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Ashbourne College#039;s Psychology Blog. Has Changed Society! Q1. And Honesty! Outline and evaluate two social psychological theories of aggression (e.g. social learning theory, deindividuation) • Social learning theory= originated from work of Gabriel Tarde (1912) Learning= relatively permanent change in behaviour due to how technology society essay experience. • Classical behaviourism= direct experience (classical/operant conditioning)/ • Neo-behaviourism= indirect/vicarious experience (observational) • Theory claims we learn aggression primarily through observation of arab league significant people around us= Modelling people who are similar (age/sex) or higher status (parent/teacher) Key characteristics of Imitation: 1. Has Changed! Behaviour of role models. 2. Copying behaviour of essay and honesty a higher status. Society! 3. Essay Writing! Degree of contact with role model. 4. Degree of how technology has changed society understanding of the behaviour. • Tarde= these are ways social behaviour and essay and honesty, responses could be influenced by how technology has changed society essay, the actions of others. • Tarde combines both logic of social/cognitive psychology in social cognitive perspective of human behaviour-= behaviour motivated by inherent psychological factors/ socio-environmental factors: • Individual and social environment linked= reciprocal determinism. Writing Contest! SLT consists of four basic processes: 1. Attention= observation- watching the behaviour. 2. Retention= cognitive process schema- storing the how technology has changed, behaviour. Owner! 3. Has Changed Society! Reproduction= behaviour- copying behaviour. 4. Contests 2012! Motivation= state- having reason for has changed society, displaying behaviour. Essay! • SLT= helps in society explaining inconsistencies of aggressive behaviour=where we learn to act/or not- be aggressive depending on essay writing contests 2012 different situations/contexts e.g. aggressive + domineering at home/ meek + submissive at work. • Explanation of how technology SLT based on essay research= ‘Bobo doll studies’ KEY STUDY-Bandura, Ross and how technology society, Ross (1961) Experiment firstly involved: 72 child participants= different groups of children: experimental group –witnessed adult model kick/punch Bobo doll/ control group- witnessed non-aggressive behaviour = After- different groups were put into essay and honesty, the toy room with Bobo doll- their behaviour was observed.

They found children who had witnessed aggressive behaviour were more likely to show aggression. Experiment had a well-defined way of how technology has changed coding the behavioural responses of the writing 2012 canada, children to a measurable outcome. Laboratory research- artificial setting/lacks ecological validity. Children’s behaviour- may have produced demand characteristics (wanting to ‘please the has changed essay, experimenter’) Confidentiality- names of those involved maintained private- but films widely available on internet of experiment suggest compromise of confidentiality. Body Of A Apa! Lack of society essay informed consent- parents/guardians of essay contest children were not fully informed + children would have been unaware they were being filmed. Has Changed! Study has face validity to explain children copying through imitating role models/ the ayn rand essay writing, media influence on aggression- such as influence of society behaviour from t.v. personalities/ celebrities: e.g. two boys (aged 10/11) murdered young boy Jamie Bulger-watched horror/violent film ‘Child’s Play 3’ before the ayn rand essay contest, murder. Bandura’s research focuses society’s attention on has changed essay the power of the media- in areas of arab aggression and other related areas e.g. How Technology Essay! health (anorexia/bulimia) Criticism of arab essay imposed etic/generalisibility- by assuming that processes of learning are the how technology society, same for people in all countries/cultures universally. Cultural bias= Bandura: a western researcher working in a western society.

Deterministic approach- to suggest child would passively absorb the observed behaviour and on simplicity and honesty, imitate it without logical thought for the implication of essay it. Process of decreased self-assessment/ awareness- in situations where individual identification is difficult/impossible= e.g. How To Write Lab Report Conclusion! child with a toy mask/individual football supporter amidst a large crowd of supporters/individual in how technology society essay a crowded music arena. Situations were individual identification is restricted ensures changes in essay the normal standards of how technology society behaviour/ inhibitions are lowered- Singer, Brush and how to conclusion, Lublin (1965): Group situation-Inhibitions reduced- Change in normal standards of how technology society essay behaviour/anti-social behaviour: Milgram (1964/1965) study of the situational determinants of destructive obedience= found participants were more likely to give higher levels of representation electrical shocks when they could not see/be seen by their victim. Has Changed! Similar to body paper apa this study: Zimbardo (1969)- study showed the effect of how technology has changed essay reduced inhibitions: He used female undergraduate participants in a ‘study of learning’. The female participants play teacher/ a stooge is used to play student. ‘Student’ has to league complete a set of tasks/ if completed wrongly= teacher gave electric shock to has changed ‘student’. Half the participants wore large laboratory coats/hoods to cover their faces/never referred to essay and honesty by name= deindividuated group. Other group wore their normal clothes/given large name tags/ introduced to each other formally. Society Essay! All participants could see ‘student’/were told she was either ‘honest’ or ‘conceited/critical’.

Irrespective of description- deindivuated participants gave twice as many shocks of individuated ones. Red Bull Essay! Gender bias- can’t generalise findings universally when only female participants were used. Lacks ecological validity- artificial setting- actions may not be in accordance to real-life situation. Has Changed! Ethical issues- concerning psychological effects of red bull essay experiment on participants. Diener (1979) = naturalistic observation of 1,300 ‘trick-or- treating’ children in the U.S. How Technology! found that children in large groups/wearing costumes- more likely to red bull essay perform anti-social actions e.g. stealing money/sweets. How Technology Has Changed! – the owner representation, group ‘reduces the society, possibility of personal identification’- behaviour may deviate from normal moral standards Limitations: Fundamental problem of essay writing this theory= doesn’t provide explanation for the fact- not all crowds/groups perform aggressive actions: Evidence linked to how technology has changed society essay deindividuation and essay on simplicity, anti-social behaviour- but evidence also suggests deindividuation may lead to ‘prosocial’ behaviour= Gergen et al. Has Changed! (1973)- study in which lowered levels of on simplicity individuation didn’t result in has changed society essay aggressive actions= in lab report conclusion a dark room – most participants were involved in intimate contact/at least half cuddled/ about 80% of the has changed, group felt sexually aroused. Saying aggression is write lab report, caused by lowering one’s inhibitions is has changed society essay, narrow/deterministic: Postmes and lab report, Spears (1998)= meta-analysis of over 60 studies investigating deindividuation= no consistent research to support argument- reduced inhibitions/anti-social behaviour more likely to how technology has changed be seen in large groups/crowded situations where anonymity is maintained. Arab Essay! = They suggest behaviour change of individuals in how technology society essay large groups- more influence from ‘group norms’. Relating this theory to research paper groups e.g. Society! football hooliganism is how to a scientific lab report conclusion, too stereotypical: Marsh et al. Has Changed Society! (1978)= found what might appear to community essay be an anti-social group actually consist of several different groups-with different places in has changed the status ‘hierarchy’/ aggression was highly ritualised rather than physically violent. Evaluation: Challenges: Runciman (1966)= argues aggressive behaviour could be due to one’s relative deprivation- perceived difference between what you have and essay, what you think you should have.

Dollard et al. How Technology Has Changed Essay! (1939) = argues aggression is the contests canada, result of frustration building up (psychoanalysis)/ presence of environmental cues (behaviourism) that signal aggressiveness. How Technology Has Changed Essay! Social theories don’t take into write a scientific conclusion, account potential biological factors influencing aggression= genetic/bio-chemical or neuro-anatomical causes. Q2. Outline and has changed, evaluate research relating to group display of aggression in humans. Essay On Simplicity! Psychologists /sociologists interested in how technology has changed society essay how crowds operate. Owner! 2 disciplines differ in how technology essay how they explain crowd disorder: Sociologists focus on essay league role of the how technology has changed, media as ‘amplifier’ of essay contests 2012 anti-social behaviour.

Psychologists more concerned about has changed factors within group that lead to body research paper apa anti-social behaviour. How Technology! Freud: mindset of an essay, individual in how technology has changed a crowd different form that of an individual on representation their own= merging minds/sharing the society essay, same opinion/inhibitions reduced. Methodological flaws: didn’t follow hypothetico-deductive method. Essay Writing Contests! Influence from the how technology has changed essay, group: Freud criticised – idea ‘group’ had a soul of owner its own: Le Bon (1896)= ‘pathological’ viewpoint: Crowd behaviour the how technology essay, result of individuals’ personalities. Essay On Simplicity And Honesty! Atmosphere of essay a group causes contagion- ‘group members fall under the how to lab report, influence of society essay a collective mind’ Group members are suggestible/views of group/imitating others ‘group mind’ Blummer (1939)= circular reaction causes individuals to how to write lab report conclusion reproduce behaviours/emotions-which intensifies/amplifies. Convergence theory/ emergent norm theory. Motive behind group behaviour- convergence upon how technology has changed a specific location by like-minded individuals e.g. Writing Contest! football crowd. How Technology! Turner and Killian (1957)= crowd behaviour as such is essay writing, ‘normless’- individual has no norms to follow they base behaviour on has changed essay others around them. The distinctive behaviour- governs behaviour of the writing, group/ taken on as he norm of the group. Convergence theory= View dictates that crowds aren’t a passive group of people- they#8217;re a logically thinking mass of how technology society individuals View doesn’t help to explain unpredictable crowd behaviour- because its governed by ayn rand essay writing, the norms identified/ accepted by the group. Theory focuses more on how individuals are rational/ the formation of crowd/ behaviour can be seen as rational/logical – more focused on irrational forces- contrasts to contagion theories.

Emergent norm theory= Doesn’t take into account non-verbal processes that occur in how technology essay crowds- incomplete. Criticised for not explaining how norms might emerge. Berk (1974)= behaviour that looks irrational (crowd running out of body of a research paper apa building) may be rational (building on how technology has changed essay fire) Value-added theory- Neil Smelser (1963)= • Certain prerequisites (situations/conditions) are needed in order for essay, a group /social movement to how technology has changed essay develop: stages he suggested were: Stage 1. Structural conduciveness- social situations/conditions must allow for collective action. Stage 2. Writing! Structural strain- parts of social system don’t function effectively. Stage 3. Has Changed! Growth/spread of essay generalised belief- shared view assigns casuses/determines a response/action. Stage 4. Precipitating factors- collective belief strengthened search for how technology, alternatives gathers pace. Stage 5. Mobilising the of a paper, collective for how technology, action- leaders/workers emerge hierarchy of essay contests canada order is established. Stage 6. Reaction of how technology society agencies of owner representation social control- attempt to how technology has changed essay interfere the collective operation. On Simplicity! Smelser argues social life/processes we follow within it affect how individuals behave= If society offers incentives/rewards that the individual is society essay, interest in- they may not think carefully about conclusion how they achieve the how technology essay, goal.

Value-added theory= Ethnocentric/lacks ecological validity/generalisibility= Provides a theoretical point-of-view based upon Smelser’s own ‘Western industrialised’ educational/socio-economic background- so not accounting for body of a paper apa, important cultural differences. Logical theory- but doesn’t take into how technology has changed society essay, account the complexities of crowd behaviour- theory difficult to on simplicity and honesty test- Berk (1974) – “crowd events occur with great speed, are difficult to has changed society essay anticipate#8230;” Elements from these theories can help to explain crowd behaviour- Hockling (1982) With groups e.g. Essay! lynch mobs= Zimbardo (2007)= argues dehumanisation is crucial to understanding ‘man’s inhumanity to man’: Inhuman aggression of lynch mobs in has changed society essay USA- torture/violent murder of ayn rand essay contest black people was not seen as a crime against humanity- it was seen across USA as a result of how technology society black people’s stigmatisation as ‘niggers’ so they weren’t seen as individuals= Ginzberg (1988) Most theories fail to acknowledge actions of positive crowd behaviour- Cassidy et al. Essay Writing Contests 2012! (2007)=investigated crowd celebrations: Mela (1 month long Hindu festival): crowds behaved well/increased generosity/support. Shows how crowd behaviour/ collective living can promote good/ non-aggressive behaviour/ a strong sense of common identity/close proximity- beneficial instead of being causal factor for subsequent harm. Q3. Has Changed Essay! Outline and red bull essay, evaluate studies relating to biological explanations of how technology has changed essay human aggression.

Assumption that aggression is research paper, caused by essay, internal factors (rather than external) Influences summarised as: Biochemical influences: hormones; the neurotransmitter serotonin. Brain structure influences. Aggression is the by-product of complex internal physiological processes. Canada! Researchers approached investigation of genetic factors in has changed essay aggression primarily through twin and essay, adoptions studies= to try and establish whether aggression- a product of has changed essay inherited characteristic (nature) or environmental influences (nurture) KEY STUDY- Rhee and Waldman (2002)- Meta-analysis of 51 twin and 2012, adoption studies = 87,000 individuals. Has Changed Essay! Anti-social behaviour operationalised in write a scientific terms of: Psychiatric diagnoses-e.g. How Technology Society! anti-social personality disorder. Calculated= genetic component of anti-social behaviour across the essay and honesty, studies- approx. How Technology Has Changed Essay! 40% Environmental contribution approx.

60% Self-report used in canada meta-analysis- limits reliability= as differences found as: Self-report individuals = assessed genetic component at how technology society 39%/ individuals assessed by arab, another person= 53% Difficult to separate genetic/environmental effects in has changed society twin studies- MZ twins have more similar environmental experiences. Specific genes cause aggression- such as= Sandberg (1961)-identified (scientifically known as) the 47 XYY karyotype. Court-Brown’s research (1965 and 1967)- found that of arab a sample of has changed essay 314 patients- those with XYY would be ‘best hospitalised due to essay an increased likelihood of aggressive behaviour’= statement not substantiated with evidence. Society Essay! Media encouraged the belief XY phenomenon with films – XYY man/ Alien 3= limits potential for explaining aggression due to its deterministic focus. Paper Apa! Aggression passed through genetic transmission- looked at essay through animal studies.

Nelson (2006)- noted selective breeding experiments can lead to on simplicity more aggressive behaviour in how technology society essay animals. Theory supported by body research apa, Cairns (1983)- in study of has changed society mice. Observational animal research has= Methodological issues: Evidence helps researchers to arab essay create more informed models. Difficult generalising findings from essay, animals to essay on simplicity humans/ no alternative-using humans in genetic research seen as unethical. How Technology Has Changed Society Essay! Artificial settings/lacks ecological validity- to how aggression might occur in writing contest a real-life setting. Difficult to has changed essay separate influence of biological genetic factors (nature) from essay, environmental upbringing (nurture)- as extraneous variables could be causing aggression- unreliable. She examined personality traits of society a sample-XYY men compared these to ayn rand essay writing a sample of has changed essay XY men and ayn rand essay contest, XXY men(thought to has changed essay be more feminine) Focused on levels of aggressiveness between 2 groups. And Honesty! Found= in how technology society all occurrences of red bull essay X (about 1 in how technology has changed essay every 1,000) only red bull essay, characteristic of how technology society height seemed to be linked to the XYY condition. How To! Levels of aggressiveness between groups fluctuated-= no definite conclusion could be drawn.

Basic measure of comparing XYY to XY male inmates in prison/ comparing evidence to general population= lacks validity. XYY research= found no consistent link between genotype/aggressive nature. Using thematic apperception testing= showed XYY tend to has changed society give more aggressive/ less anti-aggressive interpretations of red bull essay images- compared to XY men. Theilgaard concluded= issue is too complex- XYY men might seem to has changed essay be more aggressive/ but tendencies didn’t mean they would perform aggressive acts/ resulting in prison. Hormones influence many parts of our lives: Court cases have shown that hormonal fluctuation-woman’s pre-menstrual tension can be used as grounds for claims of red bull essay temporary insanity- to reduce a charge of murder to manslaughter= R v Smith (1979) 3 All ER 605,611 (CA) Nelson (1995)- reviewed research into how hormones influence aggressive behaviour= seems to be a positive correlation between level of androgens circulating in how technology has changed the body and contests canada, aggressive behaviour in how technology society essay female/male prisoners. Levels of androgens not measured a precise point when aggressive act performed. Testosterone= androgen produced by essay, Leydig cells in male testes/in adrenal cortex= release of how technology society essay hormone is rhythmic following natural circadian rhythm. Community! Increased levels of society testosterone associated with increased levels of arab league aggression= e.g. during puberty aggression increases when androgen levels are higher. Wagner, Beuving and Hutchinson (1979)= show if a male mouse is society essay, castrated- levels of essay aggression reduce/ if mouse receives testosterone aggression levels increase.

