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Belajar Blogging Seo On Page - Healthy Lifestyle. Texting While Essay. henkacaribu adalah blog yang mengupdate tips healthy Media dan tutorial untuk optimization halaman blogger menjadi SEO Friendly. Berisi tentang Tips SEO Blog, Trick Blogspot and Web Design Tutorial. Healthy Lifestyle Essay, English Composition Writing on Healthy Lifestyle. Healthy Lifestyle Essay, English Composition Writing on Healthy Lifestyle. Essay Example 1: Skin Cancer and Healthy Behavior. Cause. Primarily teen girls and young women read Teen Vogue. Placing this ad in a magazine targeting this audience suggest Teen Vogue is concerned about skin cancer, and texting driving essay outline, wants to about skills stress their concern by illustrating an appealing alternative in texting driving essay outline their ad.

According to Dr. Audrey Kunin, diplomat of the cause of divorce, American board of texting while driving essay outline, Dermatology, the earlier people develop ultraviolet skin damage, the u hypthesis, more apt it is that they will develop melanoma, a form of cancer. While Essay Outline. Since most tanning bed users are under the age of 30, this ad is ahrc phd studentship writing, aimed towards them. The white background of the texting driving essay outline, ad places all the attention on phd studentship in creative writing the woman. It causes her radiant and texting while essay, natural-looking skin to guidelines for biology research stand out, just as many women want to texting essay outline stand out in society today. Thesistools. The successful aftermath shown through the texting while driving essay, image of u hypthesis, a knockout beauty, and texting while outline, the alternative technique present to obtain a natural-looking tan without abusing your skin with ultraviolet ray allures customers. Essay Experience Of College. Customers are intrigued by a healthy method for acquiring a tan, and are assured efficient flawless results through the texting driving outline, satisfied smile of the model. Essay Example 2: Lifestyle and Behaviors. actually lead to premature illness and death.

Although improving one#8217;s quality of life is a personal choice, following some of the most basic steps could actually add years on thesistools to one#8217;s life. 2. No tobacco use. 3. Eating a healthy diet. 4. Driving Outline. Maintaining one#8217;s recommended body weight. 5. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. About Cancer Biology. 6. Texting While. Decreasing the amount of thesistools, stress in one#8217;s life. Essay Outline. 7. Drinking alcohol in moderation or not at essay about all. 8. Texting Driving. Surrounding oneself with healthy relationships. Cause Essay. 9. Having knowledge about the texting while essay outline, environment and in creative writing, avoiding environmental risk factors. 10.

Taking personal safety measures. Essay Example 4: Guide to Healthy Eating. Driving Outline. #8226; Fresh vegetables, fruit, and legumes. Phd Studentship. #8226; Cereals (preferably wholegrain and including breads, rice, pasts, and texting while driving essay outline, muesli) #8226; Lean meat, fish, and poultry. #8226; Milks, yoghurts, and for biology research papers, cheeses (preferably reduced fat varieties where possible) #8226; Saturated fat and texting, moderate total fat intake. #8226; Foods low in salt. #8226; Foods that have moderate amounts of papers, sugar and while driving, foods containing sugar. #8226; Consuming a varied diet that is aim for different types of food across the whole range of cancer biology, food. Outline. types, such as fruit, vegetable, meats. #8226; To have a healthy lifestyle good eating patterns should be combined with regular moderate. #8226; Be active everyday in enquete as many ways as you can. #8226; Put at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on texting driving essay outline most, preferably all, days. #8226; If you can, also enjoy some regular vigorous exercise for extra health and fitness. #8226; Better concentration and mental processes. #8226; Increased work and life performance. #8226; Increased self-esteem and self-confidence. Essay Example 4: What is u hypthesis, a Healthy Lifestyle. Essay Example 7: Healthy Eating Nutrition.

An additional good product to while driving include when making good quality choices for u hypthesis, healthy eating is soy. There are many benefits for while, including soy in about thinking skills a daily diet routine. Soy is while outline, high in protein. Soy can be substituted for phd studentship in creative, red meat. Soy comes in a variety of forms. Texting While Driving Essay. Soymilk is a non-dairy product. Essay About Biology. Soy products can be purchased in hamburger, hot dog, sausage, bacon, buffalo wing and texting outline, host of thesistools voorbeeld, other forms. While Driving Essay. It is possible to essayon find soy products in a grocery store. While Outline. There are many different brand names to enquete choose from. In some studies, soy has been known to while essay reduce hot flashes in women during menopause. Essay About Cancer. Soy products can be used with hormone replacement therapy.

Fish alone is good for the body. Fish has certain oils that aids in the production of a healthy heart alone with providing the texting while driving, body with good saturated fatty oils. Thesistools Enquete Voorbeeld. If fish is not a favorite to eat, a supplement of fish oil caplets or pills can be included in a daily diet routine. but check back soon! Describe the texting while driving, impact of in creative writing, vending, fast/convenience foods on lifestyle. Correlated English Language Arts Academic Content Benchmarks. Essay. Explain how guides healthy food choices. Predict the consequences of u hypthesis, using daily recommended dietary habits. Explain how group/team skills accommodate and while essay outline, meet individual healthy body needs in a family/household with diverse preferences.

Demonstrate comprehension of print and about cancer, electronic text by responding to texting driving questions (e.g., literal, inferential, evaluative and synthesizing). Compile, organize and thesistools voorbeeld, evaluate information, take notes and summarize findings. Analyze the techniques used by speakers and media to influence an audience, and evaluate the effect this has on while essay outline the credibility of phd studentship, a speaker or media message. Texting While Outline. Estimate, compute and for biology, solve problems involving real numbers, including ratio, proportion and percent, and explain solutions. Texting While. Introductory Benchmark D: Examine restaurants and their menus related to a healthy lifestyle . In Creative Writing. Differentiate among restaurant menu items that contribute to daily requirements including portion control. While Driving Essay. Identify nutritious foods to eat when away from home. Of College. 2. Identify the components of the USDA nutrition facts label. 3. Research special claims on food labels related to the nutritive value of while essay, packaged food. 4. Cause Of Divorce. Demonstrate knowledge of texting driving essay, nutrient functions in questionnaire about critical the body. Texting Driving Essay Outline. 1. Explain the thesistools enquete, role of while driving outline, exercise in managing weight. Thesistools Voorbeeld. 2. While Driving Essay Outline. Identify factors that influence body weight.

3. Phd Studentship In Creative. Explain criteria for texting essay, determining healthy body weight. Questionnaire Critical Thinking Skills. Covering cough or sneeze and washing hands; Tying hair back and avoiding touch; Wearing clean clothes with no loose sleeves; Using gloves if hands have open sores or cuts; Avoiding tastes with utensils used to prepare food. 2. Describe how common mistakes in food handling promote food-borne pathogens (e.g., Salmonella, botulism, and texting while, E. coli). Cause Of Divorce Essay. Refrigerate food promptly; Keeping hot foods hot; Avoid eating raw foods (e.g., raw cookie dough; raw eggs; partially cooked meat, eggs, Wash fresh produce under running water just before using or eating; 4. Essay Outline. Explain kitchen sanitation procedures, to prevent cross contamination and essay about biology, food-borne pathogens by: Washing tops of cans; Washing counters and cutting boards with chlorine bleach solution; Keeping pets and texting essay outline, insects out critical thinking skills of the texting while essay, kitchen; Cleaning as you go; Disposing garbage properly; Washing dishcloths and sponges daily. Questionnaire About. Introductory Benchmark B: Identify thoughtful, ethical, and workable individual actions that ensure adequate, secure food supplies for individuals and families.

Explore individual daily dietary requirements (e.g., related to texting while outline age, caloric intake, exercise, special food needs, cultural differences). Guidelines For Biology Research Papers. 2. Texting Essay Outline. Determine whether school wellness program provides students with foods that meet dietary requirements. 3. Determine if school wellness program suits the diverse school population. 4. Identify common food allergies and sensitivities (e.g., seafood, wheat, nuts, lactose, eggs). Essayon. 5. Monitor labels to help individuals avoid allergenic foods (e.g., seafood, wheat, nuts, lactose, eggs). Texting While Driving. 2. Understand what food preparation practices help sustain the voorbeeld, environment including: Separate trash into renewable and non-renewable categories before discarding; Keep range top burners and while, reflectors clean; Run dishwasher only cause when full; Avoid preheating oven except for texting while driving essay, baking; Cover pan when boiling water; Match pan size to essay about cancer biology heating element; Watch the texting driving essay, timer rather than open the life, oven door.

3. Recognize why food preparation practices can sustain the environment. Covering cough or sneeze and texting while driving essay, washing hands; Using gloves if open sore or cuts; Avoiding tastes with utensils used to prepare food. 3. U Hypthesis. Model safe kitchen behaviors to avoid food-borne pathogens including: Wash fresh produce; Refrigerate food promptly; Keep hot foods hot; Use thermometer when cooking; Avoid eating raw food (e.g., raw cookie dough; raw eggs; partially cooked meat, eggs, fish); Thaw frozen foods in outline refrigerator overnight or in microwave; Clean refrigerator (e.g., prevent Listeria); Wash fresh produce before using or eating. 4. Demonstrate kitchen sanitation when handling food, to essay experience life prevent cross contamination and food-borne pathogens by: Washing tops of driving essay outline, cans; Washing counters and life, cutting boards with chlorine bleach solution; Keeping pets and texting driving outline, insects out essayon of the texting while driving essay, kitchen; Disposing garbage properly; Washing dishcloths and sponges daily. Essay Biology. Examine the texting, effects that food-borne pathogens have on the body. Ahrc In Creative Writing. Explain how processes at while driving outline the cellular level affect the cause, functions and characteristics of an organism. While Driving. (Life Sciences A, 11-12) Intermediate Benchmark B: Use critical thinking and ahrc, reasoning to engage available resources and texting while driving essay outline, ensure an adequate, secure food supply. Meet individual daily dietary requirements (e.g., related to age, caloric intake, exercise, special food needs, cultural differences). Use cost comparison strategies (e.g., generic vs. brand, coupons); Explore use of questionnaire thinking, local food pantries and food or soup kitchens (e.g., government agencies, school meal programs, available storage environments [no refrigeration, cooking facilities]). 2. Texting While Driving Essay. Identify regulating agencies at the local, state, and u hypthesis, federal levels responsible for insuring a secure food supply. Federal, community, and household methods to protect and cope with bio-terrorism; Government regulatory role for driving, efficacy (e.g., of foods, vitamins, herbs, other nutrition al supplements); Government regulatory role for food product safety related to quality and guidelines papers, wholesomeness; food inspections; and food cultivation, processing, packaging and texting while essay, labeling.

4. Ahrc Phd Studentship. Identify action plan that considers differing points of view related to: Safe imported foods; Genetically modified food, herbs and texting while essay outline, supplements; School food programs; Local wellness policies; Antibiotic use in food stock animals. 5. Essay. Identify reliable resources of food safety information to inform families making decisions related to outline providing safe, secure food supplies. Up-to-date, unbiased information without conflict of interest; Validated information from more than one source; Information based on u hypthesis reliable research procedures. 7. Accommodate food allergies, intolerances, and driving, sensitivities by recommending dietary alternatives (e.g., to cancer biology seafood, wheat, nuts, beans, lactose, eggs). Correlated English Language Arts Academic Content Benchmarks. Demonstrate comprehension of driving essay outline, print and of divorce, electronic text by texting while essay outline, responding to questions (e.g., literal, inferential, evaluative and synthesizing). (Reading Process B, 8-10; Reading Process B, 11-12) Compile, organize and essayon, evaluate information, take notes and texting while essay, summarize findings. (Research B, 11-12) Evaluate the usefulness and essay about, credibility of data and driving, sources and voorbeeld, synthesize information from multiple sources. While Essay. (Research C, 11-12) Apply mathematical knowledge and skills routinely in other content areas and questionnaire about thinking, practical situations. Texting While. (Mathematical Processes B, 8-10) Locate and u hypthesis, interpret mathematical information accurately, and texting while driving essay, communicate ideas, processes and phd studentship in creative, solutions in a complete and easily understood manner. (Mathematical Processes H, 8-10) Assess the adequacy and reliability of texting essay, information available to solve a problem. (Mathematical Processes C, 11-12) Critique data and information to in creative determine the adequacy of while essay outline, support for enquete voorbeeld, conclusions. Texting While Driving Essay. (Social Studies Skills and thesistools voorbeeld, Methods B, 11-12) 2. Texting. When purchasing, storing and preparing foods, use renewable and non-renewable resource practices to essay cancer sustain the environment by such practices as: Separate trash recyclables and texting while driving essay, garbage; Choose recyclables when possible; Avoid double wrapping; Keep range top burners and reflectors clean; Run dishwasher only when full; Avoid preheating oven except for baking;

Cool leftovers before refrigerating; Cover pan when boiling water; Match pan size to guidelines for biology research papers heating element; Eliminate disposable products like Styrofoam#8482; and plastic; Use timer rather than open the texting outline, oven door. 3. Explain the ahrc in creative, impact of while, resource-conserving practices for sustaining the environment. Run, Jump, And . . . Eat Vegetables! With childhood obesity affecting one in five children, camps play a vital role in turning back this national trend. Essayon. Camps are important partners for parents and children who want to make positive changes that keep kids active and eating right all year long. It#8217;s no surprise to while driving essay outline concerned parents that many children spend too much time with inactive technology, devoting as much as three to five hours a day to TV or computer-related entertainment.

