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The picture on the left below is of my father holding me when I was just a newborn. In 1963, I Started Teaching Third Grade. “In 1963, I started teaching third grade at Sacred Heart School in Lombard, Illinois. At that time, you did not need a teaching degree in of an essay a Parochial School (I had begun pursuing my teaching degree, but I had not finished yet). My first class had 54 students. My favorite pet was our family cow! Our Guernsey herd was such an integral part of a comprehensive education our life… they were like family!

We took them to how to write essay, all the to his essay plan, local fairs: Urbana, London, Hilliard (which is how to write of an essay Franklin County), the Ohio State Fair, and two or three others. Essay? What#39;s the how to write a conclusion paragraph of an, most interesting job you#39;ve ever had? One day, I was talking to a fireman and persuasive essay, he told me to how to paragraph, put my application into ferpa research, the Battle Creek Fire Department. I was hired, and it started a wonderful career for write paragraph, me. I loved that every run was different and there were never any two alike. One especially memorable Christmas was the year that I was hired to thesis, work the Christmas rush at write, Kresges Dimestore in Elmhurst, Illinois. I was working at Sutherland Paper company as a commercial artist and also building our first house when I got my greeting for induction on comparisson, March 2, 1951. How To Paragraph Of An? I was to report on March 29th. I was born in 1923, in comparisson Tevel, Hungary.

My name is Katie, and I was born in write of an essay 1923 in park thesis Tevel, Hungary. As a little girl, my family lived on a homestead. Write A Conclusion Paragraph? We had ten acres and theme thesis, it was called “existence” farming, because we could exist on write a conclusion, those ten acres. Essay? You can do anything by hard work, honesty, and how to a conclusion paragraph essay, love! I’ve gone from no electricity or running water to write a comprehensive essay education, knowing how to use Facebook and text on write a conclusion of an essay, a cell phone! I was the youngest of a comprehensive five children – four girls and one boy – with my brother Charles being right in the middle! My two older sisters and Charles were too old to be my playmates, but my sister, Mary, and how to essay, I played together often. My brother, Roland, was always my 'other dad' since he was 8 years older than me. Hospital Essay? He taught me how to ride a bicycle; catch a baseball; and how to write a conclusion paragraph of an, later when I was driving, he helped me get a car unstuck and comparisson essay, also helped with cleaning the how to a conclusion of an essay, spark-plugs. I enlisted a day after graduation. I enlisted a day after I graduated from high school.

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How to write a conclusion paragraph of an essay

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oedipus guilty essay The Young Marriage of c Ai sh ah. Mother of the Believers. Muslim Answers - Orlando, Florida, All Rights Reserved. T he marriage of the how to a conclusion of an Prophet Mu h ammad (P) to c Ai sh ah bint Abû Bakr when she was at quite a young age has been the focus of quite a bit of criticism in the West. Unfortunately, in this Neo-Colonialist Age of Smart bombs, MTV and the Big Mac, some of those who profess to be Muslims have themselves become critics. Persuasive Topis. Many Muslims, faced with the juggernaut of allegedly universal Western liberal values that have permeated almost everyone around them, sheepishly avoid discussion of such embarrassing Islamic issues. It is a keenly true observation that even though the European powers have pulled their colonial armies out of Muslim lands and granted them independence , an write even worse plague continues. This curse is Colonialism of the Mind and essays about goals it is more dangerous since it is write a conclusion essay, much more subtle. Insha'Allah , this article will be a contribution to making both Muslims and non-Muslims aware of not only the objective facts regarding the essay topis Prophet's (P) marriage to c Ai sh ah, but how to understand it in light of Islam and life in the modern world. Regrettably, for those of us trying to how to, spread the truth of Islam in the West, we often have to agree with the narrative Orientalist W. Montgomery Watt when he wrote:

Of all the world's great men none has been so much maligned as Muhammad. 1. But here, for paragraph, a change, were are dealing with something that is an authentic part of Islamic history, not an apocryphal or fabricated event that Westerners have been duped into believing is authentic, such as the ferpa research so-called Satanic Verses incident. That a man in his fifties would marry such a young girl - especially a man who is supposed to be a living example of write a conclusion paragraph piety - is not only difficult for many modern Westerners to come to terms with, but it has even gone so far as to stir up disgusting sexual misconduct charges amongst them. Good About. In the face of such criticism, Muslims have not always reacted well.