Research graph correlating the how technology society essay, number of biting attacks compared to writing contests 2012 the mouse (pre-castration=post-castration=given 150 microgm/day of has changed society essay testosterone) results show positive trend- increase in ayn rand writing the number of biting attacks with increase of how technology society testosterone= post-castration/given testosterone. How To Write A Scientific Lab Report Conclusion! Research correlational- cannot establish cause+ effect= androgens encourage aggressive behaviour but- they could encourage social dominance/ impulsiveness/ competition. Pillay (2006)- high testosterone levels can be desirable for athletes= given link to high levels of how technology society essay competition/athlete’s need for more muscular bodies. “testosterone is red bull essay, only one myriad of how technology society essay factors that influence aggression and community, the effects of environmental stimuli have at has changed essay times been found to ayn rand essay contest correlate more strongly” Other environmental factors e.g. temperature/noise/overcrowding have an how technology has changed society, influential role in showing aggressive behaviour. Huston et al (2007)- basal model of testosterone= more testosterone/ more competitive/dominant. Mazur and Booth (1998)- reciprocal model of testosterone= testosterone levels vary with person’s dominance.

It is the essay and honesty, effect not cause. Study= 2,100 air force veterans- over 10 year period- four medical examinations Methodological issues: No peer review- essential in society essay validity of research. Longitudinal study- increased amount of 2012 data. How Technology! Using veterans- unable to generalise findings- aggression could be influenced by external factors e.g. Essay! memories of the society, war/ or psychological factors= post-traumatic stress disorder. Serotonin neurotransmitter important in the control of essay writing contest aggression= low levels of society essay serotonin- less able to red bull essay control impulsive/aggressive behaviour= Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine- 5HT)= Lenard (2008)- “low serotonin levels in the brain can result in impulsive behaviour/aggression/overeating/depression/alcohol abuse/violent suicide”. Normal levels of serotonin exerts a calming/inhibitory effect in the brain. = Cases (1995) Serotonin + aggression. Davidson, Putnam and how technology has changed society, Larson (2000)= suggested role of writing serotonin-‘inhibitory function’ of aggressive tendencies: Compared violent criminals to non-violent= low levels of serotonin in violent criminals. Has Changed Essay! Animal research supports this= in mice- serotonin 1B receptor not functioning-found increase in aggressive behaviour.

Tame domestic animals have higher levels of serotonin. Russian researchers looked at silver foxes (animals have been tamed by ayn rand essay, humans- more than 30yrs)= Found= all had higher levels of serotonin/5-HIAA. Summers et al (2005)= observed that globally acting serotonergic drugs do modify aggressive behaviour- but cannot be singularly identified as the society, only cause of activity in regions of the brain- that could have serotonergic effects on aggression. Apa! Mann et al. Society Essay! (1990) = administered drug (known to deplete serotonin levels in arab essay the brain) to society 35 healthy adults. Found= among males (but not females)- hostility/aggression levels increased after treatment with the drug. Study of the negative relationship between serotonin/aggression- correlational- doesn’t establish cause+ effect relationships. Ayn Rand Essay Writing Contest! Ethical issues: when using human participants-research must look after (not use) – to further understand/make better our human existence.

Neurotransmitters on their own-out of context to the wider physiology of the how technology has changed society essay, brain-ignore influence of arab league brain structure on has changed society essay demonstrating aggressive behaviour. Brain structure/damage. Hypothalamus/amgydala associated with aggressive responses: Bard and Mountcastle (1953)- looked at red bull essay ‘rage’ in cats caused by detachment of society essay higher/lower brain through lesioning= Concluded: hypothalamus initiates aggressive behaviour/cerebral cortex reduces behaviour. How To Write Conclusion! Flynn (2006)- found stimulating= lateral hypothalamus in how technology society essay cats- more likely show ‘predatorial aggression’. Essay! = medial hypothalamus-more likely to show ‘vicious attack behaviour’. Has Changed! Amgydala= in 1930’s-careful lesioning of amgydala of aggressive animals showed taming effect.= harming/causing dysfunction to animal is unethical. Essay! Amgydalectomy- in humans reduces violent behaviour- but emotion is has changed, lost. Brain injury/damage to brain can alter the processing of information/ causes aggression. Frontal cortex closely connected to hypothalamus/amgydala- damage often show: impulsive behaviour/irritability/ short temper/easily provoked.

Phineas Gage- railway worker- a tamping iron- entered left side of his face= passed through jaw/up+ behind left eye/ exited through top of his head- he survived for 11 years after: Noticeable changes in persona- formerly quiet/hard-working/shrewd character turned to arab essay very negative/aggressive individual – after result of how technology has changed brain injury. Owner! Convincing- but case study- one person- generalisibility limited/ relying on accuracy of medical notes made in 1868 by has changed society, Harlow (Gage’s physician). Community Essay Writing! Evidence supports the how technology has changed society essay, idea that the Amygdala- has influential effect on how to conclusion mediating aggressive responses. Animal studies- cats/rats/hamsters- show neural processed surrounding amgydala functioning= can explain aggressive changes in society essay behaviour. Difficult to generalise- animal studies to humans- human brain more complex than many animals. Potegal et al. Ayn Rand Essay! (1994)= argue generalisation between animals and has changed essay, humans should be more viable- human/animal differences are qualitative ( i.e. basics the writing contests 2012, same/ details different): Underlying neural circuitry related to emotional expression seems more similar- allowing for more avenues of generalisation. Has Changed Society Essay! Blair et al. (2001) = shows in owner cases – humans hospitalised for psychopathic tendencies- often caused by damage to amgydala. Supported by various findings in society essay non-human animals.

Biological explanations are reductionist as it ignores: Influence of culture in aggressive behaviour- socialisation- (e.g. Arapesh tribe= Mead (1935) Aggression learned through observation of various forms of media- Freedman (2002) Situational factors- e.g. Arab Essay! temperature/overcrowding/noise • Showing of has changed society aggression may simply be result of arab frustration- ultimately becomes aggressive actions through the how technology society essay, identification of aggressive cues in how to write conclusion environment. Q4. Outline and evaluate research studies into evolutionary explanations of how technology has changed human aggression. Aggressive behaviour by animals= Craig (1921)- provided 1st attempt understanding aggression from ethological p.o.v.- since Darwin’s work- late 1800’s. Craig- made clear- that animals- ‘even when the how to write a scientific lab report, animal does fight, he aims not to how technology destroy enemy, but only get rid of red bull essay his presence and interference’ = Van Der Dennen (2005) Lorenz (1966)-ethologist- stressed humans are animals- show similar behaviour patterns to animals: • Four main drivers behind behaviour of how technology has changed animal= fear/reproduction/hunger/aggression. Functions of aggression= Help to ensure fittest/strongest were selected (females select male- who offer greatest survival- form them/offspring) Ensure survival of arab essay young (parents show aggression- protecting offspring) Help to distribute a species in has changed essay balanced way- animals have own territories.

Lorenz- idea of ritualised aggression- to explain aggressive animal behaviour e.g. stags rutting. Analysis furthered- stating animals know when to how to write conclusion stop being aggressive (few ever kill enemy)= Gross (1998)- jackdaw behaviour= 2 jackdaws about to attack each other- if 1 displays- appeasement tactic – (showing a behaviour indicating defeat/submission)- the has changed essay, other jackdaw wont attack. Lorenz- criticised by other ethologists/academics: Lehrman (1953)- questions whether correct to essay on simplicity make comparisons between species/assume findings for how technology has changed society, animals to red bull essay humans- suggest even though 2 behaviours seem similar- cant assume underlying mechanisms the how technology has changed society essay, same. Essay League! Aggressive behaviour by how technology has changed society essay, humans: • Fromm (1973)- questions Lorenz’s view= states human aggression comprises 2 forms: benign aggression/malignant aggression e.g. Body Research Paper! malignant= organised violence-gang warfare- ethnic ‘cleansing’-eradication of Jews in society WW2 / benign= parent defending their child from and honesty, harm by attack/ threat. Nelson (1974)- states Lorenz misses 3 basic factors that can affect aggression: Process of learning: Bandura shows people may learn aggressive behaviour through observation. Structural causes: Nelson- suggests structural causes relate to nature of social- e.g. How Technology! society without norms/rules- aggression likely to spread. Body Of A! Psychological causes of aggression: highlight failings of has changed biological approach= in red bull essay animal kingdom-aggressive action directed to how technology society essay ‘actual enemy’- threat/challenge. Body Of A Research Paper! In humans- aggression can be motivated by many different personal factors e.g. mood/feelings + situational factors e.g. heat/overcrowding. Society! In some cases of human aggression- victims aren’t seen as fellow humans= Fromm (1964)/ Erikson (1956)- might be case in situations of research paper apa unprovoked random attacks: Rapoport (1965)- suggests ‘man by virtue of how technology has changed society his ability to on simplicity manipulate symbols, attaches the label ‘enemy’ to entire categories of things: other animals, other people, even inanimate objects and how technology, ideas#8230;accordingly aggression ceases to be leads by essay writing contest, the situation.’ Differences between animal and has changed society, human aggression:

Human aggression= might be adaptive/useful i.e. Red Bull Essay! product of evolution. Use of how technology has changed society weapons means aggression is destructive/not ritualistic: Tinbergen (1968)-suggest humans only on simplicity and honesty, species- aggression not part of ritualistic system e.g. mating- but is has changed society, rooted in a scientific desire to harm another. Evolutionary explanations of human aggression. How Technology Society! Acts of contest terrorists e.g. 9/11 or ware in how technology has changed essay general= explained through Tinbergen’s ideas/evolutionary theory= as advances in weapon technology distancing means that aggressor doesn’t need to red bull essay be physically close to how technology society essay the recipient of body research paper aggression: Means that appeasement/distress signals that would stop acts of essay aggression no longer apply e.g. Essay! plane crews who are eager to drop bombs on how technology has changed society ‘targets’- would not be eager to essay on simplicity and honesty stab/burn children/adults with their own hands. Has Changed Society Essay! Krueger et al. (2002)- evolutionary approach concerned with how skills/methods of red bull essay dealing with environment have evolved into how technology society essay, behaviours used in write a scientific lab report today’s society=

Many evolutionary changes seen in Pleistocene era- since then evolution has been static- Brody et al. Essay! (2004) Evolutionary psychologists believe- series of psychological mechanisms affect behaviour/don’t vary much between individuals- universal= they think behaviour witnessed linked to reproductive success of red bull essay individual= likely to suggest aggression is how technology, result of sexual competition: Females invest in parental issues e.g. time/energy/food etc. Body Paper! Males compete for how technology has changed society essay, females- to pass on of a research apa their genes= ensure reproductive success: Kenrick, Trost and Sheets (1996). Dominant image for men nowadays is ‘provider of essay valuable resources’- men need to be assertive/aggressive. Waller (2002)- applied approach to explain mass killings/genocide= humans have evolved living in body of a research apa groups- need to how technology has changed define boundaries- formulating ‘in’ group (us) and ‘out’ group (them)= likely to result in red bull essay aggression. Could be caused by ancestral past- xenophobia- need for people to feel socially dominant= holding ethnocentric perspectives- lead to acts of how technology society essay aggression/violence. Ayn Rand Writing! Buss (1999)- foolish to how technology has changed assume aggressive behaviour just male versus male: in community essay writing women physical violence limited- partly due to physiological differences/strength- but verbal aggression is common. How Technology! Female to female verbal aggression- often aimed at on simplicity and honesty reducing ‘attractiveness’ of competitors- in how technology essay eyes of a scientific males= strategy – evolutionary advantage for ‘name-caller’ Influence of infidelity on aggressive behaviour. Infidelity- process unfaithful to partner/ sexual relationship with another person= infidelity had impact on how technology relationship + quality of 2012 canada interpersonal communications between partners/others. • Psychologists argue- act of has changed society essay infidelity triggers emotional state within individual- as perceived threat to essay writing relationship/current status quo: Buss, Larsen, Western and Semmelroth (1992)- argue- would naturally lead to show behaviours to has changed reduce/ eliminate threat e.g. act of red bull essay violence/aggression • Sexual infidelity for men/women- triggers sexual jealousy= psychologists suggest cues/ triggers are different for males/females: Brunk et al. (1996)- suggest from how technology essay, male’s p.o.v- infidelity by female- brings uncertainty of paternity- profound sexual jealousy/ For female who becomes pregnant after act of infidelity- associated sexual jealousy influenced not by parental uncertainty- but lack of time/economic resources- given to essay and honesty her/ offspring by how technology has changed essay, her mate. How To Write A Scientific Lab Report! = lack of how technology has changed society emotional support that makes women aggression/ men’s anger/subsequent aggression- based upon ayn rand contest suspicion of wife’s infidelity. Has Changed Society! Evolutionary psychologists- look at infidelity from male and female perspectives to essay writing avoid gender bias into society essay, their research into explanations of writing contests canada aggression. Influence of jealousy -n ot unusual to witness violence/ acts of aggression influenced by jealousy= Harvey, Sprecher and how technology has changed essay, Wenzer (2004) Cascardi and ayn rand essay writing contest, Vivian (1995)- participants asked explain cause of aggression in relationship- jealousy most commonly attributed cause.

Canary, Spitzberg and Semic (1998)- argue couples with relationship conflicts- reported anger/ aggression contributed by jealousy. Violent males lack effective ways of mediating/ responding to how technology society essay situation of representation jealousy/ compared to non-violent males- Holtzworth- Monroe and Anglin (1991). Haden and Hojjat (2006)- differences in how technology society sexual jealousy of young women/men= focus on aggressive responsiveness in partner rivalry situations. Writing! 2 separate studies found= men more likely than women- to consider aggressive action against rival/ women more emotionally/ behaviourally reactive. How Technology Has Changed Society Essay! In USA- Morenz and of a research paper, Lane (1996)- Evolutionary theory- explains jealousy as desire to keep one’s mate= males have tendency to show mate tending/guarding activities – aggressive activities to society avoid sexual infidelity- Buss and ayn rand writing contest, Shackelford (1997)/ females display behaviours less frequently. Limitations- evolutionary approach fails to explain why individuals might react in different ways when faced with same adaptive problem: different men react in different ways when confronted with their wife’s infidelity e.g. violence, debasement, or avoiding issue (by getting drunk) Cultural differences- fails to has changed explain why some cultures seem to require male violence to ayn rand essay writing contest attain social status/ other cultures (peaceful)- aggression leads to irreparable damage to reputation of the aggressor= Buss and Shackelford (1997)

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LEEWS (Law Essay Exam Writing/Preparation Science/System) changes the game! A proven effective (true) science of preparing for and executing the “A” essay exam, LEEWS is applicable to bar as well as law school exams. Unique, proven systems are put in place for (systematically!) identifying issues [No more haphazard spotting!], presenting analysis in concise paragraphs (roughly one per issue), briefing cases in 2-4 lines(!!), taking far fewer class notes, and compiling condensed, effective, 30-50 page course outlines. And much more. A law student learns—finally—to learn/think as a reasonable facsimile of a [practicing] lawyer. I briefed, outlined my notes, reviewed the how technology law, but still felt totally unprepared for upcoming exams. Community? This program was exactly what I needed €” the tools to confidently tackle exams in a methodical way. — Jan Court, Univ Texas '00. Just knowing you have a plan €” i.e., the steps €” keeps you from worrying about panic. €” Rob Goldbaum, U. How Technology Essay? Chicago '92. 3 Sample Law Essay Exams From the arab LEEWS Primer (with Model Responses) [And an example of LEEWS' effectiveness in practice.]

1 Actual Civil Procedure Exam With Model Response (written by a LEEWS grad) and Professor Comments. The entire grade (!!) in most law school courses will depend upon performance on a final exam, most if not all of which is essay in nature. (You are basically asked to how technology identify and analyze so-called issues generated in a hypothetical [made up] and usually complex fact pattern, much as a lawyer might.) Most exams are 3-4 hours in length, and either closed or open book. The former means you bring nothing into the exam with you (save the code in community essay writing a course based on a code of rules [e.g., IRS Code in taxation, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in civil procedure]). Normally open book allows you to bring in class notes, textbook, outlines, whatever, which tends to reassure students. However, open book is misleading, as there is typically little time to has changed refer to owner representation aids. Open or closed book, the law you need to know should be in your head. Some professors offer take home exams, which may have 8-24 hour time limits, and limits as to how much you can write or type. Grading is invariably anonymous to protect professors and has changed, students alike. Unlike college and a scientific conclusion, graduate school, class participation, acquaintance with the professor, even midsemester (as opposed to midyear) midterms generally have no bearing on law school grades. Ask professors themselves, or upperclass students about the society grading policies and writing, practices of individual professors.

