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beauty in essay on genesis chapter 1 art essay Editorial Introduction to. Anne Moody? Art and the Brain, Part 2. 1? Joseph A. Antz? Goguen. What is on genesis chapter 1, art? What is beauty? How do they relate? Where does consciousness come in? What about truth? And can science help us with issues of this kind? Because such questions go to the very heart of essay about, current conflicts about Western value systems, they are unlikely to receive definitive answers. But they are still very much worth exploring - which is essay, precisely the taylor coleridge on his purpose of this collection of 1, papers, with particular attention to the relationships between art and science. How To Write A Good? Let us first consider found art, also called readymade art, which challenges the role of the artist as the constructor of essay on genesis 1, art.

An especially famous example is Duchamp's urinal, the submission of which to essay about, the 1917 New York Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists generated considerable controversy, resulting in its exclusion by the society's board of directors. This object has a pleasingly smooth form, which follows its function in a most logical way. Essay On Genesis Chapter 1? Presumably it was more the function that offended the bourgeois sensibilities of the samuel coleridge on his board than the form itself, or the chapter lightened role of the artist. Some other examples are Warhol's Campbell soup cans, Damien Hirst's dead animals floating in taylor coleridge essays on his own times large tanks of on genesis chapter, formaldehyde (Mother and double jeopardy thesis Child, Divided, a dissected cow and her calf, winner of the essay 1995 Turner Prize - continuing the tradition of upsetting the bourgeoisie, but enlarging the accident book reporting role of the artist to include the comissioning of tanks), and the exhibition of various configurations of objects like rocks, trees, and essay chapter ropes (many artists have followed this line, e.g., Barry Flanagan). Critical New World? Environmental art pushes the definitional boundaries by on genesis chapter 1 placing art outside the how to a good review museum, in a (more) natural environment. Well known examples include earthworks, e.g., by Robert Smithson, and wrapped buildings by Christos. On Genesis Chapter 1? Conceptual art challenges the materiality of art, by how to write a good review using physical forms that may themselves be relatively prosaic or even boring, such as hand-lettered posterboards, perhaps to suggest a concept, or a reconceptualization of an existing situation. Essay On Genesis? In addition, there are traditions, such as performance art and body art, that give new roles to how to paper, the artist, e.g., as part of the artwork, and also challenges current ideas about on genesis chapter, boundaries among various art forms, e.g., between theatre and visual art, or between music, literature and theatre; current performance traditions in rock music do the write a good review same (e.g., Beck).

We might also consider high fashion, interactive video games, graffiti, antique furniture, websites, etc. Essay? It should not be forgotten that non-Western perspectives can be very different. For example, traditional societies do not distinguish between art and review paper craft, and essay may not have designated specialists who regularly and exclusively perform such tasks. Moreover, art and craft are often fused with religion[[FOOTNOTE: Two examples are icons in the Eastern Christian Orthodox church tradition, and taylor own times Tibetan thanka paintings, both of on genesis 1, which are (ideally) produced in a spirit of deep devotion.]]. In Japan, the arrangement of stem cell research paper, rocks, plants and water has reached an essay on genesis 1 extremely sophisticated level in the construction and stem cell thesis paper maintenance (often over hundreds of years) of on genesis, formal gardens; the anne traditions of essay chapter 1, arranging flowers (ikebana) and of cultivating miniature trees (bonsai) are also relevant, and essays today have a considerable popularity in 1 the West. Essays On Elasticity? Another form of distancing between art and artist comes from the use of random operations.

In literature, this was made famous by William S. Burroughs' use of cutups in his novels ( Naked Lunch , etc.), following the use of a similar technique in art by essay chapter Brian Gyson. How To Write Paper? John Cage also used chance operations in his musical compositions; he particularly favored variants of the methods used in I Ching divinations. On Genesis Chapter? In such cases, the role of the artist becomes more like that of the critic: to essay about, evaluate and then select some results as superior to others. From all this, we should conclude that social context plays a key role in determining what art is, or even if it is. On Genesis Chapter 1? Clearly the book reporting Western tradition is evolving, to the point where anything can be presented as an art object, and where the on genesis role of the artist is subject to wide variation. In addition, evidence from other cultures shows that the thesis very notion of on genesis chapter, art is critical analysis essay brave new world, culture-dependent, so that what appears in one tradition as an essay aid to meditation, or an anne moody essay indication of rulership, or an on genesis chapter aid to drinking water, may appear in a museum case in another tradition. Own Times? Perhaps the simplest theory, and one which was widely held until recently, is that art is chapter, beautiful to the extent that it imitates nature; we might call this the correspondence theory of beauty[[FOOTNOTE: After the correspondence theory of truth in semantics, with which there is anne essay, a close analogy. Essay On Genesis? This theory is well illustrated by critical essay many 18th century English estates, whose large gardens and essay on genesis 1 parks are carefully landscaped to essay thesis, achieve a casual natural beauty, which seamlessly merges into essay chapter, the surrounding countryside.]]. Cell Research? This provides (or appears to provide) a simple rational criterion.

But unfortunately, this criterion depends on on genesis, not only a separation between subjecty and accident book object, but also between art and nature[[FOOTNOTE: Notice that without this distinction, everything is natural and essay 1 thus everything is already maximally beautiful.]], and therefore it falls prey to essays, the previously discussed problem that the chapter very notion of art is culturally relative, rather than being a universal a priori given. In fact, and perhaps even more disastrously for this theory, it is also unclear what counts as nature, given triumphs of modern science and technology such as the rise of the analysis essay brave new world virtual (e.g., special effects in movies), the on genesis strange products of bioengineering, and double essay the ever slowly dawning realization that humans are natural. It is also evident that this theory fails to account for much of on genesis, contemporary art, which is often radically non-representational. Book Reporting? And finally, it is not very clear that there can exist any very good rational basis for judging how well art works imitate nature; it is easy to cite many problematic cases (e.g., unicorns, or the work of on genesis, landscape, bonsai, and ikebana artists). But perhaps we are beating a dead horse here; so let us move on. Another unsatisfactory approach to beauty attempts to measure it by the viewer's emotional response. Let's call this the I know what I like approach.

There is accident, little hope for 1, such an essay about antz approach in on genesis chapter 1 its naive form, which is reporting, purely subjective. However, there are more sophisticated forms, in chapter 1 which scientific instruments are used to measure the samuel on his response, and essay on genesis chapter large datasets are collected, in order to average out on his, individual variations and eliminate outliers. Essay On Genesis 1? As a result of this methodology, conclusions will tend towards primitive factors that are valid for the lowest common denominator of the thesis sampled population. Also, like the correspondence theory of beauty, this approach presupposes a strong split between subject and 1 object. On the positive side, least common denominator results might include many interesting and important low level perceptual phenomena. On the negative side, the taylor essays on his limitation to essay, relatively crude response measures will exclude all of the anne moody more complex forms of essay chapter, judgement that are built on top of mere perception, and cell thesis paper that seem so important for understanding great art.

Although such approaches could produce useful guidelines for several aspects of chapter 1, design, they probably have much less value for fine art. On the other hand, their results should be a significant input to any mature theory of on elasticity of demand, art, and would deserve the same admiration for stability and on genesis chapter reliability that is associated with the critical analysis essay brave new world best fruits of the scientific method. The Romantics had an on genesis entirely different point of view. As John Keats famously wrote (in the Spring of 1819) in his Ode on essays, a Grecian Urn: When old age shall this generation waste, Thou shalt remain, in midst of essay chapter 1, other woe. Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say'st. 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty' - that is all.

Although this clearly echoes Plato[[FOOTNOTE: Discussions of relations among of the good, the true, and the beautiful go back (at least) to Plato (-360), in samuel taylor essays on his the Republic and various dialogues. This theme has been echoed, expounded, varied, and developed through the essay 1 ages, e.g., by essays of demand Aristotle, Cicero, St. Augustine, Boethius, Aquinas and Kant, and it continues into on genesis, the present, where these three are generally taken to accident reporting, be the quite distinct domains of ethics, logic, and aesthetics, respectively.]], I presume that Keats intends the Romantic notion of artistic truth, which generally meant some kind of emotional truth, i.e., an essay chapter accurate expression of the feelings of the artist, rather than truth in some philosophical or scientific sense, such as corespondence to stem cell research thesis, (some notion of) reality. Heidegger has gone more deeply into chapter 1, Kant's philosophy of essay about antz, art than did Kant himself or his followers. Kant's notion of the absoluteness of art is explicated by Heidegger as follows (Kockelmans 1985)[[FOOTNOTE: Although we cite a somewhat dubious secondary source, it is essay chapter, used only as a convenient repository for quotations.]]: . the beautiful for anne essay, Kant is that which never can be considered in function of something else (at least as long as it is taken as the on genesis chapter 1 beautiful) . When all such interest is suppressed, the object comes to the fore as pure object. Brave New World? Such coming forth into chapter 1, appearance is the beautiful.

Thus art is for Kant the beautiful presentation of some form, and jeopardy essay thesis through it, the presentation of an essay 1 aesthetic idea which lies beyond the realm of the accident concepts and essay chapter 1 the categories. Through this beautiful presentation of an essays on elasticity aesthetic idea the artist infinitely expands a given concept and, thus, encourages the free play of our mental faculties. This implies that art really lies beyond the realm of reason and that the essay on genesis beautiful is conceptually incomprehensible. Taylor Coleridge On His Own Times? This theory of the essay beautiful as the analysis essay brave pure presentation of form has much in common with the romantic view. However we should carefully note that it excludes role of the on genesis chapter 1 the artist, the cultural context of the art object, and critical essay brave the preparation of the viewer, all of which seem crucial. Heidegger's own theory of art has much in common with (his version of) that of Kant, but he takes Kant's ideas further, drawing also on his vitalizing reinterpretations of on genesis, Nietzsche and Hegel, and essays of course taking a phenomenological perspective; perhaps surprisingly, Keats' poem again resonates, although it requires a very different interpretation. The following quotes are from essay 1 Heidegger (1960): Art is . the how to a good becoming and chapter 1 happening of samuel on his, truth. Essay On Genesis? Beauty is one way in which truth appears as unconcealedness. Truth is the critical analysis brave unconcealedness of that which is as something that is. On Genesis Chapter 1? Truth is the anne moody essay truth of on genesis 1, being.

Beauty does not occur alongside and apart from anne essay this truth. When truth sets itself into the work [of art], [beauty] appears. Essay On Genesis? Appearance - as this being of truth in of demand the work and as work - is beauty. Thus the beautiful belongs to the advent of truth, truth's taking of its place. Chapter? It does not exist merely relative to anne essay, pleasure and essay chapter purely as its object. Heidegger's notion of truth comes from (his interpretation of) the ancient Greek word aletheia , which he takes to mean non-concealment, the condition of the possibility of understanding or interpretation. This differs greatly from the notion of truth in cell science, as the following quote, again from chapter Heidegger (1960), makes clear: . Critical? science is essay chapter, not an original happening of truth, but always the jeopardy thesis cultivation of a domain of truth already opened, specifically by essay chapter 1 apprehending and essay about confirming that which shows itself to essay chapter 1, be possibly and necessarily correct within that field. Heidegger's approach to samuel taylor on his own times, art allows for essay on genesis chapter 1, culture, under the anne moody heading of what he calls world, it explicitly includes the essay chapter 1 artist, and on elasticity it takes account of viewers. Also Heidegger's approach applies equally well to representational and non-representational art, e.g., conceptual art, found art, and earthworks. But very abstract philosophical views of this kind, though they may help with avoiding certain misunderstandings, and essay 1 with deconstructing other theories of art, do not seem to provide much help understanding particular works of art, and essay this seems to me a serious defect.

Another theory of beauty, often dubbed modernist, says that an object is on genesis chapter 1, beautiful to the extent that its form conforms to its function[[FOOTNOTE: Despite its name, this theory goes back at a good review paper, least to essay on genesis chapter, Plato (-360), and how to write a good review paper his reduction of chapter, art to on elasticity, utility is consistent with his distrust of chapter 1, artists for their capability for political disruption.]]. Essays Of Demand? This is perhaps as well illustrated by Duchamp's urinal as anything (though that may not have been the essay chapter 1 artist's intention). On the stem cell thesis paper other hand, this criterion is hardly applicable to uselss objects, such as impressionist paintings, cubist sculpture, and chapter poetry (though all these can of course be put to various uses, such as making money, impressing friends, and reducing stress). Anne Moody Essay? Moreover, this aesthetic produced, or at least justified, architectural monstrosities in essay chapter the 1950s and 60s, for stem research paper, example, the essay chapter huge crime-ridden high-density low-income high-rise housing projects, that many communities throughout the world are now trying to get rid of. It seems fair to say that this theory is pretty much discredited as a general theory of beauty, though it retains some currency in moody essay such areas as industrial design, due in part to the great success of the Bauhaus movement. Incidentally, the above discussion constitutes a good illustration of the dependency of theories of chapter 1, art upon social and cultural conditions. For not only double essay, art, but also theories of art, depend upon, reflect, and vary with the essay on genesis social conditions of their production, including of accident reporting, course the 1 cultural milieu. In his Poetics , Aristotle (-330) defines art as imitation, but he is taylor coleridge essays, not so naive as to call for the imitation of nature, but rather of 1, men in essays of demand action. Essay? Moreover, here as in most things, Aristotle takes a balanced approach, and does not attempt to jeopardy, reduce art, or the measure of art, to any one thing. On Genesis Chapter? In particular, he does not propose any notion of beauty as the measure of jeopardy essay, art, but rather introduces a number of quality criteria, concentrating on the example of tragic drama, but also discussing several other art forms, e.g., lyre playing. Aristotle says that the on genesis 1 aim of tragedy is to arouse fear and pity in the audience though the imitation of heroic action; his criteria of excellence include unity of time and place, skillful use of language, especially metaphor, several aspects of critical analysis essay new world, plot structure, including certain key types of scene, and chapter aspects of character development.

His approach skillfully combines analytic, historical, ethical, and thesis pragmatic views of chapter, drama, and of course, it has been enormously influential, and remains so to this day. It seems that for essays on elasticity, Aristotle, as for many contemporary artists, beauty is at most a secondary concern. On this last point, and much else, I would agree with Aristotle. On Genesis Chapter 1? An additional point is that beauty is moody, even more difficult to define than art, as well as being even more culturally relative and essay time-variant. Essay? But before passing to on genesis chapter 1, our main question, we should note that Aristotle's approach is not applicable to on his, non-representational art. These considerations imply that art and science must play significantly different kinds of role in any relationship that may be forged between them. One very simple theory is essay 1, that art and science explore such completely disjoint domains in such completely different ways, that it is impossible for essay, there to be any meaningful relationship between them. While this might be comforting to many, it is clearly false. For example, during the essay chapter Renaissance advances in moody essay geometry fueled a corresponding advancement of perspective in painting. Advances in technology have obviously been essential enabling factors for many contemporary art forms, such as cinema, and on genesis chapter electronic music. Many other examples could easily be given, some of which seem to involve rather complex interconnections between art and science (e.g., the anne moody video-based art of essay on genesis 1, Nam Jun Paik, which appears to essay brave new world, use the on genesis 1 medium to criticize it).

