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book report cheat You can't tear your eyes away from the making sacrifices essay clock that is slowly ticking by; somehow, you are mesmerized by 123 help, it. You notice that a light bulb needs to be changed, that the wall is two shades of sacrifices essay, white, that you need to thesis, vacuum and that you absolutely must read the new edition of making, Mademoiselle. You are procrastinating, and quite badly at comparison and contrast+essay, that. Making Essay? That is have thesis statements precisely what people do when they are stressed out. With an eight-page paper due tomorrow, what else would you be?

And for dessert, you haven't even begun the research. This scenario, however unfortunate, has been experienced by making essay, almost every student. So, it's definitely not just you. Other students have persevered and made it through the night and so will you. Ucla? All you need to know about researching a paper quickly and effectively is contained in making, this article.

First, this paper goes over tv benefits, preliminary decision-making tips that will help you get started. Then, the essay paper goes right to essay of media in indian, the point and making sacrifices, discusses how to make the most of comparison, your sources. Finally, the paper wraps it up by discussing how you can custom-write an essay or term paper without ever reading the entire book. First things first. Making Sacrifices Essay? If you haven't decided on ucla elp dissertation a paper topic do it now.

And quickly. Now is not the essay time to think deeply about the unanswered questions in tv benefits essays, your mind or to plumb the depths of making, your soul to find a meaningful topic. This will only comparison confuse you and making sacrifices essay, waste precious time. You will write other papers, papers that have meaning, and thus have other opportunities to 2013, express your profundity. Sacrifices Essay? By acting quickly, however, you will still have the opportunity to shine and tv benefits essays, impress your professors with your great research skills. Making Sacrifices Essay? For an eight-page paper, choose a topic that is fairly narrow. Remember, it is always easier to expand upon an idea than to 123 help essay, condense it. Other quick tips for the most common G.E. Making Sacrifices Essay? classes, English and history, are discussed as follows: for a paper due in an English class, try to avoid reading a novel. This will take too much time.

Instead, opt to read three to prompts 2013, four short stories. Making Sacrifices Essay? This is much easier and takes less time. Added to that, reading a few short stories also gives you a good idea of the range and breadth of an me persuasive author's work needed to write a substantial analytical essay. Sacrifices Essay? For a paper due in a history class, try to choose a paper topic on me persuasive essay the Why and How aspects of a subject. Making Sacrifices Essay? Writing about motive is an easy and fun way to me persuasive essay, get through a research paper. Afterall, anything is sacrifices possible, isn't it? Writing about elp dissertation, how an event occurs, for sacrifices essay those not inclined to use their imagination, is have thesis another easy and sacrifices, quick method to write a custom paper or essay under time constraints. This aspect of a subject is often very straightforward and most books will list important facts chronologically or by theme. With these tips in mind, you are ready to start researching.

For procrastinators, the words Table of writing, Contents and Index are holy. A quick glance at making, these two parts of the comparison and contrast+essay books will give you a pretty good idea about what the book is all about and will help you locate specific facts quickly and precisely. Take a few minutes to read the table of making sacrifices essay, contents thoroughly and think about the meaning of the title of each chapter. Then, write a list or make a mental note of what you would like to include in tv benefits essays, your paper and get right to making essay, the index. Essays Have Statements? The index is a great, yet often ignored, resource. By using the index, you can locate the information you need. After you locate the information in the book; skim the page briefly, paying attention to the first and last sentence of every paragraph. The table of contents and sacrifices, index are invaluable resources. Learn how to use them to your benefit. If you still feel like you need more information after applying the writing above advice, read this paragraph. Sacrifices Essay? You don't need to and contrast+essay, read the making entire book.

You just need to essay, know how to making essay, locate information. Academic writers, like most professionals, follow particular protocols, especially when it comes to writing. That means they apply most of all the rules that you have ever learned about 123 help essay, writing and sacrifices essay, researching. Specifically, that means that they introduce their thesis in their introduction, introduce the topic of the do formal essays statements sentence in the first sentence of a paragraph, and wrap up their ideas in their conclusion. Take the making sacrifices essay time to carefully read the introduction and conclusion. In the introduction, the essay 2013 writer will not only making sacrifices state his/her thesis but also give an overview of what's inside of the book, organized chapter by ucla, chapter.

All you need to sacrifices, know about the book is written in in social, the introduction. Sacrifices Essay? Then, flip to the back of the book and read the conclusion. Essays? In the conclusion, the essay writer will restate his/her thesis statement and do formal thesis, quickly sum up how he/she proved it. It is also normally the time that the sacrifices essay writer will also briefly go over essay, the implications of making sacrifices essay, his/her research. If you are still not satisfied, go to the relevant chapters and read the first and last paragraph. Still not enough?

Then quickly skim through significant chapters of the book by reading only the first and last sentence of each paragraph. If you have read this entire essay, you will have picked up some helpful pointers on how to thesis in social science, research a paper quickly and effectively without ever reading the entire book. Hopefully, this information will guide you through the inevitable all-nighters that most students will, at making essay, some point during their academic careers, have to endure. This paper has gone over preliminary decision-making, how to 123 help me persuasive essay, make the most of your sources and how to write a good book report without ever reading the entire book. With this information in hand, you can research a good paper that reflects the effort, not the sacrifices amount of in social, time, that you put into, it.

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Making sacrifices essay

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IELTS Writing Task 1: Pie Chart Model Score 9. How to making essay, compare two pie charts in IELTS writing task 1. This sample answer illustrates the method of organising the report as well as useful language and 123 help me persuasive sentence structures to get a band score 9. The pie charts below show the sacrifices essay, comparison of different kinds of ap literature essay prompts, energy production of France in making sacrifices two years. The two pie charts illustrate the proportion of five types of me persuasive essay, energy production in France in 1995 and 2005. Overall, in both years, the making essay, most significant sources of energy were gas and coal, which together accounted for over half the production of energy, while nuclear and other kinds of energy sources generated the least amount of energy in France. In all types of energy production there was only minimal change over the 10 year period. Energy produced by coal comprised of 29.80% in the first year and ucla this showed only sacrifices, a very slight increase of about a mere 1 % to essay, 30.9% in 2005.

Likewise, in 1995, gas generated 29.63% which rose marginally to sacrifices, 30.1% 10 years later. With regards to the remaining methods of producing energy, there was an approximate 5% growth in production from 123 help essay, both nuclear power and other sources to 10.10% and 9.10% respectively. Petrol, on the other hand, was the only source of energy which decreased in production from 29.27% in 1995 to around a fifth (19.55%) in 2005. Always highlight the making essay, largest and smallest proportions If there are two pie charts in different time periods, then you must highlight the key changes / trends Use pie chart language – accounts for and contrast+essay / comprises of / represents The phrase “Units are measured in …” should be used when the units have not been stated in making sacrifices the previous sentence. How to 123 help essay, describe an IELTS pie chart, click here. Good day, Ms. Essay! Liz! I noticed that the sources of energy were not presented on the introduction, if I choose to comparison and contrast+essay, present or omit it, will it affect the scoring? Generally, it is best to list the sacrifices essay, sources in the introduction.

I only tv benefits essays, omit them and making give the number instead if I’m worried about length. Giving the list is best but the number of sources is also good. okay. thank you so much Liz! Hi mam.. can we write introduction for pie chart like ” the slices of pie chart illustrates that….” There are no slices – it is not a fruit. Pie charts have sections. hehehe. that sounds good. Thankx liz mame well work i am agree100% What do you mean in the last paragaph of the sentence “a fifth”?

a fifth = 1/5 = 20% Which tense should be used while describing pie charts that have no reference of time, for example, comparison of leisure activities of boys and girls? With any chart,graph or table you get that has no date, use present tense. Ucla Elp Dissertation! See the main page for writing task 1 as this is already explained: Hi Liz, I wish to know whether it is sacrifices, necessary to use paraphrases throughout the report just to avoid using the exact words that is used in watching the topic even once? In the above model, for example, “production” is given in the title, can I use “production” in my report? Or should I avoid using “production” at all?

Many thanks. Be careful when you paraphrase. Not all words can or should be paraphrased. The skill of paraphrasing is knowing when to change a word and making essay when to keep it the same. So don’t feel that all words need to be changed. A report is 123 help me persuasive, a report !! Also don’t forget that you don’t need a title for your IELTS writing. Thank Liz for your sharing!

Another question ma’am. I hope there are no penalties for writing “percentage” in one part of the making, essay and “%”in another part? Are we to stick with one method or we can use both as we please? Thanks. It is normal to use the word “percentage” in the introduction and then continue presenting data using a symbol: %. Completely fine. Thank you Liz for your lessons. I want to ucla, ask if we can add “Units are measured in percentage” for this pie chart. What I have done is add the word “proportion” to the model above so that we don’t need to use “Units are..”. Take a look at the alteration.

I was practicing task 1. I came across with a pie chart where compare the usage of water for sacrifices essay three different purposes in six different areas in the world. Ucla Elp Dissertation! I got so confused as 6 pie graphs are given and I don’t know how to sacrifices, develop the body paragraphs. What would you do in those cases? I wish I could post the picture. That example comes from IELTS Cambridge book 11, test 1. Please make sure you get the book as it is an authentic IELTS question. When you write a task 1, the overview presents a view of the main features. The body paragraphs give the details and specific information such as data.

The overview will highlight that four countries showed similar patterns (please don’t use these exact words – I’m just explaining) and that two other countries were different – eg N American and Europe where water was mainly used in industry. Do Formal Statements! Your body paragraphs will then give the details of four countries and sacrifices essay the other body paragraph give the do formal statements, details of the other two countries. Always organise categories logically in task 1. Also remember that there is more than one way to tackle a writing task 1. Other people might organise it differently. However, this is the most immediately obvious and logical way.

It makes completely sense.Helpful advice. Thank you for taking your time to reply. Are there any exclusive video lessons on making sacrifices essay, Pi-charts Diagrams for Writing task-1?? Is it common to get Pi-charts and Diagrams in Task-1??… Actually your lessons are based on bar graphs and Line Graphs mostly so kindly guide me regarding this question. You could get any time of task 1: pie chart, bar chart, table, map, line graph, diagram. You can’t predict what type you will get. So, learn them all: Thanks for the great work you’re doing!

One remark: When you say: Energy produced (…) at a mere 1%, this is essay, actually incorrect. Making Essay! What you’re meant to say is comparison and contrast+essay, one percentage POINT. The actual percentage rise is roughly 3.7% (30.9-29.8/29.8*100%). I am not sure if the examiner will look at this, but as a former economics teacher I see this mistake a lot! #128521; Keep up the great work!

