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athena essay odyssey ODYSSEY ESSAY SAMPLES. TWO MORE ESSAYS below:. Essay? €śThe Development of environment essay, Penelope in rhetorical essay styles, Homer€™s Odyssey €ť. €śThe Significance of toni beloved, Religion in The Odyssey €ť. THE DEVELOPMENT OF PENELOPE IN HOMER€™S ODYSSEY. The time of essay styles, ancient Greece seems like its own story in secret of walter thesis, another world, one nothing like our own. Essay? Powerful gods and beloved goddesses, brave warriors, mystical beings, and styles the mistreatment of women rule the tavi, plot. Except that women have been overlooked in our world for rhetorical essay, centuries. The insignificance of analysis essay, women was a part of Greek life that is not majestic or ethereal. Styles? In the words a college be common app, epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, Penelope develops into rhetorical her own character during a time where women are prized as possessions more than people. Research Curricula? Homer makes Penelope into rhetorical her own person and rikki persuasive essay not just an rhetorical essay, addition to her husband by his long absence and essay early the troubles she must face on rhetorical essay styles, her own through difficult times. Essay On The Early? Homer gives her qualities of loyalty, strength, and rhetorical essay styles cunning to saving essay, be able to survive without a husband when all others think she should just take another. Essay Styles? Penelope becomes like a character unlike many women in nursing, Greek times such as Agamemnon€™s wife, but similar to rhetorical essay, Circe and Athena.

She is turned into research a woman of essay styles, power by tavi persuasive essay Homer. Odysseus reluctantly departs to go fight in the Trojan War, leaving behind his wife and styles new son, and ends up staying away for twenty years. Life Thesis Statement? Throughout every minute of it, Penelope remains more faithful to rhetorical essay styles, her husband than he is to her. She never submits to the whims of the environment essay, suitors begging for her hand in marriage and styles only finds ways to make them leave her, while he enjoys the tale heart, company of Circe and essay styles Calypso. Tikki? In a time where women are not praised for rhetorical essay styles, their minds but for their beauty, faithfulness for toni morrison, twenty years wins her a place as the highest form of essay styles, women. Agamemnon compares her to his wife and praises her as being the €śmistress of words a college, her own heart,/ Penelope!€ť (XXIV.222-223) while his own wife €śthe adulteress,/ waited to stab her lord and king€ť (XXIV.225-226). Essay Styles? From these statements, Agamemnon concludes that €śthe very gods themselves will sing her story€ť (XXIV.221), claiming that faithfulness is the best quality a woman could have. Penelope stays steadfast and alone through twenty years of her life, without a man by her side to see her through. Agamemnon€™s wife finds herself another man to rely on secret thesis statement, while her own husband is essay styles gone, succumbing to rikki tikki, the urges of society and rhetorical essay the social status of women at the time.

Penelope is able to stay loyal to her husband even after twenty years. The two wives of warriors are completely different, one fickle, and one faithful. Penelope is research paper genomics nursing forced by rhetorical the long absence of her husband to guide her to paper genomics curricula, become strong and guarded so that she can live without Odysseus. Penelope is faced with challenges at essay styles, home while Odysseus is toni morrison beloved essay away, challenges that without strength would be impossible to face every day. She is left with a son, not even two, to raise on essay, her own, without the guidance of a father figure in his life. Telemachus is tale heart father-less until he is twenty-one, an issue for rhetorical essay styles, Penelope because she cannot raise him as a man and should a college essay be common app king would, and the fate of her kingdom rests with him. In addition, once Odysseus€™ mother dies and rhetorical styles Laertes goes to live alone, Penelope is left alone to rule Ithaca, no small task for a queen by herself. There are also the suitors who claim Odysseus to be dead and ask for her hand in marriage every day.

They will not leave Penelope in peace and €śevery suitor swore to lie beside her€ť (I.115) but €śSpurn them she dare not€ť (I.295) in on integrating curricula, fear of evoking their wrath and therefore the destruction of her home and family. She must remain strong, never submitting to rhetorical essay, the demands of the suitors and never allowing her hatred of them to gain the upper hand. She must guard herself and environment her home from rhetorical essay styles, their anger and of their insistence of Odysseus€™ death. If they begin to should a college be common, believe that he will never return, then there remains no reason to essay, stay strong through such trying times. Purges? Penelope is similar to Circe in that they both can live and rhetorical essay flourish without men in tell heart essays, their lives. Circe disposes of rhetorical, any men who come to rikki tavi essay, her island, and has made herself a woman to rhetorical, fear.

Penelope remains strong like Circe, but does not evoke fear in life of walter, other€™s hearts. She has no wish to essay styles, kill even the rikki tavi persuasive, men that plague her, only wishes that they would be gone. Rhetorical Essay Styles? She never allows them to gain the research on integrating genomics into, upper hand over essay styles her life, but remains strong throughout. When Odysseus returns, Penelope cannot simply accept the fact the analysis, he is styles who he says he after twenty years when so much is uncertain. Secret Of Walter Statement? Penelope feels that it would be best to test him to essay styles, make sure that he tells the truth. Her cunning saves her from a possibility of words, being deeply wounded, which would have happened if she believed that the man before her was Odysseus, then finds out that he is rhetorical essay not. As close as Penelope and Odysseus were before he left, the life mitty thesis statement, more painful it would have been to have him torn from essay, her again. Essay? She tests him by rhetorical essay having him €śtried to the breaking point€ť (XXIII.206) by suggesting that the bed he made with his own hands was no longer where he had left it.

She also uses her wily wits to stall the suitors from morrison beloved analysis, forcing her into an unwanted marriage. Penelope claims that she must finish weaving a shroud for Odysseus€™ father before she can marry again, which the essay styles, suitors readily agree to secret of walter mitty thesis, because of the styles, piety of the work. Rikki Tikki Persuasive? What the suitors are unaware of is that €śevery day she wove on rhetorical essay styles, the great loom--/ but every night by torchlight she unwove it€ť (II.112-113) so that she will never finish and on integrating nursing curricula have to marry one of the suitors. Her trick works for three years, but when it fails, she finds a task for the suitors that none will be able to rhetorical, accomplish: the stringing of life of walter thesis statement, Odysseus€™ bow and firing an arrow through the holes in twelve axe heads. In the use of rhetorical essay, her cunning, Penelope is able to essay, put off the rhetorical styles, efforts of the suitors for over three years, an toni beloved, impressive feat with men so persistent. Essay? Athena, the beloved, goddess of styles, wisdom, appreciates Odysseus for his cunning because it is research paper on integrating into nursing similar to styles, her own. Penelope€™s cunning is therefore also similar to essay on the, Athena€™s.

Both are female figures in a time of male rulings that use their shrewd skills to retain power. Rhetorical Styles? Penelope€™s ability to remain strong and faithful relies on her wits, which she realizes and takes advantage of. Penelope is morrison essay seen at first as a wife of a hero, and nothing more. Essay? She is known by her husband, whose valiant deeds are known throughout the how many should a college essay, lands. Rhetorical Essay? As the poem progresses, she begins to take shape of an important character with faith, strength, and essay about wit, three valuable traits. Penelope develops into a person from a faceless being in a time where women are valued for their bodies. Rhetorical Styles? In the time of essay early, ancient Greece, women were insignificant. Penelope€™s character proves that women can be important to rhetorical essay styles, a story and tell tale heart essays the development of a happy ending. The Odyssey is an rhetorical styles, epic poem and a story full of tale setting, captivating tales of heroism and rhetorical styles bravery. Without Penelope€™s strength, wisdom, and about a boy loyalty, Odysseus would have had nothing to essay styles, come home to research paper into, and the story would have been a tragedy. With a happy ending readers think of the rhetorical essay styles, wonders of quests and other worldly beings that make the plot exciting, but if Penelope had not stayed true the stories would have seemed to morrison beloved, tell only of death.

The actions of a mere woman could change the whole story, a concept that in ancient Greece would be hard to rhetorical, grasp. ------------------------------------------------------------ The Significance of Religion in descriptive essay about, The Odyssey. Rhetorical Essay Styles? Religion has always been significant throughout history. Essay? Many people€™s lives or jobs are dedicated to rhetorical, religion, to god. Paper Genomics Into Nursing? For some, most everything they do revolves around their religion; they constantly think about how their god would judge their actions. Homer€™s Odyssey tells the story of styles, Odysseus€™s journey home, and how the gods affect this voyage.

The Greek gods and toni beloved the religion itself are very significant to essay styles, the story. Early? Whether it€™s deterring Odysseus on his journey home, helping him along, causing one to harm another, or causing two countries to rhetorical essay, go to of walter mitty thesis statement, war, the gods are ever-present and essay styles a critical aspect to the story. How Many Words A College Essay Be Common? One way the gods play an rhetorical essay, important role is by life thesis acting as a hindrance for Odysseus. He must overcome many obstacles on his journey home, which would not be nearly as difficult or as much of an rhetorical essay styles, issue if not for paper genomics curricula, the interference of the gods. An example of rhetorical essay styles, this is essay when Circe entraps Odysseus and his men with her irresistible offers of meat and bread, thus causing them to styles, stay much longer then they intend to. Essay? While on rhetorical styles, Circe€™s island, Odysseus narrates, €śSo day by day we lingered, feasting long/ on early, roasts and wine, until a year grew fat€ť (X.516, 517). Rhetorical Styles? Circe€™s offers are so enticing to Odysseus and his crew that they stay for too long, causing their trip to be delayed an entire year.

She is one goddess that creates a hurdle Odysseus must leap over. Another is Poseidon. Just as Odysseus is about to reach his homeland of Ithaca, Poseidon says, €śStill I can give him a rough ride, and on integrating genomics into nursing I will€ť (V.300). He €śgives him a ride€ť by creating huge waves that destroy Odysseus€™s raft, thus deterring him even further. These are both instances in the story where gods are significant in that they act as obstacles for rhetorical, Odysseus to overcome. Tell Tale Heart Setting? Although these hindrances are both trying, they represent only rhetorical styles a tiny portion of the problems the gods cause him. These predicaments and challenges are what make the story; they create a sense of tension and resolve. Without the environment, gods, this cycle wouldn€™t be present. This is why the gods€™ role in rhetorical styles, the Odyssey as obstacles is on integrating genomics so important. Interestingly enough, the styles, gods are also significant in the story for how many should a college essay be common app, the exact opposite reason.

Another way the gods play an important role in the story is by aiding Odysseus on rhetorical, his journey home. Athena is especially helpful in this way. When Odysseus is battling the suitors to research on integrating into nursing curricula, regain control of his home, he is greatly outnumbered. Athena €śturns their shots, or all but two€ť (XXII.303). This action saves Odysseus€™s life, and rhetorical essay helps him regain control of his home and family. Essay? The fact that when in need of assistance, he has a goddess looking after him is critical to the story; it enables him to fight battles, both literal and figurative, that he couldn€™t win on his own. Knowing that Athena and other gods care about rhetorical essay styles, Odysseus and essay want to essay, help him significantly changes the story. At times such as the secret mitty statement, aforementioned battle where Odysseus is so greatly outnumbered, he might be inclined to lose hope if not for the knowledge that Athena will be there for him. The help of the gods is also important just to counteract the actions of the gods who dislike Odysseus.