In the past century, when so many Muslims were so Westoxicated and how to of an essay ready to monkey Europeans in almost anything, the usual reaction was to deny the sources that reported the alleged embarrassing problem. To Muslim modernists, who argued that only a legal ruling found in the Qur'ân was Islamically valid, brushing aside this aspect of the Prophet's (P) life was rather easy. They simply denied that it had occurred and attacked the sources which reported it. Fortunately for Muslims, the apologetics of these Uncle Toms of comparisson Islam has faded to the periphery to a large extent. However, there are still many Muslims out there who try to get around what they see as a problem by ignoring authentic Islamic sources while claiming to be followers of the Ahl as-Sunnah . (which basically means orthodox Sunni Muslims, for those unfamiliar Islamic terminology).

Many other Muslims possibly wonder whether the story is authentic and how to understand it if it is. The Islamic Evidence Of c Ai sh ah's Marriage. Due to the apparent ignorance of many Muslims, possibly due to reading modernist apologetic literature like that mentioned above, a look at what the how to write a conclusion of an essay authentic sources of Islam say about the age at which c Ai sh ah married the Prophet (P) is in order. This way, before we move on to an analysis of the facts, we will first establish what the authentic Islamic facts are. At this point, it should be mentioned that it is absolutely pointless from an essay Islamic standpoint to say that the age of c Ai sh ah is not found in the Qur'ân , since the textual sources of Islam are made up of both the Qur'ân and the Sunnah - and the Qur'ân tells us that. For those wanting (or needing) to learn more about the status of the Sunnah in how to paragraph of an essay Islam, please read An Introduction to the Sunnah , by Suhaib H asan.

Now in regards to write, what the authentic Islamic sources actually say, it may come as a disappointment to some modern and cultured Muslims that there are four a h âdîth in S a h î h al-Bu kh ârî and three a h âdîth in S a h î h Muslim clearly state that c Ai sh ah was nine years old as the time that her marriage was consummated with the Prophet (P) . These a h âdîth, with only slight variation, read as follows: c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her, narrated that the write paragraph of an Prophet (P) was betrothed (zawaj) to her when she was six years old and transfer essay he consummated (nikah) his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for how to a conclusion paragraph essay, nine years. ( S a h î h al-Bu kh ârî , Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64 ) Of the four a h âdîth in S a h î h al-Bu kh ari , two were narrated from comparisson essay, c Ai sh ah (7:64 and 7:65), one from Abû Hi sh âm (5:236) and one via 'Ursa (7:88). All three of the how to write a conclusion paragraph of an a h âdîth in S a h î h Muslim have c Ai sh ah as a narrator. Additionally, all of the writing a h âdîth in both books agree that the marriage betrothal contract took place when c Ai sh ah was six years old , but was not consummated until she was nine years old. Additionally, a h adîth with the same text ( matn ) is reported in Sunan Abû Dâwûd . Needless to say, this evidence is - Islamically speaking - overwhelmingly strong and write a conclusion of an essay Muslims who deny it do so only by persuasive essay topis sacrificing their intellectual honesty, pure faith or both. This evidence having been established, there doesn't seem much room for debate about c Ai sh ah's age amongst believing Muslims. A Conclusion Of An Essay. Until someone proves that in the Arabic language nine years old means something other than nine years old , then we should all be firm in our belief that she was nine years old (as if there's a reason or need to essay, believe otherwise. How To Paragraph Of An. ). In spite of these facts, there are still some Muslim authors that have somehow (?) managed to research, push c Ai sh ah's age out to as far as fourteen or fifteen years old at the time of her marriage to the Prophet (P) . It should come as no surprise, however, that none of them ever offer any proof, evidence or references for how to write paragraph essay, their opinions. This can be said with the utmost confidence, since certainly none of them can produce sources more authentic than the h adîth collections of Imâms al-Bu kh ârî and Muslim! Based on the research that I've done, I feel that there is a college essay, a common source for those who claim that c Ai sh ah's age was fourteen or fifteen years old at the time of the marriage. This source is The Biographies of Prominent Muslims which is how to paragraph of an, published in book form, on CD-ROM and is posted in several places on the Internet.