I’m not sure what you are referring to. All IELTS pie charts give the percentages or the making, units sepcifically and students must use what is do formal statements, written on the paper. Any deviation from figures printed on sacrifices, their task sheet will result in lower marks. This is a simple English language test. I think what the economics teacher meant was that the essay prompts, energy generated by coal increased by 3.7% of the making essay, TOTAL amount of energy produced in 1995 by ap literature essay prompts, COAL ONLY. In the report shown above, I believe that the amount of energy increased can be said to be 1% of the sacrifices, total energy produced in 2005 no matter what the ap literature essay prompts 2013, source is. However, according to what all IELTS instructors told me, this is an making sacrifices essay English exam not an Economics exam. This is why I could not agree more with you about this. I think that you might make a mistake when saying that the percentage rise is 3.7%. Because the figures given were already in percentage form, not in and contrast+essay the absolute values, so you can not calculate percentage changes like the making sacrifices, way we calculate for absolute values. If you have any research analysing as the way you calculated, please refer to me persuasive, us by a reference link, I would love to see.

Is there any exceptional case where an overview should be given after the body paragraph?For instance ,when the question is to making sacrifices, give a report to….in task 1. You can put it after the introduction or at the end of the report. It’s your choice. Sometimes it can be combined in the same paragraph as the introduction. MAM i am your big fan PLEASE CHECK MY WORK AND GIVE ME MARKS AND ALSO ASK ME MY MISTAKES PLEASE…………….. The in focus pie chart quite emphatically illustrates the consumption of five kinds of writing, energy in France with respect to 10 years period. The overall summary of this chart demonstrates that the production of coal and gas stand fluctuate with mildly changes in 1995 and 2005. By scrutinizing the making sacrifices, year 1995,it is 123 help, well evident that coal and gas covered 29.80% and essay 29.63% area.While,29.27% proportion has been occupied by petro.Furthermore,nuclear and other energy production in France depicts meager level i.e (nuclear) 6.40% and (others) 6.90% respectively. As we analytically glance at the next year 2005,we observe that coal and gas exhibit tediously rise in 123 help me persuasive 2005 as compared to making sacrifices essay, 1995 and that is 30.93% and watching essays 30.31%. On the other hand, petro is progressively abate in 10 years period and stand at the ratio of 19.55%. Likewise, nuclear and essay other energy reveals sequentially climb to 10.10% and 9.10% respectivelly.

Sorry I don’t give feedback on writing. without writing overview in second paragraph,instead of it if we write conculsion part at last. did it wrong? You can put your overview after the introduction or at the end. I just want to watching tv benefits essays, know in the IELTS Listening exam question do i have to wait for making sacrifices essay the speaker to finish talking before i transfer my answer to essays thesis, the answer sheett or i have to write while she/he is talking? In listening, you have an extra 10 mins at the end of the test to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. So, while you are listening, put your answers on the question paper and transfer them later.

See this page: I want to do more practice on task 1 writing. Could you please provide more sample answers for sacrifices essay it? I think the word growth in “there was an approximately 5% growth” should be uncountable. What’s your opinion?

“growth” is countable. Ucla! There was a growth of making essay, 25% (example) Mam, can you please upload topic pie chart for academic BC. hi mam you are a great guide for me , is comparison and contrast+essay, it necessary to write all the information in the graph when doing task one. When you are worried that you won’t hit 150 words. Hello, thank you so much! Was wondering.. It is written “over the 10 year period”. Sacrifices Essay! Is it an expression or I can write the 123 help me persuasive essay, word “year” in plural?

Never use the plural in this case. The “10 year” is essay, consider an adjective so it isn’t plural. This means you can write: 1) over the 10 years 2) over the 10 year period. Watching Tv Benefits Essays! If you have a noun “period” then there’s no plural needed. Hi Liz could send me example about task 1 writing academic ( two table togeather) The maximum proportion of coal which accounted as 29.80 % in 1995 this is acceptable for task 1.

Liz….is it okay to write… The percentage of coal produced in making sacrifices 1995 accounted for 29.80%. Is it acceptable in Task 1 or not? Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Why would it not be acceptable? This is do formal thesis statements, me from Pakistan, Thanks a lot for your great effort ,its really helpful i am very grateful to you:) Wishing you all the best and have great day:)

That is making sacrifices, really helpful …. Thank you #128578; Is it recommended to write percent instead of %? just in case for word counting? Sure. Comparison! We usually use the symbol when presenting data. Just want to ask regarding the words, “with regards to” is that gramatically correct? Thanks a lot for your great lessons! so happy to see your reply Teacher Liz! God bless! Is it acceptable if I “ADD” the given values in the pie chart? Example: I wrote..

In terms of non-sports as a whole, boys decreased almost three times to 12% (reading books 2% and listening to making essay, musics 10%) compared to girls with a value of 31% (reading books 21% and listening to musics 10%). No, don’t add. I won’t recommend giving the examiner more work to do. Can we write something like technological advancement has caused an increase in do formal essays have thesis application of making, Nuclear energy as source by me persuasive essay, 2005? Never add reasons which are not presented in the charts. Ma’am, Thanks a lot for your reply. Can I ask you how can I improve my writing score (Academic IELTS) in just one month? I assume that I am really detail-oriented and try to making essay, waste time on doing different tests. I’m looking forward to hearing from elp dissertation, you. Try one of my advanced lessons for writing task 2. You will soon see if you are on making sacrifices essay, the right track or not: Thank you very much dear Liz.

That was really helpful. Could you please recommend me some resources for improving the reading tasks too? I’ve almost done all tests of Cambridge Books (4-11) but I couldn’t learn how to manage the time yet. Actually, I need band score 7 for 123 help essay getting admission from a university. I’ve taken IELTS once and making sacrifices essay I got 6.00 (R: 6, S: 6.5, W: 6.5 and L: 6). Do you think that I can do all my best in just one month? Did you check the main reading page of essays, my blog: Making Sacrifices Essay! Read all the tips pages, watch the free video and then start practicing. Your aim is to develop understanding of how IELTS paraphrase, how they set traps and the techniques for essays on films different types of questions. After that, think about getting “Improve your Reading Skills” book and other test books to practice from.

Thank you very much, your website is fantastic, starting from the structure, material and making sacrifices ending with your method of teaching. It helped me a lot and I hope, I will get the band that I am aiming to. #128578; You’re welcome #128578; This page is essays, useful if you want information about making sacrifices, IELTS: Can I write elucidate for task 1 type question. No, it isn’t recommended. Hello guys. could anybody check my work? The two given pie charts illustrates and gives information about the difference between the. energy production during 1995 and 2005 in France. There were 5 different kinds of energy produced, namely gas, petroleum, nuclear, coal, and others. Overall, it is clear that the highest energy produced over a 10 year period was coal whereas the least energy produced was others.

It is also evident that over a 10 year period there was minimally increased of production in coal, gas, nuclear and other energies while the ucla elp dissertation, remaining type of making sacrifices, energy which was petroleum decreased its production. In detail, during 1995, French produced about a third (exactly 29.80%) of coal, precisely 29.63% of gas, about 6.40% of nuclear energy and less than 5% of essay, other energy. However, after 10 years (2005), all the said energies increased its production, about more than a third for coal (30.93%), exactly 30.31% for gas, precisely 10.10% for nuclear and making essay about 9.10% for essay other energy. On the other hand, the remaining energy which was petroleum decreased its production after 10 years, about merely 10% of the total percentage was removed, with an making essay actual figure of 29.27% during 1995 and 19.55% during (2005) liz is best teacher for english. the way she teaches is awesome. material in writing essays on films website may help me to score good in ielts. thank you liz. Is it good to write this in sacrifices my introduction? – “The figures were expressed in percentage.” Thank you so much mam. #128521; If you have already mentioned that the chart shows percentages, you won’t need to mention it again. If you haven’t, then, yes, present that information in a separate sentence. Hi Liz, it is really a worthy website. I am wondering if I can state the name of sources in the introduction. Thank you in advanced.

It isn’t usually necessary but if they are given, it won’t hurt to writing on films, add that information. Where is the making sacrifices, conclusion. Miss lizz. I wrote- to sum up , during both the essays statements, years coal and gas energy production was maximum as compared to other energy sources. Hi I can write that or not in Iles exam. The two pie charts compare of the comparison. across different of energy production in franch in the years 1995 and 2005 .for five of sacrifices essay, sectors ,it is evident of this time frame there was significant change in their proportion of comparison of 123 help, energy production transaction. Try not to use so many confusing words. Your aim is not to impress the examiner, it is to produce accurate, appropriate language. Making Sacrifices! See my model answers and see how to write more clearly: I found your website incredibly informative.

Thanks for your work. I am wondering whether or not petro in watching tv benefits this case is also a kind of major source in making essay energy consumption. Gas, coal and petro accounted for over 80% in those two years. Thanks for and contrast+essay your help. Sure. That is absolutely possible. Each person will interpret data slightly differently. As long as you organise information logically and clearly show that you consider there are three main sources – it’s fine.

Some writers will only mention one main source, some two or some three. The examiner doesn’t have a model answer but just follows the logic you present. Can we write Introduction and Overview in same first paragraph? Is it good to write a single body paragraph or two or many? Sure but make sure the overview starts with “Overall” so that it stands out. is it ok to write the overall statement. at the end of the explanation of the graph. hi liz! All the way from Nepal. preparing for IELTS. Sacrifices! Help me in writing task 2. when is tv benefits essays, your date? Hiii liz my exam will be on 9th july so plz help me in writing task 1 and writing task 2. Thanks Liz , you are a gem as always ! There are a few areas I am not clear of when reading the model answer : 1. On overview paragraph – In all types of energy production there was only minimal change over the 10-year period . I noticed that someone mentioned about this before, and I am not sure I see an answer , with the 10% difference in petrol source over the 10 years period , is it not better to include this ? Such as – Besides petrol , all types of sacrifices, energy … The next question is mainly my own ignorance, why is have, it was and not were when discussing regardings in all types of energy ? 2. On body paragraph 1 – Likewise, in 1995, gas generated 29.63% which rose marginally to 30.1% 10 years later.

After 29.63% as above , is it normal not to include some descriptions such as 29.63% of energy production etc . I am aware that you are not back till after Autumn. Sacrifices! Though my exam is tomorrow, however , please do only answer me at comparison and contrast+essay your convenience time. Many thanks in advance. Question 1: 10% is not a great change at all. If you look at the general layout of the pie charts, there is almost no change. Making Essay! There are only slight changes. Had one source of ucla, energy grown by making essay, 25% or 50%, then we could not have written that. Remember that this is an overview which looks at essays have main trends rather than smaller detail. Question 2: The topic sentence of BP1 shows that this is making, about energy production. It is not necessary to repeat this in me persuasive essay every sentence which follows.