There follow three examples of essay hypotheticals selected from among the eight in the appendix of the LEEWS Primer. How Technology Has Changed Essay? Following are models of the LEEWS approach to breaking fact patterns down into units corresponding to relevant issues [Planning Phase], as well as fully developed written responses corresponding to our format of concise paragraphs, roughly one per issue [Writing Phase]. The law needed to address each hypo is provided, as the subjects may as yet be unfamiliar to you. You may want to attempt a response before looking at the models. Standard exam writing advice posits that you follow IRAC. I.e., identify the Issue, state the applicable Rule, Analyze, Conclude. (Sounds great, until you realize you don't know what an issue is, much less how to owner identify all issues lurking in the fact pattern; you don't know how to society essay analyze as a lawyer; and you don't know how to present analysis concisely.) Whether you are familiar with the three subjects tested or no, all essay exercises are predictable in nature. A typically complex and confusing fact pattern is followed by question(s)/instruction(s) that in effect require you to identify or spot the legal issues that would be of interest to a judge or lawyer. Of A Paper Apa? You must then resolve those issues, bringing to bear relevant law and the analytic dialectic between law and facts known as lawyerlike thinking. Should you find yourself thinking, as you review the model responses, I don't think I can ever do that, unless you have a knack for taking such exams (possessed by only a small handful of students -- 5-7%, even at Harvard), you are probably correct.

Which is why so few law students manage even a single A on final exams. But rest assured that anyone with reasonable intelligence and has changed essay, diligence can produce such responses consistently. Showing you how is what LEEWS is all about -- for ayn rand essay writing contest, any exam in has changed society any subject, no matter the essay writing contest question(s)/instruction(s) posed by the professor. Civil Procedure Hypothetical (60 min.) Coris Becker, an occasional tennis player, fell while descending steps at the Only For Us Racquet Club in Long Island City, Queens County, New York. As she explained to her husband moments later by phone: Not the most graceful move in how technology has changed society the world, Morris. I got so mad, I smashed Mommy's new titanium Stroker. Be a dear and bring home din-din. I'm going to be in the hot tub for hours. As she limped out to her Lexus, Coris ran into essay the club owner, Jett Setter. Has Changed Society Essay? He grinned and remarked, I saw that spill, Coris.

Not the most graceful move in the world. At which point Coris determined to owner sue Setter personally, as well as the has changed essay club. Although a resident of Queens County, Coris, joined by her mother, Doris, a resident of write a scientific lab report, Manhattan, New York County, brought suit against Only For Us Racquet Club, Inc. Has Changed Society? (OFU, Inc.) and Jett Setter personally in New York County, seeking damages for Coris' injury and the destruction of the representation tennis racquet. Thereupon followed, inter alia , the society essay following events and motions: 1 €” OFU, Inc. and Setter moved for a change of venue to Queens County. 2 €” Attempts to serve Setter personally at his club were twice unsuccessful, so a copy of the summons and write a scientific conclusion, complaint was affixed to how technology society the door of his home. Another was mailed to him. [So-called nail and contest, mail service.] 3 €” Although the complaint affixed to his door separated from the summons and blew away, and the mailed copy never arrived, Setter, by his attorney, appeared in the action, answered the complaint, interposed affirmative defenses, and otherwise defended against the action. Society? Only later during an appeal did he assert lack of personal jurisdiction as a defense. 4 €” OFU, Inc. served notice of the a scientific lab report conclusion deposition of has changed society, a person who, while standing in the next phone booth, had overheard Coris' conversation with her husband.

Coris moved for a protective order forbidding disclosure of anything overheard as a privileged conversation. 5 €” OFU, Inc. requested an admission from Doris that Coris has a tendency to negligent behavior. Doris ignored it. 6 €” Following a directed verdict during trial dismissing her cause of write a scientific, action for destruction of the racquet, Doris immediately instituted a claim for how technology society essay, damages on the same ground in small claims court, Manhattan. You are a law clerk to, where appropriate, both trial and appellate judges assigned to this case. Prepare a memorandum of law respecting the issues raised in owner the above. Majority state law applies. RELEVANT LEGAL PRINCIPLES FOR CIVIL PROCEDURE HYPO. (Such legal knowledge should be in your head as well as your course outline. Note: The law provided herein may or may not be currently accurate.)

Discovery (scope of) €” Generally, all information not otherwise privileged that is relevant to how technology essay the subject matter of the action is discoverable, whether or not the owner representation material would be admissible as proof. Communications between spouses €” A confidential communication between husband and wife is privileged against disclosure by either spouse or by has changed society essay a third person (e.g., an eavesdropper). Personal Jurisdiction €” Generally, in order to body research paper determine the rights and duties of parties to an action, and to bind the parties personally to its determinations, a court must have in personam jurisdiction over how technology has changed, said parties. Essay? Said jurisdiction will be had, inter alia, where a defendant is present in the state where an action is essay, brought, and personally served with process. Where personal service on a defendant cannot be effected through due diligence, a plaintiff is entitled to substitute such service by ayn rand writing affixing a copy of the summons and complaint to the door or other conspicuous place at the defendant's last known address, and also mailing a copy of same by regular mail to said address (so-called nail and mail). A court has held that three attempts at in hand service at a defendant's place of business, without attempting to serve the defendant at society essay, home or leave the summons and complaint with a person of suitable age and discretion at the place of business does not satisfy the requirements of due diligence. Waiver of €” Where a defendant appears, answers the complaint, interposes defenses, and at no time during or after trial moves to community essay writing dismiss based on, nor claims lack of personal jurisdiction, the defense will be deemed waived on appeal. Requests for society, admission €” A request for admission imposes a duty on the party served to acknowledge the existence of facts that are not in doubt and that should not be necessary to prove at body of a paper apa, trial. The party served normally has 30 days to respond. Failure to timely respond results in society essay the matter being deemed admitted.

Inter alia , it is permissible to request that a party admit to owner a legal conclusion (e.g., that an employee was acting with authority, or that the party was traveling against traffic on a one-way street). However, it is society essay, not proper to request an admission to an abstract statement of law (e.g., that allowing a minor without a license to drive is negligent, per se). Res Judicata €” Doctrine that for reasons of economy, prevention of harassment, and avoidance of inconsistent judicial rulings (policy!), the relitigation of claims and issues is how to a scientific lab report conclusion, generally prohibited. Claim preclusion €” Doctrine whereby a final judgment on the merits of a claim or cause of action precludes reassertion of that claim or cause of action in a subsequent suit. Venue €” Refers to the proper place for trial of a lawsuit. The purpose of how technology essay, venue rules is to prevent a plaintiff from forcing a defendant to trial where it would be burdensome for him to appear and defend (policy!). Unless compelling reasons exist to direct otherwise, a transitory action (meaning that the ayn rand writing contest transaction which is the subject of the action could have happened anywhere) should be tried in the county where the action arose.

MODEL RESPONSE TO CIVIL PROCEDURE HYPOTHETICAL. (1/4 - 1/3 of allotted time divided into 10-15 minute intervals) Preliminary Overview €” Six distinct events/motions. Perform Steps One, Two, and Three (The Blender) on society, each is my initial perspective on how to proceed. [Always the Steps, always the Steps €” a constant way of thinking.] Step One €” [Conflict pairings and party objective(s) for body apa, each of the six events/motions.] The conflict pairings for all six are either Coris and/or Doris versus OFU, Inc. and/or Jett Setter. [The consistent overall objectives are to obtain damages on has changed society, one side and to avoid liability on representation, the other.

However, given that this is how technology has changed society, a civil procedure exam, the of a research paper objectives that count for purposes of generating premises are intermediate in society nature. Of A Apa? In the larger (intermediate) sense they are to keep the litigation going versus termination on a procedural ground. More immediate to the six events/motions:] 1 = Change venue to how technology society Queens County vs. keep it in Manhattan County. 2 = Establish personal jurisdiction vs. Arab? not. 3 = Have lack of has changed society essay, personal jurisdiction defense ruled moot vs. exists and viable. 4 = Preclude disclosure of essay, overheard conversation vs. have it ruled discoverable. 5 = Have fact admitted vs. Has Changed? not admitted. 6 = Have claim heard in small claims court vs. dismissed.

[My view at this point is that each event/motion will generate no more than one or two premises, and will be relatively straightforward of owner representation, analysis. Therefore, the how technology essay time to be allotted each will be roughly the same. As it would interrupt continuity of train of a scientific lab report conclusion, thought and society essay, be time wasting to continue applying the Steps to all six, from research paper apa this point on I shall work on each question to completion before going on to the next .] Step Two €” [Consider each pairing, party, and objective. Cull facts (and course outline) for relevant premises.] 1 = Venue of essay, transitory action is overriding , (i.e., governs the determination, no matter which party's perspective/objective is considered. See definition of Step Two and footnote, page 104.) 2 = Nail and representation, mail service vs. due diligence rule. [Complete analysis/discussion of has changed society essay, No.2 (7-8 minutes??), then on to No.3; . . . No.4; . . . 5; . . . 6.] 3 = Rule re lack of personal jurisdiction and grounds for waiver thereof overrides. 4 = Rule re discovery of spousal communication overrides.

5 = Requests for admission, and failure to respond thereto overrides. 6 = Res judicata rules override. Step Three €” [Consider each premise to note missing elements or real issues.] [Since there appear to be but one or two premises to be considered for each event/motion, and since I am working on each exclusive of the how to write others, Step Three is unnecessary as an independent exercise. How Technology Has Changed Essay? It is part and parcel of inspecting the essay league law giving rise to the premise under consideration to determine whether it is has changed essay, necessary to state all of the owner representation law to begin the first paragraph of analysis, or whether one or more elements can be focused on as pivotal.] Preview of a logical sequence for discussion €” No overlap of discussion apparent.

No reason apparent not to proceed in the chronology given. [When question(s)/instruction(s) offer a labeling format, you of essay, course normally use it. The professor/bar grader will likely be looking for it (Here -- 1,2,3, etc. It seems unnecessary, time wasting, and red bull essay, probably confusing to mention conflict pairings here. However, I am thinking of and guided by them.] Generally, unless compelling reasons exist to direct otherwise, a transitory action [flag relevant law with underlining or boldface] should be tried in the county where the action arose. Transitory has been defined to mean that the transaction that is the essay subject of the action could have occurred anywhere. Coris' fall and the destruction of the racquet could have occurred anywhere. [Concludes statement of relevant premise, i.e., controlling legal precept, that abruptly begins every paragraph.] Moreover, Coris, Only For Us, Inc. Community Writing? (OFU), and Jett Setter all reside in Queens County.

The residence in New York County of Coris' mother, Doris, whose claim is minor, is the only apparent reason for trying the action in essay New York County. It is hardly compelling. [Concludes lawyerlike analysis -- application of law to relevant facts.] Conclusion : The motion should be granted. [No hedging, as this seems open and shut.] So-called nail and mail service will satisfy the write requirements of personal jurisdiction only where personal service on a defendant cannot be effected through due diligence. [Law.] It has been held that three attempts at in hand service at a defendant's place of business, without attempting to serve the defendant at home or leave the how technology society essay summons and complaint with a person of suitable age and discretion at the place of business does not satisfy the requirements of due diligence. Plaintiffs made no attempt to serve defendant Setter personally other than twice unsuccessfully at his place of business. Body Of A Research Paper Apa? [Analysis.] Conclusion: The attempted nail and how technology has changed essay, mail service was likely [Hedging!] ineffective for lack of due diligence. Where a defendant who has not been properly served nevertheless appears in an action, answers the complaint, and interposes affirmative defenses, but never moves to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction, nor at any time claims lack of personal jurisdiction, the defense of lack of personal jurisdiction will be deemed waived upon the taking of an appeal. [Law.] Setter, as concluded above, was never properly served. Nevertheless, he appeared, answered the complaint, defended in the action, and at no time prior to appeal claimed lack of personal jurisdiction. Arguably, raising the claim on appeal is after trial. However, waived upon the taking of an appeal clearly indicates that the time for essay league, raising the claim would be deemed tolled. [Analysis.]

Conclusion : Setter's defense of lack of personal jurisdiction would be deemed waived on appeal. Generally, all information that is not privileged and is relevant to society essay the subject matter of the action is discoverable, even if not admissible as proof. Confidential communications between husband and wife are privileged from disclosure by either spouse and by a third party (e.g., an eavesdropper). [Law.] Coris' statement that she had smashed the racquet was relevant for its truth, as well as an indication of Coris' truthfulness. Confidential normally implies private or secret. [Add clarification, or law, where needed, and appropriate.] A conversation at a phone that was apparently near other phones would not seem confidential. Ayn Rand Essay Writing Contest? Moreover, given that Coris had not yet determined to sue, her statement in society the context of remarks about dinner and a hot tub seems merely casual. Essay League? [Analysis.] Conclusion : The motion will fail. The conversation with the husband was not confidential, and therefore not privileged.

A request for an admission imposes a duty on the party served to acknowledge the essay existence of facts that are not in doubt and that should not be necessary to prove at trial. However, inter alia, it is not proper to request an admission to an abstract statement of law (e.g., that allowing a minor without a license to drive is negligent, per red bull essay se). The statement in question seems manifestly a matter that is in some doubt, and that may be necessary to prove at trial. Moreover, in how technology has changed society that negligence is a legal conclusion, the statement would appear to be an abstract statement of law. Conclusion : Doris' disregard of the request is of no consequence, as said request imposed no duty of acknowledgment. A final judgment on the merits of a claim or cause of action generally precludes reassertion of that claim or cause of action in a subsequent suit. Doris' action in small claims court is grounded in the same facts (destroyed tennis racquet) and body of a apa, sets forth the same cause of action as the one dismissed in the primary action herein. A directed verdict during trial seems both a final judgment and a judgment on has changed society, the merits. Conclusion : The action in small claims court would be dismissed as res judicata.

Corporations Hypothetical (50 min.) The RIP Corporation, formed in 1998 by the Bottomline brothers, Ohmy, Padthe, and Savethe, for the purpose (as duly set forth in its bylaws and research, articles of how technology society, incorporation) of manufacturing and retailing so-called landscape rape accessories for four wheel drive and other off-the-road vehicles, quickly prospered and community, went public. Between 1999, when 100,000 shares were first sold over the counter, and 2001 the total value of RIPCORP (as the how technology essay enterprise was affectionately known) shares, after two splits, rose tenfold to forty million dollars. Flush with their success and how to write lab report, invincible in their avarice, the Bottomline brothers led RIPCORP in the aggressive pursuit of profit wherever it might be found. The brothers held the how technology has changed chief executive positions in ayn rand essay the corporation, as well as a majority of seats on the board of directors. They further owned thirty percent of the outstanding shares, by far the largest voting block. Thus, acquiescence in their increasingly bold ventures was virtually assured. Matters began to tangle when Meddle, a shareholder of record since purchasing 100 shares at the initial offering, took umbrage at RIPCORP's proposed acquisition of Southeast Asia ski resort options. In the fall of 2001 Meddle sought permission to inspect the how technology essay RIPCORP minutes and other records relating to the ski resort venture. Write A Scientific Lab Report Conclusion? When she refused to accede to the demand of the Bottomline brothers that she first divulge her intentions regarding the inspection, the how technology brothers issued a directive limiting access to the books and records to persons cleared by red bull essay them, and under no circumstances to has changed society essay Meddle or her representative.

Thereupon Meddle brought suit in of a her own right and on behalf of RIPCORP against the corporation and the Bottomline brothers personally to gain access to the books and records, to block the ski resort venture as an ultra vires act, and for repayment by society the RIPCORP board of directors of any expenses incurred in connection with the pursuit of said venture. Community Essay? 1) RIPCORP moved to dismiss the action for, inter alia, lack of standing, failure to first make a demand on how technology society, the board of directors, and failure to state a cause of action. 2) RIPCORP moved in the alternative that the court require Meddle to post $25,000 security for costs as a precondition to continued maintenance of the suit. 3) Meanwhile, the RIPCORP board passed a resolution providing for indemnification of the directors in the event Meddle prevailed, and purchased insurance to provide for ayn rand writing contest, same. Meddle immediately moved to quash these actions. How should the court decide the motions under 1, 2, and 3 above? RELEVANT LEGAL PRINCIPLES FOR CORPORATIONS HYPO. Ultra vires acts €” Generally includes acts beyond the purpose or powers of the corporation, and sometimes includes acts within the purposes and powers of the corporation, but performed in an unauthorized manner or without authority. Many jurisdictions now restrict ultra vires challenges to society essay the following: 1) the right of a shareholder to enjoin unauthorized corporate acts; 2) the right of the attorney general of the state to enjoin such activities; 3) the red bull essay right of the corporation to has changed society recover damages from the officers and/or directors (present or former) responsible for the ultra vires act(s). Shareholder inspection rights €” Generally, shareholders have a limited right, founded in research apa common law and statute, to inspect corporate books and records which are relevant to a proper purpose.

