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architecure essay The essays and articles below by seasoned thinkers provide a unique on-line resource for dissertation environmental management, study. When these thoughts are read in and types combination with winning student essays, it is more then abundantly clear the scope and dissertation management importance of the fact that architecture is thesis policing a social art. Each year the Berkeley Prize Committee invites a distinguished professor or scholar in the field of architecture or the related social sciences to environmental, write about some aspect of the year#39;s Berkeley Prize topic. These essays serve several purposes: They are meant to help focus students#39; thoughts on the issues surrounding the year#39;s Question. They are a model for coarage essay, excellence in dissertation management writing. They exhibit both how defined and how broad the range of for community policing possible response to a Question. Anthony Schuman: Toward an Architecture of environmental Solidarity. For Community And Problem-solving Policing. Architecture for the Public Good: A Photo Essay by environmental, the BERKELEY PRIZE Committee. Paul Broches: A Gentle Push Toward Design for coarage essay, Everyone. Dissertation Environmental Management. John Cary: 2011 Commencement Address, College of paper term Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley. Benjamin Clavan: Creating Architectural Monuments.

Charles Debbas: Zimbabwe Childcare Centers: A Collaboration between the International Child Resource Institute and environmental Debbas Architecture. Tom Fisher: Public-Interest Architecture: A Needed and coarage essay Inevitable Change. Lance Hosey: The role of the dissertation, street in fostering social life. Nathan Koren: Architecture in Reverse: Building the Pyramid from the Top Down. Michael Pyatok: Personal Choices, Social Purpose.

David Salazar: studioMDA in New York City: Making Social Architecture a Reality. JUDITH LEE STRONACH UNDERGRADUATE TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIP winner Julian Daley on architects confronting poverty in Chile. Sophia Bannert#39;s winning BERKELEY PRIZE 2013 essay published on meaning and types of essay A quick overview of 12 of the dissertation, U.S. Tin Pan Research Paper. Pavilion exhibits at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Read about the current Venice Architecture Biennale and its theme of Common Ground that explores the relationship between construction and society and, as a result, the dissertation, architect and guinea society. Construction and Society From the current issue of dissertation management ARCHITECT magazine, published in the United States in association with the American Institute of for community Architects, a few words about the future of architectural discussion by the architectural critic for dissertation environmental, the NEW YORK TIMES that reinforces the idea that architecture is, ultimately, a social art. Of Essay. Social Agent/Expanding Architecture#39;s Discourse Jargon interferes with our appreciation of the dissertation environmental, art that has perhaps the most impact on us. Why don#39;t we read about architecture? is the and problem-solving, question asked by Allison Arieff in dissertation this recent online opinion piece - and yearly by the BERKELEY PRIZE. Essay Om Det Er. Arieff argues that jargon interferes with our appreciation of the environmental, art that has perhaps the most impact on nursing essay us. (From the New York Times Opinionator blog ). Why Don#39;t We Read About Architecture The Curry Stone Design Prize was created to management, recognize that designers can be a force for contemporary nursing issues essay, improving people#39;s lives. Dissertation. Read about this year#39;s winners from around the world and coarage essay how the prize not only environmental, rewards ingenuity, but it is also rewarding bottom up social change. (From Huffington Post#39;s IMPACT internet newspaper) Curry Stone Design Prize: Design with a Mission. The exhibition Design with the Other 90%: CITIES, organized by production thesis, the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, is environmental currently on display through January 12, 2012 at the United Nations in New York City. Curator Cynthia Smith#39;s in-depth assessment, adapted from her catalogue essay, of the research that took her to importance paper, Asia, Africa and dissertation management Latin America explores innovations in humanitarian design and describes how she found many examples of hybrid solutions that work to bridge the formal and om det smukkeste ved danmark er informal city and to make the planet#39;s rapidly growing cities more just and humane. Dissertation Environmental. (From DESIGN OBSERVER, 10.20.11) . Meaning. Read a review of dissertation management this survey of thesis Design for dissertation management, the Public Good from around the world in the New York Times. In a shift from a time when New York City hired only the lowest bidders for fowl thesis, civic projects, dozens of dissertation environmental management new city buildings have been designed by paper, gifted architects. for environmental management, the public good. One attempt at making city streets more pedestrian friendly by greening the hard cityscape quickly, cheaply, and bibliography of research creatively.

One of the best summaries of the state of dissertation environmental management humanitarian design today, part of ARCHITECT magazine#39;s September 2011 issue on Natural Disasters: Architecture to the Rescue. BERKELEY PRIZE Committee Member John Cary on public-private art pieces. Opinion piece by BERKELEY PRIZE Committee Member John Cary: Architect Barbie fails to address the of research, very real gender gap in architecture. Read the recent editorial, #39;Apple#39;s philanthropy needs a reboot#39;, co-authored by dissertation, John Cary, a BERKELEY PRIZE Committee member. Nursing Issues Essay. Read about environmental management, this United Nations effort to coarage essay, tie colleges around the environmental management, world together in the pursuit of, among other ideals, the coarage essay, organization#39;s Millenium Development Goals. These precepts provide a foundation for the social art of architecture. It is not pretty, but here is dissertation some imaginative thinking about how to let cities grow naturally and production incrementally. Read about an architect who has gained international fame by thinking about design in its essence as first a social art. From one of the United States#39; premiere intellectual journals, an article about the need for more skyscrapers that barely addresses the environmental management, issues of the guinea production, day-to-day lives of all those who would be asked to dissertation environmental management, call these new structures #39;home#39;. Eye-sores to thesis for community, eye-catchers? A great audio piece about dissertation, Privately Owned Public Open Spaces, little sacred spots scattered throughout the importance, city, from the fabulous 99% Invisible.

Contested semantics around calling the Cordoba a Mosque-Cathedral, and management the history of a place that has been sacred to two faiths. Mad Men, the critically-acclaimed United State#39;s television series, is tin pan alley more than just a period piece about environmental management, Madison Avenue, New York in importance paper the 1960s. Environmental Management. The social art of architecture hits the airwaves! A report on a current attempt to meaning, tie together sustainability and management the social art of architecture in policing the Mid-East. Dissertation Management. The BERKELEY PRIZE is endorsed by the Department of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley.

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Dissertation environmental management

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Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Engineering Building 3, Room 3002. Phone: (919) 515-2365. The Department of Mechanical and environmental management Aerospace Engineering is the largest engineering department at NC State, among the largest in the nation, and offers doctor of philosophy, masters, and undergraduate degrees, and on-line delivery of bibliography, graduate courses for remote students. The undergraduate curricula in mechanical engineering and in aerospace engineering are nearly the same for freshmen and sophomores but then differ for juniors and seniors. The freshman and sophomore courses provide the dissertation environmental management student with an understanding of the basic principles of alley research paper, engineering - statics, dynamics, solid mechanics, and thermodynamics. In the junior and senior years, the courses become more specialized and end with a capstone design course in which student teams develop an dissertation engineering system in response to industry-sponsored requirements. Detailed information is available online. Aerospace engineering applies science and engineering principles to design, development, manufacture, and operation of aerospace systems and coarage essay vehicles.

Aerospace vehicles include aircraft such as low-speed propeller-powered aircraft, remotely autonomously piloted vehicles, micro air vehicles, hovercraft, and dissertation environmental helicopters and spacecrafts such as rockets, space stations, and planetary rovers. Production. Aerospace engineering not only involves design, development, manufacture, and environmental operation but also considers environmental, economical, ethical, and social issues. The undergraduate curriculum provides the student with knowledge of bibliography of research paper, aerodynamics, aerospace materials, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, and vehicle stability and dissertation control plus knowledge of selected topics in orbital mechanics, space environment, altitude determination and control, telecommunications, and space structures. The program educates students to bibliography paper, define, formulate, and solve aerospace engineering problems, to function in dissertation environmental, multi-disciplinary teams, and to communicate effectively. Aerospace engineering students gain experience with low-speed and bibliography of research high-speed wind tunnels and structural and material facilities for testing prototype models.

A prominent feature of the program is the year-long senior design experience in which students choose from two possibilities: (1) design, construct, and flight-test a fly-by-wire aircraft; a unique 40-year tradition of the aerospace engineering program, or (2) design a prototype spacecraft, like a rocket, satellite or a planetary rover. Many of the students are involved in the department's student clubs, such as the Aerial Robotics and Rocketry clubs that compete regionally and regularly place in dissertation management, the top 3. Aerospace engineering undergraduates are employed by the aerospace industries and other industries with similar technical problems. Many of our students enter graduate school after which they are employed by these same industries and by government laboratories such as NASA, NAVAIR, and the Air Force. Mechanical engineering applies mechanical, thermal, and fluid principles to research, design, development, testing, manufacture, and operation of products and systems.

Mechanical engineering is the broadest of the coarage essay engineering programs, providing a technological foundation that serves societal needs in energy, health, safety, and all walks of life. Dissertation. Mechanical engineers solve problems dealing with energy and environmental systems (alternative fuels and renewable technologies), advanced materials and manufacturing (precision metrology, smart materials, and auto-adaptive materials), robotics and sensor technologies (opto-mechanical systems, MEMS, energy harvesting, human-centric and bio-inspired intelligent systems), and transportation (automotive and high speed rail). In addition to nursing, taking strong foundational courses, mechanical engineering students gain experience in experimental laboratories for measurement and data analysis, performance evaluation of environmental, thermal systems, and testing and analysis of and types writing, mechanical components. The senior design experience is a distinctive joint departmental-industry effort in dissertation, which students solve industry-sponsored problems by designing, building, and testing prototype machines with the support of facilities for machining and electronics. Many of the paper term students are involved in the department’s student clubs, such as its Eco car and SAE car clubs that compete internationally and regularly place in the top 10. Because of the discipline’s wide breadth, mechanical engineering students have a wide variety of employment opportunities. Undergraduate students enter engineering fields that deal with, to dissertation management, varying levels, design, development, manufacturing, plant operation, testing and experimentation, consulting, sales and service. The employers come from industry, government and service organizations. Many of the undergraduate students go on to graduate school to pursue advanced degrees in contemporary nursing issues, engineering, science or business, as well as professional degree programs such as medicine, accounting and law. Honors Program in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Students enter the mechanical and aerospace honors program by invitation.

Students in these programs participate in dissertation environmental management, special educational experiences involving deeper investigations into subjects and research projects. Director of Undergraduate Programs. Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs. Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor. Duncan Distinguished University Professor. Samuel P. Langley Distinguished Professor.

Director of Undergraduate Advising and Outreach. Director of Undergraduate Laboratories. Eastern Regional Director for Engineering. MAE - Mechanical Aerospace Engr Courses. MAE200 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design 1. Restriction: Sophomore standing in Mechanical Engineering. Introduction to mechanical engineering and its application in professional practice.

Includes mechanical engineering vocabulary, measurement concepts, safety training, demonstration of basic machine components and systems, dissection of mechanical engineering devices, simple drawing and sketching, 3d printing, technical communication, design, creation of Online Portfolio. (5-week course). MAE201 Engineering Thermodynamics I 3. Introduction to the concept of energy and the laws governing the transfers and transformations of energy. Emphasis on thermodynamic properties and the First and Second Law analysis of systems and control volumes. Integration of these concepts into the analysis of basic power cycles is introduced. Prerequisite: Cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher and a grade of C or better in both MA241 and PY205.

Basic concepts of forces in equilibrium. Distributed forces, frictional forces. Inertial properties. Application to machines, structures, and meaning and types systems. Credit is not allowed for dissertation management, both MAE206 and CE214. Kinematics and kinetics of particles in rectangular, cylindrical, and curvilinear coordinate systems; energy and momentum methods for particles; kinetics of coarage essay, systems of particles; kinematics and kinetics of environmental management, rigid bodies in coarage essay, two and three dimensions; motion relative to rotating coordinate systems. Concepts and theories of internal force, stress, strain, and strength of structural element under static loading conditions. Constitutive behavior for linear elastic structures. Deflection and management stress analysis procedures for bars, beams, and shafts.Introduction to matrix analysis of structures.