As long as the topic sentence is clear and contains all information, you don’t need so much subsequent repetition. Good luck tomorrow! Thank you, Liz for replying so promptly and making essay your ever so kind wishes. Wish you a very nice day ahead . I just have one simple question. For pie chart, can we use adjectives like ‘highest/higher’ and tv benefits ‘lowest/lower’ instead of ‘biggest/bigger’ and ‘smallest/smaller’ if we want to report the percentages?

A friend of mine said we should only use those adjectives if we want to describe graphs. Hope to hear from you. Making Sacrifices Essay! Thanks! Percentages are described as low or high. Numbers are described as big or small. mam if there are four pie chart explaining two nations population in past and future then how i describe them. Describe each nation in separate body paragraphs and ucla all key features in one overview. Ms liz can the overview come last?

Like a summary or should it always be place after the introduction. Thanks. Mam i do a little mistakein my exam … in intoducuction i write(the bar graph elucidates the information ) but it was a pie chart……. so what band score would be deducted in my task 1. That is two just mistakes with vocabulary – elucidates is the wrong word as well as bar graph. More mistakes means a lower score. However, I can’t predict your exam score. Can u correct my writing tasks plzz.

Would you please give me your email address? I would like to send you a report to put some comment on whenever you are free. My exam is on 20th February, so I request you to do me a favour if you can. Hi, I have one problem. I want to know that if in the chat has information about sacrifices essay, population in elp dissertation 2050 year what I write will or may in line?

I just want to say a big thanks for sacrifices your web providing a very valuable lesson for people around the ucla elp dissertation, world. Greets from Indonesia. can boys and sacrifices essay girls be phrased as males and essays statements females. substitiutes for culture and leisure. substitutes for expenditure. substitutes for household.

First of all, I want to thank you for your very useful tips. Secondly, I would like to ask you if it is sufficient to indent each paragraph or if I must also separate them leaving a line empty. Thank you so much for sacrifices your help! I’m having the test in two weeks and I’m pretty nervous! In pie chart, can we also write units are meaured by ap literature prompts 2013, percentage? Or is making sacrifices, it only applicable in the line graph and bar chart? Because your model answer did not mention it. Thanks. I appreciatet the most of any you post about related ielt. I am not sure yet about writing acadamice task1,Pie chart. Can we describe any information in 1st pie chart., then we describe information in secont type. and please give me the essay, sampling pie chart as mention above,.

i need it urgent because i will exam soon. thank u inadvanced. I wrote about the pie charts and I’ll deliver it to my IELTS teacher.please check it.Where I wrote wrongly? The pie charts illustrates five different sources of energy production(coal,gas,petrol,nuclear and others),compared in France between 1995 and 2005. Units are measured in percentages. Overall , it can be seen that the making sacrifices essay, most significant sources of energy production were coal and gas,accounted for less than a third in both years,increased by 1%. another major kind of producing energy was petrol in initial years, at 29.27%.However,energy produced by petrol a minority less than a fifth in 2005. With regards to tv benefits essays, the remaining types of producing energy (nuclear and others) at essay 6.40% and 4.90% respectively. The figures were similar in 2005,produced just more than a fifth. !)first in 123 help me persuasive think percentage is not a unit.

2)and if word generation use for production will be more good. 3)and then mention in totall span of 10 years. 4) and the body paragraphs are also not that strong. hi, teacher Liz… i don’t know the making sacrifices essay, reason why the petro had a significant change ( 29.27% to 19.55%) but in your overview of report: all of me persuasive essay, type had a minimal change! please help me, teacher) I tried to write this with my own version without seeing yours, Can I go with this kind of sacrifices, approach? As examiner, what is the approximate score for this following task? I have issues with grammar and I will fix those soon. The two pie charts describe about the energy production comparison in writing France between ranges of time 1995 to 2005. Making! The samples of energy included on the research are Coal, Gas, Petro, Nuclear and other kind of resources.

Overall, coal and essays have statements gas show the most resources to be produced on that 10 years range. Meanwhile, other kind of resources and nuclear are on the last orders in both years. All of the energy production showing a expanding percentage except for the Petro. Between 1995 and 1995, the percentage of Petro is decreasing over almost 10%, but this experience is not happened on sacrifices essay, other 4 types of energy used in the research. For example, Gas and do formal essays have thesis Coal increased insignificantly with the sacrifices, growth not more than 2%. In addition, Nuclear in 2005 is more than in 1995 which reached 3% increasing. The same expanding is also shown in other kind resources but in the different percentage which is 4.2% Thank you so much for ap literature prompts your update. Sorry I don’t comment on writing. Thank you for sacrifices essay replying, I dont know if you don’t comment on writing.

I need to know if it is ok to have just 1 body paragraph but write more details in overview because sometimes we cannot explain much. Essay! So overall there are 3 paragraph with a long introduction in par 1. Will it lower our scores? Hi ,i am having a doubt “overall .in both years the most significant source of energy were coal and gas…should i write “was”..plz rply the making, message. “Source was” or “sources were”. Have Statements! It depends if coal and gas are two separate sources.

thanks a lot .you are really nice teacher .I m impressed to watch your lectures. Liz, can I use “collectively” instead of overall? No, that is the wrong linking words to use for an academic report. Can we use comprises of, account for and represent only for pie charts or else can we use them in line graph etc. ? It’s mostly for pie charts. It can be used for tables or bar charts but not often for line graphs which reflect change over time.

First, thank you very much for your extraordinary service. For the making sacrifices, overall statement instead of watching tv benefits essays, your last sentence there (minimal changes) if we use such a sentence like ” Only amount of making sacrifices, petro decreased as an energy source, while four other types increased to some extent for the period given ” does it also work ? Yes, the technique words but check your grammar. First of all thank you for all your IELTS lessons, I have learned a lot here. I have a doubt, in task 1, do we need to write a conclusion like task 2? This is the only confusion I have. Thank you. The examiner is looking for an overview in task 1 not a conclusion. See my overview or conclusion lesson and also my task 1 structure lesson to learn more. Thank you for the model answer for the pie chart. You have written as “very slight increase of about a mere 1%”. My question is do we still need to essays thesis statements, wright mere since we have used slight and about in the same sentence.? (all three are synonyms? may be duplicate?)

It is not necessary to use mere but it is also not incorrect. It’s fine to essay, use it. Thanks your tips.I just wonder that I was writing one paragraph for task 1 and not using gaps this is writing essays, because my teacher said that you should write your sections on only one paragraph for task 1 particularly.Should I write another paragraph my sections? 25% of sacrifices, your marks is based on your ability to organise information into different paragraphs. Using just one paragraph will lower your score. See my lessons on writing task 1 structure and paragraphs to learn how many you should have. This is not my opinion, this is fact based on the requirements of IELTS.

Liz, please help me. Ap Literature Essay Prompts 2013! I am very weak in writing task 1 i got 5 band in writing last time tommorow is my lrw exam please help me. With only one day left, I suggest you review all model answers and also other lessons which show an overview. Make notes on the content and how it varies for sacrifices essay different types of task 1. Thanx Liz for your kind advise. I am little bit confuse regarding to task 1 give me some ideas because today i am going to appear in exam and pressure is increasing dramatically. Focus on getting a very clear overview written. See my model answers to elp dissertation, check the information in the overview. Should I skip one space between each paragraph in the real exam?

Yes, it is making, a good idea to do that. It helps the examiner see your paragraphs more clearly. Thank you for elp dissertation such an interesting answer, little corrections like this made my day, because, I have been having issues with a similar problem. very much appreciated. thanku liz for your lessons.the lessons u give are very clear n helpful. i was just wondering if the overview has to be written before the essay, two body paragraphs? to get a score of 9 , or is it ok if i write it after the body paragraphs.. Thesis Statements! will it matter like in terms of my score ? It makes no difference.

See my lesson about the sacrifices essay, structure and ap literature essay 2013 paragraphs for writing task 1. thank you so much ! Hi Liz, I am a bit confused about what tense to use in writing task 1. Please enlighten me on making sacrifices essay, this. Thank you. You use past tense when you are given dates in the past. You use future forms when you have dates in the future. Ucla Elp Dissertation! You use the present tense when there are no dates given. Thank you Liz #128578; How about making sacrifices essay, if I want to enumerate examples or time periods, can I use colon? For example, … in different time periods: 1991, 1995 and present. It is best to writing, use brackets “The graph shows sales in three time periods (1991, 1995 and the present)…”

Thanks Liz. Essay! Another confusion, is percentage and fraction plural or singular? Thank you. Percentage is used as a singular. Fraction is hardly ever used in 123 help me persuasive essay IELTS.

Please which is correct? illustrate or illustrates? I am asking based on making sacrifices essay, the introduction above please. Thank you. I hope for a nice performance tomorrow. Check your grammar about third person singular “s” for verbs. This is not third person singular, it is plural – hence no “s”. By “third person plural”, do you mean the “pie chart” or “the five types of energy production” It means the ucla, subject of the sacrifices, sentence. thank you so much for and contrast+essay your this gratitude.i love the way your are teaching n your smile as well.i came to know about your site onward i will keep on watching your videos and write here also for correction and your guideline as well. hope you will help me in getting required band.stay blessed. I’m glad my blog is useful #128578; Hi Liz, we never have to write possible reasons for trends which are shown in the charts / diagrams in IELTS part1?

And is both possible: “With regard(s) to the remaining…” ? You never write opinions or reasons for data. Making Essay! You can only write about essays on films, what it presented in the chart, not what you interpret. hii…Liz I need ur favour..I have done IELTS from 2 diff. institutes, n both have taught us dat conclusion is always written at last in task 1..tomorrow is sacrifices essay, my exam..n I need 2 know whether 2 write overview or conc. in exam..also at what sequence..after d intro or at last 2 get good score. Check the band score descriptors published by 123 help me persuasive, IELTS. They very clearly state you MUST have an making sacrifices essay overview.

This isn’t an opinion, it is a fact. hey diya you have to ap literature 2013, write conclusion in writing part 2 instead of task one. Yes, you MUST have a conclusion for writing task 2. why dont you mention the type of sacrifices, sources in your introduction? best wishes Vince. And one more point: Why do you start with overall, my teacher told me you use the word “overall” for a conclusion, therefore it would be better to start with ” it is evident”. In an preperation book the perfect answer structure is : introduction, body a, body b, conclusion with “overall”….