Courts will determine whether a purpose is proper. A shareholder may examine the stock book and minutes of stockholder meetings on demand if 1) he has been a stockholder of record for at least six months immediately preceding the demand; or 2) he is a holder of 5 percent of any class of how technology society essay, outstanding shares. Shareholder rights of action €” Generally, a shareholder may sue the owner representation corporation in his own name to enforce his rights as a shareholder, and/or on behalf of the corporation to procure a judgment in favor of the how technology society corporation. The latter derivative action may be maintained only if 1) the a scientific lab report plaintiff is how technology has changed essay, a shareholder when the action is brought; 2) the plaintiff was a shareholder when the alleged wrong to the corporation occurred; and 3) the plaintiff shows in his complaint that he has demanded that the board of arab essay league, directors commence the action, or that there are sufficient reasons for how technology has changed, not making the demand (e.g., the essay contest board members are the defendants). Note that in order to minimize the possibility of derivative actions without merit being brought merely for nuisance value settlements or counsel fee awards, the corporation may require the plaintiff to post security for costs, unless 1) the society essay plaintiff or plaintiffs hold at least 5 percent of any class of red bull essay, outstanding shares; or 2) the society value of ayn rand, their shares exceeds $50,000. Indemnification €” Generally, a director or officer may not be indemnified (reimbursed) against a judgment obtained against him in a direct action by the corporation, or a derivative action on behalf of the corporation, or for amounts paid in settlement thereof. The director may, however, be indemnified against expenses of defending the action, unless, inter alia, he is adjudged to has changed society essay have violated his fiduciary duty of good faith and reasonable care in the circumstances. The corporation may purchase insurance to indemnify officers and directors for how to a scientific lab report, even the above judgments, providing no deliberate dishonesty or unlawful gain on the part of the officer/director is how technology has changed society, shown. MODEL RESPONSE TO CORPORATIONS HYPOTHETICAL.

Preliminary Overview €” The three motions referred to essay writing by the question are like three questions, each to be considered separately. [Note the enormous benefit here of skipping over the facts.] Step One €” Conflict pairing(s) : [A quick review of the how technology essay motions in conjunction with the red bull essay sentence that precedes them reveals the single conflict pairing throughout.] RIPCORP, Inc. v. Meddle, etc., or vice versa for each motion (i.e., question). Objectives : [Somewhat confusing, as the sentence immediately preceding the motions reflects three ultimate objectives of Meddle. However, the objectives relevant to a Step One analysis and the question are implied in the three motions. Note that motion #1 also provides Movant RIPCORP's premises (!!). Whether the ultimate objectives will be achieved depends upon how technology has changed society resolution of the motions.] 1) dismiss the action versus keep it going; 2) $25,000 security be required to be posted, versus not; 3) board indemnification resolution and essay writing, purchase of insurance be quashed, versus maintenance of essay, same. Step Two €” [RIPCORP is movant for motions 1 and essay, 2, Meddle for 3. The motions themselves, especially the first, point to overriding premises. In that a court may dismiss all or part of a suit, each premise must be considered in light of each of has changed society essay, Meddle's objectives set forth in the preceding sentence . The facts in the first two paragraphs need only be considered for purposes of analysis.]

1) Lack of ayn rand writing, standing, failure to first make a demand on the board, and has changed essay, failure to state a cause of action respecting each of Meddle's three objectives = potentially nine discussions. but probably not. 2) [Must refer to relevant portions of corporations toolbox.] The law [Noted in toolbox only. Don't write it in your outline.] respecting requirement that a shareholder plaintiff in action against corporation post bond. 3) The law respecting indemnification and/or insurance of directors in red bull essay such a suit. Step Three €” [The motions seem more or less equivalent in weight. Given the complexity of the how technology relevant premises noted in Step Two, the effort necessary for a Step Three analysis seems needlessly duplicative of the analysis to be performed in writing writing the actual response. Therefore, it seems advisable to skip Step Three and go to how technology has changed society essay the writing phase .] Preview of a logical sequence for discussion €” No reason apparent for not proceeding chronologically. Lack of standing/failure to state a cause of action. Generally, a shareholder may sue the corporation in her own name to enforce her rights as a shareholder, and/or on owner, behalf of the corporation to procure a judgment in favor of the corporation. Inter alia, the latter derivative action can be maintained only if the how technology essay plaintiff is a shareholder when the action is representation, brought and when the alleged wrong to the corporation occurred.

Meddle (M) is currently a shareholder, and has been since long before the ski resort venture. Generally, shareholders have a limited right, founded in common law and statute, to inspect corporate books and records which are relevant to how technology a proper purpose. Courts will determine whether a purpose is proper. A shareholder may examine the representation stock book and how technology society, minutes of stockholder meetings on demand if she has been a stockholder of record for at least six months immediately preceding the demand; or she is a holder of community, five percent of any class of outstanding shares. M's 100 shares, presumably grown after 'two splits to 400, constitutes much less than five percent of any class of how technology, shares. However, she has been a stockholder of record since the initial offering, over two years prior. So-called ultra vires acts €” acts beyond the body research paper apa purposes or powers of the has changed society corporation, and sometimes acts within the purposes and powers of the corporation, but performed in owner representation an unauthorized manner or without authority may properly be challenged by shareholders. Moreover, the corporation may recover damages from the officers and/or directors (present and former) responsible for the ultra vires act(s) . Given that RIPCORP's stated corporate purpose is to manufacture and retail accessories for has changed essay, off-road vehicles, the Southeast Asian ski venture (Venture) has the appearance of an ultra vires act for which damages may be sought. Failure to essay writing first make a demand on the board.

Another requirement for maintaining a derivative action is that the plaintiff demand that the board commence the essay action, or there be sufficient reasons for body, not making such demand (e.g., the how technology has changed essay board members are the defendants). The Bottomline brothers are named in M's suit and red bull essay, hold a majority of has changed essay, seats on the board, thereby satisfying the exception. Conclusion : The motion should be denied, as all of RIPCORP's challenges lack merit. Corporations, in body research paper apa order to minimize the possibility of derivative actions without merit being brought merely for nuisance value settlements or counsel fee awards, may require a shareholder plaintiff to post security for costs , unless the plaintiff or plaintiffs hold at least five percent of any class of outstanding shares, or the society essay value of their shares exceeds $50,000. M's 100 shares constituted but 1/10th of one percent of the initial 100,000 share offering. Their value at the time of the suit would have been 1/10th of league, one percent of forty million dollars, or approximately $40,000. However, M has been a shareholder since the very beginning of the corporation, and, as set forth, supra , a challenge to the Venture seems hardly without merit. [Yes, basic math may be necessary!]

Conclusion : Although M falls $10,000 short of the $50,000 exception, the motion should probably be denied. Given that M's sharehold nearly satisfies the exception, and the policy justification underlying the security requirement seems utterly lacking, it is unlikely that a court would permit the corporation to impose this financial impediment. [Note the use of the policy underpinning as a basis for a counterargument.] Generally, a corporate director (or officer) may not be indemnified against a judgment obtained against him in a direct action by the corporation or a derivative action, or for amounts paid in settlement thereof. The director may, however, be indemnified against expenses of defending the action, unless, inter alia, he is how technology, adjudged to have violated his fiduciary duty of good faith and reasonable care in of a paper the circumstances. The corporation may purchase insurance to indemnify officers and society, directors for arab, even the above judgments, providing no deliberate dishonesty or unlawful gain on the part of the officer/director is shown. [Given this much legal preamble, it seems appropriate to begin the analysis in a new paragraph.] M's action is in part derivative on behalf of RIPCORP, and a judgment obtained in this respect cannot be indemnified against. The facts are unclear about whether the resolution indemnifies against expenses of defending against the action. Assuming, arguendo , that it does, the inherent improbability, indeed inherent folly of the Venture, coupled with its seeming obvious ultra vires aspect, strongly suggests a violation by the directors of their duty to exercise reasonable care, if not a violation of their duty to act in good faith.

However, given that RIPCORP appears to how technology society have been engaged for some time in a pattern of divers schemes wholly unrelated to its stated purpose, it is unlikely that a court would be willing to take judicial notice of how to conclusion, such a conclusion so early in the proceedings. Nothing in has changed the facts suggests deliberate dishonesty or unlawful gain on the part of any RIPCORP director/officer that would preclude the purchase of indemnification insurance. Conclusion : The motion should be granted as to any portion of the arab essay league resolution that purports to indemnify against how technology has changed society, judgments obtained on behalf of the corporation, denied as to portions that indemnify against judgments obtained by M, and denied with leave to renew at a later time with respect to owner representation all other portions. T properly executed a will in 1994, by the terms of which he distributed his entire estate in has changed society the following manner: First: I bequeath my racehorse, Swayback, to my friend, X. Second: I bequeath $100,000 to my brother, Y. Third: I give, devise, and body of a research paper, bequeath the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to has changed my faithful companion, Z. In 1998, having fallen out arab essay league, with Z, T properly executed a new will with the following terms: First: I bequeath $100,000 to my brother, Y. Second: I give, devise, and bequeath the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to my (new) faithful companion, B.

In 1999, having reconciled with Z and spurned B, T properly executed a codicil to his 1994 will, by how technology the terms of which he increased the legacy to writing Y to society essay $150,000; and in all other respects he ratified, confirmed, and republished the 1994 will. T died in owner representation 2001. Has Changed Society? In a probate proceeding the evidence established the following: 1) Although sober when he made the codicil in 1999, T was drunk out of his mind when he executed the 1994 will. 2) T sold Swayback to a syndicate in 1997 for league, $200,000. 3) Inadvertently in 2000 T, falling asleep at his desk with cigarette in hand, set fire to society some papers. One of the papers destroyed was the original copy of the 1999 codicil, which T had been reviewing. 4) Y died in 2000. 5) S, the son of Y, was one of several witnesses to red bull essay T's execution of the 1994 will. Discuss the rights of the various parties in terms of who takes what from T's estate.

RELEVANT LEGAL PRINCIPLES FOR WILLS HYPOTHETICAL. Ademption €” Occurs when a specific legacy (defined below) is not in existence or not in the possession of the testator when he dies (because, for example, it has been sold or given away). Has Changed? When an ademption occurs, the legatee takes nothing. Death of a beneficiary €” A disposition to a beneficiary who predeceases the testator ordinarily lapses (returns to the estate). By statute in many jurisdictions, however, dispositions to beneficiaries who are issue or siblings do not lapse, providing such beneficiaries have surviving issue.

Such surviving issue will take the how to write lab report legacy in equal proportions per how technology essay stirpes . Disposition of estate €” Shall be in accordance with a decedent's last will and testament. Execution of a will €” A properly executed will implies at least two witnesses thereto who do not stand to writing take under said will. Republication €” A properly executed codicil to how technology essay a revoked will operates as a republication of a will that is, in form, properly executed. This is so despite the essay fact that the will so republished may have been invalid for want of testamentary capacity at the time of making. Revocation €” As a general rule, a subsequent will that is entirely inconsistent with a prior will, or a later will that makes a complete disposition of the testator's property, shall be deemed to have revoked the prior will by implication. A will may further be revoked by means of its physical destruction. Such destruction, however, must be accompanied with the intent and for the purpose of revoking the will. Specific legacy €” A bequest of a particular, individualized chattel, differentiated from essay all other articles of the same or similar nature. It must be taken by the legatee as and where he finds it.

Testamentary capacity €” Absent evidence to the contrary, testamentary capacity will be presumed where the testator, in executing a will or other document, accurately recites the nature and extent of his property, and recognizes the natural objects of his bounty. Witness as beneficiary €” A witness to a will may take under that will, providing said will can be proved in probate without his assistance. MODEL RESPONSE TO WILLS HYPOTHETICAL. Preliminary Overview €” The instruction points to parties who stand to take from a scientific lab report T's estate. Each will be in society opposition to anyone or anything that would prevent him from taking from T's estate. Step One €” X, Y, Z, B, and A vs. anyone or thing (including each other, T, the state, or the estate) that stands between him and taking from T's estate. B v. Z seems a key conflict. Step Two €” [Each claimant must establish that the will or codicil upon which he bases his claim is valid and controlling. Each will likewise seek to defeat a competitor claim. Legal precepts governing testamentary disposition set forth in community essay my wills toolbox will come into play.

However, it would be inefficient and confusing to try to sort them out at this point. Better to focus on one conflict at a time in the writing phase. Possibly there will be overlap of essay, premises/discussion.] Step Three €” [Having declined to set forth the premises of the various parties in red bull essay Step Two, I may as well go straight to the response. My impression is that once the essay controlling rules are set forth, analysis will be relatively uncomplicated.] Ability of a per stirpes witness, S, to take may be an interesting discussion. Preview of community essay, a logical sequence of discussion €” Resolving which instrument controls seems the obvious first step. Therefore, beginning with B v. Z would seem to make sense.

B and Z's rights [This label conforms to has changed the instruction. B v. Red Bull Essay? Z might confuse. But I'm thinking B v. Z!] As a general rule, a subsequent will that is entirely inconsistent with a prior will, or a later will that makes a complete disposition of the testator's property, shall be deemed to have revoked the how technology has changed society essay prior willby implication. The 1998 will was inconsistent with the essay 1994 will and made a complete disposition of T's property, thereby revoking the how technology society essay 1994 will and Z's legacy. However, a properly executed codicil to a revoked will operates as a republication of a will that is, in form, properly executed. This is so despite the fact that the will so republished may have been invalid for red bull essay, want of testamentary capacity at the time of how technology has changed society essay, making. Ayn Rand Essay Writing Contest? The properly executed 1999 codicil republished the properly executed 1994 will, thereby restoring Z's legacy. The fact that T was sober when making the codicil moots any effect of has changed society, T having been drunk when making the of a research 1994 will.

There being no evidence to the contrary, the fact that T in executing the codicil accurately recited the nature and extent of his property and recognized the natural objects of his bounty will establish his testamentary capacity in making the codicil. Although a will may be revoked by means of physical destruction , such destruction must be accomplished with the intent and for has changed society essay, the purpose of representation, revoking the will. The circumstance that the original copy of the codicil was destroyed inadvertently in society essay 2000 is thus of no avail to B. Conclusion : The 1998 will is revoked, and B takes nothing. How To A Scientific Lab Report? Z takes the rest, residue, and how technology has changed society, remainder of T's estate under the 1999 codicil that revived the 1994 will. An ademption occurs when a specific legacy (i.e., a bequest of a particular, individualized chattel, differentiated from all other articles of the same or similar nature) is not in existence or not in community writing the possession of the testator when he dies. When an ademption occurs, the legatee takes nothing.

The racehorse, Swayback, appears to be such a particular, individualized chattel. In that Swayback was sold prior to T's death, the has changed society essay republication of the 1994 will is of no avail to X. Conclusion : X takes nothing from paper apa T's estate, as his legacy has adeemed. A disposition to a beneficiary who predeceases the testator ordinarily lapses. By statute in many jurisdictions, however, dispositions to beneficiaries who are issue or siblings do not lapse, providing such beneficiaries have surviving issue. Such surviving issue will take the legacy in equal proportions per stirpes . Therefore, although Y predeceased T, Y's son, S, would take the $150,000, providing he is not disqualified by having witnessed the now republished 1994 will. A witness to a will may take under that will, providing said will can be proved in probate without his assistance. A properly executed will implies at least two witnesses thereto who do not stand to take under said will. S was one of how technology, several witnesses to the 1994 will, implying that more than two persons witnessed the will. Therefore, presumably two other witnesses exist to community essay writing prove the will in has changed probate. NB: Arguably S should be permitted to body of a apa take under the 1994 will per stirpes, even were he one of only how technology has changed essay two witnesses to the will.

The rationale for not allowing a witness necessary to probate to take under the will being probated is how to lab report conclusion, presumably the conflict of interest posed. The reliability of a witness with a vested interest in having the will probated is compromised. Y, however, not S stood to how technology has changed society essay take under the 1994 will. Had there been any consideration of body apa, Y predeceasing T, and therefore S taking, S probably would not have been asked to witness the will. However, it could also be contended that that was then, and now S does have a compromising vested interest. [This latter paragraph is not necessary. Has Changed Society? However, it demonstrates the kind of interest and thoughtfulness that may catch a professor's attention and garner an A. Possibly it should be highlighted in some way, perhaps with a red star. I might even decide to put it on the blank page left at the beginning. (See p.75.)] Conclusion : Y, having predeceased T, will take nothing.

However, Y's intended legacy will go to the son, S, per stirpes . S's having witnessed the essay will under which he takes should not disqualify him, providing two others of the several witnesses to the will exist to has changed essay prove it in arab league probate. Actual Civil Procedure I Exam, Fall 2006, U. Memphis School of Law (with Model A+ Response and Professor Comments) [The example that follows is an actual exam and model response sent to us by one Richard Townley, Sr., U. Society? Memphis class of 2009E (evening division). The exam was given jointly to two first year classes by their professors. Richard ordered the audio CD version of LEEWS. His is the how to write lab report verbatim model response offered to essay students — with professor comments! — as what was wanted.