A relationship that excites little controversy, because it seems to raise few deep philosophical questions, is the write a good paper use of science to authenticate art, for chapter, example, through chemical analysis and carbon dating of of demand, pigment, canvass, and essay on genesis chapter other material. The use of the fractal dimension computations of Taylor, Micolich and Jonas (this volume) to authenticate or date the critical brave new world drip paintings of Jackson Pollack also has this character. Such applications should not be confused with the essay on genesis 1 much more controversial reduction of art to essays on his, science, e.g., via measurements of viewers' physiological responses to art. Essay On Genesis Chapter? While such reductive approaches have difficulty taking account of factors like culture and the role of the artist (Ione, this volume, pages 21-27), they are potentially applicable to stem research thesis, non-representational art, as noted by essay on genesis chapter 1 Ramachandran (this volume). Moreover, there is of demand, little doubt that artists and on genesis 1 art lovers can learn some valuable things from scientific studies of perception, as well as from moody essay related subjects such as the on genesis chapter neurophysiology and cognitive psychology of vision; e.g., psycho-accoustics is a well developed area of musicology that has been applied many ways in music. Conversely, some might wish to reduce science to accident book, art, by essay on genesis 1 emphasizing the creative side of scientific research, and then claiming that this differs little from painting or musical composition. While such a claim seems valid as far as it goes, it fails to impart much insight, and double essay it also leaves out a great deal that seems important, such as the mathematical character of essay on genesis chapter 1, most scientific theories, and the repeatability requirement for how to a good paper, scientific experiments that was discussed above. Both art and science are part of culture, and chapter as such, both their nature and their relationships are bound to samuel taylor essays on his, be complex, and to change over time and location. It therefore seems naive to 1, expect to a good review paper, find any simple (or even complex) description that reflects the chapter 1 timeless essence of their relationship. As for essays, the future, it would seem wise to expect the unexpected, given how rapidly art, science, and technology are all evolving at present. For example, how will the internet relate to essay, art, as it progressively matures and permeates society?

Some things seem relatively clear: we will surely see much more of digital media, and of the digital manipulation of jeopardy essay, art forms; and probably we will see radical new integrations of essay chapter 1, media when network bandwidth becomes sufficiently great. Accident Reporting? But will this make much difference? We will see new kinds of art, but will we see new kinds of aesthetics? Probably we will see new theories of art as well, but will they be any better than the on genesis chapter 1 old ones? Conclusions like those of the previous paragraph will be disappointing to many philosophers, and to the purveyors of grand theories of essay antz, any kind. But perhaps such conclusions are refreshing in a way; perhaps clearing away the conceptual baggage of definitions and theories can help us to essay on genesis chapter 1, approach art in a fresh way, so that we can experience it more deeply and authentically, which is surely no bad thing.

Also, these explorations, however tentative and mutually contradictory, are valuable in actualizing this conceptual clearing as a process, and the issues involved are deep, affording us an accident opportunity to on genesis, reflect on what it means to double jeopardy essay thesis, be human. Essay On Genesis Chapter? This is the value of how to write a good review, asking the essay chapter question What is art?. Essay? Finally, dramatic scientific advances like fMRI, and essay chapter 1 the continuing decline of brave new world, dualistic theories of chapter 1, consciousness in favor of embodied theories, offer solid grounds for thinking that genuine progress can in fact be made in coleridge essays on his the scientific and philosophical understanding of essay on genesis 1, art, as is also supported by the fine papers in this vomume. The second of the critical analysis essay new world three parts of this volume consists of selected papers from 1 a conference entitled Perception and Art held in essay thesis Brussels in May 1999, as one of two components of the essay on genesis chapter Cognitive Science Conference on Perception, Consciousness and book reporting Art. On Genesis Chapter? An introduction to these papers by antz Eric Myin appears on pages 47 to 59 of this volume; I especially like the Gibsonian perspective that Myin takes in his essay. The third part of chapter 1, this volume consists of two additional papers. The first of these, by accident Alva Noe:, is a lovely meditation on essay on genesis chapter 1, the experiental nature of some contemporary art and philosophical implications of the perspective behind this art (though written in the reverse order). Jeopardy Thesis? In particular, Noe: highlights the transparency of perceptual consciousness as a problem for philosophy, art and cognitive science, and essay on genesis claims that it is resolved by taking an active, embodied and accident book reporting temporally extended view of perception. The work of the essay 1 sculptor Richard Sera is presented as exemplifying this view. On Elasticity Of Demand? The second paper, by on genesis chapter 1 Taylor, Micolich and essay Jonas, is a fascinating empirical study of the drip paintings of Jackson Pollack, using the notion of fractal dimension from chaos theory.

It is found that these paintings have a fractal character (i.e., exhibit self-similarity), and chapter that their fractal dimension gradually increases with the date of the painting, from 1.12 in 1945 to 1.72 in cell research thesis paper 1952. This regularity raises the possibility of 1, using fractal dimension to authenticate newly discovered Pollack paintings (if any such appear), and even to anne essay, determinate their approximate date. The paper goes on to relate Pollack's art to theories about automatism and chapter 1 the role of the unconscious in art, that were current in his time. This paper also speculates that the abundance of fractal patterns in nature makes them a naturally attractive form for art and artists. Finally, I should mention the brave two book reviews in this volume, written by English and by on genesis chapter 1 Goguen.

The first of these covers a book entitled Reframing Consciousness that contains 63 papers from jeopardy a conference held in on genesis chapter Wales in 1998, on the intersection of essay brave new world, art, consciousness and technology, while the essay 1 second applies a strengthened Gibsonian viewpoint to samuel taylor own times, a recent book by Maurice Hershenson, Visual Space Perception , from the field of experimental psychology.

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· Hands-on in chapter 1 estimation, preparation of test case and review of the same, Test Case execution, Test results reporting, Training and Knowledge Transition Sessions for team members. · Delivered defect free projects to different clients. Received appreciation emails from top Clients as well as from the internal account. · Worked in white box (using VB 6.0 Technology) testing. · Very good in multitasking. Moody. Fast learner and eager to essay chapter 1 learn more in management. · Worked on software change and configuration management tool Borland Star team.

Good working experience in Server side testing using database Benthic Golden. · Motivated achiever who guides team in applying estimates and how to a good review paper thoughts to business settings, provides added value, and creates project deliverables in on genesis chapter a timely manner. · Delivered zero residual defect projects to various clients. Book. Got appreciation email from one of the top Client’s lead as well as from the internal account. · Good experience in Ambiguity Analysis. · Executed and led testing projects (Manual Testing).

· Involved in Designing test scenarios and test cases based on SRS. · Exposed to essay 1 all stages of testing life cycle and Defect life cycle with agile methodology. · Good verbal written communication skills, clarity of thought leadership skill. Technical Associate (Jan’11- Current) § Responsible for analyzing System requirement, Business requirement, Application design documents, application interface design documents and high level design documents and stem paper prepare the estimation reports. § Responsible for creating test cases based on the all the requirement documents and maintain the requirement traceability matrix. § Responsible for chapter 1 peer review and formal review for created test cases. § Responsible for entering the entire defect in defect tracking tool and update the status with developer coordination. § Managing Defects resolution based on critical essay team/developer comments. § Working with the teams to formalize and introduce the best and most appropriate testing / QA strategies across the on genesis chapter 1 team.

§ Ensuring that regression plans get updated regularly.Responsible for creating and managing back end test cases based on the application interface design. Company: Tech Mahindra, India, Pune (Jan’11 - Current) Environment : .Net, Microsoft Windows XP/7, UNIX. Tools : Quality center 10.0. Database : SQL Server 2008. Duration : 2 months. Project Details : Worked in End to End testing using different application of ATT. Worked in moody essay Base application for account, agreement profile creation, Phoenix for order management and provisioning.

Testing all the application with proper flow management system. Using this product user can select various bundles like wireless or wireline. Combine bill is generated for essay on genesis single order. How To Write A Good Review. Based on the bundle selection need to check various applications for essay chapter end to end flow is working properly or not. Environment : .Net, Microsoft Windows XP/7, UNIX. Tools : Quality center 10.0, PRISM, ReqPro, QTP. Database : SQL Server 2008. Duration : March 2011 to till date. Project Details : Currently working in OSS PACE Telecom product of ATT which is totally based on Meridian proliace system. Program administration and how to write review paper control for the enterprise (PACE) is the project management, scheduling, system support, template management, resource management, Cost Budget control, Milestone Tracking, Program management and reporting tool.

It has many interfaces which vary based on the release in this product. Due to many interfaces System integration Testing End to End Testing is the main area of work in this product. Most of the interface are FTP based so data flows from to PACE via FTP. It is essay on genesis, common sourcing model which broadly used for managing the construction and engineering for cell site and cell research thesis towers. Using this Product ATT is going to manage all type of resources including human. This product has two main workspaces Mobility Wireline. PACE has 1 National Template, 5 regional template and 28 markets template which includes all the state country of on genesis, East, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest Southwest region of US. Company: Mphasis as HP Company ,India, Pune (Jan’07 - Jan’11) 1) Project Name : Payroll Update for Client: EHRO (Reynolds, Teco, AEP, Amex etc.) Environment : Microsoft Windows XP.

Domain : Payroll (PeopleSoft) Defined Benefits (US Pension Plan Administration) Payroll Update - The purpose of the Periodic Update is to moody essay populate Pension Calculator database with current data for active and terminated employees. We get flat data file which describes how each data element in the system is to be updated, and lists the reports produced by the Periodic Update. 2) Project Name : Data Load for Client: EHRO (SCJ, Nestle, Toyota etc.) Environment : Microsoft Windows XP. Domain : Healthcare Defined Benefits (US Pension Plan Administration) Data Load - It is all about loading and /or updating the database of the PC3 system using source input file depending upon instructions given for the particular screen/Screens.

We generally get a raw data file which is to be processed and validated as per the business logic. The data is essay chapter, loaded on the screens depending on the instructions provided for each individual screen. The major steps involved in data load are - 1. Get the reporting input data file (flat file). 2. Process and validate the essay 1 file to find out any possible errors / warnings and rejects. 3. Depending upon the business logic load the data from the file in the respective screens.

Environment : Microsoft Windows XP. Domain : Banking Finance. PC2 to PC3 Conversion – It is the enhancement of the older version (PC2 application) which was built in essays of demand SAX Basic and MS Access. The existing code is to be converted from on genesis, SAX Basic to Visual Basic keeping in mind the accident book limits of PC2 and essay on genesis chapter PC3 functionality. Also, conversion of MS Access database to Oracle 9i. The basic steps involved in conversion were – 2. Scramble the database for Testing.

3. Moody Essay. Design the GUI through XML. 4. Test the converted code. Environment : Microsoft Windows XP. Domain : Payroll (PeopleSoft) Defined Benefits (US Pension Plan Administration) Valuation Extract - The Valuation Extract process creates sequential data files to be used by the Retirement team for the actuarial valuation. Data is chapter 1, extracted from the TransCanada Pension Calculator databases and placed in active, inactive, or exit file based on the employee’s status as of the Extract Date. · Analysis of the analysis essay new world requirements provided by the clients. · Preparation of Test ambiguities.

· Identifying the test scenarios. · Test Case preparation and review of the essay same. · Test Environment set up and Test Data Creation. · Test Case execution. · Test Status and Reporting. · Defect logging, tracking and management using internal Quality Central. · Training and Knowledge Transition Sessions for team members. O Received MphasiS Spot Award in stem paper September 2008, for delivering the complex project with aggressive deadlines. O Key role in Project Documentation (Template/Checklists/Standards/Trackers) O Enthusiastic involvement in the Team building and extracurricular activities. O Received numerous appreciations from client’s manager and EDS management for essay on genesis chapter 1 handling complex requirements.

§ Database: Oracle, MS Access, SQL server 2008. § Tools: Quality center 10.0, QTP 10.0, PRISM, ReqPro, XML Spy, Star Team, Benthic Software, Beyond Compare, Crystal Reports. § Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Windows7, Unix. § Basic knowledge of C, C++,HTML, ETL Tools. Father’s Name : Shri Dayali Ram Dewangan. Date of how to paper, Birth : 24-09-1983.

Permanent Address : S/O Dayali Ram Dewangan, Shankar Nagar Moti Chowk Durg (C.G.) Marital Status : Married. Languages Known : English, Hindi. Strength : Very fast learner and good in essay chapter multitasking. Always open for new challenges, Good Team player and a good. Motivator for moody other team members. Consistency, dedication and determination to essay on genesis 1 get the work done.

Area of interest : Watching and playing cricket, Watching Movies. Passport Number : G5383004. PAN Number : AKUPD9520E. (DEVENDRA DEWANGAN) Place: Associate has to 45 months of critical analysis essay new world, experience in on genesis Automation Testing and critical essay brave 2 months in performance testing. As part of his assignments, he has been in Requirement Analysis, Application Maintenance, Functional Studies, Quality Reviews and chapter 1 Testing. How To Write A Good Review Paper. He has worked on projects for clients Credit Suisse. o 47 months of Industry experience in working with CMMI level-5 organization on Insurance and Banking Domains. o Hands on Experience on Load Runner 8.5. o Extensively worked on test automation tool Quick Test Professional 9.2,9.5,10.0.

o Proficient in Automation Testing of chapter 1, Client Server, Web applications using QTP. o Developed Automation frameworks for accident book reporting the projects. o Active participant of Credit Suisse Prime Services team and undergone KT and given refined solutions on automation frame work. o Worked in various modules in Credit Suisse, shows ability to work in different type’s applications like Mamba, Prime Margin and ACE. o Strong understanding and working knowledge of Test Life Cycle (TLC) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). o Hands on experience in end-to-end system testing of complex business systems, which involve integration of on genesis chapter 1, multiple applications. o Diversified Experience in Functional testing, Integration testing, System testing and Regression testing using QTP. o Ability to samuel write concise and accurate Defect reports in essay on genesis 1 Test Management tools and its reproducible steps.

o Managed all system produced defect by ensuring that all reported test incidents were appropriately owned, tracked and addressed, using Lotus Notes and analysis Squids(an in house Test management Tool) o A valuable team player with good inter-personnel and essay chapter excellent communication skills. o Self-driven with ability to handle wide range of tasks. o Proven ability to work as a team player as well as an individual. o Good interpersonal skills, committed, result oriented, hard working with a Quest and zeal to learn new technologies and accident reporting undertake challenging tasks. Education and Certifications. Degree with Branch College/University Year of Passing. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. Hardware / Platforms Windows 98/XP/2000/2003. Databases SQL Server. Scripting Languages JavaScript, HTML. Version Control Systems MS Visual Source Safe (VSS),Tortoise.

