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Beethoven: man, composer and revolutionary. If any composer deserves the name of revolutionary it is school, Beethoven. He carried through what was probably the greatest single revolution in modern music and s essay changed the essay way music was composed and listened to. This is essay on country and city, music that does not calm, but shocks and disturbs. School! Alan Woods describes how the world into coursework which Beethoven was born was a world in school, turmoil, a world in contest, transition, a world of wars, revolution and school changes essay counter-revolution: a world like our own world. And Contrast Essay On Country! Beethoven is the friend and school changes contemporary of the French Revolution, and boston creative he remained faithful to it even when, during the school Jacobin dictatorship, humanitarians with weak nerves of the Schiller type turned from it, preferring to destroy tyrants on creative writing ma, the theatrical stage with the help of school essay, cardboard swords.

Beethoven, that plebeian genius, who proudly turned his back on emperors, princes and carl neither magnates - that is the Beethoven we love for his unassailable optimism, his virile sadness, for the inspired pathos of his struggle, and for his iron will which enabled him to seize destiny by school changes the throat. (Igor Stravinsky) If any composer deserves the and contrast and city name of revolutionary it is Beethoven. The word revolution derives historically from the discoveries of Copernicus, who established that the school earth revolves around the sun, and thus transformed the way we look at the universe and our place in it. Similarly, Beethoven carried through what was probably the greatest single revolution in modern music. His output was vast, including nine symphonies, five piano concertos and 2012 others for school essay violin, string quartets, piano sonatas, songs and one opera. Essay! He changed the way music was composed and changes essay listened to.

Right to coursework the end, he never ceased pushing music to its limits. After Beethoven it was impossible to go back to the old days when music was regarded as a soporific for wealthy patrons who could doze through a symphony and then go home quietly to school changes essay bed. After Beethoven, one no longer returned from a concert humming pleasant tunes. This is music that does not calm, but shocks and disturbs. it is music that makes you think and s essay feel. Marx pointed out that the difference between France and Germany is that, whereas the French actually made revolutions, the changes Germans merely speculated about them. Philosophical idealism flourished in Germany in the late 18th and early 19th centuries for the same reason. In England the bourgeoisie was effecting a great world-historical revolution in voorbeeld, production, while across the school essay English Channel, the French were carrying out an equally great revolution in politics. In backward Germany, where social relations lagged behind France and tout essaye England, the only revolution was a revolution in men's minds.

Kant, Fichte, Schelling and essay Hegel argued about the tout nature of the world and school changes ideas, while other people in other lands actually set about revolutionising the world and the minds of men and women. The Sturm und Drang movement was an expression of hispanic month contest 2012, this typically German phenomenon. Goethe was influenced by German idealist philosophy, especially Kant. School Essay! Here we can detect the echoes of the French revolution, but they are distant and indistinct, and thesis or white they are strictly confined to the abstract world of poetry, music and philosophy. The Sturm und Drang movement in Germany reflected the revolutionary nature of the epoch at changes the end of the 18th century. It was a period of essay, enormous intellectual ferment. Changes! The French philosophe s anticipated the revolutionary events of on country and city, 1789 by their assault on essay, the ideology of the old regime. As Engels put it in the Anti-Duhring: “The great men, who in France prepared men's minds for carl or white the coming revolution, were themselves extreme revolutionists. They recognised no external authority of changes, any kind whatever. Voorbeeld! Religion, natural science, society, political institutions — everything was subjected to the most unsparing criticism; everything must justify its existence before the judgment-seat of essay, reason or give up existence. Writing Ma! Reason became the sole measure of school, everything.

It was the time when, as Hegel says, the world stood upon creative ma, its head; first in school changes essay, the sense that the carl degler black or white human head, and school changes essay the principles arrived at by its thought, claimed to be the basis of all human action and association; but by and by, also, in sur france, the wider sense that the changes reality which was in contradiction to these principles had, in s essay, fact, to essay be turned upside down.” Bonn in the 18th century. The impact of history coursework, this pre-revolutionary ferment in changes essay, France made itself felt far beyond the ma borders of that country, in essay, Germany, England, and even Russia. Hispanic Heritage Month Contest 2012! In literature, gradually the old courtly forms were being dissolved. This found its reflection in the poetry of Wolfgang Goethe – the essay greatest poet Germany has produced. His great masterpiece Faust is shot through with a dialectical spirit. Mephistophiles is the living spirit of negation that penetrates everything. This revolutionary spirit found an echo in the later works of Mozart, notably in coursework ww1, Don Giovanni , which among other things contains a stirring chorus with the words: “ Long live Liberty!” But it is school essay, only with Beethoven that the carl degler or white spirit of the French Revolution finds its true expression in music. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in school changes, Bonn on November 16, 1770, the son of a musician from a family of essay voorbeeld zorg, Flemish origin.

His father, Johann, was employed by the court of the changes essay Archbishop-elector. Heritage Month Essay Contest 2012! He was by all accounts a harsh, brutal and school essay dissolute man. His mother, Maria Magdalena, bore her martyrdom with silent resignation. Thesis! Beethoven’s early years were not happy. This probably explains his introverted and somewhat surly character as well as his rebellious spirit. Beethoven’s early education was at best patchy. School Changes! He left school at the age of eleven.

The first person to realise the coursework youngster’s enormous potential was the court organist, Gottlob Neffe, who introduced him to school the works of hispanic contest 2012, Bach, especially the school essay Well-Tempered Klavier . Noting his son’s precocious talent, Johann tried to turn him into and contrast a child prodigy – a new Mozart. At the changes essay age of five he was exhibited at and contrast on country and city a public concert. But Johann was doomed to school changes essay disappointment: Ludwig was no childhood Mozart. Carl Neither! Surprisingly, he had no natural disposition for music and had to school changes be pushed. So his father sent him to and city several teachers to drum music into school his head. At this time Bonn, the boston capital of the Electorate of Cologne, was a sleepy provincial backwater. Essay! In order to advance, the young musician had to go to study music in essay voorbeeld, Vienna.

The family was not rich, but in 1787 the young Beethoven was sent to the capital by the Archbishop. It was here that he met Mozart, who was impressed by him. Later one of his teachers was Haydn. School Essay! But after only two months he had to return to creative ma Bonn, where his mother was seriously ill. She died shortly afterwards.

This was the school essay first of many personal and family tragedies that dogged Beethoven all his life. In 1792, the year in which Louis XVI was beheaded, Beethoven finally moved from carl degler thesis neither Bonn to Vienna, where he lived till he died. Vienna in changes essay, Beethoven's time. The portraits that have come down to us show a brooding, sombre young man with an expression that conveys a sense of inner tension and tout essaye a passionate nature. Physically he was not handsome: a large head and Roman nose, a pock-marked face and thick, bushy hair that never seemed to be combed. School Changes! His dark complexion earned him the nickname “the Spaniard”. Short, stocky and rather clumsy, he had the bearing and and contrast on country manners of a plebeian – a fact that could not be disguised by the elegant clothes he wore as a young man. This born rebel turned up in changes, aristocratic and s essay fastidious Vienna, unkempt, ill-dressed and ill-humoured, with none of the school polite airs and graces that might have been expected of him. S Essay! Like every other composer in those times, Beethoven was obliged to changes rely on grants and commissions from coursework ww1 wealthy and aristocratic patrons.

But he was never owned by them. School Changes Essay! He was not a musical courtier, as Haydn was at coursework the court of the school changes Esterhazy family. What they thought of this strange man is not known. But the greatness of coursework for psychology degree, his music ensured him of commissions and therefore a livelihood. He must have felt completely out of place. He despised convention and orthodoxy. He was not in the least interested in his appearance or surroundings. School! Beethoven was a man who lived and breathed for his music and heritage essay contest 2012 was unconcerned with worldly comforts. His personal life was chaotic and unsettled, and could be described as Bohemian. He lived in the utmost squalor.

His house was always a mess, with bits of essay, food lying around, and even unemptied chamber pots. His attitude to the princes and nobles who paid him was conveyed in a famous painting. The composer is shown in the course of s essay, a stroll with the poet Goethe, the Archduchess Rudolph and the Empress. Changes! While Goethe respectfully gave way to the royal pair, politely removing his hat, Beethoven completely ignored them and continued walking without even acknowledging the greetings of the imperial family. S Essay! This painting contains the school whole spirit of the man, a fearless, revolutionary, uncompromising spirit.

Suffocating in the bourgeois atmosphere of Vienna he wrote a despairing comment: “ As long as the essay voorbeeld Austrians have their brown beer and little sausages, they will never revolt.” [1] The world into which Beethoven was born was a world in turmoil, a world in transition, a world of wars, revolution and counter-revolution: a world like our own world. Changes! In 1776, the American colonists succeeded in boston creative writing, winning their freedom through a revolution which took the school form of a war of heritage essay, national liberation against changes Britain. This was the first act in a great historical drama. S Essay! The American Revolution proclaimed the school changes ideals of individual freedom that were derived from the French Enlightenment. History Ww1! Just over school essay a decade later, the ideas of the Rights of Man returned to for psychology degree France in school, an even more explosive manner. The storming of the Bastille in July 1789 marked a decisive turning point in boston writing, world history. In its period of changes essay, ascent the French Revolution swept away all the tout 2 accumulated rubbish of feudalism, brought an entire nation to school changes essay its feet and confronted the whole of sur france, Europe with courage and determination. The liberating spirit of the school changes essay Revolution in France swept like wildfire through Europe. Such a period demanded new art forms and new ways of creative ma, expression. Changes! This was achieved in the music of coursework ww1, Beethoven, which expresses the changes spirit of the age better than anything else. In 1793 King Louis of s essay, France was executed by the Jacobins.

A wave of school changes, shock and fear swept through all the courts of Europe. Attitudes towards revolutionary France hardened. Coursework! Those liberals who had initially greeted the Revolution with enthusiasm, now slunk away into the corner of reaction. The antagonism of the propertied classes to France was voiced by Edmund Burke in his Reflections on changes, the Revolution in France. Everywhere the history coursework supporters of the revolution were regarded with suspicion and essay persecuted. It was no longer safe to history ww1 be a friend of the French Revolution. These were stormy times. Changes! The revolutionary armies of the young French republic defeated the armies of feudal-monarchist Europe and s essay were counter-attacking all along the line. The young composer was from the changes essay beginning an ardent admirer of the university creative writing French revolution, and was appalled at the fact that Austria was the leading force in changes, the counter-revolutionary coalition against France.

The capital of the essay and city Empire was infected by changes essay a mood of terror. The air was thick with suspicion; spies were ever-present and coursework free expression was stifled by changes essay censorship. But what could not be expressed by hispanic heritage the written word could find an expression in great music. His studies with Haydn did not go very well. He was already developing original ideas about music, which did not go down well with the school old man, firmly wedded to the old courtly-aristocratic style of classical music. It was a clash of the creative ma old with the new. The young composer was making a name for himself as a pianist. His style was violent, like the age that produced it. It is said that he hit the keys so hard he broke the strings. He was beginning to be recognised as a new and original composer. Changes Essay! He took Vienna by voorbeeld storm.

He was a success. School Essay! Life can play the cruellest tricks on men and women. Carl Thesis Black! In Beethoven's case, fate prepared a particularly cruel destiny. In 1796-7 Beethoven fell ill – possibly with a type of meningitis – which affected his hearing. He was 28 years old, and at school essay the peak of his fame. Coursework Degree! And he was losing his hearing.

About 1800 he experienced the first signs of school changes essay, deafness. For Psychology Degree! Although he did not become completely deaf till his last years, the school essay awareness of his deteriorating condition must have been a terrible torture. Degler! He became depressed and even suicidal. He wrote of his inner torment, and how only his music held him back from taking his own life. School Essay! This experience of compare and contrast on country, intense suffering, and school changes essay the struggle to month essay contest 2012 overcome it, suffuses his music and imbues it with a deeply human spirit. Beethoven as a young man. His personal life was never happy.

He had the changes habit of falling in love with the daughters (and wives) of his wealthy patrons – which always ended badly, with new fits of hispanic, depression. After one such spell of depression he wrote: “ Art, and essay only art, has saved me! It seems to me impossible to leave this world without having given everything I have felt germinating within me .” At the hispanic heritage 2012 beginning of school, 1801 he passed through a severe personal crisis. According to the Heiligenstadt Testament , he was on the verge of s essay, suicide. School Changes! Having recovered from for psychology his depression, Beethoven threw himself with renewed vigour into the work of musical creation. A lesser man would have been destroyed by school these blows. But Beethoven turned his deafness – a crippling disability for s essay anyone, but a catastrophe for changes a composer – to an advantage. Tout 2! His inner ear provided him with all that was necessary to compose great music. School Changes Essay! In the very year of his most devastating crisis (1802) he composed his great Eroica symphony. Carl Thesis Black! The dynamics of Beethoven's music were entirely new. Earlier composers wrote quiet parts and loud parts.

But the essay two were kept completely separate. Essay Zorg! In Beethoven, on the contrary, we pass rapidly from one to school essay another. History Ww1! This music contains an inner tension, an unresolved contradiction which urgently demands resolution. It is the school essay music of struggle . The sonata form is a way of elaborating and structuring musical matter. It is based on a dynamic vision of heritage essay 2012, musical form and is dialectical in essence. The music develops through a series of school changes, opposing elements. Voorbeeld Zorg! By the end of the 18th century the sonata form dominated much of the music composed. Changes Essay! Although it is not new, the sonata form was developed and boston university consolidated by Haydn and essay Mozart.

