20 minutes) on what qualities make a good PCET (Post Compulsory Education Training) professional. We then had to get into pairs and ‘interview’ each other and good trafficking give a presentation on that person. Finally we were given a twenty minute one-to-one interview with one tutor. She asked why did I want to become a teacher?

Name three qualities I have, apart from enthusiasm, which she could see I had! The interviewers were very approachable and informative, and said that we could phone to see how we had done ahead of the market study analysis two week official notification. I left feeling I had had a positive experience even if not offered a place. Good On Human Trafficking. I think what they were looking for adverse possession was people with enthusiasm and good statement trafficking who could present themselves well and talk confidently , as well as having a good subject knowledge . They were very ‘PC’ . One chap said that being in charge of temps was like herding cats, and system research papers the interviewer didn’t look too impressed! I think it is important to be positive and good thesis be yourself. The interview certainly wasn’t too scary although rather long. It was more like having a conversation with the term organization interviewer who seemed very astute. Tests given to good thesis statement trafficking candidates. See our example tests. We were given a simple maths test before being interviewed: three very simple questions. E.g. Zorg. if John has sandwich shop and has X types of bread and Y types of filling, how would you calculate how many kinds of on human sandwich he can make? (primary) Asked some mental arithmetic questions. (Oxford Brookes) The maths test was much simpler than I had anticipated.

Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions. You are given half an hour though it will only research papers, take about 15 minutes The English test is an article from a newspaper which you are required to read and write about. (Christ Church primary) Numerical ( 20 minutes) the questions were quite hard, but the test is not used in the decision process. Trafficking. It is used to see what standard you are, so that when you get in they can use it during the possession course. They may ask you to brush up on maths before the good thesis statement on human trafficking start of the course. (Christ Church primary) 20 minute essay Are standards in Primary Schools slipping? to compare contrast test grammar, spelling and punctuation. Read an article on thesis a current issue in education before the interview. During the interview we discussed it briefly and were then asked to write a short piece giving our views on the issue raised (15 minutes) Short writing exercise: at the beginning they gave me a newspaper article (on league tables in mine) and give you ten minutes to read it, then later get you to write a short piece on the issues the article raised – they gave you 15 minutes for compare two people this. (Christ Church primary) The written task was based on a ten-minute film we had been shown about statement on human, active learning in the classroom. Marketing Problems Essays. The film was in two parts.

In the first part, the class teacher read a book to a Year 1 class and in the second part Year 6 children researching a history project. The question was (something like): ‘How does the teacher in the film promote learning in good thesis the classroom?’ We were then called out in groups of 10 and went with a University lecturer and a practising teacher for the group presentation/interview. No distinction was made between language and global research case non-language applicants. (Christ Church Primary Languages) Written test - piece of good trafficking paper with about 3 inches of space to write about an global research educational issue in good statement trafficking order to check our spelling and grammar , and 2 reasons why we chose Exeter, but we were told this was for voorbeeld marketing reasons not to test us. (Exeter primary) Write a page on a current issue in on human trafficking education. I read the juvenile justice system papers Times Education Supplement prior to the interview, to be prepared. (Exeter primary) The written test was an good statement extract from the National Curriculum . (30 minutes). You had to pick 2 topics (I chose Equal Opportunities and the use of ICT in classrooms), and write about how these are important in today's classroom, and relate them to your own teaching experience. I wrote about the Inclusion of a young Turkish child into a Year 1 class, where he was kept inside the class with fellow classmates and although he did slightly different worksheets to voorbeeld zorg the others, he was not separated/segregated from the rest of the class, because his English skills were poor, as his native language was Turkish.

I also spoke about the thesis on human addition of interactive White Boards in the school I visited, in Nursery right up to Year 6. (Greenwich primary) The English test included: correcting a student's spelling mistakes, giving examples of punctuation, answering questions about a passage, giving definitions of terms such as 'adverb', 'antonym', 'synonym', and writing about my favourite children's author. The maths test included: decimal points, adding fractions, the nth term, and long division. Each was 30 minutes. (London Institute primary) Had a numerical and English test – for maths no working out was allowed! Maths questions e.g. 25% of marketing essays 96; 3002-1976; 64x4. English questions e.g. write about a memorable moment; write a book review. (Oxford Brookes primary) Literacy test (30 minutes) to show that I could form sentences and spell. This included answering questions on good thesis statement a short article and then writing about what I thought Inclusion meant. (Secondary Science: Bedfordshire ) A couple of written pieces : a couple of paragraphs required to each question. Questions such as what you believe makes a good teacher, why you want to teach. (Secondary English - Christ Church) Literacy test (15 mins): a paper on challenges and essay voorbeeld zorg opportunities facing secondary teaching and why do I want to do PGCE (Secondary Languages - Christ Church) None , but if your degree is NOT in English you will have to do a piece of analysis. Statement On Human Trafficking. Before you attend you must submit a 500 word piece of reflective writing and a bibliography of work. Essay Voorbeeld. (Secondary English Drama - Exeter) No tests, group work or presentations (Secondary English - London Institute) SWOT analysis and two written assessments.

We also had to carry out a subject audit which was writing about what we've studied and rating how well we know it. We also had one interviewer pretend to good thesis statement be a year 9, and had to take her phone off her. There was no time limit on compare contrast two people the SWOT or written assessments. Thesis Trafficking. Assessment subjects were: 1. Describe what characteristics make an effective History teacher? 2. A friend is looking at secondary schools for his/her children. Voorbeeld Zorg. They ask your advice. What types of good thesis statement on human characteristics would you suggest they look for in an effective school? (Secondary History - Sussex) One page on a definition of what drama is. (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths) Written task consists of being given two pieces of GCSE coursework and marking scheme and grading the coursework with comments to justify the grading. (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths) Small written task to test our literacy skills. (Greenwich - Secondary Science) A short written test based on term business management some of the current national curriculum guidelines and had to choose 1 of 3 questions asked (Do you agree with these aims? How would these relate in a real situation? and thesis statement on human trafficking How would adjust these aims to telus problems meet the required audience?). (PE - Greenwich) Asked to prepare an answer to a maths problem , that required some out of the good on human trafficking box thinking before going in to contrast the interview, that I was asked to talk through. It was of an A* GCSE standard Also asked some questions to statement check my maths reasoning and rationale. (Mathematics - Hull University) Written test 40 minutes.

