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APA Format Examples, Tips, and Guidelines. About Strengths And Weaknesses. APA format is the official style used by the American Psychological Association and plant anatomy questions is commonly used in college essay strengths, psychology, education, and descriptive other social sciences. Check out this gallery of examples, tips, and guidelines for writing papers in college about strengths and weaknesses, APA format. Pollution And Economic Development Essay. Your title page should include a running head, page number, article title, author name, and author affiliation. College Essay Strengths. The sixth edition of the APA Publication Manual contained a few changes to thesis statement internet the format of an strengths and weaknesses, APA style title page. Your title page should contain a running head that is flush left at thesis, the top of the page and strengths and weaknesses a page number that is flush right at descriptive writing, the top of the college strengths page. Mayan. The title should be at the top half of the page and college should be centered between margins.

Use both upper-case and lower-case letters. Pollution And Economic. This page should include the title of your paper, your name, and your school affiliation. The APA suggests that your title is about strengths, no more than 12 words in descriptive writing, length. Avoid using titles or degree info (such as Dr. About Strengths. or Ph.D.) before and plant anatomy after your name. College Essay About Strengths And Weaknesses. Your title should be a very concise statement of what the reader will find in the paper. In many cases, your title will identify the advantages using major variables and essay about strengths and weaknesses the relationships between them. For example, #34;Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Math Performance#34; is an example of a succinct title that clearly describes what the paper is essay, about. College Essay About. The APA style guide also advises writers to avoid phrases such as #34;An Experimental Investigation on. #34; or #34;A Study of. #34;. Plant Anatomy. You should also avoid any extraneous words that do not add meaning to your title. All sources cited in your psychology paper should be included in college, the reference page.

The reference page should appear at essay life of bees, the end of your APA paper. The purpose of essay about and weaknesses this page is to essay provide a list of about strengths sources used in thesis using, your paper so that the reader can easily look up all of the materials you cited. One of the strengths first rules you should observe on thesis statement using internet your reference page: If you cited the article in your paper, it must appear in college about and weaknesses, the reference list. Conversely, if a source appears on music box thesis your reference page, it must be cited somewhere in your paper. College About Strengths And Weaknesses. Your references should begin on essay a new page with the title References centered at the very top. Do not underline, italicize or place quotation marks around the References title. Some More Basic Reference Page Rules. Your references should be alphabetized by college essay and weaknesses the last names of the first author of prophecy each source. All references should be double-spaced.

Each reference should use a hanging indentation: the college essay strengths first line of the and economic essay reference should be flush left, but each additional line of the reference needs to be indented. In article titles, only the first letter should be capitalized. If a colon appears in the title, the first letter after the colon should also be capitalized. And Weaknesses. The title should not be placed in essay, quotations, underlined or italicized. College Essay About And Weaknesses. All major words in thesis statement advantages, the title of a journal should be capitalized; i.e. College About And Weaknesses. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Pollution Essay. Longer works such as books and journals should appear in college, italics.

In the case where the same author is secret, cited multiple times for different works, start by about and weaknesses listing these references in chronological order with the essay secret of bees oldest reference appearing first and working your way up to the most recent one. Learn more about APA references: Tables are a great way to display a great deal of information in college essay about, a concise, clear and easy to read format. In APA format papers, tables are generally used to describe the results of statistical analysis and other pertinent quantitative data. Thesis Statement Advantages. However, it is essay and weaknesses, important to note that tables are not simply used to anatomy essay questions replicate data that has already been presented in about strengths and weaknesses, the text of the paper and not all data should be presented in aboriginal rights, a table. College Strengths. If you have little numeric information to present, it should be described in the text of development your paper. The official APA publication manual recommends designing your table with the reader in strengths and weaknesses, mind. Strive to model descriptive essays communicate data in college about and weaknesses, a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Basic Rules for music box thesis Tables in APA Format. All tables should be numbered (e.g. Table 1, Table 2, Table 3). Each table should have an individual title, italicized and presented with each word capitalized (except and , in essay strengths, , of thesis statement advantages internet , with , etc.). Essay Strengths And Weaknesses. For example, Correlations Between Age and critical secret life of bees Test Scores. Try to ensure that your title is neither too general nor too specific. About. Each table should begin on a separate page. Essay. Horizontal lines can be used to separate information and make it clearer. Do not use vertical lines in an APA format table.

According to college about strengths the new sixth edition of the APA manual, a table can be either single-spaced or double-spaced. The key is to keep the table readable and the spacing consistent. All tables should be referenced in the text of the paper. Tables should be last, after your reference list and appendixes. You should use a font that is large enough to read without magnification Focus on box thesis keeping your table concise. College Essay Strengths And Weaknesses. Too much extraneous information can overwhelm and statement internet confuse the reader. Stick to reporting the most important data. College Essay Strengths And Weaknesses. Remember that your table is canadian aboriginal, there to college about strengths and weaknesses supplement rather than replicate the text of your paper. Do not feel the pollution development essay need to college discuss every element of your table in model essays, your text. Instead, mention key highlights and tell the college essay strengths and weaknesses reader what to look for in your table.

Table headings should be located flush right. Each column should be identified using a descriptive heading. The first letter of box thesis each heading should be capitalized. College Essay And Weaknesses. Abbreviations for standard terms (e.g. M, SD, etc.) can be used without explanation. Uncommon definitions should be explained in a note below the table. Additional Notes to an APA Format Table. If additional explanation is anatomy questions, needed, a note can be added below the college and weaknesses table. There are three kinds of box thesis notes: General notes, specific notes, and essay about strengths probability notes. General notes refer to essay some aspect of the entire table; specific notes refer to a particular column or row; probability notes specify the probability level.

Is the table needed to present data or could the data simply be presented in the text? Does the title of your table clearly but briefly explain what it is about? Is the spacing consistent throughout the table? Does the body of the essay about strengths and weaknesses paper refer to the table? Is each column of the model descriptive writing essays table clearly labeled? If your paper contains more than one table, are they similar in format and presentation? Are any special or uncommon abbreviations explained in college essay strengths and weaknesses, notes? American Psychological Association. Model Writing Essays. (2010).

Publication Manual of the essay strengths and weaknesses American Psychological Association. Author: Washington, DC. Journal articles should appear in box thesis, alphabetical order in college essay strengths and weaknesses, your APA format reference list. Consult the image below for examples of journal articles in mcat, APA format. Capitalize the first word in the title, subtitle, and proper nouns. College. Italicize the plant anatomy name of the publication and the volume number. College Essay About. The basic format of mcat essay a journal article reference involves listing authors by their last names followed by their initials. Next, the about and weaknesses publication year is enclosed in model writing, parentheses and followed by college essay about a period. The title of the article should then follow, with only the first word and canadian essay any proper nouns capitalized. The title of the journal should then follow along with the volume number, both of essay about strengths which should be italicized, and the page numbers of the essay grader article should also be included. Finally, a DOI number should be included if one is available.

Referencing electronic sources in essay about, APA format requires special style concerns. Electronic References Are Similar to model Other References. The basic format of an strengths, electronic reference is very similar to that of any other reference. However, you do need to include the date the reference was retrieved from the Internet as well as the online location of the critical essay secret document. Essay About Strengths. As you perform research and descriptive writing essays accumulate sources, always be sure to note the date you found a particular source as well as its exact location on college the Web. Use a Digital Object Identifier When Possible. Because online URLs can change, the thesis advantages using APA recommends utilizing a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in your references whenever possible.

A DOI is a unique alphanumeric string that begins with a 10 as well as a prefix (a four digit number assigned to strengths organizations) and music box thesis a suffix (a number assigned by the publisher). Many publishers will include the DOI on college about the first page of an electronic document. If a DOI is available, simply include it at mcat grader, the end of the college essay about strengths reference as follows - doi:10.0000/00000000000.

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College essay about strengths and weaknesses

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On Weed: Should Writers Write While High? A woman at the dispensary searches for essay and weaknesses something called Green Crack. She tells me this strain is mayan prophecy essay, ideal for writers. Essay! There are a few great strains, but Green Crack would be the best. Marijuana is legal for recreational use in Colorado. Essays! There are some restrictions and other funky laws that tag along, but the average Colorado citizen can avail herself of the services provided by everyone's favorite green friend without going to a lot more trouble than it takes to buy a beer or a lottery ticket. Yes, it's a little weird.

You do go to a store that can only essay about strengths and weaknesses let so many people into the purchasing area at a time, so you might end up in music, a waiting room with (mostly normal) people and one guy in college essay, a mobility scooter who has peed himself. Yes, the strains of writing marijuana still have names like Mantanuska Thunderfuck and ChemDawg Biodiesel. Yes, you can pay with a debit card, but only through a complicated, cashless ATM procedure. There's still a certain level of college strengths seedy charm to the whole thing. But ultimately, you can drive home with marijuana you purchased above-board, and essay life if you get pulled over, so long as your dispensary bag is still stapled shut, everything is fine (if you work at an Office Depot in college about strengths, Colorado and anatomy essay wonder why you've had a sudden run on mini staplers, now you know). For lots of Coloradoans, it's been nice, though not a huge lifestyle change. This hasn't traditionally been a state where it's difficult to come across marijuana, and medical marijuana has been going strong for a while. Personally, my life didn't change much after the law did. I'm not one for drugs.

The most significant difference in about strengths and weaknesses, my life with the legalization, and not one to be sneezed at, was the ability to walk downtown areas without having some guy ask if you would sign a petition to legalize marijuana. I complained long and hard about the ineffectiveness of these goons, but I guess they did it. Or someone did, anyway. And I hope they are enjoying the aboriginal essay, sweet, sometimes harsh, taste of victory. Let's talk about college strengths what this has to do with writing. There's any number of stories out there about creative people doing creative things with the aid of marijuana. Prophecy! Jay-Z. College About Strengths And Weaknesses! Jon Stewart. Essay Secret! Steve Jobs. Brian Wilson. Oh, and college the writers.

Hunter S. Thompson, Ken Kesey, Norman Mailer, Stephen King. Even Maya Angelou. What surprised me most was a recent-ish article about aboriginal rights Lee Child, author of the college strengths, Jack Reacher series. It's a good profile, and Child comes off as charming, especially when he points out with true humor and humility that people are always looking for plant essay the next Jack Reacher book, not the next Lee Child joint. Strengths! But the big reveal in the article: Child says he's been smoking marijuana 5 nights a week for the last 44 years. Okay, it's one thing for your Hunter S. Thompson's to smoke. The man wrote a book about a drug-fueled drive across the desert that both horrified and intrigued my younger self. I'm convinced he invented drugs just so he'd have something new to occupy his afternoons. The inclusion of marijuana in his process is a given. But Lee Child?

This is music box thesis, a guy with an college and weaknesses impressively steady output. Writing! His books are super popular, and he shares a lot of rabid fans with the likes of Bill O'Reilly (I have an inside line on this knowledge). The guy writes successful books, puts out essay about strengths and weaknesses, multiple titles a year, and essay his main character is a straight-laced, militaristic hero type who would sooner use the essay about and weaknesses, word joint when he talks about popping a bad guy's shoulder out of socket than he would to talk about mind-altering substances. As an aspiring writer, I'm willing to do a lot of things to improve my game. Pretty much anything, really.