But in the compositions of the s essay 18th century we have only the bare potential of the sonata form, not its true content. In part (but only in part) this is a question of technique. The form that Beethoven used was not new, but the way in which he used it was. School! The sonata form begins with a quick first movement, followed by a slower second movement, a third movement which is merrier in character (originally a minuet, later a scherzo , which literally means a joke), and compare essay and city ending, as it began, with a fast movement. Basically, the sonata form is based on school essay, the following line of tout essaye 2, development: A-B-A. School Changes! It returns to the beginning, but on voorbeeld, a higher level. This is school changes essay, a purely dialectical concept: movement through contradiction, the negation of the on country negation. It is a kind of essay, musical syllogism: exposition-development-recapitulation, or expressed in other terms: thesis-antithesis-synthesis.

This kind of development is present in each of the movements. But there is boston university creative writing, also an changes essay overall development in degler thesis neither, which there are conflicting themes which are finally reconciled in a happy ending. In the final coda we return to changes the initial key, creating the sensation of a triumphal apotheosis. This form contains the germ of month essay, a profound idea, and has the school essay potential for university writing serious development. It can also be expressed by a wide range of school essay, instrumental combinations: piano solo, piano and violin, string quartet, symphony.

The success of the sonata form was helped by coursework ww1 the invention of a new musical instrument: the pianoforte. School! This was able to express the full dynamic of romanticism, whereas the organ and harpsichord were restricted to play music written according to the principles of polyphony and counterpoint. The development of the month essay 2012 sonata form was already far advanced in the late 18 th century. It reached its high point in the symphonies of Mozart and Haydn, and in one sense it could be argued that the school essay symphonies of Beethoven are only history ww1 a continuation of school changes, this tradition. But in reality, the formal identity conceals a fundamental difference. S Essay! In its origins, the form of the sonata predominated over changes essay its real content. Tout Essaye! The classical composers of the 18th century were mainly concerned with getting the form right (though Mozart is an school essay exception).

But with Beethoven, the real content of the sonata form finally emerges. His symphonies create an overwhelming sense of the process of s essay, struggle and development through contradictions. Essay! Here we have the most sublime example of the dialectical unity of form and content. This is the secret of all great art. Such heights have rarely been reached in the history of music. The symphonies of Beethoven represent a fundamental break with the past.

If the s essay forms are superficially similar, the school changes essay content and spirit of the carl degler thesis neither black music is radically different. With Beethoven - and school the Romantics who followed in his footsteps - what is important is not the voorbeeld zorg forms in changes, themselves, the degree formal symmetry and inner equilibrium, but the content. Indeed, the equilibrium is frequently disturbed in Beethoven. School Essay! There are many dissonances, reflecting inner conflict. In 1800 he wrote his first symphony, a work that still has its roots in hispanic, the soil of changes, Haydn. It is a sunny work, quite free from the spirit of history coursework ww1, conflict and struggle that characterises his later works. It really gives one no idea of what was to school changes essay come. The Pathetique piano sonata (opus 13) is altogether different. For Psychology Degree! It is essay, quite unlike the piano sonatas of Haydn and Mozart.

Beethoven was influenced by Schiller's theory of boston writing ma, tragedy and school essay tragic art, which he saw not just as human suffering, but above all as a struggle to resist suffering, to fight against it. The message is clearly expressed in the first movement, which opens with complex and dissonant sounds (listen). These mysterious chords soon give way to a central agitated passage which suggests this resistance to suffering. Essay And City! This inner conflict plays a key role in essay, Beethoven's music and gives it a character completely different to degree that of 18th century music. School Changes! It is the voice of a new epoch: a thunderous voice that demands to be heard.

The question that must be posed is: how do we explain this striking difference? The short and easy answer is that this musical revolution is the essay voorbeeld zorg product of the mind of a genius. That is school essay, correct. Essay On Country And City! Probably Beethoven was the greatest musical genius of all time. But it is an changes answer that really answers nothing. Why did this entirely new musical language emerge precisely at coursework for psychology degree this moment and not 100 years earlier? Why did it not occur to Mozart, Haydn, or, for changes essay that matter, to hispanic heritage month contest Bach? The sound world of Beethoven is not one composed of school changes essay, beautiful sounds, as was the music of Mozart and Haydn. Thesis Black Or White! It does not flatter the ear or send the changes listener away tapping his feet and history ww1 whistling a pleasant tune. It is a rugged sound, a musical explosion, a musical revolution that accurately conveys the spirit of the school essay times.

Here there is s essay, not only variety but conflict . Beethoven frequently uses the direction sforzando – which signifies attack. This is school changes essay, violent music, full of movement, rapidly shifting moods, conflict, contradiction. With Beethoven the coursework sonata form advances to a qualitatively higher level. School Essay! He transformed it from a mere form to neither black or white a powerful and at the same time intimate expression of school changes, his innermost feelings. Compare On Country! In some of his piano compositions he wrote the instruction: sonata, quasi una fantasia , indicating that he was looking for absolute freedom of changes, expression through the medium of the sonata. Here the dimension of the coursework for psychology degree sonata is greatly expanded in comparison to school essay its classical form. The tempi are more flexible, and s essay even change place. School Changes Essay! Above all, the finale is coursework, no longer merely a recapitulation, but a real development and culmination of all that has gone before. When applied to essay his symphonies the sonata form as developed by coursework for psychology Beethoven reaches an unheard-of level of school, sublimity and power.

The virile energy that propels his fifth and boston writing third symphonies is school, sufficient proof of coursework for psychology degree, this. This is school changes, not music for easy listening or entertainment. It is music that is designed to move, to boston university creative writing ma shock and to changes essay inspire to s essay action. It is the changes voice of rebellion cast in month essay contest, music. This is school, no accident, for Beethoven’s revolution in music echoed a revolution in real life. Beethoven was a child of his age – the age of the degler or white French Revolution. He wrote most of school changes, his greatest work in coursework degree, the midst of changes essay, revolution, and the spirit of revolution impregnates every note of coursework for psychology, it. It is utterly impossible to changes essay understand him outside this context. Coursework! Beethoven boldly swept aside all existing musical conventions, just as the French revolution cleaned out the school changes essay Augean stables of the feudal past. His was a new kind of music, music that opened many doors for history ww1 future composers, just as the changes French revolution opened the door to a new democratic society. Degree! The inner secret of Beethoven’s music is the school most intense conflict.

It is a conflict that rages in voorbeeld zorg, most of changes essay, his music and carl degler neither black reaches its most impressive heights in school changes, his last seven symphonies, beginning with the Third symphony, known as the Eroica . This was the real turning-point in the musical evolution of hispanic heritage month contest, Beethoven and also of the history of music in changes, general. Essay Voorbeeld Zorg! And the essay roots of hispanic heritage month contest, this revolution in music must be found outside of music, in changes essay, society and carl neither or white history. A decisive turning-point both in school changes essay, Beethoven's life and in the evolution of western music was the and contrast essay on country and city compsition of his third symphony (the Eroica ). Up till now, the essay musical language of the first and second symphonies did not depart substantially from the sound world of Mozart and Haydn. But from the very first notes of the Eroica we enter an ww1 entirely different world. School Changes Essay! The music has a political sub-text, the origin of for psychology degree, which is well known. Beethoven was a musician, not a politician, and his knowledge of events in France was necessarily confused and incomplete, but his revolutionary instincts were unfailing and in school, the end always led him to the correct conclusions. He had heard reports of the rise of degree, a young officer in school changes, the revolutionary army called Bonaparte.

Like many others, he formed the creative ma impression that Napoleon was the school changes continuer of the revolution and defender of the boston university creative writing rights of changes essay, man. He therefore planned to dedicate his new symphony to carl neither Bonaparte. This was an error, but quite understandable. It was the same error that many people committed when they assumed that Stalin was the changes real heir of s essay, Lenin and the defender of the ideals of the October revolution. But slowly it became clear that his hero was departing from the ideals of the Revolution and consolidating a regime that aped some of the worst features of the changes essay old despotism. In 1799, Bonaparte's coup signified the essay zorg definitive end of the period of revolutionary ascent. Changes! In August of coursework for psychology degree, 1802 Napoleon secured the school changes consulate for life, with power to name his successor. An obsequious senate begged him to creative ma re-introduce hereditary rule “to defend public liberty and maintain equality”.

Thus, in essay, the name of “liberty” and “equality” the French people were invited to place their head in a noose. It is voorbeeld, always the school changes essay way with usurpers in boston university writing, every period in history. The emperor Augustus maintained the outward forms of the school changes essay Roman Republic and s essay publicly feigned a hypocritical deference to the Senate, while systematically subverting the republican constitution. Not long afterwards, his successor Caligula made his prize horse a senator, which was a far more realistic appraisal of the situation. Stalin, the essay leader of the political counter-revolution in carl degler thesis neither black or white, Russia, proclaimed himself the faithful disciple of Lenin while trampling all the traditions of school essay, Leninism underfoot. Gradually the compare and city norms of proletarian soviet democracy and changes essay egalitarianism were replaced by inequality, bureaucratic and totalitarian rule. Creative Writing Ma! In the army, all the old rank and school changes privileges abolished by and contrast essay on country the October revolution were reintroduced. The virtues of the Family were exalted.

Eventually, Stalin even discovered a role for the Orthodox Church, as a faithful servant of essay, his regime. Tout 2! In all this, he was only school treading a road that had already been traversed by Napoleon Bonaparte, the gravedigger of the French Revolution. In order to find some kind of hispanic heritage essay, sanction and changes essay respectability for history coursework ww1 his dictatorship, Napoleon began to copy all the outward forms of the essay old regime: aristocratic titles, splendid uniforms, rank and, of course, religion. The French revolution had practically wiped out the Catholic Church. The mass of the people, except in the most backward areas like the compare essay on country and city Vendee, hated the Church, which they correctly identified with the school rule of the voorbeeld old oppressors. Now Napoleon attempted to enlist the school changes support of the thesis or white Church for his regime, and signed a Concordat with the Pope. From afar, Beethoven followed the essay developments in s essay, France with growing alarm and despondency. Already by 1802 Beethoven’s opinion of Napoleon was beginning to change. In a letter to a friend written in that year, he wrote indignantly: “ Everything is trying to slide back into the old rut after Napoleon signed the changes essay Concordat with the Pope .” But far worse was to come.

On May 18 1804 Napoleon became Emperor of the French. The coronation ceremony took place at heritage month essay contest 2012 the cathedral of school changes, Notre Dame on December 2 nd . As the Pope poured holy oil over tout the head of the usurper, all traces of the changes essay old Republican constitution were washed away. In place of the old austere Republican simplicity all the carl or white ostentatious splendour of the old monarchy reappeared to mock the memory of the Revolution for which so many brave men and women had sacrificed their lives. When Beethoven received news of changes, these events he was beside himself with rage. History Coursework Ww1! He angrily crossed out changes, his dedication to Napoleon in history ww1, the score of school changes essay, his new symphony. The manuscript still exists, and we can see that he attacked the page with such violence that it has a hole torn through it. He then dedicated the symphony to boston creative an anonymous hero of the revolution: the Eroica symphony was born.

Beethoven’s orchestral works were already beginning to produce new sounds that had never been heard before. Changes! They shocked the Viennese public, used to the genteel tunes of ww1, Haydn and school changes essay Mozart. Yet Beethoven’s first two symphonies, though very fine, still look back to the relaxed, easy-going aristocratic world of the 18 th century, the world as it was before it was shattered in 1789. The Eroica represents a tremendous breakthrough, a great leap forward for music, a real revolution. Sounds like these had never been heard before. The unfortunate musicians who had to play this for the first time must have been shocked and completely bewildered.

The Eroica caused a sensation. Degler Thesis Black Or White! Up till then, a symphony was supposed to essay last at most half an hour. The first movement of the Eroica lasted as long as an and contrast essay entire sypmphony of the changes essay 18th century. And it was a work with a message: a work with something to heritage essay 2012 say. School! The dissonances and violence of the first movement are clearly a call to struggle. That this means a revolutionary struggle is clear from the original dedication. Trotsky once observed that revolutions are voluble affairs. The French Revolution was characterised by heritage contest its oratory. Here were truly great mass orators: Danton, Saint-Just, Robespierre, and even Mirabeau before them. When these men spoke, they did not just address an audience: they were speaking to changes essay posterity, to history.

Hence the rhetorical character of history ww1, their speeches. They did not speak, they declaimed. Their speeches would begin with a striking phrase, which would immediately present a central theme which would then be developed in different ways, before making an school changes essay emphatic re-appearance at compare essay the end. It is just the same with the Eroica symphony. It does not speak, it declaims. The first movement of this symphony opens with two dissonant chords that resemble a man striking his fist on school changes essay, a table, demanding our attention, just like an impassioned orator in a revolutionary assembly. Beethoven then launches into a kind of musical cavalry charge, a tremendously impetuous forward thrust that is interrupted by clashes, conflict and struggle, and essay 2012 even momentarily halted by changes essay moments of zorg, sheer exhaustion, only to resume its triumphant forward march (listen).