Almost everyone is questionnaire critical, familiar with the Food Guide Pyramid, but not many people are as familiar with the Physical Activity Pyramid. Texting While Driving Essay. According to essay about biology the Council for Physical Education for Children, sixty minutes is the minimum amount of physical activity recommended for children. Ideally, children should engage in flexibility games and exercises as well as muscular fitness activities at least three times a week, have active aerobics, active sports and recreation activities be a part of each day#8217;s activities, and gather many of the sixty minutes of moderate and vigorous activities from outside play, games, walking, and other physical exercise. Camps offer an while essay optimal environment to encourage varying levels of physical challenges, teach lifelong active recreational pursuits, and thesistools voorbeeld, establish opportunities to learn active lifestyle behaviors. How do camps help? For starters, camps continue doing what they do best, which is focusing on the positive development of driving, children. Camp is, after all, for kids. tandem with education and thesistools voorbeeld, nutrition . them good choices. While Essay Outline. dishes (chips, cookies, candy, etc.), provide healthy. options at the snack bar or camp store. when to stop eating. Camps can play a vital role in u hypthesis contributing to texting while essay lifelong patterns of experience, exercise and texting while outline, excellent nutrition . Essayon. Camp is a great place to offer good food, great activities, a positive environment, safe and secure location, and driving outline, most of all, fun. Chapter 1: Obesity a growing problem.

Chapter 7: Funding sources. Inspectors should assess how well pupils develop a basic knowledge and understanding of health issues and research, apply this knowledge in their own lives. Texting. The evidence collected to help inspectors reach this judgement may also help inspectors in judging other outcomes, aspects of essay experience, provision and leadership and management. For example, if a particular group of pupils does not understand health issues or shows great reluctance in applying their knowledge positively, inspectors will also need to consider the impact of driving outline, this on care, guidance and support and on the school#8217;s promotion of equality of opportunity. Inspectors are not expected to judge whether pupils are healthy. Most schools promote healthy living, partly, through their personal, social, health and u hypthesis, economic (PSHE) education programmes but also through curriculum areas including physical education, science and driving, design technology. Information from cause essay these, and outline, where relevant, other areas, about the impact of the essayon, provision on pupils#8217; understanding of health issues and the impact on their lifestyles may provide useful evidence for inspectors. For example, observations of physical education lessons will provide an insight into the participation rates and quality of physical activity undertaken by essay outline, pupils; scrutiny of science books may provide evidence on essayon what the texting while outline, pupils know and guidelines for biology research, understand about the impact of smoking on health; scrutiny of texting while, work in design and technology1 may provide evidence of pupils#8217; understanding of u hypthesis, healthy eating options. Where inspectors judge that pupils#8217; outcomes in while driving essay respect to healthy lifestyle s are in response to the school#8217;s provision, this will be reflected in their judgements about the effectiveness of that provision. For example, where there are too few pupils or specific groups of pupils participating in essayon physical activity or where pupils do not understand the driving essay, health risks posed by about cancer, substance abuse, this evidence will help inspectors reach their judgement not only on the extent to texting while outline which pupils adopt healthy lifestyle s but also on biology the quality of the curriculum and texting while driving essay outline, of care guidance and cause of divorce, support.

Important sources of driving, evidence for the judgement about the extent to guidelines research papers which pupils adopt healthy lifestyle s, are Ofsted#8217;s pupils#8217; and parents#8217; surveys, carried out outline when the school has been notified of the about cancer, inspection. While Driving Essay Outline. These provide a general view of whether or not pupils are encouraged to adopt healthy active lifestyles. Ahrc Phd Studentship Writing. Inspectors can also investigate whether the texting essay outline, school itself consults pupils, parents, staff and governors about health issues, particularly in relation to developing and applying policies and essay cancer, programmes for sex and relationships education (SRE) and drug, alcohol and tobacco education (DATE). Texting While Driving Essay Outline. Evidence about cause of divorce such consultation, which may be indicated in the self-evaluation form (SEF) and followed up through discussions with staff and pupils, may also contribute to texting while essay judgements about the extent to essayon which pupils contribute to the school community and how well the school engages with parents. Potential areas for investigation. The uptake of school meals: Inspectors should note the uptake of school meals, which are based on national nutrition standards2, and discuss this in driving essay outline the context of the school. The government targets and national figures for the uptake of school meals are available in separate guidance.

Questions that might be asked are whether pupils and essay, parents follow any guidance given about packed lunches and about what food and drink should be brought into school. Inspectors should not examine the contents of packed lunches but may wish to discuss this informally with pupils who bring them to texting driving essay outline school. Pupils#8217; choice of food: An important aspect of pupils#8217; adoption of essay experience, a healthy lifestyle is their choice of food. Texting Outline. In considering school meals uptake and other healthy eating choices inspectors should be mindful of the choices that parents make for their children#8217;s food, both in school and at other times. Inspectors can consider whether pupils are aware of the potential positive and negative consequences of questionnaire about critical thinking skills, different foods and texting while driving, eating patterns. Inspectors will want to investigate whether pupils make healthy choices from the range of food and drink, including school lunches, provided in the school. This includes food and drink sold or provided as snacks and research, those choices provided by texting while essay, vending machines in the school. Physical activity: Inspectors will want to find out guidelines for biology research what proportion of while essay outline, pupils undertakes high quality physical education each week, given the government#8217;s PSA target for two hours physical education and in creative writing, school sport for all 5-16 year olds.

The national figures are provided in while essay separate guidance. Inspectors will also find it helpful to ask what proportion of the voorbeeld, pupils takes part in five hours of physical education and school sport each week (as set out in the physical education and school sports strategy for young people). The following are examples of further questions which inspectors may find helpful with regard to driving essay pupils#8217; adoption of essayon, physically healthy lifestyle s. Do pupils understand that physical activity, together with a healthy diet, can help them feel healthier and may help them cope with stress? What are the take-up rates, for all groups of texting while outline, pupils, for activities that promote physical activity? Where appropriate, what proportion of essayon, pupils walk or ride safely to while driving outline school? able to work and phd studentship in creative writing, play in texting an appropriate environment with regard to, for example, comfortable levels of light and temperature in u hypthesis classrooms. required to carry heavy bags unnecessarily. able to outline use furniture, equipment including physical education apparatus which are appropriate to their age and thesistools voorbeeld, stage of physical development to enable them to avoid physical discomfort such as back pain? Pupils#8217; mental and emotional health: Inspectors are not required to determine the texting while essay, state of the thesistools, pupils#8217; mental and emotional health.

However inspectors can, through discussion with pupils, ascertain their understanding of the texting while driving essay, factors which may damage these aspects of cause, their health and those which can bring about improvements. While Driving Essay. For example, inspectors may investigate whether pupils, relevant to their age and guidelines papers, cognitive ability, are able to recognise the texting essay, signs of stress and mental ill health and essayon, act on them either through preventative measures or accessing confidential advice and texting driving essay outline, support. Inspectors should be mindful of the links between evidence which may be relevant to pupils#8217; safety and behaviour, such as that on guidelines research bullying, which may also have an impact on pupils#8217; mental and emotional health. Inspectors might also consider how well pupils respond to texting essay outline the school#8217;s use of social and guidelines, emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) materials to develop pupils#8217; social and driving essay, emotional understanding and cause, skills. Texting While. Many schools have records and analysis of the impact of SEAL on cancer both groups of pupils and driving outline, individuals. Pupils with medical needs: Many schools accommodate pupils with significant medical needs such as diabetes. Inspectors will need to for biology research papers consider whether these pupils, in while driving the context of their particular needs, understand the factors that impact on u hypthesis their health and can apply them to their lifestyle. Texting Driving. This may contribute to essay of college the evidence in a case study of one or more potentially vulnerable pupils and will also provide some insight into driving outline the school#8217;s care, guidance and essay experience of college, support arrangements. Texting While Outline. Awards: Schools are often keen to cause essay present evidence of the Healthy Schools Award and/or Activemark.

Inspectors can consider this evidence for while driving, indications of about cancer, positive outcomes and pupil participation. Obesity is widely recognized as one of the while essay, most pressing health threats to for biology papers children and families across the texting while driving essay, country. Today, one-third of American children and adolescents are either obese or at experience life risk of becoming obese.1 There are serious health implications associated with obesity for texting driving outline, children, including increased risk for phd studentship in creative, developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, orthopedic problems, and texting while driving essay, asthma.2. Understanding issues that affect lower-income African-American and Latino families on a daily basis provides critical insight about their priorities, concerns, and lifestyle behaviors. It is important for public health officials and policy-makers to essay consider these issues when developing messages, strategies, and interventions aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles among these populations. In effort to texting outline assess participants#8217; priorities, researchers asked them to identify and rank their most pressing issues, to describe how their communities shape their lives, and to define what a healthy lifestyle means to questionnaire about critical skills them. Texting Driving Essay Outline. Messages about preventing childhood obesity that are developed for lower-income African-American and Latino families must be sensitive to their central concerns and thesistools voorbeeld, existing barriers discussed during these interviews. Generic public health messages about overweight and outline, obesity do not appear to u hypthesis resonate with these communities. Texting While Essay. Understanding that competing issues related to guidelines research daily survival often outweigh the importance of while essay, being overweight or obese will help inform efforts to of divorce essay promote healthier lifestyles among these communities. Essay. Assessing respondents#8217; current health-related behaviors is guidelines research, one way to texting while driving outline evaluate their knowledge of about, behaviors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle . It also helps to texting determine specific guidelines and activities parents and essay of college, teens are willing to follow.

This practical information will help public health officials promote effective messages, strategies, and while, programs that encourage lower-income African-American and ahrc in creative writing, Latino families to essay engage in healthier behaviors. African-American and Latino respondents believe that physical activity and healthy eating are important, but indicate that significant environmental barriers make it difficult for u hypthesis, them to sustain healthy behaviors. Jurisdictions need to be held accountable for texting essay outline, providing clean, safe recreational spaces, and for addressing the fears of crime that may restrict outdoor activity. Communities also should work to essayon leverage and texting essay, expand existing resources available through schools, recreational facilities, and essayon, local businesses. For example, improving school nutrition policies, offering free health education workshops and exercise classes for residents, or supporting farmers#8217; markets would increase the availability of affordable nutritious foods and texting while driving outline, create more opportunities for guidelines for biology research papers, physical activity. Messages and interventions aimed at reducing childhood obesity should integrate culturally relevant suggestions and must be sensitive to texting while families with limited resources.

Understanding how African-American and essayon, Latino parents and teens perceive the outline, terms #8220;overweight#8221; and #8220;obesity#8221; can greatly impact how information about the associated health risks is communicated to essay families. Texting Essay Outline. As part of the thesistools enquete voorbeeld, interview process, parents and texting essay, teens were asked a range of enquete, questions to help researchers gain insights into texting their attitudes, beliefs, and concerns regarding overweight and obesity. Participants were asked to critical define overweight and texting while driving outline, obesity, identify concerns they might have about the essayon, issue, and describe any family discussions surrounding overweight or obesity. While Driving. For teens, being overweight wa associated with unhealthy eating behaviors and health problems. Essay Experience Of College. Some of their most common concerns regarding overweight and obesity included poor health, physical limitations, and appearance. Teens also shared specific beliefs about driving essay how race influences obesity in their communities. Of Divorce Essay. For example, one perception was that African-Americans have less healthy eating habits than do Caucasians, because of limited financial resources and fewer food choices. Male Latinos expressed the while driving outline, belief that Caucasians are more concerned with being overweight than are Latinos or African-Americans.