How would you introduce Hockey to telus marketing problems essays a group of year 7 mixed ability students? (PE Secondary, Carmel College) Non-cognitive Assessment Tests (NCAs) The Department for Education's 'Training our next generation of outstanding teachers: Implementation plan', (November 2011), stated that initial teacher training (ITT) providers will have access to a range of high quality tools to assess non-cognitive skills such as self-organisation, adaptability and emotional resilience which have been identified as the most important for teachers as part of selection for entry on good on human to ITT courses. These are typical personality type tests which assess how you do things whereas ability tests assess how well you perform tasks. They help the selector find out your style and way of doing things. Sensible organisations will use the questionnaire in conjunction with your application form and interview to voorbeeld zorg make decisions rather than in isolation. It is unwise to try to thesis statement on human trafficking fake the term paper management answers as these questionnaires usually have some internal checking where the same question is asked with different wording early and late in the test to detect dishonest answers. You will also be interviewed about your answers, and dishonesty may then be found out. Ultimately, there is little point in pretending to be the thesis statement trafficking kind of taecher a course is looking for if you are not right for them.

Find something else you will enjoy doing! NCAs are typically used to inform the interview process so candidates should normally take the assessment before interview. Teacher training course providers don't have to use NCAs and if they do, they are allowed to purchase these from a range of recommended test designers which for 2012 are the following where you can find example questions : For example, the Pearson TalentLens questionnaire is completed online, contains 80 questions and takes 20 minutes to contrast essay do. You can see a Pearson example report at It assesses the following skills: Adaptability e.g. do you prefer clear instructions and objectives on how to good trafficking do a job or do you just get on with it?

Self-organisation e.g. how do you organise your work? Emotional resilience e.g. how do you cope when you're feeling stressed? Leadership e.g. give me an example of telus problems a time you have had to take charge of people Interpersonal (people) skills e.g. describe a good working relationship that you have developed with someone Decision making and autonomy e.g. describe a time where you had to statement on human make a quick decision? Drive to succeed e.g. Term Business Management. give me an example of a time where you set yourself a challenging target to achieve? Group exercises. See our teamwork page. Teach First Assessment Centre First exercise was the interview (the interviewer has not seen your application) questions focused on the competencies.

I felt that the on human trafficking most tricky question was ‘Tell me about compare contrast essay two people, a mistake you’ve made in your life and what you did to resolve it? ’ They also asked ‘what’s your personal connection to thesis statement on human Teach First’ from which they are looking to test your knowledge of the ethos/values of the scheme. For the last question I was given a minute to read through a scenario which centred around setting up an activity and asked how I would go about juvenile justice system research papers, organising it. On Human Trafficking. Second Exercise was a case study in paper management groups of 6 . Given ten minutes to read through silently and then 25 minutes to thesis on human trafficking come up with the answer as a group. Business. We had to rank a number of thesis on human options in order. Straight after the exercise I met individually with one of the essay two people assessors who had been observing and was asked to give feedback on how I felt I had performed and thesis statement on human trafficking also on the performance of one other candidate Third Exercise: deliver a seven minute pre-prepared lesson. Following this I asked for a written evaluation of telus how I felt the lesson went and to grade myself between 1-10. I graded myself 6 as my lesson over-ran. Statement On Human Trafficking. Don't try to include too much in the lesson as other candidates I spoke to had also overran. Term Organization Management. Group discussion task (45-50 minutes): how you would collaborate with other teachers use knowledge to come to decisions Questions asked at the Teach First interview (35-45 minutes) Why you want to join TF?

Name your key strengths Name 4 things that could be problematic in the classroom, how would you overcome these? The interview was a group one and I think this was so they could see how we related to each other as well as identifying stronger/weaker personalities . (primary) Groups of 4 or 5 were interviewed first by a teacher and then by someone from the course. Questions were directed both individually and to the group. There was a mixed group of trafficking about 14 applicants. Zorg. Initially we were put into thesis statement pairs and asked What qualities should a good teacher possess? . Voorbeeld. Then we had to report back to good thesis statement trafficking the other groups. We were then put into groups of juvenile justice papers 4 to 5 to discuss What influences form outside the school could be brought inside the classroom and affect you as a teacher? . Finally we had to present a poster of the good thesis on human trafficking issues to the other groups. Paper Business Organization Management. The interview itself was a group discussion , in groups of on human trafficking 4. The two interviewers take the group discussions separately and global research talk about the things they are looking for. (Christ Church primary) Shown a video of someone teaching and asked questions: how good the lesson was, what we would do next, benefits of good statement on human trafficking different styles etc.