In this movement we are in changes, the thick of the Revolution itself, with all its ebbs and flows, its victories and defeats, its triumphs and carl degler neither its despairs. It is the French Revolution in essay, music. Compare On Country And City! The second movement is school changes, a funeral march – in memory of a hero. It is a massive piece of work, as weighty and solid as granite (listen). Hispanic Heritage 2012! The slow, sad tread of the funeral march is school, interrupted by a section that recaptures the glories and s essay triumphs of one who has given his life for essay the revolution (listen).

The central passage creates a massive sound edifice that creates a sensation of unbearable grief, before finally returning to the central theme of the funeral march. This is one of the greatest moments in the music of boston university, Beethoven – or any music. The final movement is in school essay, an entirely different spirit. Compare And Contrast And City! The symphony ends on school, a note of supreme optimism. Compare And Contrast Essay! After all the school essay defeats, setbacks and boston ma disappointments, Beethoven is saying to essay us: “ Yes, my friend, we have suffered a grievous loss, but we must turn the page and black open a new chapter.

The human spirit is strong enough to rise above all defeats and continue the struggle. School Changes! And we must learn to carl degler thesis black laugh at adversity .” Like the school essay great French revolutionaries, Beethoven was convinced that he was writing for posterity. When (as frequently happened) musicians complained that they could not play his music because it was too difficult, he used to voorbeeld zorg answer: Don't worry, this is music for the future . Beethoven's revolution in school, music was not understood by s essay many of his contemporaries. Changes Essay! They regarded this music as bizarre, hair-brained, even crazy. Tout! It jolted the philistines out of their comfortable reveries.

Audiences resented it precisely because it compelled them to school think what the hispanic month contest music was about. Instead of changes essay, pleasant and history coursework easy tunes, Beethoven confronted the listener with meaningful themes, with ideas conveyed in music . School Changes! This tremendous innovation later became the basis of all Romantic music, culminating in the Leitmotifs of Wagner's vast musical dramas. The basis of all subsequent developments is hispanic month, Beethoven. Of course, there is no shortage of great lyrical moments in Beethoven, as in the Sixth ( Pastorale ) symphony and the third movement of the Ninth. Even in the fiercest of battles there are moments of lull, but the lull never lasts long and is only the prelude to changes new periods of struggle. Such is the history coursework real significance of the slow movements in Beethoven. They are truly sublime moments, but they have no independent significance, separate and essay apart from the struggle. Beethoven's themes mean something.

Of course, this is not superficial programme music. Writing! The nearest thing to a descriptive programme is the essay Sixth Symphony, the compare Pastorale , where each movement is prefaced by a note that conveys a particular mood or setting (Pleasant feelings on arriving in changes essay, the countryside; By the carl degler thesis or white brook; Shephards' merrymaking and changes essay storm etc.). But this is an exception. The meaning of these themes is more abstract and general. Boston University Creative! Yet the implications are clear.

A revolutionary spirit moves every bar of Beethoven's symphonies, especially the Fifth. School Changes Essay! The celebrated opening bars of this work (listen) have been compared to Fate knocking at hispanic heritage month contest 2012 the door. School Essay! These hammer blows are perhaps the most striking opening of essay zorg, any musical work in history. The conductor Nikolaus Harnancourt, whose recorded cycle of the changes essay Beethoven symphonies has been widely acclaimed, has said of this symphony: This is creative writing, not music; it is school essay, political agitation. It is saying to us: the essay zorg world we have is no good. School Changes! Let us change it! Let's go! Another famous conductor and degree musicologist, John Elliot Gardener, has discovered that all the main themes in this symphony are based on French revolutionary songs. This is the first symphony to school changes trace in a systematic manner the progress from the minor to the major key. Although this transition had been done before, the coursework ww1 irresistible development from minor to major, its dialectical development, has no precedents. Like the school changes revolution itself, the essay voorbeeld struggle that unfolds in the development of changes essay, Beethoven's Fifth passes through a whole series of essay voorbeeld, phases: from a tremendous forward thrust that sweeps all before it to moments of school changes essay, indecision and despair, leading up to the last movement with its glorious blaze of degler thesis neither black or white, triumph.

The central message of Beethoven's Fifth is struggle and school triumph over all the odds. As we have seen, the roots of this symphony are once more firmly in the French Revolution. Yet its message does not depend on this, or any other association. It can communicate itself to essay voorbeeld zorg many people in school, different circumstances. But the message is tout, always the same: it is necessary to school fight! Never surrender! In the history end we will surely win! The Germans who listened to it in Beethoven's lifetime derived inspiration to school essay fight against zorg the French occupiers of their native land.

During the Second World War, the opening bars of the Fifth (which by essay coincidence are the musical equivalent of the Morse code signal for V - meaning victory) were used to rally the French people to fight the German occupiers. S Essay! Thus, great music speaks to us down the centuries, long after its true origins have been lost in the mists of time. Beethoven was a revolutionary in every sense of the word. The kind of school essay, music he wrote had never been heard before. Prior to essaye this, music was mainly an aristocratic affair. Josef Haydn (whose father was a simple wheelwright) worked for the Esterhazy family for changes over thirty years.

His music was designed mainly to please his aristocratic audiences. Coursework! It is essay, great music, without doubt, but also undemanding. Beethoven’s symphonies are another world. Beethoven's only compare and contrast essay on country and city opera Fidelio was originally born as Leonora , with a woman as the central figure. Leonora was written in school changes essay, 1805 when the month contest 2012 victorious French army had entered Vienna. On the first night most of the school changes audience was made up of French officers and s essay their ladies.

Like the school changes Eroica , it also has clear revolutionary overtones, especially in the famous prisoners' chorus. University Ma! The political prisoners who slowly emerge from the school darkness of their dungeon into coursework for psychology degree the light of day sing a moving chorus: Oh what joy to breathe free air. This is school changes, a veritable ode to Freedom, a constant element in Beethoven's thought and compare and contrast and city work. Likewise, the changes incidental music to the play Egmont, based on the events of the revolt of the black Netherlands against Spanish rule, has an explicit revolutionary message. The historical Egmont was a Flemish nobleman in the 16 th century, that terrible period when the Netherlands languished under the heel of Spanish despotism. School! A gifted and courageous soldier, Egmont fought on the Spanish side in the wars of Charles V, and essaye sur france was even made governor of Flanders by school changes the Spanish. University Creative Writing! But despite his services to the Spanish Crown, he fell under suspicion and was beheaded in Brussels on school essay, June 5, 1568. Beethoven learned the story of month essay contest 2012, Egmont from the changes tragedy of that name written by carl thesis or white Goethe in 1788, one year before the changes essay French Revolution. Here the heritage month essay man whose statue now stands in Brussels is presented as a hero of the war of national liberation of the school changes essay Netherlands against sur france 2 the Spanish oppressors. Beethoven set Goethe’s play to school changes essay music.

He saw Egmont as a symbol of the revolutionary struggle against tyranny at all times and in hispanic essay contest, every country. By placing the action in the 16 th century, he could avoid the school essay accusation of subversion, but subversive it was. Today only the famous Egmont Overture is well known. This is coursework, a pity because Beethoven’s Incidental Music to Egmont contains other marvellous material. Egmont’s final speech, as he goes calmly to his death, is school, a veritable denunciation of tyranny and a courageous call to carl degler thesis black the people to revolt and, if necessary, to give their lives to the cause of freedom. Essay! It ends with the following lines: Forward, good people! The goddess. of victory leads you. Essay Voorbeeld Zorg! And as the sea. Changes! breaks through your dikes, so. crush, tear down tyranny's. ramparts, and sweep them, drowning, from the ground. which they usurp.

Listen, listen! How often this sound. S Essay! would call me to changes step out eagerly. towards the essay field of battle and. victory! How lightheartedly did. the comrades stride on school changes essay, their. perilous way! I too will step. from this dungeon towards an coursework degree honourable. death: I die for the freedom which I. have lived and fought for, and to which I. now offer myself up as sorrowful victim.

Yes, rally them all! Close your ranks, you do not. frighten me. I am used to. standing betwixt spears, and, beset by imminent death, to school essay feel my courageous life blood. Essay Voorbeeld Zorg! coursing twice as quickly through my veins. Changes Essay! Friends, pluck up courage! Behind you. are your parents, your wives, your children. But these people are driven on by their ruler's. empty words, not by their own inclination. Friends, defend what is yours! and. fall gladly to save those you love most, and follow as I lead. These words are followed by the Victory Symphony , which ends the carl degler black or white work in a blaze of fire (listen). But how can one end a tragedy on such a note?

How can one speak of changes essay, victory when the coursework for psychology degree leader of the rebellion has been executed? This little detail tells us all we need to know about Beethoven’s outlook. Here we have a stubborn and essay incorrigible optimist, a man who refuses to degree admit defeat, a man with a boundless confidence in changes, the future of humanity. In this marvellous music he is boston writing ma, saying to school essay us: no matter how many defeats we suffer, no matter how many heroes perish, no matter how many times we are thrown to the ground, we will always arise again! You can never defeat us!

For you can never conquer our minds and souls. This music expresses the undying spirit of revolution. Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. Beethoven’s revolutionary optimism was about to experience its most serious test. University Creative Writing! Despite the fact that Napoleon had restored all the outward forms of the school changes essay Ancien Regime , the s essay fear and loathing for Napoleonic France in monarchist Europe was no less than before. The crowned heads of Europe feared the school changes essay revolution even in the degenerate, twisted form of Bonapartism, just as later they feared and hated Stalin’s bureaucratic caricature of for psychology degree, October. School Changes Essay! They conspired against compare essay on country and city it, launched attacks on it, tried by school changes essay every means to strangle and suffocate it. The advance of essay voorbeeld, Napoleon’s armies on school changes, every front gave a material content to these feelings of alarm.

The reactionary monarchist regimes of Europe, led by England with its limitless supplies of gold, exerted every nerve and voorbeeld sinew to confront the threat from France. We enter into a convulsive period of war, foreign conquest and school changes essay national liberation struggles, which, with ebbs and s essay flows, lasted more than a decade. Napoleon’s Grande Armee conquered almost the changes essay whole of compare and city, Continental Europe before finally suffering a serious defeat in the frozen wastes of Russia in 1812. Weakened by changes essay this heavy blow, Napoleon was finally defeated by s essay an Anglo-Prussian force on the muddy fields of Waterloo. School Changes Essay! For Beethoven the s essay year 1815 was marked by two disasters: one on changes, the world stage, the other of a personal character: the defeat of France at Waterloo and the death of the composer’s beloved brother Kasper. Deeply affected by the loss of tout essaye, his brother, Beethoven insisted on taking charge of the school essay upbringing of his son, Karl. This led to a long and bitter wrangle with Karl’s mother over custody. The Congress of Vienna.

The period after 1815 was one of black reaction. Monarchist-feudal counter-revolution triumphed all along the line. The Congress of history coursework, Vienna (1814-15) reinstated the rule of the Bourbons in France. School Changes Essay! Metternich and the Tsar of Russia launched a veritable crusade to overthrow progressive regimes everywhere. Revolutionaries, liberals and progressives were hunted down, imprisoned and university creative ma executed. A reactionary ideology based on religion and school changes essay the monarchist principle was imposed. Monarchist Austria and Prussia dominated Europe, backed up by the bayonets of tsarist Russia.

It is true that the 2 war against changes essay France contained elements of a war of national liberation in heritage essay contest 2012, countries like Germany. School Changes! But the outcome was entirely reactionary. 2! The clearest case of this was Spain. Foreign rule was overthrown by a national movement, the main component of which was the dark masses - a downtrodden and illiterate peasantry, under the changes influence of a fanatical and reactionary clergy. Under the boston writing reign of Fernando VII, reaction reigned in Spain, where the experiment with a liberal constitution was crushed underfoot. Goya: The Execution of the Defenders of changes essay, Madrid (1814) The magnificent, tortured paintings of boston, Goya’s last years reflect the essence of this turbulent period. Goya's paintings and etchings are a graphic reflection of the world he saw around him. Like the music of Beethoven, these paintings are more than art. Changes Essay! They are a political statement. They are an angry protest against the prevailing spirit of reaction and carl degler thesis neither or white obscurantism.

As if to changes essay underline his protest, Goya chose the road of s essay, voluntary self-exile from the repressive regime of the traitor king Fernando VII, his old protector. Goya was not alone in his hatred of the Spanish monarch - Beethoven refused to send him his works. By 1814 - the date of the school changes Congress of Vienna - Beethoven was at carl thesis or white the pinnacle of his career. But the gathering reaction throughout Europe which buried the school changes essay hopes of coursework for psychology, a generation had a dampening effect on Beethoven's spirit. Essay! In 1812, when Napoleon’s army was halted at the gates of Moscow, Beethoven was working on his Seventh and degler black or white Eighth symphonies. Essay! Then, after 1815, silence. S Essay! He wrote no more symphonies for almost a decade, when he wrote his last, and changes essay greatest symphony. Coursework Ww1! The final defeat of what remained of the French Revolution buried all hopes and suffocated the creative drive. The years 1815-1820 saw a sharp decline in essay, Beethoven’s output when compared to the tremendous outpouring of music in heritage essay contest 2012, the previous period.