His response received the highest grade, one of only two A+ grades. Arab Essay League? His accompanying remarks are reprinted in how technology has changed society essay the Results section. Inter alia (among other things), he said, LEEWS was absolutely essential to my success. . The exemplar is, in how to conclusion fact, *my* exam essay answer, and if I say so myself, it's a pretty good LEEWS exemplar as well. We reiterate that the essay LEEWS objective for every response is a series of owner representation, paragraphs, each beginning with relevant law and presenting balanced lawyerlike analysis. . What is surely wanted when confronted with a task such as what follows is a system whereby in how technology has changed essay structured, step-by-step fashion, the examinee knows exactly what is wanted and how to proceed and research, present. For example, a LEEWS grad will immediately skip over the confusing fact pattern to society the question/instruction, typically at the end, and perform Step One. Arab? A LEEWS grad has also read many such introductory instructions, and society essay, therefore will skim through quickly to note what, if anything, is essay writing, new and/or unusual. Has Changed Society? Note that the average student managed less than 17 points out of a possible 45 on the essay exam versus Richard's 39 (!!). . It may be further noted that although these professors did not require a so-called IRAC format [and we commend that!), Richard's paragraphed response could easily have been conformed to a Follow IRAC instruction by merely introducing an issue statement before each paragraph, and a conclusion statement at the end. LEEWS posits that in general issue statements are unnecessary, as starting a paragraph with law implies the issue, and conclusions are unimportant.] Civil Procedure I -- Exam Results -- Fall, 2006 (§ 11 = Prof Banks, § 12 = Prof Entman) Essays - 45 points.

Average -- § 11 [17.2]; § 12 [16.1]; both sections [16.6] Range -- § 11 [3 - 42]; § 12 [4 - 39] Multiple Choice - 55 points (35 questions) Average -- § 11 [33.70]; § 12 [35.00]; both sections [34.36] Range -- § 11 [18.86 - 50.29]; § 12 [17.29 - 53.43] Total - 100 points. Average -- § 11 [50.90]; § 12 [51.09]; both sections [50.99] Range -- § 11 [22.86 - 92.29]; § 12 [26.29 - 83.00] Average Grade - § 11 [2.33] Both Sections [2.34] § 12 [2.34] A+: 82 and above.

F : 0 - 32. INSTRUCTIONS - Read these instructions carefully. You are responsible for following them to arab essay league the letter and will be assessed a point penalty or given a failing grade for failure to follow instructions. Before you begin work on this examination, be sure that you have an examination booklet consisting of 8 consecutively numbered pages -- beginning with this page. How Technology Has Changed Society? Part I consists of problems calling for written analysis. Part II consists of 35 multiple choice questions. If your examination is incomplete, you should advise the instructor immediately. It is research apa, your responsibility to ensure that you are working with a complete examination. The exam is closed book. You may not use any material other than this examination booklet, the answer sheet, blank paper and an appropriate writing instrument. You may not, of course, confer with or receive assistance from any other person.

Your answers for Part I should be written on the paper provided. Be sure to identify clearly which subpart you are answering (e.g., I. A.). When you have completed your answers to Part I, number your pages consecutively, write your identification number on each page, and staple all of the pages together in the upper left hand corner. 1. Answer only the question asked and how technology society, do so with organization, precision, legibility, and proper grammar and spelling. 2. If a court rule or a statute is relevant to a problem, you may identify it by number, but you must discuss its substance whether or not you mention the rule or statute by number. 3. Write on only one side of a page and a scientific lab report, leave a left margin.

Write your identification number in the space provided on the answer sheet for Part II and has changed society essay, mark the appropriate corresponding circles on your answer sheet to indicate your examination number. Do not staple the essay answer sheet for Part II to anything. Submission of Exams -- General Instructions When you have finished the examination, place your answers to Part I, your answer sheet for Part II, and the exam booklet in how technology the separately designated boxes. All examination booklets must be turned in. You must write your identification number on this exam booklet at the top of the how to write a scientific conclusion first page and return the booklet in order that your exam answer sheet may be matched with the correct version of the how technology has changed society answers. Owner? Do not write your name on anything. For this examination, unless we have specifically studied to the contrary, you should assume the following: 1. all states have adopted rules of civil procedure identical to the Federal Rules of how technology essay, Civil Procedure; 2. all states have enacted statutes that authorize the exercise of jurisdiction on owner representation, each of the traditional bases recognized by the Supreme Court up to the date of its decision in International Shoe; 3. all states have also enacted the following statutes: X.C.A. § 1-1-111: A court may exercise personal jurisdiction over a person (including an individual, his executor, administrator, or other personal representative, or a corporation, partnership, or any other legal or commercial entity) who acts directly or by an agent, as to a claim for how technology society essay, relief arising from the person€™s.

(a) transacting any business within this State; (b) causing tortious injury by an act or omission in this State; (c) causing tortious injury in this State by an act or omission outside this State if the person regularly does or solicits business, or engages in any other persistent course of conduct, or derives substantial revenue from goods used or consumed or services rendered in this State; (d) owning, using or possessing any property situated in community essay writing this State; (e) contracting to insure any person, property, or risk located within this State at the time of contracting. X.C.A. Essay? § 2-2-222: In any suit brought in the courts of this State, service of process may be achieved by sending a summons and a copy of the complaint by owner representation registered mail, return receipt requested, to has changed society essay the defendant's home address, or principal place of business, wherever located. The problems in Part I are worth a total of 45 points. They are not of equal weight. A. You are now an associate attorney in a law firm. Respond fully to the following memorandum from one of your employers. €śI Quit€ť is not a recommended answer. To: Associate. Re: First Commercial Industrial Bank v. Isolde.

Date: Dec. 11, 2006. [Fact pattern (hypo)] Tristan and arab essay league, Isolde are partners in a furniture repair business. Their shop is in the State of Swabia where most of their customers are from. Society? Sometimes people from the owner nearby States of Prussia and Bavaria bring repair jobs to the shop in Swabia. Isolde was raised in Prussia and lived there with her parents until June, 2003, when she moved into an apartment in Swabia to see if she would enjoy living away from how technology society essay home. In July, 2003, a vice-president of First Commercial Industrial Bank of Prussia [€śFirst Commercial€ť] attended a lecture on owner, furniture repair that Isolde gave in Prussia. He decided that Tristan and Isolde had a promising business and that the bank would do well to procure their business. After receiving a letter at their shop offering the bank€™s services, Tristan and Isolde decided to borrow $150,000 from has changed society essay First Commercial. By telephone, they requested the bank send them the paperwork at their shop. On August 15, 2003, Tristan and Isolde signed the loan papers at their shop and Tristan immediately took them to First Commercial€™s main office, located ten miles away in the State of Prussia.

First Commercial then gave them a check for $150,000 minus closing costs of approximately $5,000. The loan agreement provided that its interpretation and validity would be governed by the law of Prussia and that it was to be repaid in essay writing contest two years. Due to financial difficulties, Tristan and Isolde made only two payments on the loan. When First Commercial threatened to sue them, Tristan settled the bank€™s claim against him for $50,000. First Commercial then sued Isolde in the United States District Court for Prussia to collect the unpaid principal and interest. First Commercial€™s attorney served Isolde with process by registered mail, return receipt requested, to her at the shop in society Swabia. On May 15, 2005, after Isolde failed to respond to the complaint and summons, the essay writing court entered a default judgment against her for $100,000. On December 1, 2006, First Commercial sought to register the judgment against Isolde with the United States District Court for the District of Swabia. In conjunction that proceeding, First Commercial procured a writ of how technology essay, garnishment, attaching $10,000 that Isolde had in a bank account in Swabia.

First Commercial also procured a writ of garnishment from the federal court in representation Bavaria, attaching a $5,000 debt owed to Isolde by one of her customers there. [Question/instruction] We represent Isolde. Please submit a memo to me discussing fully whether Isolde has any defenses she may raise to how technology has changed society essay the enforcement proceedings in Swabia and Bavaria. Be sure to red bull essay discuss fully any possible defenses that you may have considered and rejected and explain fully why you have rejected them. B. The next day, you receive the how technology essay following memorandum from the same partner. Again, respond fully.

To: Associate. Re: First Commercial Industrial Bank v. Isolde. Date: Dec. Body Research Paper Apa? 12, 2006. I have now learned that Isolde was involved in an automobile accident in Swabia a week after she was served with process by registered mail. She was rendered unconscious for two days. An ambulance rushed her to the nearest hospital, which was located in Prussia. Three days after the society essay accident, but while she was hospitalized in Prussia, a private process server acting on behalf of First Commercial served Isolde in owner her hospital bed with a another copy of the summons and complaint for the same lawsuit.

Given that she was served while in the state, it now seems to me that the judgment of the federal district court in Prussia against Isolde is unquestionably valid and is enforceable in both Swabia and Bavaria. Please discuss fully whether you believe that assumption is valid and whether the service on Isolde in the hospital establishes jurisdiction. The discussion below is how technology essay, a verbatim copy of how to write, a student€™s essay that received a top grade. Commentary by Professors Banks and Entman appears in brackets. . [LEEWS note: We reprint this commentary in blue.] LEEWS NOTE: “IRAC” (merely a formula for organizing analysis of an issue) prescribes a statement of I ssue to has changed essay precede the statement of R ule, and the discussion ( A nalysis). (And C onclusion at the end.) The LEEWS paragraphing format posits that an abrupt statement of premise (relevant law) to begin a paragraph implies the issue, making a separate statement of issue unnecessary (thereby saving time). Red Bull Essay? Richard's model response in LEEWS format does this. Our only how technology has changed society essay suggestion is that underlining or boldfacing key words in how to conclusion the preamble of law — e.g., Subject matter jurisdiction in the opening paragraph, federal diversity statute in the next — to assist the professor in recognizing the topic (issue). Subject-matter jurisdiction.

The federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction; they can only hear certain types of claims as outlined in Article III of the US Constitution and as authorized by Congressional Statute. First Commercial will argue that the US District Court has subject-matter jurisdiction to hear this case based on has changed, the diversity of writing, citizenship of the parties. First Commercial is a citizen of Prussia. Isolde has been living in how technology society Swabia for representation, one month. [The facts do not give sufficient information to know how long Isolde had been living in Swabia at has changed essay, the time First Commercial filed its complaint, which is the time at which jurisdiction must either exist or not. At most, one can deduce that the suit was brought as early as November 2003 or as late as April 2005. Consequently, Isolde must have been living in Swabia for more than one month, but not the arab two or three years that some students stated.] She can argue that she is still domiciled in Prussia, where she lived her whole life up to June of 2003, because she only moved to Swabia temporarily, to see €śif she would enjoy€ť life on her own.

If Isolde is found to be a domiciliary of Prussia, then there is how technology essay, not diversity of citizenship and thus no subject matter jurisdiction. However, if Isolde is found to have relocated to Swabia with the intent of staying for red bull essay, the indefinite future, then the parties are diverse. The federal diversity statute also requires the amount in controversy to exceed $75,000. The $100,000 judgment against Isolde satisfies this requirement. N.B. [Please do not use abbreviations, including this one.] This action could not be brought under €śfederal question€ť jurisdiction because breach of how technology has changed essay, contract is a state common-law claim. Therefore nothing in the plaintiff€™s complaint arises under the Constitution and laws of the United States. Subject-matter jurisdiction is never waived, and in this case, it has not been previously litigated, so it could be raised on collateral attack. However, it is more likely than not that the court will find that Isolde did move to Swabia with the intent to stay indefinitely, so the District Court in Prussia probably did have subject-matter jurisdiction. Personal jurisdiction.

In the alternative, Isolde can argue that the rendering court in Prussia lacked jurisdiction over the person. Because this has not been litigated, it can be raised on collateral attack in the enforcing court. [We would have preferred a discussion at this point that specifically points out that Isolde never even appeared in the first action. Most of you could have improved your answers by essay league making better use of the facts to support your analysis. Essay? The reason Isolde can raise personal jurisdiction on collateral attack is because she did not appear at all in the original action. Since she did not appear, there is no reason to a scientific discuss Rule 12.] First, Isolde will argue that there are no traditional bases for establishing jurisdiction over how technology, her in Prussia. N.B. Community Essay Writing? The federal courts derive their personal jurisdictional reach from the state in which they are situated, so the has changed essay District Court can exert personal jurisdiction over an out of essay, state defendant only if the state court could do so. Isolde was not served with process with Prussia, so transitory [transient?] jurisdiction does not attach.

Because it is necessary that she be domiciled in how technology has changed essay Swabia to essay writing establish diversity of citizenship, First Commercial cannot argue that she be subjected to personal jurisdiction on the basis of domicile. Has Changed Society? Even though the contract included a choice-of-law provision applying the laws of Prussia to possible disputes, that is not the same as a consent provision. [A surprising number of students referred to this as a forum selection clause. At least one student referred to owner representation it as a forum selection clause in part of the answer and a choice of how technology has changed, law provision in another part of the same answer. Another specifically stated that it was a forum selection clause and essay, not a choice of law provision. Mistakes of this type may be attributable to how technology essay sloppy reading of the facts but they are also a strong indication of a serious lack of preparation. Failure to devote sufficient time to study of the assigned materials frequently manifests itself in a person€™s demonstrated obliviousness to important distinctions.

Others simply didn€™t know what to do with the fact, thus reflecting a failure to study the Burger King opinion and to pay attention to our class discussions of it.] Statutory basis. First Commercial will argue that the long-arm statute conferred specific jurisdiction over Isolde on the basis of the first of the community essay writing enumerated acts: €śa) transacting any business within the State.€ť The claim for relief, the how technology essay $100,000 breach of contract, arises from the defendant€™s act of entering into the loan contract, which First Commercial will argue was executed on Tristan€™s delivery of the loan documents to ayn rand essay the Bank€™s main office in Prussia. Has Changed Society Essay? Isolde will counter that her act was signing the documents, which took place at the furniture shop in Swabia. This is a valid argument so long as the court reads the statute literally and narrowly. However, if a court interpreted the statute broadly (See Gray v. Community Writing? American Radiator) it might find that the statute reaches the out of state act, the signing of the has changed essay contract, which causes an in of a apa state result, the execution of the how technology contract. [It is representation, probably not necessary to stretch the construction of the statute as the court did in Gray to how technology society hold that it confers jurisdiction, given the facts of this problem. The statute covers transacting business in the forum state €śdirectly or by arab league an agent.€ť Like McShara in Burger King, Tristan was acting on behalf of the partnership (thus as an agent) in society delivering the papers to the bank. The facts specifically state that Isolde, along with Tristan, signed the papers and that he immediately took them to essay the bank. How Technology? You should never, as many of you did, overlook the statement that Isolde signed the arab essay league papers or speculate that she may not have read them.

There is simply no basis in the facts for speculating that Isolde didn€™t know what she was signing. Indulging in speculation that she might not have reveals desperation.] Constitutional Standard. The Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution provides that no state shall deprive a citizen of life, liberty or property without due process of law. The U.S. Supreme Court defined the essay due process standard as it relates to imposing personal jurisdiction on owner, an out of has changed, state defendant in International Shoe: jurisdiction is constitutional only if the cause of action arises from the defendant€™s minimum contacts with the forum, such that the assertion of jurisdiction would not offend traditional notions of essay, fair play and substantial justice. Assuming, arguendo, [LEEWS note: We teach the how technology has changed society essay proper use of words like arguendo -- because they are useful and essay, add a lawyerly caste to the presentation.] that the long-arm statute is sufficient to how technology has changed essay provide a statutory basis of jurisdiction over Isolde, would such jurisdiction be constitutional under the Shoe standard? [While it is ayn rand, implicit in the answer that the constitutional hurdle becomes important only essay if the court first accepts the argument that the statute confers jurisdiction, a perfect answer would have explained that relationship more fully.] Isolde will argue no, because the contact which gives rise to the claim, the signed loan contract, was brought into the forum by the unilateral actions of a third party, Tristan. Therefore, Isolde did not purposefully avail herself of the privileges of conducting activities in write lab report the forum, Prussia. First Commercial will counter that Tristan and Isolde were operating together to secure the loan. They reached into the forum when they called First Commercial.

Isolde knew that Tristan was taking the documents to Prussia, [run-on sentence, a sin committed by how technology has changed essay many students in these essays] therefore it was imminently [eminently] foreseeable that the contract would be executed there, and she could reasonably anticipate being haled into court in Prussia over any disputes to the contract. (See Denckla, Worldwide VW). While there are some open questions regarding minimum contacts, the facts seem to favor First Commercial. In the alternative, [In addition?] can Isolde raise any of the fairness factors, defining €śfair play and substantial justice,€ť articulated in essay contest the US Supreme Court€™s Burger King decision? In weighing the how technology society relative burden on Isolde compared to essay writing contest the interest of First National in litigating in Prussia, it does not seem unfair to require Isolde to travel to a nearby state where she lived most of her life and where she sometimes appears to give lectures. The interest of the forum state in how technology adjudicating the dispute would be well served because of the choice of law provision; Prussia has an interest in adjudicating its own laws. Body Of A Paper Apa? The interest of the how technology has changed society essay several states in representation efficiency and public policy do not seem to enter the picture, so the fairness factors do not point to Prussia as an how technology society essay, unfair forum for Isolde. Conclusion. Write A Scientific Conclusion? Although Isolde has some colorable arguments, she probably cannot invalidate the original judgment on a defense of lack of society essay, personal jurisdiction.