• E1 – First level of on genesis, Health Care Domain Conducted by Syntel Inc Ltd year 2008. • Cognizant Certified Professional in HP QTP. • Brain bench certification in VB Script. • Brain Bench certification in moody Presentation Skills. • Brain Bench certification in Time Management. • Brain Bench certification in on genesis 1 Business Communication. • Brain Bench certification in Interpersonal Communication. • Rational Functional Tool certified by IBM Year 2009. Awards and Recognition. • “Excellence Corner” from Cognizant Automation COE for Q3 and brave new world Q4 2010. Mobile No.

9049988464 Vnet : 207408. Software Analyst Programmer. Aug 2007 –Oct 2009. Cognizant Technology Solutions (C T S) Nov 2009- till date. Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions. Operating System Windows XP. Tools Quick Test Professional 10.0. Role Team Member – Automation Tester. Period Nov 2009 – till date.

To automate the chapter 1 application modules by identifying the write proper framework and to automate the application to increase the efficiency of automation testing and on genesis 1 deliver scripts to QA teams for Regression/Sanity testing. The Prime Services division risks market share loss and revenue degradation without an onshore, risk-based financing solution. Analysis Brave. Prime Services has partnered with legal, compliance, and on genesis 1 shared services colleagues to anne develop an essay chapter innovative solution offering fully collateralized, onshore stock lending through a US-based broker-dealer. #61692; Deciding upon the scope of automation, study of the Manual Test cases, identification of the steps that can can not be automated. #61692; Design of the Automation framework. #61692; Effort estimation for the development phase and report submission. #61692; Identification of the dependencies and the risks. #61692; Development of scripts using QTP. #61692; Review and Execution of the scripts. #61692; Coding (involves policy rule coding, sequence flow, status flow, and dictionary entries).

#61692; Analyzing the review paper existing manual regression test suit. #61692; Framework Identification and creation framework as per application. #61692; Preparing Test Data, Executing Test Cases. #61692; Presenting demo to clients. #61692; Ensuring deliveries on time. #61692; Worked on different applications like Mamba, Prime Margin, ACE Batch Automation as per the requirements shows the essay chapter 1 ability in working on different applications. Client Humana Inc. Louisville, KY, USA. Project Type Manual and essay Automation testing for different modules in health care. Operating System Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Role Automation Tester. Period October2007 – October 2009 (25 Months) Testing all the modules in health care and automate the test cases for essay on genesis chapter 1 applications, execute test cases and accident book reporting raise defects and on genesis chapter 1 follow the defect life cycle in every regression cycle. Humana Inc. is one of the samuel taylor essays on his Largest Health Care Insurance Company in USA with total revenue of approximately more $ 45 billion. It provides Insurance to mainly Groups customers belonging to those groups.

Providers provide services to all customers of Humana Humana pays for those services. These services include Medical, Dental and chapter Vision. Role and Responsibilities. #61692; Developing, Maintaining and Executing automation scripts on QTP for thesis paper Customer Care Portal, Premium Billing system and Spending Account Administration Modules. #61692; Preparation of Automation flow documents, Effort Estimation. #61692; Reviewing QTP Scripts and on genesis Test cases.

#61692; Ensuring deliveries on time. #61692; Giving solutions to the automation scripting related problems. #61692; Assigning work to the team members. #61692; Preparation of business documents presentations for Knowledge transition. #61692; Tracking defects and preparing precise defect reports for book management. #61692; Types of testing involved Regression Testing, Smoke and Integration Testing.

#61692; Responsible for QTP Scripting for two modules in the project. • Automated all the business processes for essay chapter Premium Billing Systems, which could save approx. On His. 70% time in testing the test cases. • By completing E1 certification, I broadened up my domain knowledge spectrum. • Like without being imparted any training in 1 CCP (Customer Care Portal), I learnt it on my own and have grown to a level where I am giving training to reporting people on CCP. • Improved the quality of the scripts by maintaining and on genesis chapter implementing new methods in scripting.

• Ensured that all the tasks I complete are of the topmost quality and got appreciation mails. Client Hospital Corporation of critical analysis essay brave new world, America. Project Type Performance Testing for HCA application. Operating System Windows XP, Windows 2000. Tools Load Runner. Role Performance Tester. Analyzing SMART application to determine the responsiveness, throughput, reliability, and/or scalability of chapter, a system under a given workload. To provide information related to the speed, scalability, and stability of a product prior to production release, thus enabling to informed decisions about whether, where and when to tune the system. HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) Team defined a prototype called SMART (Supply Management and Resource Tracking System) through which one can create a manual PO (Purchase Order) and send to the corresponding vendor. Role and Responsibilities. #61692; Gathering new requirements for business scenarios.

#61692; Preparing and enhancing the script using some user defined functions and some coding standards. #61692; Designing workload scenario and Execution of the write paper script in Controller. #61692; Analyzing and documenting execution results. DEVANAND B. GUJAR. Cybage Softwares Pvt. Essay Chapter. Ltd, Pune (India). Mobile: +91 – 9096312188. ? 2 Years + of total experience in Software Testing with IT Life Cycle Management domain. ? Well versed with Scrum Methodology and its implementation.

? Exposure to Performance, security and automation testing and open to taylor essays on his own times multiple role in 1 Software Testing. ? Experienced with automation testing tools HP-LoadRunner/VSTS-2010 and would like to welcome an opportunity to work with any new automation testing tool. ? Experienced in writing, reviewing and essays executing Test cases based on essay Business Requirements and Technical Specifications. ? Capable to work independently, Quick learner and target oriented. ? Proficient in all aspects of web engineering and seeking to leverage an essays on elasticity extensive background in quality assurance.

? Cybage Software’s Pvt. On Genesis. Ltd. Pune (India) Quality Assurance Engineer, 7-SEP-09 to till date. Project Details: - Client Name: Symantec Corporation Project Name: Symantec Management Platform 7X. The Symantec Management Platform project belongs to IT Life Cycle Management domain and provides a set of a good, services that IT-related solutions can leverage. Solutions plug into 1 the platform and take advantage of the platform services, such as security, reporting, communications, package deployment, and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) data. Because solutions share the analysis brave same platform, they can share platform services as well as data. Shared data is on genesis, more useful than data that is only available to a single solution. For example, data collected by critical one solution about the software installed on company computers is used by another solution to help you manage software licenses.

A third solution can also use this data to 1 help you update software. This close integration of solutions and the platform makes it easier for you to samuel coleridge essays on his own times use the different solutions because they work in a common environment and are administered through a common interface. The platform provides the services like Role-based security, Client communications and management, Event triggered and scheduled task and policy execution , File deployment and installation, Reporting, Centralized management through a single, common interface Configuration Management Database (CMDB). · Currently working on performance testing of client server application using VSTS-2010, Perfmon · Performed security testing of the application against SQL injection, XSS attack encryption. · Performed manual testing of the application GUI with regard to layout, usability and boundary.

· Involved in testing the essay new functionalities based on test cases. · Coordinated with development team in tracking, prioritizing and fixing the issues. · Involved in developing QA metrics and test reports for moody defects on daily, weekly and module basis. · Performed smoke testing on new builds of application. · Created and maintained an on genesis 1 up-to-date QA testing lab. · Test environment creation which includes the following activities; Installation, deployment of book reporting, products and. Software's and configuration management of test environment on various Operating systems. ? JAN-2010 a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from EC-COUNCIL. Training attended at Net-conclave Systems (Security Consultant Maharashtra Police). ? AUG-2009 a Post-Graduate Diploma in on genesis chapter 1 Advance Computing from accident, Sunbeam institute of on genesis, Information Technology, under C-DAC, ACTS, Pune.

? MAR-2008 a B.E. in stem research Information Technology from Govt. College of Engineering,Amravati (Amravati University). ? FEB-2004 a H.S.C. from Sangai High school, Anjangaon Surji , under Amravati Board with 70.50%. ? MAR-2002 a S.S.C. from Sangai High school, Anjangaon Surji , under Amravati Board with 68.80%. ? Pursuing training for AIS-HP LoadRunner Software(HP0-M18) AIS-HP Virtual User Generator Software (HP0-M18), Trainer Name :- Ajay S. On Genesis Chapter 1. Bhagwat ( Profile:- ).Training Institute:- ? Visit to accident International Security Hacking Conference Nullcon-Goa-2011 ( on 25-26th Feb-11 organized by Null. ? Participated in QA analyst meet, VodQA 3 - The Testing Spirit!, on 26-Mar-11 Organized by ThoughtWorks Technologies, Pune. · Reported Cross-site scripting (XSS) security vulnerability login authentication vulnerability in

Web Application portal (Bug Details: #72977). · Reported SQL Injection vulnerability in web application for web-page. · Reported information disclosure vulnerability in admission process portal of Institute of essay on genesis 1, Management. · Active member of null ( : open security community for ethical hackers, security professionals. and security Enthusiasts). ? Testing Tools: ApTest Manager, QC, Etrack and VSTS-2010.

· knowledge of Performance Testing, Load Testing and Stress Testing of application. · knowledge of performance testing tools like VSTS-2010, Windows Perfmon tool, SysinternalsSuite (ProcessMonitor, ProcessExplorerNt) and Basic Knowledge of QEngine Jmeter. · Experienced with Performance analysis tool Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL). · Experienced with Web-Page performance testing tools like HttpWatch , Page Speed YSlow. · Good knowledge of Software Debuggers like DibugDiag, Dr.Watson, App Verifier. · Demonstrated experience with finding common application performance issues including memory. leak, handle usage , High CPU usage and Thread usage by application in windows environment. · Experienced with Analysis of performance graphs to determine whether the application is. memory bound or CPU bound.

· Knowledgeable with finding web site security issues (XSS attack, SLQ Injection, Input. validation, Buffer overflow , information leakage, etc.) · Knowledgeable with reverse engineering, Fuzzing, Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Research, Vulnerability. Disclosure and essays own times IPS/IDS. · low level software security testing skills, including finding memory safety issues, local escalation of privilege. and other exploits around subverting internal software security boundaries. ? Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, J2SE /J2EE, Batch Script ,Unix Shell Script(Basic). ? Database Technologies: ORACLE 9i, MYQSL, SQL-Server-05/08, MS_ACCESS. ? Programming Tools IDE : Borland Turbo C++ 3.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Zend Studio 5.5, PHP Designer-08, VSTS-2008/2010, Net beans 6.0, Eclipse, Edit-Plus, Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0. Project description: Online Certification Engine is a running project with above mensioned URL and essay on genesis chapter is intended to prepare user for any global certification examination.

The project is capable of resuming the examination if any technical problems persist during examination. Keeps the track of visitors I.P. Administrator can disable/enable particular test, create new test, modify questions database etc. 2. Management Information System (B.E. final year project ) Project description: This project is accident book reporting, dedicated to the college Govt. College of Engg. Amravati. for further implementation.

The basic idea about essay chapter, project was given by national Accreditation committee (NAC) during the visit for Accreditation purpose. Samuel Essays On His. Programming tool used for project is chapter 1, advance java MS _ACCESS as a database tool. Project is capable of controlling online results of students, registering new student and preparing mark-sheet of essays of demand, students. Future implementation of project includes adding of essay chapter, few modules including online TC maker, training placement Notice board, online assignment board etc. No Database (Static Website)

Project description: This project is samuel taylor essays own times, running project with the domain and aimed to provide detailed information about chapter, organization Govt. College of Engg. Amravati. With a dynamic look. Essays On His Own Times. HTML as a basic programming tool is used for essay project and additional tools FRONT PAGE, web-builders, menu builders, Flash and Photoshop were used to essays own times provide a graphical look. ? Best project award at Sunbeam Institute of essay chapter, Information Technology for C-DAC final year academic project. ? Web-Administrator Data center student co-ordinate for academics 2007-08-09. ? Leader of WEB-TEAM for a website hosted under Linux environment [JAN-08]. ? Leader of national online programming contest TOP-CODERS based on c/c++ Under PRAJWALAN-08 (Annual tech-fest of GCOE Amravati.) ? Web-Master for web site of national level technical festival during academic 2007-08. ? Technical assistant for A.I.T.S (Association of Information Technology Students) during Academics.

? Executive member of organizing committee in a “National level Robot competition-06” held at Govt. College. Of Engg Amravati. ? Presented papers titled “WEB SERVICES“,”ETHICAL HACKING”,“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE“, “E-SECURITY”, “ROBOTICS“, “ROBOTICS AUTOMATION“ at various technical Symposiums during academics. ? Permanent address: Mr. DEVANAND B. GUJAR. C/O- Bapuraoji Gujar, Near - old Bus Stand, Besides Kranti Bhangar, At.

Post+Ta: Anjangaon Surji, Dist: Amravati, Maharashtra (India), Pin- -444705. ? Passport No: G7760366 (valid from anne essay, 3/4/2008 to 2/4/2018) ? PAN No: AOIPG3879F. ? Marital Status: Unmarried. Place: PUNE ( Devanand B. Gujar ) O Having versatile knowledge of software testing. O Proficient with automated testing tools viz QTP Selenium.

O Proficient with test management tools and bug tracking tools like Bugzilla, Quality Control and essay chapter 1 TestLink. O Participation in preparation of test plan and test cases. O Having knowledge of functional, regression and system testing. O Involved in logging the book bugs and essay on genesis chapter 1 reporting. O Defect tracking and of demand reporting using Bugzilla. O Good understanding of Relational Data Base Management Systems (RDBMS) with MYSQL. O Quick learner and essay chapter 1 excellent team player, ability to meet tight deadlines and research thesis work under pressure and be productive with new technologies.

O Flexible committed individual with excellent communication skills. u B.Sc (Electronics, Computer Maintenance, Maths) from Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur in. year 2007 with 57% aggregate. u H.S.C. from Bhopal Board, Madhya Pradesh in year 2004 with 64.22%. u S.S.C. from Bhopal Board, Madhya Pradesh in 2002 with 71.40%. Windows XP, Basic Knowledge of on genesis 1, Linux.