You can start with any word you want. I am giving you my professional opinion and advice after having completed the IELTS examiner training. You choose to follow it or not. It is not necessary. Hi,in listening test in our answers is a,the are required ?is that compulsory. Please watch the video of essays on films, 25 tips on the listening page for making sacrifices your answer. Can i send you some of my essay and some of my work in writing task 1 to be marked and corrected . i really will appreciate your effort with because i am writing and 123 help me persuasive practicing and making sacrifices i don’t know if it is 123 help me persuasive, correct or not. Sorry, I don’t offer an making essay essay marking service.

thank you very much. thank you Miss Liz. ” Over the 10 year period” or ” over the 10 years period ” ? huge thanks for your blog! It’s really very interesting and essays have useful. Last sentence of the answer includes word “fifth”, shouldn’t it be “third”?

No, it ‘s right. Making Sacrifices! It says “to a fifth” which means around 20%. You are thinking of “by a fifth” which relates to the difference. Do Formal! Be really careful using “to” (arriving at a point) and “by” (a difference). Your lessons are very useful thank you so much! I have a problem, while practicing writing task 1 I end up writing too many words and my paragraphs contain more than 200 words. I try focusing on sacrifices, the main key features or ideas but when there are is a lot of details about the ucla elp dissertation, chart I get really confused of what to and what not to making, write. Any tips for that?

Thank you again for 123 help essay reading and replying #128578; When there is a lot of information to give, group it together. Sacrifices! For example “people spent around 45% on cigarettes, cameras and perfume” – instead of giving the percentage of all three, I put an average amount down for all three together. Always plan how you will present your information and what you will group together before you start writing. I understand, thank you Liz. More power. Good day Liz! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Essays! I believe you that there is essay, no conclusion in task 1. But my ielts teacher always remind us to have a conclusion and not an overview. My exam is fast approaching.

I don’t want to be confused about this. I am really worried #128577; thanks again Liz. Watching! Thanks for always smiling. #128578; This is sacrifices essay, not about watching tv benefits essays, believing teachers, it is about reading the band score descriptors published by IELTS to help students understand what they need to making sacrifices essay, do to get their score. Ucla! Here is the official link: Check the column of Task Achievement and you will see you MUST produce an overview.

This is not an opinion, it is official. You can find the same for writing task 2 where it mentions the conclusion. Has your teacher completed the making, IELTS examiner training course? Doubtful. Thank you, Liz! I will take note of that. I am reading your lessons everyday. Do Formal Statements! My exam is on August 1. Sacrifices! I will send you some of my writings before my exam. Thanks again and have a good day! #128515;#128515;#128515; I wrote the ielts using liz standard -introduction ,overview ,paragraph body 1 and 2 and for part 2 -introduction (paraphrase ),thesis ,2 body paragraph and a conclusion .The out come – BS =8 . 123 Help Me Persuasive! Just becareful with spellings ,punctuations,vocabs,no contracted words and write up to the word limit.Finally read through all the responses to sacrifices essay, comments and believe in yourself. Just the reading was my Achilles foot- BS 6.5.

A good score – well done. Prompts! Shame about your reading but still good overall by making sacrifices essay, the sounds of comparison and contrast+essay, it. Does both the writing tasks contain same waitage. Writing task 2 counts for double the marks of task 1. See this page – there’s a great table at the bottom to making, calculate your score: I have an ielts exam on 23 of July and have a problem with Task 1. I want to ask you about the introduction of Task 1. And Contrast+essay! May I use this structure: The pie charts provide a breakdown of …. To paraphrase the essay, verb “shows”, you can use “illustrates” or “gives information about”. 123 Help Me Persuasive Essay! See my bar chart lesson. Making Sacrifices Essay! The introduction techniques are the same for all types.

I am completely confused if i have to go with an comparison overview or a conclusion. I got some samples of writing task 1 checked by my tutor and she informed me about using a conclusion instead of an overview. Then, i found your blog with lots of tips which i think are very helpful. And what makes me anxious is that I have to take my exam on the following week. I just wanted to clarify if an overview will help me in obtaining a good score rather than going for sacrifices a conclusion. Ucla! Is that right?

I hope I can hear from you soon. It clearly states on making sacrifices essay, the band score descriptors published by IELTS that an ucla elp dissertation overview is essential for making sacrifices essay task 1 and a conclusion is needed for task 2. This isn’t an opinion, it is writing, information given by IELTS. You must take a look at the band score descriptors – just google them or you can find a link to them on my Band Score Page in making sacrifices the IELTS Extra section. This is also explained very clearly in the IELTS examiner training. Am i in ap literature prompts the right track to get over 6.5 or 7? I tried to have ago to making, write a report about the do formal essays thesis statements, chart above, however, I got confused, before writing and making essay just after reading the introduction of the ucla, model answer , about the “five energy sources”. The question is how did you determine the number of energy sources when there is making, a section labelled by “others”?

You are kindly requested to do formal essays have statements, explain how and why. I understand your confusion. But don’t over think this. Making Sacrifices Essay! There are five colours and five categories in ap literature prompts the pie charts. “Other” counts as one category as shown in the pie charts. You should write this as “other forms of energy account for …..”. Making Essay! It is quite common for ap literature IELTS to give type of category in a pie chart, table or bar chart. very thanks for making sacrifices your very helpful lessons.

kindly,have you standard answer fit for ucla elp dissertation most task 1. thanks for making essay help,regards. hi,Liz i am a fan of you. i am really benefited watching your video. Liz, Thanks a lot for clarification. You are the best ! Hi Liz , can i use the adjective ‘ drastic’ when i describe an increase in pie chart or it is only used with line graphs ? For any chart or graph which shows change over a period of time, you can use the words “dramatically” or “dramatic” but you can’t use the word “drastic”. I have question that in lestening section can I write all what I hear in capital leteres mean block letters like if I hear …home can I write HOME…. Please check the information page in the listening section of this blog for 123 help your answer. Thank you so much for this amazing website. I would like to ask you a question about the third paragraph please.

when you wrote ” slight increase of about a mere 1% to 30.9 in 2005 ”what mere means in here. if you meant” no more than ” 1% , i afraid it would be wrong because i think it rose by a hair more than 1% from making, 29.80 to 30.9. i just want to know what mere means in here please. There are two key words in comparison and contrast+essay that sentence. One is the word “about” which means the figure is not exact but a rough estimate. The second word is “mere” which is sacrifices, used to emphasis how small the figure was. We could also use “just” instead. okay i understand it now.

thank you for clarifying this to watching tv benefits, me. how about pie charts which talk about something in the past and something is in sacrifices essay the future ? how can I use them together and which tense I can use in this case? 2010 and 2020. Pie charts as you have described are pie charts of change and you must highlight the main increases and decreases in ap literature prompts your overview. You will need to making essay, use both past simple and future forms. Here’s an example of a sentence: “The percentage of people travelling abroad was 20% in 2010 and is expected to rise considerably by more than double to 50% in elp dissertation 2020.” You can see I have used “was” and also “is expected to rise”. I would like to assess your web and got lots from that because lots of good materials. can I join in your lessons to learn more from you? I look forward to hearing from you. I post free IELTS lessons each day for free on sacrifices essay, this blog.

You can get them delivered for free by email if you follow this link: At present I don’t offer any private lessons. However, I am currently in the process of making complete training videos for IELTS writing task 2 essays which students can buy. As soon as I have one ready I will post a notice on this blog. If you have any specific questions about IELTS, please let me know and comparison I’ll do my best to answer. Well done! May i ask if its ok not to write conclusion in the task 1? There’s no conclusion for task 1. Making Essay! In task 1, there is an overview with the key features and in task 2 there is a conclusion which restates the main points. Good day. I am planning to sit for IELTS on 14th February 2015 and watching started to prepare myself by sacrifices, watching your videos which are really amazing. Ap Literature Essay 2013! Thanks a lot for making IELTS easily graspable for everyone.

Thanks. I’m glad they help. Just post a question if there’s anything you get stuck with in your IELTS prep. Hi Liz best of the new year.I have been try to making sacrifices essay, locate you lecture on writing task one for combination of pie chatr and a grapg or a graph and a tables. I haven’t put one up yet. But here are some tips for you: 1. introduce both charts in your introduction.

2. put key features of both charts in your overview. 3. normally you would have one body paragraph for each chart. 4. think carefully about how much detail you will give for each chart – you will get a lower score if you overload your report with too much detail. 5. keep your writing to comparison, under 200 if possible. I’ll put up a model in the next few weeks. I am starting to prepare for IELTS test that is coming on 14th of making, February. Your site have made it clearer, on what I need to focus on have thesis, and the expectations from the graders of the test. Thanks a lot. You’re welcome.

Good luck with your studies! thank you very much. the site is very useful for me. and i said to the God to save you and open the way around you as a result to essay, your work in 123 help essay this site. i was searched and didnt find word to thanks you larger than thank you alot of. i just want to confirm that i mostly used to making sacrifices essay, write conclution in around 30 words at the end of IELTS writing task-1. i usually start like “After gone throught the deeper analysis of (Chart, table, line graph) provided by essays thesis, the authority”………………………..

please let me know is it beneficial to use this kind of language at essay the end….? Hi, for IELTS writing task 1, there is no conclusion but there is an overview which contain the watching tv benefits essays, key features. Your overview should start with “overall” to making essay, help the examiner locate it quickly and easily. Also when writing IELTS it is essential that you don’t use learned phrases such as “After going through the deeper analysis” or “provided by the authority”. This language is not appropriate for IELTS writing task 1. Thank you very much. It is really helpful #128512; Current IELTS exam topics and questions:

Share your IELTS test results. Useful Links for IELTS Line Graphs in WT1. WT1 Table 30th Sept: To be completed. IELTS Model Essays for September 2017. IELTS Writing Questions September 2017. Answer to yesterday’s paraphrasing exercise 3. Hi, my name is Elizabeth (Liz). I'm an experienced IELTS teacher from the comparison, UK and a graduate of the University of London.

I have been teaching for over 16 years and for the last 9 years I have specialised, exclusively, in essay IELTS. I have taught in a number of countries: England, Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, China and Vietnam, where I taught at essay the British Council.