MAE250 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering 1. The objective of this course is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts associated with aerospace engineering. This will be done through lectures focused on fluid flow, structures, dynamics, and meaning and types of essay complex system design. Students will also engage in hands-on mini-projects that will provide a design experience. Final efforts will culminate in a design portfolio project.14AE BS Majors only. MAE251 Aerospace Vehicle Performance 3. Prerequisite: Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher and a grade of C or better in both MA241 and PY205; Corequisite: CSC113. Introduction to environmental, the problem of performance analysis in tin pan, aerospace engineering. Aircraft performance in environmental, gliding, climbing, level, and turning flight. Calculation of vehicle take-off and landing distance, range and endurance.

Elementary performance design problems. Introduction to space flight. Prerequisites: MA 301 and C- or better in MAE 251Corequisite: MA341. Fundamentals of perfect fluid theory with applications to incompressible flows over airfoils, wings, and flight vehicle configurations. MAE253 Experimental Aerodynamics I 1. Prerequisites: MA 301 and C- or better in MAE251; Corequisites: MA341 and C- or better in MAE252.

Subsonic wind tunnel, instrumentation, data acquisition techniques, technical report preparation. Experiments involve pressure and force/moment measurements of various aerospace vehicle components with supplemental flow visualization. MAE302 Engineering Thermodynamics II 3. Prerequisites: (CSC112 or CSC113 or CSC 114) and C- or better in production, MAE 301. Continuation of Engineering Thermodynamics I with emphasis on the analysis of power and refrigeration cycles and the application of environmental, basic principles to engineering problems with systems involving mixtures of ideal gases, psychrometrics, nonideal gases, chemical reactions, combustion, chemical equilibrium cycle analysis, and one-dimensional compressible flow. MAE305 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I 1. Theory and bibliography paper practice of measurement and experimental data collection.

Laboratory evaluation and demonstration of components of the generalized measurement system and their effects on the final result. Applications of basic methods of management, data analysis aswell as basic instrumentation for sensing, conditioning and displaying experimental qualities. (Instruction and practice in technical report writing.). MAE306 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II 1. Continuation of issues essay, MAE305 into specific types of measurements. Students evaluate and compare different types of environmental, instrumentation for paper, measuring the same physical quantity on the basis of cost, time required, accuracy, etc. Dissertation Management. (Oral and written presentation of guinea thesis, technical material). Development of the basic equations of fluid mechanics in general and specialized form. Application to environmental, a variety of topics including fluid statics; inviscid, incompressible fluid flow; design of Fluid dynamic system. MAE310 Heat Transfer Fundamentals 3. Prerequisite: (MA341 or MA 301), C- or better in contemporary nursing, MAE 301.

Corequisite: MAE308. Analysis of steady state and transient one and multidimensional heat conduction employing both analytical methods and numerical techniques. Integration of principles and concepts of management, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics to the development of practicalconvective heat transfer relations relevant to mechanical engineers. Heat transfer by the mechanism of radiation heat transfer. Application of dynamics to the analysis and design of machine and mechanical components. Motions resulting from applied loads, and importance the forces required to dissertation management, produce specified motions. Introduction to mechanical vibration, free and paper forced response of dissertation environmental management, discrete and continuous systems. MAE316 Strength of Mechanical Components 3. Prerequisite: ME, AE, or NE Majors, C- or better in MAE 314 or CE313. Analysis and design of mechanical components based on deflection, material, static strength and fatigue requirements.

Typical components include beams, shafts, pressure vessels and bolted and welded joints. Of Essay. Classical and modern analysis and design techniques. Computer analysis using the finite element method. Material and manufacturing considerations in design. Concepts of thermodynamics, compressible fluid flow, and shock waves with application to computing the dissertation aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils, wings and flight configurations at high speed. MAE352 Experimental Aerodynamics II 1. Advanced stability and control experiments in the subsonic wind tunnel and external compressible flow experiments in the supersonic wind tunnel. Dynamics and linear feedback control of aerospace and mechanical systems. Concepts from linear system theory, kinematics, particle dynamics, first- and paper term second-order systems, system dynamics, vibrations, and environmental management computational techniques. Feedback controlby root-locus, Nyquist, Bode plots, servo-mechanisms, gain and coarage essay phase margin, and compensation. Control system design emphasized.

Prerequisite: C- or better in MAE251 and (MAE 314 or CE313). Determination of appropriate analysis techniques for Aerospace Structures. Dissertation Environmental Management. Introduction of governing equations and selected solutions for and types of essay writing, typical structures. Dissertation Management. Use of these concepts in the design of a representative structural component. MAE372 Aerospace Vehicle Structures Lab 1. Demonstration and application of the concepts that have been presented in MAE371 and MAE472. Fabrication techniques and the design and construction of a structural component will be emphasized. Design of issues, a complete air conditioning system for a building. Introduction, Design Objectives - Building Description, Review of Psychrometrics and Air Conditioning Processes, Cooling and Heating Load Calculation, Space Air diffusion, Duct Lay-out and Design, Equipment Selection, Pipe Sizing, Life-cycle Cost Analysis. Prerequisite: (MAE306 or C- or better in MAE 261); Corequisite: (MAE 461 or MAE435).

Laboratory experiments demonstrate the essential features of classical and modern control theory for single-input and single-output systems. MAE406 Energy Conservation in Industry 3. Application of energy conservation principles to a broad range of industrial situations with emphasis on typical equipment encountered as well as the effect of recent environmental regulations. Topics covered include: steam generators, pollution control, work minimization, heat recovery, steam traps, industrial ventilation, electrical energy management, and economics. Field trip to conduct tests and evaluate operation at three NCSU steam plants. Fundamental analysis of the theory and design of turbomachinery flow passages; control and performance of turbomachinery; gas-turbine engine processes. MAE408 Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals 3. Fundamentals common to internal combustion engine cycles of operation. Otto engine: carburetion, combustion, knock, exhaust emissions and engine characteristics.

Diesel engine: fuel metering, combustion, knock, and performance. Conventional and alternative fuels used in internal combustion engines. MAE410 Modern Manufacturing Processes 3. Introduction to modern manufacturing processes and dissertation technologies. Topics to be covered include traditional machining, laser and production electrochemical machining, electro-discharge machining, geometric dimensioning tolerancing, tolerance chart, statistical process control, metal forming, metal casting, rapid prototyping, welding, micro-fabrication, hybrid processes, and computer aided manufacturing. To relate theory taught in class with practice, the course includes mini projects on machining, rapid prototyping, and material testing. Applications of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer to thermal systems with an emphasis on dissertation management system design and optimization. Design of heat exchangers. Analysis of engineering economics, including time value of issues essay, money, present and future worth, payback period, internal rates of return, and cost benefit analysis. Review of dissertation environmental management, component model for pipes, pumps, fans, compressors, turbines, evaporators, condensers and refrigerators. Simulation methods for bibliography, finding the environmental management operating point for thermal systems.

Design of thermal systems through methods of optimization. MAE415 Analysis for Mechanical Engineering Design 3. Integration of the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering to solve real-world design problems. Emphasis on open-ended problems which contain superfluous information and/or insufficient data. Solution techniques focus on problem definition,reduction to a solvable system, and development of a design response. Formal written communication of results. MAE416 Mechanical Engineering Design 4.

Teamwork, independent learning and meaning communication skills are emphasized in this capstone course. Teams of students experience mechanical engineering design through: problem definition, investigation, brainstorming, focus, critical review, design, analysis, prototype construction and testing. Design for manufacture is encouraged throughout the process by having students build their own prototypes. Communication skills are developed through reports and presentations. MAE421 Design of Solar Thermal Systems 3. Analysis and design of active and dissertation environmental passive solar thermal systems for residential and small commercial buildings. Solar insulation, flat plate collectors, thermal storage, heat exchanges, controls, design, performance calculations, economics. Site evaluation, shading, suncharts, types of fowl guinea production, passive systems. Dissertation Environmental Management. Heating load analysis.

Overview of photovoltaics. On-site evaluation of NCSU Solar House. MAE426 Fundamentals of Product Design 3. Many think of design as more of an art than a science. However, the growing body of research in the engineering design community teaches us ways to navigate the design of consumer products using interdisciplinary design tools and research rational decision making.

This course introduces students to scientific design techniques that are more effective than ad hoc tactics. By exploring how engineering principles integrate with real world design challenges, students will learn to solve product design problems that encompass heterogeneous markets, multiple disciplines, and large-scale complex systems. MAE430 Applied Finite Element Analysis 3. Finite element modeling techniques for solving real-world engineering problems are discussed. Theory of finite element discretization is highlighted follow by software implementation, emphasis is given on accurate prescription of boundary conditions that represent actual physical systems, modeling exercises and projects include solid structural problems, heat transfer, structural vibrations, fluid dynamics and contact problems, modeling is carried out dissertation management, using commercial software packages. MAE435 Principles of Automatic Control 3. Study of linear feedback control systems using transfer functions. Transient and steady state responses. Stability and meaning and types dynamic analyses using time response and environmental frequency response techniques. Compensation methods. Classical control theory techniquesfor determination and modification of the term dynamic response of a system.

Synthesis and design applications to dissertation management, typical mechanical engineering control systems. Introduction to modern control theory. MAE440 Non-Desctructive Testing and Evaluation 3. Junior or Senior standing in the College of fowl guinea production thesis, Engineering. NDT/NDE is a 3-credit elective course covering the general defect and environmental management damage types in issues essay, materials and structures, principles of NDT/NDE techniques, and NDT/NDE applications. Associated lab modules (3 weeks) provide hands-on opportunities to environmental, students on often used NDT/NDE methods including magnetic particle, ultrasonics, and eddy current methods. A final project team will work on research and industrial NDT/NDE solutions. Fundamental aspects of automotive engineering. Examines various automotive systems (engine, brakes, etc.) as well as their interactions in such areas as safety and performance. Bibliography Paper. Current practices and development for the future. MAE451 Experimental Aerodynamics III 1.

Laboratory experiments in internal compressible flow and boundary layers in conjunction with MAE455 and MAE 475. Topics include nozzle flows, constant area duct flows, component/overall performance of environmental management, a gas turbine, and boundary layer analysis. Introduction to the aerodynamics and performance of vertical and short take-off and issues landing vehicles. Aerodynamics of propellers and rotors. High lift devices. Introduction to the Navier-Stokes Equations and boundary layer approximations for environmental, incompressible flow. Calculation techniques for laminar and turbulent boundary layer parameters which affect lift, drag, and heat transfer on aerospace vehicles. Discussions of compressible flows. MAE456 Computational Methods in Aerodynamics 3. Introduction to computational methods for meaning and types of essay writing, solving exact fluid equations. Emphasis on development of the dissertation environmental fundamentals of finite difference methods and their application to viscous and inviscid flows.

MAE457 Flight Vehicle Stability and Control 3. Prerequisite: (MAE 461 or MAE435) and C- or better in MAE 261.. Longitudinal, directional and lateral static stability and control of aerospace vehicles. Lineralized dynamic analysis of the motion of a six degree-of-freedom flight vehicle in response to paper, control inputs and disturbance through use of the transfer function concept. Control of static and dynamic behavior by vehicle design (stability derivatives) and/or flight control systems. Prerequisite: MAE351, C- or better in MAE 301. One-dimensional, internal, compressible flow including: isentropic flow, normal shocks, flow with friction and simple heat addition.

Applications to air-breathing aircraft propulsion systems. Environmental Management. Performance, analysis and bibliography design of components and dissertation environmental management overall performance of air-breathing engines. Study of chemical rockets. This includes nozzle theory, flight performance, thermochemical calculations, and component and system analysis and design. MAE467 Introduction to Space Flight 3. Fundamental aspects of space flight including launch vehicle performance and design, spacecraft characteristics, two-body orbital mechanics, earth satellites, interplanetary trajectories, atmospheric entry, and atmospheric heating. A continuation of MAE371; deflection of structures, indeterminate structures, minimum weight design fatigue analysis and use of matrix methods in structural analysis. Selection of materials for aircraft construction based on mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.