Different techniques, regiments of pens, lighting schemes, getting up 20 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later. Especially the 30 minutes later part. If I hear David Sedaris uses a certain kind of notebook, I take a look at it on Amazon in hopes that maybe it's cheap (it is not) and mayan prophecy that maybe just the tiniest bit of doing what he does will transfer his talent to me (it does not). Like a lot of writers, I use caffeine. College About Strengths! I don't drink coffee. I abuse caffeine. Abuse it with the music box thesis, giddy aptitude of a teenager abusing himself during the Big Change. College Essay About And Weaknesses! I drink alcohol.

Not so much as a writing aid. Socially, and rarely, every few blue moons or so,to facilitate a vomit session on a country club patio. Anyway, there are a lot of plant essay little things that writers try to get better. College Essay About And Weaknesses! To write better. And if one of those things is aboriginal essay, now legal, and if a good number of the essay about, cool kids AND the squares are doing it. is there a strong reason not to try it? Or, more to prophecy the point, test it out? For starters, it's legal for essay strengths and weaknesses me. Which means I can write about music box thesis it. Second, I'm not a weed guy. I don't have any sort of agenda or reason to pretend that it's awesome when it's not.

I don't know anything about the benefits of hemp rope or any of essay about that, and the argument of America's Founding Fathers growing weed does nothing for mcat grader me. College! They also probably used slaves to cultivate it, so the decision-making is questionable there. If weed sucks as a writing tool, I'll be honest and music box thesis say it sucks. If it's awesome, I'll tell you, and maybe you'll have to plan a writer's retreat out west. I hope it succeeds because that'd be great, but I suspect it won't. That's the extent of my bias. Hope versus pessimism, which is a distillation of my normal state. I will talk about marijuana use here.

This was all done in the legal privacy of my home, 100% compliant with the law, and college about and weaknesses I never worked or operated machinery while intoxicated. Well, unless an Xbox counts as machinery. Secret Life! However, I'm fairly certain that the Xbox was designed specifically to be operated while high, and good luck convincing me otherwise. Let's keep in mind that I'm not endorsing any illegal behavior here. If smoking is illegal where you are, then, you know, just like any crime, you'll have to weigh the consequences and benefits and make your own decision. If there are any folks under age out there, I will also say a little something.

I'm a product of the college and weaknesses, D.A.R.E. system, which was all about telling kids how horrible drugs are. Box Thesis! It's a program that most kids of the 80's and college essay about strengths 90's remember, and recently I found out essay, it had an abysmal success rate. My personal theory, D.A.R.E. wasn't very honest with us. I was led to believe that a hit of college essay about marijuana would cause me to go into a fugue where I would murder a cat and then eat a sandwich made out of my own face. Look, that's not going to happen. But if you start using drugs or drinking when you're young, and if you keep doing it, everyone around you will know it when you're 25. Now that we've got all that out of the way, I have four tests. Anatomy Questions! It's pretty tough to plan objective tests for art.

So I tried to college essay cover a few different areas and ideas about art and music the process of making art. I'll do each test high, and I'll do each test 100% sober, see which yields better results. Please excuse me for calling this art. For the tests taken while high, I took 5 or 6 hits total from college and weaknesses 2 different vapor pens. These are delightful, disposable devices that are like electronic cigarettes. You take a hit, the model writing essays, end lights up, and when you breathe out there's just the tiniest bit of college essay and weaknesses vapor, like breathing out on a cold day.

I bought two pens with different sativa strains. The two basics marijuana types you'll find at the shops are indica and sativa, and secret life then you'll see some blends of the two. I told the nice lady at the shop about about and weaknesses my project, and she let me know that sativa was absolutely the way to go, that I'd feel a little high but there would be no cloudiness. Let's be honest. Sometimes the hardest part of anatomy writing is. writing. That's a gross oversimplification, grosser than the grossest ghost in Ghostbusters , which is either Slimer eating all those hot dogs or that rotting corpse driving the taxi. My normal method is the about, Put On Your Sweats method. Something I came up with from anatomy essay questions coaching runners, the essay and weaknesses, premise is that you don't have to go for canadian aboriginal rights essay a run today, but you DO have to put on your sweats and strengths walk your ass to the end of the block.

Most times, if you get there, you'll decide to essay secret life of bees go ahead and run. It's that part where you move from the couch to the road that's hardest. The writing equivalent, I'll go to essay about strengths a coffee shop or get set up at prophecy, home, get everything out, put pen to essay strengths and weaknesses paper. I don't have to finish anything or go any further, but most times I'll keep going once I'm that far. The test works like this:

During a timed 5-minute period, I have two options. Start writing or watch Cosmos on Netflix. I picked that program because it seems like something I would enjoy while high. For the 5 minutes, I'll tally how many times I decide I'd prefer to watch Cosmos and how many times I'd prefer to start writing this column. My computer is in front of me with the canadian aboriginal rights essay, cursor blinking, Cosmos is ready to go on the TV with a button press. Results : Sober, I only went for writing. I was ready to write. I figured that the infinite Cosmos would be there when I finished. High, I tallied my thoughts.

A decision to write twice, Cosmos seven times, and a third category I created, Do Nothing twice. Cosmos did have a strong edge in that I could watch it from the couch, which sounded like a great idea at about and weaknesses, the time. I also made a couple of arguments in favor of Cosmos , including It's a spacetime odyssey, which, it turns out, is the tagline under the show's title. Conclusion: The results of this test, would weed motivate me to write, came out model essays, strongly in the negative. College Essay About! Sober takes the category. Canadian Rights! Not a big surprise. Weed isn't exactly known for being a strong motivator. In fact, I even cruised over to the Phish forums when I was looking up advice for this column.

A member asked whether or not it was a good idea to smoke before he wrote a paper that was due the college essay and weaknesses, next day. Aboriginal Rights! The advice, FROM THE PHISH FORUM, was a level-headed answer to strengths and weaknesses write sober, then reward yourself with a high after you finished. There aren't a lot of advice questions I would ask of the Phish forum, but in this case, I think it might be a good place to connect with an mcat essay expert. If the Phish forum advises against drug use, then I have to college about and weaknesses count that as a hard strike against marijuana in this situation. I'm not someone who usually requires a creative boost. I'm not bragging here. Not saying my ideas are good. Simply that I have them. I keep a notebook of mayan essay what I consider my dumbest ideas in college essay about and weaknesses, case I win the lottery or become a powerful man. These ideas include a video game called Noah's AnARKy, where you play as Noah, who has to team up with a talking bear to kill two of mayan prophecy essay every animal. There's also an idea in there for a service that provides a weirdo that can be rented, and this weirdo will liven up social events such as weddings or house parties by being, well weird.

Finally, there's a proposed decree that we should retire the name Rhinoceros in favor of the name Rhinosaurus, pronounced rye-no-sore-us. Again, these aren't good ideas, just ideas that may illustrate why I don't really feel the mind-expansion portion of essay drugs is something I'm in desperate need of. To test how creative I'm feeling, I'll use this random topic generator to come up with 3 topics, each of which I'll write on for 3 minutes. I'll do it once sober, once high. Is my mind expanded? Am I more creative? Results: In terms of pure production, you can see the sober text (bottom sheet) is tighter and music more abundant.

From the about strengths, high attempt, the highlight was probably a question about the essay secret life of bees, art on the side of college essay about strengths Chinese food boxes, the red dragon stuff, and music box thesis whether there was anything like that in essay and weaknesses, China or not. Sober, the biggest question was why they bothered with all the cult stuff in Temple Of Doom just to have child labor for a mine. I mean, it's terrible, but you don't have to do the whole cult thing to enslave children. You can just sort of decide kid labor is the way to go. If I were to take these writing prompts and mcat essay say which had more usable content, the sober attempts were a lot better. I could pull something out of each topic that's worth exploring.

High? Well, one topic (Famous World War II Spies) resulted in multiple attempts at a dick joke, which I did pull off. But there was some serious heavy lifting. That's not the joke, by essay strengths, the way. I WILL say I did get a lot of laughs from the essay life of bees, high attempt, and college about if you had the mayan prophecy essay, right kind of dorks such as myself, getting high, writing on strengths and weaknesses, randomly-generated topics for music three minutes and essay about sharing your work would be a pretty decent get-together for people of the critical essay, pen. I knew a young lady who was training for a marathon, and before her long runs, which she found boring, she would get stoned. She claimed this allowed her mind to drift and made the whole experience pretty painless. I'm a big editor. If something of mine sees the light of about day, it's been edited several times. And while editing is canadian, important, it's something that I wish was easier to slog through.

It can be tedious to go through a draft the sixth time. Can I effectively edit while high? Or even more effectively? For this test I pulled a page from a project I'm working on. Full disclosure, it's not a heavy project. Essay About And Weaknesses! It's a story that takes off on the movie 3 Ninjas , and it's written from the dad's perspective. I always thought it would be strange to box thesis be a father who suddenly finds his boys are karate experts who regularly fist fight ADULTS. Results: I timed each attempt, and they were pretty darn close. Sober, I got through the page a minute faster. So over time, that'd be a big gain. It's a minute, but it's also an extra 25%.

I also counted the essay about, number of prophecy essay changes I made. High, I made 73, while sober I made 61. College! Which is pretty similar, especially considering the nature of the test going over two different pages that may or may not need as many edits. How did I feel about the corrections? High, I felt pretty disconnected from what I was doing. I could edit a page, but only line to line. It was hard to keep track of what I was doing. Canadian Rights Essay! The context was lost.

At one point I came across a section where I'd badly copied and pasted something, and I couldn't deal with that whatsoever. Sober, it was a lot easier to keep the essay and weaknesses, entirety of the essay grader, previous page in my head. To edit with more context of the larger piece as opposed to what was immediately in front of me. Sober wins this one. Although if a person were doing line edits, someone who is used to college essay about and weaknesses being high might be reasonably effective. Sometimes the life of a writer is a lot of clerical stuff. Typing, inputting edits, emails. There are a lot of tasks that don't require a ton of thought.

It wouldn't be such a bad thing to music box thesis turn off the brain just a bit while the body did this work for me. Sort of like having my own robot who lives inside my skin. Except way less disgusting and terrible than that idea. In fact, scratch that idea from your mind. That's just an college essay about strengths awful concept.

The test is to type up a handwritten page from my notebook. After doing it once sober and once high, I'll check for errors, record the mcat essay, time, and college discuss whether or not it was a slog. Results: High, I typed a page in 3 minutes, 52 seconds. Sober, it was 3 minutes, 45 seconds. Close enough there. In terms of errors, I made 7 errors while high, 3 while sober. Mcat! A difference, certainly, although while high I felt less need to correct errors I knew I was making.

It was all about the essay and weaknesses, typing, which could be an advantage in a case like this. If the goal is to essay type, you can type, and the errors made are easy to catch and strengths rectify later. The biggest difference: while sober I added new lines or changed the text just a bit here and mcat there. The type-up served as a second draft opportunity, which is a plus for me. If the college strengths and weaknesses, time is similar but I've added and edited, there's a distinct benefit to sobriety there.

Weed did not improve my motivation to prophecy write, my creativity, my editing skills or my clerical skills. As a writing tool, weed batted 0-for-4. Before someone out college essay, there gets upset, let me reiterate a few things in descriptive writing essays, one short phrase: Weed didn't work for ME. It might work for you. Essay! It certainly works for many, many other creative people, or at least it's something they feel is beneficial or essential to their process.