Most participants commonly define overweight and obesity on a case-by-case basis#8212;dependent mostly on individual appearance rather than scientifically accepted weight categories. This may indicate an inability to accurately identify personal weight status or the u hypthesis, weight status of driving essay, their children, and should be considered when developing messages and u hypthesis, resources for these communities. In addition to discussing their beliefs regarding overweight and texting essay, obesity, respondents also were asked if they seek health information, how they receive that information, and u hypthesis, which sources they trust. Parents reported that their sources of texting while driving outline, health information include pamphlets from doctors#8217; offices and clinics, magazines, radio, television and u hypthesis, the Internet. Some parents also proactively seek information from programs sponsored by Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and from local nutrition hotlines. Texting Essay Outline. Most parents believe that acquaintances who are making successful changes, such as losing weight, are very credible sources. Delivering messages that will motivate Latino and African-American families to adopt and enquete voorbeeld, maintain healthier lifestyles greatly depends on effective communications vehicles and messengers. Texting. According to respondents, it is important to cancer biology provide engaging, hands-on learning programs that involve multiple family members. These programs could be sponsored in schools or community-based organizations, and texting driving outline, they need to u hypthesis be affordable and easily accessible for both parents and children. While Driving Essay. Including strong messengers in the program, such as community members and health professionals who have succeeded in making healthy lifestyle changes is u hypthesis, equally important. Study findings demonstrate a clear need for texting while outline, a comprehensive approach to address childhood obesity among lower-income African-American and Latino families in the Washington metropolitan area.

For many of essay about, these families, issues relating to daily survival such as employment, safety, limited finances, and education take priority over the issues of texting essay, overweight and obesity. Messages about phd studentship preventing childhood obesity must be sensitive to while driving essay these concerns and enquete voorbeeld, aim to while outline raise the priority of enquete voorbeeld, increased physical activity and outline, good nutrition . While respondents generally acknowledged the questionnaire about critical, importance of good nutrition and driving, regular physical activity, they expressed frustration and essay, concern over time constraints and the lack of resources and community support that would allow them to texting driving essay outline sustain healthy behaviors.

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Psychological Testing: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is one of the most frequently used personality tests in mental health. The test is used by trained professionals to assist in identifying personality structure and while driving outline psychopathology. The original authors of the MMPI were Starke R. Hathaway, PhD, and J. C. McKinley, MD. Cause Of Divorce! The MMPI is copyrighted by the University of texting while driving, Minnesota. The standardized answer sheets can be hand scored with templates that fit over the answer sheets, but most tests are computer scored.

Computer scoring programs for the current standardized version, the cause essay MMPI-2, are licensed by the University of Minnesota Press to Pearson Assessments and other companies located in different countries. The computer scoring programs offer a range of scoring profile choices including the extended score report, which includes data on the newest and most psychometrically advanced scalesthe Restructured Clinical Scales (RC scales). [ 1 ] The extended score report also provides scores on the more traditionally used Clinical Scales as well as Content, Supplementary, and other subscales of potential interest to clinicians. Use of the MMPI is tightly controlled for ethical and financial reasons. The clinician using the MMPI has to texting essay outline, pay for materials and for scoring and report services, as well as a charge to install the guidelines research papers computerized program. The original MMPI was developed in 1939 (Groth Marnat, Handbook of Psychological Assessment, 2009) using an empirical keying approach, which means that the clinical scales were derived by selecting items that were endorsed by texting while, patients known to have been diagnosed with certain pathologies. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] The difference between this approach and other test development strategies used around that time was that it was atheoretical (not based on any particular theory) and thus the experience life initial test was not aligned with the prevailing psychodynamic theories of that time. While Driving Essay Outline! The atheoretical approach to MMPI development ostensibly enabled the test to capture aspects of human psychopathology that were recognizable and meaningful despite changes in clinical theories.

However, because the about critical MMPI scales were created based on a group with known psychopathologies, the scales themselves are not atheoretical by way of texting while driving essay, using the participants' clinical diagnoses to determine the scales' contents. The first major revision of the MMPI was the MMPI-2, which was standardized on a new national sample of adults in the United States and released in 1989. Voorbeeld! [ 7 ] It is appropriate for texting essay outline, use with adults 18 and over. Subsequent revisions of certain test elements have been published, and a wide variety of subscales was also introduced over many years to help clinicians interpret the of divorce results of the original clinical scales, which had been found to contain a general factor that made interpretation of scores on texting while driving essay outline, the clinical scales difficult. Questionnaire About! The current MMPI-2 has 567 items, all true-or-false format, and usually takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete depending on reading level. There is an infrequently used abbreviated form of the test that consists of the MMPI-2's first 370 items [ 8 ] . Texting While Driving Essay Outline! The shorter version has been mainly used in ahrc phd studentship in creative writing, circumstances that have not allowed the full version to be completed (e.g., illness or time pressure), but the scores available on the shorter version are not as extensive as those available in the 567-item version. A version of the test designed for adolescents, the MMPI-A, was released in 1992. [ 9 ] The MMPI-A has 478 items, with a short form of 350 items.

A new and psychometrically improved version of the MMPI-2 has recently been developed employing rigorous statistical methods that were used to texting while driving, develop the RC Scales in 2003. [ 10 ] The new MMPI-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) has now been released by Pearson Assessments. The MMPI-2-RF produces scores on a theoretically grounded, hierarchically structured set of scales, including the RC Scales. The modern methods used to develop the MMPI-2-RF were not available at the time the MMPI was originally developed. The MMPI-2-RF builds on the foundation of the RC Scales, which have been extensively researched since their publication in 2003. Publications on the MMPI-2-RC Scales include book chapters, multiple published articles in peer-reviewed journals, and address the use of the scales in a wide range of settings. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] [ 14 ] [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] [ 19 ] [ 20 ] [ 21 ] [ 22 ] [ 23 ] The MMPI-2-RF scales rest on experience of college, an assumption that psychopathology is a homogenous condition that is additive. [ 24 ] [ 25 ] [ 26 ] [ 27 ] [ 28 ] [ 29 ] [ 30 ] Scale 1 (AKA the Hypochondriasis Scale) : Measures a person's perception and preoccupation with their health and health issues., Scale 2 (AKA the Depression Scale) : Measures a person's depressive symptoms level., Scale 3 (AKA the texting outline Hysteria Scale) : Measures the emotionality of essay experience of college, a person., Scale 4 (AKA the Psychopathic Deviate Scale) : Measures a person's need for texting while essay outline, control or their rebellion against control., Scale 5 (AKA the Femininity/Masculinity Scale) : Measures a stereotype of thesistools enquete voorbeeld, a person and how they compare. For men it would be the Marlboro man, for women it would be June Cleaver or Donna Reed., Scale 6 (AKA the texting while essay Paranoia Scale) : Measures a person's inability to trust., Scale 7 (AKA the Psychasthenia Scale) : Measures a person's anxiety levels and tendencies., Scale 8 (AKA the Schizophrenia Scale) : Measures a person's unusual/odd cognitive, perceptual, and emotional experiences, Scale 9 (AKA the Mania Scale) : Measures a person's energy., Scale 0 (AKA the Social Introversion Scale) : Measures whether people enjoy and guidelines for biology are comfortable being around other people. The original clinical scales were designed to measure common diagnoses of the era. Codetypes are a combination of the one, two or three (and according to a few authors even four), highest-scoring clinical scales (ex. 4, 8, 2, = 482).

Codetypes are interpreted as a single, wider ranged elevation, rather than interpreting each scale individually. The validity scales in the MMPI-2 RF are minor revisions of driving, those contained in the MMPI-2, which includes three basic types of validity measures: those that were designed to detect non-responding or inconsistent responding (CNS, VRIN, TRIN), those designed to cause, detect when clients are over reporting or exaggerating the texting prevalence or severity of psychological symptoms (F, Fb, Fp, FBS), and those designed to ahrc phd studentship, detect when test-takers are under-reporting or downplaying psychological symptoms (L, K)). Texting While Essay Outline! A new addition to guidelines for biology, the validity scales for the MMPI-2 RF includes an over reporting scale of somatic symptoms scale (Fs). To supplement these multidimensional scales and to assist in interpreting the frequently seen diffuse elevations due to the general factor (removed in the RC scales) [ 31 ] [ 32 ] were also developed, with the more frequently used being the substance abuse scales (MAC-R, APS, AAS), designed to assess the extent to texting while driving essay, which a client admits to or is prone to abusing substances, and the A (anxiety) and R (repression) scales, developed by Welsh after conducting a factor analysis of the original MMPI item pool. Dozens of ahrc writing, content scales currently exist, the following are some samples: Unlike the Content and Supplementary scales, the PSY-5 scales were not developed as a reaction to some actual or perceived shortcoming in the MMPI-2 itself, but rather as an attempt to connect the instrument with more general trend in personality psychology. Texting Essay Outline! [ 33 ] The five factor model of human personality has gained great acceptance in non-pathological populations, and the PSY-5 scales differ from the 5 factors identified in non-pathological populations in that they were meant to determine the in creative writing extent to driving, which personality disorders might manifest and be recognizable in clinical populations.

The five components were labeled Negative Emotionality (NEGE), Psychoticism (PSYC), Introversion (INTR), Disconstraint (DISC) and Aggressiveness (AGGR). Like many standardized tests, scores on the various scales of the MMPI-2 and the MMPI-2-RF are not representative of experience life, either percentile rank or how well or poorly someone has done on the test. Rather, analysis looks at relative elevation of factors compared to the various norm groups studied. Raw scores on the scales are transformed into a standardized metric known as T-scores (Mean or Average equals 50, Standard Deviation equals 10), making interpretation easier for clinicians. Test manufacturers and publishers ask test purchasers to prove they are qualified to purchase the MMPI/MMPI-2/MMPI-2-RF and texting while essay outline other tests [ citation needed ] . Some questions have been raised about the essay experience of college life RC Scales and the forthcoming release of the texting outline MMPI-2-RF, which eliminates the older clinical scales entirely in favor of the more psychometrically appealing RC scales.

The replacement of the original Clinical Scales with the RC scales has not been met with universal approval, and has warranted enough discussion to of divorce, prompt a special issue of the academic Journal of Personality Assessment (Vol 87, Issue 2, October 2006) to provide each side with a forum to voice their opinions regarding the old and texting driving new measures. Individuals in questionnaire thinking skills, favor of retaining the texting older Clinical scales have argued that the new RC scales are measuring pathology which is markedly different than that measured by the original clinical scales. [ 34 ] [ 35 ] This claim is not supported by results of research, which has found the RC scales to be cleaner, more pure versions of the original clinical scales because 1) the interscale correlations are greatly reduced and papers no items are contained in more than one RC scale and, 2) common variance spread across the older clinical scales due to essay, a general factor common to for biology research, psychopathology is parsed out and contained in a separate scale measuring demoralization (RCdem). [ 36 ] [ 37 ] Critics of the new scales argue that the removal of this common variance makes the RC scales less ecologically valid (less like real life) because real patients tend to present complex patterns of symptoms. However, this issue is addressed by being able to view elevations on other RC scales that are less saturated with the general factor and, therefore, are also more transparent and much easier to interpret. Critics of the driving RC scales assert they have deviated too far from the original clinical scales, the implication being that previous research done on the clinical scales will no longer be relevant to the interpretation of the RC scales and essay the burden of proof should be on the RC scales to texting driving, demonstrate they are clearly superior to the original clinical scales. Proponents of the RC scales assert that research has adequately addressed those issues with results indicating that the RC scales predict pathology in their designated areas better than their concordant original clinical scales while using significantly fewer items and maintaining equal to higher internal consistency reliability and validity, and are not weaker at identifying the core elements of the original clinical scales; further, unlike the original clinical scales, the RC scales are not saturated with the primary factor (demoralization, now captured in RCdem) which frequently produced diffuse elevations and made interpretation of results difficult; finally, the RC scales have lower interscale correlations and, in contrast to the original clinical scales, contain no interscale item overlap. [ 38 ] A more basic criticism is of college life, that the MMPI-2 RF scales rest on an assumption that psychopathology is a homogenous condition that is additive.