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10 mistakes that could ruin your resume. Making. The goal of a resume is to ucla elp dissertation, let a potential employer know why you're the essay, best person for the job. Here are 10 practices that impede that goal. There is one goal for your resume: To show a potential employer why you are the best person for comparison the job. However, there are so many things that can get in the way of what should be a clear message. Here are ten of the most common mistakes made in resumes. Making Essay. This may be one of the most difficult concepts for job hunters to grasp, but your resume is not something you create for yourself . You create it, format it, and organize it so that it's easy for a hiring manager to gauge your fit with the job he or she is offering. Me Persuasive. It's important to sacrifices, tailor your resume to each job you apply to. I promise you, no hiring manager is going to study your resume for specifics that would apply to essay prompts 2013, the job at hand.

Your resume has to make them obvious. For example, if you're applying for essay a project manager position, highlight any experience and accomplishments that show your expertise in elp dissertation project management, even if you have to switch to a functional resume format to do it. While the bulk of sacrifices essay, your work experience may be in ap literature prompts 2013 tech support, it's really not applicable to the job at hand, so don't concentrate on the day-to-day minutiae. Concentrate instead on those instances where you demonstrated leadership, ingenuity, and organizational skills. Hiring executives have a low threshold for making sacrifices essay resume bloopers.

A study on ucla claims that one out of four executives will toss a resume into the wastebasket if they spot a typo. But sometimes even the most careful people can miss a typo or two. Here are some tips for making sure you're sending out pristine copies of your resume: Enlist detail-oriented family members, friends, or mentors to proofread your resume and provide honest feedback. Take a timeout. Before submitting your resume, take a break and come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. You might catch something you missed the first time. Print a copy. It's easy to overlook typos or formatting mistakes when reading a resume on a monitor, so print it out for essay review. Try a new perspective.

Sometimes readers inadvertently skip over parts they have read previously. Writing. Review your resume backward to help avoid this problem. You can read it from bottom to top, or from the right side of essay, a line to the left. This takes away the on films, mental expectation that sometimes tricks us into thinking a word is spelled correctly, etc. Making Sacrifices Essay. Read it out loud. This can also help you find phrases that don't make sense. There are all kinds of opinions as to how long a resume should be. Most people say to keep it to one page, but many people say that two pages are OK, particularly if you have 10 or more years of experience related to your goal or you need space to list and watching tv benefits essays, prove your technical knowledge. Either way, the goal is to keep your resume lean yet meaningful. List only your selling points that are relevant to the job at hand and let go of some details that have no bearing on your current goal. You may have become proficient in Windows NT in a previous job, but it's not something that would have a bearing on a job today.

4. Your resume is making, not very readable. Never underestimate resume formatting. And Contrast+essay. Consider that some hiring managers have to look through hundreds of resumes for each job opening. Making Sacrifices Essay. Also consider that those employers will usually take, at most, only thirty-five seconds to look at essay a one-page resume before deciding whether to keep or discard it. You should design your resume so that employers can read the sacrifices, document easily and process information quickly. To judge the formatting of your resume, ask yourself these questions: Am I using too many fonts? It's best to me persuasive essay, stick to essay, one or two fonts. You can vary the size and add bold if necessary to make headings stand out but don't go overboard. You don't want your resume to look like a ransom note built out of newspaper clippings. Am I overdoing the emphasis thing? As I said in the previous point, you can create emphasis by using bold , italics, underlining, etc.

However, you don't want to mix methods or overuse them. You would not, for example, want to writing essays, CAPITALIZE, ITALICIZE, AND UNDERLINE pieces of text. It's overkill and sacrifices essay, hard on comparison and contrast+essay the eyes. Is there too much text on the page? There's nothing more intimidating to making sacrifices essay, a reviewer than blocks of dense text on ucla a resume. Here are some things to keep in mind: Set your margins at about 1-inch all around, use bulleted points to break up paragraphs of text that list your accomplishments, and make sure your sections are distinct. Sacrifices. Don't be afraid of white space! If you have to choose between crammed-in text and an extra resume page, go with the latter. You can see in ucla elp dissertation Figure A how much more readable the list of accomplishments are when put into bullets separated by essay, white space. 5. Your name appears in the Word header . Your name should appear prominently at the top of me persuasive, your resume, but even though it looks kind of cool, avoid using Word's header feature for this information. (Using Word's header feature will make your name appear automatically at the top of every page of your resume.) The problem is a lot of scanning software used by HR departments won't work on headers and footers so your resume could get lost in the shuffle.

6. Your resume doesn't include keywords. It's an unfortunate fact of life that many organizations use scanning software (mentioned above) when vetting resumes. This is often done as the preliminary step in weeding out any people whose qualifications and essay, experience don't match the job being filled. So be very sure that you pepper your resume with relevant keywords. That is to writing on films, say, don't use one in every sentence and don't use keywords that you don't have experience with just for the sake of making, sneaking in ap literature prompts 2013 under the radar.

Sooner or later you'll have to making, own up. The actual job description is the best starting place for finding relevant keywords. Comparison. 7. You list your experience instead of your accomplishments. First of all, never use expressions such as Duties included or Responsibilities included. These lists outline only what was in your job description; they don't say whether you did them well or not. Sacrifices. And they don't show how you stood out from the other people in your company who were doing the same things. To help rewrite your responsibilities to accomplishments, try asking yourself: What special things did I do to set myself apart?

How did I do the job better or differently than anyone else? What did I do to make it my own? What were some problems or challenges that I faced? How did I solve or overcome those problems? What were the 123 help me persuasive, results of my efforts? How did the company benefit from my performance?

For example, did it make or save money or save time? It might help to use an accomplishment tracker template like this one available from TechRepublic. Sacrifices. 8. You use vague verbs and subjective adjectives. Me Persuasive Essay. Avoid, at all costs, those abstract verb phrases like Assisted with. or Handled. or Managed. Making. Those phrases can mean almost anything. Every time you're tempted with one of those phrases, ask yourself How ? How did you assist with something? What exactly did you do?

Also, try using more dynamic words like constructed, coordinated, determined, established, executed, etc. On the same ticket, it is writing on films, very easy to say you skillfully completed some task or that you have extraordinary people skills. But unless you can back those statements up with concrete evidence, it's just you saying something good about sacrifices, yourself. So explain why your task completion was skillful. Did it come in watching tv benefits essays under budget and within time restraints?

What evidence do you have of your great people skills? Did you get recognized for this in essay some way? Were you assigned more end users than other staffers? Any detail that you can offer in explanation will help. 9. Your resume is like all the others. We're not saying that you should make yourself stand out by formatting your entire resume in a cursive font. We're saying that, since you're a tech pro, a prospective employer is 123 help, probably going to expect something a little more advanced. Toward this goal consider: Including a link to your online portfolio. Online portfolios can be anything from a blog or a website, to a dedicated solution (something that's just a portfolio, without any of the extra stuff). Make it something that loads fast, is visually professional, and showcases your accomplishments, mission statement, career progression, and leadership aptitude.

Before you put the link in your resume, ask yourself how well the site answers questions any potential employers might have about sacrifices, you. Adding a QR code. Comparison. A QR (quick-response) code is a two-dimensional, barcode-like image that, once scanned, directs potential employers to carefully selected, customized web pages for making essay more information about a job seeker. It's a tech-savvy way to illustrate your strengths. 10. Watching Tv Benefits. You lie/exaggerate on your resume. Decision makers routinely conduct background checks and online research to verify a resume. And sometimes what they find out sacrifices essay, can embarrass you down the line; a lesson learned the hard way by prompts 2013, former CEO Scott Thompson. Essay. At the very least, don't claim education that you don't have. But you should also be careful about exaggerating any experience you have. It could take only a few targeted questions in writing essays on films an interview to reveal your deception.

Toni Bowers is making essay, Managing Editor of TechRepublic and is the award-winning blogger of the Career Management blog. She has edited newsletters, books, and web sites pertaining to and contrast+essay, software, IT career, and IT management issues. Making Essay. Toni Bowers is ap literature 2013, Managing Editor of sacrifices, TechRepublic and elp dissertation, is the award-winning blogger of the Career Management blog. She has edited newsletters, books, and web sites pertaining to software, IT career, and IT management issues. Sacrifices. We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet.

Our editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.

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essay tone poem © 2017 Steve Campsall. improve your poetry grades! Download Free English biz Guides. If you find poetry difficult then you're not alone. For many people, it's the most difficult aspect of the English course. But. fear not as help and a higher grade are within reach. Read on! Find time to give the English biz guide to essay writing a look over as it's been written to making sacrifices essay work alongside this one - click here to read this later . If you need help with a specific poet or poem, click here or on do formal have thesis statements, a link below. If you're truly stuck you can also email the teacher at English biz - you'll find a link on the first page of the essay site, here . What really must be covered in your coursework and exam answers? At the core of writing essays, any and sacrifices every answer or essay about comparison and contrast+essay, poetry must be your own interpretation of the poem or poems you are writing about.

It is this alone that attracts the majority of marks. Making Sacrifices Essay? In a nutshell, the more subtly you interpret a poem - and give support for your interpretation - the 123 help higher your marks, and making grade, will be. Poems are rarely to be taken at face value. It is 123 help essay, never the sacrifices essay literal meanings that will gain you any marks - it is exposing and discussing the poem's 'deeper meanings' that bring in the marks every time. When you interpret a poem, you seek to comparison explain what you believe these 'hidden meanings' are, show how they have been created and discuss why this was done. Remember: the meanings you seek exist 'between the lines'. It is the making sacrifices essay poet's use of ap literature essay, literary language that creates these layers of meaning . Poems, more than any other literary form, are dense with meanings created by this type of making sacrifices, language. This is watching tv benefits, because poets have so little space in which to condense as much meaning as possible. This is what makes understanding a poem sometimes very difficult - and essay yet also, often, fascinating.

Let's get one thing clear: interpretation never deals in facts . An interpretation is always an opinion - an insight into what the poem might mean. This is why examiners are never happy with students who do no more than trot out the ucla elp dissertation opinions of others, those of their teacher or what they've found in a study guide, for example (examiners do read study guides, btw!). Examiners will always give the most marks to essay a student's original ideas - so long as they are valid and are supported by close and elp dissertation careful reference to the poem itself. Whilst it is making sacrifices, your own ideas that are needed, it is invariably easier to uncover the layers of meaning in 123 help, a poem by making essay discussing it with others . Somehow an interaction of minds brings about essay prompts, clearer meaning and a moment when the penny drops. Sacrifices Essay? This does not mean you should copy others' ideas but do use such a discussion to develop your own interpretations. You might be one of the many who feel discussing poetry is not cool. Well, keep in mind that it's your grades that are at stake . The exam is and contrast+essay, not a practice and you need to get the highest grade you can. So, what to do? For once, ignore being 'uncool' and get boosting those exam grades. Many students lose marks by going off at a tangent and misreading their poem.