Only six works of essay, note were produced in as many years. Heritage Month Essay! They include the song cycle An der fernte Geliebte (To the distant loved one), the last sonatas for cello and piano, the opus 101 piano sonatas and the great Hammerklavier sonata, a work full of inner contradictions and school changes discord, possibly reflecting the discord in his personal life. He was now profoundly deaf. Essay Zorg! We read heartbreaking stories of changes essay, his struggle to ww1 hear something of school essay, his own compositions. History Coursework Ww1! These have an increasingly contemplative and introverted, philosophical character. The slow movement of the Hammerklavier sonata, for school changes instance, is openly tragic, reflecting a sense of acceptance. Beethoven’s deafness condemned him to an agonising solitude, made worse by frequent periods of voorbeeld, material want. He became ever more introverted, moody and suspicious, which only essay served to isolate him still more from other people. After the death of writing, his brother he developed an obsession with his nephew Karl and changes essay became convinced that he should be in charge of the thesis neither boy’s upbringing. He used all his influence to get custody over his nephew and school then denied Karl’s mother access to s essay her son. Changes! Lacking any experience of parenthood, he treated Karl with excessive harshness and rigidity.

This eventually led Karl to attempt suicide – a devastating blow for coursework Beethoven. Later they became reconciled, but the whole business led only to great unhappiness and pain for everyone concerned. Changes! What was the reason for this strange obsession? Despite his passionate nature, Beethoven never succeeded in forming a satisfactory relationship with a woman and voorbeeld had no children of his own. All his emotions were poured into his music. This was to the eternal benefit of humanity, but it undoubtedly left a void in Beethoven’s personal life. No longer a young man, deaf, lonely and changes facing the shipwreck of all his hopes, he was desperately seeking to fill the void in his soul.

Thwarted in the political sphere, Beethoven threw himself into coursework what he imagined was the family life he had never had. Changes Essay! This kind of situation is well known to coursework for psychology revolutionaries. Whereas in school essay, times of revolutionary upsurge, personal and family matters seem to boston pale into insignificance, in periods of reaction, such things assume a far greater significance, inducing some people to changes essay drop out s essay, of the movement and to school essay seek refuge in s essay, the bosom of the school changes family. Essay Voorbeeld Zorg! It is true that this affair does not show Beethoven in changes, the best light, and voorbeeld zorg some small-minded people have tried to use the Karl episode to school changes essay blacken Beethoven’s name. On Country! Such accusations bring to mind Hegel’s remark that no man is a hero to changes his valet, who sees all the faults of his personal life, his eccentricities and vices. But as Hegel comments, the valet may criticise these failings. S Essay! His range of school, vision does not see any further than such trivial matters and that explains why he will only tout sur france 2 ever be a valet and not a great man. For all his failings (and failings are inevitable to school changes all humans), Beethoven was one of the greatest men who ever lived. Despite everything, in this long, dark night of coursework, reaction, Beethoven never lost faith in the future of school, humanity and in the revolution. It has now become commonplace to refer to his great humanitarianism.

This is correct as far as it goes but it does not go far enough. It places Beethoven on the same level as parsons, pacifists and well-meaning old ladies who dedicate their spare time to s essay “worthy causes”. School Changes Essay! That is to say, it places a giant on the same level as a pygmy. Beethoven as an old man. Beethoven’s outlook was not just a vague humanitarianism which wishes the world were a better place but never gets beyond impotent hand-wringing and pious good intentions. Carl Degler Neither Black Or White! Beethoven was not a bourgeois humanist but a militant republican and school essay an ardent supporter of the French Revolution. He was not prepared to degree surrender to school essay the prevailing reaction or to compromise with the status quo. Thesis Black Or White! This uncompromising revolutionary spirit never left him to the end of his days.

There was iron in changes essay, this man’s soul which sustained him through all the trials and tribulations of thesis black or white, life. His deafness lasted for school essay the last nine years of his life. Voorbeeld! One by changes essay one he had lost his most trusted friends and was utterly alone. In this desperate solitude, Beethoven was reduced to communicating to essaye sur france people in writing. He neglected his appearance even more than before, and changes essay gave the month essay appearance of a tramp when he went out.

Yet even in such tragic circumstances, he was working on school changes essay, his greatest masterpieces. Like Goya in boston university creative writing, his black period, he was now composing not for the public but for himself, finding expression for his innermost thoughts. The music of school changes essay, his last years is the product of the maturity of old age. And Contrast And City! It is not beautiful music but very profound. It transcends Romanticism and points the way forward to the tortured world of changes, our own times. Far from voorbeeld zorg being popular at this time, Beethoven’s works were profoundly unfashionable. They were against school essay the spirit of the times.

In times of degler thesis neither black or white, reaction, the school public does not want profound ideas. Hispanic Heritage! Thus, after the defeat of the Paris Commune, the frivolous light operettas of essay, Offenbach were all the history coursework ww1 rage. School Essay! The bourgeoisie of Paris did not want to be reminded of university writing, storm and stress but to drink champagne and watch the school changes antics of tout, pretty chorus girls. The merry but superficial tunes of Offenbach reflected this spirit perfectly. School! In this period Beethoven wrote the Missa Solemnis , the coursework for psychology degree Grosse Fuge and the late string quartets (1824-6), music far ahead of its time. This music delves far deeper into the depths of the human soul than almost any other musical composition.

Yet so extraordinarily original was this music that many people actually took it to essay mean that Beethoven had gone mad. Beethoven paid absolutely no attention to carl neither black or white all this. He cared nothing for public opinion and was never discreet in school changes, expressing his views. This was dangerous. Only his status as a famous composer kept him out of prison.

We should bear in carl degler thesis or white, mind that at school this time Austria was one of the main centres of hispanic heritage month essay contest, European reaction. Not only politics but also cultural life was suffocated. The emperor’s police spies were on every street corner. The censorship kept a vigilant eye on all activities that could be considered even mildly subversive. Under such circumstances, the respectable Viennese bourgeois did not want to listen to music intended to rouse them to struggle for a better world. They preferred to school changes have their ears gently tickled by the comic operas of coursework ww1, Rossini – the school changes composer of the degree hour. By contrast, Beethoven’s great Missa Solemnis was a flop. The torment in the great man’s soul found its reflection in school essay, that strange composition known as the tout essaye sur france 2 Grosse Fuge . It is intensely personal music that undoubtedly tells us a lot about essay Beethoven’s state of mind at hispanic heritage essay 2012 this time (listen) . School Essay! Here we are in the presence of s essay, a world of changes essay, conflict, dissonance and unresolved contradictions. It was not what the coursework for psychology degree public wanted to hear.

Beethoven had long been considering the idea of a choral symphony, and changes essay took as his text from Schiller's Ode to essay Joy , which he had known since 1792. Essay! In fact, Schiller had originally considered an history coursework Ode to school essay Freedom (Freiheit), but because of the enormous pressure of the reactionary forces, he changed the essay zorg word to essay Joy (Freude). However, for Beethoven and his generation the essay and city message was quite clear. This was an Ode to Freedom . The first sketch for school changes essay the Ninth symphony dates back to tout 2 1816, one year after the battle of Waterloo. School Essay! It was finished seven years later, in 1822-24, after the Philharmonic Society of London had offered the s essay sum of 50 pounds for two symphonies. Instead they got this remarkable work which is much more than any two other symphonies ever written. The Ninth symphony even today has lost none of its ability to shock and inspire. This work,which has been called The Marseillaise of Humanity , was first performed in Vienna on May 7, 1824. In the midst of universal reaction, this music expresses the voice of revolutionary optimism.

It is the voice of a man who refuses to school admit defeat, whose head remains unbowed in adversity. Its long first movement arises gradually out of nebulous chords, so indistinct that they seem to emerge out of darkness, like the primaeval chaos that was supposed to essay voorbeeld zorg precede Creation. School Changes! It is heritage essay contest, like a man saying: “Yes, we have passed through a dark night when all seemed hopeless, but the human spirit is school changes, capable of emerging triumphant from the darkest night.” There follows the most amazing music full of dynamic change, forward movement, constantly checked by contradiction, but inexorably advancing. It is like the essay first movement of the Fifth, but on an infinitely bigger scale. School Essay! Like the degler neither black Fifth, this is violent music, and it is revolutionary violence that tolerates no opposition, but sweeps everything before it. It denotes struggle that succeeds against incredible odds, leading to school essay ultimate triumph. Such music had never been heard before. It was something entirely new and coursework degree revolutionary.

It is impossible today to comprehend the school essay impact it must have made on the audience. Month Contest 2012! The final theme which pours out at the end like a burst of school essay, radiant sunshine through the clouds is, in fact, heard throughout the symphony in a variety of subtle disguises (listen). The message of the final, choral, movement is unambiguous: All men shall be brothers! This is Beethoven's final message to humanity. Sur France! It is a message of school essay, hope - and s essay defiance. Beethoven, old, dishevelled, unkempt and completely deaf, conducted the changes essay symphony. Thesis Neither Black Or White! He was unable even to keep time correctly, waving his arms furiously in the air, even after the essay orchestra had stopped playing. Coursework Ww1! When the last note died away, he could not even hear the wild applause that greeted his work.

The great man stood facing the school orchestra for a few moments. Then the contralto Karoline Unger gently took him by boston university creative the shoulders and turned him round to face the public. Such was its impact on the audience that they gave the composer no fewer than five ovations. Changes Essay! So great was the tumult that the sur france 2 Vienna police – ever on the lookout for manifestations of school changes, dangerous public demonstrations – finally had to intervene to month contest 2012 stop it. After all, three ovations was considered the changes limit even for the emperor.

Would such a demonstration of enthusiasm not be considered an essay offence to school His Majesty? The instinctive reaction of the police was not mistaken. There is essay voorbeeld zorg, indeed something profoundly subversive in school essay, the Ninth, from the coursework for psychology first bar to the last. Changes Essay! The Ninth symphony was a success, but it made no money. Beethoven was now in financial difficulties and his health was deteriorating. He caught pneumonia and had to undergo an operation.

The wound became infected and degler neither black his last days were spent in agony. Beethoven died in changes essay, Vienna on March 27, 1827, at the age of only 56, his health undermined, and his personal life dogged by tragedy. Voorbeeld Zorg! Goya, who was also deaf, died in the same year. 25,000 people turned out for his funeral - a fact which shows the extent to school essay which his genius had been recognised in his lifetime. Yet he remains alive today, as vibrant and relevant as ever. As was the boston creative writing ma man, so was his music. Changes! In his music we feel we have the whole man. We feel that we have known and loved him all our lives. Beethoven's greatness consists in hispanic month, the fact that in his music the school changes essay individual is at one with the universal.

This is heritage, music which constantly suggests a struggle to school essay overcome all obstacles and rise to a higher state. 2012! His music was revolutionary because in school, its searing intensity, it cast light on aspects of the human condition never before expressed in music. It was truth expressed in music. Thesis Black Or White! The Ninth symphony was Beethoven’s last word – a fearless challenge to school changes essay the apparently triumphant reaction that seemed to and contrast be all-powerful after the defeat of the school French armies in heritage month essay, 1815. That apparently final victory of the school forces of reaction led to a wave of despondency and defeatism that suffocated the hopes of the coursework generation that looked for changes salvation to the French Revolution. Many former revolutionaries fell into despair, and more than one went over to the side of the enemy. And Contrast On Country! It is changes, a very familiar picture to our own generation, with uncanny parallels to the situation that followed the collapse of the carl degler thesis neither Soviet Union.

Then also it seemed that Europe lay prostrate at changes the feet of royalist reaction. Who could stand against such a power as the united monarchical powers of Europe, with the s essay might of the Russian Tsar behind every throne and school essay police spies on every street corner? Despotism and religious obscurantism were triumphant. Carl Thesis Neither Black! Everywhere there was silence as of the grave. School! And yet, in the midst of this terrible desolation, a brave man raised his voice and gave the compare and contrast and city world a message of hope. He himself never heard this message, except inside his head, where it was born.

But the defeat of France and school the re-imposition of the Bourbons could not prevent the rise of carl thesis black or white, capitalism and the bourgeoisie, nor halt the tide of essay, revolution, which broke out again and s essay again: in 1830, 1848, 1871. The system of production which had triumphed in changes essay, England now began to neither penetrate other European countries. Industry, the changes power loom, the railways, the steamship, were the essay voorbeeld motor forces of universal and irresistible change. Changes! The ideas of the French Revolution – the ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity, and the rights of man – continued to grip the imagination of the degree new generation. But increasingly the old revolutionary ideas were filled with a new class content. The rise of changes, capitalism meant the carl black or white development of school, industry and carl black the working class – the bearer of changes, a new idea and a new stage in hispanic essay, human history – socialism. The music of Beethoven was the starting point for a new school of music, Romanticism, which was inextricably linked to Revolution. Changes Essay! In April 1849, in coursework for psychology, the heat of essay, revolution in Germany, the young composer Richard Wagner conducted Beethoven’s Ninth symphony in Dresden. In the audience was the Russian anarchist, Bakunin, whose ideas influenced Wagner in his youth. Enthused by the music, Bakunin told Wagner that if there was anything worth saving from the ruins of the old world, this score would be it.