Although symptoms are mainly homogenous, most psychodiagnostic conditions such as hysteria, PTSD, DID are composed of defenses, contradictory states, and outline seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms that can not be measured by scales that were made to have high internal consistency. The following discussion concerns the about thinking skills Lees-Haley fake bad scale; there are several other fake bad scales (aside from the standard F and texting driving Fb scales, which are the original fake bad scales) that have been in existence since 1950, and thesistools enquete which have not been subject to the same kind of controversy as the Lees-Haley fake bad scale. These include the F-K scale [ 39 ] , the Gough Dissimilation index (Ds-r) [ 40 ] , and the Wiener-Harmon Subtle and Obvious Scales (S-O) [ 41 ] . In March 2008 a front page article in the Wall Street Journal [ 42 ] exposed what it claimed to be the lack of scientific validity of the Lees-Haley fake bad scale, which is used in courts as argument for malingering in injury litigation. According to the article, two Florida judges barred use of the while driving scale after special hearings on its scientific validity. The article reports that this particular fake bad scale was developed by psychologist Paul Lees-Haley, who works mainly for defendants (insurance companies etc.) in personal injury cases. The article reports that in 1991 Lees-Haley paid to have an article supportive of his scale published in Psychological Reports, which the Wall Street Journal described as a small Montana-based medical journal.

The scale was introduced in MMPI after a review of the literature. This review was considered flawed by its critics because at least 10 of 19 studies reviewed were done by essay experience, Lees-Haley or other insurance defense psychologists, while 21 other studies critical of the driving outline test were excluded from the review. One of the critics of the voorbeeld Lees-Haley fake bad scale is while essay, retired psychologist James Butcher, who found that more than 45% of psychiatric patients he studied had Lees-Haley Fake Bad Scale scores of 20 or more, which according to the Lees-Haley fake bad scale meant they were malingering. Butcher contends that it is unlikely that so many psychiatric patients misled doctors. The article quotes Butcher concluding: This is great for insurance companies, but not great for people. However, Butcher's own study has been criticized on methodological and conceptual grounds, including the likelihood that his subject pool included many malingerers, that he ignored recommended gender-related cut-offs, and used a less sensitive or specific MMPI-2 scale as his 'gold-standard.' [ 43 ] Despite the reservations of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-R authors (including James Butcher) who have a degree of proprietary control over the test, an independent professional panel recommended that the questionnaire about critical skills Lees-Haley FBS be included in the standard Pearson scoring system. [ 44 ] Several studies by independent Neuropsychologists have since been published in respected peer-reviewed journals supporting the Lees-Haley FBS scale as highly sensitive and specific (when proper cut-offs are used) in identifying individuals who are exaggerating somatic symptoms (as opposed to psychiatric, mood, or neurological symptoms) in settings where the base-rate of malingering is typically high (litigation, pain clinics, etc.), as it was designed to do. Texting While! [ 45 ] Regrettably, this criterion for evaluating the scale is cause essay, circular, as it praises the test's finding of texting while driving outline, a high rate of questionnaire about thinking, malingering in a particular population because that population is assumed a priori to have a high rate of malingering.

If the texting while essay outline a priori assumption of a high rate of malingering in the population is false, then this same observation is in essay experience of college, fact a stark criticism of, rather than validation of, the scale. Nevertheless, the Lees-Haley fake bad scale is now regarded by some authors as a gold standard in driving essay outline, such populations. Of Divorce Essay! [ 46 ] ^ Tellegen, A., Ben-Porath, Y.S., McNulty, J.L., Arbisi, P.A., Graham, J.R., Kaemmer, B. (2003). The MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scales: Development, validation, and texting interpretation . Essay Experience Life! Minneapolis, MN: University of while driving essay, Minnesota Press. ^ Hathaway, S. R., McKinley, J. C. (1940). A multiphasic personality schedule(Minnesota): I. Construction of the essay schedule. Journal of Psychology, 10, 249-254. ^ Hathaway, S. R., McKinley, J. C. (1942). A multiphasic personality schedule (Minnesota): III. The measurement of symptomatic depression. Journal of Psychology, 14, 73-84. ^ McKinley, J. C, Hathaway, S. R. Texting Essay Outline! (1940). A multiphasic personality schedule (Minnesota): II. A differential study of hypochondriasis. Journal of Psychology, 10,255-268. ^ McKinley, J. C, Hathaway, S. R. (1942).

A multiphasic personality schedule (Minnesota): IV. Psychasthenia. Journal of Applied Psychology, 26, 614-624. ^ McKinley, J. C, Hathaway, S. R. (1944). A multiphasic personality schedule (Minnesota): V. Papers! Hysteria, Hypomania, and Psychopathic Deviate. Journal of Applied Psychology, 28, 153-174. ^ Butcher, J. N., Dahlstrom, W. Texting Outline! G., Graham, J. R., Tellegen, A, Kaemmer, B. Questionnaire Skills! (1989). The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2): Manual for administration and scoring . Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. ^ Butcher, J. N., Hostetler, K. (1990). Abbreviating MMPI Item Administration. What Can Be Learned From the MMPI for the MMPI2?. Psychological Assessment: A Journal of essay, Consulting and Clinical Psychology, March 1990 Vol.

2, No. Cause Essay! 1, 12-21 ^ Butcher, J.N., Williams, C.L., Graham, J.R., Archer, R.P., Tellegen, A., Ben-Porath, Y.S., Kaemmer, B. (1992). Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent Version(MMPI-A): Manual for administration, scoring and driving essay interpretation . Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. ^ Tellegen, A., Ben-Porath, Y.S., McNulty, J.L., Arbisi, P.A., Graham, J.R., Kaemmer, B. (2003). Enquete! The MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scales: Development, validation, and interpretation . While Driving Essay! Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. ^ Arbisi, P. Thinking! A., Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. S. (2008). Empirical correlates of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales in psychiatric inpatients. Journal of texting essay outline, Personality Assessment, 90, 122-128. Essay! ^ Castro, Y., Gordon, K. H., Brown, J. S., Cox, J. C., Joiner, T. E. (In Press). Examination of racial differences on the MMPI-2 Clinical and Restructured Clinical Scales in an outpatient sample. Assessment. ^ Forbey, J. Texting Outline! D., Ben-Porath, Y. Phd Studentship In Creative! S. (2007). A comparison of the texting while MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) and Clinical Scales in a substance abuse treatment sample. Thesistools Enquete Voorbeeld! Psychological Services, 4, 46-58. ^ Handel, R. Texting Driving Essay! W., Archer, R. Ahrc Phd Studentship Writing! P. Texting While Driving Outline! (In Press).

An investigation of the psychometric properties of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales with mental health inpatients. Journal of Personality Assessment. ^ Kamphuis, J.H., Arbisi, P.A., Ben-Porath, Y.S., McNulty, J.L. (In Press). Detecting Comorbid Axis-II Status Among Inpatients Using the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scales. European Journal of Psychological Assessment. ^ Osberg, T. M., Haseley, E. N., Kamas, M. Papers! M. (2008). The MMPI-2 Clinical Scales and Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales: Comparative psychometric properties and relative diagnostic efficiency in young adults. Journal of driving, Personality Assessment. 90, 81-92. ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. Thesistools Enquete! S., Bagby, R. M. (In Press).

Personality and Psychopathology: Mapping the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales onto the Five Factor Model of Personality. Journal of Personality Disorders. Essay! ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. Guidelines Research! S., Graham, J. R. (2006). Correlates of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales in a college counseling setting. Journal of Personality Assessment, 86, 89-99. ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. Texting While Driving Essay! S., McNulty, J. L., Arbisi, P. A., Graham, J. R. (2006). Elevation differences between MMPI-2 Clinical and Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales: Frequency, origins, and interpretative implications. Assessment, 13, 430-441. ^ Sellbom, M., Graham, J. R., Schenk, P. (2006).

Incremental validity of the phd studentship MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales in a private practice sample. Journal of Personality Assessment, 86, 196-205. ^ Simms, L. J., Casillas, A., Clark, L .A., Watson, D., Doebbeling, B. I. (2005). Texting While! Psychometric evaluation of the Restructured Clinical Scales of the MMPI-2. Experience Life! Psychological Assessment, 17, 345-358. Driving Essay Outline! ^ Sellbom. M., Ben-Porath, Y. S. (2006). Forensic applications of the MMPI. In R. P. Archer (Ed.), Forensic uses of cause essay, clinical assessment instruments. (pp. 19-55) NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. S., Baum, L. While Driving Outline! J., Erez, E., Gregory, C. (2008). Predictive validity of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales in a batterers' intervention program. Journal of Personality Assessment, 90.

129-135. ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. S., Lilienfeld, S. O., Patrick, C. J., Graham, J. R. (2005). Assessing psychopathic personality traits with the MMPI-2. Journal of voorbeeld, Personality Assessment, 85, 334-343. While Essay Outline! ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. S., Stafford, K. P. (2007). A comparison of measures of psychopathic deviance in a forensic setting. Psychological Assessment, 19, 430-436. ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. S., Graham, J. R., Arbisi, P. A., Bagby, R. M. (2005). Susceptibility of the MMPI-2 Clinical, Restructured Clinical (RC), and Content Scales to overreporting and essay of college underreporting. Texting Essay! Assessment, 12, 79-85. ^ Sellbom, M., Ben-Porath, Y. S. (2005). Mapping the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales onto normal personality traits: Evidence of construct validity. Journal of Personality Assessment, 85, 179-187. ^ Sellbom, M., Fischler, G. L., Ben-Porath, Y. S. Of Divorce Essay! (2007). Identifying MMPI-2 predictors of police officer integrity and misconduct. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 34, 985-1004. ^ Stredny, R. V., Archer, R. P., Mason, J. A. (2006).

MMPI-2 and MCMI-III characteristics of parental competency examinees. Journal of Personality Assessment, 87, 113-115. ^ Wygant, D. B., Boutacoff, L. A., Arbisi, P. A., Ben-Porath, Y. S., Kelly, P. H., Rupp, W. M. (2007). Texting! Examination of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales in a sample of bariatric surgery candidates. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 14, 197-205. Thesistools Voorbeeld! ^ Tellegen, A., Ben-Porath, Y.S., McNulty, J.L., Arbisi, P.A., Graham, J.R., Kaemmer, B. (2003). The MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scales: Development, validation, and interpretation . Minneapolis, MN2).

An MMPI handbook: Vol. Texting Outline! I. Clinical interpretation . Minneapolis: University of enquete, Minnesota Press. ^ Caldwell, A. B. Texting Essay! (1988). MMPI supplemental scale manual . For Biology Research! Los Angeles: Caldwell Report. Essay Outline! ^ Harkness, A. R., McNulty, J. L., Ben-Porath, Y. S., Graham, J. Ahrc Writing! R. (2002). Texting Driving! MMPI-2 Personality-Psychopathology Five (PSY-5) Scales: Gaining an experience overview for case conceptualization and treatment planning . Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. ^ Butcher, J. Texting While Driving Essay! N., Hamilton, C. K., Rouse, S. About! V., Cumella, E. J. (2006). While Driving Essay! The deconstruction of the for biology Hy Scale of MMPI-2: Failure of RC3 in measuring somatic symptom expression. Journal of Personality Assessment, 87, 186-192. Texting Driving Outline! ^ Caldwell, A. B. (2006).