How can you avoid this and know that your interpretation is on the right lines? Here's a very worthwhile tip. How does all this work in practice? Below is an example to help show you. It is based on a just a couple of lines from the opening of the poem 'Half Caste' by John Agard, a very witty poem that many of you will know. Don't be put off if you don't know it, you'll be able to apply exactly the making essay same ideas to any poem you are studying. You will see from this just how much can be 'squeezed' from only two lines of a poem. This is a key thing for you to appreciate. 'Excuse me standing on one leg I’m half-caste. Explain yuself wha yu mean when yu say half-caste. Writing Essays On Films? ' Agard opens his poem by creating an obvious contrast between the standard English of the opening line of the poem and the Caribbean dialect of the second.

This creates a clear contrast which works to alert the reader to the fact that while both kinds of English create perfectly obvious meaning, only one kind is essay, considered to be prestigious and 'proper' within educated circles. Ironically, it is the dialect line that creates the more expressive meaning. In this way, Agard manages to open his poem and introduce a key theme. He wants the reader both to ap literature essay prompts consider and making essay reflect upon what is watching, thought of as acceptable and what is looked down upon in making sacrifices, British society. He shows us that 'half-caste' language is actually very good language and ucla elp dissertation language that is sacrifices essay, capable of communicating its message well.

Poetry has, as has been said above, been called the essays on films art of 'saying the unsayable'. Undoubtedly some poems can seem to create meanings and emotions that seem well beyond the words on the page. Language can be a very mysterious and wonderful thing! Hopefully, you will come to sacrifices enjoy at least some of the poems you study at ap literature essay prompts 2013, school but, to be realistic, some poems will, initially at least, appear worryingly difficult. One of the difficulties with a poem is connected with its form - generally speaking, poems are short and this means that poets look for ways to squeeze the making maximum meaning and feeling into them. Poems are often dense with meaning and unlocking these multi-layered meanings requires patience and skill. Ap Literature 2013? But it can be very satisfying - a poem can be like a riddle, fun to sacrifices crack! This english biz guide will help you 'unpick' a poem and 123 help me persuasive enable you to work out just what the poet is trying to sacrifices say, how the poem is and contrast+essay, 'working' and making sacrifices why this is being done - the poet's purpose . Oh, and finally, you'll find out what gains most marks - as well as how you can get them!

Click here to read a poem that many people feel has magical qualities; and here is comparison, another! Of course, individuals react differently to such poems but many students seem to enjoy these two poems. Appreciating the subtleties of a complex poem in classroom conditions is far from ideal. This means that it will be necessary to find a quiet place and time at home with mobile phone, MP3 player and TV all switched off when you can re-read your poems. Even better, find a friend to read and discuss the poem with - two heads are far better than one when it comes to understanding a complex poem. An odd but useful thing about making essay, a poem is that if you leave a day between reading it, some of the poem's extra layers of meaning seem to become more apparent when you read the poem again.

It's as if the brain has subconsciously 'worked' on the poem in ap literature 2013, between readings. Reading for Meaning. Quite a useful thing to do when you first begin your work on analysing a poem is making essay, to. forget it's a poem! Odd as this sounds, your first task is essays, not to dig for making hidden meanings but to be sure you've understood the poem's 'story' - that is, what it is generally all about. This can be called the poem's ' big picture '. Essays On Films? It's true that in your essay that this will be one of things to which you will be devoting precious little space BUT you simply cannot proceed without it. Essay? So, when you first read any poem, first of ucla, all, read it for meaning . These questions will get you on your way: Make a note of who is doing the making sacrifices essay speaking in the poem - what kind of and contrast+essay, person and in what kind of essay, state or mood? By the way, never assume it's the poet: instead, think of it as an imagined poetic persona . Poets often like to explore all kinds of aspects of life in their work and this can mean that they try to write from different viewpoints, for ucla elp dissertation example an older male poet can write as a young boy, or even girl!

Now work out who is being spoken to or addressed? (Yes - it could be you, the poem's reader, or it might be an imaginary person. Often, you a poem can seem to making sacrifices essay be spoken thoughts such as in a monologue , or it could be one half of an imaginary conversation. Think about just what is being spoken about? (What is the watching subject matter being discussed?). Now - and this is crucial to sacrifices a good understanding - work out ap literature essay prompts, exactly what tone of sacrifices essay, voice or manner of the speaking voice? (Is the speaker sounding worried, reflective, nostalgic, mournful, happy, concerned, angry, for do formal statements example?). Importantly, does the tone of voice change during the poem? Make a note of where this occurs. Finally, where do the events of the poem happen and what is the situation surrounding them ? When you read your poem, simply read it as a group of sentences, forgetting the fact that these sentences have been split into lines . At the end of each sentence (i.e. stop reading at each full stop or, maybe, at each semicolon - ; ), work out making sacrifices, what the meaning is essays, so far. Sacrifices? Spend time thinking about this and perhaps note the idea down on the poem itself at the side of that part of the poem (this is called annotating the text). This is often the easiest and surest way to find out what the and contrast+essay poet is trying to say.

You can consider the making sacrifices essay effects of other poetic devices the tv benefits poet has used, such as the way the lines cut up the making essay sentences, the use of rhythm and rhyme , alliteration and so on comparison, later. Of course, this doesn't always work - some poems are, let's face it, especially difficult to understand! They might even lack any punctuation so have no apparent sentences. If you find this to be the making case, try searching for a study guide to your poem by clicking here or here - or, of course, ask your teacher or a friend for help. If you are still struggling to get to grips with your poem, read it a few more times and, this is the important bit! - leave time between readings (of course, in an exam, this is not possible). A useful tip : Most people race through poems using a dull voice. Try reading your poems quite S-L-O-W-L-Y . Even better (in fact, far better!) is to and contrast+essay read the poem aloud ? Oh yes, you really should! Find a quiet place, or read with a friend. Put embarrassment to one side for making the sake of essays, a higher grade!

Reading aloud is a very effective way of getting 'beneath' the poem's surface and finding its more subtle meanings. But what you have to making essay do is elp dissertation, avoid a mouse-like monotone and making essay instead try to achieve the voice the writer of the ap literature 2013 poem intended (and this won't be mouse like!!). Click here to listen to making sacrifices essay a clip of the GCSE poet John Agard reading a part of 2013, his poem, 'Half Caste'. You'll see from this just how much more a dramatic reading of some poems can reveal. Always avoid reading the poem in sacrifices essay, an overly stylised way , i.e. in a non-conversational voice!

Modern poems, especially, are often best read in a normal speaking voice - but it will be a voice with a distinct quality . Ap Literature Essay Prompts? Do always try to capture this distinctiveness. Shakespeare had a strong Stratford accent apparently - why, then, do we pretend he didn't when we read his plays? The poem's images will, for sure, be there and the poet has created them to guide you towards a fuller understanding of the poem's content and messages . Try hard not to be overly ingenious as this leads you finding meanings that are not there . This is a classic problem with even the brightest students when reading poems. Meanings are never 'hidden' - they are always 'there' - maybe 'under the surface', but always 'there'. And they are always consistent with the whole poem. A poem's deeper meaning might not always be easy to get hold of, but it will be there to find - and - very helpfully and importantly - it will be coherent . Coherence is an important quality of making, all literature, poems included. It means that the meanings in the poem will all be developed and do formal essays thesis statements reinforced logically as the making sacrifices essay poem progresses . 123 Help Me Persuasive Essay? The first line always contributes to essay the overall meaning, as do all other lines. If you do think you've found a meaning in a poem and it does not contribute in some obvious way to ucla the overall meaning of the whole poem , you are almost certainly off track and misreading the poem: a classic way to lose marks! Click here to listen to John Agard reading a part of his poem, Half-Caste . Making? Notice the slow and emphatic nature of his voice.

If you take a leaf from his book and read your poems slowly and dramatically you will obtain far more meaning from watching, your poems - and sacrifices essay gain higher grades ! Writing your essay. Writing an essay about a poem needs the same skills that apply to all essay writing. The english biz essay writing guide is full of ideas that will help gain you a higher grade - be sure to read this - click here . As with all essays, you cannot hope to do well unless you know your text well . Elp Dissertation? Only then will you be able to develop a sufficiently strong viewpoint from sacrifices essay, which to create the necessary argument that forms the basis of the best essays. The best essays are written as if they were an argument - again, the Englishbiz guide has much more on this. What is your teacher or examiner actually looking for in your essays? You need to show that you have understood not just the poem's 'surface' meaning - try to show knowledge of its layers of meaning and essay its more subtle messages . You need to show you have understood how the poet has used language and poetic devices to help create and 'shape' create subtle underlying messages . You need to show you have recognised how meaning is developed across the whole poem - as each idea is explored and builds up into a coherent whole. How to do this to gain high marks.

Read the essay question or title very carefully . You just wouldn't believe how many students answer a different answer to the one asked. Yes - they do, every year! If you are revising for an exam, ask your teacher to making sacrifices essay show you some past exam questions . There is no better way to essays thesis familiarise yourself with what is making, required in the exam and ap literature essay prompts your teacher will be happy to making mark any questions you try. Some exam boards now post downloadable past exam papers on have, their web sites . Highlight the key words of the essay question and be sure you address each of these in making, your answer - marks will be lost if you don't! In an exam question, there will usually be bullet points to guide your response - you MUST cover the points these mention as the exam marker gives marks based on these . If it is not clear in me persuasive, the essay question, decide which poem(s) will help you answer it. Work out exactly what is required of you.

Discussing the poet's life and essay times, i.e. their context , rarely gains marks. Writing Essays? It is often better to get on with your analysis of the sacrifices essay poem(s) straight away. Be aware of any significant changes in emphasis and the tone of voice as the story, ideas or images of the poem unfolds. Work out how and tv benefits essays why these tones and changes in tone have been made to occur through particular choices of making sacrifices essay, language or form . This is important as it will allow you to elp dissertation comment on the structure of the poem and this gains many marks. Be especially alert to the use of an making sacrifices essay, ironic tone of voice. Irony is an important and do formal thesis frequent poetic device used by poets. Irony is an essay, effective means of ucla, engaging the reader. Irony subtly shapes meaning and develops layers of meaning within the sacrifices poem. As well as irony , poets frequently rely on the use of what is called ' figurative' language . It's very important to notice where figurative language is used, the effect it creates and the purpose intended.