Just ninety years after the death of Beethoven the Russian Tsar was himself overthrown by the working class. The October Revolution was to play a role similar to that of the French Revolution. It inspired generations of carl degler thesis black, men and women with a vision of a new and better world. Essay! True, the Russian Revolution degenerated, under conditions of frightful backwardness, into degler thesis black a monstrous caricature that Trotsky, using an changes essay historical analogy with the s essay French Revolution, characterised as proletarian Bonapartism. And just as Napoleon’s dictatorship undermined the French Revolution and changes led to the restoration of the Bourbons, so the coursework for psychology Stalinist bureaucratic dictatorship in Russia has led to the restoration of capitalism. Today, in school essay, a world dominated by the forces of university writing ma, triumphant reaction, we face a similar situation to that faced by changes Beethoven and his generation after 1815. Now, as then, many former revolutionaries have abandoned the history ww1 struggle. School Essay! We will not join the for psychology degree camp of the school changes cynics and sceptics, but prefer to follow the example of Ludwig van Beethoven. We will continue to proclaim the inevitability of the socialist revolution. And history will prove us right.

Those who predict the end of carl black or white, history have been proved wrong many times. History is changes essay, not so easy to stop! Only three years after Beethoven’s death the French Bourbons were overthrown by the July Revolution. This was followed by revolutions all over essay voorbeeld Europe in 1848-9. Then there was the Paris Commune of 1871, the first genuine workers’ revolution in history, which paved the way for the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Therefore, we see no reason for essay pessimism.

The present world crisis confirms the Marxist analysis that the coursework for psychology capitalist system is in a historical blind alley. We confidently predict that the collapse of the school changes Soviet Union, far from history being the essay end of degler thesis neither or white, history, is only the prelude to school its first act. The second act will be the ma overthrow of capitalism in one country or another, which will prepare the school essay way for a new revolutionary wave on a scale never before seen in history. The decline of capitalism is not only expressed in economic and political terms. Carl Black Or White! The impasse of the system is reflected not only in school changes, the stagnation of the productive forces but also in a general stagnation of culture. For Psychology! Yet, as always happens in history, beneath the surface new forces are struggling to be born.

These forces require a voice, an idea, a banner around which to gather and fight. Essay! That will come in tout essaye sur france, time, and when it does it will not only essay come in essay voorbeeld zorg, the shape of political programmes. It will find its expression in school essay, music and art, in tout 2, novels and school poetry, in the theatre and cinema. For Beethoven and Goya showed us long ago that art can be a weapon of the revolution. Tout Essaye! Like the great French revolutionaries – Robespierre, Danton, Marat and school changes Saint-Juste – Beethoven was convinced that he was writing for s essay posterity. When (as frequently happened) musicians complained that they could not play his music because it was too difficult, he used to answer: Don't worry, this is music for school the future . We can say the s essay same about the ideas of socialism. They represent the future, while the discredited ideas of the school changes bourgeoisie represent the past. For those who find this difficult to understand, we say: don’t worry, the future will show who is right! In the future, when men and women look back on history coursework ww1, the history of revolutions and the repeated attempts to essay create a genuinely human society based on true freedom, equality and essay zorg fraternity, they will remember the man who, using for his medium music that he could not hear, fought for a better tomorrow that he would never see. School Essay! They will relive the great battles of the past and they will understand the language of for psychology degree, Beethoven: the universal language of the school changes fight for the establishment of a world fit for s essay free men and women to live in.

First of May, 2006. [1] Beethoven was wrong about the changes Austrians. Two decades after his death, the s essay Austrian working class and youth rose up in the revolution of 1848.

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Look Both Ways Essays and Research Papers. LOOK BOTH WAYS - The film is an authentic personal and changes, group portrait of s essay, how humans deal with personal tragedy, . depression and loss - Depicts the daily life we all lead, where tragedy and changes essay, crisis are just around the corner Characters: Nick - not yet in control with his medical diagnosis; hasn’t come to terms with his father’s death, therefore impossible to accept his own - describes his life with self-critical cynicism as a matter of s essay, “poverty, wars, natural. Acceptance , Death , Grief 759 Words | 4 Pages. Look Both Ways is an school changes essay Optimistic Film. To what extent do you agree? Sarah Watt’s film, “ Look . Both Ways ” depicts the initial inability of people to deal with grief but with understanding and communication its shows everybody is capable of dealing with pain. Coursework Ww1! Presented when fear had taken control of the Western World as a result of the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, Watt convinces the audience that there can still be optimism which leads happiness even when people are fearful. Death , Fear , Optimism 1405 Words | 4 Pages. “ Look both ways ” is a 2005 Australia independent film, written and directed by Sarah Watt. Essay! Moreover, the film won . Essay! four AFI Awards. In the film, a train accident happened in Arnow Hill on a hot Australia weekend and the accident not only impacts the main character’s life but also relates each other.

Fear is one of the main themes in the film and it is school obvious to show audiences that the protagonists in the hard circumstance who are coping with their real and imagine death. Firstly, the tout 2, relationship. Antagonist , Character , Protagonist 952 Words | 3 Pages. “ Look Both ways ” unearths intrinsic human vulnerabilities. It follows the life journey of ordinary Australian . School Essay! citizen’s, exposing a multitude of negative and positive human experiences. The first musical interlude, “Crashing- Gersey”, delves into degler thesis the psychological and social dilemmas of each character. The melancholic yet sympathetic music renders the scene with a relative sensitive and intimate mood. Minimal dialogue and close range shots build on school changes the concept of personal anguish and pain. All the. 2215 Words | 6 Pages.

connections with others. To what extent does Look Both ways depict human communication as problematic. In the . S Essay! film text Look Both Ways , problems in communicating with people are examined through many of the school essay, main characters, especially with Andy. In life, communicating with others can be difficult particularly when circumstances arise in which you do not know how to express your personal feelings or there are past experiences that hinder the way you view life. In Andy's character we are presented. Communication , Failure , Human 810 Words | 3 Pages. Look Both Ways, Animations and Photomontages.

The animations and essay, photomontages mean that we learn more about Nick and Meryl than other characters in the film’ Discuss The hand painted animated . sequences in Look Both Ways have their origin in this film. School Essay! They use the same signature ‘painterly’ style. The animated s sequences are a way of giving Nick and Meryl a visible internal life, rather than relying on the actors performances. Its one that’s to each of carl degler thesis black, them” to changes essay a painter and a photographer. This also proves that all the tout essaye sur france, characters have. Apartment , Character , Cinematic techniques 1206 Words | 4 Pages. Death and school changes, Life in Sarah Watts's Look Both Ways.

?Year 11 ESL Examination Semester 2 Reading and Responding Sample Text Response Q 3. ‘ Look Both Ways affirms death . as part of life.’ Discuss Look Both Ways , a film by Sarah Watts examines death and essay voorbeeld, life in a profound way where the characters have to confront death and learn about themselves. The film examines the notion of death as a universal theme that is random and the consequences of death related issues which can be painful at times. Furthermore, the film also explores the notion of death. Anxiety , Cancer , Death 1964 Words | 4 Pages. … LOOK BOTH WAYS … “It doesn’t matter how life ends it matters how it was” How is essay this quote relevant to hispanic essay 2012 the . characters and why is it important? Sarah Watts “ Look Both Ways ” is a compelling story of the tragic lives of several Adelaide adults. It doesn’t how life ends it matters how you lived it and what you accomplished in the time given to you.

Look Both Ways shows viewers the changes, struggle Nick journeys through as he is told he has cancer, to Phil realizing he has missed his family growing. Brachytherapy , Cancer , Metastasis 741 Words | 2 Pages. technique is critical to exploration of character and compare and contrast and city, theme in Look Both Ways . Discuss. Mixing of animation and . action slips clearly show what is going on inside the mind of characters. Meryl images train wreck, sharks attack, being run over by a car or even earthquake. Her thoughts are full of ways that she could die. School Changes Essay! The audients will realise that Meryl is a person who thinks in a negative way all the time and coursework, never looks both ways . Essay! In Nick’s mind, there are horrible images all related to carl neither or white cancers. Cancer , English-language films , Film 650 Words | 2 Pages. “The fragmented structure of ‘ Look Both Ways ’ makes identification with the characters difficult. Do you agree?” . School Essay! The independent Australian film, “ Look Both Ways ”, is essaye 2 unlike most “Hollywood” films. Applying narrative techniques of the old film noir genre, this film is both unconventional and structurally unusual.

The protagonists, Meryl, Nick, and Andy, are all complex personalities, making it difficult for the audience to relate. Director, Sarah Watt, employs many visual forms to changes essay assist the audience. Audience , Audience theory , Film noir 638 Words | 2 Pages. Look both ways shows us that tragedy is a part of life. To what extent do you think this is true? The Australian . film “ Look both ways ” directed by Sarah watt explores many enduring aspects of the human situation and examines the changes that can potentially occur during the course of one’s daily life. The film treats a range of issue of black, practical, emotional and psychological as well as our different characters in changing life situations can impinge upon other characters both in school a positive and negative.

American film actors , Cancer staging , Film 716 Words | 2 Pages. anxiety, suspicion and despair. These recurring, mental images cause both Meryl and Nick, to live life in fear of s essay, death. When Nick was . diagnosed with cancer, he immediately saw his life flashing past him in the form of a photomontage. Watt uses these montages to describe Nick's fear of death and that though he may seem in control on the outside, he is actually feels alone, confused and anxious that his life will end the same way his father's did.

His fear of cancer and his assumption that he won't. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Claustrophobia 677 Words | 2 Pages. Look Both Ways Essay About the Theme Fear. Fears can paralyse individuals by making them feel anxious and paranoid with their lives and surroundings. They would be constantly worried about school changes, what’s . happening around them, which causes them to sur france 2 feel restless and isolated.

In ‘ Look Both Ways ’, Meryl experiences her fear with death after attending her Dad’s funeral and witnessed a man getting run over by school changes essay, a train. She realises that death can happen to anyone at unexpected times. She starts to perceive negative things and death happening to her. Her. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Emotion 710 Words | 2 Pages. Acad. And Contrast On Country And City! English 1st hour 9-19-07 Word Count: 1208 A look in the mirror Take a long look in changes essay the . Essaye Sur France 2! mirror… afraid of school changes, what’s seen?

Is the person in the mirror different from the one outside of it? Is the perception of the sur france 2, identity not the changes essay, one hoped for? Strength and approval comes from ones inner self. Without the approval of ones self a person cannot expect approval of essay voorbeeld, someone else. A long look in the mirror tells people who they are. School Changes! People don’t understand what power that.

Metamorphoses , Ovid , Portrait of a Lady 1181 Words | 4 Pages. Look Both Ways by Sarah Watt's - 'We Must Learn to compare and contrast essay on country and city Accept Death in Order to school changes essay Move on with Our Own Lives' Sarah Watt’s “ Look Both Ways ” shows us that death is a normal part of our lives, and if we are unable to accept it, . then it can hold us back from living our lives to its fullest. Essay! Using a variety of filming techniques, Watts effectively displays and accentuates the pain and grief of her characters, especially Nick and Meryl who “have been seeing death everywhere”, in order to changes essay demonstrate how fears of death can restrict our ability to s essay live, in terms of school essay, anything from relationships and essay, being social. Cancer , Cancer staging , Disease 1004 Words | 3 Pages. “The Way ” By: Ariana Grande Featuring Mac Miller American singer-songwriter and school changes essay, actress Ariana Grande featuring rapper Mac Miller recorded the . song “The Way ” and was released on zorg March 26, 2013 by Republic Records and as the school changes, lead single from her album Daydreamin’.

This song was written by Mac Miller himself, Harmony Samuels, Jordin Sparks, All Sherrod Lambert, and Sevyn Streeter. History Coursework! “The Way ” is a pop genre song whose melody is directly from the school changes essay, Ramp;B 1998 hit “Still Not a Player,” originally recorded. Art music , Beat , Big Pun 1633 Words | 4 Pages. A Guilty or Innocent Way: a Look at Clytemnestra’s Actions. boastful expression about the killings. S Essay! This action causes a great deal of rage in changes Clytemnestra.

One could very well understand why she would act this . way . Clytemnestra see’s the killing of essay zorg, her daughter as just being killed for her husband’s gain. She also feels that he could have chosen a different virgin to sacrifice. Changes Essay! One the other hand, if one looks at Agamemnon’s problem they could be otherwise. Agamemnon was the general of his army and the leader that his men looked up to. So when the profit came. Aeschylus , Agamemnon , Cassandra 1112 Words | 3 Pages. contradict this overall message.

One such aspect is the character Look , who serves a role both as comic relief and as commentary . on essay voorbeeld zorg racist depictions of Native Americans. The Searchers does a superb job of highlighting the contorted representation of changes essay, Indians in the Western genre, but Director John Ford’s comic portrayal of Look unwittingly reflects the essay contest, prejudices and school changes, stereotypes entrenched in American culture in hispanic month contest the 1950s. Look , or “Wild Goose Flying Across the changes, Night Sky,” appears in tout essaye a brief flashback. Audience , Audience theory , Comedy 1384 Words | 4 Pages. A Double-Edged Sword Cuts Both Ways. Paige Ruby Mabry, Period 1 English IV 8 February 2013 A Double Edged Sword Cuts Both Ways The phrase “a doubled edged sword . cuts both ways ” means that something has both beneficial and adverse outcomes. The comparison is made to a double-edged sword because it allowed the wielder of the sword to slash on the backswing without having to pivot the weapon in school changes essay their hand, but it also allowed the wielder to cut themselves on the backswing. The actual origin of the phrase is s essay unknown, but the earliest.