QTP, Test Link, Bugzila, Selenium. Diploma in Software Testing with ‘A’ grade from taylor coleridge essays on his own times, Seed Infotech Ltd. Undergoing HP- QTP Training batches and essay on genesis chapter 1 preparing for essays on elasticity of demand certification. NAME OF EMPLOYER. NAME OF COMPANY. Vertex Software Pvt. Ltd. (An NTT Data Company) NAME OF EMPLOYER.

NAME OF COMPANY. Mr. Mahesh Nangia. N.S. MOTOR (TATA MOTORS) System Administrator cum Office Executive. Office Executive cum Computer Operator. Client : GuestLogix Inc. Duration : 16th Aug till date. Roles : Test Engineer. Description : Onboard Retail related end to essay chapter end Product solution by GuestLogix.

Guestlogix provides onboard retail services to of demand many airways as Jetstar, the facility Partner , Delta. To track onboard sales POS device are used and Stored in Back Office. POS devices track sales to provide services to customer with various sales types as cash ,credit cards ,complimentary. Chapter. Provided to anne essay customers in travel industry like airlines, cruise, bus etc. Online shopping and offline batch processing. Online shopping involves POS special devices. Onboard Retail related end to end product solution by GuestLogix.

Client : Open Source. Duration : 15 days. Roles : Test Engineer. Description : Orange HRM is the world’s leading open source HRM solution for small and medium sized enterprises(SME’s) by providing a flexible and easy to on genesis chapter use HRM system affordable for any company worldwide. The following modules companies are able to manage the crucial organization asset- people. The combination of these modules into one application assures the stem cell research thesis paper perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with organizational goals. Scope of on genesis, Testing: 1. Requirements Testing. 2. Functional Testing. 3. Usability / User Interface Testing. 4. Regression Testing.

1. A Good Paper. Reviewed Business requirements. 2. Involved in test case writing. 3. Involved on testing the new functionalities based on test cases and coordinated with development team in fixing the on genesis chapter issues. 4. After successful release of anne moody essay, projects, developed automation scripts using Selenium. 5. Ensure that all the test cases are updated in essay on genesis the Test Link along with Master test plan.

6. Tested critical bug fixes including critical fixes and coordinated with developers in essays on elasticity release of bug fixes meeting tight timeline. 7. Defects were tracked, reviewed, analyzed and compared manually and using Bugzilla. Test Link, Bugzilla, Selenium, SQL, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows XP. § Languages Known Marathi, Hindi, English. § Marital Status Single. § Passport Number G6458117 (Valid upto: 22/02/2018) § Contact Address C/o Abha Paranjpe, Shanti Apartments, Gate No. 02, Behind Swaroop Petrol Pump, Wright Town , Jabalpur-482002 (M.P.) § Permanent Address G/16 , 90 Qtrs, Vijayanagar, Nr. Chapter 1. Kachnar City, Jabalpur-482002 (M.P.) For any job offer that would best suited to my profile, I promise to relocate myself to the desired location. I hereby declare that the information given here by write a good me is true and correct to essay on genesis chapter the best of my knowledge. Place: Devika Paranjpe.

u ‘B’ Certificate Holder in National Cadet Corps (Navy Wing) attended various camps such as Annual Training Camp, National Integration Camp, etc. u Prize-winner in anne various Inter-Collegiate Dance Competitions. u Received American Scholarship from the State of California for 2 years on Best Academic Performance. Institute for certificate course in Automation . On Genesis. This course will provide extensive coverage of Automation Basics which will cover the coleridge own times topics such as Pneumatics, Sensor Technology, Electrical Systems Designs, Relays Timers, VSD ,PLC,SCADA training. Call Us: +91 7304258511. VK Edutech is one of on genesis, leading industrial technology Knowledge Centre, providing hands on practical training in Advanced Industrial Automation(PLC,SCADA HMI,DCS)Process Control Engineering, Electro Hydraulic Pneumatic, Industrial Electrical and Electronics, AC DC Drives, Environment, Safety Fire Engineering.

Call Us On +91 82 75067 185.

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Thesis 2.0 Review: 4 Reasons why I#039;m not a Convert. The other day I finished up a review of 6 different drag drop themes. Essay On Genesis Chapter. Because I had started almost a month before, selecting themes, creating criteria, and more – I hadn’t included Thesis 2.0 in critical analysis essay the mix. But since my review came out right after Thesis 2.0 did, it was logical that people would start asking about essay on genesis chapter it and how it compared. Just so we’re all on accident reporting, the same page, here was my definition of on genesis chapter 1, drag drop:

The end user can assemble the design of a web page by dragging and samuel, dropping key elements/components onto a “canvas” designing the layout/structure of the page. If you read my other article, then you know my criteria: Could it create anything other than a blog layout? Were there components I could drag and on genesis 1, drop to create different designs? How many different kinds of components were available to me, did they allow for the kind of expression I was looking for, and moody, were they easy to understand? Could I get going on on genesis, my design without a manual?

Were the drag and drop designs tightly linked to the page it was for or could I create designs that I could use for write paper, multiple pages? Did these themes take into account responsive design or mobile visitors? How close could I get to my target design/layout? By way of short cut, I considered the quantity of components I could drag and drop (#2) and the coverage of those items (#3). What I mean is that a drag drop theme may have 24 different kinds of essay on genesis, components but if they’re all post-list-related (recent posts, top posts, most commented posts, etc) then it may have a high count but low coverage. Builder by essays, iThemes has a small number but pretty large coverage. Because I care about both, I used two factors for it. It was a good thing that #4 was on essay chapter 1, the list because Thesis 2.0 comes with no documentation – a really interesting and frustrating dynamic when some of its features are hidden (but more on that later).

So I started doing my evaluation, just like I had with the other six themes. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a score because I was too frustrated to finish. But I can tell you it didn’t beat the first 4 or 5. So rather than try to score it, I decided to give you the 4 reasons why I’m not sold on Thesis 2.0. 1. Difficult: The whole point of Drag Drop is to make things easy. It’s a little thing but it’s a frustrating thing.

Drag and drop should be drag and drop. We all know how to do it. So why make me click on Shift to drag and anne moody, drop anything? And if I don’t click shift before clicking to drag, nothing works. Essay 1. No other drag drop theme required me to click on analysis brave new world, shift, so it can’t be rocket science.

Just saying. 2. Unintuitive: Creating new names for existing things is just confusing. I get that it was supposed to be revolutionary and 1, a brand new start to the web all over. But guess what, other themes have had template builders for taylor coleridge essays, a while – like Ultimatum, Headway Builder. So why create a new nomenclature, found in new places (not under Appearance), that do stuff that others already do? Just so you can call it new? It’s unintuitive and makes things really….maddening. 3. Essay 1. Maddening: Hiding features until I randomly click things makes me mad. Thesis 2.0 promises that it’s easy to create tons of layouts. Unfortunately you don’t know how to do it because there’s no link or button. Taylor Coleridge On His Own Times. Until, that is, you click on essay chapter, the name of your existing template, and then a pop-up appears that has an option to create a new one.

Whoever designed that UI should be beaten and sent to samuel coleridge on his own times work with Joomla. If I hadn’t kept trying for more than 30 minutes to on genesis 1 find out how to create new templates, I might have just quit right there! 4. Backfired: You rushed to get it out…and it failed. The last reason I didn’t like Thesis 2.0 was because, after all the hoopla, it still changed everything (which likely will bother existing users) but didn’t make progress towards things I care about. Of Demand. Mobile and essay on genesis chapter, responsive design are big for me. I get why Builder, which is stem thesis paper, years old, doesn’t have a natural architecture that supports it.

But Thesis 2.0 is new. So why doesn’t it support it natively. Maybe it does. 1. Who knows? I surely don’t because there was no documentation. None!

And the excuse was that they rushed to get it out the door (which would have been fine if it was intuitive). On top of that, some of the videos I found online referenced features that were no longer there (from an earlier beta). Oh the frustration! So that was my take. How To Write Review. Sorry I can’t tell you exactly where it sits, but it’s not in the top 3, so why would you include it in your investigation? Chris is essay chapter, best known for relentlessly writing blog posts (regardless of who reads them) and essays, tirelessly telling stories (regardless of who hears them). He's a blogger, conference speaker, coach, advisor, and manager of people. Powered by the Rainmaker Platform. The Rainmaker Platform by Copyblogger Media is the complete website solution for on genesis chapter 1, building your own online marketing and sales platform. In short, it makes the technology part of running an online business simple so that online marketers and business owners can focus on building audiences and samuel coleridge essays, growing businesses. My posts.

Your inbox. Beautiful. Thanks! Now check your email. Thanks for adding Thesis 2.0 to the eval Chris. Bummer it wasn’t a better tool, but glad I know before I jump into essay chapter, it #128521;

Get ready for the internet hounds to pounce! Great review as always Chris. Absolutely agree with you Chris! In terms of UI/UX it has been a complete fail for me. Critical Brave New World. There are lot of obvious elements which can be improved.

Not to mention, there is no way to go back to WP dashboard or any other page once you are in essay on genesis the Skin Editor. Ever since Chris Pearson claimed he was the 3rd most important person in the WordPress community etc… From a couple years ago I don’t want to touch a thing he does with a 100 foot pole… Once you go douche it is hard to come back. Being a Maverick means you’ll can’t be trusted not to fly off the handle again… I bought the developer version of Thesis when it was still 1.6 (ish), so I got Thesis 2.0 for free. Essays. Since 1.6, I did actually learn how to make a theme, mostly through the custom function and documentation of essay on genesis chapter, Thesis, so there was a learning curve, but I got there. So along comes Thesis 2.0, and I’m wtf?! for like 5 minutes. I actually found it easier to on elasticity get Reverie (based on Foundation 3), and re-hack that to support what I wanted to do. It was faster. And cleaner. And does EXACTLY what I want. But then again, I am a front-end developer, I might not be the target market.

Reflecting on the review: totally agree. It’s $160 (around that) of cost, that I will probably never use again. #128578; Have loved previous versions of Thesis up to 1.8.5 Have not bothered…and have no intention of upgrading current Thesis sites to essay on genesis chapter 2.0 for all the reasons you noted. Review Paper. The good thing about Thesis 2.0? It helped me decide what framework I’d be using on new domain installs. … and it’s not Thesis anymore. I think you guys are missing out. Once there’s a bit more out there on the workflow, you will be amazed at the stuff you can build with Thesis 2. lisafirke Thanks for the comment. I have no doubt that people will be able to essay on genesis chapter do things with Thesis 2.0 when an entire ecosystem is built (boxes, etc).

That said, my main point is essays of demand, that those same people could do incredible things with Ultimatum or Headway right now! chrislema I agree with you on essay on genesis chapter, several points. My main complaint on book reporting, other drag drops is essay 1, that in my experience the output is convoluted not semantic, which hurts page speed SEO. Thesis 2.0 does put out cell semantic code and, you’re right, when the ecosystem is up will be great. On Genesis Chapter 1. So I guess it depends what your definition of ‘incredible’ is… Something that creates a gorgeuos site, with beautiful code, without effort would be incredible. I don’t think it exists yet. Where’s is the actual proof that a site running Thesis ranks better than an moody essay, equal Headway og Genesis based site? The times of “magic H1-optimization” are over. Long gone.

Whether you put your keywords in H1 or H2 tags is essay on genesis, very close to irrelevant in of demand Google’s current algo. The correlation-data supports this statement, SEOmoz does some good work researching such stuff. But it’s good snake oil to sell as a panacea to every clueless average Joe or Jane building their first websites. Essay Chapter 1. But it’s still BS. And selling BS to people who are easy to essays of demand fool, is morally wrong, in my opinion.

lisafirke, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I tried fruitlessly to use Thesis 2. Chris L. Essay Chapter 1. has pretty much nailed the essays of demand same frustrations I had. Essay On Genesis Chapter. I am a techy person and have a coding background yet I still couldn’t figure Thesis out. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING simple and intuitive about Thesis 2. If anyone out how to write a good paper there is evaluating or interested in frameworks that help them be productive and on genesis, build sites quickly and without digging deeply into essays on elasticity of demand, code, then Thesis 2 is not for you. I was lucky in 1 that I had bought from AppSumo and they actually refunded my money. There are LOTS of people complaining on DIY/Thesis forums. Most of write review, them were not as lucky as me and they have lost their hard earned money to essay on genesis someone that doesn’t seem to care that he is ripping people off, and only selectively responding to people via Twitter. One of the a good paper reasons I like OpenBSD is essay 1, that the lead developer will not allow new commits without appropriate documentation. If the documentation isn’t ready, then that means the code isn’t either and it doesn’t make it into the source tree. When I hear people explaining how they didn’t have time to document, I wonder what else skimped on and what security holes may be lurking as a result. I got it for free, spent 20 minutes and it all became clear why the previous version was great.

Utter utter fail. I agree with many of your points Chris. I recently bought 2.0 for $197 and I’ve been thinking refund. I’m not sure if a new framework has ever been released without ANY documentation from the original author. Seriously though,…has that ever happened? Relying on loyalists and 3rd parties for help just seems little- league.

I mean,… this is Chris Pearson, not some kid in his mom’s basement. He should know better right? That being said, I believe that with any new framework there is going to be a steep learning curve (even with documentation/support sometimes) so I think I’m going to give Thesis the benefit of the doubt and accident book reporting, ride it out. It does appear to be very flexible and fast, and just as you mentioned once the “ecosystem” is in place I think it will finally be worth the money. Chris – I just feel really let down about the new Thesis. I don’t know maybe I just ate up the essay on genesis hype like everyone else. I’ve been toying around with it and book reporting, will probably see if I can cobble something together with it.

My thought is that with Thesis 2.0 it has been developed for developers in on genesis mind. Not John Q Public (or an average joe like me) What kills me is the anne essay lack of documentation for essay chapter, the release of a new product. How can you do something as unprofessional as that? I still use Thesis for my own site.

But I don’t know if I’ll ever swap to 2.0. I might just backtrack and go with a Woo theme that is already setup to be responsive and live with the taylor coleridge own times limitations. :-/ Helpful review, Chris! I’m a Genesis developer, and I’ve done some work with Thesis, too. Although I love Genesis, I think Thesis (pre-2) is pretty nice as well, I had no trouble working with it. In the annals of web development blogging, your line is a classic! “Whoever designed that UI should be beaten and sent to work with Joomla”

The drift I’m getting so far is that they rushed this thing out. On Genesis Chapter 1. And one irony is moody essay, that, to me, pre-2 Thesis public documentation was in somewhat better shape than Genesis documentation! I’ve been using Thesis for 2 years, and while I’m not a developer I can say that I feel comfortable writing a little CSS and finding the functions that I need to add into the functions file to do what I want. Since downloading version 2.0 I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to stay with Thesis but as I’m not a developer, all of these “boxes” make my head spin and chapter, I can’t figure out how to use them. I’ve been looking at Genesis and I have used Pagelines in anne the past.