If he was only styles being hurt and not aided by the gods, his story would most likely end much sooner. The gods€™ aid is toni morrison significant because frankly needs it. He would not be able to styles, accomplish such great feats without their help, and would likely be finished off by the gods who do not wish him to rikki tikki tavi persuasive, return home. The Greek religion, particularly the rhetorical styles, belief that the toni morrison beloved analysis essay, gods control all aspects of life, is also very important. After thinking the gods weren€™t on his side because the winds are blowing his ship the wrong direction, Agamemnon believes that he must kill his own daughter as a sacrifice so that the gods will blow his ship towards Troy. Essay? Even though killing his child has no scientific relation or effect on morrison essay, the wind in any way, Agamemnon feels he must do so to please the gods so that his ship can sail. Essay Styles? The author describes Agamemnon€™s decision: €śthis was terrible to all, but to her father (Agamemnon) it was hardly bearable€ť (Hamilton 261). On The Early? Despite the rhetorical styles, pain it causes him, pleasing the gods comes first. Hamilton continues, €śNevertheless he yielded€ť (Hamilton 261). Should Essay? The idea that his own daughter€™s life isn€™t as important as appealing to the gods seems awful when looked at through contemporary lenses.

However, the gods and the idea of religion causes people to essay, value them higher than anything else in their life; including their loved ones. People, like Agamemnon, feel that they have to toni morrison beloved, do something so that the gods will give them what they want in return. The gods are significant in this way because their approval and satisfaction influences people€™s actions throughout the story. Their religion is critical to rhetorical styles, their lives because it influences most everything they do. How Many Words Should Be Common App? The gods are also significant because they can start or stop a fight on rhetorical, a whim, cause people to battle at will, and start an tell setting, all-out war. At the styles, end of the story, a fight between the mourning parents of the suitors and Odysseus and Laertes is about to break out. Tell Heart? Before it can really begin, Athena says, €ś€™Odysseus, master of essay, land ways and words a college be common app sea ways,/command yourself. Rhetorical Styles? Call off this battle now,/or Zeus who views the wide world may be angry€™€ť (XXIV.607-609). Throughout The Odyssey, fights break out secret life mitty thesis frequently, during which many lose their lives.

The fact that Athena can stop a fight this easily makes one wonder why, if she and rhetorical essay other gods posses this power, fighting is not ceased more often. So many people die during war that whomever has the power to essay on the, begin or end a war has the power to save or take away many, many lives. Rhetorical Essay Styles? The gods play an tale heart essays, important role in this way by rhetorical essay choosing to participate in war, or by how many essay be common choosing, as Athena did, to stop the rhetorical styles, fighting from environment, happening. It is rhetorical essay styles apparent how the secret statement, gods are significant to the Odyssey. They make it the exciting, epic story that it is. Although the gods play a very different role in society today than they did during this time period, they are still just as significant.

Many people will still say that god is the single most important part of life today, an idea that was prominent throughout the Odyssey.

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Posted in Purchaser Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for the post of a Purchase Cum Admin Officer. Rhetorical Styles. Every organization has purchase department to meet the needs of all organization on behalf of the Chairman. A Purchaser Cum Admin has to perform his duty both as an purchase and then he has to manage and maintain as well. A good resume like Store Keeper Resume is what explains your personality as is the requirement. Your code of character may not be so important the employer’s point of essay on the early purges, view but in rhetorical essay, case of purchase and its sub-domains, it’s necessary that you emphasize on the nobility and honesty of your character So carefully construct your resume. This resume is for purchase cum admin so keep in mind that mostly companies at lower level are interested in recruiting.

Also try to compromise over your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the tikki tavi results in your favor. Essay. Adding references of your previous experiences is descriptive a boy another plus. Tips For Editing Purchaser Cum Admin Officer Resume Sample: All you need is to Ctrl C (copy) the entire text of the resume sample and essay styles, Ctrl V(paste) it on essay on the purges to your Word document. Having trouble with formatting the text when you Ctrl V (paste)? Click here to resolve! Add in your personal information as per essay styles, our guidelines just like fill-in-blanks. Tavi. Adhere the most recent, fresh picture of yours. Enlist your address and available contact information. Enlist you references and their contact numbers. Rhetorical. Make sure to have the tell heart print out on the best quality of paper.

Are you looking for…? Purchasing Agent Resume , Purchase Assistant Resum e, Senior Purchase Officer Resume Sample , Purchaser Cum Admin Officer Resume Sample. Career Objective : (Purchaser Cum Admin Officer) To build up my career with the help of my basic skills of technical, analytical, logical and rhetorical, communication strength while enabling the research on integrating organization to achieve targets and growth. Professional Profile: (Purchaser Cum Admin Officer)

Over ten years of experience in the field of Administration and rhetorical essay styles, Marketing out of essay purges, which 5 years in School Administration, Man Management, Procurement and Facility Management, Transport, Customer Care in Dubai. Worked in diverse environments ranging from corporate house in India to large education groups in Dubai. Well versed in various Administration activities such as office administration, facilities management , security , transport logistics document management, event management, diary management, travel arrangements, meeting and rhetorical essay, conferences etc. Talents to successful manage, lead develop multi cultural teams. Good at negotiation communication and Customer care Computer knowledge – MS office, Excel, Power point, internet outlook. Strong problem solving skills. Excellent written and oral communication abilities.

Pursued MBA in Finance from National Institute of purges, Management, India. Pursued B.Com from rhetorical essay styles Mysore University, India. Working as Purchase Cum Admin Officer. To meet day to day administrative needs, coordinate with different divisional heads to mitty thesis understand their requirements and ensure smooth functioning. Customer Care: Meeting parents on day to day issues and coordinating with different subject leaders for their academic issues and find solutions. Take care of the front office requirements for meet and greet visitors/parents and rhetorical styles, supervise the work of front office staff. Purchasing: Procurement responsibilities include, budgeting, sourcing the vendors, shortlisting, negotiating (bringing value for money) finalizing, issuing purchase requisition etc. Prepare budget for yearly purchase of mitty statement, Capital items and give justification for the purchase and rhetorical styles, get the curricula budget approved.

Supervision of PRO’s work: Check and authorize advance payment for Visa and Labor permits for new staff and renewal of old staff. Ensure timely preparation of Man power requisition and visa requisition for new staff. Ensure the staff details such as Visa number, visa expiry date, passport number, passport expiry dates, labor card number and rhetorical essay styles, labor card expiry date are correctly entered in the visa program. Ensure that the cancellations are done on time for leaving staff. Supervision of Security support staff functions: Assign day to day work to security guards and other support staff and descriptive essay a boy, their monitoring. Maintaining their files, leave records, attendance etc. Asset Management: Maintain proper record of styles, capital items purchased, inventory record, ensure placement of right items at morrison beloved analysis essay, right place and for right use, make sure items are not misused or damaged due to mishandling/wrong handling, and ensure timely service/maintenance of equipment’s for optimum usage. Recruitment of Support Staff and Admin Staff: Prepare and release advertisements in the news paper, screening applications, short listing, conducting interviews, discussing packages, finalizing appointments, issuing contract and assigning duties. Transportation: Keeping proper record of vehicle movements, ensure timely service and repairs of rhetorical, vehicles to avoid break downs, keep record of tale heart essays, fuel consumption, deployment of right vehicle for right job, conduct training classes for drivers and conductors to ensure safety of students in the bus.

Event Management: Facilitate and provide required materials and equipment and finalize, venue for rhetorical styles smooth conduct of all events, arrange refreshments, ensure proper protocol is followed etc. Secret Mitty Thesis Statement. Business Development: Worked towards the increasing the styles admission rate of the secret life of walter mitty thesis school by different ways of marketing, brand building, exploring new methodologies of teaching and learning etc. The quality indicator of KHDA “Health and Safety was continuously rated GOOD (which was headed by me) Worked as Purchase Officer at essay, the same institution from 2010 to till date. Preparing the projection for the bus routes /recruitment of drivers and nannies depending on the admissions. Research On Integrating Genomics Curricula. Being the rhetorical essay first point of on integrating genomics nursing curricula, contact for essay all drivers. Keeping proper record of vehicle movements. Research Paper Nursing Curricula. ensure timely service and repairs of vehicles to rhetorical essay avoid break downs, Keep record of fuel consumption. Deployment of right vehicle for right job. Conduct training classes for drivers and conductors to ensure safety of students in the bus. Monitor and report driver issues such as accidents, safety concerns, or licensing issues. Plan for mitty thesis adequate number of drivers routes for Extra trips duties for school activities and also provide for emergency requirements of all the staff with special hours.

Ensure that all the school transport activities are in conformance with the styles requirement of RTA and Dubai Police. Descriptive Essay A Boy. Attend to rhetorical essay styles the grievances of Parents. Streamlining and guiding about fuel consumptions and beloved analysis essay, cost effectiveness. Periodically study the rhetorical essay need of new routes and deploying the buses. Analysis. Preparing the rhetorical feasibility report for requirement of essay on the early purges, purchase of new buses and replacement of old buses.

Arranging for the provision maintenance of official cars with or without driver. In charge of the day to day operations of the transport department. Efficiently managing a team of drivers and vehicles. Styles. Appraising staff performance and also taking disciplinary measures when required. purchasing a fleet of own buses with the profit making in 2 years. Worked as Sales Marketing Executive. Handle complete sales activities besides searching for new prospects, conduct presentation and negotiate agreements with clients.( for Toyota Hino, Tata Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Truck Pick up) Regular Sales calls follow up with existing potential key accounts to tell tale essays open new business opportunities ensure client awareness on new promotions-packages offered by the company.

Prospect new markets for raising sales volumes. Styles. Manage up sell of the products. Arrange and submit offers and agreements to potential clients. Identify new business opportunities in the region and design innovative business proposals. Maintain excellent client relationship, follow up regularly on accounts, provide feedback to management on product performance and essay on the, help clients get maximum benefit from range. Obtain and correlate customer feedback to assist with production planning, market analysis and product development. Styles. Provide technical support to customer.

Maintaining and updating mailing databases Organizing and attending events and exhibitions. Securing sponsorship to assist with the rikki tavi essay publicity and essay, funding of mitty, marketing projects. Carrying out essay styles, market research and essay, customer surveys to assess demand, brand positioning and awareness. Monitoring competitor activity Analyzing pricing positions Contributing to and developing long-term marketing plans and strategies Assisting in the delivery of approved strategies Managing budgets Supporting the marketing manager and other colleagues. Date of Birth : 000. Marital Status : Married. Driving license : UAE. Passport No : 000. Visa status : Employment visa. Languages : English, Hindi Kannada. Skill Purchasing Agent Resume Sample.

This resume is a sample for rhetorical essay styles the post of an Skill Purchasing agent. Secret Mitty Statement. Every organization has purchase department to meet the needs of all organization on behalf of the Chairman. In this post we’ll recommend you to essay styles draw a resume with your skills honestly. The character may not be so important to the employer’s point of view but in case of purchase it’s necessary that you should highlight your clean character along with your skills. So carefully construct your Skill Purchasing Agent Resume. This Skill Purchasing Agent Resume is for an assistant level post so it can be your first job or you might have 2 or 3 year of experience. But as an assistant it means a lot of immediate pressure of the employer. Also try to compromise over descriptive a boy, your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the results in your favor. If you show extra quality than your immediate boss as per current experience you could not take your job easily.

Skill Purchasing Agent Resume Sample. Every organization has purchase department to rhetorical styles meet the needs of all organization on behalf of the Chairman. In this post we’ll recommend you to into nursing curricula draw a resume with your skills honestly. Rhetorical. Demonstrating multi-tasking skills while prioritizing work assignments. Seeking opportunity to achieve mutual growth and manage varied and challenging assignments in competitive and dynamic work environments. ? Guaranteeing Optimal Relation between Quality and Price. ? Processing and Documenting Suppliers’ Requisitions. ? Coordinating with Cash Office and on the early purges, Finance.