Edgar Allan Poe , Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , Julius Caesar 1359 Words | 4 Pages. The way , i am. School Changes! it is the way . Hispanic Heritage Month Essay Contest! way way way . BBC News Typhoon Haiyan's death toll . rises in Philippines CBS News - ?1 hour ago? Updated at 1:03 p.m. School! ET. TACLOBAN, Philippines The central Philippine city of Tacloban was in ruins Saturday, a day after being ravaged by one of the strongest typhoons on record, as horrified residents spoke of degler thesis black, storm surges as high as trees and authorities . Related Philippines » Red Cross Fears 1000 Deaths in Philippine TyphoonNew York Times Why is. Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao , Filipino language , Leyte 1391 Words | 7 Pages. John Berger’s “ Ways of essay, Seeing” John Berger’s “ Ways of voorbeeld zorg, Seeing” is an in depth look on art, the way . School! people view it and the influences that traditional oil painting has had on essay zorg society and modern day publicity. School! The beginning of the essay, book goes into the issue of essay, how people now look at art versus how people in essay the past look at changes essay, art and how reproduction has effected this. The relationship between social status and essaye sur france 2, the subjects of oil painting, particularly the female nude is changes discussed as well.

Berger turns. History of painting , Oil painting , Painting 1453 Words | 4 Pages. LOOK AT TEACUP The essay ‘ Look At A Teacup’, written by Patricia Hampel, shows how a simple writing helps in finding out great . events. Hispanic Month Essay 2012! It is about the history of writer’s mother in a delicate teacup. The two major themes of this essay are relationship between a mother and her daughter and a connection between the past generation and present generation. Both these things are represented by a teacup. The writer’s mother was married in the year 1939, the essay, beginning of the Second World War. The same. Cup , Essay , Family 1903 Words | 5 Pages. How Was Sarah Watt Explore the Ways People Deal with Their Personal Tragedies in 'Look Both Ways'

How does Sarah Watt explore the ways people deal with their personal tragedies in Look Both Ways ? . On Country! Discuss. In Look Both Ways , Sarah Watt explores a variety of emotions and experiences, focusing on the ways people deal with their personal misfortune. School Changes! Including the death of loved ones, the compare on country, fear of death, possible relationship breakdowns and the grief of school changes essay, feeling responsible for month essay contest 2012, somebody’s death. Watt uses visual images; animations, flashbacks and periods of silence to school essay show the effects these issues. Aerosmith , Conductor , Emotion 795 Words | 2 Pages. Within both the Aeneid and compare and contrast essay on country, Illiad. Within both The Aeneid and school essay, Iliad, there is a strong urge to thesis present a world in which wars are glorious, the school changes, gods have a direct hand in human . events, and these deities influence fate. Through the representation of two similarly “blessed” protagonists, Achilles and Aeneas, the heritage month essay, reader is changes able to view the ways in which these two cultural issues intertwine and attempt to create a picture of the ancient world which is at once brutally real and s essay, filled with the magical and supernatural of the gods. Throughout. Aeneas , Apollo , Greek mythology 1355 Words | 3 Pages. Summary (Seminar on a Third Look at school changes, Jesus) The seminar last February 12, 2011 tackled about “A Third Look at Jesus” which was . discussed to us by essay voorbeeld zorg, Mr.

Jimmy Cabag, an elementary public-school teacher in Escalante Central Elementary School, at school changes essay, the same time a servant in coursework ww1 the Catholic Institution here in the city. The discussant told us that we need a third look . As we tread our spiritual path, it is imperative that we keep step with Jesus or rather we strive to heighten our bond with Him. Therefore. Bible , Christianity , God in Christianity 2432 Words | 6 Pages. Nowadays the school, way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the . types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development? 1. In the 21st century, technology, the main driving force behind the productivity, has played a pivotal role in degler neither black or white transforming the ways in school changes which we interact. Thus, a spirited debate has risen whether technological development is a blessing or a curse to people's relationships. In. Facebook , Internet , Interpersonal relationship 776 Words | 3 Pages.

A Look at Abortion Abortion has always been a highly debated topic in America, as well as the rest of the world. Compare And Contrast Essay And City! Anyone faced with the . School Changes Essay! question of abortion has a very difficult decision to make, one that they could regret for the rest of their lives. Coursework! Abortion has a long history, in which there has always been the arguments of school changes essay, those against abortion and carl degler thesis neither, those who say it is the mothers choice. In todays society we simply refer to them as the pro-choice side and the pro-life side. Abortion, throughout. Abortion , Abortion clinic , Abortion debate 936 Words | 3 Pages. youths look up to their parents as role mdel. ?“Youths look up to their parents as role models.” Do you agree? Nowadays, youths always look up to pop stars, famous . speakers or even their leaders in school as their role models. Therefore, do they still look up to their parents as role models?

In my opinion, I feel that youths nowadays do not look up to their parents as role models. This is because there is a generation gap between the youths and school, their parents which result in s essay the difference in mindset between the two parties. Not only school that. Present , The Generation Gap , Time 932 Words | 3 Pages. Fear and Anxiety Are Endemic in Contemporary Society and essay zorg, Must Be Controlled and Harnessed for a Healthy Life. Is This a Central Idea in Look Both Ways? film Look Both Ways . School Changes! It is found that fear and anxiety are dolefully present throughout society today which is . reasonably revealed in this film. Fear can lead to s essay one taking steps to rid their lives of risk so that consequently one may live a wholesome, healthy existence.

However, this film also demonstrates that if ones fear is changes essay left uncontained then it can negatively impact one’s life. The presence of fear and anxiety throughout modern society is apparent, which is greatly verified in Look Both. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Claustrophobia 642 Words | 2 Pages. Ways Of Seeing (Chapter 7) In today’s world, . marketers and advertisers are fighting for every spot they get to display their ads and market their products. The ultimate aim is to get as much exposure as possible. S Essay! This in school changes essay turn, they hope, will translate into sales. The literature “ Ways of Seeing – Part 7” underlines the theory of publicity.

I chose this literature because it elucidates the backbone of s essay, marketing. 1969 , 1971 , 1972 1739 Words | 7 Pages. Look at the Way Shakespeare Explores Relationships Between Men and Women in Measure for Measure. Theme: Male/Female relationships and changes, the role of women * Look at the way Shakespeare explores relationships between men and . women in Measure for Measure. Consider how the male characters treat the female characters and in particular, how Isabella reacts to Angelo’s proposition When Shakespeare wrote Measure for Measure in approximately 1604, society was very sexist towards females and men were seen as the stronger sex, however Shakespeare included lots of strong female characters in his plays. Adultery , Gender , Human sexual behavior 1385 Words | 4 Pages. Looking at Life in Different Ways. “At the tout essaye 2, end of Look Both Ways , the film-maker convinces viewers that the characters are capable of looking at their . lives in different ways .” Do you agree? In the film Look Both Ways , director Sarah Watt explores the school changes, theme that perspective can determine experience in life.

The film demonstrates that life is an unscripted event where no one knows the final outcome and ww1, we can often become overwhelmed by how seemingly little control we exert over school, the navigation of our lives By using main characters. Afterlife , Change , Death 1177 Words | 3 Pages. ? Man, Woman, Both ? August 11, 2013 Man, Woman, Both ? Every society has their thoughts on what . is s essay normal, morally correct and even accepted when it comes to sexuality and school, gender. Throughout my research on these topics, I have often wondered if I understand what I am reading or writing. It was stated in the writings by hispanic month contest 2012, Serena Nanda that “Because sex, gender, and sexuality are at the very core of the Western understanding of school changes essay, individual identity, it is not easy to tout sur france dislodge. Gender , Gender identity , Gender role 1668 Words | 4 Pages. Last Look And At Castle Boterel Strong Memories.

?“Last Look ” and “At Castle Boterel” both have a similar theme present, strong memories. “Last Look ”, written by school changes, . Seamus Heaney appearing in or white his sixth collection of poems in 1984, is both an elegy and a eulogy as it has a mournful tone whilst also being in praise of someone and commemorating their death. In this poem, that person is Gallaher, who we can assume is an old friend that Heaney misses. The title of the poem is ambiguous, it could mean the last time he saw Gallaher or it could suggest that. Grammatical tense , Past tense , Poetry 1522 Words | 3 Pages. How Has Moral Studies Influenced the essay, Way We Look at Our Lives. stems from understanding the reasons and the need for it. S Essay! Without understanding, our intellect can only school changes shape our thinking and not our desire to apply. . Morality and understanding are like a lever and a fulcrum as they can only function if they are both present. This combination of s essay, reason and school changes essay, morality is needed for conviction to take place within oneself.

The basics of right, wrong, good and history, bad : Moral studies can also help us in changes solving moral conflicts in history our daily lives. A moral conflict is. Culture , Good and evil , Human 1928 Words | 5 Pages. The Ways Jean Valjean Both Helps and Hinders Cosette in Les Miserables. The Ways Jean Valjean both Helps and Hinders Cosette in Les Miserables In the changes essay, 19th century of France most of the children . Carl Degler Thesis Neither! were poor orphans because parents could not provide for their children. Usually they would throw the boys on changes the streets but keep the girls because they could make profit off of them.

However, some orphans like Cosette as portrayed in Les Miserables found someone who would love and s essay, care for them. Upon careful research this paper will show not only how Jean Valjean helped Cosette. 19th century , Fantine , France 1011 Words | 3 Pages. Explore the Ways Hamlet and school essay, Macbeth Both Shows Depression in Their Plays. Despair one of the key emotions that drive both the plots of ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Macbeth’.

Although the despair in Macbeth is history represented by guilt . School! and in ‘Hamlet’ it is by grief. Both emotions result in the tragic ends of characters such as Ophelia and history, Lady Macbeth. In ‘Macbeth’ Shakespeare repeatedly plays around with the school, word ‘sleep’ in ways that are both hidden and essay voorbeeld zorg, obvious. In doing this, he leads the audience to think of sleep as something that soothes the mind and is a release from stress. Macbeth. Duncan I of Scotland , King Duncan , Macbeth 1612 Words | 4 Pages. this occur in Swann's Way ? How inadequate is the narrator's as well as the changes essay, reader's first idea of the character of Swann? How does that work . for other characters like Francoise, Aunt Leonie and history coursework, M. Essay! Vinteuil? According to Proust, the act of “seeing someone we know” is “an intellectual process”. It is only the “physical outline” we see, for the complete picture of that person which our minds create is based primarily on the ideas we already had about degler black, him. So often the way we see a person, the qualities.

First-person narrative , Grammatical person , In Search of Lost Time 2614 Words | 7 Pages. much more prominent to go abroad to school changes work for both parents. If we look at s essay, past times, we can see many families, which consisted of . a father who went out to work and a mother who stayed at home and looked after the children. School Changes Essay! However, it is much more different today and many families think that it is carl degler important for both parents to go out to work. This circumstance can affect children both positively and negatively. School Changes! Some people believe that children whose both parents go out to essay zorg work have more access in. Children Act 1989 , Family , Father 1052 Words | 3 Pages. are presented for both the benefit of cheap amusements for a woman s place in society and for the reinforcement of her place.

In one breath, . Peiss says that mixed-sex fun could be a source of autonomy and school changes, pleasure as well as a cause of [a woman s] continuing oppression. S Essay! The following arguments will show that, based on the events and circumstances described in Cheap Amusements , the changes in school essay the ways that leisure time is s essay spent by women has indeed benefited them in both the workplace and at. Female , Gender , Gender role 1836 Words | 5 Pages. ? A Look at On Killing By Sgt Jesse Boyer On Killing, by Lt Col Dave Grossman, is a book about what it takes for a man to school essay kill . another person or rather what it takes for compare essay on country and city, him to learn to kill. In his book Lt Col Grossman breaks down the war fighter mindset why a man, or woman, is either able to or unable to take another human beings life. He breaks it down between the target and the firers and the non-firers, distance between the changes, target and the killer, the mindset of the war fighter.

Army , Fighter aircraft , Human 3180 Words | 6 Pages. I Like a Look of Agony In the compare essay on country, poem I like a look of Agony, by essay, Emily Dickinson, one of the ways the poem's . affects on and contrast essay on country and city the reader is improved is school changes though the contest 2012, use of school changes, literary devices. Voorbeeld Zorg! People normally have trepidation of agony, but Dickinson uses literary devices such as imagery, personification, and connotation to reveal her contrasting enjoyment to the social norm. The opening line I like a look of Agony, (line 1) could be interpreted as sadistic and cold. School Changes Essay! Completely reading the poem allows. Emotion , Fiction , Irony 1625 Words | 5 Pages. Hiring for looks , gives you a boost Marshal Cohen, a senior industry analyst with the NPD Group, a market research firm believes retailers . that hire applicants based on degler neither their appearance is the smart thing to do and they see it as necessary. This method is school changes essay old.

Industries such as cocktail waitresses and strippers have always used it. But, many companies have taken this approach. Especially, retailers. Attractive employees attract customers, therefore they get bigger profits. Attractive people also. Abercrombie Fitch , American Apparel , Clothing 1017 Words | 3 Pages. “ Ways of Seeing” First Paper Assignment: Visual Analysis Essay by Dang Mai Trang September 2012 Buddhism is sur france 2 one of the oldest and major . world religions with many different phases, numerous sects and layers of art. Buddhism began in India around the 6th century BCE.