MAE480 Aerospace Vehicle Design I 3. Prerequisite: Senior standing, Aerospace Engineering Majors, MAE 356, 472, 462. A synthesis of previously acquired theoretical and empirical knowledge and application to the design of coarage essay, practical aerospace vehicle systems. MAE481 Aerospace Vehicle Design II 3. A continuation of MAE480. Designs are refined and dissertation management vehicles constructed and instrumented by students. Fowl Production Thesis. A flight test program is designed and carried out in cooperation with MAE525 students. MAE482 Engineering Entrepreneurship and New Product Development I 3.

Applications of engineering, mathematics, basic sciences, finance, and business to the design and development of prototype engineering products. This course requires a complete written report and an end-of-course presentation. Environmental. This is the first course in a two semester sequence. Students taking this course will implement their designed prototype in ECE483: Senior Design Project in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering II-Engineering Entrepreneurs. Departmental approval required. MAE483 Engineering Entrepreneurship and New Product Development II 3. Prerequisite: ECE301, ECE302, ECE303, and any two ECE specialization courses. Applications of engineering, science, management and entrepreneurship to the design, development and prototyping of contemporary essay, new product ideas.

Based on their own new product ideas, or those of management, others, students form and lead entrepreneurship teams (eTeams) to prototype these ideas. The students run their eTeams as 'virtual' startup companies where the seniors take on the executive roles. Joining them are students from other grade levels and disciplines throughout the university that agree to participate as eTeam members. Departmental approval required. MAE484 Engineering Entrepreneurship Senior Design Lab 1. This is the lab for MAE483. Applications of engineering, science, management, and entrepreneurship to the design, development, and prototyping of new product ideas.

Based on their own product ideas, or those of others, students form and lead entrepreneurship teams (eTeams) to prototype these ideas. The students run their eTeams as 'virtual' startup companies where the seniors take on the executive roles. Joining them are students from other grade levels and disciplines throughout the University that agree to participate as eTeam members. Bibliography. Departmental approval required. MAE495 Special Topics in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 1-3. Offered as needed to present new or special MAE subject matter.

MAE496 Undergraduate Project Work in management, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 1-6. Prerequisite: Completion of all required MAE-300 level courses, Corequisite: MAE415 or MAE 478. Individual or small group project in engineering, comprising the design of an guinea thesis equipment or system stemming from dissertation a mutual student-faculty interest; a substantial final report (project) containing calculations, drawings and specifications must be produced. Alternatively, individual or small group undergraduate research evolving from a mutual student-faculty interest; a conference or scientific journal paper must be submitted for publication. Departmental approval required. MAE501 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics 3. Classical thermodynamics of a general reactive system; conservation of energy and principles of increase of entropy; fundamental relation of thermodynamics; Legendre transformations; phase transitions and issues essay critical phenomena; equilibrium and stability criteria in different representation; irreversible thermodynamics. Introduction to statistical thermodynamics.

MAE504 Fluid Dynamics Of Combustion I 3. Gas-phase thermochemistry including chemical equilibrium and introductory chemical kinetics. Homogeneous reaction phenomena. Subsonic and supersonic combustion waves in premixed reactants (deflagration and detonation). Effects of turbulence. Introduction to diffusion flame theory.

MAE505 Heat Transfer Theory and Applications 3. Development of basic equations for steady and dissertation environmental management transient heat and and types of essay writing mass transfer processes. Dissertation Management. Emphasis on application of basic equations to paper term, engineering problems in areas of dissertation, conduction, convection, mass transfer and thermal radiation. MAE511 Advanced Dynamics with Applications to Aerospace Systems 3. Basic topics in advanced dynamics and term with applications to aerospace systems. Rotating coordinate systems, Euler angles, three-dimensional kinematics and kinetics, angular momentum methods and an introduction to analytical mechanics.

Examples are concentrated in the area of aerospace vehicles, but the methods learned will be applicable to land-based vehicles and dissertation management any engineering system undergoing rigid body rotation, e.g. Bibliography Of Research Paper. wind turbines, biomechanical systems, machine tools, robotic systems, etc. MAE513 Principles of Structural Vibration 3. Principles of structural vibration beginning from single and multi-degree of freedom systems and dissertation environmental extending to distributed systems. And Types Writing. Forced system response, vibration of strings, bars, shafts and beams and an introduction to approximate methods. MAE515 Advanced Automotive Vehicle Dynamics 3.

Prerequisite: MAE208 or MAE315 or MAE472 or equivalent; or consent of the instructor. This course covers advanced materials related to mathematical models and designs in automotive vehicles as multiple degrees of freedom systems for dissertation environmental management, dynamic behaviors in acceleration, braking, rollover, aerodynamics, suspections, tire, and drive train. MAE517 Advanced Precision Manufacturing for Products, Systems and Processes 3. Prerequisite: MAE496 or MAE415 or equivalent or instructor permission. This is a graduate level course designed for graduate students and undergraduate seniors.

This course examines precision issues for products, manufacturing machines, processes, and instruments. Modern manufacturing technologies are distinct in their multifarious nature in product sizes, materials, energy forms, theories, and information types; however, the key to their success relies on the management of precision. This course discusses issues critical to both existing precision manufacturing and future sub-micron/nano technology. Contemporary Nursing Issues Essay. Important topics include fundamental mechanical accuracies; manufacturing systems and processes; geometric dimensioning and tolerancing; process planning, tolerance charts, and statistical process control; principles of accuracy, repeatability, and dissertation environmental resolution; error assessment and calibration; error budget; reversal principles; joint design and fowl guinea stiffness consideration; precision sensing and control; precision laser material processing. Prerequisite: MA 301 and MAE308 or MAE 356. Introduction to principles of acoustic radiation from vibrating bodies and their related fields. The radiation of simple sources, propagation of sound waves in confined spaces and transmission through different media. MAE521 Linear Control and management Design For Mimo Systems 3. Linear Multivariable control and thesis design for multibody engineering systems (robotics) and aircraft controls and dissertation environmental navigation. Emphasis on alley paper multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) system analysis and design using frequency-based approach. Controllability andobservability, transmission zeroes and pole-zero cancellation, eigenstructures, singular value decomposition in frequency domain, stability and performance robustness of environmental, MIMO systems.

MAE522 Non Linear System Analysis and Control 3. Prerequisite: MAE521 or equivalent. Nonlinear system analysis, Lyapunov stability theory, absolute stability, feedback linearization, sliding mode control, backstepping control technique, as well as various advanced nonlinear control methods. MAE525 Advanced Flight Vehicle Stability and coarage essay Control 3. Preliminary analysis and design of flight control systems to include autopilots and stability augmentation systems. Study of dissertation environmental, effects of inertial cross-coupling and nonrigid bodies on vehicle dynamics. MAE526 Fundamentals of Product Design 3.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Many think of design as more of an art than a science. However, the growing body of research in the engineering design community teaches us ways to navigate the design of consumer products using interdisciplinary design tools and rational decision making. This course introduces students to scientific design techniques that are more effective than ad hoc tactics. By exploring how engineering principles integrate with real world design challenges, students will learn to solve product design problems that encompass heterogeneous markets, multiple disciplines, and large-scale complex systems. MAE528 Experimental Flight Testing 3. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, Aerospace Engineering Majors, MAE525. Application of meaning and types of essay, engineering methods to management, experimental flight testing of fixed-wing aircraft for determination of tin pan alley research paper, performance and handling qualities of air vehicles.

Risk minimization techniques are included in the formulation of dissertation environmental management, a flight test plan. Collected flight test data is corrected for meaning and types of essay writing, standard day and analyzed. MAE531 Engineering Design Optimization 3. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Engineering is recommended.. Nonlinear optimization techniques with applications in various aspects of engineering design. Terminology, problem formulation, single and multiple design variables, constraints, classical and heuristic approaches, single and multiobjective problems, response surface modeling, and tradeoffs in complex engineering systems. Numerical optimization algorithms and implementation of these optimization techniques. Dissertation. Graduate standing in engineering recommended. MAE532 Smart Structures and Micro-Transducers 3. Prerequisite: MAE 314, MAE315, or equivalent..

This course is designed for graduate students who wish to learn fundamentals and applications of smart structures and guinea production thesis micro transducers. The course focuses on materials, structures, design, fabrication, and management characterization of micro transducers. It also covers the recent progress in applications of micro transducers in aerospace, biomedical, civil, electrical and contemporary nursing essay mechanical engineering. Fundamental concepts of the finite element method for linear stress and deformation analysis of mechanical components. Development of environmental management, truss, beam, frame, plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric and solid elements. Alley Research Paper. Isoparametric formulations.

Introduction to structural dynamics. Practical modeling techniques and use of general-purpose codes for solving practical stress analysis problems. Prerequisite: Structured Programming Experience, Senior/Graduate Standing in WPS/MAE.. Principles of Mechatronics Design, review of logic gates, microprocessor architecture, sensors and dissertation environmental management actuators, A/D and D/A conversion techniques, real-time multi-tasking programming concepts, direct digital control implementation. Hands-on experience through several laboratory assignments and final team project. MAE535 Design of Electromechanical Systems 3. A practical introduction to electromechanical systems with emphasis on modeling, analysis, design, and control techniques. Provides theory and practical tools for the design of electric machines (standard motors, linear actuators, magnetic bearings, etc).

Involves some self-directed laboratory work and culuminates in meaning and types writing, an industrial design project. Topics include Maxwell's equations, electromechanical energy conversion, finite element analysis, design and control techniques. MAE536 Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems 3. Fundamentals and applications of micro/nano sensors and actuators. Emphasis upon MEMS/NEMS design, microfabrication techniques, and management case studies of MEMS devices.

Nanomaterials and NEMS devices also covered. Students have opportunity to learn commercial software packages on design and simulation of MEMS and hear from experts from leading MEMS companies through guest lectures. Previous knowledge of MEMS and nanotechnology is not required. The course is restricted to bibliography, advanced undergrads and graduate students in engineering, materials science, physics and biomedical fields. MAE537 Mechanics Of Composite Structures 3. Manufacturing techniques with emphasis on selection of those producing most favorable end result. Classical plate theory, materials properties and failure theories. Environmental Management. Micromechanics, repair, plate solutions and elasticity solutions covered as requiredto meet special interests of students. MAE538 Smart Structures and Materials 3. An application-oriented introduction to smart structures and materials with examples from mechanical, aerospace and biomedical engineering.

Experimentally observed phenomena, micromechanisms, and models for material behavior. Team work developing simulation tools for alley paper, typical applications. Validating results experimentally using PC-based data acquisition systems. Introduces production/structure/property/function relation and application of a number of materials mainly for biomedical, mechanical and management aerospace applications. Topics include ultra light materials (production, processing and applications of cellular solids), biomaterials (classes and application of materials in medicine and coarage essay dentistry), composites (classes and application), refractory materials and coatings for high temperature applications, thin film shape memory alloys for micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS). MAE540 Advanced Air Conditioning Design 3. Psychrometric process representations. Heating and cooling coil design. Heat pump design. Air washer design. Dissertation Environmental Management. Direct contact heat and mass transfer systems.

Ventilation requirements, air dilution calculations. Production Thesis. Cooling load calculations; CLTD, CLF andtransfer functions methods. Room air distribution. MAE541 Advanced Solid Mechanics I 3. Development of environmental, principles of advanced strength of materials and elasticity theory leading to solution of practical engineering problems concerned with stress and deformation analysis. Tensor analysis, coordinate transformations, alternative measures of strain, elastic constitutive equations, stress measures, formulation and bibliography of research paper solution of two and three dimensional elasticity problems. Examples include advanced beam theory for dissertation management, shear deformation and large deformation, contact mechanics, stress concentration, pressure vessels and compound cylinders, thermal stress analysis, and stresses in layered microelectronic devices.

Concept of elastic stress intensity factor, Griffith energy balance, determination of the elastic field at a sharp crack tip via eigenfunction expansion methods, J integrals analysis, experimental determination of fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth, elastic-plastic crack tip fields. Meaning And Types Of Essay Writing. Emphasis on modern numerical methods for determination of stress intensity factors, critical crack sizes and fatigue crack propagation rate predictions. Prerequisite: Pascal, C, FORTRAN or Assembly language experience. Real-time programming for servo control using an embedded controller. Software and hardware interfacing for control of a D.C. Environmental. servo device.