Then in compare contrast essay groups of thesis on human 3 we were given a a sheet of 2 statements (multiplying makes the number bigger, a half is bigger than a third, and the more digits in the number the problems bigger it is. We had to discuss whether we thought these statements were always, sometime or never, and thesis trafficking what we thought the children would think - and why these might be different. We then had to present it back to the interviewer who discussed other misconceptions with us. (Exeter primary) Discuss a poem in groups. We shared our first impressions on the poem and mkt 441 global case then discussed how we might create a lesson around it. One interviewer listened in on statement on human each group discussion and made notes (it's best not to global market research case study analysis think about that, though!) And then all the groups shared their ideas at the end. (Exeter primary) No, the good on human only time I was in a group was when you are split into groups of 3 and assigned a particular interviewer (all of them lecturers on the PGCE course)and we were then lead to the cafe where we waited until one by one, we were called to the individual interviews. (Greenwich primary) Had to discuss in groups of adverse 5, What makes a good school? . Good On Human Trafficking. Was observed by an interviewer. Also had to be prepared to problems discuss my dissertation. (Secondary Science: Bedfordshire) We were split into groups to good thesis statement on human present What makes a good teacher? (Secondary English - Christ Church) Make a TV commercial to promote teaching as a career , in a group of 4. Paper. (Secondary Languages - Christ Church) Small group and good thesis trafficking whole group discussions on essay voorbeeld teaching today and our observation. (Secondary English Drama - Exeter) About 15 of us applying for a variety of courses watched a live link to good statement on human a school and justice research then were split into groups. Statement Trafficking. We were then asked to comment on what we thought the teacher did and whether we thought their actions were significant and why. We were then asked to think of justice three questions (as a group) that we'd like to ask the teacher we saw. (Secondary History - Sussex) Drama workshop which lasted approximately 45 minutes. This consisted of good statement on human trafficking games and an improvisation task . The interview began with theatre games. Firstly a game using throwing, passing and rolling balls aimed at learning names of those in the group. After this, in pairs, an improvisation in which two people who know each other meet unexpectedly.

After each improv there is a brief discussion in which you have chance to juvenile justice research papers comment on thesis the qualities of the improvisation. After the theatre games/improv we split into two groups (there are eight candidates at interview and are all together for mkt 441 market research study analysis games and improv but then split for tasks and group interview. A practical task is set. This involves using newspaper and sellotape to create an good on human object. Problems. Once you have made your object you will be expected to discuss how you would use it in class.

They will want you to thesis on human be clear about telus problems, age of pupils, learning objectives etc. Trafficking. (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths) Small workshop which was really just games where we learnt each others names. Only one boy there. After that we were put in to groups of voorbeeld five for group interviews. Only three questions were asked to each of us. Very brief. (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths) A group exercise of roughly 6 people. We had to discuss how we would plan a school trip to France. (Greenwich - Secondary Science) We were split into groups and given a task. Statement On Human. The task was based on a scenario which was a school trip that had to paper organization be organized due a teacher being ill and good thesis statement we had to paper business consider who should be allowed to go, means of transport, health and good thesis safety i.e. Voorbeeld Zorg. first aiders and teacher to pupil ratio. We had to discuss the good statement on human task while one of the teachers observed us. Essay. (PE - Greenwich) We were split into on human groups of 4 and had a group interview/discussion. We were asked individually first why we wanted to teach and why study at essay Greenwich, then we were asked what were the strengths and good on human weakness of the courses we study.

After this open questions were asked where anyone could answer. Some of them were how we felt about business organization, inclusion, how would you implement the 6 areas related to good thesis trafficking the curriculum (invasion games, exercising safely etc) and whether mixed classes or separate sex classes were better. (PE - Greenwich) Work in a group of 3 with other candidates on the day to decide and present what we deemed to juvenile justice research be the 2 most important factors that make a good teacher. (Computing) Be interviewed by a panel of senior students and a subject specialist. (Computing) Presentations. See our page on presentation skills. We were each given a presentation to do on any topic. I did mine on variables. I showed a small simulation of the sun, earth and moon, I then showed how you could change the simulation by good thesis, manipulating these variables. Voorbeeld. I then got the good thesis statement on human trafficking audience to participate and let them change the variables themselves. Other people did their presentations on topics outside Computing (Tae-kwon-do, housing crisis, wrestling) I would advise people to follow this. Term Management. Generally try to good thesis on human avoid your subject. (I should note I still got offered a place despite my presentation) (Strathclyde) Prepare a 5-10 minute presentation . The title was ' provide a snapshot of a successful lesson which you observed during your work experience within a primary school.' I was told they would be looking for term business organization management an understanding of good statement on human trafficking a lesson's structure, teaching techniques, the role of the teacher and a clear understanding of how children learn. Essay. (London Institute primary) F ive-minute presentation (which we had been asked to prepare in advance) on thesis statement on human trafficking a children's book of our choice, and marketing discuss the learning resource in good trafficking groups and telus problems essays write about a current education issue. (Exeter primary) Working in groups of 4 give a 5 minute presentation on the pressures secondary school children face.

Presentation to the group on part of our degree subject. The title for statement our presentation was: ‘What do children need in order to organization management learn successfully?’ (ChristChurch Primary Languages) S hort presentation testing presentation skills, this was then opened to the group, comprising 2 interviewers and a few interviewees. The key here was to sound confident , making very brief notes and good thesis statement on human present the topic whilst looking at juvenile system papers the audience. (Bath Spa) 5 minute presentation on any topic as if to primary school children i.e. Thesis. teach a class of about 7 people. Presentation was challenging because you had to talk to adults as if they were 3-11 year olds! Bring lots of compare contrast visual aids . Class interaction is key , involve them as much as possible. (Oxford Brookes primary) P resentation/introduction of good thesis trafficking a lesson in French . Possession. (Secondary Languages - Christ Church) 5 minute presentation on a text. They were strict about the thesis on human 5 mins! Don't pick a long extract, keep to compare contrast a couple of points and good on human spend time on presenting it clearly. Global Market Research Case Study. (Secondary English Drama - Exeter) 3 minutes to good statement on human trafficking present to the rest of the group and telus 2 mins for questions. (Secondary Art Design - Strathclyde) Ten minute presentation on a historical topic of our choice to the two interviewers as though they were year 8. They monitor your interaction with other candidates. They asked why I chose that presentation topic. Choose a simple easy topic for your presentation. (Secondary History - Sussex) Group presentation in good statement trafficking front of a panel. 20 minutes to prepare a presentation on possession the impact of technology on education, and 15 minutes to good thesis present. Essay. (PE Secondary, Carmel College) Teach a 30 minute lesson on good thesis statement trafficking Computer Memory to year 9 group of 30ish students (Leigh Academy) - This actually had quite a large presence in the interview too. (Computing)

Teach a 15 minute lesson for a small group of year 9s about global market research analysis, Public Demonstrations (Medway Alliance @ Maths school) (Computing) Spend a good amount of good thesis time preparing your presentation. Possession. Practice makes perfect! I ran through my presentation with a few friends and family and I felt like it helped me keep the presentation smooth and clear in the interview. I would also advise that you should do your research on topics in teaching. Good On Human. If you live in Scotland look up the justice system research new Curriculum for Excellence (try and remember the changes they made to your course since standard grades and intermediates).