? Invoicing Payments and Follow-Up. Possessing effective negotiation skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with fluency in English and Tagalog. Ability to work both independently and within collaborative environments. Exhibiting attention to detail. Administration and Management – Utilising strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques and production methods skills and demonstrating knowledge of business and management principles while coordinating people and resources. Customer and Personal Service – Using knowledge of principles and processes to essay styles provide customer and personal services, including customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Received a significant employment award for demonstrating hard work and dedication while completing assigned tasks.

Received Local Purchase Material Request (LPMR) from requestors as per specifications. Sourced, selected and negotiated for the best purchase package in terms of quality, price, terms, deliveries and services with the supplier. Devised quotations, sent inquiry, received incoming and secret life statement, outgoing calls as well as fax and emails from the suppliers. Prepared purchase requisition and local purchase order for all departments and branches. Encoded local purchase order number and purchase requisition with vendors. Applied reference in LPMR and attached it with quotations. Dispatched/received all local purchase order to/from concerned authority. Prepared copies and faxed all local purchase orders to suppliers, stores, workshops and rhetorical essay, branches. Encoded all reference of purchase requisition and local purchase order number, requisition number, vendors’ names and date and accordingly forwarded necessary documents to accounts department for into nursing payment processing.

Coordinated with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery and essay, receipt of invoices and delivery notes from them. Attached invoices and delivery notes to local purchase ordered as well as checked the details of materials delivered. Encoded invoices and delivery note numbers, dates and total value of invoices for Material Received Reports (MRR). Received MRR documents, verified numbers/dates and prepared list of research on integrating into curricula, documents to be sent to the accounting department. Executed and rhetorical, monitored all regular purchasing duties, including verifying petty cash fund and toni analysis, filing as well as securing confidential files of the company. Proficient in operating Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet applications. Styles. MS Officer. Accounting Software Excel power point.

References available upon request. Purchase Assistant Officer Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for the post of an Purchase Assistant Officer . Every organization has purchase department to meet the needs of all organization on behalf of the chairman. In this post we’ll recommend you to draw a resume with your skills along with honesty . The character may not be so important point in the employer’s point of view but in case of purchase it’s necessary you should show your clean character than your skills. So carefully construct your resume. This resume is for Purchase assistant level post so it can be your first job or you might have 2 or 3 year experience. But as an assistant it means a lot of immediate pressure of the employer. Also try to compromise over your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the results in essay about a boy, your favor. If you show extra quality then your immediate boss than as per current experience you could not take your job easily.

Purchase Assistant Officer Resume Sample. Address : Al Rigga Plaza G, Flat 721, Deira, Dubai, UAE. Ambitious business professional dedicated towards managing overall purchasing operations, including stock level management and maintenance. Detail-oriented individual, skilled in accurately processing high volume of purchase orders. Competent team player with ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with various stakeholders. Creative thinker, constantly focusing on bottom-line results while contributing enthusiastically to procurement cost-reduction initiatives. Demonstrating multi-tasking skills while prioritising work assignments.

Seeking opportunity to achieve mutual growth and manage varied and styles, challenging assignments in competitive and analysis, dynamic work environments. ? Suppliers’ Relationships/Partnerships ? Guaranteeing Optimal Relation between Quality and Price ? Processing and Documenting Suppliers’ Requisitions ? Coordinating with Cash Office and Finance ? Invoicing Payments and essay styles, Follow-Up ? Knowledge of purchasing process as well as general knowledge of secret mitty thesis, budgeting and cost-management. Possessing effective negotiation skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with fluency in English and Tagalog. Ability to work both independently and within collaborative environments. Exhibiting attention to detail.

Administration and Management – Utilising strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques and production methods skills and rhetorical essay, demonstrating knowledge of business and management principles while coordinating people and resources. Customer and morrison beloved analysis essay, Personal Service – Using knowledge of principles and processes to provide customer and personal services, including customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Received a significant employment award for demonstrating hard work and dedication while completing assigned tasks. Received Local Purchase Material Request (LPMR) from requestors as per specifications. Rhetorical Styles. Sourced, selected and negotiated for the best purchase package in terms of quality, price, terms, deliveries and services with the life of walter statement supplier. Devised quotations, sent inquiry, received incoming and outgoing calls as well as fax and emails from the suppliers. Prepared purchase requisition and rhetorical styles, local purchase order for all departments and branches. Encoded local purchase order number and purchase requisition with vendors. Applied reference in LPMR and attached it with quotations. Dispatched/received all local purchase order to/from concerned authority. Prepared copies and research paper on integrating genomics, faxed all local purchase orders to suppliers, stores, workshops and branches.

Encoded all reference of purchase requisition and local purchase order number, requisition number, vendors’ names and date and accordingly forwarded necessary documents to accounts department for essay styles payment processing. Coordinated with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery and receipt of invoices and delivery notes from them. Attached invoices and delivery notes to local purchase ordered as well as checked the details of materials delivered. Encoded invoices and delivery note numbers, dates and total value of invoices for Material Received Reports (MRR). Of Walter Mitty. Received MRR documents, verified numbers/dates and prepared list of documents to be sent to the accounting department. Executed and monitored all regular purchasing duties, including verifying petty cash fund and filing as well as securing confidential files of the company.

Proficient in operating Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and rhetorical essay styles, Internet applications. References available upon request. Senior Purchase Officer Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for the post of Senior Purchase Officer. When you prepare a Senior Purchase Officer Resume for this post, you must be careful about few things i.e. your character, past record, past company’s goodwill, and finally your appreciation as a purchaser from early purges your last employer.

Your purchase officer resume must mention events where you have provided benefits to your previous employer in friendly as well tumultuous(if any) time. With this your resume is bound to get extra attention. It must also be mentioning your eagerness towards enhancing your ability and styles, compatibility to expand your experience. Secret Life Of Walter Thesis Statement. It must also show that you are an active and hardworking person who doesn’t compromise on the quality of his work and performs his duties with honesty. Below is the resume sample of Senior Purchase Officer. 7+ years experience as a Purchaser (Civil Mep) in a Construction Company Dubai – UAE (2007 to Still) Indian Driving Licence UAE Driving Licence. Marital Status : Married. Languages : English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi.

Passport No :000. Date of essay, Issue :000. Date of Expiry:000. M.A in History MBA Marketing. MS University, Trinelveli, Tamilnadu India. Post box No.2716 Al Rashidya, Dubai, UAE. Mr.

ABC, Methukummal. Kanyakumari Dist., Tamil Nadu, India. Seeking a position as Senior Purchase Officer with a reputed organization where my education experience will have positive contribution. Toni Beloved Analysis Essay. Work in rhetorical, a challenging environment where I can enhances my ability able to descriptive essay about a boy expand. Which is essay styles conductive to learn and grow at professional as well as personal level thereby directing my future endeavors as an asset to secret life of walter mitty thesis the company.Personal Profile A pleasant, adaptable and presentable person with the willingness to learn new tasks for the betterment of my career and to the growing needs of the company.

In depth knowledge of rhetorical essay, Civil Mep materials. On The. One year of experience in material Co-ordination Excellent written and rhetorical essay, verbal communication skills Appreciated for morrison beloved analysis dedicated ness towards work Superior experience of working with different manufactures Sourced products internationally through local dealers. Purchase Officer – Khansaheb Civil Engg, LLC – Dubai – Uae 2007 to Still Date. Reports to essay styles the personnel as shown in the organization chart. Provides functional support to Purchasing staff working within the various business units. To lead the Purchasing Department, including steering and implementing changes required for operational efficiency. Overhauling the existing Supply Chain successfully integrate new members,as appropriate. To develop, support and coordinate Procurement Training programs.

To undertake functional leadership activities such as preparing annual budgets, manpower plans and morrison beloved analysis, managing risks related to procurement issues. To create and maintain mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with Suppliers, fostering feedback and continuous improvement. Negotiate and reduced prices with vendors, resulting in Dhs.2M savings. Worked with diverse populations and developed experience in a variety of purchase activities. Essay. Plan, develop and purchase site materials and equipment in life of walter thesis, a timely and essay styles, cost effective way. Building site : American School, Burjman Centre, Al Rosthamani Tower, Carrefour-Al Bursha, East Hotel at Mall of on the, Emirates, Fujairah city centre, H.R.H Beach Palace, Burj Dubai(Emaa) Emirates Engine Office, J.B.R etc…

Road site : D.I.P Roads Al Furjan Roads, Al Furjan Road work and styles, Dubai R.T.A Road maintenance works. etc…. Processing requisition’s expediently diligently into Purchase Orders. Conducting market survey’s as the situation warrants and floating inquiries to tell tale heart setting essays the supply chain. Rhetorical. Negotiate with suppliers as necessary to achieve commercial targets. Mutual development of on-going and new supply chain relationships. Descriptive About A Boy. On-going advice support to Estimating/Operation/Commercial teams. Attend to supplier queries. Title : Proficiency in internet mentor software. I hereby declare that the above information furnished by me is rhetorical styles true to the best of my knowledge and belief. This resume is a sample for secret life mitty statement the post of a Purchaser. Every organization has purchase department to meet the needs of all organization on behalf of the Chairman.

A Purchaser has to essay styles perform his duty both as a purchase person and driver duty. A good resume is what explains your personality as is the requirement. Your code of character may not be so important for the employer’s point of view but in essay, case of purchase and rhetorical, its sub-domains, it’s necessary that you emphasize on the nobility and honesty of your character. So carefully construct your resume. Research Paper On Integrating Genomics. This resume is for Purchaser so keep in mind that mostly companies at lower level are interested in recruiting. Also try to compromise over rhetorical, your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the results in your favor. Toni Analysis. Adding references of your previous experiences is another plus.

Looking for more Purchase Resume? Name: xyz Paste Recent Pic Here. Contact Info: 000. Visa Status: zzz. Driving License: Yes (details below)

Applied For: Purchaser/Local Purchaser/ Hotel Purchaser/ Store purchaser/Purchaser Cum Store Keeper. Objective: (Hotel Purchaser/ Store purchaser/Purchaser Cum Store Keeper ) To obtain a suitable position in an esteemed organization, where I can utilize my qualification and experience to carry out my duties efficiently and develop a successful career. Work Experience: (Hotel Purchaser/ Store purchaser/Purchaser Cum Store Keeper) ABC LLC , Ras Al Khaima. Position: Purchaser cum Store Keeper Since Jan 2010 to Sep 2014. Daily Office purchase. Prepared purchase order of goods. Purchase the rhetorical essay styles quality and standard goods.

Delivery Foodstuff in apartments. Purchase management. Handle the store. Maintain the computerized store software. Prepare item vise store goods summary of purchase. Goods receipt note prepare as per goods receiving date.

Prepared the store budget monthly quarterly base. ABC Garage LLC – Dubai, U.A.E . Position: Purchaser Since Sep 2009 to Dec 2008. Purchase Spare parts for Garage. Purchase the part from reliable supplier at market minimum price. Always try to purchase goods standard quality . Client Relation. Sales Manager. Other Areas of tikki tavi, Knowledge.

Maintain store register. maintain purchase register. Maintain the issue register. Maintain the goods receipt register. Maintain the Rejection register. S.L.C. : Higher Secondary Board, Kerala, India. Mobile Technician : Bridco Institute of Mobile Technology Computer Hardware Technician : Merit Institute of Computer Hardware. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet – E-mail related utilities. Malayalam : Mother tongue.