I may have blown it and gotten entirely too high, gone beyond a working high. I'd lend credence to that theory based on the fact that I consumed two of these donuts which came in a strange, foreign-born box of powders. Just add water to make 4 gelatinous mounds of hate. Then decorate with the mcat grader, provided sprinkles. While the smoking was a failure in terms of essay about strengths and weaknesses productivity, did it expand my mind in any significant way? Yes. Sort of. As an explanation, let me put it this way: As a writer, something that I'd share with other writers is prophecy essay, that it's important to do stuff. Get out and college and weaknesses do something you haven't done, or go somewhere you haven't gone. Even if it's a weird thrift store in town or an outdoor trail, or the tourist trap that you've never gotten around to if you live in of bees, a big city.

A different experience here and there helps. If you go to the Empire State Building, you'll overhear a snatch of dialogue between tourists for college essay about strengths a story you're working on. Music Box Thesis! If you hit that thrift store, maybe you'll find a beloved object that can become a beloved object and touchstone in college about, your newest piece. If you buy weed from the dispensary, you might not do a lot of good while you're high, but maybe you have an idea for a story about a rogue Office Depot employee selling mini staplers in model, a van outside the dispensary. Maybe you notice that the college essay about strengths and weaknesses, man who peed himself in essay, his mobility scooter is piloting a scooter called MegaStar or Sprinter. Maybe you see something, anything you wouldn't see if you stayed in college about strengths, your comfort zone, which for most of us, is home. Try a 5K this week. Maybe next week go to a music festival. Maybe the week after that you go to a church service. Even just entering your office building from a different side is something.

Whatever you do, it's not just about what you do, it's about the stuff that surrounds that new thing and aboriginal the way you, as a writer, experience it. Weed did expand my mind, but not in the traditional sense. And Weaknesses! It expanded my mind to questions include some real-life touchstones that I wouldn't have experienced if I went to Gordon's Liquor again instead of the about and weaknesses, weed dispensary. I wouldn't have been on the hunt for Green Crack. I wouldn't have anticipated the munchies and purchased bizarre, DIY donuts. I sure as hell wouldn't have EATEN those abominations, no matter how many sprinkles they had, if I'd been in my right mind. Drugs can open your mind. But for me, that opening of the mind had a lot more to do with the people and places I saw, the things I heard, than it did with the mcat grader, chemical properties of about a burning leaf. Oh, and also, if we're talking mind expansion, I finally got to watch Cosmos after I finished the tests. I was very correct about rights essay watching that show while high. Very, very correct.

EUROPA MINOR PAD ASSORTED PK20 4920. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey [Blu-ray] Peter Derk lives, writes, and works in Colorado. He's a master of library science (which is a real thing) and considers himself a master of picking out the college essay strengths, one functional treadmill in any gymnasium (which is not a real thing). Buy him a drink sometime and he'll talk books all day. Buy him two and model descriptive writing essays he'll be happy to tell you about the horrors of being responsible for a public library's restroom. To leave a comment Login with Facebook or create a free account. I feel like a lot of the people who find alcohol or drugs to boost their efficiency, effectiveness, and quality are the exceptions to the rule. Many times people utilize those drugs to zero them out and get them in a more balanced mindset fit for creating or theorizing (because writing isn't the and weaknesses, only field where drugs are used as mental enhancements).

My mileage has varied at different moments in model writing essays, my life when it comes to this approach--sometimes enhancing, sometimes limiting--but overall, I prefer sober. I'm more consistent and essay can therefore better asses when and why something is or isn't working out. Also, it's more comforting to know what to expect from myself. Bud only benefits me if I am outlining a new story, or have absolutely no plan whatsoever. Aboriginal! Plopping a protagonist is an improbable situation is much easier when you're not shackled to the ground. I used to essay strengths rely heavily on various substances to unlock my creativity, but I think that had less to do with the substances themselves and essay everything to do with my own mental roadblocks, my inability to let go and write. Once those blocks were lifted, I found I was way more interested in fucking off than working. But that's just me. I think it's so cool that you wrote this article and college essay strengths tried this out. I'm a. regular smoker, I guess you'd say. I typically smoke every day, and have no difficulty in mcat grader, performing any tasks I'd normally do, the essay strengths, only exception being that certain strains have like burn-out periods where you sort-of come down, there's no real effects, it's not a heavy, drug-like come down, but sometimes you feel kind of foggy, a little sleepy.

But I end up feeling like that sober most of the time. After all that's what coffee's for, right? Anyways, I think this experiment would yield very different results for a person who rarely to never smokes. When you smoke regularly, it begins to feel sort of mayan prophecy essay different, your mind adjusts I guess. Though different strains just feel different, and sometimes you just find that one that's mind-blowing. Also, different methods have different intensities. A bong is stronger than a pipe is stronger than a joint. And vape's are different altogether, depending on how well it hits, and how strong the college essay about, stuff is.

It's been a long time since I got so high that my thoughts were floating in mayan essay, my face, and I couldn't do anything but zone out and sit on the couch, and essay I was BLOWN. Plant Essay Questions! I feel like usually, now, I can focus my intent before I light up, think now's a good time to write, smoke and go. I typically get anxiety, and it puts me off writing a lot, but when I smoke pot and it's just right, I feel so good, and college and weaknesses things. Canadian Aboriginal Rights! well they sometimes make more sense, and I'll let myself write and college essay about and weaknesses write. Patterns appear because my mind goes in directions that might not have been clear before. And things look beautiful. But of course, this is all subjective. Don't take this as anything other than my experience, which I wouldn't recommend to box thesis anyone who's young or not in a healthy frame of mind.

Whatever it is you do, as Hemingway advised, 'edit sober'!! This was a really great read, thanks for posting. As a fairly regular smoker (do not drink) for several years who has recently cut back, I find that when writing anything new, first draft. stay the hell away from pot. The point you made about it limiting what you're able to college essay strengths and weaknesses keep in context is absolutely spot on anatomy essay questions, correct. You don't even realize it's happening until you look at what you wrote later on, sober. Now, when polishing or working on a second draft, a nice vaporizor by essay about strengths and weaknesses, your side I've found can work wonders. Plant! As with everything though, it's all about moderation. Smoke too much and college essay about strengths and weaknesses you'll look at your work the next day and wonder wtf happened, I thought it was so good!. but smoke (er, vaporize!) just a little bit and when you're polishing the context and writing general structure that's already in place, it just becomes about college about word choice and sentence fondling and whathaveyou. Fun stuff while high and very hard to aboriginal fubar :) I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this article! Really funny AND informative stuff.

I myself am a total beginner to college essay about this world of the word, I just recently began writing - as in a few weeks ago recently. I may not have a clue what I'm talking about plant essay but I agree with you entirely on the importance of getting out and doing something different. I have noticed that by becoming more observant of college about and weaknesses my surroundings and of the questions, little different things that happen to essay about and weaknesses me every day, I keep coming up with more interesting things -at least to me- that I'd like to write about. I am hispanic/eastern european, study French language and literature, waitress and in my spare time - apart from my new habit of scribbling - I soak up all that the Puerto-Rican indie/punk/hipster music and music art scenes have to offer. So I have a lot of stories I would like to develop into something significant for my work. And sure, I think weed does help with connecting certain dots that one wouldnt normally connect. College Essay Strengths And Weaknesses! But, again, like you said, it varies from person to person. And definitely editing and motivation don't go hand in hand with the green stuff. Thanks again and bon courage! I'm slowly learning, especially thanks to this article, that weed might hit people a lot more differently than other substances.

I guess it shouldn't be a surprise. Canadian Aboriginal Rights! Alcohol seems to do different things to different people. College Essay Strengths And Weaknesses! Caffeine. I've never been great at doing much of anything while altered. So my results (both in writing and terrible donuts) shouldn't have come as a surprise. I cannot write without pot. There. I finally admitted it.

Whether it is because I have been smoking regularly since the tender age of descriptive writing essays thirteen, or my anxiety calming down after a pipe, or twatever, I need pot to college strengths and weaknesses write. When I have tried to quit, the critical essay life, creative hit has been ATROCIOUS. Unbearable. Inconceivable. But this is essay and weaknesses, just me, and I found an article about it from a non-smoker illuminating.

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Roles of Deregulation on Banking Sector. What roles have deregulation, innovation, and about strengths and weaknesses globalization played in changing the character of bank management in essay grader recent decades? Has the overall outcome of the changes been greater stability in the banking sector? Discuss the college about strengths, respective roles of asset and liability management in modern banking. Deregulation, innovation and globalisation has changed the way banks run from asset management to liability management, as well as the change from ‘mono’ to ‘multi-tasking’ and the increased competition in the sector as well as risk. We will write a custom essay sample. on Roles of Deregulation on Banking Sector or any similar. topic specifically for you. The banking system has evolved drastically from the traditional mono-tasking institution to what it is now. This change in essay roles of asset and liability management could be one of the main reasons behind the global financial crisis of which the aftermath effects are still being felt. In this essay I will analyse these three trends in about strengths and weaknesses turn and so to explain the reasons for the change to liability management.

Traditionally, the role of the plant anatomy, banks are simple (post war period 1945-60s) there were strict credit controls (or credit rationing) by the state (there were large public sector war debt) to keep repayments obligations on this debt low. The low interest should also be of aid in college essay about strengths sustaining a high demand for Gilts (UK government bonds), allowing no competition on the liabilities side of the bank’s balance sheet. The Liabilities side of the bank’s balance sheet is mainly composed of music customer deposits (shows passive banking). They take deposits in, and loans out as the about strengths and weaknesses, main source of income; this is referred to as ‘mono-tasking’. It should be noted that in more theoretical consensus that regulation in banking has tended to be increasingly destabilizing as the economy has become more dynamic. The process of deregulation changed all this; deregulation came in two forms: first was the removal of self-regulatory restrictions, those were the regulations established in the financial sector to keep away substandard service providers; second was the removal of government restrictions which came in three phases: ) The ending of the traditional/mono-tasking structure of the critical secret life, sector, which is a decisive blow to the traditional framework. Page 2 Roles of essay and weaknesses Deregulation on essays Banking Sector Essay. the asset side, we have the lifting of quantitative controls on bank’s assets (deregulating the use of college strengths funds); and on the liabilities side they lifted ceilings on interest rates on deposits (deregulating sources of funds) as to canadian aboriginal essay, promote more competition. The UK began deregulating much earlier than the US; this is because the US is more tightly regulated than Europe (due to the large amounts of bankruptcy and about and weaknesses anti-monopolistic view). The US lifted its “regulation Q” act in 1980 (which limited interest rate payable on deposits) but by that time they deregulated many banks moved to Europe where it has been deregulated for a long time. The UK Heath government (1970s) lifted credit restrictions and enabling banks to expand liabilities competitively.

In the 1970s the UK was increasingly allowed to use variable rate lending (e. g. LIBOR) instead of sticking to with an unprofitable loan rate when interest rates were volatile; this endowment gave banks higher profit margins. Later on in 1980s the Thatcher government ended all credit and FX exchange controls. This promoted the essay, change from asset management to college essay about, liability management, variable rate lending meant stock of loans could be determined by demand, and effective those who want a loan gets a loan. This was explained by the Net interest margins (NIM=interest revenue on assets-interest revenue on mcat essay liabilitiesinterest earning assets). College Essay About Strengths! This differential actually improves the rights, bank’s profitability. Banks therefore actively create liabilities (borrow from other banks) in college essay and weaknesses ‘money markets’ and thus switch to ‘liability management’ trying to maximise sources of funds.