Maximal measurement or meaningful measurement: The interpretive challenges of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales. Thesistools! Journal of Personality Assessment, 87, 193-201. ^ Rogers, R., Sewell, K. W., Harrison, K. S., Jordan, M. J. (2006). Texting Driving Essay! The MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scales: A paradigmatic shift in thesistools enquete, scale development. Journal of Personality Assessment, 87, 139-147. ^ Archer, R. P. (2006). Texting While Essay! A perspective on the Restructured Clinical (RC) Scale project. Journal of Personality Assessment, 87, 179-185. ^ Tellegen, A., Ben-Porath, Y. Essay Experience Life! S., Sellbom, M., Arbisi, P. A., McNulty, J. L., Graham, J. R. (2006). Further evidence on the validity of the while essay outline MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales: Addressing questions raised by ahrc in creative, Rogers et al. and texting driving Nichols. Thesistools Enquete! Journal of Personality Assessment, 87, 148-171. ^ Gough, H. G. (1950).

The F minus K dissimulation index for the MMPI. Journal of Consulting Psychology, 14, 408-413. ^ Gough, H. G. (1957). While Essay! California Psychological Inventory manual. Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologists Press. ^ Wiener, D. In Creative! N. (1948). While Driving! Subtle and obvious keys for the MMPI. Journal of Consulting Psychology, 12, 164-170. ^ David Armstrong, (March 5, 2008) Malingerer Test Roils Personal-Injury Law; 'Fake Bad Scale' Bars Real Victims, Its Critics Contend The Wall Street Journal ^ 40. For Biology Papers! Greiffenstein M.F., Fox D., Lees-Haley P. Essay! (2007) MMPI-2 in Detection of Non-credible Brain Injury Claims. In K.B. Boone (Ed.) Assessment of essay, Feigned Cognitive Impairment: A Neuropsychological Perspective (pp.

210-235) New York: Guilford Press. ^ 41. Press Release: ^ 42. Larrabee G.J. While! (2005) Assessment of Malingering. Forensic Neuropsychology: A Scientific Approach. (pp115-158). Guidelines For Biology Papers! New York: Oxford University Press; Greiffenstein M.L., Baker W.J., Axelrod B., Peck E. Texting While Essay Outline! Gervais R. (2004) The Fake Bad Scale and the MMPI-2 F-family in about cancer biology, detection of implausible trauma claims. While Driving Outline! The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 18, 573-590; Henry G.K., Heilbronner H.L., Mittenberg W., Enders C., Stanczak S.R. Essay Experience Of College Life! (2008) Comparison of the Lees-Haley Fake Bad Scale, Henry-Heilbronner Index, and Restructured Clinical Scale 1 in identifying noncredible symptom reporting. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 22, 919-929. ^ 43. Downing S.K., Denney R.L., Spray B.L., Houston C.M., Halfaker D.A. Examining the relationship between the Reconstructed Scales and the Fake Bad Scale of the texting while driving essay outline MMPI-2. (2008) The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 22, 680-688. Psychological Testing: Rorschach Inkblot Test.

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Create a Business with Your Art (Q#038;A with Ann Rea) Last week, I had the privilege of while essay outline, hosting a one-hour QA session with Ann Rea, a successful artist and entrepreneur who is devoted to destroying the myth of the essay about cancer biology “starving artist.” Our audience members submitted so many great questions that had to do with how to turn a creative passion into a profitable business. Other questions from our session included: What’s the texting while driving essay outline best way to decide what to work on first if you have multiple interests? How do you price your products? Who should I market to first? I’m a songwriter but have not recorded, where do I even begin? There were plenty more questions during the webinar, and you can watch the recorded video above or read the transcript below. To learn more about of college life, Ann, visit her website:

Jonathan: Thank you for joining us today at this Bplan’s webinar. My name is Jonathan Michael. I’m the Community Manager for texting We’re so excited to have you here today with us for our question-and-answer session with Ann Rea. Ann Rea is on a personal mission to thesistools voorbeeld, destroy the texting outline myths of the starving artist. She and her inspired business approach had been featured on HDTV, the Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields, in Fortune, and the Wine Enthusiast magazines, and profiled in thesistools voorbeeld the book Career Renegade. She is while essay, a popular instructor on Creative Live.

Her artistic talent is experience of college, commended by American art icon Wayne Thiebaud. She has a growing list of collectors across North America and Europe. Thank you for being here, and texting while outline welcome. Ann: Oh, thank you very much, Jonathan. Of College Life. I appreciate the opportunity. This is going to be fun. We surveyed a number of you and gathered wonderful questions, and a lot of them are commonly asked questions. While Driving Essay Outline. That’s what we’re going to focus on today. Jonathan is going to feed me a question, and I’m going to do my very best to answer it for you. I’m a painter.

Let me just tell you this is really applicable to any creator, who is building a business. I’ve worked with other painters. I’ve also worked with illustrators. I’ve worked with musicians, jewelry designers. It’s interesting enough when I do speak engagements like massage therapist show up. I think if you think identity as a creator, and feeling a little bit of disconnect with the business side, I am here to translate between the two worlds. Jonathan: Awesome.

Thank you so much for being here. Ahrc Writing. Just for driving everybody who is in experience of college attendance today, we do have some questions that people have already submitted when they registered for the webinar. Texting While Driving Essay. If you’d like to ask a question, all of our attendees are currently muted. The way you’re going to ask questions is you will notice a questions tab with the webinar application. You can write in your questions and essay about cancer biology click “Submit.” What I’ll do is I’ll moderate those questions, and find great ones to pass forward to driving outline, Ann.

Keep your questions coming all throughout today. I’ll do my best to writing, get them all in. All right, we’re ready to start? Jonathan: Okay, let’s kick it off. Ann, the while first question that I wanted to ask you today is how do you further your art career?

Ann: Great question. First thing I do is question the question. Ann: Okay, because I don’t believe artists have a career. They don’t have a career. They have a business. Why do I say that?

This is an important thing to essay about cancer, understand. It’s a matter of perspective and mindset. Texting While. The practical manner is guidelines for biology research papers, this, if you had a career, you’d have a job, which means you get a W-2, you have a retirement plan, [inaudible 00:03:09] parking space. You don’t get a job as a fine artist or as most creators are writing…Even if you were a creator, and you have a job, it’s usually a short-term gain. If you run things like a job, like if you have a career, you are not going to do what you need to do to build the business and to make yourself marketable.

That’s the first thing. It’s really understanding the difference between the two. We’ve been told that we have careers. We present resumes and exhibition list. It’s really not relevant to a business. Really the best place to while driving essay outline, start is to write a business plan.

Honestly, that’s what I did. That’s how I did it. Jonathan: Okay. When you’re writing that business plans, lot of questions that came through today how to cause of divorce, do with, how do I define my market, my niche, who do I market to? Bill Hunt brought that question. Ann: Great. Great question.

Yeah, a lot of texting essay outline, artists will start with the essay experience life question with how do I define my niche, my market niche, or how do I find collectors, how do I find caterings or customer? You really can’t answer that question until you’ve answered other questions. I’m going to break this down for texting while driving you. Phd Studentship In Creative. The first question you really have to have a solid answer for essay outline is, what is your creative purpose? What’s your “Why?” Simon Sinek wrote this book, Knowing your why or something. The problem is we don’t often know how to get it our why.

You really do have to know why do you paint, why are you a photographer? Why are…It’s like…You go back, and that’s the answer. That’s the questions you usually answer like why I do this thing making music, this thing making painting, this thing making jewelry? You got to step back further from writing, that. Artists are thought leaders. First and foremost, you have to know who you are and texting while driving essay outline what you stand for. Experience Life. Who you are and what you stand for? That’s the texting while driving essay outline first thing you really have to know. Why is that relevant therapy find your niche? Because depending on guidelines for biology research papers, who you are and who you stand for, and also what you stand against, that will determine who is texting while driving, going to critical skills, be your target market.

Who is going to vibe after you? Who is going to resonate with you? In answer to that question, you really have to know your “Why.” You have to essay outline, know who you are and questionnaire critical thinking skills what you stand for. Then secondly, you have to know what problem is there in the world that you believe is really wroth solving. Now, that is the while essay outline essence of every business. Every business solves the problem or alleviates the pain, and ahrc in creative make no mistake, artists do the same thing, if they’re effective, if they’re actually sustainable.

Then once you know your why, once you know your what, then you’ve got to while outline, answer your how. Your how is questionnaire thinking skills, what’s referred to as your unique value proposition. How are you going to solve that problem? Then that’s how you’re going to eat. That’s where you’re going to determine how you’re going to use your art to solve that problem.

Last but not least, who has that problem? Who are you going to texting while essay outline, serve? That’s your target market. There’s a process to this, but most people, most artists will start with the essay question, the third question, which is while driving outline, what is my unique value proposition, or they’ll start with the last question, which is who is my target market? Ann: Really you have to questionnaire about thinking, follow this process. Texting Driving Essay Outline. This is why planning is so important. It’s essential. Jonathan: Okay. From your experience as a successful artist, can you talk about how you answered those questions for guidelines for biology research papers yourself as an example so that we can see what that looks like? Ann: Yeah, I mean it’s a long-winded story. I’ll try to keep it really short and sweet.

My back story is that I went to art school, and while outline I graduated. I worked in design for experience of college life a little while. Then I quit making art for over a decade. Texting While Essay. I didn’t draw anything. I didn’t paint anything. During that time, I developed some pretty severe anxiety, and skills depression, and texting essay insomnia. I went back to art as a means to quell my own anxiety. I had no intension of selling anything. Never mind.

I wasn’t even going to show anybody anything. For me, what I realized it’s just a universal lesson that came from those painful times in questionnaire about critical thinking my life is texting essay outline, that most of the joy that we experience is by research being in the moment, by savoring the texting moment. What did happen was that as I started…I’d actually engage in what’s an act of meditation while I was painting. What was interesting is essay cancer, when I did eventually start to show my work and sell my work, my collectors would say the same thing over and over again. What they would say is when I look at texting while outline your paintings, I feel like happy and I feel very calm; happy and calm. Now, there’s a whole lot of essay about cancer biology, people out there who need happy and calm. It’s a big problem if they don’t have it. While Driving Essay. You’d see how these things are start to winding together we know…We know who I am. You know who I am now, right. You’d probably know what I stand for. Happy and calm is really important to me, because I didn’t experience it for a good chunk of my life.

Jonathan: Yeah. That’s excellent. Thank you for that example. Absolutely that’s a great story too. It’s great to hear from about, where you’re coming from. Tabitha cook brought up a question. Texting While. You’ve got these talents you have and you’re trying to thesistools voorbeeld, get it to be a profitable business and while driving essay even just become a business. What’s the best way to decide what to work on first, especially if you have multiple interests?

Ann: Well, again I may go back to what I said before. You have to first understand…First of questionnaire about critical thinking, all, Tabitha you won’t have this question. You don’t have this confusion of where to start with, if you understand your why. Texting While Driving Essay Outline. You understand who you are and what you stand for. If you understand you’re what. If you understand what mission you’re on phd studentship writing, because if you understand what problem you’re trying to solve, then you will reach for the talents and the resources that are going to driving, more likely help you solve that problem.

That’s how you did…That’s how you will focus. That’s how you will absolutely gain focus. For Biology Papers. When you gain focus you will gain confidence. I know that a lot of creative people listen, who I speak to not certainly not everyone struggles with focus and confidence. The two are linked. Texting While Essay. You’re not going to of divorce essay, start with confidence. Confidence is while outline, going to come by focusing and taking action. Then you’re going to earn confidence. I didn’t start of of divorce essay, confidence.

Remember I had anxiety attacks for good chuck of texting essay outline, my life, probably a mess. It is possible. It is possible. That’s my answer to that question. Go back to that time to time again. You’ll notice pattern here. Jonathan: Okay, great thank you. We have a question from research papers, Samantha. Essay Outline. She wanted to know how do you know how to price a piece of art or the guidelines research papers work that you’re producing? Ann: Well, that’s a great question. It’s really hard to give any specific answers to texting outline, you because I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know who your market is. I don’t know if your market’s over saturated. I don’t know how you reach your market. I don’t know what your sales goes are like. You could have something priced fairly and you could have great marketing but you’re…You can’t close the essay sale. The guidance I give in a general way around this is when people sell a house, before they sell the house they’re getting an appraisal. They look at similar houses in the same neighborhood with the same number of bedrooms. Maybe [inaudible 00:11:44] house has a pool and while outline the other house that sold recently also have a pool. That’s a good…Really just doing an analysis of the writing competitive landscape.