Take a bottle of water in when they call you in to the interview. Luckily I didn't need it but it's always good to have just in case. They are generally very friendly. Christchurch told us that they don’t operate by people competing for places: there is a place for every person who is called up for interview. There were a lot of people (approximately 60 candidates) per interview but don’t be disheartened. Statement Trafficking. If you do your research and are prepared for the points mentioned above you’ll be fine. Zorg. (Christ Church primary) Relax, be punctual, do talk about your own experience in the classroom and what difference you could make to thesis statement on human pupils’ lives. The interviewer wasn’t too critical, but you do need to prepare for the typical questions they may ask you. Telus Marketing Essays. (Secondary languages - Christ Church) Flaunt any talents/skills you have in your Personal Statement as this is read and used as a basis for the character analysis. (Greenwich Primary) Don't panic about the interview, as it becomes more of a discussion about you rather than an interrogation. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. Try to relax, be yourself, smile , relate answers to your experience as much as possible. Trafficking. Not as scary as I'd imagined, interviewers were quite stern though. (Secondary Art Design - Strathclyde) Be confident, but be real. Mkt 441 Research Case Study. Be yourself.

They monitor you constantly. Be happy - even if you're nervous. They take nerves into good on human trafficking account. I made a big mistake when they asked me about historians I used on my American west dissertation and I named a civil rights historian, and system research it didn't matter. Do your research. You need to know about current teaching issues.

DO NOT BE COMPETITIVE. It gives a negative impression. It was very informal, and relaxing. Good Thesis Statement Trafficking. (Secondary History - Sussex) Try to relax, appear ultra-confident, but human. The interviewers were very friendly and helped you to market research case analysis feel relaxed, so it wasn't intimidating at all. It was relaxed and on human friendly, and fairly informal. Telus Marketing Problems. (Exeter primary) Recap on your Maths and good statement trafficking English skills beforehand (I would advise looking online for SATs Papers) as the questions were harder than expected. (London Institute primary) Revise GCSE Science! (Greenwich - Secondary Science) Make sure you have a pen with you for telus marketing group interviews.

They gave a talk about the course for on human trafficking 30 minutes at the start. You don’t get a break, therefore if you need to before you go in buy a drink to take in, go to business organization the toilet etc. do so beforehand. They are quite critical during the good thesis group discussion, but don’t be put off or disheartened. The criticism made me think I didn’t stand a chance of mkt 441 global study getting a place: but I did. Good Thesis On Human Trafficking. I think they wanted to see how you handled it. Psychology students : they said to have either science, maths or ICT as your specialist subject. Global Research Analysis. (Christ Church primary) Computing is rapidly becoming a key subject. Students on the course are expected to reach a level of knowledge in IT to pass the course. If you can offer it as your specialist subject do! If not brush up your skills (primary). They impressed upon us that it is a very demanding course.

Order of events: 1) given article to read. 2) talk on course. Good Thesis Statement On Human Trafficking. 3) group discussions. 4) maths test. 5) writing task. 6) any questions. Possession Essay. They stress the intensive nature of the course throughout. They also give you a chance to ask them any questions you may have, both the interviewers, and good thesis on human trafficking the person who gives the talk at the start of the afternoon. (Christ Church primary) The whole thing was about 3 hours long. First we (the interviewees) got shown around some places on campus.

Then we went into a classroom, sat in groups and examined a poem. We talked in adverse our groups about how we might use it as a learning/lesson resource, and had one of the good trafficking Exeter interviewers observing each group and term paper organization taking notes. (It's all very relaxed, though.) Then we had to each give a five minute presentation. Good Statement Trafficking. After that, we had to contrast essay write at most a page on thesis on human a current issue in education. (I read the possession Times Education Supplement prior to the interview, to be prepared. ) Then we got taken in for the individual interviews, and those only lasted about ten minutes. (Exeter primary) Do remember to take your ID with you (Passport, Driving Licence - you must take card and paper part) and your GCSE certificates, if not ALL of your academic certificates. Good Statement On Human Trafficking. The letter which tells you what to bring is rather confusing so please please read it carefully, and essay you MUST take the ID and certificates. Relatively relaxed afternoon. (Greenwich primary) The day lasted about 3-4 hours, some people were out good statement on human trafficking earlier than others as the day is telus problems structured for you when you arrive (some people had 30 minute breaks between tests etc, so their day was longer). London Institute was fantastic! Very modern inside and statement on human clearly a reputable place of study.

The interviewer was lovely, offered me a drink, told me to problems essays relax and engaged in discussions with me. The receptionist was very helpful in good thesis directing people to rooms. I was very impressed with the Institute. Possession. (London Institute primary) Need a national curriculum based degree. Dress smartly and bring certificates of GCSEs as proof of Maths, English and Science . Long day but also included a talk on the course outlines and a brief tour of the campus. Be well prepared. (Oxford Brookes primary) Read the good statement on human trafficking Times Educational Supplement religiously for a couple of weeks beforehand as it reports on current issues in education. Telus Marketing. Log onto and use the forums to talk to other applicants - someone may have just had the same interview as you a couple of thesis on human trafficking weeks before and so could give you some specific advice. Juvenile System Papers. It was a lot less formal than I thought it was going to be. I thought that I would have people firing scientific questions as me but as the interviewer explained, they already know how good you are at a subject from you degree results etc and what they are looking for is a personality that will work well in a classroom . Thesis Statement. (Secondary Science: Bedfordshire) I got lost and arrived more than half an hour late! They really value enthusiasm , so act keen.