Date of Expiry : 0000. Date of Birth : 000. Marital Status : Single. Passport No : 0000. I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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Parents: what you should avoid saying to teenagers taking exams! June 1, 2015 - posted by Tutorhub. Private tutoring: independent views on its pros and styles, cons. March 6, 2012 - posted by about Tutorhub. 10 Best Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework. I’m sure most, if not all students, have at least a few times (or more!) during school where they’ve handed in a homework assignment late, and rhetorical essay, so as not to get into trouble, given an research paper nursing excuse to their teacher as to essay styles why they couldn’t complete their homework on time. Be careful not to use the same excuse too many times, or your teacher may not be so sympathetic next time! If you’re like me, and often forget about their homework (oops), then maybe this list of excuses can help to bail you out: “ My dog ate my homework! ” – Hmm, perhaps not the most subtle or workable of excuses, but if you really do have a dog… There may be more than a 0.0001% chance that it could work?!

If all else fails, you could always bring a stool sample as proof… “ Homework? I don’t remember getting any homework? ” – You probably DO remember getting your homework, but your teacher doesn’t know that, right? “ Ahh, I thought it was in descriptive about, my bag, but it looks like I’ve left it at rhetorical, home by accident! ” – Of course you left it at home by accident! This one is a great excuse, it’s worked a fair few times for me, anyway… “ I didn’t understand the homework, could you explain it to me so I can give it a second go? ” – This excuse works better more for maths or question based homework rather than essays. Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Statement! However, it’s a good way to hit two birds with one stone (you get help on your homework, and a deadline extension!), especially if you actually don’t understand the homework assignment! “ My computer crashed and I didn’t save my work/my printer stopped working! ” – With more and more people using computer based software to complete their homework, a whole new spectrum of excuses have been opened to the desperate, homework-lacking student. “ I had too much homework from my [insert subject name] class to complete the styles, homework you assigned, ” – Poor you, clearly you’ve been given way too much homework by all your other teachers to do this piece! A homework overload is never a good thing. “ Oh, I think I was absent when the descriptive a boy, homework was given out… ” – You were obviously ill when the homework was handed out in class, even though your teacher is looking at your ‘tick’ of attendance in the register! “ I’ve been busy with extra-curricular activities and essay styles, volunteering work outside of school ,” – If you’re doing any work or activities outside of work, hey, why not use them as an purges excuse for not doing your homework!

It’s a pretty believable one (especially next to excuse 1.). “ I’ve been so ill over the past few days, so I haven’t been able to do any of essay styles, my homework ,” – Bed ridden, feverish and unable to essay purges distinguish your cat from your sheet of homework, how on earth can you be expected to work in this state?! Tell the truth – After using all these excuses, perhaps it’s time to essay pull out your triumph card – the truth. On the statement, occasion, your teacher may appreciate your use of the truth rather than the usual bombardment of rhetorical essay, (unbelievable) excuses. Use this one when you’re feeling especially sincere (and desperate). I hope these excuses have been helpful, just remember that the more you use them, the more unbelievable they’ll become to your teacher. Secret Life Mitty Thesis Statement! In fact, it may just be better (and easier) for rhetorical styles, you to hand in you homework on time! 90 Responses to paper genomics into nursing curricula “10 Best Excuses for essay styles, Not Doing Your Homework” The best one I heard at uni was “my desk set on fire.” Seriously. how in the world did your desk catch on on the early fire? Eugh I hate it when my desk spontaneously combusts :/ Especially when I’m trying to write!!

First World Problems. Well you never know knowing us students #128521; haha that’s funny but in rhetorical styles, chemistry that would be more realistic. Why don’t you just go to the bathroom when she hands it out, and the next day explain what happened? Its being honest, with a twist right?

I think i got a good exuse “my homewrk got stuk in my locker” I once told my teacher that I accidently took my little sister’s homework and tavi, so she must have mine. The teacher bought it and I got a extra 2 days! My friend has said that she left her jotter @ home also works with memory stick etc. Just to rhetorical remember to use different teachers. The one i use is tikki essay, that i forgot it, then when you next have that lesson say ‘Oh I put it on your desk’, only styles, works if the teacher has a particulary messy desk though or a desk in another room. My best one is: I gave it to you when the essay a boy, teacher says huh? or no you act suprised and say yes i did! and then the teacher says but i dont remember that you say i do then they usually let u off the hook. My excuses are: I did it, and then I put it in my bag, but I wanted to check it and then i checked it and rhetorical, never put it back in!

Ooopsy! I left it in my desk and didn’t take it home. Once I said: ( when the essay, class was silent ) i forgot my homework, left it at a friends, LOL. I actually said lol #128578; My best is, I’ll bring it tomorrow… Next day, “My parents dragged me into the city for rhetorical styles, dinner and essay a boy, we didn’t get home till 1:00. It works all the time… Only if you live near the rhetorical styles, city but not in the city. The best one I ever received was: My Mom still has it! I told her to hurry up.

Lol that’s pretty funny. just say the truth people it is`nt gonna kill u or will it heeehhahah. Say that you left your homework on the bus or car. speak for yourself! i got 4 detentions in one day once! so I got two weeks of detention in one day for throwing a chair at the teacher. Me=If you do not do anything you don’t get in on integrating genomics nursing curricula, trouble right?Teacher=Right.

Me=i did not do my home work so i’m not in trouble Ha Ha Teacher= -_- Lmfao these r the worst excuses ever. student: Miss/Sir Will you tell me off for rhetorical essay, something I didn’t do? teacher:Of course not. student:Good because I didn’t do my homework. Essay Early! Ha! That’s really funny.

The weirdest excuse i have heard is either my hampster ate it or it got abducted by ailens. Thanks guys you really helped -.- thank you i love the excuses do you have a excuse for drama homework!? #128577; Homework in Drama? I never remember that! i woud=ldnt say the truth to my teacher shes strict all she says is detentoin. I actually did forget what now. In those situations it’s best to just come clean about it. Teachers are getting wise to rhetorical essay styles excuses now so I think simply saying you forgot it is the best course of action! #128577; actually i was on a wedding so i was busy the whole day and toni, had to attend functions at night u know indian weddings #128512; u could say my little sister put it in the bin but even if i have excuses i get punished but i get over it.

once said hamster ate my home work and rhetorical essay styles, teacher belived me. Must be a big hamster #128578; YOU ARE SO WEIRD! #128521; I told my German teacher my rabbit ate my homework once. Research Genomics Into Curricula! The thing is, he actually did. I got another sheet and he got to it again. Rhetorical Styles! I brought it in essay on the, the next day and it had bite marks on the corner. Essay Styles! LOL. “Wow, ooh. Purges! I think i was absent when the homework was given out.

Classic excuse – until the teacher whips out the register that is… I agree that’s a good excuses on only some teacher just keep that in mind. That excuses are great ! But if u in rhetorical essay, Viet Nam that is descriptive about a boy, not the best excuse because every teacher will be detention all week : to rhetorical essay styles clean thee room every morning if you don’t want they will kick you out the skool because you big fault to lie your teacher . I would say, after I finished it, I left it on essay the Kitchen table last night and my little brother drew all over rhetorical essay styles it, it was too late to start it again, I was going to research on integrating curricula do it in essay styles, the morning but I just didn’t have enough time. That’l work at school, but not at secret of walter thesis, something like university level. I recall someone using an rhetorical styles excuse like that and tikki tavi persuasive essay, the lecturer said ‘well, I want to see it…’ say that ur mother is coming to give u then escape lol this wis very funny i did it coulpe of times never got caought.

The best one that I have had and hasn’t ever not worked is; in the morning before the homework is set I quickly make a Word file with nothing on rhetorical then save it as so it only works on toni beloved essay mac, and rhetorical, then email it to the teacher or put it on a memory stick (this takes about tell tale heart a couple minuets). So then as the teacher will as I say “I have it” and show them my memory stick on the teachers computer, and the file will not open because it’ll only work on styles mac (not on tikki tavi Windows that the school have) and essay styles, I can say “oh there must be something wrong with the schools system” and it doesn’t look bad on me, or if I email it to the teacher they’ll say they can’t open it and I will say its the schools systems fault. After I say ok i’ve done it so i’ll print it of tonight, as the teacher has believed that you have done the tell tale, homework they’ll allow you an extra day to ‘print it of at rhetorical, home’ so this gives me an early purges extra day to do homework. Styles! Sounds complicated but its really not, oh and a tip don’t try with with an ICT teacher though. All of my teachers have macs so that wouldn’t work haha lol. best homework exuses ever! my teacher is so strict. I find the excuses very nerve racking for me because I’m kinda a goody goody and I’ve only lied to my teacher like once or twice. homework due date: ill bring it tomorrow. tomorrow: i handed it in essay about, yesterday.

The best excuse is I left my bag on a bench and it got stolen I’m going to rhetorical the police station after school to get it, my homework was inside. I’m really sorry. Charlie Ellis comment is tale heart essays, brillant. None of them will work with my teachers trust me i just say my dad threw it in rhetorical styles, bin on descriptive accident or get my mum for write a note for me. The best / most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard that one of my classmates used a few years ago was….” You said do questions 1-10. You didn’t say bring them though ” It was really funny since my teacher wasn’t capable of replying. Say how you have a tutor coming over to your house and rhetorical styles, you are going to secret life of walter mitty do your homework with him and you will bring it the rhetorical, next day. My excuse is I stayed up until 10:00 and (someone) told me to secret mitty go to bed and rhetorical essay styles, look tired. I actually forgot my bag once and only realised at the train station, my teacher didn’t believe me and was really angry. They always seem to be more angry when you actually did forget to bring it!

The way I do it (this only descriptive, works if you are on rhetorical a computer and research into curricula, if your school/college uses an emailing system) is I either send a document with a load of gibberish in it to the WRONG EMAIL ADRESS or I “accidentally” send them the wrong homework- (i tried this with physics homework, sending in geography homework in instead) We were camping once and my dog did chew my work, three folders worth! I brought it in essay, and was excused. Funny that teachers don’t believe this excuse, when it can and has happened. Get the essays, whole class to pretend that the styles, homework is life, due in on styles a later date. It’s worked a couple of paper on integrating nursing curricula, times but it really does depend on how organised the teacher is. i go to rhetorical essay styles morehall im in paper nursing, year 4 my best one is my cat ate it but that’s not funny so if you join that school just say my cat ate it. You ASKED me to do it you didn’t TELL me to essay styles so I thought it was optional.

Best just go im sure i put it in my bag maybe someone took it out. hahaha these are great. The best one I’ve every heard was: My baby brother ate it. Teacher have anyone told you that your hair look nice today. My homework was eaten by the cat! The best one I’ve heard is you told us to do our homework but you did not tell us to bring it in. I always go for “I forgot it at my house” or “I forgot it at essay early purges, school yesterday”!!

never try aliens ate my homework. 1) Say that I forgot it in the car because we went to a restaurant with my family and essay, I had to tikki persuasive essay do it in the car. 2) Ask the whole class to fake the due date. Rhetorical! Works wonders =P. 3) Fake cry and tell your teacher that you are VERY sorry and that your parents will kill you if you get a zero and tikki persuasive, that you will do the styles, best work of all if you can get it in tomorrow (you better do a good job in this case but it almost always works for me.)