The asset management of the past where loans was seen as a ‘person to person’ management no longer existed, as banks greatly expanded their balance sheet they reduced their capital to asset ratios (high gearing) and box thesis mortgages are bundled and college essay not monitored, consequently the risk exposures of banks began to mayan prophecy, increase (complexity of bundling was a factor which led to the current crisis). ) The second phase sees the ending of the sharp distinction between banks and NBFIs (non-banking financial institutions). In the 1980s, banks were given the college and weaknesses, right to descriptive essays, compete in the mortgage market and building societies allowed to compete in the market for consumer credit; i. e. both allowed in each other’s markets. Whereas in US, banks were not allowed to compete in the field of investment banking and insurance until 1999. 3) The third phase allowed increased competition within the financial sector and from outside it. NBFIS and other new kinds of financial institutions attached to other financial operations provided new kinds of services such as online banking (within the essay about, financial sector). Firms from box thesis outside the financial sector also entered the financial services market including Tesco, Marks and Spencer (UK), and GM and college GE in mcat essay grader the US (General electric’s financial arm makes 1/3 of about and weaknesses its profits! ). The three phases of deregulation is the main driving force for mcat essay grader, banks and college about NBFIs to compete aggressively and take on excessive risk (through actively searching out liabilities) to gain higher profit margins. By expanding their balance sheet through liabilities, they increase exposure to credit risk and become highly sensitive to the state of the plant anatomy, economy i. e. College And Weaknesses! more defaults during downturns of the economy. Apart from deregulation, financial innovation also played a role in the shift to liability management.

Since the 1970s, there has been great instability in the financial environment; there were unpredictable swings in interest rates, exchange rates and inflation; there’s increased demand for NEW financial instruments to hedge against this risk. This lead to the development of all sorts of exotic instruments such as currency options/options/exchange contracts, interest rate swaps and credit default swaps. It is no longer adequate for banks to look at averages over time, investment banks now trade at massive quantities (high-frequency trading) to profit from the narrowest margins. Anatomy Essay Questions! The development of about and weaknesses ever more complex instruments is essay, also the solution for college about strengths, the ever increasing sophistication of regulation, as to descriptive writing essays, find loopholes. College Essay About Strengths And Weaknesses! US banks started to branch out to descriptive writing essays, off shore operations in order to college essay, exploit the critical secret life of bees, loosely regulated markets. This is one of the about and weaknesses, effects which is interconnected to mcat essay, globalisation (discussed later on) Financial innovation also includes technological developments which includes the computerisation of banking, telecommunications and customer’s files. The introduction of electronic payments (credit cards) and ATMs also saw unit transaction costs fall.

More importantly, there is college essay, a growth in automated trading services, allowing banks to process high volume trading comparing to traditional banking. Lastly we have the factor of rights Globalisation in the shift to liability management. It follows on college essay strengths the things discussed earlier in the essay; the UK started deregulating far earlier than the US and this became a pull factor; so this is essay secret life of bees, great motivation for the US firms to college, expand into the European market (funding is canadian aboriginal essay, restricted by college essay strengths, regulation Q which as a push factor), a more profitable and a larger Eurodollar market. This in general shows globalisation in the financial system and the growth of MNCs in general. Music! Securitisation has also increased pace of globalisation of banking. This refers to pooling contractual debt (mortgages/car loans) and selling these in the form of college about and weaknesses bonds or Asset backed securities. Eventually this lead to the fragility of the bank’s balance sheet; if much of the bank’s assets is descriptive essays, no longer ‘mediated’ why should you trust another bank? This lead to the financial crisis we have today, where the fall in house prices in the US lead to the fall in securities (the Asset backed securities) damaging financial institutions globally and created insolvency issues. The collapse of big financial institutions eventually lead to the biggest bailout ever in US history; deregulation, financial innovation and globalisation all played a part in this crisis. Based upon the discussion of the three common trends in the banking sector that led to a shift from asset management to liability management above, I will now focus on how these contributed to the expansion of bank’s balance sheets. Interlinking deregulation, innovation and globalization, we see banks fighting harder to essay strengths, compete amongst one another and critical secret life of bees with NBFIs as well.

As more and more major conglomerates start offering financial intermediation services, it is no wonder banks have been driven to expand their balance sheets to remain competitive. Where this was previously unattainable due to strict regulations in college about strengths and weaknesses the banking industry, the deregulation that has taken place now creates a great incentive for banks to take on more risks in order to expand their balance sheets. Furthermore, the absolution of the Glenn Seagal Act in the UK has led to a. Banks finance their expansion by borrowing from the inter-bank loan markets, hence leading to the huge increase in financial sector debt over the last 3 decades. This has become a cause of worry, as increased risk taking and declining liquidity of banks have led to the financial crises of 2008 that has persisted until today, as the European economy becomes increasingly volatile. Due to increased competition created by the deregulation process, banks have now become more aggressive in trying to win market share by expanding their balance sheets and mayan prophecy providing loans or mortgages at high risks. The decreasing number of credit-worthy borrowers has lefts banks with no choice but to lower their underwriting standards and issue mortgages to about and weaknesses, high-risk individuals, resulting in a leap in subprime lending that led to essay of bees, the global financial crisis of 2008. Essentially, investment banks and hedge funds used financial innovation to enable large wagers to essay about, be made, far beyond the actual value of the underlying mortgage loans, using derivatives called credit default swaps, CDO and synthetic CDO. As long as derivative buyers could be matched with sellers, the theoretical amount that could be wagered was infinite. Conclusively, the music box thesis, transition from college about strengths and weaknesses banks focusing on asset management to liability management today, coupled with the various effects of globalization, financial innovation and globalization has led to banks expanding their balance sheets with high risk mortgages and various other risky ventures, resulting in a massive surge of debt held by the financial sector.

As deregulation decreased interest rates in the US and people demanded more loans, banks started providing loans to model descriptive essays, credit-unworthy individuals, resulting in a spike in bad debts and college essay about strengths and weaknesses eventually bringing about the burst of the housing bubble in 2006/2007 which, when coupled with the fact that banks were borrowing from one another to finance risky ventures whilst maintaining a very minimal liquidity requirement has led to canadian aboriginal rights, a vulnerability of the banking system that resulted in the global financial crisis in 2008. Economists have argued that the trend of deregulation has not kept up with the pace of financial innovation that now allowed banks to onduct various unmonitored activities that could lead to an increased vulnerability of the banking system. To prevent a future crisis, the US authorities have to re-evaluate their deregulation trends (introduction of BASEL III) and ensure that sufficient changes are made to ensure that they keep up with the pace of financial innovation. Briefly discuss how the concepts of the college, equity multiplier and the convexity of pay-off to holders of equity may be relevant to some current debates regarding the rewards structure in the financial sector. The reward structure in plant essay questions the financial sector has been affected in recent years by the changing banking/financial sector especially the excessive risks that the banks are taking for more profit.

In this essay I will explore the concepts of the equity multiplier and college essay the convexity of descriptive essays payoffs and college essay about affects the mcat essay, reward structure of the financial sector. The high risk aspect of the banking sector could be described by the extremely high gearing banks engage in lending: typically over college about and weaknesses 95% of funds sourced from debt with less than 5% from equity; if we compare those figures with non-financial institutions with 70% equity funded. The asset management side is also full of risk, how do we screen for loan borrowers? If we increase r, then we get a large mix of high risk borrowers. Music! Borrowers also have more information (private hidden actions/intentions) than the lenders, so there will be asymmetric information.

Adverse selection refers to problem where those most likely to be a credit risk are most eager to be selected for a loan; Moral hazard describes the problem where after a loan is approved, the borrower has the incentive to engage in more risky activities which in turn increases the risk of default. This can be solved by “Information-producing”, that is filling forms that filters people with bad credit scores; or they can build long-term customer relationship that could be mutually beneficial, such that banks knows about the customer and customer knows that the bank knows about their situation. This is known as the “know your customer” (KYC) procedure within financial institutions, which is carried out to allow better assessment of level of college essay strengths and weaknesses risk taken. There are four main motives for banks to take on excessive risk: First, it is the pressure on the bank’s profits. Banks used to be mainly asset management based, however since the phases of deregulation and innovation and the introduction of NBFIs into the competition drove down profits of the banks. Banks expanded the liabilities side of the balance sheets, and hedging management instruments replaced asset management, so in effective customers’ deposits form a quite small proportion of the liabilities. Assets were transformed from the short-term funds (deposits) to long term, less liquid, high yielding assets.

Risks involved changed from low to how. All of these are aimed to mayan, increase the yield and to about strengths, increase the descriptive essays, returns on assets. Second, it is on the capital adequacy management and the equity management. There is a trade-off between safety and return on equity (low risk/high risk). The return on equity (ROE) is defined as the Net profits/Equity Capital. College Essay About Strengths And Weaknesses! If the bank wants to increase their ROE, they have the music, incentive to reduce equity capital. Recall that Equity Multiplier = Assets/Equity. The increase in ROE holding net profits constant will increase equity multiplier. We make an assumption that retained earnings are 0, which is the entire bank capital is equity capital.

Then: A low capital bank with E:A ratio of 4% will have an Equity multiplier (A/E) = (100/4) = 25 A high capital bank with E:A ratio of 10% will have an Equity multiplier of (100/10) = 10 This means, that as we increase the equity multiplier, we also decrease the essay strengths and weaknesses, equity asset ratio, which in turn increases risk of insolvency. A higher equity multiplier implies higher financial leverage, and this will mean the financial instate has to rely more on debts to finance its assets. The third motive involves the analysis of the convexity of returns to holders of equity ? = min (L, Y) is the payout to debt holders. The function is concave: line between any two points on the curve lies beneath it. ? = max (0, Y- L) is the payoff to shareholders. The function is convex: line between any two points on rights the curve lies above it.

The idea is essay about strengths and weaknesses, that risk transfers value from essay debt holders to equity holders and the bigger the spread, the bigger the transfer of value. This model of convexity represents the principle-agent problem, when the manager takes on excessive risk and could be beneficial to the shareholders, but due to limit liability, shareholder bares little to no risk. The last motive is the reward structure in the financial sector. College About! Managers typically take a performance bonus (e. g. 20%) of excess return on funds. This creates a rather large problem, managers can take on a huge ‘tail risk’ (or a huge bet) that is canadian aboriginal rights essay, hidden from others, and also managers receives his reward/bonus long before the fund gets hit. This is especially damaging not to one self but also the institution. For example the rogue trader at college essay about strengths Barings lost $1.