That’s the best place to start. That’s where you’d start. Then what you do is you invent ways to texting driving essay outline, add more and more value, and then you can add more and more [inaudible 00:12:07]. Well, you can make the guidelines for biology research sale is easier or you can actually charge more. Ann: I hope that helps. Driving Essay. Hard to papers, give a real specific answer to general, I’d say it’s like an appraisal when you go to sell your house. Just go look around for while similar work, quality and…That’s the best way. Jonathan: Yeah. You mentioned that the need to plan and create a business plan to do that strategic thinking ahead of time. There’s been a couple of questions that I wanted to essay cancer biology, ask you regarding that, which is while driving outline, how do you create a business plan or how do you build the experience of college plan especially, when your sales for your art are either commissioned or they happens sporadically. It’s not anything that happens on a consistent weekly basis.

How do you build the plan around that? Ann: You absolutely can build the texting while driving plan around that. Just because you sell something via commission versus ready-made, it doesn’t matter. If it’s happening sporadically, that’s a really good indication that you need a plan because you can have…You can build…You can write a plan and ahrc phd studentship in creative take focused action so that it’s happening consistently in texting while your [technical error]. You need a plan…You absolutely need a plan and about a goal too. Let me just back up with…My business plan was completely half-baked, I’m going to tell you right now.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t. Texting While Driving Essay Outline. Perfectly happy to tell you I didn’t know what I was doing. Ahrc In Creative Writing. Here’s what I did, no I wanted; I knew that I wanted to texting while driving, make a $100,000 within the first year. Then I backed in questionnaire about thinking right from there. I was like, “Okay. Well, how the hell can I do that?” I’m just swore on LivePlan, sorry about that. Jonathan: We could add later.

Ann: That was like…Then truly was my first requirement because I just moved to San Francisco. It’s hell of expensive here. It’s more expensive now. Driving Outline. Then I…That was the goal…Everything had to phd studentship writing, work towards this end goal. While Driving. That’s how I did it. I think that’s a good place to do it. Like to questionnaire about critical thinking, determine how much money do you want to make at a minimum and while driving essay outline work backwards. Jonathan: All right. Thanks for that answer. Yeah, let me pull up another question here.

Doug Belding had an questionnaire interesting question. He asked what tactics in driving outline today’s market place can get a new artist entrepreneur to be a stand out aside from their body of work. Ann: I’m not sure you really understand that question which says stand out? Jonathan: Is there something that you need to for biology, do, because maybe your art or you want your art to speak for itself, but I’m wondering … Ann: Okay. Hold on. Hold on. Okay. I want to start right there. Art speaking for themselves, what the texting essay hell does that mean? I am so tired of using meaninglessly…Meaningless and foggy terms that we through around and assume everyone knows what the experience life hell you are talking about. Texting Driving Outline. Speak for itself, what does that mean?

Nothing…What does that mean, speak for itself? Look here is the thing, selling art sucks, let me tell you all right now, it sucks. It does, you don’t want to about, sell art because you are not talented enough and I am not talented enough, really I am dead serious. Texting While Driving Outline. What you want to do is you want to create value of above and beyond your art itself, and that’s what you want to phd studentship, sell, what’s what you want to lead with. If you want to sell art for art sake, you need to find yourself a gallery, and while driving essay good luck doing that by the way, people are getting paid by the way. If you don’t want to bother with any of this, then it just want to make, what you want to make, when you want to make it, how you want to make it with no thought or consideration to what value it provides for a target market, then you got to find yourself representative and I…God bless you, I hope you do, I don’t think you will. Jonathan: Okay. Those are some tough words, now… Ann: The reason I am so passionate and tough about experience, this, Jonathan, is because artist are injured by living under an while driving illusion that somehow magically discovered one day, that’s a lie. Questionnaire Critical Thinking. That’s a big, big lie, it looks like, I mean think people think I got discovered, trust me no one discovered me. Texting Essay Outline. I worked my ass off, and it was very deliberate and I was very strategic and I was very clear that it wasn’t about questionnaire critical thinking, me and it wasn’t about my career process or my artist statement.

It was about how I serve the target market and texting while driving outline that’s how I got paid and that’s the only way you will get paid in this life. I can make this argument by thesistools enquete voorbeeld looking at artist throughout history but truly I am being, these are like…It’s like tough love, it’s so if you are living under the illusion that somehow you get discovered, please don’t believe it, it’s not true, even if…I actually have the art…Actually have the contract for texting while outline American Idol. Ann: Oh, yeah I do. I’m supposed to papers, have it, it’s illegal for me to have it, but I have got it. It’s intend…It’s basically you have to sign away everything and it’s a denture servitude. Actually, a friend is a very talented vocalist and texting while essay outline he showed it to me and I am like…He said, “They called me back for the audition.” I am like, “You can’t go. Essay Cancer Biology. This is verbal.” Like all his modeling money, you could have to give it to them you can’t…It didn’t work, it was ridiculous. That’s what discover…That’s what getting discovered looks like signing over your life. These are not scenario.

Jonathan: Okay. Texting While Driving. If it’s not this illusion that your art has to speak for itself and things like that, correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think that you are saying that as an artist you can get away without having a unique voice and a unique style is questionnaire critical thinking, that right? Ann: Absolutely must…Absolutely, yes but that is not enough. Outline. Let me give you an thesistools voorbeeld analogy. Jonathan just pretend you are interviewing me for texting while essay a job, okay. Ann: Just pretend. I am not wearing this on t-shirt, I am actually all dressed for essay about cancer biology the job right, I have a very nice briefcase, I look like a great candidate, just pretend right. I still have to got to answer your questions. Ann: If I said you are mute…if I said you are mute, that would be speaking for myself, would you hire me just based on me sitting here, looking like I am ready for the job without ever, without me ever speaking.

Jonathan: No I would definitely want to see what you know and what you have done. Ann: Right, if I could indeed add value to while outline, your organization. Ann: If I would be able to solve the questionnaire about critical problem that you have on your team or alleviate…Problem or alleviate a pain that you have been coping with in your organization right…You have to be able to speak to that very directly and convincingly…Apart. Jonathan: We are clear you need a style, you need a unique voice, you’ve got…That has to texting driving, be displayed in the work that you produce but then beyond the work that you produce you as a person communicating. What it is? The problem that you are solving and things like that especially with the new medium out there, being able to get your voice out and present them more to people. How much does that play into it of putting yourself in the forefront? Ann: It’s huge, it’s like every business, it’s not…Selling art is a business, it’s a big, big business and it’s not…It doesn’t…It has a same requirement for success like any other business whether you are…If you are plumber, if you are a tree trimmer, it’s all you still have to…Here is a…You still have to master, you have to essay about cancer, master your craft or master your trade or master your expertise.

No matter what business you are in, that is the texting essay outline minimum price of admission. Of course you do. Of course you need to questionnaire about critical thinking skills, understand your craft, your trade, your expertise or product line; absolutely. After that, the engines that are going to drive the business are going to be sales and marketing and texting essay outline there is no business on earth that doesn’t have to master sales and marketing. You want to sell, you have to understand sales and marketing.

Jonathan: Okay, I am going to come back to Doug’s question on this because perhaps maybe this is what he was trying to get at is okay I have got the work that I have created and I want to take that next step of life, going out into the market place but I know that there is some things that I need to do to texting while driving outline, put myself front and center, do you have a couple of tactics that you would suggest of essay life, where an texting while driving outline artist can go to put themselves out there. Ann: Well when you say put yourself out there. Biology. That itself is another one of those foggy terms that confuse people, put myself out there, get exposure, art speak for itself like those are all like creepy, hard to understand phrases. I am going to bring it back, I am going to while, bring it back and say what’s this gentleman name, who have bravely asked the question? Jonathan: Doug, although I am probably butchering the question.

Ann: Doug. Doug, I would say what’s your “Why,” who are you and questionnaire about critical thinking what…Who are you and what you stand for right, look let me give you a real life example, it’s called LivePlan right. Ann: Do you think that art establishment a group of texting while essay outline, gallery organization is going to wind here for me? Do you think they would ever put me on for biology research, a damn webinar, I mean ever in a million years? No. Texting While Driving. They wouldn’t because I stand against the scarcity and permission based art establishment. Experience Life. I know who I am and I know who I stand for and I know what I stand against. I am going to repel those folks. That’s fine. See, you got to know who you are and what you stand for Doug that’s the texting essay outline first thing and that’s the really important thing. It’s more important in the case of a creative and that means graphic designers, illustrators, jewelry designers, they really have to know who they are and guidelines for biology what they stand for because their product, their art is texting outline, a reflection of essay about biology, themselves, okay.

It’s much more important, Jonathan, I don’t feel like the CEO of your company. Essay. They really need to know as much I mean they do have to understand their values, but they don’t really have to know as much, they can still sell the software without having a really strong sense of self right. That’s the of divorce first thing, Doug. Then secondly, okay, then now that you know who you are and what you stand for what problem is there in the world that is worth solving, what mission are you on? Let me give you an example, I will give you an example of one of while, my artist’s clients, because I think I am…We’ll be explaining this in a way that’s too abstract. Writing. I am going to give you a very practical and texting essay outline relatable example. Ann: It’s a young woman in Memphis, Tennessee, who is a children’s portrait painter. When she first came to for biology papers, me she was called herself a portrait painter. I said, “Well, what kind of portraits do you paint?” She said, “Well, I paint portraits of adults and children,” I said, “Hold on. Okay, let’s niche this down. Do you like painting portraits of children?” Yes.

Now why did I asked her that, I asked her that because what I was thinking is, if little Johnny gets a portrait, little James going to texting while essay, need a portrait right, so that’s going to immediately pour opportunity for another for more work right. Well, if you just keep Jonathan now, he is probably not going to get another portrait done, he is probably going to be done. About Biology. That was my thinking there. Texting While Driving Outline. It’s more strategic. Ahrc Writing. When we delve into case in a world and found out who she really was and what she stood for, she realized that. She looked at the most painful times in her life and the most joyful times in her life, and texting outline she realized through examining those points of of divorce, view that when she was a child, when she felt really loved and really cared for driving was when her parents were just delivering unconditional love, when she felt, really, really disfranchised and a lot of pain. She wasn’t part of the click. She wasn’t one of the inn girls. We daunted on her…It was really important…It was really important to her a mission she decided to go on was to come up with a way to value children for who they are, to life, value, just value their individual worth for while driving outline who they are just who they are.

What does that portrait do? It values you for who you are. Her mission…She doesn’t just paint the guidelines for biology papers portrait, she actually gets down on her knees. She plays with these kids. She really understands who they are, their personalities, their interest. They have their little…These are little beings who actually have distinct personalities. She reflects that in the portrait. When she talks about her…She never has to sell her portraits because I told, selling art sucks remember?

I told you that. Ann: What she does, she just talks about her mission, which is true. Yeah, she just says I am really…She talks about a mission, she the one really just on texting while driving outline, her children for who they are and celebrate their worth. She talks about, how she arrived at essay that and by driving essay outline the time she is ahrc phd studentship in creative, done talking about that, people are freaking…She has got eating all of texting driving essay outline, her hands because they are so inspiring by questionnaire about thinking this mission. It’s authentic.

There is nothing about texting driving, it that is copy written in advance or somehow strategy this is truly who she is. That’s the example of how you sell art without selling art. Jonathan: That’s great, from your experience and in creative writing maybe you want to answer the question in general to…The question that I am having from all of this is okay so I have got my art, I got it ready to go, what’s my next step, who am I talking to outline, next. Ann: You got the cart before the horse, Jonathan. You got your art and you are thinking that’s your starting place. You have a body of work and what’s my next step. What I am saying is you…You have the carpet for the horse, you are in the middle. You need to backup two steps. Let’s go back to phd studentship in creative, Kate as an example.

She knows who her ideal customer’s avatar is, if you are not familiar with that term, that’s like the persona of texting driving, her favorite buyer, a collector. She knows that her values match her customer’s values. Guidelines Research Papers. She talks about her values. She got like family values. In that value of family, a value of family is very important to her particular target market. She talks about that. If you are starting with your art, you are like you…You just your choice is tied together. While Driving Essay. You have to backup and cause of divorce essay know who you are, what you stand for and who you, who…What problem you can solve and whose got that problem, we look at Kate, right. Those mothers who commission these portraits, their biggest worry is that they are going to somehow screw their kids up. Truly she circumvent them, and their most concern that they are not going to love their children well enough, and they are not being patient, they are not being loving enough mothers because they are so hairy at doing things.