4) My brother stole my lap top and started playing games and then the computer crashed! 5) My brother dropped my lap top (works great if your laptop is partially broken but that’s a one time thing) The fabulous excuse- (an old student of my teacher apparently used this excuse and rikki persuasive essay, he was excused for rhetorical essay styles, how fabulous it was) I was doing my homework in tale setting essays, my Llama’s shed and I turned around to give it some hay. Rhetorical! When I turned around the homework was in the Llama’s mouth! (what’s ironic is heart setting essays, that he doesn’t own a Llama XD.

I think that the best one is, ” I spilt tea on rhetorical essay it this Moring” or just cry say your tummy hurts get sent to the nurse and heart, miss the lesson. umm the one i use a lot is that i just say that either: 1: i sent it to her on email but it musn’t have gone through. 2:’um i must have been at the bathroom when you handed it out’ MAYBE if your teacher is really old and essay styles, forgetful just say that you handed it in a few days before of essay, you left it on his/her desk before school? My friend always comes up with the rhetorical styles, most ridiculous, and mean excuses. They normally involve his family and tragedies.

Which of course, is a lie. But our teacher feels sorry for him anyway. I think one of the rikki tavi persuasive, best excuses is to styles say you accidentally forgot it on essay early purges the bus or something like that, other option is to rhetorical essay always take acting class and make urself look super dissapointed in essay, urself…. ( always worked for essay, me) anyways good luck #128578; except for that last one! LOL. what always works is I had practice and tavi, twisted my ankle so I was icing it and couldn’t do it. Once I didnt do my homework for dt. When it was due I said my brother nicked it and accidentally dropped it in rhetorical essay styles, the sink when my mum was washing up.

I even bought in a wet ball of paper to morrison beloved essay prove it but if you use that exuse make sure its really soaked so the teacher cant unscrew it and see its blank. I once said that my bag fell over and everything fell out, I must have not picked it up and it got blew away, i got another week to do it as it was supposed to be a big load of work :3. Best one I heard today in Math was. I was taking my goldfish for a walk sir. one ive heard was ” I left it in my school trousers and my mum put them in styles, the wash so heres whats left of my sheet. If you use exercise books to of walter thesis statement complete your homework and rhetorical, you have two books of the same colour for different lessons (in our school our English and rikki tikki persuasive, Science books are literally the same colour) just tell your teacher that you brought in the wrong book and show it to essay styles them as proof.

Either that or just hand in your book and if they tell you that they didn’t see any homework in there just tell them that you did it on lined paper and it must have fallen out (this actually worked for me). #128578; The best excuse I’ve heard is when I was taking my puppy out for a walk I had my school bag with me and my homework flew out of tale heart essays, my bag and rhetorical styles, when i wasn’t looking my puppy grabbed ahold of it and analysis, tore it to pieces when I finally saw him with a piece of paper in rhetorical essay styles, his mouth I took it off of him and only realised that it was my homework when I opened it up I was so devastated. the best homework excuse is to tell you teacher that you went to paper on integrating genomics curricula vacation forgot every pieces of homework that was assigned because you were having so much fun when you went to essay styles vacation and all you did was just party and play care about nothing related to school. I think the essay on the early purges, best excuse is “There was a funeral yesterday and i didn’t have time to essay styles do it” 1) Say that I forgot it in the car because we went to a restaurant with my family and research on integrating genomics into, I had to do it in rhetorical styles, the car. 2) Ask the whole class to fake the due date. Works wonders =P.

3) Fake cry and tell your teacher that you are VERY sorry and that your parents will kill you if you get a zero and that you will do the best work of descriptive about, all if you can get it in rhetorical, tomorrow (you better do a good job in this case but it almost always works for purges, me.) 4) My brother stole my lap top and started playing games and then the computer crashed! 5) My brother dropped my lap top (works great if your laptop is partially broken but that’s a one time thing) The fabulous excuse- (an old student of my teacher apparently used this excuse and he was excused for how fabulous it was) I was doing my homework in my Llama’s shed and rhetorical styles, I turned around to paper on integrating into nursing give it some hay. When I turned around the homework was in essay, the Llama’s mouth! (what’s ironic is a boy, that he doesn’t own a Llama XD. The best excuse is to draw lines over the page, soak it, then crunch it up and bring it in. Rhetorical Essay Styles! Tell your teacher that you did it outside then it started raining/tell them that you left it in you trouser poket over toni beloved the weekend/don’t crunch it up, leave it in your bag and say you bottle leaked XD. Best excuse ever: The internet is rhetorical styles, Down! I come up with something like. -Really bad migraine.

-Tutor canceled last minute and research paper into nursing curricula, you can have it in by tomorrow. -Water bottle spilled all over your bag. -Your mom had baby. -Visit someone in rhetorical styles, hospital. The made up file name always works.

Just send them it in an email and attach a made up file ( for example essay.psfx) It sounds pretty real but when they go to open it the computer will not have the research paper on integrating into curricula, right program to open it! Works a charm. My best is: I left it in my pants so my mom wash them.

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Do Students Really Need Practice Homework? (Da Capo Press, 2006) Closely related to the [mostly false] notion that more time yields more learning is the belief, widely held by essay styles both parents and teachers, that homework is useful because it affords an opportunity for rikki tikki tavi persuasive, students to practice the essay skills they’ve been taught. This, of on integrating nursing curricula course, is a defense of a certain kind of assignment – namely, the kind that involves practice. Styles! But because such a large proportion of research on integrating homework is practice-oriented, we should evaluate this claim carefully. Essay Styles! There’s obviously some truth to the idea that practice is connected to proficiency. People who do something a lot often get better at doing it. But once again we find ourselves with a proposition that turns out to a boy be true in a far more limited sense, with more qualifications and caveats attached, than may have seemed to be the case.

Giving students homework that involves drill and practice is often said to rhetorical “reinforce” the skills they’ve been taught in tell heart setting essays class. This verb is tossed around casually, as if it were sufficient to rhetorical clinch the essay a boy case. But what exactly is meant here? Unless it’s assumed that practice is reinforcing by rhetorical definition, one would have to demonstrate that good results are indeed likely to follow from mere repetition. And it’s not at life of walter mitty statement, all clear that this is true, except under very limited circumstances. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to say “Keep practicing until you understand” because practicing doesn’t create understanding – just as giving kids a deadline doesn’t teach time-management skills. What might make sense, at least under certain conditions, is to say “Keep practicing until what you’re doing becomes automatic.” But what kinds of proficiencies lend themselves to this sort of improvement? The answer is behavioral responses. Expertise in tennis requires lots of practice; it’s hard to improve your swing without spending a lot of time on the court. You learn to pull back and essay styles follow through with just the right movement so the ball lands where you want, and eventually you can do this without even thinking about it. Toni Analysis! But to cite an essay, example like that to on the early justify homework is an example of what philosophers call begging the question.

It assumes precisely what has to be proved, which is that intellectual pursuits are essentially like tennis. Essay! The assumption that the two activities are analogous is an outgrowth of a doctrine known as behaviorism, widely associated with John B. Watson, B. F. Skinner, and their followers. On this view, all that matters are behaviors that can be seen and measured, and “man is an animal different from secret life of walter mitty thesis other animals only in the types of behavior he displays,” as Watson announced on the first page of his best-known book. Thus, it makes perfect sense that most of the principles of learning that emerge from the work of behaviorists were developed on lab animals. Among those principles: Everything that we do, everything that we are, is purely a function of the reinforcers (what the rest of us usually refer to as “rewards”) that have followed what we’ve done in the past. When teachers and parents talk about using homework to “reinforce” the material students have learned – or, more accurately, the material they were taught, which they may or may not have learned – the essay term isn’t being used in this technical sense. But that doesn’t matter. Whether they realize it or not, they’re buying in to the same attenuated view of learning that emphasizes drill and practice because their focus is on producing a behavior. The behavior might consist of a rodent finding its way through a maze or a child borrowing from the tens’ place. For a behaviorist, these actions are different only in degree, and the same theory applies equally well to both.

Thus, to essays justify sending students home with a worksheet full of essay practice problems on the grounds that it reinforces skills is to say that what matters is not understanding but behavior. In the 1920s and ‘30s, when Watson was formulating his theory that would come to dominate the way we teach students (not to mention the way we raise children and manage employees), a much less famous researcher named William Brownell was challenging the drill-and-practice approach to mathematics that had already taken root. “If one is to be successful in quantitative thinking, one needs a fund of meanings, not a myriad of ‘automatic responses,’” he wrote. “Drill does not develop meanings. Repetition does not lead to understandings.” In fact, if “arithmetic becomes meaningful, it becomes so in spite of drill.”[1] An emphasis on making meaning is directly opposed to the view that learning consists of the tale setting acquisition of a collection of behaviors. Essay! Brownell’s insights about morrison analysis, math instruction have been expanded and enriched by rhetorical styles a long line of experts who have come to realize that the behaviorist model is, if you’ll excuse the expression, deeply superficial. Learning isn’t just a matter of absorbing new information or acquiring automatic responses to stimuli. Rather, we human beings spend our entire lives constructing theories about how the world works, and then reconstructing them in light of new evidence. Not only educational theorists but “virtually all” cognitive researchers today “[sub]scribe to mitty statement this constructive view of rhetorical essay styles learning and knowledge.”[2] The kind of teaching most consistent with it treats students as meaning makers and essay offers carefully calibrated challenges that help them to develop increasingly sophisticated theories. The point is for them to rhetorical styles understand ideas from the tell heart essays inside out.[3] This basic distinction between behavior and understanding – with its implications regarding practice homework – applies to just about every academic subject.

Its relevance to math, however, is rhetorical essay, particularly intriguing – and somewhat unsettling in about light of the fact that most of essay styles us still think in behaviorist terms. Research On Integrating! Mathematics is the subject in which practice homework seems to rhetorical styles be most commonly prescribed, so this is as good a place as any to tell heart setting essays understand the limits of the whole idea.[4] An emphasis on practice to reinforce skills proceeds naturally from the assumption that kids primarily need to learn “math facts”: the ability to say “42” as soon as they hear the stimulus “6 x 7,” and essay a familiarity with step-by-step procedures (sometimes called algorithms) for a boy, all kinds of problems #8212; carrying numbers while subtracting, subtracting while dividing, reducing fractions to the lowest common denominator, and so forth. You do one problem after another until you’ve got it down cold. And, as Brownell pointed out, if you have trouble producing the right answer, that’s “taken as evidence only of the need of rhetorical essay styles further drill.” In reality, it’s the children who don’t understand the underlying concepts who most need an approach to teaching that’s geared to deep understanding. The more they’re given algorithms and told exactly what to descriptive essay about do, the farther behind they fall in terms of grasping these concepts. “Mindless mimicry mathematics,” as the National Research Council calls it, is the norm in our schools, from rhetorical styles single-digit addition in first grade to trigonometry in high school. Students may memorize the fact that 0.4 = 4/10, or successfully follow a recipe to solve for x, but the traditional approach leaves them clueless about the rikki essay significance of what they’re doing. Without any feel for the bigger picture, they tend to plug in numbers mechanically while applying the technique they’ve been taught. Rhetorical Essay Styles! As a result, they often can’t take these methods and transfer them to essay a boy problems even slightly different from styles those they’re used to.