3billion speculating that brought down the bank that was founded over music 2 centuries ago. College About And Weaknesses! Another rouge trader at Societe Generale lost 4. 9billion Euros, severely weakening the mayan prophecy essay, French bank; he claimed that his superiors knew of his trading activities and it was common practice to essay about strengths, take huge gambles for large profits, this is especially worrying. Conclusively, all of the factors discussed above have driven the financial sector to take on larger risks that has rendered the banking system vulnerable to shocks and prone to insolvency, which is exactly what happened in the 2008 global financial crisis. Steps that can be taken to model descriptive essays, improve upon this include introducing a new rewards structure in the financial sector that ties management’s gains to the firm’s long-run performance to minimize risk-taking. Furthermore, new regulations requiring banks to hold a minimum amount of equity or any other “cushion” (higher Capital adequacy ratio) that will reduce the vulnerability of banks becoming insolvent can be implemented. All in all, the financial sector requires regulations that can minimize the trade-off between gaining revenue and maintaining a “safe” position in essay the economy.

Although many such actions have been taken in the US after the prophecy essay, 2008 crisis, it is still not enough to eliminate the about strengths, high debts that have plagued the country for the past few years.

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40+ Most Common Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers with Sample Mobile Testing Resume. Welcome once again to Part 2 of the mobile testing career guide. College About And Weaknesses? Part 1 dealt with what is prophecy, required to college essay strengths acquire the necessary skills certifications to qualify as a mobile tester and we also passed on some time-tested tips and tricks that are sure to be helpful. Canadian Rights? In today’s article, we will focus more on the logistics of mobile testing resumes and the top frequently asked mobile testing interview questions . Let’s get right to it. What You Will Learn:

How to prepare a good resume to apply for mobile testing jobs or positions? A mobile application testing resume sample is college essay and weaknesses, attached to plant questions give an idea on how to prioritize skills in a resume. About? Key points and the rules of writing a cohesive resume are similar to that of a normal QA resume. Canadian Aboriginal? = Download sample resume for mobile testing jobs. It should include contact info, a summary of your work, skills, educational background and details of the project you worked on so far also roles and responsibilities. Check out the strengths, below articles for more info and the above sample to bring this concept home. When transitioning to be a Mobile tester it is a great help if you have some prior QA testing experience If not, it is at least a good idea to learn the basics of software testing concepts- such as SDLC, STLC, how to write test cases, status reports, etc. An educational background in computer science can be helpful, although it’s not a must. Mayan Essay? A programming language experience can also be very helpful. Now, let’s look at another artifact that is college essay about strengths and weaknesses, critical for job seekers- The cover letter.

Below is a sample: Mobile Testing Job Application Cover Letter Sample. Mobile Test Engineer Cover Letter Sample: Sub: Cover Letter – Mobile Testing Engineer. I am writing in response to your job notification for. the position of a Mobile Testing Engineer on XYZ site. I am working as a Mobile Testing Engineer for XYZ Co. Ltd for the last 5 years and happy to essay grader mention some. of my achievements in this role: Expertise in Manual Testing/mobile application testing, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Android Mobile applications. Validation using simulators and emulators and also. with real time devices. Writing and college essay about and weaknesses executing of Test Cases. Function and regression testing. Please find my attached CV for the same. Request you to let me know if any more details are required. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and Regards, Now the interviews and some help on how to prepare for them. We open up this section with the following: Most frequently asked Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers: These are some top basic and advanced mobile testing and mobile application testing interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced candidates. Q #1) What is the difference between Mobile device testing and mobile application testing? Ans. Mobile device testing means testing the mobile device and mobile application testing means testing of the mobile application on a mobile device. Q #2) What are the essay, types of mobile applications? Ans. College Strengths? Mobile applications are of three types: Native Application Native app installed from application store like Android’s google play and apple’ app store. The application which can be installed into canadian rights essay, your devices and college essay about and weaknesses run is known as a native application for E.G. Secret Life? whats App, Angry birds etc.

Web Application Web applications run from college essay about strengths and weaknesses mobile web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc using mobile network or WIFI. E.G. of web browser applications are,,, etc. Hybrid Application- Hybrid apps are combinations of native app and web app. They can run on devices or offline and are written using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS. For E.G. eBay, Flipkart etc.

Q #3) How to test CPU usage on music mobile devices? Ans. There are various tools available in the market like google play or app store from where you can install apps like CPU Monitor, Usemon, CPU Stats, CPU-Z etc these are an advanced tool which records historical information about processes running on your device. Q #4) What are the college essay about, defects tracking tools used for mobile testing? Ans. You can use same testing tool which you use for web application testing like QC, Jira, Rally, and Bugzilla etc. Aboriginal? Q #5) What all major networks to college strengths and weaknesses be considered while performing application testing? Ans.

You should test the application on music 4G, 3G, 2G, and WIFI. 2G is a slower network, it#8217;s good if you verify your application on a slower network also to track your application performance. Q #6) When performing sanity test on the mobile application what all criteria should be taken into consideration? Installation and uninstallation of the application Verify the college essay about strengths and weaknesses, device in different available networks like 2G, 3G, 4G or WIFI. Functional testing Interrupt testing- Able to receive the anatomy questions, calls while running the application. College Essay About? Compatibility testing able to attach the music, photo in message from gallery Test application performance on a different handset. Make some negative testing by entering the invalid credentials and test the behavior of the college essay strengths and weaknesses, application. Q #7) Which things to consider testing a mobile application through black box technique? By testing your application on multiple devices.

By changing the model descriptive, port and IP addresses to make sure the device is college essay about and weaknesses, getting connected and disconnected properly. By making calls and sending messages to other devices. By testing your web application on different mobile browsers like Chrome, Firefox, opera, dolphin etc. Q #8) What is the model descriptive writing essays, latest version of essay strengths iOS? Ans. iOS 8. (This changes quite often, so please check the mayan prophecy essay, apple site for most recent info) Q #9) What is the latest version of Android? Ans. Lollipop 5.0–5.0.2 (also changes often). College Strengths? See all here. Q #10) What is the extension of Android files? .apk (Android application package) Q#11) What is the secret of bees, extension of iOS files?

Q #12) What is the full form of essay strengths and weaknesses MMS? Ans. Box Thesis? Multimedia Messaging Services. Essay About Strengths And Weaknesses? Q #13) What are MT and MO in SMS? Ans. Sending message is known as MO (Message originate) and canadian receiving the message is known as MT(Message Terminate) Ans. WAP is Wireless Application Protocol used in network apps. Q #15) What is GPRS and how it works?

Ans. GPRS is General Packet Radio Service which works on a mobile network with the essay, help of IP transmissions. GPRS provides the transmission of IP packets over existing cellular networks. Box Thesis? It provides you internet services on mobile. Q #16) What is the latest version of Windows? Q #17) What do you mean by Streaming media?

Ans. Streaming is a process of downloading the data from the college essay about, server. Streaming media is the multimedia that is transferred from server or provider to the receiver. Q #18) What are the automation tools available for plant, mobile application testing? Ans. There are many automation tools available in the market for mobile application testing but iPhone Tester is one of the best tools to college strengths test the application on iPhones and screenfly for android devices. Q #19) What is the best way to test different screen sizes of the devices? Q #20) What is the basic difference between Emulator and Simulator?

Ans. The emulator is based on hardware and software wherein simulator is based on software. Simulation is a system that behaves similar to writing something else while emulation is college about and weaknesses, a system that exactly behaves like something else. Q #21) What are the common challenges in mobile application testing? Ans. Working on different operating systems, a variety of handsets, different networks, a variety of screen size. Read more here = 5 Mobile testing challenges and canadian aboriginal rights solutions. Q #22) What are the tools based on cloud-based mobile testing? Ans. Seetest, Perfecto Mobile, BlazeMeter, AppThwack, Manymo, DeviceAnywhere etc.

Q #23) What web services are used by a mobile app? Ans. They are many depend upon the application. SOAP and REST web services are used but RESRful is more common now. Q #24) What all devices have you worked till now?

Ans. Android, Symbian, Windows, iPhone etc. College About? Q #25) How to create Emulator on mayan prophecy essay Android? Ans. Give a name in name field - select target API from the list - enter the size - select the required skin section - click on create AVD - select the essay strengths and weaknesses, required AVD - click on start button - launch it. Box Thesis? Q #26) Does Selenium support mobile internet testing? Ans. Yes, it does, Opera browser is essay about strengths, used for Mobile internet testing. Q #27) Does Selenium support Google Android Operating System?

Ans. Yes, Selenium 2.0 supports Android Operating System. Box Thesis? Q #28) Name debugging tools for essay and weaknesses, mobile? Ans. Errors can be verified by the generated logs. Box Thesis? We can use configuration utility on iOS and essay strengths android monitor.bat on android. Here are few to name Android DDMS, Remote Debugging on plant anatomy essay Android with Chrome, Debugging from Eclipse with ADT, Android Debug Bridge, iOS simulator etc. Q #29) Name mobile automation testing tools you know? Ranorex, Silk Mobile, SeeTest. Appium, Robotium, KIF, Calabash. Q #30) What is the strategy used to test new mobile app?

System integration testing Functional testing Installation and uninstallation of the app Test HTML control Performance Check in multiple mobile OS Cross browser and cross-device testing Gateway testing Network and Battery testing. Q #31) What does a test plan for Mobile App contain? Ans. Test plan for mobile app is very similar to software app. Essay About Strengths? Objective Automation tools required required features to be tested: network security performance size battery memory features not to questions be tested display size resolution Test cases Test Strategy Tested by strengths and weaknesses, Time required No. of mayan resources required. Q #32) Why mobile phone has 10 digit numbers? Ans. The number of college digits in questions a mobile phone number decide the maximum mobile phones we can have without dialing the country code.

Q #33) Explain critical bugs that you come across while testing in mobile devices or application? Ans. College Strengths? Explain the example as per your experience. Here are top 10 mobile app risks. Q #34) Name mobile application testing tools. Android Android Lint Find Bugs iPhone Clang Static Analyzer Analyze code from XCode.

Q #35) Full form of the prophecy essay, various extensions. apk – Android Application Package File exe – Executable Files iPA –iOS App Store Package prc – Palm Resource Compiler jad – Java Application Descriptor adb – Android Debug Bridge Aapt – Android Asset Packing Tool. Q #36) How to test different screen sizes of the devices. Ans. It is a component used in software to perform the task. It is like an interface between one program to another. Q #38) What are the roles and responsibilities on a current mobile application you are testing? Ans. Answer based on your experience on the current project you are working on. Also, read mobile testing career guide. Q #39) How to create the log file?

Q #40) How can we install the build on iPhones and essay and weaknesses iPads? Q #41) Can we use QTP/UFT for mobile automation testing? Ans. Yes, with the help of essay Seetest add-in. Q #42) Is cloud base mobile testing possible? Name any? Ans. Yes, Perfecto Mobile and Seetest.

Ans. This can be done with new versions of the college essay about and weaknesses, mobile application. Those are some of the best mobile app testing interview questions that will help you understand the trends and the kinds of questions that you could expect in a mobile testing job interview. However, this list is neither exhaustive nor will always question be as direct- this is just to set the stage to get you in essay questions the groove. Essay Strengths? With this, we have reached the end of the Mobile Testing career guide and as always, we wish this series has been helpful. Please let us know how we did and anatomy essay enrich this series with your participation. hello thanks for the resume and cover letter samples. cool. Essay About Strengths? please share more interview questions for mobile device testing. nice. thanks for interview questions its really helpful. Amazing for beginners#8230;. #8220;Mobile device testing means testing the mobile device and mobile application testing means testing of mobile application on music box thesis a mobile device.#8221; Yes, and blue means blue#8230; some example should be helpful in case you use the very same expressions for the explanation as the question itself. Essay About And Weaknesses? yes agree with your answers, one question that what is the reason behind lagy speed of the mobile phone. Thanks for you great work. Please share question relating to mobile installation for different devices and in different types of installation. Thanks for great info. Keep up the great work.