Figurative language creates 'figures' or images in the mind's eye. It is the watching use of description , metaphor , simile or personification . This common poetic device helps the poet to create and shape meaning. It also works to develop an emotional response in you, the reader. Figurative language works so well because it creates images in the mind - and sacrifices essay as the old saying goes, 'a picture is worth a thousand words. '. Look at these opening lines and see how the images are created and have statements begin to work: I’ve known rivers: I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the. flow of human blood in human veins.

My soul has grown deep like the rivers. from 'The Negro Sings of Rivers' by Langston Hughes. Read your poem through a sufficient number of essay, times for you to feel sure you have grasped its big picture . Finally, with the essay question firmly in mind , work out your response to it. This is do formal have, your own point of view on which you will base your essay. An important way you can unlock subtle meanings in any text, but especially in a poem, is to look for the effects of binary oppositions . Click on making, the hyperlink if this idea intrigues you. It is ucla, a guaranteed 'mark grabber' as it allows a very subtle response indeed to a poem (or any text). If you can discuss a text at the level of its binary oppositions , you will have at your disposal a sophisticated way of analysing the subtle levels of making essay, meaning created in poetry - but this method is sophisticated and requires very careful thought. FOR A FULL GUIDE TO THIS FASCINATING ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUE - CLICK HERE. Some more ways to unlock the meaning of a poem.

There is a key aspect to every poem you need to 123 help essay consider - the one aspect that separates all poems from any other kind of sacrifices essay, writing: its form . You need to work out why the poet wrote it in 123 help me persuasive essay, lines! Writing in lines means the poem is composed in verse . Notice where the making sacrifices essay poet sliced up each sentence into shorter lines (and sometimes even across the stanzas of the poem). Does it allow a special degree of emphasis to be placed on parts of the sentence that might have been lost if it was not 'sliced' up into lines - i.e. if it had been written as a piece of continuous prose ? See if you can work out how the poet's use form helps to emphasise certain words or ideas as these often act subtly to shape meaning . Remember that only poetry allows this 'playfulness' with form . Poets truly enjoy playing with the form of poetry - after all, that's why they like writing poetry! As well as choosing where to end a line or a verse (i.e. properly called a stanza ), or whether to use rhythm or rhyme , there are many other ways in which a poet can play around with the form of language to ucla add to the meaning: Some lines might seem to end quite abruptly - even without using a full stop. This can be used to create subtle effects. For example, an end-stopped line can lead to making sacrifices essay a useful pause occurring before you read on thus creating emphasis (see the technical term caesura below). Some lines might 'run on' into the next line or even the next stanza. Poets also sometimes create the effect of an extended pause between words, phrases or lines - again with or without using punctuation to achieve this effect. This enforced mini-pause is called a caesura . This is elp dissertation, a subtle effect that leads to an emphasis or a pause for thought being created.

Some I mportant 'Poetic Devices' Alliteration is the repeating of making sacrifices, initial sounds as in William Blake's poem The Tyger: ' T yger! T yger! B urning b right!'. This often creates emphasis and, like the use of rhythm and rhyme , makes words memorable. It can also help to writing on films create a different tone - depending on which consonants are alliterated. Alliteration using consonants such as 's' or 'f' will create a softer tone of voice.

Alliteration created using harsher consonants such as 'b' or 'd' can create a harsh even angry tone. Always try to work out the tone of making sacrifices essay, voice within your poem and note how and where this changes . A ssonance is the ucla elp dissertation term used for the repetition of vowel sounds within consecutive words as in, 'rags of gr ee n w ee d hung down. '. Vowel sounds are always softer sounding and can add to the quality of the tone of voice within the poem, perhaps creating a sense of softness of mood or romance . A combination of soft consonants and essay long vowels can create a particularly gentle tone. Rhyme is when the final sounds of words are the same and are repeated either within a line (this is called internal rhyme , as in 'I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers ') or at the end of two lines (this is called end rhyme ). Work our the effect rhyme creates. Does it make the poem more memorable? Does it add to the 'feel', the meaning or the tone in a useful way? Does it create a happy sense that 'all is well with the world'? Often 'sound effects' created by using the form of comparison, words help to suggest a particular tone of voice . For example, repeated hard consonants called 'plosive consonants' (b, p, c, k, d, etc.) can suggest harshness or anger, whereas soft consonants (sh, ch, s, f, m, etc.) or 'long' internal vowels (e.g. the s oo n the sh ow ers of au tumn') can suggest a calm or romantic quality. Rhyme can also suggest or add a sense of sacrifices, control or harmony as if 'all is watching, well with the world', whereas half-rhyme (e.g. moan/mourn, years/yours) can suggest a wish for harmony or the presence of making sacrifices essay, discord . Repetition of and contrast+essay, important words and essay phrases can help shape meaning because it adds emphasis . Are the stanzas (i.e. what many students wrongly call 'verses') regular in line length, size and shape with a repeating, regular rhythm?

This is typical of older more traditional British poetry and elp dissertation hints at making essay, that sense of 'control' and 'harmony' that seemed to exist in on films, earlier days before the great loss of religious faith or questioning of values of today. Poems with irregular line lengths and making sacrifices essay no obvious rhythm or rhyme look and essay sound very different from traditional poetry. These poems are called free verse or, technically, 'vers libre' and can be a way of suggesting lack of control or lack of harmony . Look at the way the structure or sequence of ideas builds up in sacrifices essay, the poem (perhaps through a sequence of elp dissertation, images ); make a note of the effect of this sequencing of ideas or images and how it adds to the overall effect and meaning of the poem. Finally, notice if any particular words and phrases stand out in a particularly poetic way. These words and phrases deserve extra thought as they probably contain layers of meaning or create imagery and ideas. Maybe the words are ironic or metaphorical? Perhaps they create a vivid image , for example. These effects act to sacrifices essay draw you deeper into ap literature essay 2013 the world of the essay poem by engaging your attention - a sure sign that the poem is 'working' on you! In your mind, 'become' the poet and do formal essays have thesis statements ask yourself these revealing questions: 1. What is 'your' poem about generally (e.g. Making? 'war') and in particular (e.g. 'the horror of fighting in trench warfare'). For example, were you trying to help your reader to elp dissertation understand some aspect of society or human life more clearly?

What was your intention or purpose? 3. What motivated you to write about such a subject? Were you affected by your circumstances : the beliefs, values and attitudes you hold to compared to the general beliefs, attitudes and values of your society or its leaders (i.e. Essay? your society's dominant ideologies )? 4. Were there any literary traditions or fashions that affected the style in which you wrote? Why was this? You will frequently be asked to write about more than one poem and this does add an extra layer of difficulty. However, if you are writing an argument essay , the difficulty is lessened dramatically because you are using the poems to support your own argument rather than writing directly about the poems themselves. Aspects of essays, each poem will, therefore, naturally find their way into making your essay as you write in support of the various points you are making to support your argument.

It is, therefore, always best to compare and contrast the ideas each poet explores as you proceed - and this is best done as providing support for your own argument. In each paragraph you write, you should aim to discuss a comparable or contrasting aspect chosen from ucla elp dissertation, each poem (and, as before, you must use the 'point-quotation-comment' method) that helps develop a point that supports your overall argument as stated in your opening paragraph. If you find this difficult (and it can be - especially under examination conditions), the alternative is to write an 'exploring essay'. In this kind of essay, you analyse and write about your first poem fully before moving on making essay, to your second poem, then, as you write about the writing second poem, you must take the essay chance frequently to refer back to the first poem when you find a suitable point of comparison or contrast. N ever forget to compare and contrast! This is a part of the mark scheme in this type of question. FIVE TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS. 1. Know your poems well. 2. Analyse closely analysis and develop subtle insights. Only a close analysis of the watching tv benefits essays poem will allow you to develop subtle insights into the poet's reasons and making methods.

It is the consistency, clarity, depth and subtlety of your analysis and elp dissertation insights that will gain the highest marks. 3. Use the P.E.E. Making Essay? method of analysis. 4. Never look for and find what isn't there ! Poems can be difficult so when you are thinking about the deeper levels of a poem's meaning, it is all too easy to be overly ingenious . Elp Dissertation? Do not find meanings that are not really there. If a particular meaning exists within a part of a poem, it will be consistent with (i.e. help out the meaning of. ) the whole poem - it will never just apply to making a single line or phrase. If you think a line of poetry means something, make sure this fits in with what you think the poet is trying to say in the whole poem. A more obvious meaning is far more likely than a very obscure meaning. Always make sure that the words of your poem clearly support whatever points you want to make about it. Never be afraid to use a lively style when you write; in fact, whilst remembering always to avoid slang and to use standard English , try hard to make your essay sound as individual and interesting as you are!

Avoid stuffiness and over-formality like the plague.

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essay format short (ehemals Institut für fremdsprachliche Philologien) This is an abbreviated and adapted version of Appendix 3 from Ann Charters, The Story and making essay Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction (3rd ed. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Writing! Martin's Press, 1991), a very useful anthology with a broad selection of essay, short fiction and related commentaries. In writing an essay about literature, you clarify your relationship to what you have read. This relationship goes beyond a basic emotional response to the story, whether you enjoyed it or not. You write to ap literature 2013, reveal what Ernest Hemingway referred to sacrifices essay, as the measure of what you brought to the reading. As soon as you ask the smallest question about the meaning or structure of a story and try to answer it, you are beginning a critical inquiry that involves your intellect as well as your emotions. This activity is 123 help me persuasive essay called the interpretation of the text.

What makes it valuable is that it reveals to you and to others how you respond to the stories after they have entertained, instructed, and perhaps enchanted you. Now it is your turn to explain their effect on you, and to analyze how they did it. Making Sacrifices! Once you have asked yourself what there is about a story that gives you pleasure the style, the do formal thesis, form, the meaning - you have begun discovering the measure of what you brought to the reading. The next stage is to communicate your ideas to someone else. Turning yourself from essay, a reader into a writer takes time, but if you understand the various steps involved, the process becomes much easier.

An essay about literature can take various forms and be various lengths, depending on writing essays the nature of the assignment. But whether you are writing an essay of only a few paragraphs or a research paper of several thousand words, the basic requirement is always the same. You must keep in mind that an essay on short stories (or on any subject, for sacrifices essay that matter) is a type of thesis statements, expository writing, and making expository means serving to clarify, set forth, or explain in 123 help me persuasive, detail an idea about the subject. Writing about literature helps you clarify your ideas. If you want your essay to communicate these ideas clearly to a reader, you must understand that it always requires two things to be effective: a strong thesis sentence or central idea about your topic, and an adequate development of your thesis sentence. Making Essay! How you organize your paper will depend on the way you choose to develop your central idea. The three principal ways of 2013, organizing essays about short stories - explication, analysis, and comparison and contrast - will be taken up after a discussion of ways to find a thesis sentence.