This is clearly a very good course. They stressed that it was highly oversubscribed and most candidates I spoke to had relevant experience e.g. TEFL, teaching assistants etc. That said they offered me a place so they can't be too picky! (Secondary English Drama - Exeter Over-prepare! Better to essay have too much to say rather than not enough. Try to link your answers to your school/life experience. Smile, and good on human be enthusiastic. Read the University of Kent Careers website, it is invaluable (Mathematics - Hull University) Be enthusiastic about your subject area, and talk about experience you have that is relevant to teaching. Compare Two People. (PE Secondary, Carmel College) Drama Tips Think about how you would motivate students who don't want to do drama. I explained how I would plan lessons to make them interesting but felt that this wasn't enough even though I went into great detail. Good Thesis On Human Trafficking. The interview was very relaxed but I felt that I didn't have enough time with the interviewers to possession say all that I had to say.

The interviews took place in good trafficking groups of three so you couldn't really pause or stop and think about mkt 441 global case study, your answer because someone else would jump in or they would ask a question to good statement one of the other applicants. (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths) Get plenty of experience in secondary drama classrooms. Juvenile Research. I was not offered a place. Thesis Statement Trafficking. The main reason given in the feedback was that I had too little classroom experience. Adverse. I had worked as a voluntary classroom assistant in GCSE and AS drama classes for one morning a week for 20 weeks, so try to get more than 40 contact hours under your belt. Good Statement. This is a very popular course and you will need to deliver a strong interview performance to possession essay get in. Thesis Statement On Human. At the beginning they tell you to just relax and enjoy it: Don't - only act that you're relaxed and enjoying it - stay alert and on justice system research papers your toes the good thesis on human entire time.

One of the essay interviewers appeared to be the personification of good thesis trafficking displeasure throughout the paper business management interview. There was no tour of facilities and no real chance to thesis statement trafficking ask questions. Case Study Analysis. (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths) There were 500 applicants for thesis on human 20 places and 20 people there on the day. System Papers. Really think about where you are applying. On day I was the only candidate still at university, many failed actors and people with performing arts qualifications. They knew a lot about the practical side and trafficking nothing about practitioners. Many were there for the fourth year in adverse possession essay a row! (Secondary Drama - Goldsmiths)

What can I do with my degree. These pages are copyright of the good on human trafficking University of Kent Careers and two people Employability Service. The information and advice given in good thesis statement trafficking these pages is primarily for the benefit of University of Kent students and graduates. You are most welcome to mkt 441 market research link to these pages but should not use content in other ways without our permission. Page maintained by Bruce Woodcock Please email me if you wish to make any suggestions which would improve our services.

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Values and Standards of the good thesis statement British Army (2008) Submitted by KBL781 on Thu, 12/13/2012 - 16:24. Disclaimer: Please note the codes in our collection might not necessarily be the most recent versions. Please contact the individual organizations or their websites to verify if a more recent or updated code of ethics is available. CSEP does not hold copyright on voorbeeld, any of the good on human codes of ethics in our collection. Any permission to juvenile system papers use the codes must be sought from the individual organizations directly.

Values and Standards of the British Army. Foreword by the Chief of good on human trafficking, The General Staff. The British Army has a worldwide reputation for excellence, a strong reflection of its soldiers and compare contrast essay, officers. Good On Human Trafficking! This reputation derives from, and depends upon, unequivocal commitment, self-sacrifice and mutual trust. Global Market Research Case! Our Values and Standards are vital to operational effectiveness - they are the lifeblood that sustains the Army.

They have to be more than just words, we must believe in them and live by them. On Human! Therefore, it is the effective and coherent translation of these Value and Standards into telus essays actions that must penetrate every command and organisation until they are instinctive. Commanders create their command ethos and must ensure that Values and Standards are at the centre of good thesis statement, it, through personal example and by educating and training their subordinates. The responsibility of commanders to be at the heart of this process cannot be delegated, and I hold you all accountable for it. The Values are about character and spirit: the Standards define our actions and behaviour: I expect everyone in the Army to zorg abide by these Values and Standards. General Sir Richard Dannatt. Chief of the good statement General Staff. 1. The reputation of the adverse possession British Army is extremely high. This tradition of thesis statement on human, excellence - and the public support it engenders - depends in large part on compare essay two people, the operational effectiveness of the Army that results from the high standards of professionalism, individual behaviour and self-discipline of the British soldier, both on and off operations. These qualities cannot be taken for granted and are only possible i f they are underpinned by a robust and clearly understood framework of Values and Standards. Good On Human! It requires all of system papers, us to understand and live by them; and for all commanders - from the most senior to the most junior - to show emphatic leadership.

2. Land operations are complex, dangerous and demanding - both physically and mentally. Soldiers have the good responsibility and compare, legal right to use lethal force, and may be required to lay down their own lives and risk those of their comrades. It is operational effectiveness t hat requires the Army to have values and good, standards that are different from society - ‘need to be different’ not right to be ‘different’. However, the Army is not immune from changes in society, and this i s reflected in the attitudes and behaviour of those who enlist. Therefore we must explain why our Values and Standards are more demanding of the individual; and why such demands are equally necessary on and off duty.

3. The Army’s Values and Standards are not abstract concepts whose origins lie solely in the demands of battle. Values are the moral principles - the intangible character and spirit - that should guide and develop us into the sort of people we should be; whereas Standards are the authoritative yardsticks that define how we behave and on which we judge and measure e that behaviour. They reflect, and are consistent with, the moral virtues and ethical principles that underpin any decent society . It is important that they are explained within that wider context, for it is juvenile justice system research vital that soldiers understand these Values and Standards and are able to apply them in today’s complex operations. To that end, the articulation of statement on human trafficking, these Values and Standards needs to be accompanied by a continuous and appropriate example; by all commanders, junior and senior alike. Our Values and marketing problems, Standards apply at all times: whether on operations, in barracks, in our homes or off duty. The Operational Imperative.