I took down Pagelines because of the horrible SEO and my drop in search engine page views. Maybe I will try one of these drag and drop themes.. I don’t know what else to try! Hi @Amanda like you i used thesis old version one and on genesis chapter, a half year. Recently i switched to genesis framework. Essays On Elasticity. Because i had some bad experiences. But now i have to rethink about thesis 2.0. I’m totally loving it features concepts #128578; Like you initially I had hard time to figure it out but now i’m pretty much used to it.

Well, I agree with all those reasons you have posted Mr. Chris. The newer version of thesis was not at essay, all newbie friendly theme. I don’t know why many claims it is paper, easy to use, but well in my case it is 1, not. I am also having problem regarding their drag and drop thing, it is very funny when I forgot to click the shift button and write a good review paper, thinking why nothing happens :D.

And overall I am really is frustrated with their new version. I tried Thesis 2.0 and essay chapter, it was freakishly bad. I mean what were they thinking? Hard to use, confusing, 23 minutes into essays of demand, the training video and they had STILL not created a two column layout. Really, WTF. I dropped it forever at that point. Took way too long. And then sucks right out of the gate. Been with Thesis for years. Can’t stand the new upgrade!

I standardized on Thesis about 4 years ago and 1, got to the point where I could finish a pretty nice site in a couple of days. Accident Reporting. I had to build another site this week and decided to try Thesis 2.0. I downloaded it on 1, Wednesday morning. It’s now 12:30 AM, Saturday morning and of demand, I’m struggling like a newbie. The last straw came when I couldn’t figure out how to on genesis chapter 1 change any of the attributes on how to review paper, the h1 tag. I’m going back to 1.85 in the morning and I’ll finish the site this weekend. Thank you, thank you Chris for posting this review.

I have been a huge Thesis fan and like you, this upgrade just left me cold. Now I have validation that it just wasn’t me. And thanks to this new upgrade, I’m going to look at some of the on genesis chapter other site builders you mentioned in your post. Thanks again. I’m with everyone else. I built lots and lots on Thesis. I even used it exclusively for a while.

But I spent 20 minutes with 2.0 and essays on elasticity of demand, then started moving everything to Genesis. What they released as 2.0 wasn’t even worthy of a beta test. I put that rubbish in the bin. Have any of you tried the Catalyst Theme (Framework). Essay On Genesis. It comes with the Dynamik child theme and looks awesome.

I’m a big fan and even wrote about it. Search for accident book reporting, catalyst and you’ll find my articles. I try thesis 2.0 and It’s not responsive ready, even though they add the essay on genesis viewport did not work on ipads. I was able to make Thesis 2 responsive by analysis brave, deleting the width and using max-width instead. 1. Then in columns, I simply added percentages and stem thesis, then used a CSS media type to make sure that the content column and sidebar would expand to 100% on mobile devices. Totally agree with you assessment.

I tried it out and essay on genesis chapter, really hoped that they had something good. More competition benefits us all. Accident Book Reporting. Needless to say I was dissapointed. Check out essay chapter my review (Nov 2012): 2.0 is epic fail. And Thesis directs you to a video by stem research thesis, a developer who sells $150 membership to help you install and troubleshoot with 2.0. Really? What is that all about? I’m staying with 1.8 until I can figure out essay 1 Genesis. Stem Thesis Paper. There is essay on genesis chapter, a reason why ProBlogger and Copywriter moved to write a good review paper Genesis.

SEO can’t be that bad with Genesis, right? SEO is awesome with Genesis! Thesis was unique (SEO and on genesis chapter 1, custom hooks) but now that it’s trying to get into book reporting, Drag and Drop race, LATE, it’s not even close…especially against Genesis and on genesis 1, WooThemes. Not impressed with the how to write paper steep learning curve and the complexity of it all. Essay On Genesis Chapter. If I can get SEO with Genesis and stem cell paper, the ease of Drag Drop, then, why learn such a complicated and essay on genesis 1, convoluted theme? Thanks for the review! I recently built a site for a client and struggled with Thesis 2.0 originally, but once I got my head around it found it much more comfortable than 1.8.x. As someone who has a web design background I may not be the target audience of your original review as I know how to manipulate the css etc, but I have to essays on elasticity say that I’m looking at essay on genesis, how to convert my current 1.8.5 site over to 2.0.x.

I can fully understand the negative reviews though as it was totally different to cell research thesis the previous versions and had a distinct lack of on genesis chapter, documentation. One point of frustration for me so far is that there is no easy way to convert old versions over to the new version. Other than that I have fallen “deeply in love” with Thesis 2.0. While I’m no longer working in the web design industry, I still have a few existing clients and I have no hesitation on using it to build/re-design their sites. I would not suggest to a newbie/novice that they use it however as the learning curve can be a little heavy. Also, as someone who used Joomla for a couple of years, I also loved the essays on elasticity of demand concept of the UI developer being beaten and sent to work with them. Gold!

Thanks for on genesis chapter 1, the review mate, but it really isn’t as bad as all of that once you get used to it. Hello Chris I’ve been working with different WordPress themes and templates now for a few years, mostly for clients while I work on their SEO, which is my main concern. I do however occasionally build websites and so my knowledge of html, css and other areas of design is essay, pretty solid. I found Thesis one of the trickiest of all the themes I ended up adjusting or editing for clients, though FashionTheme was the essay on genesis chapter worst. Funnily enough I am now about to launch my own blog and essays, was wondering if the new Thesis design had improved … seemingly not. I’ll now go take a look at 1, your recommendations and see if there is a theme that I feel will save me the time and pain of building my own WP blog rather than start altering one of the WP standard themes. Thanks again. Catalyst, Genesis, Headway, #038; iThemes would all give you easy and great places to coleridge start. I agree completley. I thought it was just me.

I can’t code but at a push I can cut and essay 1, paste stuff into critical analysis brave new world, the editor. I’ve got a MSc in essay chapter 1 IT and I’m a Cisco networking expert so not an anne essay, idiot IT wise. I tried to get a basic looking site going but navigating around was a nightmare. I went looking for help and some programer starting telling me I had to essay on genesis chapter 1 edit the of demand php code to change a box on the front page. I finally gave up. Essay On Genesis. I never asked for essays on his, a refund but it was a waste of money. As a longtime Thesis user, I appreciate this review. On Genesis 1. I’ve upgraded one of my sites to 2.0, but am afraid it will never do for many of new world, my clients.

Unfortunately, I just bought that 10-pack developer set and I’m not sure if I’ll ever use it! I’ve got to essay chapter 1 agree with you. This is the most impossible software to accident book reporting use ever. Admittedly, I’m a complete numpty when it comes to HTML and essay chapter 1, CSS. Critical Analysis Brave New World. But I was sold on the fact that it was for beginners. On it’s sales page they talk about essay on genesis chapter ‘no code necessary’.

And it was the complete opposite. I found your post having suffered extreme frustration and disappointment at the hands of thesis 2. I had two questions for you. 1) Are you some special plugin for your commenting system here? It doesn’t seem to be the default wordpress commenting system. Stem Research Thesis Paper. Would appreciate the name of the plugin or a link. 2) Of all these thesis alternatives you speak of is there one you’ve found yourself preferring over the others? How can I decide on one over the others?

I had a look at headway after Oliver recommended it and on genesis chapter 1, I quite like the look of a good, it. But there appear to be so many of 1, these things offering more or less the same product I’m not sure how to essay new world proceed in choosing one. So would appreciate some tips. One thing you mentioned here: “revolutionary and essay on genesis chapter, a brand new start to essays on elasticity the web” is one big problem with Thesis. It’s the arrogance that bothers me. “The whole world is so wrong about to anything on chapter, the internet, we’ll teach you the way it should be done and if you don’t get it then you’re just stupid and stem research thesis paper, should give up whining” I got to essay chapter 1 grips with Thesis 1.6 through 1.8 by coding with the php, even though I am not a coder. Accident Reporting. I started to get familiar with it and then Thesis 2 just totally put up a brick wall on what I had learned and I ended up losing interest. I agree, drag and drop should be self explanatory. Also I’m not interested in spending a week designing a new website that just took me half a day to do with the free responsive theme, which may not measure up on paper to Thesis, but enabled me to on genesis build a much better looking and on his own times, faster-performing site.

Seriousy, Responsive more like a premium theme to me. I’ve made a review of thesis 2.0 myself. I agree with you, many things are confusing. However, on the other hand I have never seen a DnD builder that tries to mimic HTML and CSS structures and do it really well. Chapter. I think that you need to be fluent in coleridge on his how HTML and CSS works together with the structure of how internals of WordPress works to use thesis 2.0 with its full potential. In other words, thesis 2.0 fails in essay on genesis chapter its promise to reporting be easy to use, it depends on your knowledge in HTML/CSS.

They should market it as the essay chapter 1 only framework that truly separates design from code without limits. Adding responsive design is super simple, just as creating custom widgets for clients, without a single code change at all. Lack of write review, documentation is unfortunately its biggest deal breaker for many, it takes too much time to get used to because of this. Thanks, Chris. I have been looking to get Thesis for past few months, except that the SocialTriggers skin is on genesis chapter 1, still not availablle. Now that I have read your review, it seems I have been waiting in vain. I can’t agree more, Chris! Thesis is just a theme that I will never ever use.

Glad I found this, after years of accident, using premium bloated themes and still having to essay chapter hack them the way I want I decided to create some of my own and write review, try frameworks. Probably won’t be touching this one, for the obvious above reasons. Has anything changed with the Theme? A lot of people use it or are they just following the chapter hype? WANT SOME QUICK ADVICE? PAY PER MINUTE. I regularly schedule calls to answer your questions using a service where you only pay per minute. People don’t fully grasp how strategic Chris is. Stem Cell Research Paper. I love that about him and count on it all the time.

Chris often breaks paradigms and has me rethinking the way I approach my business. Chris always gives me something to think about chapter 1 – a new lens through which to examine my business. Chris’s advice has helped me to make better decisions about research thesis my business, and manage my clients better. Chris has been a source of on genesis chapter, wisdom and insight in how to write paper business and product strategy, startups, entrepreneurship, and more. Chris is one of those rare people who can take a difficult subject and make it easy to learn and essay, remember. Chris has a heart of book, gold and is willing to reach out and help. He has helped me in several ways both in WordPress coding and consulting with me on my business. 1. He has been a blessing in my life and look forward to a long friendship with him.

Chris Lema always drops knowledge bombs that makes me think about how I can evolve my WordPress-powered business. Even more valuable is that he does it in taylor coleridge on his own times a way that makes drastic change seem achievable. Whether it's product strategy or a question about which plugin to use, I know Chris will get me an answer faster than anyone else. Chris is a great mentor, instructor and friend. He fills all these roles with a down to earth style and ease that actually encourages you to believe that success is within your grasp.

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essay on holodomor ESSAY ON THE HOLODOMOR BY LESIA FEDORAK. The topic of my research paper is the Holodomor of 1932 to 1933. This catastrophic famine-genocide was the creation of communist leader Joseph Stalin against essay on genesis chapter the Ukrainian nation. This subject hits close to critical analysis essay new world, home for me in 1 that I am of Ukrainian descent and have been learning about the Holodomor extensively year after year in Ukrainian Saturday school up until my graduation after completing 11 th grade. As I researched and wrote my paper, I sought to expose the Holodomor on a relatively basic level. Many people are unaware of this genocide despite the fact that it was of at book reporting, least the same, if not greater, magnitude as the Holocaust in terms of the death toll. I began by essay on genesis 1 providing a brief account of the history of the famine, following up with details about various aspects including the politics, Stalin's role, the population changes during those years, and the efforts of anne moody, people today to raise awareness about the Holodomor. I believe that the on genesis annotated bibliographies promoted my better understanding of the research materials I used.

Had I not been assigned these annotated bibliographies as part of the final portfolio, I honestly probably wouldn't have read all of the sources all the way through. I certainly benefitted from reading the sources in their entireties; my final research paper would have undoubtedly been lacking in one way or another had I not read, considered, analyzed, and thesis, referenced as much as I did. I think the annotated bibliographies are great because they are pretty short yet highly helpful. In a way, they're efficient in that I learned a lot without feeling a burden to write a certain sometimes seemingly unattainable length. Essay Chapter 1! With the annotated bibliographies, the how to write a good review pressure was off. The source critiques, however, were a different story. I did not find those to be beneficial to my overall writing process.

I will admit that the 1 source critiques did benefit me in that they, like the essays of demand annotated bibliographies, required me to read the entire source. However, I found the writing of the source critiques to essay 1, be somewhat tedious. The required structure of the source critiques seemed to essays on elasticity, have restricted my writing and analysis in on genesis chapter that I was constantly conscious of the critical new world format and style requirements. I do not think the source critiques and annotated bibliographies really reflect the evolution of my research topic because I did not write them all before starting my research paper. Even when I started my paper, I was not sure of where exactly it would go; I just knew I wanted to essay on genesis chapter 1, write about the Holodomor. Luckily for me, the book paper just started flowing very nicely once I began writing. There are a few spots where I had some trouble integrating quotes into my own text of 1, my essay, but I think I did pretty well in succeeding to do so. Also, I found the write review in-class peer reviews to chapter, be helpful. I think that reading my own paper aloud to the other students in how to review paper my group allowed me to better hear and recognize the flow (or lack thereof) of my writing. Having another set of eyes and ears to read and listen to, respectively, my paper was very beneficial.

I think my formal writing has evolved nicely through the essay chapter process of essay, compiling this final portfolio. This reflection essay aside, I believe my writing to be of 1, a higher caliber than that displayed in my midterm portfolio. How To! As this course progressed, my vocabulary expanded even more so than my usual day-to-day learning typically sees, and the flow of essay 1, my writing is nearly seamless in many places. Overall, I am very proud of my final portfolio as well as all other work I have completed this quarter because I know I have given my best efforts to essays, produce a product of utmost quality personal to me. Despite my humongous setback with my crashed hard drive, I think I pulled my portfolio together well. The Holodomor of 1932 to 1933. There is no argument that the Holodomor of 1932 to essay on genesis, 1933 is one of the greatest atrocities ever faced by write paper a nation, and thus it is a shame that the essay chapter members of the general international community are unaware of this devastating, man-made famine that took the essays on elasticity lives of millions of Ukrainians. Literally translated, “Holodomor” is a Ukrainian term meaning “murder by starvation.” During these years of the famine, every other nation of the Soviet Union experienced population growth whileUkrainelost millions of lives.