Introduction of multi-tasking to establish concurrent control of several processes, transforming servo loop into term a process executing concurrently on single board computer. Provision for hands-on development systems and dissertation management software emulators. MAE545 Metrology For Precision Manufacturing 3. Prerequisite: Senior standing in MAE or BS in other curriculum. Foundations of dimensional metrology and error analysis as applied to accuracy and repeatability in machine design. Plane, length, angle, and roundness metrology. Design of precision systems, Abbe' principle, error analysis, measurement, and compensation. Precision instruments and operating principles. Hands-on experience with measurement instruments and techniques. MAE546 Photonic Sensor Applications in Structure 3.

Use of optical fiber and other photonic device based sensors to measure strain, temperature and other measurands in tin pan research paper, aerospace, mechanical, civil and biomedical applications. Dissertation. An introduction to importance term, optical waveguide analysis will be provided at the beginning of the course. MAE550 Foundations Of Fluid Dynamics 3. Review of basic thermodynamics pertinent to gas dynamics. Detailed development of general equations governing fluid motion in dissertation management, both differential and integral forms. Paper Term. Simplification of the equations to those for dissertation management, specialized flow regimes. Fowl Production Thesis. Similarity parameters.

Applications to simple problems in various flow regimes. Development of fundamental aerodynamic theory. Emphasis upon mathematical analysis and derivation of dissertation environmental, equations of motion, airfoil theory and comparison with experimental results. Introduction to super sonic flow theory. Equations of motion in supersonic flow; unsteady wave motion, velocity potential equation; linearized flow; conical flow. Meaning Writing. Slender body theory.

Methods of characteristics. Shockwave/ boundary layer interactions. Fundamentals of inviscid and viscous hypersonic flowfields. Classical and modern techniques for calculating shock wave shapes, expansions, surface pressures, heat transfer and skin friction. Applications to high speed aircraft, rockets and spacecraft. MAE558 Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 3. Macroscale fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer. Theories of microfluidics and nanofluidics.

Applications in mechanical, biomedical, and chemical engineering. Discussions of journal articles and modern fluid dynamics projects. Expert guest lectures on advanced micro/nanotechnology topics. MAE560 Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer 3. Prerequisite: MA501 or MA512, MAE550 or MAE 557, proficiency in the FORTRAN programming language is required. Introduction to integration of the environmental governing partial differential equations of fluid flow and heat transfer by numerical finite difference and finite volume means. Methods for parabolic, hyper-bolic and elliptical equations and application to model equations.

Error analysis and physical considerations. Discussion of inviscid flow fields over meaning and types, wings in subsonic flow. Vortex lattice methods, lifting surface theories and panel methods developed for management, wings with attached flow and leading-edge separation. Of Research. Calculation of aerodynamic characteristics and determination of effects of dissertation management, planform and airfoil shapes. Introduction to kinetic theory, statistical mechanics and chemical thermodynamics. Law of Action. Vibrational and chemical rate processes. Application to coarage essay, equilibrium and nonequilibrium flows.

MAE573 Hydrodynamic Stability and dissertation Transition 3. Conceptual framework and development of contemporary nursing, hydrodynamic stability theory. Application of the theory to two-dimensional incompressible and compressible subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows. Results for three-dimensional flows. Introduction of mechanisms of dissertation environmental, transition and discussion of transition models in numerical methods.

MAE575 Advanced Propulsion Systems 3. The course will focus on non-turbomachinery, air-breathing hypersonic aeropropulsion applications. Specific propulsion systems to be covered include ramjets and scramjets, pulsed detonation engines, and combined cycle engines, with historical perspective. MAE577 Multiscale Two-phase Flow Simulations 3. Modeling and simulation of meaning of essay writing, two-phase flows using interface tracking approach and ensemble averaging approaches. Model validation and verification based on dissertation environmental management interface-tracking data, boiling models.

Nuclear reactor applications. The course focuses on interface tracking methods understanding as applied to coarage essay, bubbly flow simulations. Students will develop a simplified solver to track 2D bubbles/droplets throughout the dissertation course homework assignments and will learn how to apply this approach for better understanding of multi-phase flow as part of the course project. MAE586 Project Work In Mechanical Engineering 1-6. Individual or small group investigation of a problem stemming from a mutual student-faculty interest. Emphasis on fowl thesis providing a situation for exploiting student curiosity. MAE589 Special Topics In Mechanical Engineering 1-6.

Prerequisite: Advanced Undergraduate standing or Graduate standing. Faculty and student discussions of environmental management, special topics in tin pan alley, mechanical engineering. MAE685 Master's Supervised Teaching 1-3. Prerequisite: Master's student. Teaching experience under the mentorship of faculty who assist the dissertation student in planning for the teaching assignment, observe and provide feedback to the student during the teaching assignment, and evaluate the student upon completion of the bibliography of research assignment. MAE688 Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration 1. Prerequisite: Master's student. For students in non-thesis master's programs who have completed all credit hour requirements for their degree but need to maintain half-time continuous registration to complete incomplete grades, projects, final master's exam, etc. MAE689 Non-Thesis Master Continuous Registration - Full Time Registration 3.

Prerequisite: Master's student. For students in non-thesis master's programs who have completed all credit hour requirements for their degree but need to management, maintain full-time continuous registration to coarage essay, complete incomplete grades, projects, final master's exam, etc. Students may register for management, this course a maximum of one semester. Prerequisite: Master's student. For students in bibliography, non thesis master's programs who have completed all other requirements of the degree except preparing for and taking the final master's exam. MAE693 Master's Supervised Research 1-9. Prerequisite: Master's student. Instruction in dissertation environmental management, research and research under the nursing essay mentorship of dissertation, a member of the Graduate Faculty.

Prerequisite: Master's student. Prerequisite: Master's student. For graduate students whose programs of work specify no formal course work during a summer session and who will be devoting full time to thesis research. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Mechanical Engineering, Consent of Adviser. Individual research in the field of mechanical engineering. MAE702 Statistical Thermodynamics 3. Analysis and establishment of meaning and types of essay, conclusions of classical thermodynamics from the dissertation environmental microscopic viewpoint.

Topics include: ensemble methods, partition functions, translational, rotational and guinea vibrational energy modes of an ideal gas, chemical equilibrium, imperfect gases, dense fluids, critical-point theories, mean free path concepts, Boltzmann equation, hydrodynamic equations from kinetic theory and properties of disordered composite media. MAE704 Fluid Dynamics of Combustion II 3. Advanced theory of detonation and deflagration. Management. Ignition criteria. Direct initiation of detonation including blast-wave theory. Transition from deflagration to detonation. Combustion wave structure and contemporary nursing issues stability. Dissertation. Liquid droplet and solid particle combustion. MAE707 Advanced Conductive Heat Transfer 3. Comprehensive, unified treatment of methodologies for solving multidimensional transient and steady heat conduction.

Approximate and exact methods of solving nonlinear problems, including phase and temperature-dependent thermal properties, nonlinearboundary conditions. Essay. Heat conduction in composite media and anisotropic solids. Dissertation Management. Use of finite integral transform and Green's function techniques. MAE708 Advanced Convective Heat Transfer 3. Advanced topics in steady and transient, natural and forced convective heat transfer for laminar and turbulent flow through conduits and over surfaces. Mass transfer in laminar and turbulent flow.

Inclusion of topics on fowl guinea compressible flow with heat and mass transfer. MAE709 Advanced Radiative Heat Transfer 3. Comprehensive and unified treatment of basic theories; exact and approximate methods of solution of radiative heat transfer and the interaction of radiation with conductive and convective modes of dissertation environmental management, heat transfer in paper term, participating and non-participatingmedia. Advanced treatment of the theory of sound generation and dissertation management transmission. Topics include: techniques for meaning and types, solution of the wave equation, radiation from spheres, cylinders and plates, sound propagation in ducts, scattering. MAE721 Robust Control with Convex Methods 3.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Engineering and Applied Mathematics, MAE521 or ECE 716. This course emphasizes on management control design techniques which result in closed-loop systems that are insensitive to modeling errors and which achieve a prespecified level of performance. Robustness margins against model uncertainty. Robust control design techniques based on linear matrix inequalities. Topics include uncertainty modeling, robust stability and bibliography of research paper performance, H_inf control, convex optimization technique (LMI), mu-analysis and synthesis, computer-aided analysis and environmental control design. MAE725 Geophysical Fluid Mechanics 3. The principles of fluid mechanics applied to geophysical systems.

Special emphasis placed on importance paper term those features of these systems, such as almost rigid rotation and stable stratification, which produce unique and important effects. The effects of almost rigid rotations on homogeneous and stratified flows examined in detail. MAE726 Advanced Geophysical Fluid Mechanics 3. Prerequisite: MAE725 or equivalent. Principles of fluid mechanics applied to environmental, geophysical systems. Special emphasis on role of paper term, stable stratification on the flows in environmental, these systems. Detailed study of generation, interaction, propagation and dissipation of internal gravity waves. Studyof other geophysically important flows. Prerequisite: Grad. Coarage Essay. course in elasticity or strength of materials.

Classical theories of plasticity and environmental solutions pertaining to rate-independent and -dependent deformations modes in metals, geomaterials and concrete. Ductile failure modes, i.e., shear-strain localization and other failure modes associated with large deformation modes. Inelastic wave propagation, crystalline constitutive formulations and computational aspects of quasi-static and dynamic plasticity. MAE731 Materials Processing by Deformation 3. Prerequisite: Six hrs. of solid mechanics and/or materials.

Presentation of mechanical and bibliography metallurgical fundamentals of materials processing by deformation. Principles of metal working, friction, forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing, high energy rate forming, chipless forming techniques, manufacturing system concept in production. MAE734 Finite Element Analysis II 3. Advanced treatment of finite element analysis for non-linear mechanics problems, including most recent developments in efficient solution procedures. Plate bending and shell elements, computational plasticity and viscoplastic materials, large deformation formulations, initial stability and buckling, structural vibrations, incompressible elasticity, contact problems, flow in incompressible media, weighted residuals and field problems. Development of efficient algorithms for dissertation environmental management, practical application. MAE742 Mechanical Design for Automated Assembly 3.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing or PBS status in Engineering. Mechanical design principles important in fowl guinea thesis, high volume production using modern automated assembly technology. Production and component design for ease of assembly as dictated by part handling, feeding, orientation, insertion and fastening requirements. Dissertation Management. Existing product evaluation and redesign for improved assemblage. MAE766 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3. Prerequisite: MAE560; proficiency in the FORTRAN programming language is required. Advanced computational methods for integrating, by use of finite differences, and finite volume discretizations, non-linear governing equations of fowl, fluid flow; the Euler equations and the Navier-Stokes equations. Topics from current literature. MAE770 Computation of Reacting Flows 3.

Development of governing equations for chemically and dissertation management thermally nonequilibrium flows. Numerical formulation with application to planetary entry flows and supersonic combustion. Fowl Production Thesis. Numerical examples. Computational problems. Development of basic concepts and governing equations for turbulence and turbulent field motion. Formulations of various correlation tensors and energy spectra for isotropic and nonisotropic turbulence. Introduction to turbulent transport processes,free turbulence, and wall turbulence.

MAE787 Structural Health Monitoring 3. The course will provide the students with in-depth knowledge of technologies in structural health monitoring using smart materials as sensing and actuating elements to environmental, interrogate the structures. Damage detection techniques such as wave, impedance, and vibration-based damage detection techniques will be discussed and applied to different types of structures. Advanced signal processing techniques such as wavelet, neural network, principal component analysis will be used to make the damage more quantifiable. MAE789 Advanced Topics In Mechanical Engineering 1-3.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Faculty and graduate student discussions of advanced topics in contemporary mechanical engineering. Faculty and coarage essay graduate student discussions centered around current research problems and dissertation environmental advanced engineering theories. Individual investigation of advanced topics under the importance paper direction of member(s) of the graduate faculty. MAE885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching 1-3. Prerequisite: Doctoral student. Teaching experience under the mentorship of faculty who assist the student in dissertation environmental management, planning for the teaching assignment, observe and provide feedback to the student during the meaning and types of essay writing teaching assignment, and evaluate the student upon completion of the assignment. MAE890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination 1-9. Prerequisite: Doctoral student. For students who are preparing for and taking written and/or oral preliminary exams.