Having a portrait of while driving outline, their child is essay, a way to really honor and celebrate that child and express love and appreciation for that child, that’s how Kate solves the texting while driving outline problem…That’s their inner angst that they are very, very concerned about that. Jonathan: Okay, let’s talk about thesistools enquete voorbeeld, reach though. She had her target market defined. How did she reach them, was it online sales or she gong to…Fairs and events, and setting up her boots. What does that look like? Ann: Great question. Number one source of business is referrals, which is texting while essay, usually the essay case, but we all got to start somewhere, right, so you start with…I’m not going to tell you where to start because my suggestion is you start…You start with the fastest path of cash. While Driving Essay Outline. A lot of artists that I’ve talked to, say that people have expressed interest in a commission but they didn’t want to about thinking, do it, because they didn’t know how to handle it.

Go do it. Do it and mess it up. Texting Driving Outline. Just go do it and so that’s the first thing Jonathan it’s like if there’s someone that’s already expressed interest in your art and about biology you hadn’t followed it up and I’m not kidding when I say that. Driving Outline. Then make a list of voorbeeld, those people who have expressed interest and while driving outline start with them. Ann: Or maybe if someone said to you…I love what you’re doing and I know so and thesistools voorbeeld so would love what you’re doing. I’d like to introduce you at driving essay some point. Well, follow up with that person and make that introduction happen. That’s like the easiest quickest way to start. Ann: With your existing network and opportunities that you are having back in your head commit them to writing.

Make yourself a list and prioritize them like who is the enquete voorbeeld hottest lead here on this list, who is texting essay, it and…Who is warm and who is cold. That’s number one. About Skills. Just start with where you are today…That’s only that…That’s a really important and powerful concept to texting while driving essay outline, remember. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be just start with where you are today and don’t measure yourself against of college someone else don’t…You’re just going to be a massive case of anxiety and angst and everyone starts somewhere. I started somewhere. I started nowhere. I was nowhere, so please remember that, okay? Ann: Then look at your existing network obviously online we got so much potential to connect to people but the problem that happens is you’ve got all this wonderful social media channels and ways to engage. You need to essay, have something to say that’s compelling. Ann: Right?

It’s like going to essay, a cocktail party and not having anything to say. You don’t know how to engage in a conversation. You don’t really know how to introduce yourself. Outline. You don’t know how to ask questions or take turns in conversation. Obviously social media is enquete voorbeeld, a really great way…Having an online presence, but people…I don’t know…People buy art mostly in person, especially if it’s expensive, if they’re going to buy off your websites usually going to be a second purchase. It cannot be a…Depending on…This depends very much on driving essay outline, price point and the product.

Don’t get all upset…If you’re selling on online, good for you…It depends like…I’m talking about essay of college life, expensive stuff it’s going to while driving, require some hand holding. Guidelines Papers. The more expensive it is its going to require hand holding and sharing the outline same air. Ann: That means going to events or hosting events yourself…Talk shows or open studio events. I’d invite people to my place here at the beach when I started out. Served them cocktails and [inaudible 00:33:25] and most people didn’t buy a damn thing, but a few did and it was worth it. Jonathan: Okay. Lynn had a question and it dovetails into a question that Jaden has as well. Lynn wanted to know how do you handle the businessy stuff like building a sales funnel, selling, managing clients?

Then Jaden’s question is, do you recommend getting the phd studentship in creative writing manager to kind of handle some of that stuff for you, make those connections? What are your thoughts on texting driving essay, that? Ann: Well, let’s keep it real. You’re never going to afford a manager until you get a certain point of for biology papers, success. Ann: Let’s just keep this real. There’s no like long line a manager is waiting for a jobs to work for artists who aren’t making enough money to pay them. You got to…You got to be become success on your own first, then you can hire a manager. Outline. Yes, so you can’t really…You can’t start with a manager. There’s no manager.

I don’t know where they are, but I’d love one. I don’t know…That’s a false…It’s one of for biology research papers, those false notions, right, like get a manager. You’ve got…The first thing that’s…The first thing a manager may let’s say work on essay outline, a percentage or a gallery is going to ask you is, “How much have you sold?” How much is…Or they’re not going to take you on. Sorry, you’re going to questionnaire thinking skills, have to texting, master this and experience of college life guess what it’s actually fun and interesting. Now the while essay outline other question was about how I managed the business side? Jonathan: Yeah, like did you have to do it all from the scratch on your own?

Did you get help from in creative, people? What did it look like? Ann: Well, so wherever I could get help I got help and especially yeah definitely, so one of the ways that you can get help is through like Elance and oDesk. Right? It’s pretty cheap. Another way is you can get help like trading for services, bartering, I’m not going to get into the tax implications of while essay outline, that, but I did a lot. Phd Studentship Writing. I did trades a lot when I first started. I traded for hair salon services, I traded for acupuncture, I traded for massage, I traded for so…I traded anything I damn well could trade for. I traded for graphic design, website design…People who would like really loved my art but wouldn’t normally buy it were…Because they didn’t usually buy art they were great…They were great prospects for giving a trade. I did it dollar for dollar trade, and I kept it all in writing because I didn’t want to while driving essay, lose my friendships in a relationships with these people. I wanted the boundaries to be very clear.

That’s another way that you can do it. Here’s a thing you don’t have to do everything at experience life once. All right, just take it one step at a time. The one thing that’s a big hazard is feeling overwhelmed. Texting While Driving Essay. If you got plan however, especially a living plan you can take things you can chunk things out and do things in a logical sequence. It’s very difficult to for biology research papers, do that if you don’t have it written down and you don’t have…You’re not keeping up with it, very, very difficult.

I don’t think you can do it actually. Jonathan: When you were building your business plan…Now, this ties into a question from Sarah, is there a business plan outline that you think fits well for while driving essay artists…Where did you land on your search? Ann: Well, I have a plan and I’ve a one-page plan. Ahrc In Creative Writing. It’s not as anywhere as in-depth as life plans. I don’t know if I can mention that or not, but I feel if it’s proper then you can send out the link, but you’re all welcome to that. That is a good place to…It’s actually artists who strive to launch the texting plan, but you can’t stop there.

That’s just to get things out. You have to go to the next level and writing that’s where you have to keep iterating that plan, and texting that’s just the bare bones of it. That’s why a product like live plans keeps you engaged in planning. Experience. It’s not the plan, okay, it’s actually not the plan, it’s the planning. Does that make sense? Jonathan: Yeah, I think it does. Ann: Do you think it matters? Of course you do. Jonathan: I think it does, but let’s explain that to all.

Ann: [Crosstalk 00:38:07]. Driving Outline. You got to start every week by looking at essay experience of college your plan. It’s like a…You say a plan is not a road map it’s a compass. Let’s just look at this analogy, right? Ann: Lets say I want to while driving essay, go from San Francisco to New York City and I have never taken this journey before in my life right and that’s like wanting to guidelines for biology, go from 0 to texting while driving outline, a $100,000 in about thinking one year. How the texting while hell am I going to do that, right? Ann: Well, what’s going to happen is critical thinking, I’m going to texting essay outline, make progress…Let’s say, I get across Nevada or I will…Now I may have to look at my map again to see if I’m pointing the essay right direction and I still point to while essay outline, east towards New York or am I going towards Alaska now right so you have to about thinking, look at texting driving essay your plan and see where you’re positioned in the map. You also have to take this…One thing about planning is essay about cancer, you look at your situation as it is driving essay outline, today…What are those six things I need to thesistools enquete, do today, right. Then you also want to be able to take a step back and look at your plan and your position on that plan or on that map from like a 30,000 mile view to see where you’re tracking. We got to driving, zoom in and out.

That’s my best analogy I can give you, but it’s really important. Bottom line is this…When you think about the act of writing something or trying to articulate something…When we write we find out what we know and what we don’t know. Experience Of College. That’s important too, but not being able to answer questions is…It’s great news. Right, I don’t know what my target market is. Great, so then you can ask the question, “Well, then how do I find out?” Ann: You’re not going to have all the answers at once, but planning will help you provide those answers over time and while driving essay outline those answers will also change over time. Jonathan: Yeah, that’s great. Thank you. Jonathan: That is okay. We have a question from Marilyn John, she wanted to phd studentship, know how do you stay motivated when you’re art is essay outline, good and about cancer maybe you’ve had people compliment that its good, but it’s not selling. What keeps you motivated in that situation?

Ann: Yeah, you take some compliment and texting driving outline deposit them in a bank, Marilyn, I know that. I know that feeling. I’m going to address this. About Critical Skills. Okay because this gives artistes a lot of while, consternation. They get gushing compliments from people and then those people don’t buy and then the experience artist feels like…Their family thinks somehow okay. Let me give an analogy…A lot of people here at while driving essay San Francisco drive those Tesla cars and I think they’re really beautiful and I think that they’re…I like that they’re so well-engineered, but no matter how much money I had I am never going to…I am never going to essay experience, spend a $100,000 on a car, because if you live in San Francisco you’re bumpers going to get dented. I just wouldn’t do it. Right, so I admire that car.

I think it’s a beautiful car. I respect the texting while outline engineering, but I’m not going to buy it. I’m never going to buy it…Those are those people who give you the voorbeeld compliments but don’t buy your stuff. While Outline. Just take the compliments as an assurance that you’re doing something right. Ann: You just never found your target market and you probably haven’t found your…If you have found your target market you’re not addressing their pinpoint. Let me just say, Keith Bradley the portrait painter who I referred to earlier, a lot of those people didn’t know that they needed their children’s portrait painted. They never felt it and it never occurred to cause, them, but when she presented it as hey, this is a way to actually celebrate your child’s individuality. While Essay. Take pride in it and questionnaire acknowledge them, like…It’s a junior portrait. Jonathan: Yeah, that brings to a question from Sabrina Booth, I’m glad she brought this up because it kind of ties into what you were saying earlier with thinking through that people that you’ve already talked to, who have shown some interest in texting while driving your work.

How do you take an phd studentship in creative writing enquiry and texting while then convert it to an actual sale? Ann: Well, that’s a big question. I wish I could talk to questionnaire about skills, her directly, like what really delve into the question so I can ask questions about the questions to while essay outline, make sure I understand it. Ann: Because I apologize everyone and maybe answering the question and essay cancer it’s not affectively answering what you typed in, but…That’s such a big question because how do I sell something. It really…The question is texting essay, how do I sell something and cause that’s as big of a question as how do I market something. Right, I can’t really answer without knowing the while driving essay specifics, but I will tell you this…As in the general world people buy, generate most of your business. Because they already trust you, right, so you already got number one…You’ve already got that box checked if you got a referral. Really, anything I would say about selling and this is as a general notion is this just really having a conversation…A guided conversation. You want to find out if you could help them or not and this is why understanding what you’re solving is so critical. If you can’t help them then you let them know you can’t help them and then you end that conversation before you waste time…Your time and their time. Its just really that’s a very, very different philosophical approach than using test closes and thesistools enquete closing the deal, so its about having guided conversations and then I also will add you got to ask.

Just come right on texting while essay outline, say, is this something you’re…Can you picture this on experience of college, your wall? Do you like wearing this…Do you like the texting while essay way that bracelet feels? Do you want to take it home with you? Would you…I offer free delivery…Would you…If you’re interested in buying this today, I can offer free delivery and installation. You sense it there’s not interest which you almost have to make them mental note, when you’re just starting to sell to remember to ask for of college life the sale. Jonathan: Yeah, I think that’s a good point. Can I tie into something that I want to ask you about to texting outline, is maybe what’s holding back somebody back from doing that is the fear of either rejection or the fear that they don’t know how if they can represent themselves well. How do you handle fear? How do you get past it?

What’s worked for you? Jonathan: What was that? What do you say? Ann: Fear is always going to in creative, be there. It’s always going to be there and you can’t ever get rid of it, so don’t fight it, just say hello to it. Say, “Hey, [inaudible 00:45:52] fear. I feel like I’m sweating, I can feel it. I feel the hair is raising on the back of my neck.” Feel it.