Thanks alot for critical essay secret life, helping me by this concept:). It helped me very much. Essay About Strengths And Weaknesses? i want to know one thing when i restart my mobile time get change 9.00 am whats the reason of prophecy essay time 9.00 am. Plz can you suggest to me. Mobile repairing interview quations. Strengths And Weaknesses? How to get and which site. Box Thesis? Send me link and site my id.

Q #20) What is the basic difference between Emulator and Simulator? Need more Clarification answered is not satisfied. Thank u for tat good info..itz very useful to beginners. Thanks Great Info#8230; Q #20) Please provide clear proper explanation. plz tell me the difference between Mobile app based testing and college strengths and weaknesses Wed based testing. bcoz it was asked me in an interview. please clear me. Q #20) What is the basic difference between Emulator and Simulator? Need more Clarification with example.

Excellent blog on Mobile Testing. Thanks a Lot. what are the techniques of canadian aboriginal mobile app testing?list of them.plz explain any of three techniques of mobile app testing thanks. Superb#8230;Plz Share more interview Web Application Testing questions#8230; Who offers these training? Its simply brilliant move. Superb..this questions help a lot to essay strengths who make career as Mobile tester. Essay? Its really helpfull#8230;thank you. Very useful tips for those people who are going to give their first interview.

I have also read nice blog on interview which let you know that is college about strengths, your interview can you get the Job and critical essay very insightful. Keep Sharing. Can you please explain Question No.25. I did not understand it. How do you create Emulator in Android device? what does it mean? Can you elaborate more on Simulator Emulators? Sorry, i did not undertstand from above definition.

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Dec 19, 2017 College essay about strengths and weaknesses,

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complete book report opinionated commentary on essay about, literary matters - from the complete review. 6 October 2017 - Friday. While Ishiguro has often figured in the discussions of possible Nobel candidates, he seems to plant essay questions, have sort of gotten lost in the crowded field of British authors that people presumably saw as similarly likely -- say, Ian McEwan or A.S.Byatt. Indeed, he was not on this year's Ladbrokes betting list -- a rare and about and weaknesses somewhat surprising complete miss for them. (He has not been prolific in the past decade, which presumably led them to writing, let him slip off the list; the last time he was on it, as far as I can tell, was in essay, 2013 (at 100/1 -- already ominously down from 2012's 66/1 . ).) He seems a relatively tame choice -- too obviously a counterweight to mayan prophecy, a selection such as Alexievich in 2015 (never mind last year's outright mistake) -- which seems unfair, because his writing certainly is award-worthy.

Still, my preference would obviously have been for someone who isn't quite such a well- and college widely-established literary star. (Reaction from the international-literature-interested community -- translators and publishers, in particular -- has been oddly muted; I wonder if the scheduling of the ALTA conference, which meant many of them were traveling or busy yesterday, prevented them from rights weighing in. Surprisingly, many of the usual suspects -- bloggers, international-literature periodicals and college essay about and weaknesses their blogs, and translators -- didn't have anything to say (or any opportunity . Prophecy Essay! ) one way or another. I would have expected more expressions of disappointment -- though last year's selection presumably already took the wind out of a lot of these sails.) How neat that there is such a fraternity ! 5 October 2017 - Thursday. The official press announcement explains he is an author: who, in novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of college essay strengths connection with the essay secret life of bees world. Ishiguro has often been in college essay, the Nobel discussion -- albeit rarely as a favorite -- and mayan ticks off some of the boxes they presumably wanted to and weaknesses, hit this year, including that cross-cultural background, and being a writer in box thesis, the (very) traditional(-novelist) mold (with popular appeal helped along by some popular but still serious movie adaptations). (Yes, after last year the Swedish Academy retreated to (complete) safety -- Ishiguro is a fine writer but already up there among the college essay strengths best-known writers who are considered literary (as opposed to purely 'popular') -- and he writes in English.

This is about as 'safe' and canadian unruffling a choice as it was humanly possible to make . And he'll cut a fine figure at the Nobel banquet, which they desperately want after last year's no-show.) It would appear that Ishiguro is also the first school-trained writer to win the college essay strengths and weaknesses Nobel -- he got his creative writing MA (the UK equivalent of the plant anatomy questions now so widespread American MFA) from the University of East Anglia. Ishiguro does not appear to have an official web presence, but the about and weaknesses British Council information page offers a good overview and see also his author page at publisher Faber Faber. Several sites have 'Ishiguro-at'-collections, covering both reviews of, and music box thesis writings by: Kazuo Ishiguro, the 2017 Nobel Prize Winner in college essay about, Literature, in mcat essay, The New Yorker , collected by David Haglund at college essay, their Page-Turner weblog. There are also discussions (of sorts) re. Descriptive Writing! Ishiguro taking the college and weaknesses prize -- check out writing those at the usual discussion boards: The already extensive Nobel Prize in about strengths, Literature 2017 thread at essay, the World Literature Forum. The winners will be announced 15 November. The winners will be announced 1 November, and the prize ceremony will be held on 29 November.

4 October 2017 - Wednesday. He works mainly off (and through) the Ladbrokes list -- with a few more names tossed in the now perhaps 'Obligatory Musician Category', as well as in the 'One of These People Will Actually Win the Nobel Prize'-category. (In the latter, I note there are two names that definitely won't win: Jussi Adler-Olsen just can't be taken seriously as a candidate, and, while Dag Solstad is essay about strengths, definitely worthy and would normally be well worth considering, the Swedish Academy already gave him a big prize this year -- the essay secret life of bees Svenska Akademiens nordiska pris, -- and no way are they going to college essay strengths and weaknesses, give him the Nobel in the same year.) (Updated) : At Aftonbladet they have their annual critics-roundup of who do you expect to win / who do you wan't to win / who do you hope doesn't win, in Sa ska det lata, Danius. Mcat Essay! Some silliness, some seriousness, and mostly the familiar names. The award for best translation into essay about strengths Georgian was for plant anatomy essay, that of Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum (or 'Fuko Theater', as they helpfully transl(iter)ate it on the official site), while the best translation of a Georgian title into a foreign language went to college and weaknesses, the German translation of Who killed Chaikia ? (see the GNBC information page), by Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili; see also the music box thesis Verlag Hans Schiler publicity page. The fiction prize will go to college essay about strengths, The Veins of the Ocean , by Patricia Engel; see the Grove Atlantic publicity page, or get your copy at or The non-fiction prize will go to What Have We Done , by model descriptive writing, David Wood. 3 October 2017 - Tuesday. The early announcement date would seem to support that idea -- apparently they didn't have too much trouble reaching a consensus, and essay strengths and weaknesses thus did not require the additional time. Secret! (I suspect they also want to blend in -- announcing the prize in the week when most of the college essay about and weaknesses other prizes are announced -- rather than standing out, like they did last year, when they disastrously had the box thesis stage pretty much all to themselves . ) If we are to essay about strengths and weaknesses, believe they're trying to make up for the Dylan-disaster -- and, mind you, I'm not completely convinced they are; they're a feisty little bunch, those Academicians, and they stood behind their Dylan choice (at least publicly . Plant Anatomy Essay Questions! ) no matter what further humiliations he heaped on them (and, boy, did he heap . Essay And Weaknesses! ) -- I'd suggest that might speak for a really presentable winner.

I don't think we should underestimate the Academy's disappointment at their big white-tie and essay tails show being spoiled (with Dylan's semi-stand-in a singer who couldn't even remember the words to the song . (which the press liked, but I would imagine didn't go over quite as well among the traditionalists at that fancy affair)): chances are, if there is such a ridiculous dress code, you take that sort of nonsense seriously . Several recent laureates also were unable to attend for essay and weaknesses, health reasons -- Pinter, Jelinek, Munro -- so I could imagine they really are desperate for writing, a winner they can properly show off. So that speaks for someone who is willing to play along: I would suggest this would give an college strengths and weaknesses edge to, say, Javier Marias and Margaret Atwood, who are real professionals as far as this sort of thing goes. On the other hand, it works against, say, Peter Handke, who can't quite shake off that problematic contrarian reputation, leaving him just slightly less that salonfahig , at least for essays, these purposes; I'm afraid it also works against the more politically inclined (or so-seeming, in essay and weaknesses, the current climate) -- Ng#361;g#297; or Adonis, among others. (As far as dark horses go fitting the winning criteria, I'd still argue for The Colonel (etc.) author Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, who checks off a lot on the list(s) (including being a major but relatively unknown author, which is the sort of thing they also really like) -- and would be a worthy winner to boot . ) The Radio Poland report describes the book as: a comprehensive account of the murder of school student Grzegorz Przemyk during Poland’s communist era. The winner will be announced 20 November.

It's now just out in music, English, from New York Review Books. 2 October 2017 - Monday. Indeed: The last Russian book that created any buzz in college essay about strengths, the Chinese mainland was Forest Newspaper by critical essay secret life, Soviet writer V. College Essay! Bangiune [#1042;#1080;#1090;#1072;#1083;#1080;#1081; #1041;#1080;#1072;#1085;#1082;#1080;, usually transliterated: Vitaly Bianki] (1894-1959), Zhang -- director-general of the China Written Works Copyright Society, a major organization involved in the State-sponsored Chinese-Russian Inter-translation Project launched in 2013 -- told the Global Times. 1 October 2017 - Sunday. Among the translation-issues that are discussed: English has so many more words than Turkish to express similar concepts. So one of the things that comes up fairly frequently when I talk to Orhan about translation is whether a particular word that is grader, repeated in the Turkish version may be replaced with something else in English.

That’s a natural consequence of the differences between the essay strengths two languages and their vocabulary. The names are all familiar, but some of the essay life of bees works are not their best-known, and it's always interesting to see what makes the college cut for such a series. And interesting to see who translated some of these, too: Peter Handke did the Rene Char, Jurg Laederach the Murice Blanchot . (Michel Leiris' Manhood is the only one of essay secret these titles under review at the complete review .) 30 September 2017 - Saturday. A fascinating look at strengths, one author's publication history abroad -- including: To Live (tr. Michael Berry) and model descriptive Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (tr. Andrew Jones) were translated into English in the 1990s, but I kept hitting a brick wall with the college essay about strengths and weaknesses American publisher.

29 September 2017 - Friday. The Serhiy Zhadan novel it is canadian aboriginal, based on college and weaknesses, was published by Deep Vellum -- and reviewed by me -- as Voroshilovgrad , and maybe the big-screen release will get it more attention . (Okay, maybe not -- but it is worth a look.) (Worth keeping an eye on: more winners of mcat this prize are under review at the complete review than Goncourt-winners (and another has just come out in English, Hedi Kaddour's The Influence Peddlers ; see the Yale University Press publicity page, or get your copy at essay about strengths and weaknesses, or They've also now released the delayed first-round selections in the foreign novel category -- 12 books, including Underground Railroad by writing, Colson Whitehead and essay strengths books by Han Kang and Eka Kurniawan -- as well as eleven titles in the non-fiction category. 28 September 2017 - Thursday. The winner will be announced on 18 November (in South Asia, no less -- at the Dhaka Literary Festival). The winner will be announced 15 November. I came across it as a Diversion Books re-issue -- and they actually have quite an interesting list of titles, with more than a few odds and secret of bees ends of college strengths and weaknesses this sort. 27 September 2017 - Wednesday.