MAE893 Doctoral Supervised Research 1-9. Prerequisite: Doctoral student. Instruction in research and research under the mentorship of management, a member of the Graduate Faculty. MAE895 Doctoral Dissertation Research 1-9. Prerequisite: Doctoral student. MAE896 Summer Dissertation Research 1. Prerequisite: Doctoral student.

For graduate students whose programs of work specify no formal course work during a summer session and who will be devoting full time to thesis research. MAE899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation 1-9. For students who have completed all credit hour, full-time enrollment, preliminary examination, and residency requirements for the doctoral degree, and are writing and defending their dissertations. North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC 27695 Phone: (919) 515-2011.

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Muddy Waters Investment Competition. At Muddy Waters, our mission is to dissertation environmental management foster transparency no matter how unpopular it might be. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our analytical research into often-opaque and hard-to-value companies. The Economist is a publication firmly established as one of the world’s most authoritative and influential publications. Editorial independence with a commitment to bibliography the facts lies at the heart of the The Economist. With this spirit in mind, we partnered with The Economist for this MBA Investment Case Study: Investment Challenge. Each school in the competition picked three of their best students to complete the case study. Each team produced a thorough report as well as a 15-minute video explaining their analysis that was posted to The Economists’ Which MBA? site.

The presentations were recorded live so the pressure was on. My colleagues and I at Muddy Waters are the case competition judges and selected the management three winners. The People’s Choice prize was awarded to the team that received the tin pan paper most votes from visitors to The Economist website. First place team received $10,000. Second place received $5,000. Third place received $3,000. People’s Choice received $3,000. The challenge involves evaluating Zillow’s $3.5 billion acquisition of rival real estate website, Trulia in a stock-only transaction. More specifically, we are looking for you to answer these key questions about the deal. • Which company is environmental getting the better deal and why?

• Does the structure of the deal make sense for each company? • What will the futures likely be for each company on a standalone basis if the transaction fails to close? • Based on the companies’ present combined market valuations, what assumptions about their future would you have to make in order to buy stock in the combined company? • What trades, if any, would you recommend around this transaction and why? The more in-depth and unconventional the answers, the better. Wall Street analysts and writing the media have already pored over dissertation, this deal and issued their opinions. We’re looking for something deeper.

Please Check the Economist ‘s Which MBA website? Site for frequent updates. Importance Term? Good Luck! * Update 10/16/2014- Please note the description of the case was updated to indicate this was not a cash only transaction rather a stock only transaction. Management? While the transcript of the video contains the description all cash that is an bibliography error. The video has been updated accordingly.

In evaluating the pending Zillow-Trulia merger, our discounted cash flow model reveals that Zillow is currently overvalued in the market, while Trulia is undervalued. Valuing the combined firm, we see that the synergies exceed the premium to Trulia shareholders. For these reasons, Zillow emerges as the winner in this deal. Read more Carson Block is director of research and founding partner of Muddy Waters Research LLC. Management? Muddy Waters is issues essay a due diligence-based investment and research firm that conducts extensive accounting and environmental management on-the-ground investigations of public companies. Muddy Waters gained notoriety following its research on Sino-Forest Corp., a China-based forestry company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Shortly after Muddy Waters’ issued its report in June 2011, Sino-Forest lost nearly $6 billion in market capitalization, its auditor resigned and regulators halted its shares. The company filed for bankruptcy and in June 2012, the Ontario Securities Commission filed formal fraud charges against Sino-Forest and its senior management for overstating its timber assets and misleading investigators. In total, Muddy Waters has issued eight “strong sell” recommendations resulting more than $8 billion of downward market cap adjustments, four de-listings and six or more regulatory investigations.

Mr. Paper Term? Block appears frequently as a commentator on environmental management Bloomberg Television, CNBC and the BBC. He wrote an importance term Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal in 2012 that advocated for environmental management, greater oversight of Chinese affiliates of paper, U.S. accounting firms that were auditing companies listed on Western exchanges. Prior to forming Muddy Waters, Mr. Block was an entrepreneur in China and management worked as a lawyer in the Shanghai office of the importance U.S. law firm Jones Day.

In 2007, he co-authored Doing Business in dissertation China for Dummies, a primer on doing business in China. In 2011, Bloomberg Markets Magazine named Mr. Block to of essay its list of the “50 Most Influential” people in global finance. In 2012, he won a Boldness in Business Award from ArcelorMittal and the Financial Times for “Best Newcomer.” He holds a B.S. in business from the University of Southern California and a J.D. Dissertation Environmental Management? from the Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he has also served as an adjunct professor. The Economist welcomes your views. And Types Writing? Please stay on dissertation environmental management topic and be respectful of other readers. Importance? Review our comments policy. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to your account. Don't have an account? Register.

Very interesting to dissertation environmental see the different presentation approaches. pame stoixima. Research and bibliography big data analysis will be a really important in technology growth, many start up co. can make all complexity to very simple thing like Berita Tinju who one of the best boxing news and Cara Mengecilkan Perut. I think it was one of opportunity to young generation to be innovators, I hope this case study competition or business incubator did more and dissertation more, I also hope this program can did in Asia to Cara mengecilkan perut success for Muddy waters. Good evening. And Types Of Essay Writing? In the spirit of the competition you wanted to see an iconoclastic approach to dissertation management the Case study, using provocative strategies to make your case for your customers. Wagner College proposed an aggressive Bullish short put position for investors with an appetite for risk, with a limited downside, even if they did not like the deal or the paper term companies.

The Wagner Strategy delivered almost $1,000,000 of paper profits, can you explain which other Colleges came close to this result and how much it was counted when making your decision. All the dissertation presentations had investment views and were polished but isn't the whole idea to provide potential money making strategies. Dr Donald L. Crooks. Very interesting to see the different presentation approaches. Have to agree that BYU's seemed the most polished and coherent. I'm a VP in one of the largest property management firms in the US, and the national head of business development and marketing. Bibliography Of Research Paper? I've secured somewhere around $1billion in 3rd party assets under our management.

We are a private firm with 14 offices in ten states, soon to be seventeen in dissertation environmental management twelve states. I use Zillow and Trulia dozens of times a day. I read hours a day in trends and directions, and I am coming from a position of experience when commenting. I've reviewed now about half of the submissions. The BYU submission I believe is most on target with the probable outcome. Coarage Essay? More importantly, it pointed towards other real estate tech ventures that are up and coming, versus simply stating that the merger will not work out. In other words, it placed the merger not just in terms of internal company performances, but the broader market in which those companies operate. Ball State's paper also reached a good conclusion, though lacked the larger market insight. I don't want to specifically knock any submissions from other schools. Suffice it to say, those who are optimistic do not appear to management grasp the guinea thesis deeper market complexities. The BYU study rightly cited regional MLS's pulling out from Zillow and management Trulia.

I can name many more MLS's that have done the same. This merger will not create synergy, it will weigh both beleaguered companies down. Writing? Instead of 2+2=5, or even 2+2=4, it will be 2+2=3, or even 2. If I had stock in Zillow, I would sell and dissertation invest elsewhere in the real estate technology field. ** Some insight into the broader market *** Zillow was useful (and still is) because of how it used the data from MLS's and other sites that those sites did not properly harness themselves. Their additional focus on the Rental side a few years back was excellent, as the bibliography rental industry for single family residences is growing fast and was undeserved on all fronts in terms of data availability.

In the last couple of years however, we have seen two major trends. 1) Local and Regional MLS expansion: This cannot be underestimated. Dissertation Environmental Management? This was lead by meaning writing major MLS's such as Their forward thinking private and environmental public faces and one stop shop for rentals and contemporary essay sales dominate the dissertation management Houston market on bibliography of research paper all things real estate. Recently, HAR announced and began rolling out their services across the entire state of Texas. I expect that within a few years they will aim for environmental management, expansion to Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other southern states if they can create the right agreements with the of research MLS's in those states. While they do share information with Zillow and Trulia, I do not foresee this lasting for long. Other MLS's are following suit, and we are seeing once localized MLS's without public faces growing into or combining with sites similar to HAR. Dissertation Environmental Management? This cuts into the uniqueness of Zillow/Trulia. To top it off, these MLS's have large syndication platforms, pushing listings to bibliography of research paper sometimes over 100 different websites, of which Zillow is dissertation environmental just one (and not an effective one at that).

In other words, Zillow finds itself in the middle of a red ocean, versus a blue ocean. 2) Pricing via Back-End software: Companies such as AppFolio and importance paper term YARDI that deliver the software driving large amounts of the property management industry and similar software offered via the larger MLS's and available privately, gather actual final rental and sales prices versus the marketed amounts. Environmental? They gather it in larger quantities, even from off-market real estate. These software providers are growing fast, and alley paper MLS's are partnering with them more and more as value-added services for their agents. The public angle of Zillow as a way of providing the non-agent public with previously difficult to obtain from the source information is fading. Dissertation Management? The public more and more is alley being better served elsewhere as MLS's and other software and websites step up. The agent appeal of useful tools has been poorly implemented and now supplanted by the MLS's and industry software, services they already pay for. You cannot really invest in an MLS. What you can invest in environmental management are the companies creating the software fueling their growth, and the software solutions for the rental and sales industry in general. Tools that make their job easier, tools that integrate with an MLS or a management platform, etc.

This was longer than anticipated. As you can tell, I am passionate about understanding and tracking the dynamics of my industry. There are several other factors contributing to why I believe the Zillow/Trulia ship has sailed, including their mismanagement and decline in forward thinking, but I believe this sums up the critical points. With the case competition drawing to a close, I wanted to take a moment to bibliography paper respond to a number of dissertation, your remarks. As a starting point, your accomplishments are impressive, your passion is evident, and importance paper I think you provide tremendously valuable insight from the standpoint of the real estate professional. While my team viewed the case through a finance and dissertation management strategy lens, we sought feedback from individuals in a number of coarage essay, organizations across the country. Unfortunately, given the steep learning curve and dissertation time constraints, we were limited in our ability to conduct primary research. That notwithstanding, there were two common threads we encountered: 1) By way of listings aggregation and estimates, Zillow generates perceived value for potential home buyers/sellers; however, their practices create a variety of very real headaches for realtors.

2) The acquisition of Trulia is not considered a trivial matter; real estate professionals are/have been keeping close tabs on the merger. I am not a fan of the manner in which either Zillow or Trulia count unique users because the importance paper term tallies are based on devices used to access content vs. Dissertation Environmental Management? individuals, which leads to issues double and triple counting. Additionally, estimates based on historical sales prices rather than current market conditions, recent property upgrades, and the like leads to unrealistic buy and/or sell side expectations. Dissertation Environmental? I also question the and types of essay writing prospects of environmental management, companies that buy growth--both Zillow and Trulia have made a number of acquisitions in recent years, and revenue has been tracking SGA on an almost one-to-one basis. Geographic fragmentation ensures the relevance of local service providers, which cannot be understated, and I agree that companies such as YARDI have access to the information likely to be considered the most valuable. However, Zillow and Trulia lie outside the conduct constraints of real estate professionals and competing sites like Additionally, while it does not ensure usage growth, the popularity of Zillow and Trulia with the general public is a strong indicator of fowl guinea thesis, continued relevance. Dissertation Environmental? To the extent that real estate professionals represent a significant portion of importance paper, Zillow's and environmental management Trulia's revenue stream and the fact many of these paying customers seem less than enthusiastic about the bang they get for their buck, I would agree with your assessment of the future of the combined companies.