4. For the Army, the good statement on human consequences of organization management, winning or losing on o operations are profound, for the Nation, the Army and for the individual. Consequently British Military Doctrine states t hat operational effectiveness is the standard by which the Army will be judged, and defines it in terms of fighting power. Within the hierarchy of fighting power it lays emphasis on the moral component: the ability to get people to fight. Thesis On Human Trafficking! F or the Army, this is possession achieved in the Land environment where operations are at thesis on human trafficking, their most complex. 5. Soldiers are required to term business close with the enemy, possibly in the midst of innocent bystanders, and fight; and to continue operating in the face of mortal danger. This is a group activity, a tall scales of effort and intensities.

Soldiers are part of a team, and the effectiveness of that team depends on each individual playing his or her part to the full. Success depends above all else on good morale, which is the spirit that enables soldiers to triumph over adversity: morale linked to, and reinforced by, d discipline. 6. Morale consists of many factors, including confidence in equipment, good training and thesis trafficking, sound administration; but ultimately it is the confidence between commanders and subordinates and between individual soldiers. Such confidence is a product of leadership and comradeship. High morale cannot be created overnight, but requires the organization forging of close bonds of professional a nd personal trust, which will withstand the stresses imposed by the demands of operations. It requires commitment and self- sacrifice and to put the interests of the team and the task a head of one’s own. 7. Values and Standards directly contribute to the Army’s ethos and to fighting power. They are a moral requirement and have functional utility. Upholding them is the collective responsibility of all members of the Army. They are the foundations of teamwork, and good thesis statement, are interdependent. If any one of them is lacking, the team and the mission are threatened.

They are fostered and enhanced by good leadership, training and man-management, throughout the chain of voorbeeld zorg, command. ‘The military virtues are not in a class apart; “they are virtues which are virtues in thesis every walk of life . Global Market Analysis! none the less virtues for being jewels set in blood and iron.” They include such qualities as courage, fortitude and good thesis statement on human trafficking, loyalty. What is important about such qualities as these . is that they acquire in global market research study analysis the military context, in addition to their moral significance, a functional significance as well. The essential function of an armed force is to fight in battle. Given equally advanced military techniques a force in which the thesis statement on human qualities I have mentioned are more highly developed will usually defeat a stronger force in which they are less. Thus while you may indeed hope to meet these virtues in every walk of life and a good deal of educational effort is spent on developing them as being generally desirable, in the profession of arms they are functionally indispensable. The training, group organizations, the whole pattern of voorbeeld, life of the good statement on human professional man at arms is designed in a deliberate effort to foster them, not just because they are morally desirable in themselves, but because they contribute to military efficiency.’ “The Profession of Arms” - The 1962 Lees Knowles lectures, L t Gen Sir John Hackett. 8. The British Army is structured and juvenile system papers, trained for operations, not for the convenience of administration in barracks. On joining the Army soldiers accept a commitment to serve whenever and good trafficking, wherever they are needed, whatever the difficulties or dangers m ay be.

Such commitment imposes certain limitations on individual freedom, and justice research papers, requires a degree of self-sacrifice. Ultimately it may require soldiers to lay down their lives. Thesis Statement Trafficking! Implicitly it requires those in positions of authority to discharge in paper management full their moral responsibilities to subordinates. Selfless commitment is reflected in the wording of the Oath of thesis trafficking, Allegiance which is taken on attestation. In it, soldiers agree to subordinate their own interests to those o f the unit, Army and Nation, as represented by the Crown: “I swear by almighty God that I will be faithful and telus problems, bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and good thesis on human trafficking, successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend her Majesty, her heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity against compare essay two people, all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of her Majesty, her heirs and successors and of the generals and officers set over me.” (1)

9. Thesis Trafficking! Irrespective of private beliefs, this Oath embodies the context within which the British Army fights and operates. It expresses the loyalty of compare essay, every soldier to the Sovereign as Head of State. These relationships find expression in the Colours, Standards and o ther emblems of Regimental and Corps spirit, which derive from t he Sovereign. Personal commitment is the foundation of military service. Soldiers must be prepared to serve whenever and wherever required and to do their best at thesis statement trafficking, all times. This means putting the needs of the mission and of the team before personal interests. (1) Those who do not believe in God “Solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm” 10 All soldiers must be prepared to use lethal force to fight: to take t he lives of others, and knowingly to possession essay risk their own.

They may need to show restraint, even when doing so involves personal danger. They may witness the injury or death of their comrades but still continue with the task in hand. This requires physical courage, and soldiers will depend on each other for it. Moral courage is on human trafficking equally i mportant. That is the courage to do what is right even when it may be unpopular, or risk ridicule or danger, and to insist on maintaining t he highest standards of decency and behaviour at all times. T his earns respect and telus problems, fosters trust. Courage - both physical and moral - creates the thesis statement trafficking strength upon which fighting spirit and success o n operations depend.

It is a quality needed by every soldier, but it is especially important for those placed in positions of authority, because others will depend on their lead and respond to it. 11. To be effective on operations, the Army must act as a disciplined force: commanders’ orders carried out, everybody confident that they will not be let down by compare two people, their comrades. Thesis Statement On Human! Discipline is the primary antidote to fear and maintains operational effectiveness: it is supported by team loyalty, trust and essay, professionalism. Thesis Statement! Discipline instills self-control and breeds self-confidence.

Good discipline means that all soldiers will obey orders, under the worst conditions of war, and to do so with imagination and resource. The best discipline is self-discipline: innate, not imposed. Mkt 441 Case Study Analysis! The Army expects self-discipline from every soldier, and training aims to strengthen it. Discipline requires clearly understood rules and a military legal system to enforce it. This discipline system must be fairly applied both on and off duty by all those in positions of authority. 12. Soldiers must be welded into strong and robust teams in order to achieve success on operations, where individual needs and desires are subordinated to those of the team, however unpalatable or dangerous. Therefore, integrity has a unique significance to soldiering, it is essential to trust: soldiers must have complete t rust in each of their comrades for their lives may ultimately depend on it. Good Thesis! Integrity means being honest and truthful. All forms of deceit and dishonesty constitute a lack of integrity: they call into essay zorg question whether an individual can be relied upon, damaging the team and therefore operational effectiveness.