[Many of essay, you neglected altogether most of the issues about validity of the Prussia judgment treated in society essay the foregoing answer, instead discussing at ayn rand writing contest, length personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, and service of process in the enforcement proceedings in Swabia and Bavaria. Such discussions reflect a lack of has changed essay, knowledge of our classwork on Assignment 27, a failure to read the Shaffer v. Heitner opinion carefully, and a failure to study the problems following that opinion in the casebook.]

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I diagnosed it by how technology essay, opening the owner representation hood while the car was at idle and how technology society I heard a clicking sound similar to that of an electrical short, I pulled the red bull essay wire out and sure enought when I bent the wire I could see the crack. I replaced the wires and my car is how technology has changed, running superb. Hope that this will help you out. Hi Mark, unfortunatly i don't own an GTV6, but i had problems that looks the same on my. Sud 1.2 R.I.P., once it was wrong timing #40;the belt was one tooth from it right place#41;, few times it was electrical problems -check the ground cable.

My friend have a problem like this on how to a scientific lab report conclusion his @#$%#42;#42; #$%^[email protected]# #40;Corean car#41; ,because the guy that installed fake leather interior has hammered a nail to a wire that connects to has changed society essay the engine managment system #40;the computer#41; and ayn rand essay cause shortage. Mark #40;i am Mark too#41;. Check AFM, ECU #40;with ones from another car#41;, change distributor cap with an older one #40;not broken though#41;, tested plug wires and checked the plugs #40;new Lodge HL USA#41;. Society Essay. So far no luck yet. My car has developed an engine vibration at community essay 2500 rpm. My car sat in storage and required the injectors to be rebuilt for it to run. After that one cylinder was fouling a plug so I bought some Magnacore wired because that cylinder wire seemed bad, but now I think that the exaust valve is how technology has changed society essay, leaking.

It has a low Idle, but after 4000 rpm it smothes out, and It still passed emitions. Essay Writing. I am making an adapter for how technology has changed society, a leakdown guage to reach down for red bull essay, ease of the test. Are these your problems? Was the cold start injector disconnected when the engine was warm?Or cold? Also how old is the cap and rotor? They can have cracks invisible to your eyes. A dye penitrant inspection of the cap can show the cracks. Also check to see if you have a vacume leak in the plenum or at how technology has changed society the injector mounts. A little squirt of a scientific lab report conclusion, WD40 or carb cleaner at the joints. Maybe the O2 sensor is bad or dissconnected; the computer defaults untill it can read the sensor.

These things are things I am going to look into on mine. Here's a tough one: My 85 GTV6 seems to have an engine 'studder' at has changed society all rpms. It is of course more noticable while accelerating as the rpms will drop appx 200-400 and cause the car to jerk slightly as the engine picks up again right after. It doesn't seem to have a pattern, just here and ayn rand writing there at any rpm. Has Changed Society. This problem seems to occur at ayn rand essay any temp, and any type of driving. Any advice would be helpful, thanks! Fuel filter, fuel pump, injector#40;s#41;, water in spark plug wells, spark plug wires, water under distributor cap, cracked distributor cap. Hi my 85 GTV6 is how technology has changed essay, also miss firing. At idle it only misses occasionally but upon acceleration one of the cylenders completely cuts out red bull essay causing the whole car to sputter and vibrate. After around 3000 revs the how technology has changed society essay cylinder starts to fire again. I have replaced the spark plugs, leads distributor and rotor.I ran an injector cleaner through aswell.

The AFM seems to be working properly. If I accelerate with my foot to how to write a scientific lab report conclusion the floor it reduces the missing when I accelerate. What could be causing the problem . Can anybody help. replace your coil. Greetings, I just purchased an 86 GTV6 as is, and after re-assembling some components, got it running. How Technology Essay. The problem is body paper, that the how technology society engine misses at all speeds. Essay Contest. I have noticed some bubbles in the radiator bottle, and assume that I have a minor head gasket leak. Also, the cylinders on the driverside are at about 130psi, while the other side are around 155psi. I have checked all ignition, and fuel systems and am at a loss for ideas. I plan on how technology has changed essay having head leak test done soon, but would like any feedback I could get.

Thanks. Re torque the head and check the cam timing. Greg-would this also apply if their is a very slight backfire on body of a deceleration or if you let of the gas?Paul. Paul, I dont think these things will help with that problem. David actually listed three seperate problems in his post. 1. Missing at all speeds. How Technology Has Changed Essay. That is most likely some basic tune up issue, but could be due to coolant leakage into the cyls. 2. Bubbles in the coolant bottle. This could be a leaking head gasket, especially if the community essay coolant level is slowly going down. Society. Since it's easy to do I would re torque it and red bull essay see if the problem goes away. It just might, The dealers were actually supposed to re torque the heads when the cars arrived from Italy, I think they neglected to has changed do this more than once.

In any case it is worth a try since it is free. 3. compression lower on one cyl bank. Essay Writing. This is has changed essay, THE classic sign of one cam being a tooth off. This is a common problem and results in essay a loss of at least 30 hp. plus it causes some irregular running conditions. The thing is the how technology car will start and drive reasonably well with a cam one tooth off so many people never realise it. It's real tough to diagnose problems correctly over the internet, but remind me what year your car is again and describe any other running problems the car has and I will give you what I consider to be the most likely causes. Guys, thanks for your input. The car is an 86 with approx.

95k miles. It usually starts up ok, but occasionaly takes a while, maybe fuel pressure? It will idle, though rough, and will idle irradicaly, ie. rpms up and essay writing down a bit. As far as the rough running, all plugs are firing, as far as I can tell #40;I used a plug wire tester#41;. How Technology Has Changed. And pulled plug wires to see if I had a bad cylinder, no change. Essay Writing. Do the plug wires have built in has changed essay resisters?

If so , maybe their defective. Representation. Anyway, it just seems to be missing at all speeds. and is tough to drive because I have to really rev the has changed rpms while engaging the cluch otherwise it wants to die. Owner. I believe it is has changed society, a head gasket problem but obviously would hope for a simpler solution. Representation. The car has sat for 4 years so I changed the gas/oil etc., but maybe injectors are clogged? Although I believe that the problem with the how technology society engine was the community reason the how technology has changed car sat for so long#40; parts in a box etc.#41;Anyway, I would again love any information I could get.

Thanks fellas. If the car has sat four years you should change the timing belt before you have a whole new problem! This will also give you a chance to check the cam timing. I doubt this is a fuel problem although it could be. My primary suspects in the fuel injection system are #40; and always are #41; bad grounds and air leaks, these two things are easily 90% of how to write lab report, all the essay problems with l-jetronic I have seen. The afm is also a little suspect in ayn rand essay contest this case, make sure it is opening smoothly and how technology has changed its connector is good. The throttle position switch and community fuel pressure regulator although very reliable could cause this problem. I think it is more likely ignition than fuel, have you replace plugs, cap and has changed society rotor? Sorry to jumo on the band wagon, but I have a question similar to Paul's. I have a 79 Alfetta with dual dellortos, marelli electronic dist, euro exhaust with ansa pipes #40;only rear section#41;.

I have a slight backfire occasionaly at idle and almost always when i let off the gas suddenly. The plugs, cap, rotor, and wires are all new. The car starts right up and pulls well, could the a scientific lab report backfire be caused by the lack of centre muffler, a vaccuum leak, or something else? Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Hi Eric, well first I must say I have never worked on Dellortos, or Alfa 4cyls. However I will say that this sound to me like an over rich idle mixture and maybee slightly rich main jets. The idle mixture is probably adjustable via a idle jet, adjustment screw or both. Backfiring is caused by fuel exploding in the exaust manifold, so it is usually a result of excess fuel getting into the motor. Ignition, especially timing can be a factor also but it is how technology society, usually fuel related. Also if your car has one of those stupid pumps that put air into the exuast like many cars of the 70s had that could be the problem.

Those pumps do nothing for the enviornment, they just make cars run poorly but thats another story. Also any change to arab essay the exaust system that reduces backpressure can cause slight backfiring. How Technology. The fix is representation, usually just to lean the mixture slightly. Greg, I have replaced the plugs, but am waiting for my cap and roter to society come in. When I have the head tested for leaks, and install the cap and rotor, I will check back with you.. thanks. Greetings again, I had written a while ago. regarding my 86 gtv6 that was missing. To be up to date, I removed the heads, assuming a leak, had them pressure / flatness checked. checked out ok and red bull essay replaced head gaskets etc., Also adjusted the driver side cam#40;it was about 1/8 inch off , 1 tooth#41;, and replaced a cracked intake phenolic spacer. Just started it up again, and how technology unfortunately, it runs just as bad as it had. Research Paper Apa. Still has some blow by in the coolant tank, and society runs rough #40;missing#41;. Arab Essay League. I am not quite sure what.

to do next. Any input? Hi Dave: pulling the heads is a lot of work on these cars, I am glad that went ok for you. How Technology. I would have just re-torqued them. I am not suprised a cam was slightly mis timed. I have a few questions, first of all what is league, a phenolic spacer? Exactly what do you mean by blow by in the coolant tank, is there a constant stream of bubbles? Have you bleed the cooling system? Have you checked each spark plug wire for how technology society essay, consistant sparking with a timing light? Could you describe in the best detail possible how it acts during starting, warm up, idle, part and full throttle?

I am still leaning toward an ignition problem on this. Greg: The phenolic spacer is the 5mm or so spacer that lives between each inlet runner and body of a research the cylinder heads. They have a gasket either side, and the main reason they are there #40;please all, correct me if I'm wrong#41; is to essay help keep some of the engine heat out of the inlet runners. Rick, thanks for the info. Are you an ayn rand essay, A#43;P?

You are starting to sound like one of those UPS A#43;Ps. Ha Ha Ha. Some one has found out has changed essay who you really are! No more disguises. Greg: Close, but no banana. Let's just say you got my employer #40;UPS#41; and part of my resume'#40;I do have an AP#41;, but not the whole story.

Maybe one day you, Paul and I could hook up somewhere in Kentucky and tell Alfa stories. Rick: I am moving to Kentucky in about 6 months so we may have that chance. I think we may be in the same line of work ;#41; Greg, I checked the timing, and it was off quite a bit. I adjusted it and now it finally idles correctly, but still runs rough.

The blow by I had mentioned can be described as either fluid and /or gas coming up into the coolant tank. The amount is directly proportional to the revs. Representation. I cannot find any information regarding bleeding the coolant system, but it may need it. I may have had a break through though, I checked the ignition to each cylinder and noticed that #6 cylinder was faulty. When I pulled that plug wire, I noticed that there was no change in engine performance. I then changed plug wires on society that cylinder and it still faulted. I confirmed that there was good spark, and then moved to essay contest the fuel injector. While running, I pulled the injector connector, and no change.

I then used a noid light to confirm correct power to how technology society the injector. Owner. All tested well, so I am assuming that #6 injector is not functioning correctly. Has Changed Society Essay. The cylinder has good compression, so I guess I will pursue the injector route. Is there anyone out essay contest there who has an injector they want to sell? #40;Internl Auto wants $96.00 for how technology has changed society essay, one.#41; Although it is not the major priority, I am also looking for a #40;GTV6 2.5#41; emblem for community, the rear hatch? Cheers. Send me your email- I just replaced my injectors with balanced ones. I've got 6 good #40;stock#41; injectors collecting dust now. Let me know. I'll be out of town through next Tuesday - I'm in California. Dave, Bleeding the cooling system is easy!

First wait until the has changed essay car is cooled off. Next remove the brass bolt at the top of the thermostat housing. Community Writing. Now start the car and how technology essay wait for coolant to body apa start coming out of the brass bolt's hole in the thermostat housing. Once nothing comes out other than a sold flow of how technology has changed society, coolant with no bubbles replace the bolt. Do this procedure a couple times and you should eliminate all air from the system. I assume you are not getting any coolant into the engine oil or vise versa. If you are not then odds are your engine has no internal leakage. Logic would indicate you have a failed fuel injector. However they are quite reliable so before you change it you may want to check a couple things. I know you checked to see if you are getting a spark.

However that may not mean you are getting a reliable spark. Community Writing. Check the spark by putting a timing light on the plug wire in question. How Technology. Next start the a scientific conclusion motor and look at the light. Is it flashing at has changed society essay even intervals? Now rev up the body of a paper motor and watch the light. Does the rate of flashing speed up? Does it still flash at even intervals? If it does all those things then it is probably ok.

I have seen ignition problems that would deliver a spark but not a consistant reliable one. I think that is more likely your problem then a bad injector. It may also be wise to put a new spark plug in how technology has changed essay the offending cylinder. I just ran throught the same exercise on my Milano. Arab Essay. After sitting for essay, a month or two, I started it and essay it ran very rough. In my case #4 was not firing. I did all the things you did.

Everyone agreed that it was unlikely that the how technology society essay injector went bad, because they rarely do. Greg: Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I'm overseas and we had a bit of red bull essay, a storm #40;typhoon#41; that slowed things down. We should talk about this stuff. You can e-mail me at [email protected] You'll be pleasantly surprised to how technology has changed society essay find there is a small but freakinshly dedicated group of Alfistsi in Louisville. We have a lot of red bull essay, fun. How Technology Essay. Look forward to meeting you some time.

Thanks for the advice Greg, I will bleed the system as you described, and hope for the best. Also, I took the injector rack off and tested the injectors. All worked well. I will check the spark timing next. Daniel, my email is biscuitdesucre @ aol.

I would like to arab league talk about the emblem. I will be moving this weekend so I will be offline for how technology has changed essay, a while, but I will get back with you later. My GTV6 in the UK ran rich #40;little black smoke#41;, had an unsteady idle, revs dropped a little when pressing the body of a throttle, sometimes missed at cruising or on fast acceleration and has changed society was down on power. Fault traced to faulty Bosch temp. sensor on red bull essay front of engine. Replaced this and all problems disappeared. Essay. It looks like the sensor was telling the ECU the engine was cold. My GTV6 in essay writing the UK ran rich #40;little black smoke#41;, had an unsteady idle, revs dropped a little when pressing the throttle from idle and then went up as normal, sometimes missed at how technology society cruising or on fast acceleration and was down on power. Owner. Fault traced to faulty Bosch temp. sensor on front of how technology has changed essay, engine. Replaced this and essay writing all problems disappeared. It looks like the sensor was telling the ECU the engine was cold.

hi i have an alfa gtv 16v 2.0 ts and have found on how technology has changed essay accassions when i put the cluch in the the ayn rand writing gears will not go in has changed society if i turn the engine off it will go in to how to a scientific lab report conclusion gear but if i start it in gear with cluch down it will shoot off and stall could anybody have any suggestions thanks.

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10 Questions Recruiters Ask In a Screening Interview. Has Changed Society Essay. Ring. Ring. You get a call from a recruiter. You have been waiting for this one! You are a candidate who is actively seeking a new role. It has been awhile since you have taken a call from a recruiter. After all, you have been at the same company for 10 years. You don’t know the rules anymore. You don’t have any idea what they are going to ask.

Is this you? Don’t panic. What the red bull essay, recruiter is doing is screening you. They need to know some basic things about you. Realize they don’t have a ton of time to talk, so they just want to get to know if you are a fit for essay, the role they are calling about. I know that as a candidate, the red bull essay, recruitment process can be frustrating. How Technology Essay. How? I have been one.

It is writing contest frustrating, long, and the end result can be very disappointing. Society Essay. I have learned over the years, it is best to be honest about what you want. Owner Representation. It is important not to waste each other’s time. The things they are going to ask in the screen are very simple. You can count some (if not all of these) 95% of the time. Have your answers ready. Once you get past this, the interview process starts. 1. How Technology Has Changed Essay. Are You Working Right Now?

It WILL get asked. It is a simple answer. Yes or no. Just be honest. If you are doing consulting work, that is okay also. Of A Research Apa. Just tell recruiter what you are working on how technology society essay, right now. 2. What Kinds of arab league Positions Are You Interested In? This is a trick question.

If you applied for a certain role, you need to answer the how technology has changed essay, question accordingly. League. Don#8217;t compromise though. If you want to be a manager, tell them that. If the role isn#8217;t for a manager, you may not get a call back. Apply to roles that interest you and you are qualified to do. 3. What Happened at Your Last Company? This is how technology has changed society your moment.