This evidence most basically points to the policy of collectivization and chapter, the consequent famine as a maneuver of genocide against on elasticity the Ukrainian nation as opposed to having been established for economic reasons. Today, the essay efforts to raise awareness of this tragic genocide against the Ukrainian nation are stronger than ever, and hopefully the book entire international community will soon recognize the cruel injustice that was the essay on genesis chapter 1 Holodomor. A brief examination of the history of the time preceding the famine is necessary in order to wholly understand the causes of the Holodomor. Before achieving independence in 1991, the Ukrainian people had always been under foreign rule. In the late nineteenth century, the Russian Empire dominated the Ukrainian territory the breadbasket ofEurope with oppressive policies banning any educational or Ukrainian cultural expression. However, after noticing that these policies agitated the Ukrainian people even further rather than forced them into samuel taylor on his, submission, the government lifted them. Ukrainian political parties soon emerged, “and the form in which Ukrainian political aspirations gained majority support during the revolution of essay on genesis chapter 1, 1917 was through the agrarian socialism of the stem cell research Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries” (Mace, “Chapter Three” 79). After the Soviet regime took hold ofUkrainefollowing the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Vladimir Lenin imposed the New Economic Policy to end forced procurement by the state and chapter, open up the agricultural market in an effort to essays of demand, appease Ukrainians. With this also came a policy of on genesis chapter 1, indigenization to further gain favor with the nations under the regime. However, with the essay new political parties, the peasantry found a voice to stand up for itself.

With this newly asserted sense of nationalism and strength in essay 1 numbers, the peasants began to write a good review, seek freedom and essay 1, independence from their oppressors, deciding that they would no longer remain idle as the government continued to demand its right to samuel taylor, procure a portion of their personally harvested crops. When Joseph Stalin assumed command as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the essay Soviet Unionafter Lenin passed away, he implemented a Marxist-friendly policy to force the collectivization of farms in order to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of farms. These collective farms were called kolkhozes and research thesis, were completely owned by the government; the farmers themselves were not able to reap any fruits of their labor, and they received a pittance of a pay. From the establishment of kolkhozes, these farms were destined to fail the majority of the farmers on the collectives were inexperienced youth. Additionally, the bitter, oppressed peasants held no stock in the collectives and therefore had no reason to properly attend to the livestock or maintain the on genesis equipment. According to foreign relations expert James Perloff, “This illustrated the conflict between Marxist ideology and the reality of human nature” (32). The inevitable happened the kolkhozes were unsuccessful and anne, Stalin sought a scapegoat on which to blame this failure. The Communist regime placed the blame for the failure of the kolkhozes on the few relatively wealthier peasants that had subverted collectivization, which the party labeled “kulaks.” Perloff claims that “In reality, however,Ukraine had never had a distinct social class of kulaks this concept was a Marxist invention” (33). The Stalinist regime sought to liquidate this contrived social class, and “Ironically, this process killed off the most productive farmers, guaranteeing a smaller harvest and a more impoverishedSoviet Union” (33).

Stalin's disappointment in and frustration with the inefficiency and shortcomings of the collectives catalyzed his rage, and he ordered for the severe punishment of any peasants who allegedly let their efforts to maximize productivity slip. Peasants who were unjustly labeled kulaks or seemed to be slacking off were either executed, sent to remote slave labor camps inRussia, or assigned to essay on genesis chapter 1, local labor assignments. Joseph Stalin and his cronies essentially used the collectives and their impending failure as an indirect disguise for the vicious punishment of Ukrainian nationalists who opposed Russification and organized uprisings against the regime. Since the opening of the KGB archives, it has been confirmed that close to 300 major uprisings occurred in the southeastern provinces ofUkraine in the late 1920s and early 1930s. These protestors acted in spite of the Soviet Regime and essays of demand, its forced procurement.

In response, the regime closed the borders to foreign aid, migration, and chapter 1, pursuit of food in other areas of theUSSR. By the summer of 1932, most of the kulaks had perished, but the remaining peasants managed to keep their spirits of resistance to communism and collectivization despite the fact that they were on the brink of a mass starvation. Stalin increased the total grain production quota by 44 percent, a goal that would definitely be impossible to attain, especially without the population's best farmers and the willing cooperation of the peasants. “That year, not a single village was able to meet the impossible quota, which far exceededUkraine's best output in the pre-collective years” (Perloff 34). However, the collectives did reach and stem cell thesis paper, slightly exceeded the export quota, a component of of total grain production. As the collectives did not meet the production quotas because they exceeded the export quotas, the Stalinist regime sought to make up for this difference by confiscating all remaining grain reserves, resulting in their possession of 1,500,000 tons of grain in state reserves. “A million tons being sufficient to feed five million mouths during a whole year, the Soviet authorities had sufficient means to feed an essay chapter, additional fifteen million mouths, more than enough to prevent starvation during the worst years. Collective farms became the means by which the totalitarian regime gave itself control . . . and critical analysis essay new world, the weapon of food in its war on farmers” (Serbyn 6). The pressure to essay chapter, increase the grain exports to foreign countries resulted in on elasticity of demand Stalin's order for the regime to confiscate all remaining grain reserves should the collectives fail to meet the declared productivity output quotas. The government considered any collective or household grain that peasants refused to surrender to be stolen state property, and the Communist Party of the USSRdecreed that theft of “social property” was punishable by execution. “Thousands of peasants were shot for attempting to on genesis, take a handful of grain or a few beets from the on elasticity kolkhozes ” (Perloff 35). At the famine's height, the daily death toll reached 25,000 people, and in 1933, the life expectancies for essay on genesis chapter men and women hit an all time low of 7.3 years old and essays, 10.8 years old, respectively.

Starvation drove the 1 Ukrainian peasants insane. People turned to anything they could find that remotely resembled food “weeds, leaves, tree bark, and accident reporting, insects. The luckiest were able to survive secretly on small woodland animals” (Perloff 35). While visitingUkraineduring the time of the famine, American journalist Thomas Walker noted: About twenty miles south ofKiev(Kyiv), I came upon a village that was practically extinct by starvation. There had been fifteen houses in this village and a population of forty-odd persons. Every dog and cat had been eaten. The horses and oxen had all been appropriated by essay 1 the Bolsheviks to stock the collective farms. Book Reporting! In one hut they were cooking a mess that defied analysis. There were bones, big-weed, skin, and what looked like a boot top in this pot.

The way the remaining half dozen inhabitants eagerly watched this slimy mess showed the state of their hunger (35). The conditions the starving peasants faced were absolutely horrifying and unimaginable. Some even turned to cannibalism. The extent of the on genesis chapter 1 pain experienced by the Ukrainian people is indescribable and will forever haunt not only the critical analysis essay brave new world few survivors still alive, but also every Ukrainian generation from then on forward. “After millions of Ukrainians died in their own native land, the authorities resettled tens of thousands of families fromRussia,Belarus, and chapter 1, other parts of theUSSRto the depopulated lands of analysis essay brave, Soviet Ukraine. By the end of 1933 over 117,000 people were resettled inUkraine, at a 105% fulfillment rate” (“Holodomor” 13). 1! In addition to cell thesis paper, this tactic to cover up the huge population losses, the communist regime also altered official documents and 1, produced propaganda to prevent word about the on elasticity of demand Holodomor from spreading. Essay Chapter! “On Stalin's orders, those who conducted the 1937 population census, which revealed a sharp decrease in the Ukrainian population as a result of the Holodomor, were shot, while the census results were suppressed” (11). The censorship and moody essay, propaganda of the Stalinist regime proved to be relatively successful in essay 1 suppressing publicity of the famine-genocide up until 2004. When President Yuschenko was inaugurated, he authorized the opening of the KGB archives which contained documented proof of the 259 uprisings against the Soviet regime.

It was these uprisings that angered Stalin and triggered his violent genocidal campaign against the Ukrainian people. As 7 to 10 million men, women, and children alike perished from starvation, the world kept silent. “The American government had ample and timely information about the Famine but failed to take any steps which might have ameliorated the of demand situation. Instead, the Administration extended diplomatic recognition to the Soviet government in November 1933, immediately after the famine” (Mace, Report viii). Today, the efforts to silence talk of the Holodomor are in the process of essay chapter, being counteracted. Although belated, the Commission on the Ukrainian Famine has recently exonerated the American government through its report to Congress.

Contemporary, independentUkraine still strives for a good international recognition of the on genesis chapter tragedy its people endured, and there is no sign that people will give up their awareness-raising efforts anytime soon. Mace, James E. Chapter Three: Soviet Man-Made Famine in Ukraine. Century of Genocide: Eyewitness Accounts and Critical Views . Ed. Samuel Totten,William S. Parsons, andIsrael W. Charny.New York:Garland Publishing, 1997. Samuel Taylor Coleridge Essays On His Own Times! 78-112. Print. Mace, Staff Director James E. Report to Congress: Commission on the Ukraine Famine .Washington, D.C.:United States Government Printing Office, 1988. Print. Perloff, James.

Holodomor: The Secret Holocaust. New American (08856540) 25.4 (2009): 31-37. Academic Search Complete . On Genesis 1! Web. 21 Feb. 2012. Serbyn, Roman. Holodomor - The Ukrainian Genocide. Anne Moody! Holodomor Studies 1.2 (2009): 4-9. Print.

Holodomor: Ukrainian Genocide in the Early 1930s . Kyiv:Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Fund, 2008. Print. Bilinsky, Yaroslav. Was The Ukrainian Famine Of 1932-1933 Genocide? Journal Of Genocide Research 1.2 (1999): 147. Academic Search Complete . Web. 21 Mar. 2012. Borisow, Peter. 1933.

Genocide. Ten Million. Essay Chapter 1! Holodomor. Canadian-American Slavic Studies 37.3 (2003). Print. Conquest, Robert. The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine .New York: Oxford UP, 1986. Book Reporting! Print. Fedorak, Bohdan. Statement. Holodomor: A Symposium on the 1932 to 1933 Ukrainian Famine- Genocide.University of Windsor,Ontario,Canada.

30 October 2003. Kondrashin, Viktor. Hunger in 1932-1933 - A Tragedy of the Peoples of the USSR. 1! Holodomor Studies 1.2 (2009): 16-21. Print. Motyl, Alexander J. Deleting the Holodomor: UkraineUnmakes Itself. World Affairs (2010). World Affairs . Sept.-Oct. 2010. Web. 6 Oct.

2010. . Paluch, Peter. 'Spiking The Ukrainian Famine, Again. National Review 38.6 (1986): 33-38. Academic Search Complete . Web. 21 Mar. 2012. Serhii Pyrozhkov, et al. A New Estimate Of Ukrainian Population Losses During The Crises Of The 1930S And 1940S. Coleridge! Population Studies 56.3 (2002): 249-264.

Academic Search Complete . Web. 1! 21 Feb. 2012. Serhijchuk, Volodymyr. The 1932-1933 Holodomor in the Kuban: Evidence of the Ukrainian Genocide. Holodomor Studies 1.2 (2009): 28-45. Print. Ukraine. Encyclopædia Britannica.

Encyclopædia Britannica Online Academic Edition. Research Thesis! Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2012. Web. 21 Mar. 2012. . Wheatcroft, S. Essay On Genesis Chapter 1! G. Towards Explaining Soviet Famine Of 19313: Political And Natural Factors In Perspective. Food Foodways: History Culture Of Human Nourishment 12.2/3 (2004): 107-136. Academic Search Complete . Web.

21 Feb. Anne! 2012. In his article “Was the Ukrainian famine of 1932-1933 genocide?” Yaroslav Bilinksky explores various scholars’ literature to identify their reasons for classifying or refraining from classifying the on genesis 1 Ukrainian famine of 1932 to 1933 as an anne moody essay, act of essay on genesis chapter 1, genocide. Bilinksky first refers to a book edited by Roman Serbyn and Bohdan Krawchenko that concludes that the artificial starvation of the Ukrainian people was not of essay new world, a genocidal nature. However, various other scholars including James E. Mace and Vasyl Hryshko classify the hunger as an act of genocide. Bilinksky considers the disagreement between these and hundreds of other historians, political analysts, and sociologists, blaming the argument on the lack of a universally acknowledged definition of the chapter word “genocide.” The author of this article ends with a restatement of his argument that “both logic and political usage inUkrainepoint in one direction, that of the a good terror-famine being genocidal” (Bilinksky 154). The most effective and most blatant rhetorical device Yaroslav Bilinksky employs in this article is an appeal to the audience’s sense of logos. On the most basic level, the evidence of this is the author’s abundant use of references to credible works by greatly respected, intelligent, and accurate historians and political analysts including James E. Mace, Robert Conquest, and chapter, many others. The article is full of quotes from these sources; Bilinksky inserts excerpts from James E. Mace on page 147, Vasyl Hryshko on pages 149 to 150, and Robert Conquest on page 150, among various other authors.

For instance, the reader regards Bilinksky's argument to be logical because he exudes confidence in statements such as “I believe that the famine clearly fits the somewhat loose UN Genocide Convention” (152). The combination of asserted assurance and proceeding evidence makes for a solid argument. The research that went into both the works which Bilinksky cites and Bilinksky’s work of his own appeal to readers’ sense of logic in that the readers rightfully trust and consider the facts of the matter at anne essay, hand, the Holodomor, and the author’s own conclusions. Yaroslav Bilinksky develops his points very well in on genesis 1 this article, and thus his argument is clear, logical, and effective. Through the use of reporting, appeal to logic, Bilinksky convinces readers to understand the facts and conclusions from his point of view.

The abundance of references to scholarly works also greatly contributes to the effectiveness of his argument. Additionally, Bilinksky’s approach to the debated, controversial argument whether or not the Holodomor was an act of genocide from each side builds the author’s credibility. For example, Bilinksky considers that “On the other hand the famine is on genesis chapter evaluated differently as genocide in the small 1983 volume by taylor coleridge essays the Ukrainian scholar and publicist Vasyl Hryshko . . . Robert Conquest . Essay On Genesis 1! . . and the publications of the US Commission on the Ukraine Famine” (149). By exploring numerous sources for the two main sides of the argument at hand, Bilinksky solidifies the credibility of his work. A reader may not accuse the author of essay, having an ignorant or one-sided approach to the topic because he addresses his opponents’ claims and is, in fact, able to provide rational arguments to dispute them. In his article “Harvesting Despair: Spiking the Ukrainian Famine, Again,” Peter Paluch reports on Walter Duranty’s made-for-television documentary Harvest of Despair and the response it received by the international community.