Or perhaps I should say this is research on integrating into, what we can’t do, in light of how many of us adults cheerfully describe ourselves as hating math or lacking any aptitude for rhetorical styles, it. (Rather curiously, some of us then become agitated if our children aren’t taught the subject with the same traditional methods that failed us!) All of this has been noticed by people who make their living thinking about math education. Several documents for reforming the essay purges field, including, most notably, the standards disseminated by the National Council of rhetorical styles Teachers of Mathematics, have recommended that math classes revolve around making meaning rather than memorizing rules. Students should be encouraged to paper write and talk about their ideas, to understand the underlying concepts and be able to put them into words. There#8217;s a sharp contrast between math defined principally in terms of skills and math defined principally in terms of rhetorical understanding. (The latter doesn’t exclude skills, of course; it just insists that skills should be offered in a context and for a purpose.) But even a classroom centered on understanding may not be enough. Some traditionalists will agree that thinking should be “couched in terms of comprehending, integrating, and applying knowledge.” But in their classrooms, the student’s job is “comprehending how the teacher has integrated or applied the ideas . . . and to reconstruct the teacher’s thinking on tikki tavi persuasive essay, the next test.”[5] This returns us to the fundamental question of whether understanding is passively absorbed or actively constructed. The best classrooms not only are characterized by more thinking than remembering; they also have students doing much of the thinking. Rhetorical Essay Styles! Thus, children, with the teacher’s support, may reinvent the idea of ratios for themselves, or recreate the marvelously consistent relation among the three sides of a right triangle (and discover its relevance to real-world design issues).

By weighing the possibilities, they come up with their own ways of finding solutions. What that means in morrison beloved essay practice is as straightforward as it is counterintuitive: Terrific teachers generally refrain from showing their classes how to solve problems. Essay! Rather than demonstrating the “correct” procedure for subtracting 37 from 82, for example, second-grade teachers might let the secret mitty thesis students (individually or in pairs) find ways to solve it, encouraging them to rhetorical essay try various techniques, giving them ample time before calling them back together for a discussion so they can explain what they did, challenge each other’s answers (in a friendly, supportive way), ask questions, reconsider their own approaches, and figure out what works #8212; and why it works. Notice how different this process is from merely transmitting information to them in a way that would then be “reinforced” with drill and practice. Essay Purges! Notice also that the rhetorical learning depends to a large degree on secret life mitty thesis, the interaction among children; it doesn’t lend itself to essay solitary efforts at the kitchen table. Until you’ve watched this kind of teaching, the idea of trusting children to tale setting essays solve unfamiliar problems, or the idea that math is a creative enterprise involving invention, can be very hard to accept. Rhetorical Styles! It’s sometimes assumed that if an adult doesn’t immediately step in to say “That’s right” or “No, not quite,” children are being given the message that all answers are equally acceptable. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. Beloved Analysis! It’s the essay styles fact that “82 minus 37” has only one right answer that makes this approach work. “Children will eventually get to the truth if they think and paper on integrating into nursing debate long enough because, in [math], absolutely nothing is arbitrary,” says Constance Kamii, who has devoted her career to explaining – and proving #8212; the value of this sort of essay math education.[6] By contrast, when students are simply told the most efficient way of getting the answer, they get in the habit of looking to the adult, or the book, instead of thinking things through.

They become less autonomous, more dependent. Stuck in rikki tikki tavi persuasive the middle of essay styles a problem, they’re less likely to try to figure out essay early purges, what makes sense to do next and more likely to try to remember what they’re supposed to rhetorical essay do next – that is, what behavioral response they’ve been taught to produce. Lots of practice can help some students get better at remembering the correct response, but not to get better at essay early, – or even accustomed to #8212; thinking. “In traditional math, says Kamii, “kids are given rules that don’t make sense to them, and styles repetition seems to be necessary to memorize rules kids don’t understand.” She generally recommends steering clear of homework, “partly because what kids do at school is descriptive, enough, and repetition is neither necessary nor desirable,” and partly because when parents try to help their children with math assignments they tend to styles teach them what they’ve been told are the purges “correct” ways to solve problems. Again, this shuts down children’s thinking. Even when students do acquire an academic skill through practice (in any subject), the way they acquire it should give us pause in terms of how they’ll approach that topic in the future. As the psychologist Ellen Langer has shown, “When we drill ourselves in a certain skill so that it becomes second nature,” we may come to perform that skill “mindlessly.”[7] Practicing some things until you can practically do them in your sleep often interferes with flexibility and innovation. Essay Styles! What can be done without thinking usually is done without thinking, and tikki tavi persuasive essay that may lock people into rhetorical essay styles, patterns and essay about procedures that are less than ideal. Practice often leads to habit – which is, by definition, a mindless repetition of behavior #8212; but not to rhetorical styles understanding. And when understanding is absent, the life ability to use and essay apply the skill is very limited indeed.

Even under those circumstances and for those topics where a reasonable case can be made that practicing does make sense, we’re not entitled to tikki persuasive conclude that homework of this type is rhetorical essay styles, appropriate for most students in any given classroom. For starters, such assignments aren’t of heart essays any use for those who don’t understand what they’re doing. “Perhaps the styles worst thing we can do is paper genomics curricula, make [these children] do more of what [they] cannot do,” as child development experts Rheta DeVries and Lawrence Kohlberg once wrote.[8] Giving practice problems to students who lack understanding can have any of several effects: * It may make them feel stupid. (Over and over again, they’re reminded of what they can’t do.) * It may get them accustomed to styles doing things the wrong way, because what’s really “reinforced” are mistaken assumptions.[9] * It may teach them to fake it, perhaps by asking someone else for the correct answers, to conceal what they don’t know. * Finally, the essay whole exercise subtly teaches that math – or whatever subject they’re doing #8212; is something people aren’t expected to essay styles understand. At the same time, other students in the same class already have the skill down cold, so further practice for them is a waste of time. You’ve got some kids, then, who don’t need the practice and other kids who can’t use it. Even if we were willing to put aside more basic concerns about this kind of essay early purges assignment, it’s entirely possible that only a handful of essay styles students in any classroom at any given time would be likely to benefit from it. Thus, the nearly universal tendency to give the same assignment to everyone in the class, while understandable in light of time constraints, is awfully hard to defend pedagogically. This is exactly why a New York math teacher, who has at various times taught students from second to descriptive essay about a boy eighth grade, told me that she has #8220;never found homework helpful. Those students who already knew how to do the stuff were bored with more of it at home. Those students who didn’t understand it made up their own ways to do things which were often wrong and repeated the practice, making it that much harder to get them to see it another way in class.#8221; An eighth-grade English teacher in southern California arrived at the same conclusion: I very rarely give my students any kind of homework.

I do not believe in homework, especially in a Language Arts class. Many teachers say that they give the students homework for practice, which is a wonderful concept. However, does every student in the class need the exact same amount of rhetorical styles practice? What about the student who has the concept down perfectly after the first item? Why does she have to do the other thirty-nine items? How about the student who practices all forty problems wrong? What good did the homework assignment do her?

I want my students to do their learning in my presence, so I can immediately correct them, or take them in a different direction, or push them further, or learn from them. Secret Of Walter Thesis Statement! Let’s assume for rhetorical essay, the moment that none of secret of walter mitty this was true – and that practice really could help most kids. Rhetorical! Even so, it still hasn’t been shown that they need to do it at home. Proponents of research into curricula homework simply assume that if practice is worthwhile, it must take place after school is over – in part because there’s not enough time for students to rhetorical essay styles write or solve problems during the day. But this raises the question of what students should be doing. Often it’s assumed that the best use of class time is for students to toni beloved essay listen to the teacher. Here we find another example of how questionable assumptions about rhetorical styles, education underlie a belief in the necessity of about homework. Rhetorical! There is good reason to move beyond the “transmission” model of learning – sometimes known as “sit ‘n git.” (The writer George Leonard once defined lecturing as the “best way to get information from teacher’s notebook to student’s notebook without touching the tell student’s mind.”) There’s a good case to be made that if class time is limited, most of those hours are better spent having students read and write, discuss and essay styles reflect. Indeed, many assignments are most valuable when they’re completed in class, where immediate feedback is available. Listen to the testimony of three teachers who address reading, writing, and math, respectively: In addition to reinforcement type worksheets which I do not assign for homework I also do not assign reading to be done at home.

Instead, I begin each day with an article (1-2 pages tops) that relates to the topics we#8217;re studying. Using just ten minutes a day, students end up reading over 100 college-level articles in the course of the year. Using class time enables us to go over the information collectively and immediately. Essay Early! I have to give students time to essay write in class. I’ve never walked into an art class where students aren’t actually engaged in beloved making art; imagine how silly art classes would become if the teacher expected students to work on all of their projects at home alone, leaving class time for lectures or slides.

Of course we should expect students to write at rhetorical essay, home regularly. But assessment depends on observation, and if we do not allow students to descriptive essay about a boy write during class, we cannot observe their process or find the time to give them the responses and ask the questions that matter. I like to rhetorical styles see students thinking through math. I need to see what they are understanding and where they are confused so that I can guide them appropriately. This, I find, only essay works in class. The Learner’s Point of View. Rhetorical Essay Styles! Even if practice homework really did help some students to acquire a skill, any such benefit would have to be balanced against the effect it has on their interest in learning. If slogging through worksheets dampens their desire to read or think, surely that wouldn’t be worth an incremental improvement in skills.

But let’s take this a step further. Even if our only concern was with bottom-line academic achievement, it would be counterproductive to ignore how students felt about the early process. Some adults seem to be convinced that kids ought to spend time doing what we regard as worthwhile regardless of rhetorical essay styles whether they find it unpleasant, but there’s actually little reason to believe that it’s productive to essay on the early make them do so. This is because excellence tends to follow interest. As I mentioned earlier, advocates of homework are fond of pointing out that you don’t get to be proficient at activities like tennis or basketball without spending an awful lot of time practicing. But even here, what matters most is the fact that the would-be athlete wants to be out on the court. Practice is most likely to be useful for someone who has chosen to do it, and excitement about an activity is the best predictor of competence.

That’s why one of the main challenges for a teacher is to help spark and rhetorical styles sustain children’s intrinsic motivation to play with words and numbers and ideas. Conversely, when an research paper on integrating, activity feels like drudgery, the quality of learning tends to rhetorical essay styles suffer. Secret Life Of Walter Thesis Statement! The fact that so many children regard homework as something to finish as quickly as possible – or even as a significant source of stress[10] – helps to explain why there’s so little evidence that it offers any academic advantage even for those who obediently sit down and rhetorical complete the tasks they’ve been assigned. Tell Essays! That fact makes perfect sense in light of a fundamental insight that has emerged from the work of psychological theorists and researchers who have transcended behaviorism: What matters most is not a child’s action; it’s what underlies the action #8212; her needs, goals, and attitudes.[11] It’s not what she does that’s going to prove beneficial (or not) in the long run; it’s why she does it, what she was hoping to get out of it, whether it makes sense to her (and, if so, for what reason). Essay! Of course, it’s much harder to measure these things than a variable like #8220;time on curricula, task.#8221; By the same token, it’s easier to make students spend hours practicing a skill than it is to change their view of what they’re learning, how they see themselves in relation to that task, how competent they think they are, and so on. But that doesn’t alter the fact that the best predictor of essay results is how things appear from the student’s point of mitty thesis view. The failure to grasp the significance of these complex, subjective issues comprises the most serious misunderstanding of all where learning is concerned.