You’re going to feel fear. It’s okay. It doesn’t prevent you from saying, “Are you interested in texting while outline buying this?” You can just…I think spear of fear just causes more damn fear. It’s actually anxiety. Voorbeeld. That’s actually would cause…I’m very familiar with it. Ann: You have to just feel the fear and do it anyway, and texting essay it’s very…It is questionnaire, more fearful for an artist to ask for the sale because it’s personal. I’m telling you, if you will take, if you will start selling art, I mean it, start selling your art and look for ways to while driving essay, solve the problem, you’re not going to in creative writing, have a problem to find, you’re not going to while driving, have a problem asking whether or not you can solve the problem. You’re not going have a problem with that. Essay Cancer. You’re going to texting while, want to do that because you’re actually going yourselves someone’s problem.

Jonathan: I think what might be helpful to is to recognize that you’re going to essay experience of college, make mistakes that does happen. You might mess it up. [Crosstalk 00:46:57]. You might feel like you lost that sale, but that shouldn’t stop you from driving, asking and you’ll find that as you continue to ask you’ll get better. Is that right? Ann: Yes, there’s a phrase…I don’t know who came up with this phrase, but when it comes to like sales and losing sales, you’re going to lose more sales and you’re going to essay experience, have it closed by a huge percentage, and the phrase goes, “Some will, some won’t, so what next?” There’s really a provision to take. It’s okay. There it’s okay. While Driving. It’s a number’s gain, and it’s not personal. I mean, when the last time you went to cause of divorce, a shoe store and you didn’t buy those shoes, wasn’t a personal rejection as the sales person know it all.

You just didn’t want the shoes. They didn’t fit you. They weren’t you’re style; you didn’t feel like shopping that day. Texting While Driving Essay Outline. It really is cause essay, that you don’t lose sight of this. We have this illusion that the art is an extension of ourselves. Our relationship to driving outline, our art that’s true. Of College. When the buyer comes around, it’s just a product that they do want to buy or they don’t want to buy. It’s not personal if they reject it, if they don’t want to buy it. Jonathan: That’s interesting. While Driving Essay Outline. I haven’t thought of that before, but that makes a lot of sense. Enquete Voorbeeld. It helps from an owner’s point of texting while driving, view to recognize that, and stop seeing it is of divorce essay, a personal rejection which might take a little bit of driving, time to realize that.

It sounds like it’s worth it. Ann: If you get into this place for you really understand what problem you’re solving because just they wanted to happen…You’ll be selling…Remember when I said you don’t want to sell art, selling art sucks. You want to create value above and thinking beyond the art and sell that. If you’re focused on that, you’re not actually selling your art anymore. The example with Kate Bradway, she’s not actually selling portraits of children, but she’s actually selling it’s an opportunity to a parent, usually it’s a mother to driving, celebrate and to knowledge their child’s individuality, and they’re worth of their individuality. Questionnaire About Critical. It’s an opportunity to while outline, love that child for who they’re, just as they are. That’s a powerful promise.

Product promise isn’t it? Ann: A lot more probable and engaging they’re trying to sell portrait. Ann: It is in fact that’s what actually happens and about critical it’s…These portraits get unveiled of these children and the parents often like tears, well, she loves it when the dad’s cry in particular, really … Ann: I want to while driving essay outline, emphasize, you have to be authentic because people will smell it. Thesistools Enquete. This system really be authentic. If it is it, it will work.

Jonathan: Tony asks a question that I think ties well into this. He said, “Is art is abstract?” Jonathan: He’s having trouble knowing how to texting while essay outline, communicate? How that solves a problem? Maybe you can speak to that. Ann: Glad you asked, Tony. Love it. Ahrc Phd Studentship In Creative. Okay, so let me give you another example of someone who’s selling art, but not selling art, okay? This artist I worked with, her name is Jenny Nikki, let me explain who she is and what she stands for first of all. Her why? When Jenny Nikki was in her early thirties, she was married, had two children and while essay she was given a diagnosis of cancer and given 50-50 chance to live.

Okay. As you can well imagine she was very scared, and her heart was bursting because she didn’t know if she was going to be around for her children, so on the way that she responded to this stress by research papers the way she’s an abstract painter. That’s why I’m talking about Jenny Nikki. Ann: She went into texting while driving essay, her studio and she started painting, abstract paintings to biology, her children. Basically, she’s “I wanted to texting while driving essay outline, make stuff, so I can leave something behind because I really know I was going to be around.” I thought, “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to act, so this is what I’ll do,” and that’s what…I said, “Oh that’s interesting. It sounds like you were basically reading a legacy of love to your children.” She said, “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I was doing. I said, “Well, what will be interesting Jenny?” She said, “Why are you doing that?” She said, “Because I realized that I needed to about critical thinking, tell them that I love them and show them that I love them. I need to while essay outline, show them that I love them in case I didn’t make it.” By the way, she’s like five years cleaned. Essay Cancer Biology. She’s very healthy. Ann: Yeah, she’s doing great, so I just thought, “Ooh, this is awesome.

I got idea.” Then what happened next was I said, “Oh, my Gosh, Jenny, so many people have this problem. The problem is while essay outline, they don’t people and realize that they love them, and why they love them.” Talk about enquete voorbeeld, pain, that’s a fake big pain as humans have, right? Ann: What if you actually sat with someone, and you ask them like she did this. Texting Driving Outline. She did this with the groom and is his bride-to-be. She sat with him and said, “Tell me the reasons you love her.” He wrote a list with Jenny.

He started crying which is guidelines for biology research papers, great because it’s I have this phrase, “Watch him cry, make a buy” which means touch their heart. They will just…That’s what art does. Driving Essay Outline. It touches your heart. Essay About Cancer Biology. He went through this process with her and then she took those words and she was all blubbery too. It’s fantastic. Then, she created this painting. It was an texting while driving outline abstract painting that was inspired by this love list. Then what happened was the wedding party actually paid the commission, and Jenny came to essay about biology, the wedding reception unveiled the painting. The bride starts crying. The groom starts crying.

Everybody in the reception starts crying. Essay. Jenny gets much referrals. Ann: Jenny gets you where this is. This is really is…This is made of…This is Jenny’s real circumstance. She knows who she is. Jennie knows what’s important in experience of college her life.

That’s what’s important. You find out what’s important when you face death. She knows who she is and what she stands for. While Essay Outline. Does she resonate with everyone? No. Does her abstract style and abstract painting resonate with everyone? No. Doesn’t matter.

She knows how to connect with retarded market though. She knows how to help them. She can solve a problem. Ahrc Phd Studentship. She can alleviate pain. She doesn’t have to sell any more damn abstract paintings, which is no fun. There’s too many abstract paintings. Texting While. You’re not talented enough. I’m not talented enough. Jonathan: When we talk about research, this, it’s like so far we’ve used painting an artist sells the example which makes a whole lot of texting essay outline, sense because you’re … Jonathan: You know a lot of artists, but…[Crosstalk 00:54:26].

Exactly. Essay Experience Of College. Do you have examples for how musicians who’ve done this? How photographers have done this? Ann: Yes. I only know example of a musician, okay?

Musician who is…He was in Whitney Houston’s first music video. He grew up in the Baptist church in a thoughtful tradition just like Whitney did. He tried for many, many years to make it, to get signed by a label and blah, blah, blah, things you do, right? Hold on. Texting Outline. You’re a Gospel…I’ll explain to you what you’re doing.

I said, “You are Gospel singer.” He’s like, “Oh, I can’t use the word Gospel, it’s not marketable.” I’m like, “Well, first of all Mister, you don’t really you haven’t been a master of marketing yet. Let’s just go back and believe where they’re and for biology papers where we stand for,” because that’s why your strength lies, your authentic self. What happened was fast forward. Essay. I was just trying what he is doing now. He went back to the Gospel tradition, and we created this concept of thesistools voorbeeld, something that’s called “Voice Church.” It’s a reflection of a term called “House Church” and in while the Christian community in the South; they gather and questionnaire skills have church in people’s houses. What he does is texting driving outline, he goes to people’s houses and ahrc in creative writing he actually conducts a gospel sing along. Driving. In that tradition, you actually sit or stand in a circle and voorbeeld it’s called a response.

Everyone can sing. You don’t have to driving outline, know the words. He calls, and about thinking skills then people say in response and people have a flipping blast, it’s like karaoke, where you don’t have to get drunk. While Outline. It’s like karaoke. You don’t have to essay, believe in Jesus or God. Everyone’s welcome.

Everybody comes from every whether they have religious orientation or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s a way to gather people and they feel so joyful, and they feel so distressed after doing one of these same circles. You see what probably solving, he also give you a damn excuse to have a very compelling and memorable party. Ann: At the minimum, that’s a minimum value proposition. Essay. People are so happy and they’re lit up at the end of this. He is going back to who he is and what he stands for. He knows that people are very afraid of singing.

There’s an African proverb winch he has on his website, “If you could speak, you could sing.” Most people when you ask that if they could sing, most go “Oh, I can’t sing. I sound like hell.” He gets over all that in phd studentship the singing circles. There’s also a huge barrier for a lot of people. That’s an example of musicians. I can’t give you like…If you type into the chat box I’m a musician how can I make a good living? It’s a hell. I can answer you without digging in deeper. You can ask some of texting while essay, these questions to yourself. Look for about thinking what characteristics, what experience, what skills, what resources do you have above and beyond your art. While Essay. That’s where I encourage you all to look, but for real I would less than an hour from essay of college, my country.

That’s like people are bunch of very affluent tourists, so write down the road there, so that’s why so they’re all panting veneers. Jonathan: That helps, that definitely helps. Ann: That’s fantastic for sales, not every circumstance, but many. Jonathan: Yeah, I guess that you’ve taken one thing away from texting driving essay, today’s webinar. It’s that alcohol helps sales. No, I’m just kidding. Ann: Auctions at about cancer biology art gallery receptions. They’re serving and it’s like always serve it. Ann: People connect with their emotions and their impulses when their…I’m not suggesting you all become…You create a bunch of losers. I’m just saying, it is an actual strategy that is used for. Let’s not pretend that is used.

Jonathan: Well, that’s about the while driving essay outline time that we have for questions. Thank you everyone for submitting your questions and. Jonathan: Thank you for questionnaire about thinking skills your time. I wanted to follow up just real quick you’re a course instructor, you do have this course about making money and making art. Jonathan: You have eight courses, so I’m going to do, I’m going to paste the texting driving essay link in here into the chat window for everybody. Guidelines For Biology Research. I mean, just do that real quick. Texting Essay. Okay, so that’s the link and for biology research you wanted to offer 10% off for texting driving essay outline the course if people include this with LivePlan. [Crosstalk 00:59:34]. Ann: If you copy Jonathan’s T-shirt…Let me just back up. I actually teach something called, “The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester.” Enrollment is not open right now, but there is guidelines papers, I’m accepting applications the next “MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester” and you can go to this link, and apply. Ann: Yeah, there’s an apply link, but if you can navigate towards that I think.

Well, actually you can anyway. If you put in, there’s a place at the very bottom of the applications as, “Where did you hear of us the very first time?” If it was “LivePlan” just type in Jonathan’s T-shirt “LivePlan,” and you will receive a promo code that will extend a 10% off, and texting while essay outline that’s in neighborhood of $200. Ann: Get your take. It’s actually valuable, and that’s just because you all showed up. About Skills. See what happens when you show up. Jonathan: Yeah, thank you. Just as a note because a few people have asked in about seven days or so, I mean, I sent a follow-up email to texting while, everybody who attended, everybody who registered for guidelines for biology research papers the webinar, is going to include a recording of this conversation that we had, and I’ll definitely include the link to Ann’s course with the outline discount, so you can get that there as well. Yeah, once again, Ann, thank you for joining us today. About Cancer Biology. Thank you for all of your great answers. Thank you everyone for coming and submitting such great questions. i br?i?ng i?n 8?5 dollar?s h?ourly worki?ng o?nli?ne fro?m yo?ur h?om?e. i ne?ver th?ought tha?t i?t wa?s p?ossible b?y worki?ng thi?s j?ob, bu?t m?y go?od frien?d i?s maki?ng te?n thous?an?d dollar?s o?n mo?nthly basi?s a?nd s?he sho?wed m?e, ge?t mo?re d?etails b?y following li?nk o?n M?y profi?le.

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