Paluch first mentions the awards that the film won at the 28th International Film and TV Festival ofNew York in 1985, which include the gold medal in the TV Documentaries category as well as the on genesis Grand Award Trophy Bowl. However, despite the high acclaim for the documentary by film critics and historians everywhere, there was a disappointing lack of viewers in theUnited States. Paluch continues by giving a brief background of the Holodomor, its implications, and its lack of publicity due to Soviet propaganda and Western vendibility and ignorance. Peter Paluch’s use of touching, passionate diction creates an air of eloquence of the text, which successfully grasps the audience’s attention. For example, the author chooses specific words to construct phrases such as “cataclysm,” (Paluch 33) “pervasiveness of the very political bias,” and book reporting, “of burning concern” (38). Chapter! These words convey a sense of passion and moody, injustice, which subtly call for the agitation of the essay reader and, consequently, his or her support in bringing attention to and acknowledgement of the tragedy that was the Holodomor.

The author takes advantage of the subdued appeal to the audience's pathos that comes hand in hand with the vehement diction, effectively drawing in the audience. The author develops his point very clearly in this article: he recognizes the failure of the international community to recognize Harvest of how to a good paper, Despair and its message and calls for the public to support worldwide recognition of the film and what it stands for. Essay! Paluch makes numerous references to historians and their accounts on the Holodomor, thus building credibility. For instance, Paluch states that “The true extent of the human cataclysm is perhaps more accurately suggested by Dr. W. Horsley Gantt, a British physician who was in the Soviet Union at the time and who relayed private estimates by Soviet officials of as many as 15 million killed, fully half the anne essay Ukrainian nation, and equal to the population of all of Central America today” (33). The author strengthens his argument with references such as this one. Bringing in outside sources to support one's argument is the most significant way to improve said argument, and Paluch successfully executes this fortifying maneuver. James E. Mace recounts a brief history of the Holodomor of essay on genesis chapter, 1932 to 1933 in “Chapter Three: Soviet Man-Made Famine in Ukraine,” which is found in Century of anne, Genocide: Eyewitness Accounts and Critical Views . This chapter written by Mace explores the 1 political issues, struggles, and inconsistencies that arose in response to the Stalinist regime's aggressive, totalitarian hold on the Ukrainian nation. The author explains specific actions taken by Stalin to samuel taylor on his own times, suppress the peasants for example, his involvement with the Ukrainian Communist party conference in July of 1932 as well as his calling the 1932 committee of the All-Union Communist Party Central Committee and essay on genesis chapter, USSR Council of cell paper, Peoples Commissars on Grain Procurements inUkraine, theNorth Caucasus, and Western District. He concludes his portion of the chapter by reporting on the long-range impact the Holodomor has on Ukrainians to essay chapter, this day.

The second portion of the chapter includes three eyewitness accounts of survivors' experiences during the famine. The frank diction found in James E. Mace's chapter allows for his concise, forthright discourse about the Holodomor. Mace does not sugarcoat nor overdramatize the on elasticity subject, but rather tells it like it is. This allows readers of all levels of intellect to understand his message clearly because the author is not concerned with especially eloquent language. Through the employment of on genesis, words such as “social development,” (Mace 79) “ideology,” (82) and “autonomy,” (83) the author is able to convey his points clearly without compromising the intensiveness of the historical and on his, political material he presents in this chapter. James E. On Genesis! Mace's argument is strengthened by the facts he presents regarding the Holodomor. His extensive list of works referenced found in the back of the book names numerous credible sources written by his fellow specialists in cell thesis paper the field of chapter, Eastern European history and genocide research. As do all other logical authors, Mace supports his argument with outside research. For example, when discussing the total losses experienced by the Ukrainian people, Mace references Soviet historian Michael Ellman: “. . . demographers in the formerSoviet Unionhave calculated that . . . during the year 1933 the population decreased by a good 5.9 million.

Their figures further suggest that the number of victims of the famine in 1933 was between 7.2 and 8.1 million” (87-88). By paraphrasing and on genesis 1, crediting scholarly works, Mace builds the reliability and legitimacy of his own arguments. In his speech presented at Holodomor: A Symposium on the 1932 to 1933 Ukrainian Famine-Genocide hosted by theUniversityofWindsor, Bohdan Fedorak reports on today's attempts to bring light to the famine. He focuses on two events with which he was directly associated: the US Congress' Commission on the Ukraine Famine, established in 1984, and the Kyiv Memorial Society's exposition titled Not To Be Forgotten - A Chronicle of the samuel taylor coleridge on his Communist Inquisition in on genesis chapter 1 Ukraine 1917-1991, established in book 2003. The speech outlines the achievements of the Commission on the Famine as well as the exposition. Some of these achievements include international recognition of the facts of the Holodomor such as the famine was not related to drought, in the fall of 1932 Stalin used the “procurement crisis” in Ukraine as an excuse to tighten his control on essay chapter 1, Ukraine and to intensify grain seizures further, and anne, during the famine, certain members of the American press corps cooperated with the essay on genesis chapter 1 Soviet government to deny the existence of the Ukrainian Famine. Bohdan Fedorak effectively uses a strong-willed tone to deliver his argument in a manner which promotes the audience to consider the facts of the matter at hand.

Fedorak's assertive tone is evident in statements such as, “That seminal decision [to establish the Commission on the Ukraine Famine] was the taylor own times consequence of a number of essay on genesis 1, factors coming together at the same time that created the necessary critical mass for such an unprecedented action by the US Congress.” Coupled with the logic and legitimacy of his argument, the how to write paper speaker's tone contributes to the overall success of essay on genesis chapter, his speech as moving and convincing. The argument present in stem research the speech is irrefutable because of the solid evidence and facts provided by Fedorak. Essay On Genesis! There is no doubt in the legitimacy of Fedorak's outline of achievements of the Commission on the Famine, as it is a collection of agreed-upon facts. The logic behind the speaker's argument is clear and reasonable, and he supports it well. Of Demand! Bohdan Fedorak's first hand experience with the work conducted by the Preparatory Committee for the Observance of the 1933 Famine, to which he was appointed by then-president-of-Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, solidifies his credibility as a knowledgeable source of information on today's efforts to raise awareness of the famine.

Additionally, Fedorak supports his argument regarding the on genesis chapter extensive efforts Ukrainians have displayed by how to a good paper informing the audience that “Congress appropriated $400,000 for on genesis chapter the commission from the anne fiscal year 1985 onwards. Some research funds also came from Ukrainian Diaspora organizations and on genesis, private individuals.” With this statement, Fedorak emphasizes the extent of various awareness activists and promoters efforts to generate funding, thus emphasizing their persistency and dedication to taylor coleridge own times, bringing light to the Holodomor. Serhii Pyrozhkov, et al. A New Estimate Of Ukrainian Population Losses During The Crises Of The 1930S And 1940S. Population Studies 56.3 (2002): 249-264. Academic Search Complete . Web.

21 Feb. Chapter 1! 2012. This article describes two tragically fatal periods in twentieth-centuryUkraineunder the Soviet regime: the Holodomor of 1932-1933 and World War II. Serhii Pyrozhkov and his colleagues sought to critical brave, filter the demographic fluctuations ofUkraineduring these periods, categorizing the population losses by cause: birth deficits, migration flows, and excess mortality rates. Essay On Genesis Chapter! From there, they were able to estimate “the changes in thesis Ukrainian mortality rates by sex and age during the years 1926 to 1959” (249). The authors provide charts, graphs, and other empirical data, which allow readers to essay on genesis chapter 1, better understand and comprehend the magnitude of the destruction experienced by the Ukrainian population during these times. The birth, mortality, fertility, and migration rates reflect the changes in the demographics of the population during the artificial hunger as well as the war. This source is relevant to my research project because the numbers and trends reported by accident book reporting Pyrozhkov and his co-authors will provide credible evidence that may be referenced in discussion of the immediate effects of the Holodomor on the demographics of the Ukrainian population. For example, I will definitely cite the reported life expectancies for 1933: 7.3 years for males and 10.8 years for females.

These numbers which indicate a drastic fall in life expectancies will aid in emphasizing the severity of the skyrocketing mortality rates of that time. Wheatcroft, S. G. Towards Explaining Soviet Famine Of 19313: Political And Natural Factors In Perspective. Food Foodways: History Culture Of Human Nourishment 12.2/3 (2004): 107-136. Academic Search Complete . Web. 21 Feb. 2012. In this article, S. G. Wheatcroft explores a plethora of chapter 1, factors that are argued to have contributed to the cause of the famine. Wheatcroft outlines four basic approaches to research thesis paper, understanding the famine, the essay on genesis fourth being his own set of conclusions from his point of view.

The author claims that the great famine of 1931-1933 shared a few characteristics with previous famines in the same general area. Wheatcroft asserts that natural factors had a great deal of influence on the Holodomor, implying that Stalin’s policy was not the essay new world only cause. Chapter 1! The content of this article will prove to be helpful in explaining the background, causes, and context of the Holodomor. Before reading this article, I had not really considered the possibility that factors such as natural causes may have had a significant impact on essays of demand, the causation of the famine. This article will prove to essay 1, have prevented my own ignorance from being reflected in my research project. However, knowing for a fact thatUkrainehas always been known as the breadbasket ofEuropeand having come across no other academic material which so strongly claims the significance of unsavory natural factors in the causation of the famine, I am not relying completely on the supposed accuracy of this text. I will look into the other works referenced by Wheatcroft to confirm the legitimacy of his claims. Perloff, James. Holodomor: The Secret Holocaust. New American (08856540) 25.4 (2009): 31-37.

Academic Search Complete . Critical Brave! Web. 21 Feb. 2012. James Perloff wrote this article aboutUkraine’s struggle for freedom from oppression by theSoviet Union, specifically during the time of the Holodomor. Essay! Perloff provides a historical background of the stem tension leading up to chapter 1, Stalin’s implementation of the artificial famine, explaining the irony of the famine occurring in accident the region which had been known for centuries as the breadbasket ofEurope. The article explains the collective farms which the on genesis chapter 1 Soviet regime forced Ukrainian peasants into and reveals the horrid conditions and tragedies Ukrainians faced on a daily basis. He dives into the catalytic chain of critical analysis brave new world, events which drove Stalin's animosity toward the Ukrainian nation, leading him to react viciously. The back-and-forth struggle between the Ukrainian peasant majority and the oppressive Stalinist regime went on for a couple of years during the essay time of the hunger and proved to be catastrophically destructive Perloff conveys the magnitude of this destruction with illustrative, bone-chilling eyewitness accounts of survivors. The author reports on the ways the West hid the holocaust as well as the ways Ukrainians across the world today try to promote awareness of the Holodomor.

Perloff’s article is highly relevant to my research topic and will certainly prove to benefit my explanation of the policies and procedures Stalin implemented to create the famine. His detailed descriptions of the conditions peasants faced during the famine are shocking and horrifying and will contribute to my presentation of the write a good review Holodomor. This source is one of the most beneficial articles I have come across. The clarity and length of this article are what make it so helpful to my research. Paluch concisely covers a little bit of everything about the Holodomor. I find his article helpful in that I may use it as a basic framework to refer back to whenever I get caught up in the long-winded discussions found in other sources. Conquest, Robert. The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine .New York: Oxford UP, 1986. Print.

Robert Conquest is one of the most highly regarded historians to study the Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932 to 1933. His book The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine is a testament to the extensiveness of his research and essay on genesis chapter, work in anne moody essay the field of Eastern European history. This book consists of three parts: Part I, “The Protagonists: Party, Peasants, and Nation,” Part II, “To Crush the Peasantry,” and Part III, “The Terror-Famine.” The text chronologically recounts the essay chapter Holodomor in extraordinary detail. Conquest explores the thesis paper tragic famine-genocide from all angles, compiling the essay on genesis 1 fruits of his lifelong research into his book, the first full history of the Holodomor. Essays! This source is highly relevant to my research topic in chapter 1 the most clear of ways.

What will prove to be beneficial to my writing process is the outline of the text on stem thesis paper, the contents page. The headings will allow me to find which sections I should visit to find the necessary information I need. Ukraine. Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online Academic Edition . Essay Chapter 1! Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2012. Web. 21 Mar. Stem Research Paper! 2012. Essay! . The Encyclopædia Britannica entry for book Ukraine includes the typical, ridiculously extensive information about the entire country.

For the purpose of on genesis 1, my research, I focused on the “Soviet Ukraine” section, and, more specifically, the section concerned with the famine of 1932 to 1933. The encyclopedia entry gives a brief history of the Holodomor, stating that “The famine was a direct assault on the Ukrainian peasantry, which had stubbornly continued to resist collectivization . . . Its deliberate nature is underscored by the fact that no physical basis for famine existed in Ukraine” (“Ukraine”). The fact that this unbiased source coincides with the information of other texts by Ukrainian authors supports the legitimacy of said other texts. This encyclopedia entry is simple and samuel coleridge on his own times, easy to understand and will certainly help me keep the basics straight, similar to James Perloff's article. Also, I will use this to double check the facts I find in other articles. For example, this encyclopedia entry confirms that “the Soviet Union exported more than a million tons of grain to the West during this period” as well as the claim that “Soviet authorities flatly denied the existence of the famine both at the time it was raging and after it was over” (“Ukraine”).

Mace, Staff Director James E. Report to Congress: Commission on essay on genesis chapter, the Ukraine Famine . Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1988. Print. This book is the Report to Congress prepared by the Congress-appointed Commission on the Ukraine Famine. The United States Congress appropriated $400,000 of how to write a good review paper, funding to the Commission to on genesis, investigate the famine-genocide. This Report to Congress is a thorough account of the Holodomor written by a team of historians, diplomats, professors, and policymakers. They conducted extensive research and compiled the report in an effort to expand the American public'sknowledge of the famine. Research Thesis! The exposé on essay 1, the Soviet regime's role was meant to open the government's as well as the public's eyes to the atrocity of the accident book reporting famine. This source is relevant to my research in that it concerns the truth about the Holodomor as opposed to the propaganda the general public was subjected to at the time of the famine. The report is perhaps the most extensively well-researched publication on the topic of the essay chapter 1 famine and is therefore possibly the greatest work I could ever consult for information to supplement my research paper. 1930s JOURNALIST GARETH JONES TO HAVE STORY RETOLD.

London, United Kingdom, Friday 13 November 2009. and regarded by Ukrainians as genocide. London, United Kingdom, Thursday, November 12, 2009. The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Friday, November 13, 2009. The Boston Globe, Boston, Massachusetts, Friday, November 13, 2009.

LONDON -- The diaries of a British reporter who risked his reputation to expose the horrors of Stalin's murderous famine in Ukraine are to anne, go on display on Friday. Conditions are bad, but there is no famine, Duranty wrote a few days after Jones' story was published. Other correspondents chimed in with public denials. Eugene Lyons, an American wire agency reporter who gradually went from communist sympathizer to fierce critic of the Soviet regime, later acknowledged the role that fellow journalists had played in trying to essay on genesis 1, destroy Jones' career. International Recognition of the moody essay Holodomor as an act of Genocide.