Know your story. If you got laid off, it is representation okay. It happens. Tell them that. If you quit, give them a good reason. If you were fired, well, spin your answer a bit. Things happen. 4. How Much Money Do You Want/ Need? What is your bottom line? Know it. Don#8217;t compromise, and don#8217;t be afraid to tell.

It is always good to society ask #8220;what is in the budget#8221;. Red Bull Essay. Be prepared when recruiters ask you what you made at your last role. If you want more, then be able to explain why you are worth more. 5. What Is Your Timeframe? Recruiters need to know. Are you interviewing? Are you available in 2 weeks?

Do you have some graduate classes to how technology society take? Are you going on vacation? Most recruiters will need you right away. Essay. If you have your resume out essay, there, then be prepared to representation go to work. How Technology Has Changed Society Essay. 6. Are You Willing To Relocate? Yes or no. Only you know the answer to that question. A Scientific Conclusion. Don#8217;t be afraid to how technology has changed society essay say No. 7. Owner. What Hours Are You Able to Work? Some jobs are 40 hours a week.

Some are 20 hours a week. Some will require weekends and nights. What are You willing and ABLE to has changed essay work? 8. Writing. Are You Willing To Travel and if So how Much? Are you a road warrior or are you not?

You should know this answer. 9 . How Technology. What Do You Know About Our Company ? HUGE question. Do your research. Arab. Know what the company does. Know what their financials look like. Has Changed. Know what products they are offering. How To A Scientific Conclusion. 10. Do You Want to Work in how technology has changed, a Remote Office or On-site ? More and more people are working virtual these days. What are you willing to do?

You probably could have guessed most of these questions. Owner Representation. Before you send out your resume, know these answers inside and out because if you get contacted, they will get asked. What other questions have you had in a screening interview? This site really has all the how technology society, information and facts I needed about this subject. and body research paper, didn#8217;t know who to society essay ask. Thanks for finally talking about 10 Questions Recruiters Ask In a. Screening Interview Loved it! Hi, after reading this awesome paragraph i am too delighted to ayn rand share my know-how here with colleagues.

whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You realize, lots of persons are looking round for how technology has changed society, this info, you can help them greatly. Very nice post. I certainly appreciate this website. A Scientific Lab Report. [#8230;] not trying to piss candidates off as much as I am trying to has changed society help the candidates. A Scientific Lab Report. Last year I wrote 10 Questions Recruiters Ask In a Screening Interview which is to this date, the most popular and most read post on Bulls Eye Recruiting.

This year, I [#8230;] September 2017 (1) June 2017 (2) May 2017 (3) April 2017 (1) March 2017 (1) February 2017 (3) January 2017 (2) December 2016 (1) November 2016 (3) October 2016 (3) September 2016 (2) August 2016 (4) July 2016 (2) June 2016 (2) May 2016 (3) April 2016 (2) March 2016 (3) February 2016 (3) January 2016 (3) December 2015 (3) November 2015 (2) October 2015 (4) September 2015 (3) August 2015 (5) July 2015 (4) June 2015 (6) May 2015 (6) April 2015 (5) March 2015 (6) February 2015 (4) January 2015 (7) December 2014 (4) November 2014 (3) October 2014 (6) September 2014 (4) August 2014 (6) July 2014 (7) June 2014 (6) May 2014 (7) April 2014 (8) March 2014 (8) February 2014 (4) January 2014 (8) December 2013 (1) November 2013 (5) October 2013 (3) September 2013 (5) August 2013 (3) July 2013 (3) June 2013 (4) May 2013 (7) April 2013 (8) March 2013 (2) August 2012 (1) May 2012 (14) April 2012 (2) Before You Say #8220;YES#8221;, Ask These 5 Questions. As a recruiter, I encounter candidates in different stages of how technology has changed society their job search. I talk to people who haven’t looked for write a scientific lab report, a job in years, and how technology society essay, I also talk to people who change jobs regularly. It could be personal preference/choice, or it could or it could be necessity. If you work for the State, you may never change jobs.

If you are a recruiter, you may change jobs every 18 months because you have to go where the hiring is hot. If you are a Java Developer, you need to essay writing keep your skills sharp in a rapidly changing technology world. Has Changed. You may need to change jobs to learn new things just to keep up, #x02026; [Read More. ]

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Free Essays on how technology has changed essay Advantages Of Being A Minority. ?Lucy Lizarraga Socials 11 Mr. Owner Representation. Carr Minority and Majority Governments A Government is a system of how technology political direction and control necessary to the existence of civilized society. Canada’s government operates as a federal system, where an organization of provincial governments is each acting on behalf. British National Identity among Ethnic Minorities Identity is how to a scientific something many of us don’t think about, but it is the main force behind our daily decisions. Britishness is defined as the state or quality of being British. This means that Britishness involves habits, behaviors, language, culture, and. all men because those in power are self-interested.

Whites still have privileges that would not want to be given up, and disadvantages are given to minority groups in has changed essay turn. African American, women, and GLBT issues are still very present today, and people are still suffering because of how to lab report it. Has Changed Society. The thought. Liberal Principles and Minority Rights. divides the society to the majority and the minorities that establishes cultural differences related problems.

It is often heard that minorities are deprived from certain freedom and the majority avails most of the best previleges that could be given. Minorities are often judged by ayn rand essay different steoreotypes. Running Head: MINORITIES IN THE MEDIA Minorities in the Media: Have We Dropped the Ball Ethically? Seth W. Horning Dr. Society. Jay Martinson December 6, 2000 Minorities in the Media: Have We Dropped the Ball Ethically? This is a time when civil rights are beginning to.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the mixture of essay league cultures in today's world. chance for different cultures to learn about and influence other cultures' philosophy, art, literature, music and cuisine. The main deterrent of this being reached is that it's not always possible to amalgamate two separate lifestyles together without losing something substantial from both. Also, people. “Endangered Languages Should Be Saved?” Discuss, Including Both the Advantages and Disadvantages of society essay This Proposal. academics, politicians, institutions and organisations worldwide. The aim of this essay is to consider some advantages and disadvantages of saving minority languages.

The main advantage of saving minority languages is body apa that it allows preserving the intellectual and cultural diversity of the planet. The community. African American Minority Group ETH/125 African American Minority Group Among many of the ethnic groups that experienced a combination of segregation, racism, and prejudice; African Americans is one of the how technology has changed essay, few that is still faced with one or more forms of essay discrimination today. The majority. Advantages and society Disadvantages of Fptp System. Advantages of FPTP First Past The Post, like other plurality/majoriAdvantages and arab essay disadvantages of FPTP systemty electoral systems, is defended primarily on the grounds of how technology simplicity and its tendency to ayn rand essay writing contest produce winners who are representatives beholden to defined geographic areas and governability. Minority Students Face Harsher Discipline. or being disrespectful, but have minorities specifically been facing harsher discipline then their white counterparts? Does racism have anything to do with this, are many minorities just misbehaving more, or is there really any truth behind these statements and accusations?

It seems that minority students. means much more, it meant the destruction of hopes, dreams and even the lives of countless people, even though a minority of the people actually used the Great Depression to their advantage . Majority of the people’s wealth vanished with the fall of the society essay, banks, dreams were brutally shattered and the fire. Possessive Investment in Whiteness. I believe that no man or woman should ever feel powerless or repressed under the red bull essay, control of another, no matter the race. Respect for another human being should never be a far away desire; rather, an unyielding expectation. Emily Aitken Cowell 80A Section 22 Possessive Investment in Whiteness.

Turning the Tables: an Argument for the Majority. see any of those things. I don’t see homosexuals being hated on because of their sexual preferences. I don’t see black people being hated on because of their skin color. Has Changed Essay. I don’t see women being hated on because of their gender. Write. So why should minorities feel threatened? I will not argue with Lawrence’s. ?BUS 309 Week 10 Quiz Job Discrimination - Strayer University NEW Version. Women Minorities Women, but not minorities Women and minorities Kant would hold that discriminating on the basis of race or sex was immoral because it Failed to how technology maximize happiness Violated the social contract Failed to respect persons as ends in themselves Failed to enhance the well- being of.

status quo and the direct advantages of racial profiling. Drew Conclusions of his arguments Negati es=Did ’t ta kle here ra ial profili g had its disad a tages, Asserted without justification how racial profiling benefitted Germans and how it would benefit the minority groups. Good Content,had the. reproduction. Females need a womb to carry an embryo. It is a design by nature, not a defective product from the assembly line. Of A. Beauvoir agrees that human beings fall into two categories, with different biological characteristics. These features do not define what a woman is, nor do they define man. A woman.

technology and unlimited potential for the future. Therefore, the Toyota logo portrays the company’s vision and philosophy and is known worldwide as being synonymous with quality, reliability and the spirit of innovation. Has Changed Society. Toyota, as well as the entire automobile industry, has their strengths, weaknesses. c. social distance. Owner Representation. X d. scapegoating 17. Intergroup hostility refers to prejudice by a. Whites toward minorities . How Technology Essay. b. men toward women. c. minorities toward other minorities . Essay. X d. the rich towards the how technology essay, poor. 18. Studies consistently document that increased formal education is associated. against minorities . The side that is against red bull essay Affirmative Action argues that this is just reverse discrimination and that it creates even more racism. The bottom line is that the color of has changed society essay one’s skin should not be even a factor in determining college admittance or being hired for a job. Minority groups.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Being Latino. The Advantages and Disadvantages of being Latino in owner the U.S. Video Response Based on the video that we watched in class on Friday, about the advantages and disadvantages of being Latino in the United States, I learned quite a lot. From all the disadvantages and advantages that were stated, the two. undoubtedly create a burden seemingly too large to handle with reason. How Technology Has Changed Essay. However, would being aware of the future affect the how to write, decisions that lead up to determining one’s destiny? Throughout Oedipus Tyrannus and The Minority Report, this philosophy of fate versus free will, while recognizing the events that. Race and My Community - Woodland California. large number of people in my community do not look like me. How Technology Has Changed Society. In fact, there are times that I feel like White people (not of Hispanic decent) are the minorities . There are some similarities. I wear the same type of clothes as most of the community writing, people around me; however some Arab-Americans in my community dress.

Ethical Issues in society the 2002 Steven Spielberg Movie Minority Report. in The 2002 Steven Spielberg Movie Minority Report Technology is contest progressing every day. Has Changed Society. We have come so far in ayn rand essay writing contest the past ten years. Imagine life in 2054, and what life will be like. That is what Philip K. Dick did in 1956 when he wrote the how technology has changed society, short story Minority Report, which was later produced as. increasingly seen in children and adolescents, an increase thought to be linked to rising rates of owner representation obesity in this age group, although it remains a minority of cases. 3. symptoms of type 2 diabetes are: • Fatigue • Excessive thirst (polydipsia) • Excessive urination. Affirmative Action at the University of Oregon. More Diverse Campus is the how technology has changed society, Better Things are for Everyone Affirmative Action in the University of Oregon Affirmative Action was created to give minorities a better chance of obtaining employment. That is the tradition definition of Affirmative Action, but the University of Oregon admissions office.

Being Local in a Globalized World Is a Sign of Social Deprivation and Degradation. “ Being local in a globalized world is a sign of social deprivation and degredation.”(Zygmunt Bauman) Discuss. “ Being local in a globalized world is a sign of social deprivation and degredation”. In order to analyze this statement I feel that it is vital to understand what Bauman means when refering. Advantages and arab essay Disadvantages of essay Affirmative Action. Action Debate Affirmative Action Defined Affirmative Action can be defined as “positive steps taken to how to write a scientific lab report increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of has changed essay employment, education, and community business from which they have been historically excluded (Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”. However. partners. The value of assimilation is larger to an individual from a small minority than to one from a large minority group.

When a society has a very large majority of individuals from essay, one culture, individuals from minority groups will be assimilated more quickly. Assimilation is less likely when an. seized power during the Reagan administration. Troubles existed during the period and change was a mission. As Frum points out, oil and community natural gas were being regulated by the federal government.

Discontent occurred and America was desperate to change their identity. Reagan came in and most of America’s problems. Advantage to Some, Disadvantaged to how technology Many. 113 15 September 2012 Advantage to Some, Disadvantaged to Many White privileges are natural advantages shared exclusively by the White community. To identify common White privileges, Peggy McIntosh constructed a list of various White privileges she was granted for simply being White. Benefits included. because of gender or minority memberships. Yes.

Ex: Being able to writing climb to corporate ladder. Glass Walls: A barrier to moving laterally in has changed essay business positions that is more likely to lead to upward mobility. Yes. Ex: The ability to move up in owner representation a business. Glass Escalator: Is the male advantage experiment in. educational apartheid, but in has changed conjunction with one another they leave the majority of wealthy, over privileged students successful and the poorer minorities feeling discouraged, unimportant and discriminated against. It is no secret that the wealthy have more opportunities to succeed than they do to. ? The Necessary Training for Minority Business Owners By [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Supervisor] [Name of Institute] [Date of Submission] Table of Contents CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1 Introduction 1 Background of the Study 1 Thesis Statement 2 Research Aims and Objectives. Gilbourne explaining the level of educational attainment in Britain. race, social class and gender. With the results of national exams being published in league tables a focus on paper the perceived underachievement of boys has developed.

This has led to how technology has changed essay worry that the needs of girls are in danger of being marginalized (Skelton Francis, 2003). These are just some of the. Managing Diversity Can Help an Organisation Achieve a Competitive Advantage. Managing Diversity can help an organisation achieve a competitive advantage Rapidly changing demographics in particular western countries place more importance than ever on the need to manage diversity in the workplace. XYZ is a relatively new diversity strategy that has emerged from earlier concepts. benefits outweigh the ayn rand writing, costs. I have chosen to pursue my MBA degree and will demonstrate my personal reasoning and, why in general, higher education is advantages for essay, all to obtain this degree of separation. Red Bull Essay. From early childhood I have always demanded success in my performance in all aspects of life. This. Fundamentals of Policing Why is there a need for proper relationships between the police and the community? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this understanding?

Communities are dependent upon the police force to be available to how technology has changed society essay handle crime, control law and order and. Case Walmart's discrimination difficulties. Question 1-3. about differences among groups. These efforts will be intended to make women and minorities feel respected. Also, these actions can support equal employment opportunity by cultivating an environment in community which women and society minorities feel welcome and able to do their best as top-management. Valuing diversity will. terms of English achievement. Writing. The two-way model promotes achievement both academically and how technology essay linguistically for both language majority and minority students in the same classroom. This model has been Receiving attention among educators and will be the red bull essay, subject of this review of bilingual. Tension Between Majority Rule and Minority Rights Throughout History.

Tensions between Minority Rights and Majority Rule Throughout the history of the how technology has changed society essay, United States of America Throughout history, there has been an understanding between the government of state and it's constituents. From the times where such philosophers as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke put forth their. Reverse-racism and society: an argumentative essay attempting to illustrate that the red bull essay, issue of has changed racism imposed by minorities to essay writing majorities is present in how technology society society. themselves which they denied to others (Fish, 1993). They put there needs before the minorities '. Now that there are laws which stipulate that such events can not take place any more, the minorities seem to be taking advantage of this and doing exactly as the arab league, majorities had done to society them. They are seeking privileges. The Black Panther Movement Being United States citizens, most of us would like to believe that everyone in this country is essay writing living in conditions of the basic freedoms and equalities. Although according to the constitution this is true, anyone who has ever been the victim of oppression knows not to.

Looked Upon as Sub-Human Beasts and Savages. blue-collar jobs. In the how technology has changed society essay, past, which continues today, African Americans are affected by environmental justice issues. African American communities are being subjected to hazardous and polluting industries located near their neighborhoods. Because of this, the residents are suffering from essay, different illnesses. Is The Veil Against Women's Human Rights? The question brings up many human rights issues including: women’s, minority and how technology essay cultural rights. However, the main issue is religious tolerance/freedom so this essay will primarily focus on this. For many people religious symbols like the veil and cross are a statement of owner representation religious adherence. Both.

Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, stated that she saw white privilege as unearned benefits given to whites while they remain oblivious to the advantages they receive (McIntosh, 1). McIntosh, a white woman, created a list of 50 ideas she believes are true solely for society essay, whites. Although white privilege. court ruling violated the rights of essay league non- minority firefighter candidates that passed the exam. After the U.S.

Supreme Court ruling, the following question ascends, “Did the essay, city of New Haven act reasonably in ayn rand writing rejecting the test results based on the lack of minority representations?” I think not. Based. gives an how technology has changed essay unfair advantage to minorities . Allen Bakke was a 33 year old white male who was trying to get into the university California medical school and was denied entry in 1973. He applied again next year and was rejected even though he had considerably higher test grades than the minorities accepted for. What Types of Firm Use Minority Employee Share Ownership Plans, and Why Do They Do so? If a firm uses a minority share ownership plan, external shareholders own it with a minority of employee owners, usually no more than 5% of the firm. Management or the board of directors exercises control of the firm and essay there is how technology has changed essay limited employee participation. Conclusion. While a significant number of employees. African Americans are most often the victims of racially motivated violence. Historically, African Americans were victimized more often than any other minority group by what comes to be defined as hate crimes (Torres, 1999).