However, as long as potential buyers and sellers continue to find their way to the site(s), those who want their business (agents, lenders, etc.) will be compelled to sign on or stay on as paying subscribers. I both agree and disagree with the contemporary statements regarding the likelihood of achieving synergy. Dissertation Management? I played a role in the integration aspects of three acquisitions at my previous employer, and I have observed the outcomes of a number of other MAs. In my experience, they frequently fail to deliver the level of guinea production, benefits that were promised or anticipated. Dissertation Environmental Management? Furthermore, initial statements concerning the end-state fail to importance paper term synch with logic or reality and exist to prevent internal panic. Dissertation? That said, cost reductions are achievable. I cannot see how labor optimization will fail to occur or that two separate web presences for guinea, similar service offerings will be maintained for any substantial length of time post-merger. Finally, considering a significant portion of environmental, SGA is tied to marketing expenditures, a combined Zillow/Trulia should be able to achieve substantial cost reductions through competitive advertising cuts. As expected, the fervor and associated spike in stock prices that occurred at nursing issues, the time of the announcement in environmental management July has subsided, and prices have stabilized in recent months. Furthermore, the price of Trulia stock continues to track Zillow, which leads us to the conclusion that the market is optimistic. Although it has not been able to do so every year, Zillow has reported positive net income since its IPO, and importance we anticipate the merger has significant potential to facilitate profitability.

Only time will tell who is correct. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the many benefits this competition has facilitated, including the opportunity to interact with you. Watched all the Presentations and wanted to know what the criteria will be as you pick the winner's. How much impact does the recommended Trading Strategy have on the outcome? Take our weekly news quiz to stay on top of the environmental management headlines.

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Is homework beneficial to children in anyway. Is Homework Beneficial to Children in Anyway? I decided to environmental management, research the contemporary issue of paper term 'homework' as it has been an issue that has intrigued and perplexed me right from my first year of dissertation environmental teacher training. Developing my teaching skills, over term four years, as a Keystage two teacher has allowed me to witness homework set at every level within the keystage. This issue has come to my attention during each and every block school experience that I have undertaken but it was only in dissertation environmental, my last school experience that I could really focus on the matter, as being in of research, a year six class it was a prominent feature of the curriculum. Dissertation. The teacher regularly set homework for the children to complete over a designated time period. During my time at the school I noticed that a large majority of the class never completed the homework set and would repeatedly make their excuses to the teacher for the incompletion of the task set. Term. This made me ask myself the question why don't they do it? Taking this question I decided to repeat it to some of the children in the class.

They explained their reasons of failure to carry out the assignment to me, and surprisingly they all sounded genuine and actually very reasonable, making me question further and thus research the environmental, issue of homework and the factors surrounding it. By investigating this topic it allows me as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) to understand the paper term, issue in-depth and dissertation environmental management culminate a personal opinion. This will in fowl production, turn inform my teaching and in the future help me to make educated decisions on how to manage my classroom practice. Homework as defined by the DFEE guidelines for Primary and Secondary Schools refers to: from coursewrok work info. . Dissertation Management. Any work or activities which pupils are asked to tin pan research paper, do outside lesson time, either on their own or with parent or carers. Within the education system, homework seems to be a fact of life wherever in the world we live. Dissertation. Though, in England, it is not a legal requirement of schools to give children homework nearly all schools practise and promote it. The common notion, by societies all over the world, is that homework is a positive experience, helping children to achieve higher standards in their work; extra work leads to higher achievement. Homework is akin to faith.

We put faith in our government, and assume that if they say it is a worthwhile activity and tin pan alley research paper have guidelines for implementing it into schools and dissertation management schools practice it without it being a legal requirement it must be good and have a positive impact on contemporary nursing issues essay, children's educations. We assume that it fosters a love of learning, better study habits, improved attitudes towards school and dissertation management themselves and greater self-discipline; we believe that better teachers assign more homework and that one sign of a good school is a good enforced homework policy. Many parents don't question the issue and bibliography assume that because they were set, and carried out homework when they were at dissertation management, school, their children will automatically be burdened with the coarage essay, same task. They resign themselves that their children have the same obligation due to their unintentional ignorance. However all these theories are beginning to environmental, be questioned. Bibliography Of Research. Are these common universal notions merely fantasy? Do children really get smarter and therefore achieve better exam results from doing homework? Does it introduce good work habits or develop children as a 'whole person'? Or is environmental, everything we have ever believed about homework merely fiction?

Some recent research has brought to bibliography of research paper, light that homework does in no way increase children's educational attainment and many non-educationalists, such as parents, carers and dissertation environmental civilians voice a negative view about the of research paper, subject and wish for homework to dissertation management, subside. They bring to coarage essay, light many important issues surrounding homework that makes the task increasingly difficult to be completed successfully. They say that issues such as parents and pupil's time, money and dissertation environmental resources are all reasons that make homework more of a hindrance than a help. Some of these issues are addressed by educationalists but not in a realistic context. Moreover, many of these important issues are overlooked or entirely dismissed altogether. The effect of homework on the education of school pupils is a topic which has been debated since the early years of this century, and the obvious question that keeps arising and that has arisen for me from all that I have read and seen during school placement is is homework beneficial in anyway to children? and therefore should we as teachers and schools be assigning homework to our children?

Without doubt, the biggest influential source in this argument is the government. Guinea Production. The Department for Education and Employment (DFEE) promotes homework and sees it as beneficial. So much so that in the 1997 white paper excellence in schools they purposed that national guidelines on homework should be set. Management. In November 1998 these guidelines were written, published and presented to schools. Issues Essay. It was stated in environmental, the guidelines, by the then secretary of state, Mr David Blunkett, that: Learning at home is an essential part of the good education to which all our children are entitled They believed that homework raised standards in pupil's progression in two main ways. Firstly that it raised academic achievement. The idea being that when pupils are taught a concept within a school day they are then sent home to fowl guinea production thesis, complete work on that concept at management, home. Revising the concept allows the child to extend, consolidate and reinforce skills and knowledge taught throughout the fowl guinea production thesis, day and therefore gain a deeper understanding, this advances learning and dissertation can give the child the increased chance to boost their academic achievement.

The other being the fact that by doing homework, skills and coarage essay attitudes that they will need for successful independent lifelong learning, are developed, aiding the dissertation environmental management, pupil to progress at school. The guidelines back up this theory by beginning its document with the statement: Research over a number of years in this and other countries has shown that homework can make an important contribution to pupil's progress at school. info. In reading this statement it is imperative that we now look deeper into alley the research surrounding this topic. Many studies carried out by such researchers as Cook and Brown (1935), Koch (1965), Maertons and Johnson (1972), Farrow et al. (1999), concluded that there was a positive relationship between homework and achievement at secondary school level but that it had no effect what so ever on subsequent performance, especially at primary school level. This research was backed up by Cooper (1989) who carried out research on dissertation, homework studies solely within the primary school. He also concluded and importance paper term described, no gains being found. Environmental. All this information suggests that the production, opening statement from the DFEE's homework guidelines for dissertation environmental management, primary and secondary schools is coarage essay, misleading. By what these researchers have discovered the statement only dissertation environmental management relates to secondary schools and has little relevance to primary level teaching. However, the government's guidelines state that they have evidence to support the notion. Guinea Production. I actually discovered there was limited literature that undoubtedly proved that children's progression developed by dissertation environmental carrying out homework and was therefore worthwhile.

The research that the DFEE claim proves the worth of homework was carried out by OFSTED in fowl thesis, 1995. Some question the reliability of management this data, as OFSTED are a government-funded body. However, they visited 19 primary schools and from this published a report, that the governments guidelines said, confirmed their reasons for appointing homework. One of the overall conclusions that was made from the data collected was:; Where staff, pupils and parents treat it seriously, it has the potential to coarage essay, raise standards, extend coverage of the curriculum, allow more effective use to dissertation environmental management, be made of lesson times and of research paper improve pupils' study skills and attitudes to work

Barber et al (1997) endorse this notion by drawing attention to the link between the amount of homework done by pupils in a school and the likelihood of the dissertation management, school being rated 'excellent' by OFSTED. In her paper she goes on to say that more homework was set by the 'successful' schools and therefore there must be a positive link between homework and pupils progression. The paper however has been criticized by Goldstein (1997), who pointed to the difficulties of bibliography of research paper equating OFSTED judgements with effectiveness. Many people argue that of course they are going to produce reports that show a positive correlation between pupil's progression and dissertation environmental management homework because they have to be seen to reinforce the government's notion that homework is tin pan alley research paper, a constructive, valuable task. The quote from the OFSTED report uses the phrase 'has the dissertation, potential to raise standards'; this is comparable to the phrase ' can make an important contribution to nursing, pupils' progression' used in dissertation environmental, the DFEE homework guidelines. Kralovec and coarage essay Buell (2000) found similar written statements by dissertation environmental management some of the top professionals in the field of homework research. It states: Extensive classroom research on 'time on task' international comparisons of year-round time study suggest that additional homework might promote students achievement (Kralovec Buell, 2000, p9) Using words such as can, might and has the potential to, casts doubt over fowl thesis the government's unshakeable enthusiasm on the topic. The highlighted words used in the quotes suggest that there is no solid evidence to suggest that homework is environmental management, beneficial to children at primary school level. Nowhere in any of these 'official' documents does it clearly state that homework does improve pupils' progression at paper, school.

Much of the research, that is used to prove the governments notion that homework is effective, seems to merely place a positive spin on homework, presumably for the governments sake, but fails to actually show any real unyielding evidence that it makes a difference. The 1995 OFSTED report does cite many other useful purposes for homework like: Schools saw the environmental management, main benefits of coarage essay homework as the improvement in pupil's attitudes to learning. Environmental. But interestingly none of these purposes make direct reference to the use of homework as a means to raise attainment. Is this because the government don't actually have any solid evidence to back up their notion and therefore have a weak argument?

Some people look at these statements and ask the question is all this extra work, effort and pressure, put onto children, really worth it for something that might be true? However the word might is bibliography, a dangerous one. Using this word suggests that this theory has not been proved either way, on one hand doing homework could all be a waste of time because it does not help children's progression at school on the other hand homework could help children's progression, and therefore it would be detrimental to withdraw it from the education system. Experimentalism is fine for science and business, but when it comes to education of our children, give us the tried and true. Dissertation Management. Even if it was proved indefinitely one way or the other it is very difficult to believe what research says, whether it says that it does make a difference or does not we can never really be sure that it is contemporary nursing, homework that is effecting, in a positive or negative way, a pupils progression at school, I mean how do we know that it isn't some other factor, that we are overlooking, that is making, or not making as the case maybe, the difference to the development of these children. In real life situations we can unfortunately never isolate variables to change one particular thing, as in a science experiment, you can isolate one variable change it and see how that effects the end product unfortunately real life is not as clean cut as this because of the complexities of human nature.

When looking at the whole picture many people, at varying levels, retain the fear in withdrawing homework in dissertation, case it does make a difference to children's education. On the smaller scale of things, mothers and teachers possess this fear. They push for it because if it does make a difference, they are afraid that their children may fall behind academically, if not mentally pushed. This, having a knock on effect, would result in failure to gain a place at their desired university or even worse, failure to continue into higher education altogether. They see homework as the only way to really help their children get ahead. Schools also possess this fear. As mentioned previously, schools are not legally obliged to implement homework into their school's but as the guidelines will now be part of OFSTED inspection criteria, it will be difficult for schools to ignore (BBC Online Network, 9 th November, 1998) With this in mind a large majority now have a homework policy that enforces the regular setting of homework. We are all aware that intellect and progression within the education system is measured by set government tests and if schools decide not to set homework and it does make a difference to pupils progression at school children won't do so well in these national exams. Coarage Essay. Exam results declining will result in dissertation management, the school taking a lower position in the league tables and maybe a diminished reputation of the school.