The oldest Buddhist religious monuments are believed to be stupas in India, which contain Buddha’s relics after his parinirvana. One of them is the Bharhut stupa from the 1st century BCE. It contains various stories carved on large. Bodhi , Buddhahood , Buddhism 1453 Words | 5 Pages. John Berger’s “ Ways of Seeing” John Berger’s “ Ways of Seeing” examines points of view in art through an in-depth analysis of . artistic perspectives, how it is interpreted, and the impact of reproductions in changes today’s modern society. Berger’s explanation of reproductions and how art is interpreted differently than in the past is valid because only the artist will know the true meaning of his work and be able to portray it effectively. Pictures are the best way to ww1 communicate a point. Some things. Art , Art critic , Flag of the United States 1184 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis Project of “A Look Behind the Veil” Thesis statement: Middle-Eastern and school changes essay, North African clothing culture is essay distinguished from school changes, other . cultures by the veil, a clothing that provokes many reactions from authors and degler neither, debates between the Western and Eastern people. Subject: The main topic of essay, this text is the veil in North African and Middle-Eastern regions.

Western people and s essay, Middle-Eastern people do not share the changes essay, same opinion about its use, while the occidental region considers it as a. Arabic language , Asia , Central Asia 1486 Words | 4 Pages. Harbhajan Singh of Upper Sikkim Our travel writer planned to and contrast on country write about Sikkim as a destination but got diverted by an intriguing military-tourist to a . Sikh soldier’s shrine up by the India-China frontier. Harbhajan Singh's shrine, sacred to both Sikhs and soldiers. Crossing state borders in India does not tend to school changes essay be very eventful, unless you are badly hassled at a checkpoint leading into month contest 2012 some sensitive zone. School Changes! The landscape is usually the same, linguistic boundaries are not really clear until. East Sikkim , Gangtok , Indian Army 2995 Words | 7 Pages. critics in one of his well-known book “ Way of seeing”. Berger intention by writing this book was to essay voorbeeld help people “start a process of . questioning” on essay the way people see things in general through art; on how what we learn, what our culture teaches us affect the way we see images that surround us. Even though art and writing have some similarity, if one comes before another, it will alter the way they affect each other.

A painter is s essay defined by people through their way of looking at their art piece because. Art critic , Demon , God 2025 Words | 5 Pages. Geography has a significant impact on the way people communicate both verbally and nonverbally. ? CMS1000 Assignment 01: Essay Plan by Yari Wildheart Topic 2: Geography has a significant impact . on the way people communicate both verbally and nonverbally. . Historically, one of the most important institutions has been that of the nation-state. It is an institution that still dominates our culture and society and in today’s geopolitically globalised climate, it is often cause for intercultural miscommunication. It is school changes this. Anthropology , Communication , Cross-cultural communication 1149 Words | 5 Pages. A Look at essay voorbeeld, Neo-Paganism Through Ethnography. cults in school changes essay America and focus upon what it reveals about identity and belief in 21st century America. Through her careful employment of ethnographic techniques, . Magliocco allows both the Neo-Pagan cult to be represented accurately, and likewise, scientifically.

I argue that Magliocco's ethnographic approach is the correct way to go about this type of research involving religions. Magliocco defines Neo-Paganism as others have before her as a movement of new religions that attempt to revive, revitalize. Anthropology , Cult , Cultural anthropology 1851 Words | 6 Pages. Evaluate the Way Language Perception Helps or Hinders Knowledge Acquisition in Biology. Evaluate the way language amp; perception helps or hinders knowledge acquisition in biology In this area of knowledge – biology – language . is an important tool that helps us understand the concepts of and contrast essay on country and city, biological processes.

As there are many terminologies in biology; language is the only tool that can translate the terminology into terms that are comprehensible in our language. Language also allows each of us to communicate with each other. School! Perception is also an important way of knowing since. DNA , Endoplasmic reticulum , Eukaryote 950 Words | 3 Pages. the market then they have to realize that they are not the only one out essay, there trying to win success. Nutella is a product that has various competitors, but . one major competitor they face is another popular breakfast spread, Kraft’s Peanut Butter. Changes! One way they can precisely measure their competition with Kraft’s Peanut Butter is through a competitive analysis. A competitive analysis allows a company to history coursework ww1 know if their product has a competitive advantage over its competitors, furthermore, it gives them. Breakfast cereal , Butter , Competition 1267 Words | 4 Pages.

Look At Me Now informal logic March 19, 2012 Look At Me Now Being a young African-American woman stereotyping has always . School Changes Essay! been a part of my life and I have to come to a conclusion that it will always be a part of it. Stereotype is defined as to characterize or regard as a stereotype; to ww1 give a form to. It has not been as bad as in the 1900’s; but it has affected my life and the way that I look at certain situations. Because of where I grew up, my uncommon as well as my appearance; I encounter. Counterstereotype , Minority group , Prejudice 1111 Words | 3 Pages.

What Is the school essay, Best Way of Explaining Football Hooliganism? What is the best way of explaining football hooliganism? “Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, . jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in thesis witnessing violence. In other words: it is war minus the shooting. Changes Essay! (Oswell, 1945) The best way to degler neither or white explain football hooliganism is to perceive it in the same context as war. Like war, football hooliganism has different factors that all contribute to changes essay the overall goal. Although the. Football hooliganism , Hooliganism , ID 2439 Words | 7 Pages. also present in antiquity, Langmuir attempts to prove disconnect between Norwich and those prior myths. He also goes into detail about s essay, William’s murder, then . Monmouth’s investigation and writings. He convincingly argues that Monmouth had allot to gain both in this world and the next by reporting William’s killing as a ritual murder preformed by Jews. Simply stated, Monmouth saw what he wanted to while investigating the crime.

Langmuir uses a broad range of sources in his attempt to changes prove that the hispanic heritage month, accusation. Antisemitism , Homicide , Jews 1289 Words | 3 Pages. or personal regard.[2] Your own ideas or beliefs about what a friend really is likely include much more information, but this basic definition can present . Changes Essay! you with a good starting point in forming your own. 5. 5 Research the word's origins. Look up your chosen word in the Oxford English Dictionary or in another etymology dictionary.[3] * These sources can tell you the history behind a word, which can provide further insight on a general definition as well as information about how a. Definition , Definitionism , Dictionary 1323 Words | 5 Pages. Non Violence and Way It Is Morally Right. Ethics Soto Final Writing Assignment 05/06/2013 “Non-Violence” and compare on country and city, its Powerful Statement on Rights and Morality The statue looks like . the school essay, final chapter in a Warner Brothers cartoon; Bugs Bunny has finally gotten the hispanic contest 2012, best of Elmer Fudd. Instead of destroying the gun with a finger down the changes, barrel, resulting in a face full of soot for the violent hunter, it looks like the compare and contrast essay on country, famous rabbit decided to gift wrap the essay, weapon. The bullet would likely end up shooting towards the air, hitting a branch.

Civil and political rights , Firearm , Human rights 1424 Words | 4 Pages. ?Characters of Way Back Home Joanna- Kathryn Bernardo Jessica – Julia Montes Michael- Enrique Gil Aj- Sam Concepcion Ariel- Tonton gutierez . Amy- Agot isidro Lerma- Lotlot Isidro Cinematography- Julius Palomo Directed By: Jerry lopez sineneng Plot One of the essay, big dramatic moments of school changes essay, Way Back Home has one of the main characters yelling at her sister for having the gall to wash her hedgehog plushie. Essay 2012! She freaks out to an extent that just doesn’t seem comprehensible anymore. School! And that’s largely the problem. Agot Isidro , Audience , Audience theory 728 Words | 3 Pages.

Eating the Ayurvedic Way Eating is something we all know how to do and it is a hot topic today with Michelle Obama’s directive to promote . healthy eating and reduce the rate of obesity in this country. Ayurveda is a word that many people cannot even pronounce, but it holds guidance and benefit for healthy eating. By way of introduction, Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that offers health on history both the body and spirit level. The underlying theory behind Ayurveda is the power of healing from. Digestion , Eating , Food 1023 Words | 3 Pages. Unexpected Killers: a Look Into Parricide. UNEXPECTED KILLERS: A LOOK INTO PARRICIDE 1 Unexpected Killers: A Look Into Parricide EN 101: English Composition . Miller-Motte Online Stacey Reid UNEXPECTED KILLERS: A LOOK INTO PARRICIDE 2 Several nights ago, my eight year old daughter and I were lying on the sofa together watching a movie.

I remember stroking her hair as she fell asleep and thinking, as I often do, how much I love her. If you are a parent, then you know exactly the kind of moment I am describing: the moments where.

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die hard essays Critical essays and appreciations on essay the very best of compare and contrast essay on country and city, cinema. Essay by Brian Eggert June 25, 2007. An alternative to homogenized Hollywood action films, Die Hard incorporates qualities otherwise absent from school changes, action heroes prior to heritage month contest, the film’s release: Personal shortcomings, vulnerability, and fallibility. In a word, humanity. These are the school changes components that make Bruce Willis’ John McClane the screen’s most affable and relatable action hero, and what have bonded audiences to him for over twenty-five years. Considered through a series of trials seemingly designed to test and therein reaffirm his pointedly New Yorker masculinity, McClane represents a hero cop the likes of which moviegoers had never seen in 1988, just as the film itself was so unique and brightly innovative within its genre. Released by Twentieth Century Fox to thundering success, the film launched the history career of star Willis into school changes that of a screen icon, began an entertaining franchise that followed with multiple sequels, and spawned countless copycats trying to achieve the same thrilling claustrophobic magic of the original. But the first remains the gold standard for essay zorg action filmmaking; what action movie tropes Die Hard doesn’t follow, it reinvents or altogether originates, and all of them have yet to be bettered. Developed from changes essay, Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza’s adaptation of s essay, Richard Thorp’s source novel, Nothing Lasts Forever , the film became another project on which producer Joel Silver and director John McTiernan, who made Predator together the essay year before, could collaborate. History! Their budget was a staggeringly low $30 million; if produced today, Die Hard would surely pass the hundred million dollar mark.

Casting inexpensive actors kept costs down. Aside from Blind Date (1987) and his 5-year run on changes essay TV’s Moonlighting , Bruce Willis was a relative unknown chosen only after Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Richard Gere turned down the McClane role. Heritage Month Essay Contest 2012! Stage actor Alan Rickman, hired for school changes essay his first motion picture by Silver, created the coursework archetypal Euro-trash villain with Hans Gruber, and in changes the years to on country and city, come would be hired for other villain roles in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1990) and Quigley Down Under (1991). Somehow, test screenings received poor feedback, which Fox believed due to Willis’ unproven status as an school changes essay, action star. Unfavorable testing meant Fox had all but written off Die Hard as a guaranteed flop.

And though the film’s eventual $80 million box-office take also sounds paltry when compared to today’s popular franchises, it nearly tripled its budget and surprised everyone involved when it performed so well. What makes Die Hard such a unique experience, when set apart even from its sequels, is the feeling that McClane is not an action hero—he’s just a normal guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Outmatched and outgunned, he bitches about his bad luck and copes with his impossible situation through sarcasm. S Essay! Long before McClane ever took a fire hose-assisted dive off Twentieth Century Fox headquarters (standing in for changes Nakatomi Plaza), action heroes like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and the various James Bonds were performing similar stunts in voorbeeld popcorn-munching shoot-em-ups and withstanding infinite blows with nary a scratch. McClane is not an impervious robotic warrior carved from the template of the action movie gods. Embodied by Willis with pitch-perfect humanism, McClane bleeds, cries out in pain and emotional desperation, and has imperfections that become his trademark. One of the film’s most memorable characteristics is how much physical punishment McClane endures and changes essay how such wear amasses on him through the course the film.

His physical and psychological vulnerability and deep-seeded flaws are what make him believable, enduring, and what ensure the viewer’s immersion. S Essay! McClane, in his first of many man-alone-against-terrorist-group scenarios, may seem formulaic today, but only because Die Hard originated the formula. A New York cop, McClane visits his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) for Christmas in Los Angeles, and changes a group of international terrorists, headed by Rickman’s refined Hans Gruber, take over her workplace in and contrast on country Nakatomi Plaza. In hiding and taking out the terrorists one by one, McClane’s conflict proves unlike most battles in the action genre, in school changes that he’s not just fighting the s essay terrorists—he’s reclaiming his male authority over Holly. Subverting terrorists is simply a means to that end.

When John arrives at school changes, Nakatomi, he finds Holly has done well for herself in an executive role under her maiden name, Gennero, and for her hard work she’s earned a Rolex prize, a symbol of her success as a modern woman who has no apparent need for a husband. Holly and John’s respective West Coast/ East Coast living arrangements, John’s threatened male ego over Holly’s use of history coursework ww1, her maiden name Gennero, and Holly’s Rolex-rewarded success at Nakatomi—these are the school most immediate conflicts for McClane to resolve. Mere terrorist threats provide McClane the opportunity to place himself in control (albeit indirectly); fortunately, Holly is in a position that she needs to be rescued, and therein she needs her estranged husband to survive. Innately heroic, sympathetic, and heterosexual, John McClane contains qualities that go hand-in-hand with his status as a New Yorker. After all, the s essay stereotypical New York persona of 1988 could be personified by school, a tough heterosexual male. Compare On Country! Indeed, Die Hard would not be Die Hard if McClane hailed from Delaware.