Essays in rhetorical styles favor of homework generally reflect a tendency to regard children as inert objects to be acted on: Make them practice and they’ll get better. My argument isn’t just that this viewpoint is disrespectful, or that it’s a residue of an outdated stimulus-response psychology. I’m also suggesting it just doesn’t work. Children cannot be made to rikki persuasive acquire skills. Styles! They aren’t vending machines such that we put in more homework and get out tavi, more learning. Even parents who object to homework on the basis of the unpleasant interactions that take place may fail to appreciate how their children experience the homework itself – and how that reduces the chance that it will have the desired effect. Similarly, even researchers who consider students’ perspectives tend to do so in the context of reporting that homework elicits considerable resistance, but only because those darn kids don’t understand that homework is good for them.

Our job, we’re led to understand, is to change how students look at things – or at least to convince them to do what they’re told. But what if our goal was to understand rather than to convince? What if we made a serious effort to imagine – from the child’s point of rhetorical view #8212; what homework feels like and what it actually teaches? Do all those assignments really impress upon kids the descriptive essay about a boy importance of responsibility, achievement, and hard work? Or are their real messages that learning has to essay styles be unpleasant, that my parents and tikki tavi essay teachers have formed an alliance against me, that I’m not trusted to decide what to do with my spare time? Perhaps we so rarely try to experience homework from the vantage point of those who have to rhetorical do it because this exercise would end up revealing its futility.

I argued in chapter 2 that a careful review of the data really doesn’t provide much support for the idea that homework is necessary to help students learn better. If this seemed perplexing, it may be because we’ve just accepted claims about the value of morrison analysis essay spending more time on rhetorical essay styles, a task or the benefits of practicing a skill, or because we haven’t considered the tradition in descriptive essay educational psychology that demonstrates the significance of the student’s experience of essay what he’s doing. Misconceptions about learning are pervasive in descriptive all sorts of rhetorical styles neighborhoods, and they’re held by parents and teachers alike. It’s these beliefs – even more than a lack of awareness of what studies have found – that make it so hard even to question the practice of assigning regular homework. You can lead people to the research results, show them that there are no data at all to support the value of giving homework to students in elementary school, and it won’t have any impact if they’re convinced that practice makes perfect and more time naturally produces more learning. If, in other words, we assume homework is morrison beloved analysis, a necessary part of education, that may be because of how little we know about how children actually become educated. Rhetorical Essay! To learn more about learning is to look at the assignments kids are required to do in a very different light. [Full citations appear in rikki essay the book’s bibliography. Styles! Some endnotes in the book have been omitted here.] 1. Thesis Statement! Brownell 1935, pp. 10, 12. Emphasis added.

Elsewhere, he wrote as follows: “The child who can promptly give the answer 12 to 7 + 5 has by no means demonstrated that he knows the combination. He does not ‘know’ the combination until he understands something of the reason why 7 and 5 is 12, until he can demonstrate to himself and to rhetorical essay styles others that 7 and essay purges 5 is 12 … and until he can use the rhetorical combination in an intelligent manner – in a word, until the paper on integrating genomics curricula combination possesses meaning for him” (Brownell 1928, p. 198). 2. Putnam et al., p. 89. Lauren Resnick and other experts have made the same point. Rhetorical Essay! 3. In so doing, it also invites them to think critically about those ideas.

By contrast, as the Brazilian educator Paolo Freire pointed out, “the more students work at storing the deposits entrusted to them” — a pretty good summary of most homework — “the less they develop [a] critical consciousness” (p. 54). Essay About! This raises the interesting possibility that while a reluctance to ask provocative questions may help to perpetuate the institution of homework, the institution of homework may also discourage students from styles asking provocative questions. Descriptive Essay About! 4. In what follows, I draw from The Schools Our Children Deserve (Kohn 1999b), which, in turn, contains references to the work of many other thinkers. 5. Windschitl, p. 352. 6. Kamii, 1994, p. Rhetorical Essay! 67.

8. DeVries and Kohlberg, p. On Integrating Into Nursing! 374. 9. This is exactly what the eminent educator John Goodlad discovered in his “Study of Schooling” across the U.S.: “A very large percentage of children [in elementary schools] reported to us that they frequently did not understand the rhetorical directions for the work they were to secret life mitty thesis statement do. The consequence of essay this is that they did not get much done at school and so had a good deal to do at home—but did not understand the work in the first place. In other words, if there was any reinforcement in the behavioristic sense, homework probably provided reinforcement of the wrong way of figuring out a mathematics problem” (personal communication, November 2005). 10. All of this also applies to more sophisticated homework, by the way. Even if the rationale is to promote “integration of skills” – a current buzzphrase #8212; rather than the toni analysis mere rehearsal of those skills, the reality is often that “the only skills being integrated are those of procrastination and essay styles panic” (Waldman).

11. For more on this, including some supporting research, see Kohn, The Schools Our Children Deserve , especially chapter 2.

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diplomat Shashi Tharoor tells of his experiences with airport security before and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Tharoor grew up as a frequent flier due to being enrolled on a boarding school at age six. He remembers the days when airport security checks were less strict and you could walk aboard the plane. Importance of One's Sense of rhetorical essay Responsibility. Being on time will show your employers that you are consistant and morrison beloved analysis you can be someone they can depend on.

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History of Security Before I go into the proper ways to secure your possessions, I must examine the history. The history of security will tell you what has worked in essay the past that has led to present day security , but more importantly, what hasn’t worked and what to avoid. Since the toni morrison analysis essay beginning of time. Prison problems 2 Why Prisons do not Work Prisons should keep dangerous criminals off the streets and essay create a deterrent for tavi committing a crime. Rhetorical Essay Styles? The prison system has failed to do either. Originally, prisons were designed as holding facilities for tale setting essays people awaiting trial. This kept them off the. School Security While the primary concern of schools is to teach, today's reality is that schools are also concerned with protecting and safeguarding young people. More and more, schools have begun using metal detectors and other means to keep weapons and other harmful things. Difference between wired and wireless security.

different people in the security business their opinion on rhetorical this topic, you will probably get a lot of different answers. There’s probably no right or wrong answers regarding this topic. Valid arguments can be made for both sides. Essay Early? But after I research the website and organize all information, I get my answer of. therapist in training, I am trying to develop my own personal style of doing therapy. Some theoretic approaches I use are psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theories. I really like depth psychotherapy in which the client really gets to know themselves on a deep personal level. I believe change occurs. the vocational education program in order to explain several reasons why students who go through high school are bored with the material, discouraged to essay styles, try better, or just are not motivated for school. From my previous experiences I can agree with Rose’s critique of the school system because a student’s.

Different types of research paper on integrating genomics curricula security guards. ?Different types of security guards A big and sturdy person carrying arms with a stiff and stern expression is the prevailing image we have for security guards . Essay? Depending on their areas of expertise, there are a variety of security guards that can help both public and private entities or individuals. Why American History Is Not What They Say : an Introduction to descriptive essay, Revisionism. WHY AMERICAN HISTORY IS NOT WHAT THEY SAY : AN INTRODUCTION TO REVISIONISM also by essay styles, jeff riggenbach In Praise of Decadence WHY AMERICAN HISTORY IS NOT WHAT THEY SAY : AN INTRODUCTION TO REVISIONISM Jeff Riggenbach Ludwig von Mises Institute, 518 West Magnolia Avenue, Auburn, Alabama 36832;. often seem unable to toni analysis, understand why a good person would ever want ready access to a loaded firearm. Between these two extremes we must find grounds for a rational discussion about the problem of gun violence. Unlike most Americans, I stand on both sides of this debate. I understand the apprehension that. SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION Form Approved OMB No. 0960-0105 ADVANCE NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF CHILD'S BENEFITS NAME AND ADDRESS SOCIAL SECURITY CLAIM NUMBER NAME OF CHILD BENEFICIARY TO WHOM THIS STATEMENT APPLIES DATE CHILD ATTAINS AGE 18 YOUR BENEFITS WILL AUTOMATICALLY STOP AT AGE 18 UNLESS.

avoid. However, to ignore the styles initial racist gossips and avoid conflicts that racism may cause, those victims usually try to follow what cops and security guards tell them to do although it makes them upset. It points out that racism is an old issue but still a big matter in American culture since they keep. Main Purpose of security management. ? The Main Purpose of tell tale heart setting essays Security Management and essay Security Measures must be Commensurate with the Threat For us to identify security management we first have to breakdown the meaning of security management because one person’s ideology of security can be totally different to someone else’s, therefore to. Foundation Degree in Security and Risk Management Assignment 1 i ) Three texts being useful when studying the Foundation Degree in Security and essay Risk Management are :- a) George, B. and Button, M. (2000) Private Security , Leicester: Perpetuity Press. b) Gill, M.(ed) (2006) The Handbook. Accountabilities is one of the essay fundamental of the military. It only brings personal responsibility but it also shows organization of a unit.

There are many reasons why being on time is important. The US Army depends solely on its soldiers, enlisted. Warrant officers, and commissioned officers alike. The military would. Why do we need a Religion? By Yahya Ibrahim Lecture delivered at UWA, Western Australia on 14 September 2002 Introduction The question posed in of walter mitty today’s lecture is Why do we need a religion? I am not going to answer this particular question directly. In fact, I view the religion itself as being. name clothing.

When students laugh and joke on rhetorical essay other students, it contributes to the student that is the persuasive victim to develop low self-esteem, which is why a student would bring violence into a school. As the styles years gone by ideas of tikki persuasive essay home schooling is slowly changing because of the rhetorical essay styles violence. Schools violence. Introduction A security guard (or security officer) is secret life mitty statement, a person who is paid to protect property, assets and people. Security guards are usually privately and formally employed personnel. Rhetorical Styles? Often, security officers are uniformed and act to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to. ? ENGL Composition: Writing and essay about Research Why is border security important?

8/9/2013 There are a lot of things that come into account when we talk about border security , but why is essay, border security important? Our borders help keep the drugs, undocumented aliens, terrorists, and contraband. Friends of a Certain Age: Why Is It Hard to Make Friends over 30? Friends of a Certain Age: Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30? written by: MV Analysis of essay article. This article talks about the challenges of essay styles making friends and the changing nature of friendship after entering the 30’s. In today’s world people are busy with jobs, education, family, care-taking. LESM A204 TMA 4 Corporate Security Question 1 : Introduction For this assessment, I am a head of tikki persuasive essay security of multinational corporation its regional headquarters in Hong Kong.

I will set up a security plan for for the corporation's top executives consist of American nationals and rhetorical essay several well-known. Security Industry Research Paper Table of Contents Industry Scope 2 Definition of Industry Scope 2 Products Made 2 Employment 3 Injury Statistics 3 Industry Processes 4 Typical Processes 4 Specific Processes 5 Equipment Used 5 Industry Hazards 6 Process Hazards and Related Occupational. Physical security of about arms, ammunition, and explosives. Section 2-5: All Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives deployed in the field for training or operational purposes will be secured at all times. The importance of securing weapons comes down to maintaining accountability for operation security , mission. Kirk Patrick Samuda, Kirk Samuda. Rhetorical? - Information Security. Information Security Paper Masters Degree in Information Technology Data Security (MSIT/ MSc) Kirk Samuda CMGT/441 April , 2009 Professor Mc Nickle The proliferation of hacking has activated new realization to the importance of security , information security that is; highlighting. We Cannot Choose or Control All the Elements That Make Up Our Personal Reality. My DNA dictates that I have brown hair, but I can make it blonde if I want . My skin can be as pale as the persuasive essay clouds but I can cheat this by getting a spray tan. Finally, one of the biggest cheats of all, I can get an operation become male if I like as it no longer matters that I was born Female.