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Extract: #039;How the BBC leans to the right#039; The Independent Online. The BBC in Media City in Salford, Manchester Getty Images. Social scientists like myself like to see claims and 1 assertions enlightened by a solid body of evidence. I have, as a consequence, found some of the more public discussions of BBC impartiality dismal to behold. Accusations of BBC bias are now part of a political game in which forms of self-interest are played out against a backdrop of anecdotal evidence and samuel taylor on his half-truths.

Leading the charge are conservative media owners and their press outlets. Their motivations are partly economic (a dismantled BBC would allow then to increase their market share) and partly ideological (they are highly sceptical about regulated public services). Allied in this effort are those Conservative politicians who share the ideological suspicion of public service broadcasting. Their interests are also strategic, since political pressure – they hope – obliges the BBC to bend over backwards to avoid accusations of essay chapter, a leftist tilt. The BBC receives criticism from other quarters – in an open society there are many sensibilities to offend – but it is these accusations they most fear. The press can (and do) make a crisis out of the smallest drama, while there is accident reporting, justifiable anxiety about the way a Conservative government might behave whenever the license fee is due for renewal. While this point is generally ignored, it is the on genesis chapter 1 BBC’s cyclical dependence upon whoever happens to be in government during the licence renewal period that is the how to write paper greatest threat to its impartiality.

For those who value the BBC’s independence, this a gaping flaw in the system – arguably a far more serious political infringement on journalistic freedom in on genesis chapter 1 the UK than anything proposed by Lord Justice Leveson. Despite the highly partial origin of claims about the analysis brave BBC’s propensity to on genesis chapter, lean leftward, any serious accusations of this kind deserves proper examination. I have often heard it said that if the samuel essays on his BBC is essay on genesis 1, being criticised from both political flanks, it is probably getting it about right. This is, with all due respect, a lazy supposition (so, for anne moody essay example, a centrist bias is still a breach of impartiality), and if this chapter is a plea for anything, it is that impartiality is sufficiently important to be subject to systematic, independent scrutiny. We also need to 1, consider the possibility that attacks from the right are having the desired effect.

While the paper BBC can, at times, be robust in defending its independence, it can also be risk averse. There is a real possibility that this understandable caution has led the essay on genesis BBC to seek shelter in more conservative enclaves. Recent evidence from the most recent BBC Trust commissioned impartiality review appears to support this view. The research, by my colleagues at Cardiff, compared BBC news when Labour were in power (in 2007) with coverage under a Conservative-led coalition (in 2012). The study found, by a series of essay, measures, that ‘Conservative dominance in essay on genesis chapter 2012’ of BBC news was ‘by a notably larger margin than Labour dominance in 2007’ (Wahl-Jorgenson et al 2013: 5). Beyond the accident main parties, the essay on genesis chapter study suggested that the BBC is analysis essay brave, more likely than either ITV or Channel 4 to use sources from the right, such US Republicans or Ukip, and less likely to use sources from the on genesis left, such as US Democrats and the Green Party. But it is the imbalance between Conservative and Labour – by margins of three to accident book, one for party leaders and four to one for ministers/shadow ministers – that was most striking, especially since the research indicated that this rightward shift was a strictly BBC phenomenon.

The study found no similar patterns on essay, either ITV or Channel 4 (ibid: 83). These were not findings the BBC Trust was especially keen to draw attention to, and – oddly for a review about impartiality – they were played down in how to a good the subsequent report. It is worth noting that these independent findings, based on solid samples, have received less attention than rather flimsier (in evidentiary terms) conservative claims. Impartiality goes beyond matters of party political representation: it encompasses the essay on genesis chapter 1 issues a news outlet chooses to cover and the way those issues are framed and accident reported. Making judgements about political bias is as much about the assumptions that inform a news story than party political representation. So, for essay 1 example, conservative newspapers tend to give far more coverage to issues that interest the political right (such as immigration or abuses of welfare) than those that concern the left (such as poverty or inequality). The first problem facing any analysis of BBC impartiality is that there is no neutral centre of gravity, no golden objective mean to adopt as a point of departure. Locating the centre is anne, a matter of essay on genesis chapter, context, and involves a series of analysis brave, choices. The BBC’s approach to the coverage of politics, for example, generally uses Westminster as its touchstone, with its centre of gravity somewhere near the Speaker’s Chair. This point was made clearly by 1, the King Report, based on the BBC Trust’s commissioned study of critical essay, political coverage in a post-devolution era (Lewis et al 2009; Cushion et al 2009). The research found that despite the significant devolution of on genesis chapter, political power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, political coverage remained heavily focused on Westminster.

At best, this meant ignoring the different policies pursued outside England, at worst it meant that England (whose governance remains at Westminster) became a stand-in for the UK as a whole. The BBC, to critical new world, its great credit, took action to remedy some of the weaknesses identified by the King Report. Follow up research suggested that this intervention improved coverage in chapter 1 a number of areas, with greater representation of policy regimes across the four nations (Cushion et al 2010). Nonetheless, reporting remains focused around leading politicians in the House of Commons. This is a reasonable enough position to adopt in a parliamentary democracy, but it comes with distinct limitations. Most notably, it relies upon samuel own times the main political parties to give voice to a range of well-informed perspectives. As a consequence there are many parts of the political terrain – such as the on genesis chapter EU, immigration or economic growth – where debate takes place within a very narrow frame of reference. So, for example, debates about how to write review paper Europe are invariably framed by a main party debate which sees ‘Europe as a problem for the UK, particularly in terms of national sovereignty’ (Wahl-Jorgensen et al: 51). The recent BBC Trust commissioned review found ‘very little room for essay on genesis chapter sources presenting a broader range of views, and for substantive information about what the EU actually does and how much it actually costs’ (ibid: 52). Stem Cell Research Thesis Paper. What we end up with is less a discussion about the merits of the on genesis EU than who can best represent UK interests. Important, no doubt, but limited in scope.

Similarly, there is now a growing body of evidence suggesting a model of permanent economic growth is of dwindling benefit to reporting, wealthy countries such as the UK. Research now shows that GDP growth is chapter, no longer linked to improvements in health or happiness (Bok 2010; Layard 2011), is environmentally unsustainable (Jackson 2010) and stretches commodity choice far beyond the time we have available to us as consumers (Offer 2006; Lewis 2013). In short, there is a serious debate about whether wealthy consumer economies still rely on growth to generate prosperity. But it is not one to be heard in how to review the House of Commons – or, as a consequence, on the BBC, where GDP growth is invariably assumed to on genesis chapter 1, be an how to write, objective good (Lewis 2013). The BBC thereby reflects a series of assumptions that inform the political mainstream.

It is both pro-democracy and pro-monarchy. It upholds liberal Western values and a series of economic assumption based on a global market economy (in which, for example, economic growth is essay, seen as more important than the climate change it helps create). The BBC, in this very Reithian sense, reflects the assumptions of some of our dominant institutions. Cell Research. This is an easy position to on genesis chapter, defend, although it sometimes risks a certain myopia, constraining wider and more critical discussion. The failure of the BBC’s economic experts to anticipate the moody credit crash, for example, was a function of its reluctance to chapter, go outside a narrow range of mainstream economic debate and incorporate those more critical economists who did see it coming (Berry 2013). Similarly, the BBC’s reliance on military top brass for paper discussions about military spending levels means that such discussions are decidedly lop-sided. Claims for under-funding from such interested parties are rarely balanced by those who feel we should spend less on defence. The UK is one of the world’s largest military spenders (a point rarely made) while discussions of the merits of chapter, such spending, research suggests, is becoming increasingly one-sided (Lewis and Hunt 2011). The BBC Trust’s first impartiality review, which suggested moving from a ‘see saw’ (generally left vs right) to a ‘wagon wheel’ approach, did not really explore these ideological assumptions. While it contained some thoughtful discussion, the review did not take the opportunity to review the academic research on impartiality and, at times, relied on ad hoc and anecdotal accounts rather than more scientific bodies of evidence.

Its conclusions were based on the sense that traditional left/right divisions were breaking down, making the old ‘see saw’ balancing act a less appropriate guiding metaphor. Its advocacy of the ‘wagon wheel’ was an how to a good review paper, attempt to move beyond such limitations: The wheel is not exactly circular, it has a shifting centre, the ‘spokes’ are not necessarily evenly spaced, nor do they all reach the edge of the wheel, nor does one ‘spoke’ necessarily point in essay 1 a directly opposite direction to another. So opinion is not confined to ‘left’ and ‘right’ but ranges through 360 degrees. One opinion is not necessarily the exact opposite of another, nor do they all reach the extremity of available argument (BBC Trust 2007). The flaw in the metaphor is, perhaps, revealing. A wagon wheel’s centre does not shift – it will (like news) move forward, but it remains at accident book reporting a fixed point. The assumptions behind locating the centre remain an issue.

What it does make possible, in a way the see-saw does not, is shedding light on perspectives that question those assumptions. Moving from a see-saw to chapter, a wagon wheel is, however, easier said than done. It requires a radical appraisal of the range and type of sources typically used to inform news, and a commitment to looking beyond the usual suspects for a well-informed diversity of perspectives. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The latest BBC Trust impartiality review, designed to test how far the BBC had made this metaphorical move, found the see-saw still firmly in place (Wahl-Jorgenson et al 2013), with a small number of dominant institutions – notably parliament – continuing to essay, dominate debate. The BBC’s model of impartiality – the location of how to, its centre, if you like – is essay chapter 1, inevitably limited by its tendency to favour some institutions over others. A 2007 study, for example, found that around half of those sources used on BBC news were from just four professions: the worlds of taylor essays own times, politics, business, law and order and on genesis chapter the news media. Accident Reporting. By contrast, the main knowledge-based professions and on genesis 1 civic voices (from the academy, medicine, science and technology, thinks tanks, government/public agencies and NGOs) made up, between them, only 10 per cent of all sources (Lewis and Cushion 2009). This concentration was confirmed by the recent BBC Trust review of television news, which suggested that the dominance of these four groups as news sources has increased over the last five years – with a particular rise in the use of business and media sources (Wahl-Jorgensen et al 2013: 80, which found similar trends on the Radio 4 Today programme). This contrasts with other broadcasters, who are far less reliant on business (11.1 per stem cell cent of sources on BBC news, but only 3.8 per cent on ITV and on genesis 1 2.2 per reporting cent on Channel 4) or media (8.2 per essay chapter 1 cent of sources on BBC news, 1.6 per cent on ITV and 5.9 per cent on Channel 4).

Both ITV and Channel 4 make significantly more use of sources from the academy, medicine, science and technology, thinks tanks, government/public agencies and NGOs: these groups make up 16.4 per cent of sources on samuel essays, ITV and 22.7 per cent on Channel 4, but only chapter 1, 9.7 per cent on the BBC. This not only narrows the reporting range of expertise available on BBC news, it has implications for impartiality. The increasing dependence on media and business sources is especially problematic. Essay. Our print media have a self-declared right-wing bias – some (such as the anne Sun , Mail or Express ) vociferously so. While the BBC undoubtedly tries to negotiate this bias (sometimes balancing, for example, the essay Guardian against the Telegraph ), it is often guilty of using the samuel taylor coleridge on his own times press as a substitute for public opinion.

This, in essay turn, provides a loudspeaker for those instances when polling majorities lean to the right – on issues such as immigration, on which sections of the press campaign – than when they lean to the left – on issues such as the privatisation of Royal Mail, on book, which they do not (see Jordan 2013). The assumption that, for example, the views of Daily Mail readers are represented by on genesis, the newspaper’s editorial line is not borne out by a detailed examination of public opinion data. In short ‘Middle England’ is far more politically diverse than Mail editorials would suggest (Lewis et al 2005). Majorities may be anti-immigration, but they are also opposed to further privatisation of public services and sympathetic to nationalisation of moody essay, others (such as the railways). A reliance on the range of opinions expressed by the press will invariably push debate to on genesis, the right of the broader public. In a similar way, the growth of business news (Svennevig 2007) and the widespread use of write paper, business sources raises important questions about impartiality. A business perspective will tend to on genesis chapter 1, lean to the right: representatives of business (for reasons of economic self interest) will, for example, favour corporate tax cuts over public spending, and opt for less rather than more regulation on employment rights or environmental protection. Essays On Elasticity Of Demand. In the past, these perspectives were balanced against voices from the trade union movement.

The growth in business coverage has, however, taken place while trade unionists have almost disappeared from news routines (Wahl-Jorgenson et al 2013: 80). A review of UK Business Reporting for the BBC Trust (BBC Trust 2007) sidestepped the broader question of whether a focus on business creates a slant toward a particular view of the world. It focused, instead, on the narrower question of whether business was viewed from a consumer or a company perspective. The report’s desire for a more consensual approach – avoiding such antagonisms – glossed over the different interests of essay chapter 1, producers and consumers (consumers want the best product at the cheapest possible price, while businesses want to spend as little on the product as they can and sell it for as much they can). More importantly a broader and more critical view of the samuel coleridge on his own times role of business in society has no place in this framework.

Although the BBC Trust review did not explore this point, they did acknowledge it, observing that: Around 29 million people work for a living in the UK and chapter 1 spend a large proportion of their waking hours in book reporting the workplace. However, little of this important part of UK life is reflected in the BBC’s business coverage … the audiences are served in their identity as consumers. But they are not that well served in essay on genesis their role as workers (ibid: 9). As workers, we have distinct interests – we want well-paid, secure jobs with profits shared amongst the workforce, rather than passed to essays of demand, owners, shareholders or consumers. For both businesses and consumers cheap labour is essay, a good thing, for workers it is not. Overall, the available evidence on the BBC centre of gravity does not suggest a leftist tilt. On the contrary, its dependence on certain dominant institutions – notably in the business world and the national print media – would appear to push it the other way.

The evidence I have drawn on on elasticity of demand, here is, of course, open to challenge and interpretation. But our response should be to pursue the on genesis question of impartiality with greater academic rigour. We almost certainly need more – and regular – independent research on media impartiality. At this point, however, the most plausible hypothesis is that the BBC has, under pressure, been pushed to the right. Professor Justin Lewis is essays on elasticity of demand, Dean of Research in the Arts, Humanities and essay on genesis Social Sciences at Cardiff University. ‘Is the BBC in anne Crisis?’ (Abramis, ?19.95), edited by John Mair, Richard Tait and Richard Lance Keeble, will be published on 1 March. We use cookies to enhance your visit to on genesis chapter, our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.

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