All commanders are responsible for defining and maintaining standards of personal behaviour in the Army by example, direction and education. Integrity also demands that those who are in good on human positions of authority, at whatever level, set the highest standards and are fair and voorbeeld zorg, consistent to their subordinates. A leader’s example in trafficking personal behaviour is vital, and this responsibility increases with rank. 13. Loyalty binds all ranks of the Army together: it goes both up and down. It turns individuals into teams, creating and strengthening the formations, units and sub-units of adverse possession essay, which the Army is thesis statement on human trafficking composed. The Nation, the juvenile justice research papers Army and the chain of command rely on the continuing allegiance, commitment and support of all who serve: that is, on their loyalty.

Equally important is that all soldiers, and t heir families, must be confident that the Army and the Nation will treat them with loyalty and fairness. The Army’s loyalty to the individual is expressed in the Military Covenant - it manifests itself in justice, fair rewards, and life-long support to all soldiers. 14. Thesis Trafficking! Those in authority must be loyal to their subordinates: representing their interests faithfully, dealing with complaints thoroughly and developing their abilities through progressive training. Subordinates must be loyal to their leaders, their team, and their duty. Being loyal to ones’ leaders or subordinates does not mean that wrong-doing should be condoned or covered up: this is misplaced loyalty and questions a soldier’s integrity. Loyalty, though expected, must be earned through commitment, self- sacrifice, courage, professionalism, decency and integrity. These qualities are required both on and off duty as they are enduring characteristics that cannot be turned on and off at will. 15. Respect for others is adverse possession a hallmark of the British Army: it comes from t he duty to put others first and means that there is good statement on human trafficking no place for prejudice or favouritism. Like loyalty, respect for organization, others goes both up and down the chain of statement on human trafficking, command and sideways among peers.

The Army’s recruiting motto ‘Be the Best’ can only have meaning if all members of it have equality of treatment and opportunity. 16. Respect for others also extends to the treatment of all human beings, especially the victims of conflict, the justice system papers dead, the wounded, prisoners and civilians, particularly those we have deployed to help. All soldiers must act within the law and the nature of modern, complex, land based operations makes it essential that they maintain the highest standards of decency and good trafficking, fairness at compare, all times, even under the most difficult of conditions. External scrutiny, including intense media interest, is now an attendant part of all aspects of military life. Soldiering is about duty: so soldiers should be ready to uphold the rights of others before claiming their own. 17. The Values outlined above underpin the ethos of the Army and good statement on human trafficking, contribute directly to achieving operational effectiveness. Market Research! In sustaining these Values, every soldier must strive to achieve a nd maintain the highest professional and personal standards.

It is good statement on human impractical to identify here every standard required in every aspect of a soldier’s professional and private life. The Army’s Standards are designed to ensure that all behaviour is lawful; appropriate; and totally professional. Commanders have to understand the telus marketing context and on human, set out the Standards in sufficient detail required by the situation; clear communication on paper, what is expected and good thesis trafficking, why is essential. Officers and adverse possession essay, soldiers must avoid behaviour that risks degrading their professional ability or which may undermine morale by damaging the trust and respect that exists between individuals who depend on each other. For this reason the Army takes a different and more demanding approach towards certain types of behaviour and relationships that might, in society, be regarded as a matter of individual choice or morality, and of no concern to good thesis statement on human the wider community. 18. Term Paper Management! All soldiers are subject to the criminal law of England wherever t hey are serving, and they have a duty to uphold it.

In that respect t hey are no different from other citizens, and all civil offences have been fully embraced within military law (2). When deployed on operations soldiers are subject to international law, including the laws of armed conflict and the prescribed rules of engagement, and in some cases local civil law. Taken together, such laws establish the baseline for the standards of personal conduct of the good statement soldier as a citizen. (2) s70 of Army Act 1955 and from Jan 09 s42 of the Armed Forces Act 2006. 19. All soldiers have the right to live and work in an environment free from juvenile justice research harassment, unlawful discrimination and intimidation. Any unjustifiable behaviour that results in soldiers being unfairly treated is fundamentally incompatible with the thesis trafficking ethos of the essay Army, and is not to be tolerated.

Discrimination and trafficking, harassment may also contravene civil and criminal law: any form of discrimination o r harassment undermines trust and confidence, especially in those in positions of authority. 20. Operational effectiveness requires the market research study Army to be physically robust and, when necessary, to display controlled aggression: this requires rigorous and demanding training. Statement! However, the use of physical strength or the abuse of authority to intimidate or victimise others, or to give unlawful punishments is unacceptable and will undermine trust and respect. It is juvenile research also illegal. It is the responsibility of commanders to protect others from thesis trafficking physical and mental bullying, and to deal with it promptly.

21. Justice System Papers! The operational imperative to sustain team cohesion and to maintain trust and loyalty between commanders and those they command imposes a need for a standard of social behaviour more demanding than those required by society at large. This is equally necessary both on and off operations, on and off duty. It is important to acknowledge in the tightly knit military community the need for mutual respect and the requirement to good thesis statement trafficking avoid conduct that offends others. 22. Social misbehaviour can undermine trust and cohesion and, therefore, damage operational effectiveness. It is not practicable to list every type of adverse possession, conduct or relationship that may constitute social misbehaviour (3), but it includes: unwelcome sexual attention; o ver-familiarity with the spouses or partners of other Service personnel; displays of affection which might cause offence to others; behaviour which damages or hazards the good thesis statement on human trafficking marriage or personal relationships of Service personnel or civilian colleagues within the business management wider defence community; and taking sexual advantage o f subordinates. The seriousness with which misconduct will be regarded will depend on the individual circumstances that prevail a t that time and statement on human trafficking, the potential for adversely affecting operational effectiveness. Nevertheless, misconduct involving abuse of position, trust or rank, or taking advantage of an individual’s separation will be viewed as being particularly serious. 23. It is axiomatic that all soldiers must exercise the highest standards o f professionalism, as befits their rank and appointment, at mkt 441 global market research analysis, all t imes to both safeguard operational effectiveness and also the A rmy’s reputation.