Though this is so, violent hate crimes are illegal in the U.S., and how technology has changed society essay those who are. refers to policies intended to promote access to education or employment aimed at essay writing a historically socio-politically non-dominant group (typically, minorities or women). Motivation for affirmative action policies is to redress the effects of past discrimination and to how technology has changed encourage public institutions such. Minority: United States and Minorities. do members of minority groups gain and lose as they undergo a process of assimilation the process by which minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant culture. As a minority you gain and lose it can be positive or negative. Every culture is different as we all know as a minority you have to adapt. to carry out body paper, a research in society Barton Community college to investigate why racism is eminent among the minority groups • Barton College has a large part of its population being white ,the remaining being Blacks and Latinos • I did this research during of my free weekends’ • This would help me ascertain. Socio Economic Factors Influence Health and Well Being.

? Socio-Economic Factors Influence Health and Well- Being [Writer Name] [Institute Name] Socio-Economic Factors Influence Health and league Well- Being Introduction The social determinants of wellbeing are in charge of health disparities. Society. For decreasing wellbeing disparities and enhancing wellbeing. language of essay English language learners (ELLs) for instruction, NAME.” Some of the goals are to how technology essay teach English, foster academic achievement, preserve a minority group’s linguistic and cultural heritage and also to enable English speakers to learn a second language just to name a few. Bilingualism in education. follow “developed’ nations’ paths, internal diversities not recognized; “Majority” and arab league “ minority ”: to show that despite being the majority in population the essay, poor countries have limited power as compared to the “ minority ” rich countries “Non-western” and “Western”: it creates problem in classifying some.

Inequality in how to write a scientific the United States Among Minorities. Social Inequality in the United States among Minorities By: CLK Have you ever been treated unfair, not equal because of your race, gender, status, wealth. Every day in this world people are judged and discriminated against just for these things and sometimes for other simple reasons. labor it could affect wages along with the lack of government rules. Also if you have a large number of available employees it can be towards your advantage . How Technology Society Essay. It gives you the power to pick and red bull essay choose employees that have the best qualifications. Labor mobility “consists of changes in the location of. jobs or school vacancies must be set aside for members of a certain group. In some other regions, specific quotas do not exist; instead, members of minorities are given preference in society selection processes.

Origins The term affirmative action was first used in the United States in Executive Order 10925. The Advancement of Women and Minorities in the Workplace. The Advancement of owner representation Women and Minorities in how technology essay the Workplace HR 491 Senior Seminar in Human Resources Development Park University Within any organization there is a chain of of a research paper apa command. Someone always out has changed society essay, ranks someone else. In today’s workplace, issue like discrimination, harassment, and racism. Natural and legal rights of non-Muslim ethnic minorities in Turkey 1. Introduction Turkey since 1999 is how to a scientific official candidate for membership to the European Union (EU). Has Changed Essay. However a lot needs to be done to become a real member state. There are several criticisms towards this goal.

Some people point out.

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Kellogg Video Essay: Practice Here. Why do you think MBAs are so sought after by employers? Why are they able to command the salaries they do? The answer is that employers are looking for the best and the brightest to take on leadership roles within their organizations. A lot of people assume that companies recruit MBAs for their intelligence combined with two years of how technology has changed society, practical training. While that’s partly true, the reality is that MBAs aren’t the owner representation ‘smartest’ people out there in absolute (there are a myriad of grad and PhD students out there that far surpass the average MBA in raw intelligence). Beyond that, anybody could buy a bunch of business textbooks online and acquire a lot of the knowledge one would otherwise obtain in the MBA classroom. I said that employers are looking for the best and the brightest but actually they are looking for an elusive combination of best and brightest.

The bright part you can learn but the how technology has changed society best part tends to be something intrinsic to the individual herself. In that sense an MBA can round out arab someone with natural potential but an MBA can never transform someone without it. Bright (smart with practical business training) + Best (a natural leader: friendly, charming, persuasive, a self-assured public speaker with the soft skills essential for a manager) = MBA. Kellogg (like every other school) cares about personality, communication style, and the likability of how technology society, applicants. I call this ‘ presenting well ‘ (and that doesn’t mean being a PowerPoint ninja). Most schools screen for this during their interview process. But if you think about it, that’s a very inefficient strategy because the Adcom doesn’t really have a sense of what percentage of the candidates it invites to how to interview will present well until they walk through the door.

By that time the Adcom is stuck choosing the incoming class from the how technology society pool it interviewed. Owner Representation? Maybe 80% will present well, maybe only 30% will. Kellogg wants to interview a cohort of applicants in which 100% present well. That’s why Kellogg is pre-screening applicants via the has changed society essay video essay. NYU Stern does the same thing via their Personal Expression Essay. Chicago Booth and MIT Sloan do it via their optional multimedia essays.

In the video essays, Kellogg isn’t looking for the best orators – students will have time to hone their communication and presentation skills in Kellogg’s courses and clubs. Likewise, they are not looking for any particular opinion or response. They just want to see what you, the red bull essay unpolished candidate, look like in society a spontaneous situation. As such, the your main job is to be yourself – to relax, feel comfortable, and communicate naturally as they would if they were talking to a friend. The flip side of that is that if you memorize answers and recite them verbatim you’ll come off as very robotic. I had a candidate one year that wrote out, word for word, and body of a apa then memorized answers to every question the Adcom could possibly put to society essay him during an interview. Arab Essay League? He sent me a video of himself ‘interviewing’ and I was shocked by how bizarrely he came across: He didn’t make any of the essay natural pauses in essay league his spoken language that people do when they are answering a spontaneous question. He spoke rapidly and incessantly in a bizarre monotone with no facial expression or hand gesturing to punctuate what he was saying.

That’s because he wasn’t thinking about what he was saying, he was reciting what he had already memorized. No amount of has changed essay, coaching from write conclusion me was able to ‘undo’ the how technology has changed society damage and it resulted in some deeply painful rejections from top five business schools. He thought that he could outsmart the system but ultimately he shot himself in the foot. Here’s what Kellogg’s Adcom tells us about their video essay: The Video Essays provide applicants with an additional opportunity to demonstrate what they will bring to our vibrant Kellogg community – in an interactive way. Each applicant will complete two short video essay questions. The questions are designed to owner bring to life the person we have learned about on society essay paper. After submitting a completed application, each applicant will be asked to complete two Video Essay Questions.

One will be about the candidate’s interest in research paper apa Kellogg and society essay the other will be a “getting to know you” type of question. Here’s what you need to red bull essay know about Kellogg’s video essay: After you submit your application to Kellogg, the how technology has changed essay video essay will become available to you in your Kellogg applicant dashboard. You have one week after the application deadline to complete the video essay. If you submit in Round 1 you need to complete the arab essay league essay by October 2nd, if you submit in Round 2 you need to submit by January 18th. There are two video essay responses you will give, one axed on your interest in Kellogg while the other will be more axed around you. Before you give your actual response you’ll have up to 10 practice questions to get comfortable with the how technology has changed video interface. When you give your official video responses you’ll have 20 seconds to think about the question and owner then one minute to respond to it. II Common Kellogg Video Essay Questions. This year Kellogg has decided to has changed society share the paper apa first question with applicants ahead of time.

The Kellogg question is: What path are you interested in pursuing, how will you get there, and why is how technology, this program right for you? This is the typical Career Goals/Why MBA? question condensed down into a one-minute format. Most applicants will take the time to prepare the question prior to their video interview. Here is how you might structure that response. Goals : State your short long term goals. Give an example or two of the type of company you’d like to work at post-MBA as well as the role you hope to interview for. Backstory : Briefly mention how your past work experience, training, extracurricular activities or personal passion tie in with your short-term goal.

Action Plan : Is your transition to community essay writing role X a natural one given your past experience? For most people the answer is: not completely. How will you prepare yourself for your future role (via networking opportunities, classes, clubs, projects etc.)? Growth Plan : Think about what your true weak points are and how you might leverage your two years at business school to work on them. Example: Become more extroverted > public speaking, voice opinion via case method; Get outside comfort zone > treks, student talent show.

Cultural : What about Kellogg really resonates with you? What excites you? This is has changed society, where you really want to bring the charm and ayn rand essay writing contest your excitement at the prospect of being a part of the Kellogg community. Mention one thing you might gain and one thing you might contribute. Kellogg’s second video essay question will be axed around you. Typically it’s either a personal question, a behavioral question or an opinion-based question. How Technology Has Changed Society? In section III (below) you have an opportunity to practice giving answers using a video interview software and body apa 30 questions from previous years. III Practice giving a Kellogg Video Essay: Record Playback. The problem with video (and watching yourself on how technology society video) is that it is almost always a traumatic process.

People tend to be overly self-critical so if you do record yourself practicing for Kellogg’s video interview don’t allow the process to undermine your self-confidence. Avoid becoming preoccupied with small, inconsequential issues such as hand-gestures or body language, because that may potentially sabotage your ability to just naturally be yourself. The goal of practicing should be to improve your ability to think and speak spontaneously. So here’s the cool part! You can click on the record button below and an interactive video recorder will open and allow you can record, play back and re-record video of yourself answering Kellogg’s questions. Your browser doesn't support Adobe Flash, sorry. Please install Adobe Flash plugin. Get Flash Player.

I’ve hidden the Kellogg questions behind spoiler tabs so you don’t accidentally read all of them at ayn rand, first glance. There are 2 questions in every section. Society Essay? Take some time to actually practice looking at a question for the first time, giving yourself 20 seconds to prepare an answer, and then another 60 seconds to answer. Then go back and watch the video of yourself. What path are you interested in pursuing, how will you get there, and of a research apa why is this program right for you?

Goals : State your short long term goals. Give an example or two of the society type of company you’d like to essay writing work at post-MBA as well as the role you hope to interview for. Backstory : Briefly mention how your past work experience, training, extracurricular activities or personal passion tie in with your short-term goal. Action Plan : Is your transition to role X a natural one given your past experience? For most people the answer is: not completely.

How will you prepare yourself for your future role (via networking opportunities, classes, clubs, projects etc.)? Growth Plan : Think about what your true weak points are and how technology has changed how you might leverage your two years at business school to work on them. Example: Become more extroverted > public speaking, voice opinion via case method; Get outside comfort zone > treks, student talent show. Cultural : What about Kellogg really resonates with you? What excites you?

This is where you really want to bring the charm and your excitement at the prospect of being a part of the Kellogg community. Essay? Mention one thing you might gain and one thing you might contribute. 2. Tell us about how you overcame an obstacle. 4. If you could keep one of has changed society essay, your personal strengths, possibly losing one or more of the arab essay others, which would you choose? 6. What kind of has changed essay, a team player are you? 8. When you leave your job for b-school, what will your teammates miss most about arab league you? 10. How Technology Has Changed Society? Tell us about someone you admire, and why. 2. Tell me about a time that you disagreed with a colleague and how did you handle it? 4. Arab? Tell us about a time when your idea was challenged.

6. Tell us about has changed society essay a time when you were on a team and community writing there was disagreement among team members. What did you do? 8. Tell us about a time when you were pleasantly surprised by how technology has changed society a work situation. 10. Please describe a creative solution that you have come up with for a problem. 2. If you were going to donate $1M to write a scientific the university, how would you want it spent? 4. Tell us, in your view, one downside for business due to globalization. 6. Discuss your thoughts about the society essay following statement: “Business leaders are the world’s new role models and they are failing.”

IV Kellogg Video Essay Tips on Lighting, Clothing Location Selection. You can use a couple of floor lights and perhaps a clamp or desk light to essay achieve this lighting set-up. You’ll need two key lights and one fill light. The key lights are placed about 2-3 feet away from how technology society you at about a 35 degree angle from your nose. The key lights help eliminate any shadows (they literally fill in every crevice in your face from both the left and the right). The fill light should be placed behind you, angled towards the top of your head. How To Write Lab Report Conclusion? The fill light helps to differentiate the how technology society top of your head and shoulders from the background. Owner? Without it people look more two-dimensional on film. I use 100 watt equivalent florescent bulbs and society essay Rosco Tough White #3026 diffusion paper $6/sheet ( you can purchase it at BH by clicking here ). Arab League? That said, the diffusion paper is more for shooting high def video with a high quality camera (it might not make any difference if you’re just filming with a webcam).

Kellogg Video Essay: Background Location. Whatever background or location you choose, I’d advise you to stay away from windows altogether because it can cause overexposure and other lighting problems. How Technology Society Essay? Notice how the right side of league, this person’s face is society essay, lit up and the left side is in shadow? That’s because of the lab report window behind him. If you decide to film at has changed society essay, home or in the office, look for a small space without a lot going on in the background. Essay? The first two slides in the presentation below illustrate what you don’t want – a wide angle view of the entire office. How Technology Society? Look for contest, a corner or small space with a limited amount wall hangings and other decorations in view. I recently saw this video which was created by how technology has changed society essay a student applying to NYU Stern . The picture is from the video. The living room is too ‘busy’ with flowers, furniture, lots of pictures and stenciling on the wall. The shot is from too far away – ideally you want just your head and shoulders visible. Finally the ayn rand essay contest candidate’s shirt looks disheveled – I feel like he just ate a turkey dinner and had to undo a few buttons :/

I’d highly suggest buying a roll of Savage Seamless Background Paper for $10 here . You’re going to need 53? x 12 yards (no more and no less). Personally I use Thunder Gray for my videos but you can buy whatever color you like. Keep in mind that red, yellow and orange might cause you to look sort of red, yellow or orange yourself. If you want to how technology has changed essay play it safe go for any shade of gray, blue, purple or beige. Community Writing? Below you’ll find examples of some of the colors Savage offers. Essay? If you want to writing achieve the effect on the left hand side, you’ll need a light behind your chair pointing at the paper which will create a gradient effect and also remove the shadow your head casts on the paper. So you’ll have to add a fourth light to your three-point lighting set-up or a second light to has changed society essay your ring light set-up. The right hand version is done with just lighting pointed at the subject and creates a much flatter background effect.

Either is fine. In general you want to essay league avoid black and white because they are such saturated colors they tend to dominate a scene. If you’re using a color background then you want to wear neutral colors (gray, beige). If you are using a gray, white, black or beige background then you can wear a color that looks good on has changed society you. Research? The idea is to has changed society have one focal color in writing the shot (either the how technology society essay background or your top/shirt). Ideally just your head and body shoulders should be visible in the shot so both men and how technology has changed society essay women are going to want to choose a shirt or top that pretty much comes all the way up to your neck or collar bone. Arab? The video essay is supposed to how technology has changed assess how well you’ll fit in how to write a scientific lab report conclusion the Kellogg community – so think about what you might wear to society class at Kellogg….probably something nice but casual right? You don’t want to essay writing look like Donald Trump in your video – you want to look smart, friendly and laid back. Guys : Wear a solid-colored, rounded-neck, t-shirt or wear a solid-colored button down shirt (light gray looks good on everyone). While a t-shirt might seem too casual to wear to how technology has changed an interview, on camera it will look clean and arab the solid material will make you pop. I’d ditch the suit jacket and tie because honestly there won’t be enough of it in the shot and it’s just going to society essay add yet another color to the mix.

Ladies : Here are some things to avoid based on my own trials and conclusion errors filming professional videos. Wearing a scoop or deep v-neck tends to give viewers the how technology essay impression that something is essay, missing (i.e. you’ll look strangely naked) when the has changed essay shot is only of your head and essay league shoulders. Thin and flimsy materials don’t look great on how technology society camera so avoid silk, polyester and anything that lacks shape or clings to owner representation your body. I’d avoid wearing a suit jacket because honestly there won’t be enough of has changed society, it in a head and shoulders shot and it’s just going to paper add yet another color to the mix. What will look great is anything with a high, rounded neckline – one that comes up to your collarbone or neck. You’ll look great in essay a rounded-neck, solid colored t-shirt. How To A Scientific Conclusion? While that might seem too casual to wear to an interview, on how technology has changed essay camera it will look clean and the solid material will make you pop. How To Write A Scientific Lab Report Conclusion? Cashmere is another material that always looks good on video because it’s a thick and has a matte finish. A solid-colored button down shirt would also be a good choice. Would I recommend Leah?

Oh yes, without a doubt. She truly helped me in has changed ways I could not imagine, and I am so excited to red bull essay be going to business school this fall. Leah's creativity is unmatched which is exemplified with the stupendous work she did on my Chicago Booth Essays. Her work ethic and has changed willingness to spend as much as time it takes to get the right answer is incredible. I finally had multiple offers from top schools (Kellogg, LBS, Booth) while I was waitlisted at HBS.