After the prize went completely off the rails last year, the big question is: will they continue down this path of canadian way-out-of-the-box selections, or will they return to more familiar and traditional literary territory ? It's worth noting that however unusual the college and weaknesses last two choices have been, in a sense they also do fit the long-established pattern of selecting winners with a long-established record: 2015 winner Svetlana Alexievich had, after all, won her first literary prizes in the old Soviet Union, while last year's winner was already a household name in the 1960s. Still, even if they're unlikely to opt for any semi-fresh talent -- 2006 winner Orhan Pamuk was about the freshest face we've seen on the Nobel rolls the past few decades -- the winner-selecting Swedish Academy seems at box thesis, least in about strengths and weaknesses, other respects to aboriginal rights, be willing not just to push the about and weaknesses envelope, but to ignore it. Where that leaves us, I don't know. Essay! On the strengths and weaknesses one hand, we seem due for a real traditionalist, if only mayan prophecy essay as a sop to the pissed off Academicians (and you know there must be a sizable faction) who are surely still complaining about last year's award (which, aside from the college essay and weaknesses merits, did not go well in the awarding-execution -- which, believe it or not, a lot of these folks care a lot about). Essay! On the other hand -- they gave it to Dylan, so they've shown they're willing to give it to anyone. College! From J.K.Rowling to anatomy essay questions, Jenny Holzer, almost nothing would surprise me. College Essay Strengths! (Almost -- but Dylan proved they are capable of music box thesis even the truly unthinkable . ) As I've often noted, the college strengths and weaknesses betting sheets remain the best guides as to who might be in the running -- the winners tend to appear somewhere there (yes, even Alexievich and, year after year after year, Dylan showed up on the sheets -- and recall, for example, Mo Yan suddenly popping up late in the going the year before he went on to take the prize), so the long Ladbrokes list deserves your attention.

Odds are up at aboriginal rights, Unibet now too -- roughly similar, with a few less names, and a few different ones. (The Dylan-selection has . broadened the field: at Unibet you can now place bets on not just Kanye West but also Donald Trump (hey, who knows what the Swedish Academy is thinking . ).) The odds themselves should be taken with more than just a grain of salt -- they really only get interesting at the end of this week (when the Swedish Academy has met, and perhaps finalized their selection, and the possibility of about strengths leakage increases . ), and movement rather than the odds themselves are the signs to watch for (it's only in prophecy essay, the hours before the college about and weaknesses announcement that it's likely that the music box thesis winner really rises to the top of the betting-boards). College About! That said, the current front-runners -- top five, top ten, whatever you want -- are all more or less plausible selections (and have mostly been in plant essay questions, the discussion for some, or many, years). There are a few lower down that can be discounted -- notably Jussi Adler-Olsen, even at about, 50:1 (Ladbrokes), seems utterly implausible (except . they chose Dylan . ), and critical essay secret life it's hard to strengths, understand how he could have the essay same odds as what seem to me under-rated choices such as Les Murray and Olga Tokarczuk. But overall, the sheets look like a decent guide. There are a few more names that I would toss in the mix: from (East) Asia Ko Un remains the most plausible, I suppose, but I'm increasingly inclined to see Furukawa Hideo as the most likely prose-author from the region; I can see him slipping ahead of Murakami, especially as more of college essay strengths and weaknesses his work gets translated. (The limited number of translations works against him; he's probably also still on the young side.) I also think Tawada Yoko might get some attention, with the whole culture-/language-spanning thing (though you'd figure Ng#361;g#297; would be hard to beat if that weighs in the decision-process). As far as neglected regions/languages goes, I'd once again put forth/remind you of the eminently worthy Mahmoud Dowlatabadi and Shahrnush Parsipur . 26 September 2017 - Tuesday. Anyway, this prize for a: book that embodies historical scholarship, originality, literary quality and broad appeal has now announced its 2017 longlist. Plant Anatomy Questions! Certainly some interesting-sounding titles -- though, predictably, I haven't seen, much less gotten to, any of them. The shortlist will be announced 26 October.

Much of the discussion is devoted to the anthology, The Book of Dhaka ; see the college about and weaknesses Comma Press publicity page, or get your copy at or Interesting throughout -- including: That said, how important do you think are literary prizes in that context, as you have won the Crossword Translation award twice ? 25 September 2017 - Monday. While translation-into-English gets the box thesis most attention, it's good to see there appears to be growing interest in essay about and weaknesses, translation into rights essay other languages as well -- and it's great to hear that: The non-English translation market is getting crowded and competitive (and interesting to learn that: Amazon has big plans for college and weaknesses, this segment . ). Bhagat crows: It is obviously a huge honour, and validates my work's value even in academia, something elitists have tried to deny me for long. (I actually do believe his books make interesting and canadian rights essay worthwhile case-studies, but probably not in quite the way he means/hopes . ) (As to his larger point re. 'protest literature', sure, maybe he has a point -- but he'd be far more convincing if he didn't present 'examples' based solely on the praise they got from others without taking a look and seeing for himself whether or not the praise might have been warranted, at college, least in this case . )) 24 September 2017 - Sunday. Looks very promising indeed: This talk analyzes how Murakami’s writings have been modified through translation for music, different markets, mainly the American market, in order to make him appear less “Japanese” and more “relatable” for the American reader, often by making extensive cuts, abridgments and college essay about strengths other editorial changes. The talk also discusses the mcat grader differences between the American and European approaches to Murakami translation (the latter of essay which tend to be more foreignizing) using examples from his old and new works.

It will also touch the collaboration of Murakami translators into different languages. This isn't discussed nearly enough -- not just re. Murakami, though his is a particularly prominent case -- so it's great to canadian aboriginal essay, see it getting some attention. Attend if you can; I wish I could ! The only one of these titles under review (I think) at the complete review is Samit Basu's Turbulence -- though there are certainly a few more I'd love to college about, see. 23 September 2017 - Saturday. Fascinating stuff -- especially about Georgia, which is . not well covered. The press he runs is Garnett Press, and one of the Otar Chiladze titles he's translated, Avelum, is music, under review at the complete review (and I have and essay about and weaknesses still expect to eventually get to A Man Was Going Down the Road . Essay! ) -- but as he notes: The problem is, Chiladze is college essay, not selling in the West: it's very difficult to canadian aboriginal, get literature in college and weaknesses, translation even reviewed, at essay, least in Britain.

I have a small publishing house and I’ve managed to help one novel to reasonable success (that is, to sell 1300 copies) but with Chiladze it would be getting over the 200 mark. College And Weaknesses! It is dispiriting that he still has to prod: What the Georgians really need is some sort of marketing system, as they have made an effort to canadian aboriginal rights essay, be more pro-active over the past few years (with limited results, so far, it seems . ), with Dalkey Archive Press bringing out a Georgian series (most of strengths which are under review at the complete review ) and, more significantly, Georgia taking the spotlight as 'Guest of Honour' at next year's Frankfurt Book Fair (though the Georgian National Book Center doesn't seem to have progressed very far with online-available information about essay secret life, that yet . ). Rayfield even suggests: Maybe the Georgian novel is not exportable I sure would love to see more, to be better able to judge -- and at least Frankfurt will assure that a few more titles are made available in German and English next year, so there's some hope . 22 September 2017 - Friday. The reviews are the essay most useful, of course, but see also Sara Stridsberg's Inaugural Address to the Swedish Academy (warning ! dreaded pdf format !) , delivered on the occasion of her installation to the august body (Stol nr 13). 21 September 2017 - Thursday.

But, hey, maybe those: quotes from literary works of five Latvian authors on plant anatomy, the bottles will make drinkers demand the full books to go with the beer . Still, I think they're anticipating/hoping for greater enthusiasm than is essay, realistic: The exciting thing is that you don't know which quote you're going to get when buying the beer. That's decided by fate, luck or the bartender. I'm also not sure about this: The beer is unique not only for model descriptive writing essays, the quotes, but also for the special recipe that includes one of essay about strengths Latvia's most loved food items -- potato. While I swear by potato-based vodka -- none of music box thesis this grain crap for me --, potatoes in my beer . ? I'm going to essay about and weaknesses, need some convincing. Or a test-case .

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Dec 19, 2017 College essay about strengths and weaknesses,

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essay writer advice Advice about writing an college strengths and weaknesses, essay. The importance of essays. Some suggestions for good essay writing: You will develop your own techniques for essay writing, so use the following plan as advice, not as a straightjacket. The plan starts with bullet points.

Click on the coloured word by one of essay these to go to the advice about the point. Use your analysis to essay about strengths and weaknesses, start drafting your introduction. Essay. Start your bibliography. Review your resources, starting with what you already know and moving on to what you need to research. Generate ideas and use these to college and weaknesses, draft a summary of what your essay may be about. Read and take notes from the recommended sources, guided by the preparation you have already done. Develop your ideas in the light of your reading. One way to do this is by revising your draft summary.

Draft the body of the essay without looking at writing, your notes or books. College Essay And Weaknesses. Then turn to the notes and books for the evidence for the arguments you have made in music the essay. College Strengths. Reference as you go along . Show your draft to someone else who will give you feedback on the issues listed below. Rewrite your essay in the light of their feedback. Most courses give you essay titles that point you clearly in the direction your essay should go. Canadian Aboriginal. Begin by analysing this title and the guidance given in college essay strengths and weaknesses other ways, like the reading list. The parts of an essay title are its key words. Every aspect of the essay title needs to be covered by critical essay secret life your essay. So analysing lets you see what your essay should contain. It also helps you to focus your essay. You should not just write around a subject in a general way.

It is really important to spend time thinking about what the essay title means, and how to answer it. Analysing helps you see what is college essay about and weaknesses wanted. A title we can analyse as an mcat grader, example is Outline the concepts of reason and politics in Plato's Republic . Show how they relate. This tells you a source you must use (a book by Plato, called the Republic ), and two concepts (reason and essay about and weaknesses politics) that you should investigate in it. The title also tells you that you should outline the concepts of reason and politics that you find in model descriptive essays the Republic , and that you should show how they relate . Sources are often suggested in a reading list rather than in the title. Now that you know what you are doing, review your resources : What you need to know. Where information can be obtained. Use your analysis to start drafting your introduction . The analysis has given you a plan of the essay, which is used to draft the first outline of the essay introduction. Your introduction will eventually contain a summary and an argument, as well as an outline . Start your draft bibliography . Your bibliography will relate to college essay and weaknesses, references in the body or text of the essay, which you add as you go along.

Drafting the introduction and body of the text is discussed in greater detail below. Use whatever technique you find necessary to start your ideas flowing. Once they have started to flow, you will be able to tighten them up. Develop your ideas. It is important to build the essay on ideas that you develop yourself, and not to just follow the pattern of ideas that someone else has provided. You will need, therefore, to develop a technique that uses your notes on books, but does not let the notes set the pattern of your essay. Your essay needs to plant anatomy, be organised by you and to express your interpretation and understanding of the subject.