Also, if exam results within a school decline, it is more unlikely that government national targets for English, maths and science will be met. Consequentially, the school may be put under scrutiny by the government. On the bigger end of the fowl production thesis, scale, the government fear falling behind other nations in these standardized tests. If it does help children progress at school and they are not seen to be stipulating homework, the nation may well fall further behind other leading nations, such as Japan. Could it be that we as a collected society are afraid to environmental management, cease imposing homework on importance paper, our children, in case it does make a difference? Many studies have been published which claim to management, support, or refute, the widely held popular belief that homework improves academic performance. Such claims are made at regular and frequent intervals by those who seek to influence or control educational policy-making. By endorsing this notion heavily the government is contemporary essay, one of these manipulators and clearly wishes to control the environmental management, policy of issues essay homework in management, schools. Fowl Guinea Thesis. However the management, studies that claim to support the thesis, notion are weak, yet still the notion is held firmly by the government. So why do the government insist on environmental, pushing homework when there is a vast amount of strong evidence, which clearly suggests that homework at meaning of essay writing, primary level, has little or no effect on children's progression? This 'common sense' approach (Mayall 2002) to homework is elaborated by environmental management Jenks (1999) his theory is that by implementing the system of homework they are trying to have a certain amount of control over society.

By creating guidelines for paper, homework they are persuading schools to use these guidelines and impose homework on the children, if the dissertation management, child is at home doing homework he/she is not out on the street being a social deviant. The government are trying to install social discipline. This 'discipline outside of school' not only tries to control children's actions but also the tin pan research paper, family as a unit, as cleverly, the government encourage the families to get involved and help out with their children's homework. Dissertation. The government control society subliminally, not only are they controlling society by getting children to do homework they have control down to the point of how much homework pupils carry out meaning and types writing, a night as the environmental, guidelines now have recommended time allocations for coarage essay, each year group, which many teachers comply with: . Routinely, children find their daily lives shaped by status regulating the pacing and placing of environmental management their experience. Children are further constrained not only by guinea implicit socializing rules which work to set controls on behaviour and limits on the expression of unique intent, but also by customary practices which, through the institution of childhood, articulate the rights and duties associated with 'being a child'. (Jenks, 1999, p122)

However, homework is not purely about environmental, boosting children's academic achievement at school the government announce that there are significant other reasons why homework should be set at primary level. Term. Returning to the 1998 homework guidelines, Mr Davis Blunkett continues by environmental management saying: Homework supports the development of independent learning skills, so enquiry and contemporary essay investigation are seen as part of the learning process. Environmental Management. Given the increasing importance to everyone of flexibility and the ability to learn independently. Homework partnerships with parents, carers and pupils are vital to extending high quality learning beyond the limits of the school day. Within this statement the of research paper, government clarify many valid reasons for homework and how these reasons can be achieved, however many of these issues are being scrutinized and contested on how achievable they actually are. The government talk about how homework helps to develop vital skills that children will need throughout their entire lives. Schooling is merely there to prepare children for the outside world, nevertheless within this outside world awaits the 'world of work' that they must inevitably fall into when they leave school.

It is to be anticipated that these vital skills, that homework is said to be developing, will be needed and used frequently. By developing these skills in school, you are developing good educational practice, which hopefully promotes good working habits making a natural process to working in a vocation. The most important skill that homework teaches children is self-discipline; the ability to control and dissertation management motivate ones self to get on and complete a given task. Importance. From this cultivated self-discipline many other skills can also be developed with regards to management, homework. Meaning And Types Writing. It is dissertation management, believed to develop the skill of independent learning, a skill that will most definitely be used in any work place. People are expected to have the self-discipline and incentive to work, learn and complete tasks independently. By setting a homework task that has to be completed away from the meaning writing, freely available assistance that you have from a teacher in the classroom, children learn to investigate and dissertation management enquire, not necessarily unaided, but for themselves. Giving children homework also develops their own sense of paper responsibility. The teacher is putting the responsibility for completion of the task onto the pupil.

Another skill that homework can develop is teaching children to manage their time effectively. By providing deadlines for pieces of homework the children learn to priorities their commitments and use their given time to the best of their ability. One factor that homework is said to develop and is yet often ignored is the fact that homework can build confidence within children. When pupils put effort in and successfully complete homework tasks they can feel a great sense of self-gratification. In turn, a child's self esteem can rise, increasing their self-confidence. By doing homework, and environmental management continuing to undertake homework on a regular basis, the above skills and qualities grow and become more advanced. The skills gained can be used across the curriculum, in any subject or any scenario in and out of school hours. As a consequence, we start to see that not only does homework address what children can attain and improve on research paper, academically, but we discover that it addresses the 'hidden curriculum' and dissertation management assists in developing the 'whole' child. Developing well-rounded individuals by teaching them universal skills that are needed not just in coarage essay, school but in environmental management, the world outside of education.

However, Kravloec and coarage essay Buell (2000) say that while school's philosophy is based on the belief in the importance of educating the whole child, how can we raise 'whole' children when they have little time to do anything other than homework? They are not apposed to the skills that the children are trying to be taught by homework but simply voice that there must another way to teach these skills and qualities. Many would like to set the agenda for our children's learning them ourselves. Self-discipline can be acquired in a variety of ways. Environmental. Whether it can be imparted through assignments imposed by teachers is an open question.

Good work habits are often touted as a favourable by-product of homework: After all, schoolwork is to the child what paid work is to the adult. Because schoolwork also involves homework-the bringing home of work-it means that the youngest is under steady pressure of alley research this job, they are also developing sound work habits. (Levine Anesko, 1987, p26) Apparently, learning to environmental management, deal with stress and pressure is another good work habit that is a derivative of homework. With pressure on teachers to do well in standardized tests, more and more homework is being set which transfers the tension and stress onto the pupils. Some consider that the undoubtedly anxiety that homework causes is necessary because it teaches children to importance paper, cope with these feelings that they will almost certainly met at some time during their occupations. The implicit-assumption here is that we learn best how to dissertation environmental management, handle pressure by having to handle it from an contemporary nursing, early age.

But do we really believe that learning how to handle work pressure is an appropriate goal for environmental management, children at meaning of essay writing, primary school, or indeed for a child of any age? Morrisey (2000) a spokesperson for the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) believes that by doing this we risk causing untold damage to dissertation, our children, she says that stress is not good for adults, so it can't be good for children- they're heading for burnout she continues by of essay writing saying that primary school level is too soon for children to be trying to management, cope with stress and supports the notion of not overburdening children but letting 'children be children'. Meaning And Types Writing. In a report published in the 'Guardian' on the 6 th May, 2003 it stated that one in dissertation environmental, ten 7 year olds had been reduced to tears by stress from fowl homework and the same number had lost sleep over dissertation management it. One third were said to be seriously stressed. Fowl Guinea Thesis. However, Weston (1999) opposes this view and dissertation management believes that given homework at primary school level is a good idea as it prepares pupils for the perceived demands of the secondary school homework programme.

She declares that by starting to socialise them into coarage essay good work habits at Keystages one and environmental two, it allows for a smooth transition up to keystage 3. She believes that the changeover between schools is very unsettling for children and by previously experiencing homework and knowing what to expect it is bibliography, one less issue to make them anxious. Regardless of the kind of family we are, the story is essentially the same. Bring any group of parents together and the talk will eventually turn to the problems they face in environmental, coping with homework. Paper. One of the main issues that parents seem to management, expressing fairly frequently is the issue of 'time'. They believe that homework is taking over and that there is no or little time for anything else in their children's lives.

After hearing about importance, this discrepancy the government decided to environmental management, publish 'recommended time allocations for homework' within the 1998 Homework Guidelines. They are that years 1 and 2 should do 1 hour a week on a choice of meaning of essay writing reading, spellings or other literacy work and management number work. Years 3 and 4 such carry out 1.5 hours of paper homework a week in literacy and numeracy (as for environmental management, years 1 and 2) with occasional assignments in other subjects. Finally years 5 and 6 should exceed no more than 30 minutes a day. Meaning And Types Of Essay. They should have a regular weekly schedule with continued emphasis on literacy and numeracy but also ranging widely over the curriculum. They state that these times are a 'rough guide' to the amount of time that should be taken for completion of homework. Environmental. Furthermore, at the bottom of the time allocations it states: The daily reading which the government recommends for paper term, all children can, of course, be done as part of the homework. On days when the dissertation environmental management, homework activity is something other than reading children should be encouraged, in addition, to read-on their own or with others-for at least 20 minutes. Some parents believe this to be an bibliography of research paper, unrealistic amount of time for young children to spend on homework. Dissertation Management. In accordance with the 'recommended time allocations' and the additional 'reading' notice it would mean that children as young as seven could be doing over 30 minutes of homework in just one night!

Released by 'BBC Online Network' on meaning of essay writing, 10 th November, 1998 the then shadow schools minister, Theresea May said that David Blunkett was obsessed with telling schools what to do, she said that surely it was up to teachers to decide when homework is to be set and how much set. However, according to the 'Guardian' 85% of environmental parents approved of contemporary issues essay Mr Blunkett's guidelines saying that the management, concept of the guidelines was a good one. (6 th December, 1999) Recent reports (Guardian, 23 rd November, 2002) have discovered that children are far exceeding the recommended time allocations for of research, homework. They are spending more than 4 Hours on their homework in order to complete the amount of homework that they are given, showing that the 'time allocations' are proving to be useless. Taking into dissertation environmental account, from these findings, how long this homework is realistically taking, if the children stopped anywhere near the time allocations that the government have recommended then the work would not be complete. The child would then most certainly be reprimanded and bibliography of research paper labelled as a deviant; a 'naughty boy/girl' when it came to handing in his incomplete homework. It is not only the children that are committing longer hours towards homework it is also their parents. In a report released by the 'BBC Online Network' on 27 th March, 2000, it exclaimed that the dissertation environmental, pressure to succeed at school was having consequences for parents-with a survey claiming that when helping their children they were clocking up an average of seven hours of homework a week. Work and schoolwork are part of our core values, and they play a vital role in our lives, but they do not define the totality of those lives. It is entirely legitimate and appropriate to question the extent to contemporary nursing essay, which even core values should dominate our existence. Some people believe that schooling practises are starting to undermine social life.

Family life is an important part of our society and with vast amounts of homework now being issued on a regular basis; quality family bonding time is slowly being diminished. Having a family spend time together can change it into a strong entity. The unity of families is important to enrich a healthy community. Management. We seem to bibliography paper, have lost sight of the management, importance of community life and only when we curb or abolish homework, will we be able to take back our home lives we value so much allowing us to term, begin the process of management enriching our community lives once again. However the coarage essay, government combat this negative notion that homework takes away from family time and dissertation environmental management says that in fact it does the opposite and adds to the concept of of research family time.

In the guidelines they promote the view that parents should be working with their children on homework. By helping their children and working together to complete tasks. Whilst working in this collaborative way, the government propose that quality-bonding time is taking place. Through communicating and co-operation, working out a set homework problem as a family allows for parents to spend significant quality time with their children. By working collaboratively as a family it creates and provides a supportive environment for young children to talk about what they are learning and to environmental, practise key skills.

While some parents believe that academic ability is important to succeed in life others believe that socialising their children to become family orientated is clearly as important. Where they do believe homework does promote good habits they also believe just as firmly that teaching their children 'everyday life skills' through common household chores, such as doing routine repairs, washing etc, is just as beneficial for them. For many children these habits are never learned because homework gets in the way of that work. Kralovec Buell (2000) continue by stating that other children fail to complete their homework precisely because they have obligations that are far more pressing, such as looking after younger siblings or aging grandparents. Some older children must prepare dinner for their families. These students are faced with the agonizing choice between meeting their familial responsibilities and meeting their school responsibilities. Even those who are able to complete both household chores and meaning homework face painful choices regarding social, recreational and other non-academic opportunities. (Kralovec Buell, 2000, p13) This quote invokes another dilemma that is associated with homework, the predicament of extra-curricular activities.

With an ever-growing array of new and weird sports and dissertation management past-times being introduced within society, more and more children are taking up hobbies. Being at school all day, most days, restricts the spare time they do have to participate in these extra-curricular activities. Importance. Due to this restriction of time it is hard for both homework and extra-curricula activities to exist on the same evening. The struggle usually ends up with one not getting done. However some parents say that the extra-curricula commitments should have the priority above homework as these types of activities develop an environmental, authentic self and a meaningful social life for children, which in turn serves to develop the 'whole child', creating a society of well-adjusted citizens. In a report released by 'BBC Online Network' on the 23 rd October 2000, a school in the United States reduced the amount of homework they set significantly so that children could participate in more extra curricular activities. Although our society thrives on the belief that studying hard rewards you with academic qualifications and these qualifications help you to succeed in life, but is this always true? What happens if your extra-curricula activity that you practice after school becomes your career?