24. Members of the Army are not permitted to disclose Service information or express views on official matters or experiences to any media organisation without prior approval from the Ministry of Defence, sought through the chain of command; this includes leaking official information to the media. Besides being contrary to regulations, it is good thesis statement unprofessional and can damage the reputation and interests of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces and, whether intentional or not, undermines the Army’s a political position. (3) Greater detail can be found in Annex B to AGAI 67 - the Armed Forces Code of Conduct. 25. The effects of excessive drinking are severe: impaired judgement, endangered health, degraded performance and are the major cause of ill discipline. It generates a loss of self-control, which can lead to unacceptable behaviour accompanied by criminal violence. Personnel under the influence of alcohol cannot be relied upon to perform their duties competently; putting their own lives and those of others at risk. Excessive alcohol consumption is not to be tolerated; drunkenness is a military offence. Commanders are to telus marketing ensure that social functions take place in a controlled environment, where alcohol is consumed responsibly and that there is no degeneration into excessive drinking. Thesis Trafficking! They must also set an example through their own moderation.

Failure to do so will call into question their self-discipline and moral courage, and their ability to exercise the responsibilities of their rank. Help will be offered to those willing to reform, but those who do not respond to rehabilitation will be considered for discharge. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a particularly serious offence that endangers others and displays a lack of judgement and self-discipline: a conviction will almost certainly affect an individual’s employment and career in the Army. 26. Drug misuse is not only illegal, it poses a significant threat to operational effectiveness. Telus Essays! Drug misusers are a liability to themselves and to their colleagues: their judgement is impaired; their health damaged; and their performance degraded. In short, they can be neither trusted nor relied upon. The Army’s policy for those who commit a drug offence is based on dismissal. 27. Those entrusted with public and non-public funds must adhere to unswervingly the appropriate financial regulations.

Dishonesty and deception in the control and management of these funds is not a ‘ victimless crime’ but show a lack of integrity and moral courage which have a corrosive affect on operational effectiveness through the breakdown in trust. 28. Officers and soldiers also are expected to manage their own financial affairs responsibly. Such matters are usually regarded as personal, but where the Army becomes involved, administrative or disciplinary action may be taken. Unmanageable or irresponsible indebtedness displays a lack of judgement and self-discipline. It may create an administrative burden, and could lead to thesis statement an individual becoming a security risk. Cases involving those in a position of responsibility are particularly serious because they call into question their ability to manage the welfare of subordinates a nd public funds. Whilst the Army will counsel and advise personnel who are in debt, irresponsible indebtedness is likely to compare contrast essay affect an individual’s employment and career.

29. Inculcating and maintaining the Army’s Values and thesis trafficking, Standards is the responsibility of all commanders. It requires more than a single period of instruction (MATT 6) per year; it must pervade all training activity, career development and be the focus of all leaders on what example their subordinates also should concentrate. As with mission command, commanders must give direction, delegate and t hen supervise. Where the telus problems ‘bottom line’ is not profit and loss, but the death or maiming of people including comrades, all soldiers must understand why they have to good on human trafficking behave in a particular way, rather than following a set of rules blindly. Although Values and Standards can be imposed and regulated through discipline, it is self-discipline that will encourage all ranks to adhere to problems the Values and Standards, recognising the inherent value of such qualities and conduct. 30. Commanders must recognise that this is challenging, requiring them to good provide leadership and example. Therefore, all commanders must lead by example: they are responsible for explaining, instilling and ensuring that these Values and Standards are understood and adhered to by their subordinates.

Effective and timely communication between commanders and subordinates is crucial to this process. 31. Individuals who fail to uphold the Values and Standards may be subject to disciplinary or administrative action. Unacceptable conduct requires prompt and telus problems essays, positive action to prevent damage: timely advice and informal action can often prevent a situation developing to the point where it could impair the effectiveness of a unit. A decision on what action is taken and the extent of that action will depend on the circumstances of each case, measured against the Service Test outlined below.

In assessing whether to take action, commanders must establish the seriousness of the good thesis statement misconduct and its impact on operational effectiveness, and, in turn t he appropriate and proportionate level of sanction. In particularly serious cases, or where an individual persists with, or has a history o f acts of misconduct, commanders should consider the termination of service. 32. When considering possible cases of misconduct, and in determining whether the marketing problems Army has a duty to intervene in the personal lives of its soldiers, commanders at every level must consider each case a gainst the following Service Test: “ Have the actions or behaviour of an individual adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the on human Army (unit)?” 33. Telus Marketing Problems Essays! Commanders are required to make a judgement of actions, set against the context of character and circumstances based on objective fact.

Implicit in this is trafficking that in order to make a judgement, a commander’s commitment to Values and justice research, Standard must be beyond reproach and he must play a dynamic role in good thesis statement on human trafficking the adherence to paper business organization Values and Standards in his command. 34 The Army’s Values and Standards demand a degree of commitment and self-sacrifice from officer and soldiers, which goes beyond that normally expected from other citizens. All officers and soldiers in the British Army are required to good statement on human trafficking commit themselves to achieving and maintaining these Values and Standards. This commitment is essential to the ethos of the Army and contributes directly to the maintenance of operational effectiveness. It is the duty of all commanders to essays ensure that these Values and Standards are accorded the highest priority, are fully explained to their soldiers, and are applied consistently.

Commanders at every level must lead by example, a nd encourage their subordinates to good thesis statement live by its Values and to possession live up to its Standards.

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