This is essay what people mean when they say that you should write in your own words. The best way to do this is to force yourself to write without referring to books or notes. Having made your notes, put them aside for a while and write your first draft essay without looking at them or your books. When you have the first draft of the plant anatomy, essay written in your own words (that is, without referring to college strengths and weaknesses, books or notes) you can go to books and notes for the quotations and references that you need to substantiate your argument and for material that will help you to develop your essay further. As you look for evidence in your notes and books you will probably find that you need to revise your arguments.

Rewrite your essay including all the evidence that you can find to back up your argument in your notes, or in the books, articles etc you are using. Essay Questions. Adjust your argument if the evidence does not fit it. Try drafting your essay in four parts: an introduction a body (which includes references) a conclusion a bibliography (which relates to about strengths and weaknesses, the references in the body) If you draft on paper, the draft of prophecy each part should be on essay about and weaknesses, separate sheets to allow you to redraft more easily. You will probably find you redraft the introduction more often than the grader, other parts. The parts will be physically put together in your final version. The introduction explains the academic problem as you see it and tells the reader what is in your essay. To do this, always include an outline (plan) of the organisation (structure) of the body of the college essay about strengths, essay. Critical Essay Life. You should also include a summary of the essay. A good introduction will also include an college strengths and weaknesses, argument statement . The draft outline usually follows naturally from the analysis of the essay title . As a start, you may organise the essay in the order that the issues are raised in the title.

As you proceed with the essay, its plan will become more complex (sophisticated), and the outline in the introduction should be updated as the essay, essay develops. The issues you deal with in essay about strengths an essay should follow on from one another in essay secret a meaningful way. Regularly revising a summary of the essay will help you see if you are doing this. Your argument is the case that you are making. About. You make a statement of it in the introduction and a demonstration of it in the body of the essay. The body of the essay presents the evidence for canadian essay the statement.

The body of an essay is also called its content or text . It is the largest part of the essay and contains the college essay about strengths, points you want to make in greater detail than the introduction (because they are being explained) and box thesis with the evidence for them. It must show the reader that you know your subject. You do this by explaining the subject to college and weaknesses, the reader. Mcat Essay. It is a fatal mistake to think the marker already knows this subject. I will discuss it without explaining it. The marker is looking for evidence that you know the subject. Just as a mathematician will want to see how students have worked out the answers to college essay, their sums, an essay marker will want to see how students reach conclusions.

It should also present the evidence for prophecy essay the essay's argument. The conclusion If your essay's argument has been stated in essay strengths the introduction, your conclusion can be just a brief summary of your main points. If you find that your conclusion includes important points not already fully covered, you should seriously consider whether they need including in the introduction, or omitting. The bibliography is the list of descriptive books and other sources you use for the essay. The bibliography should relate to references in the essay. See ABC Referencing for a list of what you need to reference . Reference as you go along is not just much easier than trying to write all the references when the essay is almost finished, it is also one of the most powerful ways of about and weaknesses improving your academic writing. To prepare references as you proceed, you will need to begin a draft bibliography as soon as you begin reading, record the source of all notes you take, and enter references in mcat grader drafts you write. To prepare a draft bibliography you should make a list of each book or article you use, recording: The author's surname and initial, The year of college essay strengths and weaknesses edition you are using. This is at the front of most books. Descriptive Essays. If several dates are given, the one you want is the essay, copyright date.

This is often shown by the sign © The place of publication, The Publisher. When you make notes from mayan prophecy, books, make sure that you make a note of the book the notes come from and the page number. Then, if you use those notes in an essay, you will know which book and what page to reference. Referencing drafts is relatively easy if you have sorted out your bibliography entry for the work you are referencing. If you want to about and weaknesses, reference something on page ten of a book whose Bibliography entry is: Smith, A. 1997, Invented Book, Burke Publishers, London. You just need to plant, enter (Smith, A. College About. p.10) in the text of your draft at secret life of bees, the point you want to reference the book. You could get good ideas about making your essay clearer by asking a friend to look at the draft.

Sometimes tutors will look at college, essay drafts and make comments. Or you may get comments from prophecy essay, English Support Tutors. Click here for an explanation of feedback. and why friends and about strengths other students. may be good at giving it.

Points that other people could give you feedback on. The Bibliography and References . The reader can check that there is a bibliography at box thesis, the end of the college strengths, essay and that the key word in life each bibliography entry matches the key word in the relevant references. The reader should feel confident that he or she would be able to find the source that is being referred to and weaknesses, in each case. Essay. References to books should give a page number. If the reader does not know the Harvard system of referencing, the writer should explain it. The Introduction . About Strengths And Weaknesses. The essay should have an introduction that is distinct from the body of the essay and explains what the essay is about. If this exists, does it give the reader a framework (outline or essay plan) of the order in which issues are to be dealt with in the essay? If so, the reader should look at the body of the essay to see if it is clear to him or her that the author is following the outline. The outline indicates the organisation, or structure, of the essay. Readers will be able to say if this was clear to plant anatomy, them, and may be able to essay about, make suggestions for improvements.

It is aboriginal rights essay helpful if the college essay about strengths and weaknesses, introduction also says what the key texts used for essay the essay are. It does not need to use this term, but it should show what the essay and weaknesses, essay is based on. The outline of the essay is the essential part of an essay, introduction. As students' essay writing skills develop they will also begin to include an argument and a summary of the essay in the introduction. Student groups can help one another by discussing what these terms mean, by college strengths and weaknesses seeing if they can recognise arguments in one another's essays, and by anatomy questions discussing how to college essay about, construct a summary.

Content Does the critical essay secret life, essay show to the reader what the writer knows about the subject? Or are there issues that the about strengths and weaknesses, reader is left in the dark about? How much does the reader feel he or she has learnt about the subject by reading the essay? Readability Can the reader understand the essay? Is it clearly written or are there words that are difficult to plant anatomy questions, read, or which appear to be missed out, or spelt in essay about strengths a way that the reader is not sure which word is meant? Does the essay explain the terms it uses (especially terms relevant to the title)? Is the meaning of every part of the canadian aboriginal, essay clear and unambiguous? If the reader notes terms and college passages that he or she finds difficult to understand, the writer can explain them verbally. Plant Anatomy Essay. This should help the writer to rewrite the passages and explain the terms in the essay.

It is college essay useful to check (proof-read) your essay through for different things. Check that you have written the title at the top of the essay. Think about the title and check that your essay discusses every aspect of it . Check that the introduction correctly describes the body of the essay. The structure of the essay should follow the plant anatomy questions, outline and the summary should accurately describe what the essay says. Check that you say what you mean. It is suprising how often some of us write something different to what we meant to say. These are mistakes that a friend may notice quicker than the writer does. Check for logical argument : Have you got an argument? Have you stated it in the introduction? Have you followed your argument through logically in the body of the about and weaknesses, essay?

Have you recapped it in the conclusion? Check for the use of evidence to back up the plant essay questions, argument. Evidence may be references to an author you are interpreting. Have you shown how your argument is supported by quotations and other references to college about, the authors your essay is grader about? Check for the accurate presentation of quotations and references . College. Are quotations clearly identified? Do the references use the Harvard system? Do the references allow the reader to trace the critical secret life of bees, work and page they refer to? If you are using a wordprocessor, take time to essay about, run the spellchecker.

Then read the essay through for the spelling mistakes that a spellchecker misses, and for its grammar. You may have a friend who can read the essay through for mayan prophecy spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Someone else can often see errors that the writer misses. Essay Strengths. Some people find computer grammar checkers useful. Check that the essay is laid out in box thesis logical paragraphs , with a clear line between each paragraph to make sure they do not become merged. When you have finished your essay, make a last check that the outline, argument and essay strengths and weaknesses summary in canadian rights essay your introduction correctly describe the rest of the essay. If they do not, rewrite the introduction. Only submit your essay after you have made sure you have a copy and and weaknesses that the essay secret life, copy is safely filed where you will be able to recover it. If your essay was written on a wordprocessor you will have an electronic copy of it. If not, make a photocopy.

It is important to keep a copy of your essay in case the original goes astray. Essays are also sources you will want to refer to later. So file it in a way that is convenient for essay strengths future reference. Essays are valuable records for future reference. Click here for advice on record keeping.

There may be courses which are very strict about word limits, but usually the following student will be throwing away marks by not writing an extra hundred words: I have written as concisely as I can, but there is an essential point I have not been able to mayan essay, explain properly because of the word limit. I need the material I have to explain the subject properly, but this means that my argument is college essay about not fully stated. I am already 10% over the limit and I would need an extra hundred words to state it fully. The marks lost (if any) for taking the extra hundred words will almost certainly be small compared by prophecy essay the marks gained by essay about strengths and weaknesses a fully stated argument. If your essay is more than 10% under the word limit, or if it is very long, you should not pad it out with material, or hack material out. Instead, look at the content of the essay to see if you can improve that by lengthening or shortening . What to do if your essay is plant too short. Sometimes essays are short because the writer has only done part of what was asked. College And Weaknesses. Check to see that every aspect of the title has been covered, that any other instructions have been followed and that you have an adequate introduction that is essay questions followed through in the body of the essay. An essay can be too short because it needs to be more explicit. Look at college about, whether you have fully explained everything.

It may be that you have left a lot of the thoughts in your head to be inferred, rather than saying them. The reflections of this student may help you: I realised through my essay drafts that I tend to condense information making the essay very short and straight to the point. I have made improvements, but the plant anatomy questions, habit is ingrained and I need to make more. To do this, I must expand on my thoughts, ideas and opinions, explain in more depth the point I am trying to make, and write an essay imagining that the person who may read it has no clue about the about and weaknesses, subject. You may need to include quotations to illustrate what you have said, or you may find that you have used quotations without explaining them. If your essay is well explained and linked to essay secret, the sources it draws on by referencing and quotation, see if there are points that could be better explained or more points that would benefit by referencing and quotation. What to college essay about and weaknesses, do if your essay is canadian aboriginal rights too long.

Do you always know what you are saying, or are there places where you are just throwing words in? Replace vague passages that do not say anything important, and essay about strengths and weaknesses passages that ramble, with sentences that are to the point. Try focusing your introduction more on canadian aboriginal rights, the title, and then checking to see that the body of the essay sticks to college, what you focused on and does not wander all over the place. Box Thesis. Remove material that is not relevant to what you say you are doing. Using ways like this should improve the essay and shorten it at the same time. Précising and paraphrasing are good practice for any writer. One use of Précising is to creat a summary or abstract of your writing for the introduction . Traditonal steps in précis writing. You could précis any piece of writing, including your own. In the traditional précis students reduce a passage of writing to a third or a quarter of its original length by taking these steps: Read through the whole passage to get an strengths, overall view.

Read it through again, underlining each important point. These will all need to be included in the précis. Write a summary of the passage with all the underlined (above) points in canadian aboriginal rights essay the appropriate order, omitting all unnecessary matter. Compare the summary with the original and add anything of importance that had been left out. Check the approximate length to see how close you are to the length aimed at. Re-read carefully to see if the summary flows smoothly and is grammatically correct. Some essays are difficult to understand because material has been copied from books with no understanding of the meaning.

These essays are often too long as well, as the essay, writer does not know what to cut out. Prophecy. If this is what you do, read about: avoiding copying and plagiarism.