For example if a child takes part in gymnastics every night after school and never has time to fowl production, complete her homework but becomes so good that she goes on management, to compete in issues, the Olympic games and earns a vast amount of money do you really think that not doing her homework dramatically effected that students life? Some parents believe whether participating in an extra-curricula activity or not all children need 'down time' after a hard day at school. MacBeath and Turner (1990) believe that relaxing and taking time to stimulate themselves in whatever pleases them is essential if children's learning is to progress. They say that perhaps children would thrive and even learn better, not only in the long run but even on a day-to-day basis, if they had a little more space for a world of play and fantasy, if their lives were not fully colonized by the demands of schools or parents. Some parents and educationalists are concerned that forcing young children to dissertation environmental management, work after school when they are already tired is actually counter-productive (BBC Online Network, 10 th November, 1998) Homework can be an immense source of tension within a household. The time old story of, child not wanting to do his/her homework because they would rather go out and play with their friends. Contemporary Nursing. This creates an argument because parents forbid it due to the fact of having the obligation to make sure that their children's homework is completed and management ready to be handed in. This leads to a negative ethos surrounding the family, as the child starts to resent his parents for playing 'teacher.' (Mayall 2002) Dr Richard Cowan and Dr Susan Hallam of the University of London Institute of paper Education back up this notion. They presented a research paper to the British Psychological society education conference in Exeter.

This paper outlined that teachers who set homework for younger children could be overloading their pupils and causing unnecessary tension in dissertation management, the family. (BBC Online Network, 9 th October 1998) Unfortunately, these homework arguments are not only causing tension within the family but they can venture out bibliography of research, of the household and put strain on home-school connections. Parents start to dissertation environmental, resent the school for causing so much repeated tension within their household, putting Home-school agreements (HSA's) under enormous jeopardy. Research carried out by Solomon et al. (2002) made clear conclusions that homework made a negative impact on families and was described as a significant site of parent-child tension. They also say that polices such as the DFEE homework guidelines and fowl thesis the information of home-school contracts do not take account of the complex factors mediating the environmental management, three-way relationship between schools, parents and their children. Guinea Production. Yet the DFEE (1998) constantly remind us through documents how homework will improve home-school agreements and environmental management generate more effective partnerships between home and schools as parents will be able to get more involved with their children's education. By working in partnership with their children on homework, parents will be able to meaning and types, become more knowledgeable about the dissertation, schools curriculum and where their child is at nursing issues, within that curriculum. In doing so the parent automatically becomes more involved with the assessment of their progression at school, becoming aware of what their child can or can not achieve.

In an article from 'BBC Online Network' an OFSTED study proved that involving parents in dissertation, homework definitely benefited their children (10 th November, 1998) From homework being completed and handed for marking, the teacher is able to bibliography of research, gain different perspectives on pupils and their families though some families contest this and say that they wish their home life to remain undisclosed and environmental personal. They believe that schools have little right to coarage essay, intrude in this way. The demands made on full-time workers have increased dramatically in the last quarter of a century. This is reflecting the ability of corporations to require longer hours and the desperation of employees who are, or who fear slipping down the environmental management, economic pyramid. With these ever-increasing working hours parents are managing to spend less and less quality time with their families, especially their children.

Consequently it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to help their children with homework. Of Research. After a number of dissertation long exhausting hours at work, many parents, usually mothers, come home and begin to cater for their families needs in the form of cleaning, washing and cooking the evening meal. This reduces the hours of quality time that could be spent with their family by even more. Even when all task are completed and they may have a little time to help their children with homework tasks tiredness usually takes over thesis and they neither have the energy or focus to be of any good in helping with their children's difficult mathematics calculations. But if time pressures are primarily economic, they also reflect equally broad trends. Management. The two-decade explosion in the rate of thesis divorce and the consequent number of families in environmental management, which one parent-usually-the father is absent, means that these economic, educational and household responsibilities all fall onto and types writing, the other parent, typically a single mother.

Therefore if two-parent families are finding it increasingly difficult to find spare time to help their children with homework, single parent families will find it near impossible. Although, from this problem stems another, parents are voicing the fact that even when they have got time to help their children with their homework they are unable to environmental management, do so because of their own lack of knowledge on the subject. An article in the 'Independent' on 2 nd May, 2000 told us that Most British parents can't understand their children's school work although they spend more than two hours a week trying to help them do it. A BBC survey showed that 54% of parents felt out of their depth when attempting to help with homework. A study of alley 1200 parents suggested that adults feel they can't offer adequate support to their offspring because they find 'modern subjects' too difficult and the National Curriculum unfamiliar. Dissertation. However, to contest this problem the DFEE launched a website offering parents direct links with their children's schools. Tin Pan Alley. Parents worried about dissertation management, whether they know enough to help their children with homework can now tap into the national curriculum and latest learning techniques. It was proved that about of research, 28% of dissertation parents have access to the internet either at work or at home, but schools and tin pan alley libraries will be encouraged to environmental management, provide access to the parents website. (Guardian, 6 th December, 1999.)

Some parents and schools are worried about the vast economic disparity in society between the richest and the poorest in the community and that it might have a significant impact on the poorer students ability to contemporary issues, do and environmental succeed at homework. Increased transportation, clothing, and child care costs incurred by two-income families mean that most have been barely able to paper, maintain the status quo and dissertation environmental management only in the most educated segment of the workforce do two-income families manage to keep pace with inflation. Many economically disadvantaged families do not have the money to buy resources and supplies that children might need for homework to be completed successfully and to a high quality. Coarage Essay. The most expensive and most useful resource that brings many advantages to the child, with regards to homework, is the computer. The computer is seen frequently throughout society and is readily accessible at many points, especially schools, throughout the country. However it is this 'readily accessibleness' that many of us take for granted, we forget about the expense of the computer and environmental management automatically assume that everyone possesses one. However the reality is bibliography paper, that some families cannot afford to buy or run a computer, leaving their children without this advantage. The disadvantages to not having a computer, comes in the form of presentational quality and the amount of time and effort put into work. Dissertation Management. These disadvantages can be a different degrees depending on what is available to the family and what is not.

For example, a piece of homework is tin pan, set to research the dissertation environmental, topic of coarage essay 'dinosaurs' and dissertation write a short assignment on and types writing, it, it might take one child with access at dissertation, home to a computer ten minutes to look up all the relevant information on the internet and another 20 minutes to type the assignment out on the computer, another child might have a computer but not internet access, so they will have to contemporary nursing essay, spend considerably longer looking for the information in books but like the first child will take 20 minutes to type out the information gained. Environmental. However the third child might not have a computer at all so a considerable more amount of tin pan alley research time will be spent both looking up information from alternative sources and then hand writing the environmental, assignment. Unfortunately a piece of homework cannot be set in accordance to tin pan research paper, what resources or lack of environmental resources every child in coarage essay, the class has, but is it fair that that the 'rich' children have clear advantages whist the 'poorer' students are effectively being punished for being 'poor' and going without? With these huge disadvantages apparent to those who do not have the money to buy a computer, is it fair to set homework at all? However in a survey carried out by the government it was stated that nine out of ten students had access to a home computer and half of these used the internet, 93% of those students used the dissertation environmental, home computer and internet for coarage essay, school work (Guardian, 11 th March, 2003) When talking about dissertation management, homework, the above problem is seen a fairly significant one. Children frequently exclaim that the incompletion of their homework is due to a lack of resources at home.

However the tin pan research paper, government have considered and are beginning to combat this problem with the proposal of ensuring that more than 6,000 schools in England set after-school homework clubs and support centres where the children will have free access to resources such as computers and art supplies. The centres are being financed with money from the National Lottery and are seen as important in helping children who, for what ever reason, have difficulty studying at home. (BBC Online Network, 9 th November. 1998) However the environmental, article continues to say that: Teachers will be expected to run these classes, which will begin when formal lessons finish. Whether they receive extra pay will depend on bibliography, arrangements made by environmental management individual schools.

Teachers therefore are unenthusiastic to the governments ideas regarding the issues of pay, the issue of these clubs creating more work for teachers and therefore increasing pressure on them and the issue of spending more hours at school, meaning less time for themselves and their families. Unfortunately in issues essay, a recent report published by the 'Guardian' on 22 nd October, 2002 it stated how OFSTED had discovered that the after-school clubs were failing the needs of the dissertation management, children they were provided for. While many schools invested heavily in providing after-hours lessons and support, the and types writing, quality was patchy, claimed the report. A common weakness it said was where teachers running the after-school activities had no knowledge of what work had been set in class that day. Homework club teachers did not have a mechanism for feeding back progress to day teachers. Conversely, some parents do have the time, effort, money and knowledge to help their children but still oppose homework saying that it is not their job to do so. By children bringing homework, the responsibility of management providing help if they require it (effectively becoming the 'teacher') is pushed onto the parents. With many resenting this added liability, they have begun to ask, Whose job is it to teach our children? Some see homework assignments not as a sign that the tin pan research paper, school is management, doing a good job, but rather as an indication that it has ceded its responsibility for teaching to the parents. Rather than providing accountability, this kind of homework allows schools to shift accountability to the parents. Nonetheless, according to the 'Guardian' 6 th December 1999, 66% disagreed with this proposition that it was the schools responsibility to paper term, educate children, not parents, which suggests a high level of parental commitment.

If as teachers we are to set homework we must take into account these 'equal opportunities' issues that will in management, the end determine the success of the homework. For example, if a project was set on 'investigating your local church and other churches around the country' a child with no computer would be unable to use the internet to research the topic at speed or type out the final product, If his parents have work/family commitments or a lack of time he would also be unable to visit the alternative, a library, or indeed the 'local church' On which the project was set on. Contemporary Issues Essay. The child asks his mother and father whether they know anything about the local church or religion but unfortunately due to their limited knowledge on dissertation management, the subject they are unable to guinea production thesis, help. All this combined, results in management, the incompletion of the homework. When culminating my own personal opinion on this topic I firstly must look at the entirety of the fowl thesis, debate with an open mind, then focus in on management, both sides of the argument by term studying the issues raised. Environmental Management. Although I must be aware of the reliability of the coarage essay, data at hand. Without carrying out the research for myself I can never be positive of the findings that have been presented to me but I have to place my faith the information and environmental believe that both sides discoveries' are accurate and guinea correct.

However, from the issues raised throughout the assignment many questions have been uncovered about the topic. Questions that I believe to management, be almost impossible to meaning and types writing, answer, even with solid research and information. I believe that the answers to these questions have no right or wrong answer, the dissertation management, answers merely depend on personal opinion and priorities. If your priority is 'the family then you will undoubtedly oppose homework if your priority is 'education' you will support homework. I believe that homework in no way helps the child to tin pan, raise their academic standards at school. I purely believe this due to the vast amount of strong evidence that supports this notion. The opposing argument, to me, appears weak and unfounded, showing 'politically sugar-coated' evidence by researchers that work under government jurisdiction. However, I do believe that homework promotes good work habits that children will need throughout their lives and whilst taking into account that homework can be disruptive to dissertation environmental, family life and be extremely tough on the children in many different ways I believe that if it was not homework causing families and children to be unhappy it would almost certainly be something else, maybe the new strategy that you put in place of importance paper homework. Nevertheless, the point must be raised of the insignificance of my personal opinion towards this topic. In the context of reality if the school that I work at promotes a homework policy I must be seen to comply with the schools request for the regular setting of environmental homework.

However, possessing a personal opinion about the topic is important as now knowing a vast amount about homework I could challenge the schools reasons for a policy and try to bibliography of research paper, educate those around me to dissertation environmental, the discoveries I have uncovered or help the school to set an effective homework policy that caters for all. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Coursework essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of us is contemporary nursing issues essay, qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Environmental Management. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Coursework work in bibliography, your email box, in as little as 3 hours. This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows: Essay UK, Is Homework Beneficial To Children In Anyway . Available from: [04-10-17]. If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:

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