These. Security Cameras: Keeping an Eye on Violence. Security Cameras: Keeping an Eye on Violence In today's society, violence is not only a problem, but a major concern. We tend to overlook the role that violence is playing in styles our schools, and how it is affecting the secret thesis students learning experience. Many schools throughout the United States are surrounded. Bureaucracy Having to essay, wear a “7 Army Values” tag on your dog tags. Descriptive Essay? For those times when you accidentally forget to carry your 7 Army Values card.

Guard Duty Lack of intellect/common sense. Rhetorical Essay Styles? Too many hypocrites in leadership positions. They slam you for stuff that you see them do all the time. Having. My Teaching Philosophy and what I have Learn.

My dear children: I rejoice to see you before me today, happy youth of a sunny and fortunate land. Bear in descriptive a boy mind that the wonderful things that you learn in your schools are the essay work of many generations, produced by enthusiastic effort and infinite labor in research paper on integrating genomics nursing every country of the world. All this is put. You Can't Always Get What You Want, but If You Try Some-Times .. Rhetorical Styles? .* It is rikki tikki essay, a pleasure to give this talk. I have much en-joyed those that have preceded it, and rhetorical styles cannot hope to match their eloquence and wit. But I will follow the precedent most of them have set and cast my remarks in an autobio-graphical and hortatory vein. I take my title from two of the greatest of. Port Security 1 Port Security Issues and Vulnerabilities Marc A. Kovacs Excelsior College March 2007; CJ 354 Port Security 2 Abstract In the purges current world and with the threat of terrorism looming over rhetorical styles the country. question: do you really want to become a pharmacist?

If you do, here we go. To write a good Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist essay, you need to conduct a sort of research, only it has to be personal. Here is the best way to do it. Write a list of reasons for your Why I Want to toni beloved analysis, Be a Pharmacist essay. Unpredictable Storyline in a Man’s Struggle to Survive: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.

dignity. To keep this under control, he continues with his favourite hobby, which just so happens to be geology. After 20 years of his sentence, he becomes the first prisoner to ever escape from Shawshank. 4.1 Unpredictable Storyline from Andy’s Alter-Ego of Double Life Andy is an unpredictable. There are more advantages to rhetorical, living in the countryside than in the town. Paper Genomics Into? Discuss. 2/3 years later to the village. Secondly, cities provide better security to it's inhabitants like the mobile police patrols, special forces, community polices, security guards , traffic-polices etc.

But in the village the number of security force persons are too low compared to the over all population. ?Part I : 1. Rhetorical Essay Styles? What is the relationship of the research on integrating nursing curricula NCDA to the American Counseling Association? The NCDA is a founding Division of the American Counseling Association (ACA). The NCDA and the ACA both represent the interests of counselors in rhetorical essay Congress and in the national legislative process. 2. What is the.

for protection has become an option for safety and to prevent school shootings. It is essay on the early purges, quite possible that increased safety procedures and personnel could be a solution. Essay? Frankly, it is not clear if guns on campus would be helpful in preventing school shootings or quite possibly become more of a problem. N AT ION A L SE C U R I T Y S T R AT E G Y May 2010 Table of Contents I . Overview of National Security Strategy . . Essay? . . . . . . . . . Rhetorical Essay? . Heart Essays? . . . . . . . Rhetorical? . Toni Beloved Analysis Essay? . . Essay Styles? . . 1 II. Strategic Approach . . . Essay? . . . Rhetorical Essay? . . . Essay Purges? . . . . Rhetorical Styles? . . . . . . . . . . Tavi Persuasive Essay? . . Rhetorical Essay? . . . . . . 7 The Strategic Environment—The World as. Having enhanced security in schools is a great way to help reduce problems in schools. Schools should install surveillance cameras so school officials can be aware of their surroundings and/or have the capability to spot danger and possible threats. Schools should have armed security in every school. Javier Sierra Private Security 8/3/2011 My Security Plan There are approximately 800 employees employed at The ABC Valve Plant for prevention of theft and tavi pilferage by means of personnel screening, background investigations, procedural controls, and essay polygraph and psychological stress evaluator investigations. Why It Is Critical O Know Your Competition.

Why it is critical to know your competition. Persuasive Essay? It is always important to know the competition. I know that in recruiting you always need to how is out there looking for the same thing that you are. What they have to essay, offer and how it will impact the way you recruiting. All of the rikki tikki tavi essay different branches. members of groups, and to expect groups, overall, to display certain qualities. Lastly, Sartwell believes one must have the desire for his or her own security and that of rhetorical essay styles his or her family and friends, to tell, the extent that he or she is willing to essay, make moral compromises to preserve it (233). When genocide is. Security Firm Business Plan TOP FLIGHT SECURITY Joshua Agustin Nhia Lee Robert Wilkinson Denise June 20, 2013 Section 1: The Business Profile | Description of My Business:With our main focus being professionalism, reliability, officer safety and cutting-edge technology, we are leading. Little does the person helping the life of walter statement child know, the child now could become an architect for a career one day.

The child may not know the person who just helped him but that person may have just made a positive impact on the child. Security guards , secretaries, teacher’s aids, and nurses are heroes to. These. Contract Security Proper security measures play a huge role in the successful operation of an organization. As the security manager for rhetorical essay a company that manufactures high-tech components for an international automobile manufacturer I have been tasked with finding new personnel to ensure security measures. BUSINESS SPELL CASTER +27735172085 in Harding , Hartbeespoort , Hibberdene , Ifafa Beach ,I zotsha. ? How To Join Illuminati in Jamaica +27735172085 in paris,Somalia,Kampala. Heart Essays? How to essay styles, Join Illuminati and rikki tavi essay become Rich +27735172085 ,This is a great temple of the Illuminati +27735172085 .were you find, riches, power and fame, are you a business man or woman, are you a pastor or politicians or a lecturer.

Internet Security . How safe is rhetorical essay, your computer?Robert WilliamsSAINT LEO UNIVERSITYCOM201Professor Gary RogersNovember 22, 2013Internet Security . Descriptive Essay? How safe is your computer?The Internet is rhetorical styles, a very powerful tool that we use to navigate and communicate with the rest of the world. Internet users often rely. Compare/Contrast: I , Robot Robot Dreams Sonya Cisneros HUMN424 Science Fiction Devry University Robots or the morrison analysis idea of a machine that can emulate human movements has been a fascination with man. Rhetorical? Numerous films and stories have been dedicated to this fascination. One particular writer, Issac.

Transportation Security Administration in Airports: Use and Abuse of Power towards Airline Passengers Abstract Security checkpoints are necessary to tavi persuasive essay, ensure the safety of passengers flying from one location to another. The ethics of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees come into.

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The primary argument has to come from rhetorical essay a solid base. Research On Integrating Into Nursing Curricula. If there is a specific question that needs to be answered, the thesis statement must address it within the conclusion of the rhetorical first paragraph. Also, the essay thesis needs to be a plan of attack for rikki, what the rhetorical styles body paragraphs are going to toni morrison beloved be about. Click here for more information on rhetorical essay styles writing strong thesis statements. Good writers know that attention to research genomics into nursing curricula detail is as must. Plus, your professor will expect it. Make sure to clearly read the instructions (all of them) and clarify by asking questions.

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The structure of an essay can really make it or break it for you. Make sure that you have strong opening and closing paragraphs and body content that supports your original thesis. Rhetorical. The introduction should funnel down to your thesis and narrow down the specific argument you want to make. Body paragraphs must have strong topic sentences and reference credible sources appropriately using the right citation style. Morrison Beloved Essay. Finally, conclusions should not introduce new information and must recap the main essay points that you presented previously. Adherence to Citation Style Guidelines. Finally, make sure to properly style your prepared essay in the appropriate citation style. Rhetorical Essay. For example, APA style has strict guidelines for cover pages and secret life thesis statement running heads while Chicago and Turabian require either footnotes or endnotes.

Knowing how to cite properly and format things accordingly can be worth upwards of twenty percent of rhetorical your entire grade. Following the formatting rules is an essay on the early purges, easy win, but you have to rhetorical essay take the secret life thesis statement time to rhetorical essay do it right. Also, always remember to credit another author’s work and don’t call it your own, especially if you bought an research on integrating into nursing, essay online. While writing good essays is time consuming and tedious, it all comes down to following best practices and being diligent. Our writers follow a clear methodology that is both practical and efficient for getting the best possible outcome. First, make sure to select a good topic that you can write easily about and make sure you can find scholarly materials about essay, it.

Next, take some time to plan and make an outline based around a clear thesis statement. Secret Mitty Thesis Statement. Proceed to write the rhetorical essay body while adhering to strict rules for paragraphs and paper on integrating into nursing curricula inclusion of references. Finally, complete your references page and review the draft before submission using quality audit tools. Here, we recommend the essay styles same tools that we use if you were to purchase an essay model from us. Essay Topic Selection and Research.

Strong topic selection is an important first step. If possible, pick a topic that has lots of tell tale heart essays available research materials or aligns with items you are studying in other classes. Try to avoid current events as there may be a lack of essay styles available research materials. Sample Essay Topics. Death penalty Abortion rights Gun rights Gender inequality. When doing academic research, only trust reputable sources like JSTOR, Google Scholar, your campus library or academic search engines you have access to. Lastly, collect the on the purges sources that you need first and rhetorical go through them thoroughly. Now that you have picked a topic and collected some credible sources, it’s time to tikki tavi make a plan. Start by identifying common assumptions about the topic and find common themes. For example, if exploring the causes of poverty, you will inevitably find out essay styles, that governments are the ones that control lots of food production and allocation to the people. About A Boy. Once you have enough evidence to support a general theme, construct a thesis statement and make an outline of the rhetorical styles core items that support that assertion.

If you don't think this step is toni analysis necessary, just remember that our writers are trained to follow this process on all purchased sample essay orders. You are ready to start writing. Start with an introductory paragraph that funnels down from a broad issue to a specific time and place. Provide background details as necessary. Then, conclude the introduction with your thesis statement.

Body paragraphs should be 5-7 sentences long and start with a topic sentence. Always introduce your quotes and avoid “dropping them” without context. Finish with a conclusion that recaps each main point and rhetorical make sure not to introduce any new information. Essay References and Final Review. Finally, construct your works cited page using the right citation style guide. Depending on the format, you may also need a title page. Toni Morrison Beloved Analysis Essay. Review your final essay by rhetorical essay styles, reading it out loud and make sure you addressed your original instructions! You should use EasyBib to quickly build citations in almost any format.

Have a friend, teacher or trusted essay editing service review your final draft to make sure it is heart essays done properly (if you didn't already buy an essay). References and Considerations Before Buying an rhetorical essay styles, Essay. While the on integrating genomics curricula previous section described summarized steps towards writing an essay, consider going through our extended 14-Step Essay Writing Guide for a more thorough look at each section. It also includes template that you can download as well as color-coded visual aids. You can also learn about and see examples of essay related terms in styles our extensive glossary section. Whether you choose to use Ultius for buying essays online or not, we hope that our extensive walkthroughs have helped you in your journey to tale setting essays finding essay help. Not what you're looking for or not convinced?

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When referencing our work, you must use a proper citation. i Revisions are offered within seven (7) days of a completed order and are free with a three-day deadline. For earlier deadlines and general changes to core instructions, costs may apply. Thesis Statement. Explore the full Revision Policy. ii The company does not condone plagiarism, copyright infringement or any form of rhetorical essay styles academic dishonesty. All provided sample services must only be used for reference purposes while being cited properly. Please read the Fair Use Policy. Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. Connect with great American writers and get 24/7 support. Ultius is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. © 2017 Ultius, Inc.

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