Most effective short papers (about 500 words) usually treat one aspect of the story: its theme, characterization, setting, point of view, or literary style. These are some of the possible topics for making sacrifices essay your paper, the general subject you are going to write about. Usually your first response to a story is a jumble of impressions that do not separate themselves into thesis neat categories of topics and sacrifices essay thesis sentences . You must sort through these impressions to select a topic on ap literature prompts which to concentrate in order to get ideas for your thesis sentence. Before you can start your essay, you should feel that you understand the story thoroughly as a whole. Read it again to remind yourself of the passages that strike you with particular force. Underline the words and sentences you consider significant -- or, even better, make a list of sacrifices, what seems important while you are reading the story. These can be outstanding descriptions of the characters or settings, passages of meaningful dialogue, details showing the way the author builds toward the story's climax, or hints that foreshadow the conclusion. To stimulate ideas about topics, you may want to jot down answers to the following questions about the me persuasive, elements of the story as you reread it. Does the sacrifices, plot depend on chance or coincidence, or does it grow out of the personalities of the characters? Are any later incidents foreshadowed early in the story?

Are the episodes presented in chronological order? If not, why not? Does the ucla elp dissertation, climax indicate a change in a situation or a change in sacrifices essay, a character? How dramatic is this change? Or is watching tv benefits essays there no change at all?

Are the characters believable? Are they stereotypes? Do they suggest real people, or abstract qualities? Is there one protagonist or are there several? Does the story have an antagonist? How does the author tell you about the main character #150; through description of physical appearance, actions, thoughts, and emotions, or through contrast with a minor character? Does the main character change in the course of the story? If so, how? Why?

How does the making essay, setting influence the plot and the characters? Does it help to suggest or develop the meaning of the story? How does the point of watching tv benefits essays, view shape the making sacrifices essay, theme? Would the story change if told from a different viewpoint? In first-person narration, can you trust the narrator? Is the author's prose style primarily literal or figurative? Can you find examples of irony in dialogue or narrative passages?

If dialect or colloquial speech is used, what is its effect? Does the author call attention to the way he or she uses words, or is the literary style inconspicuous? Does the story's title help explain its meaning? Can you find a suggestion of the theme in specific passages or dialogue or description? Are certain symbols or repetitions of images important in revealing the author's intent in the story, what Poe would call the watching tv benefits, single effect? Now put the text aside and look over your notes. Can you see any pattern in them? You may find that you have been most impressed by the way the author developed characterizations, for example. Then you will have a possible topic for your paper.

Certainly if you have a choice, you should pick whatever appeals to you the sacrifices essay, most in the story and concentrate on it. If you still cannot come up with a topic, ask for help in your next class. Perhaps your instructor will suggest something: Why don't you discuss the and contrast+essay, way Hawthorne used irony in 'Young Goodman Brown'? Often the class will be assigned one topic to write about. Some students think assigned topics make writing more difficult; others find they make it easier to begin to write. A topic, however, is not the same as a thesis sentence. A topic is a general subject (for example, the character of Goodman Brown). A thesis sentence, by contrast, makes a statement about a topic; it is usually the result of thinking about the topic and narrowing it down to focus on sacrifices essay some relationship of the topic to the story as a whole.

A good thesis sentence has two important functions. Me Persuasive Essay! First, it suggests a way for you to write about the story. Second, it makes clear to your reader the sacrifices essay, approach you have taken toward the topic. To write critically about do formal essays have thesis statements, short fiction, you must think critically about it. You start with an sacrifices essay, interpretation of the entire story and then show how some particular aspect of it contributes to statements, what you think is its overall pattern and making essay meaning. A thesis sentence states the on films, central idea you will develop in your paper. It should be easy for the reader of sacrifices essay, your essay to recognize - even if it's sometimes hard for you to formulate. A thesis sentence is watching a complete sentence that points the way you will take to making, clarify your interpretation of the story. In Hawthorne's story, for example, you might decide to write about the character of Goodman Brown ( topic ). You interpret the story to be a warning about the danger of losing religious faith ( theme ). Ap Literature Essay Prompts 2013! If you think about the way your topic relates to the theme, your analysis might lead you to the idea that Goodman Brown lost his religious faith through the sin of pride. This thought process narrows the topic into a thesis, which you can state as the sentence The story 'Young Goodman Brown' shows how a man can lose his religious faith through the sin of pride.

The test of a good thesis sentence is whether your subject (The story 'Young Goodman Brown') is sacrifices followed by a clearly focused predicate (shows how a man can lose his religious faith through the sin of pride). What you want is a statement of an idea that you can then develop in your essay. Finding a thesis sentence is watching tv benefits often the biggest stumbling block for writers of expository prose. How do you know if your idea is worth developing in a paper? Generally speaking, a thesis will work if it expresses a specific idea about the story that you want to develop. If you are not interested to begin with, or do not like the story you are writing about, you probably will not write effectively. You almost always write better about essay, a story you have enjoyed reading. Certainly you will feel more sympathetic to the intent of the essay, author if you are not hostile to the assignment in making, the first place. Remember also that as a literary critic you must always keep an watching tv benefits, open mind when interpreting a story.

Your ideas about it are as valid as anyone else's, so long as you can support them with examples from the text. There are many possible ways to sacrifices, read a story, although the author may have felt the original impulse to write it because of elp dissertation, a particular idea or feeling about the making, subject. Sometimes the thesis sentence occurs to you while you are thinking about the do formal statements, story; then you can jot it down as a fully formed idea right away. Other times you may find that you are unable to formulate any definite idea about the story until you start to write. Making Essay! No single procedure works for all writers at all times. Comparison! You might begin writing with a trial thesis in mind, putting down rough ideas or a string of sentences as you think about the general topic you have chosen. Or you might decide to go back to making, the notes you took while reading the story and try to writing essays on films, organize them into a simple outline about your topic, looking for connections between things that might suggest a direction to take in a trial essay and then hoping a thesis sentence will emerge while you free-associate with paper and pencil in hand. You might also get an idea for a thesis sentence by talking about the story with a friend.

Whatever way you start, do not settle for anything quick and making sacrifices essay easy. Hawthorne's use of irony in and contrast+essay, 'Young Goodman Brown' is interesting is much too general to be helpful to you in writing a good essay. Keep thinking or scribbling away at your first rough draft until you find an idea that gives you a specific direction to take in sacrifices, your paper. Essay! Hawthorne's use of irony in 'Young Goodman Brown' suggests his judgment of the sacrifices essay, Puritan moral code is a thesis sentence that has a clearly focused predicate. It states a definite relationship of the topic to the meaning of the thesis you want to explore. Essays! Then you know you are on your way to writing a good essay. If you begin the making, first paragraph of your essay with a strong thesis sentence, your ideas will usually flow in writing and revising the paper. You will often discover further possibilities for refining your thesis while using it to interpret the comparison, text. That is making sacrifices one reason you should allow plenty of time to comparison and contrast+essay, complete a writing assignment. It's an unusual first draft in sacrifices essay, which the central idea is developed coherently and fully enough to be turned in ap literature essay, as a finished paper.

Revision often stimulates further thought, sharpening and strengthening the development of your thesis. In the process of sacrifices essay, writing, you will come to understand the story more fully as your thesis takes you closer to its meaning. Try not to and contrast+essay, become discouraged about writing by visualizing some distant final product - a well-organized essay, neatly typed on clean, white paper, shimmering on the page in what looks like pristine perfection. Remember that it took time to get that way. Your essay originated in halfformed, often confused thoughts that had to be coaxed to arrange themselves into coherent paragraphs linked by what only much later appear to essay, be inevitable transitions. More often than not, the 500 words you might think are a perfect essay when you turn in your final paper will be the end result -- if you took enough time in writing -- of winnowing down 1,000 or more words from your rough drafts. You must amplify and clarify your thesis, editing your sentences and paragraphs so that each one relates coherently to your central idea. Then your essay will express your insights about the story so clearly that they can be understood as you intended. At the beginning, it is best to forget about the end result and give all your thought and effort to the process of and contrast+essay, writing. If you find it useful, make an outline and try to making, follow it, but this practice varies with different writers. Some find it valuable to organize their notes about the story into a formal outline, whereas others prefer to watching, make a rough sketch of the steps they plan to follow in developing their central idea.

You may find that you do not want to use an outline at all, although in general it can help to keep you from straying too far from the point you are trying to make. Remember, too, that there is no fixed rule about the number of drafts or the amount of sacrifices essay, revision necessary before you have a finished essay. Essays Have Thesis! Every essay changes from the first rough draft through various revisions; an essay is often gone, over several times in sacrifices essay, the days or weeks between getting the assignment: and bringing the finished paper to class. In the various stages of writing different aspects of the central idea often reveal themselves and are integrated into and contrast+essay the paper, depending on your degree of concentration and essay J involvement in comparison and contrast+essay, the assignment. Even if you scrap sentences or whole paragraphs that do not relate to making sacrifices, your final discussion, you have not waste your time, because your early efforts to put your thoughts down on paper bring you to the point where you have better insights. You will probably have to rewrite your opening paragraph many times to tailor your thesis sentence to the final shape your ideas have taken. Essays Have Thesis! So writers just sketch in making essay, the first paragraph and go back to polish it when I rest of the essay is finished. Often you will want to amplify and refine your thesis sentence, dividing it into several sentences in your introductory remarks. Essays Have Thesis Statements! Then it becomes a thesis statement, rather than a single sentence.

While it is making possible to write many different kinds of papers about short fiction, most college instructors assign students the task of interpreting the text. The literary items used in the headnotes on me persuasive essay each writer in this anthology and making sacrifices essay defined in have statements, the Glossary [of this book] can help you find a vocabulary to express your ideas. Making! You cannot write intelligently about any subject without using the 123 help essay, special terminology of making sacrifices essay, that subject, whether it is English, economics, psychology, or engineering. At the same time, dropping the terms in your paper the way a person might drop names at a party will not impress your readers. Understand what the terms mean so you can use them to think and write critically about the elements of a story when you begin to interpret the text in the light of your central idea. You will usually develop your thesis statement in the body of ucla, your essay by following one or more of the three common methods of writing about literature: explication , analysis , and making sacrifices essay comparison and do formal have statements contrast . Ann Charters. The Story and Its Writer (3rd ed. Essay! Boston: Bedford Books of St.

Martin's Press, 1991).