McClane confirms his heterosexual status early on, both in school sexual and modernized cowboy terms. He displays hetero characteristics not by his association with Holly, but rather through his wandering eyes that scope-out women on the plane and in the airport, his aversion to a male kiss at the Nakatomi Christmas party, and every time he revisits a naked pin-up girl cutout posted on tout a maintenance wall in Nakatomi Plaza. When first arriving in essay Los Angeles, McClane finds himself virginal to history coursework ww1, West Coast ways. School Changes Essay! “Only in L.A.” becomes his motto, as if L.A. is s essay, silly, off somehow, and perhaps effeminate or homosexual, whereas New York is effectually masculine and school changes heterosexual. McClane is a tough New York cop; whereas one Los Angeles SWAT team member shouts “Ow!” after he bumps into a rose bush thorn. Consequently, McClane is established as a newly envisioned but classical Western hero—an Easterner “goin’ out hispanic heritage 2012, West” to tame the frontier. Essay! Gruber, McClane’s nemesis throughout the film via walkie-talkie, even points this out later by black, referring to changes essay, McClane as a cowboy. McClane’s masculinity and human susceptibility are further defined by his body. When the terrorists break in, McClane has been washing up after a long flight wearing nothing but a white undershirt, slacks, and bare feet—his garb for the film’s duration. Not protected by bullet-proof vests or Robocop armor, McClane is, for s essay all intents and purposes, stripped down.

In this raw form, he overpowers foreign enemies without benefit of changes essay, protection, as though his most simplified nature and manhood are enough to mow down terrorist threats. And yet, when not armored to the teeth, action heroes are often rippling and shirtless, another heroic stereotype McClane avoids. From the s essay naked appearance of future cyborgs who have traveled into back in time in The Terminator movies, to John Rambo’s sweaty shirtlessness, male action heroes often necessitate their own visually remarkable musculature, proving their exceptional masculinity to essay, the viewer by way of their biceps and pectorals. Willis does not reduce his character to carl degler thesis neither, a faceless, muscle-bound body however; his body is school essay, not the typically ripped male action hero physique. He has strength and dexterity to be sure; he’s lean, but lacks the veiny, sinewy, herculean body of a Schwarzenegger or Stallone. Already an underdog compared to other action heroes, McClane’s unassuming physique and barefoot state leave him much to overcome, as does the tout essaye sur france 2 femininity that this state implies. In the first scenes, a fellow airplane passenger suggests McClane “make fists” with his toes to relieve jetlag. McClane offers a look of skepticism, perhaps because of the ridiculous or feminine nature of the act.

Toes or feet are often a metonym for femininity (rarely are there women with foot fetishes in film); nonetheless, minutes later, McClane is barefoot in Holly’s office curling his toes. Changes! Clenching them into essaye fists acknowledges that McClane resists stereotypical, absolutist tough-guy ideals—that his feminine side is indulged in this private act (one he would certainly not perform in front of changes essay, Holly or Gruber)—and also twists that femininity into something symbolically male: fists. Compare On Country! McClane’s male and school female egos seem to be at war. While he can curl his toes to relieve jetlag, he still must rescue his wife and solidify his status as the dominant male in their relationship. Secretive admittances of tout, femininity aside, in contrast McClane’s entire ascension to the top of Nakatomi Plaza signifies an unprecedented phallic growth, complete with an “explosive climax”. Rather than accepting capture by Gruber’s threatening male presence, McClane escapes, preventing symbolic castration. Essay! Proving his undeniably brash and predominant masculinity, he climbs a suggestively-shaped building, killing terrorist after terrorist along the essay voorbeeld way, all the changes while usurping Gruber’s threat to McClane’s manhood—the next best thing to a pissing contest. And what better way to illustrate McClane’s superior New York masculinity over L.A.’s dainty, comparatively feminine persona, than coming all over it? Male dominance and substantiation become Die Hard ’s underlying theme and central conflict, whereas the basic “saving the day” plot feels secondary. McClane resolves said conflict by s essay, reaching a C4-induced orgasm, rescuing his damsel-in-distress, and reestablishing solidity in his otherwise broken marriage to Holly.

The building itself, a glass tower, describes the school changes fragility of masculinity—just how threatening a challenge is for the male ego. And what challenges there are: Gruber, aggressive SWAT teams, FBI assault choppers, and LAPD armed carriers. At any moment McClane could shatter, but with broken glass all around him, he walks right over it, barefoot and bleeding. Though his bare feet might suggest vulnerability or femininity in another hero, McClane owns this state by and city, sprinting across the glass while dodging bullets. His feet gush blood in changes essay an obviously painful moment, but McClane, talking to his compatriot Sgt.

Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) on a walkie-talkie, remains calm and collected in voice. Those of essay, us in the audience see his face, wincing in pain. McClane even becomes a shoulder to school, cry on as Powell confesses he accidentally shot a child on the job, allowing for a moment of male bonding that unfurls feminine qualities in both. Hispanic Heritage 2012! McClane is at his weakest when pulling glass from his foot, eventually weeping as he communicates to Powell his goodbye message and essay apology to Holly, a message she never hears because McClane survives; had she heard such a tearful confession, doubtless McClane’s male ego could not have been restored. By the end of the film, both officers’ problems are solved and male egos intact: Powell guns down the last surviving terrorist to zorg, redeem himself and McClane reclaims Holly. Also necessary is McClane’s need to school changes, squash out his competition. In his plot to compare and city, invade Nakatomi Plaza under the changes essay guise of international terrorists, Gruber’s master plan, quite cleverly, is an elaborate heist that leaves Holly’s male coworkers, McClane’s initial competition, dead when they interfere. As Gruber has seized control of the glass phallus, McClane’s eventual orgasmic and explosive victory also signals Gruber’s masculine failure. Heritage Month! Throughout the film, Gruber attempts to essay, gain control of the building, asserting his power over this massive phallic symbol, and thus declare his own masculine identity. Each time one of s essay, Gruber’s terrorists is pumped full of lead or an school, entire floor is 2, detonated, Gruber loses men, thus control over school the phallic glass tower.

McClane, a self-proclaimed “fly in the ointment”, eventually stomps-out Gruber’s masculinity atop Nakatomi Plaza, thwarting the final plan in heritage a shower of flames and raining-down office paper. School! McClane even goes so far as to drop Gruber out a window by unfastening Holly’s Rolex, and in this action solves two problems at voorbeeld zorg, once: he kills the bad guy, but he also unfastens Holly from her symbol of success, feminine independence, and school occupational authority over carl thesis her husband. For all the Freudian interpretation this film provides, it also provides a nationalistic interpretation as well. American exceptionalism, closely related to male exceptionalism in film, rears its head as the dialogue between McClane and Gruber sets Die Hard up as a modern-day Western in which McClane is the good American cowboy and Gruber is school changes essay, a villainous foreign invader (perhaps even a Native American). After making a High Noon reference, Gruber is proved un-American and thus criminal almost exclusively through his knowledge of Hollywood movie trivia. S Essay! Gruber, a German-born Brit, claims John Wayne starred in High Noon , and McClane, the essay American, corrects him to the fact that it was Gary Cooper.

By association, this underlines several Good Guy vs. Bad Guy scenarios from tout, Westerns, using High Noon ’s classic standoff between Marshall Will Kane and criminal Frank Miller as a model. It suggests the cowboy McClane and criminal Gruber engage in a uniformly classic struggle of pure good vs. pure evil, thus idealizing their conflict as something “classic” in the viewer’s eyes. Given High Noon ’s intended allegory to McCarthyism, we see their duel illustrated in terms of McClane’s American purity vs. Gruber’s pro-communist (in metaphor only) un-American impurity. In fact, the film’s most memorable line comes as an embrace of traditional Western heroes, using McClane’s own ironic humor as a postmodern shift for traditional cowboy war-cries like yippee-ki-yay . School Changes Essay! In Die Hard ’s sequels the line is used as garnish; only in its original use did it have any meaning:

Gruber: You know my name but who are you? Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he’s John Wayne? Rambo? Marshall Dillon? McClane: Was always kinda partial to Roy Rogers actually. Essay Voorbeeld Zorg! I really dig those sequined shirts.

Gruber: Do you really think you have a chance against school essay us, Mister Cowboy? McClane: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker. In this most famous of movie lines we see how, whether running barefoot across broken glass or just barely catching an opening as he falls down a ventilation shaft, McClane does the impossible, and tout essaye sur france 2 yet makes it all very plausible not only through his vulnerable male ego, but his wisecracks throughout the school changes situation. McClane’s dialogue is filled with witty comebacks, one-liners, and compare and contrast on country and city pop-culture references lost on school changes essay Gruber. History Ww1! Not that Gruber is always there to hear them. “Now I know what a TV dinner feels like,” he quips to himself as he squeezes through a vent. School Changes Essay! Some of McClane’s best moments are by himself as he talks himself through the s essay situation.

Whereas stone-faced lone heroes had machine-gunned their way through countless bad guys in action movies before, McClane just an average cop, after all, not even a super-cop. When the terrorists first arrive, his first instinct is to school, escape and call for help. “Why the fuck didn’t you stop them, John?” he asks himself after first running. “Because then you’d be dead, too, asshole,” he answers. History Coursework! In this unpolished treatment of McClane, and the character’s ability to make observations about his own situation, he becomes instantly “real” when compared to his unstoppable counterparts. He’s also completely sympathetic as an changes, underdog fighting a much larger opponent, while contending with the bureaucratic nonsense of local authorities: Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. History! Robinson (Paul Gleeson) and school FBI Agents Johnson and Johnson (Robert Davi and Grant L. Bush). Hispanic Heritage Essay! Male action heroes are now typically flawed, sarcastic, unhappy individuals, made heroic through whatever conflict they face. Changes Essay! They get shot, dislocate shoulders, have mental disorders, drink too much, and on tout essaye rare occasion even sacrifice themselves. McClane started it all. In succeeding years, actioners from Under Siege (1992) to Dredd (2012) pilfered from Die Hard ’s harmony of school changes essay, claustrophobic space and big action thrills.

These copycats are often described as “ Die Hard- on-a…” (bus, plane, boat, train, etc.) to acknowledge their obvious derivation. This is not only because of the film’s box-office success or sheer, breathless entertainment value, but because director McTiernan made a wonderfully crafted picture teeming with visual and subtextual purpose as outlined above. Beyond the wellspring of symbolism throughout the s essay film, cinematographer Jan De Bont (who in 1994 directed his own Die Hard- on-a-bus riff, Speed ) incorporates countless visual flourishes to keep every frame interesting: he projects light through blinds, grills, and grates; he uses steam and lens flares to fill the frame; he bounces light off of school changes, water for a glittering reflective effect. Editors John F. Link and Frank J. Urioste piece together De Bont’s slick lensing to essaye 2, make every action scene clear, even gorgeous, especially when compared to today’s shaky standards. Production designer Jackson De Govia created the whole skyscraper setting by using an actual in-construction building and augmenting it with touches of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Japanese-inspired architecture. Essay! Overall, McTiernan’s production is an accomplished piece of filmmaking whose influence in the genre is still evident. As an aside, one would be remiss if Michael Kamen’s score went unnoticed. Along with the Christmastime setting, the composer plays a deepened orchestral version of s essay, “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Now considered a holiday favorite, “Ode to Joy” finds itself bonding directly to Gruber’s crew, whereas McClane has no significant riff of school changes, his own, aside from the occasional whistle of “Jingle Bells”. Primarily due to Kamen’s use of “Ode to Joy” and the inclusion of “Let it Snow” at the film’s finale, Die Hard , a violent, R-rated, family-unfriendly blockbuster set in compare and city the snowless (unless you count falling paper in the finale) winter of Los Angeles, is now strangely a Christmas classic. Come this Holiday season, consider forgoing your annual dose of A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life for something less family-oriented and more actionized.

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like McClane’s bloodied terrorist arriving by elevator with “Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho” stenciled in blood on his sweater. Though Die Hard is less an escape into mindless action than one man’s desperate mission to reclaim his family and changes essay assert himself as paterfamilias, the film’s divergence from standard Hollywood actioner tropes is heritage month essay contest, what makes the film great, timeless even. Justifying male power in every other scene, Die Hard subjects audiences to McClane’s hard-edged, unyielding attempts to boast masculinity through his occasional feminine qualities. And granted, if reading the film from a feminist point of view, one might find the school essay subtext questionable. Still, that there is a subtext involving a hero whose primary conflict is the dynamic between his masculine and feminine sides elevates the heritage month 2012 film from its brethren.

McClane’s macho behavior is easily dismissed because, quite simply, the picture is school changes, just too damn fun, smart, barely dated, and undoubtedly readable beyond traditional action movies. Die Hard changed the genre forever. Its triumph resides in the complexity of John McClane. S Essay! Put any other hero-type in his place and the film fails, or becomes banal and common. Rarely does an action blockbuster take such risks and offer a hero whose vulnerability and humanism outweighs the school essay picture’s violence, even as it supplies expertly-arranged action.

That Die Hard achieves this unlikely equilibrium makes it perhaps the s essay best film of essay, its kind. Deep Focus Review 2006-2017. All rights reserved.