Just another example of why going to the sources is important . . . The Prophet's (P) Marriages In Perspective. To put all of this in perspective - hopefully without undue apologetics - the good about career first thing that one should be aware of is that c Ai sh ah was the third wife of the Prophet (P) , not the first. How To Write Essay. Prior to papers, this, the Prophet's (P) first and only wife for twenty-four years was Kh adijah bint al- Kh uwaylid, who was about nineteen years older than him. He married Kh adijah when she was forty and he was twenty-one - which might be called the years of how to write a male's sexual prime - and stayed married only to a college transfer essay, her until her death. Just after Kh adijah's death, when he was round forty-six years old, the Prophet (P) married his second wife Sawdah bint Zam'ah.

It was after this second marriage that the Prophet (P) became betrothed to c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her. She was the daughter of Abû Bakr, one of the Prophet's closest friends and devoted followers. Abû Bakr, may God be pleased with him, was one of the earliest converts to Islam and hoped to solidify the deep love that existed between himself and the Prophet (P) by uniting their families in marriage. Write A Conclusion Paragraph. The betrothal of Abu Bakr's daughter c Ai sh ah to Mu h ammad (P) , took place in topis the eleventh year of Mu h ammad's (P) Prophethood, which was about a year after he had married Sawdah bint Zam'ah and before he made his hijra (migration) to al-Madinah (Ya th rib). Write Paragraph Of An. As mentioned above, the marriage with c Ai sh ah bint Abû Bakr was consummated in Sh awwâl, which came seven months after the good about career goals Prophet's hijra from Makkah to al-Medinah. At the how to paragraph essay time of his marriage to c Ai sh ah, the writing transfer essay Prophet (P) was over fifty years old. It should be noted about the Prophet's (P) marriage to write of an essay, c Ai sh ah was an exceedingly happy one for both parties, as the essay h adîth literature attests. c Ai sh ah, may God be please with her, was his favourite wife and the only virgin that he ever married. How To Of An Essay. After emigrating to al-Madinah, Mu h ammad (P) married numerous other wives, eventually totaling fifteen in his lifetime. Even though we do not have time to ferpa research papers, go into the details of each one of them here, each of these marriages was done either for a conclusion, political reasons, to comparisson essay, strengthen the how to write a conclusion essay ties of hospital narrative essay kinship or to help a woman in write a conclusion paragraph need. Quite a few of the essay wives were widows, older women or had been abandoned thus were in need of a home. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the same collection of Muslim h adîth literature that tells us that c Ai sh ah was only nine years old at the time of the marriage tells us that the how to write a conclusion essay marriage was Divinely ordained:

Narrated c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her: The Messenger of God (P) said (to me): You have been shown to me twice in (my) dreams. A man was carrying you in a silken cloth and said to me, 'This is your wife.' I uncovered it; and behold, it was you. I said to essay, myself, 'If this dream is from God, He will cause it to come true.' ( S a h î h al-Bu kh ârî , Volume 7, Book 62, Number 15 ) Thus like everything that the Prophet (P) did, there was wisdom behind it and essay lessons to transfer, be learned from it. The wisdom behind such incidents provides us guidance on the basis of how to a conclusion of an human morality, exposes the double standards of misguided hypocrites from other religions that criticize Islam and much more. But more on that subject below. . Ferpa Research. . Criticism Addressed Entertained. Myself and many other Muslims should no longer be surprised by the double standard that Christians display when they criticize the conduct of Prophet Mu h ammad (P) , since we've heard it for how to, so long. To have an atheist, agnostic - or anyone else who does not believe in a Divinely revealed basis for hospital narrative, morality - criticize something that is politically incorrect by today's moral standards comes as no surprise. Such people will always find something to criticize, since they simply have a bone to pick with religion in general. All of this absolute morality talk gets in the way of them having a good time, so they want to mock it, discredit it and do away with it. The criticism of Christians, however, is another matter.

While it is true that Christians speak out against the moral relativity which is how to a conclusion of an essay, spreading amongst the increasingly secular society today, they too are unconscious victims of it. The values of most Christians today come from the humanist values of Western Europe (or, at a minimum, are heavily influenced by them). Their values do not come straight out of the Bible - in theory or in practice - regardless of what they may claim. That Christians today try to take credit for the so-called Freedom, Human Rights, Democracy and Women's Rights in essays about career goals Europe and America is nothing short of a joke. It may impress uneducated people in so-called Third World countries, but anyone who has studied history knows that these things came about in spite of the Church, not because of it. The way in which many Christians uncritically mix non-Christian values with (allegedly) Biblical values has always fascinated me. One interesting example of this is how nationalism and patriotism are supported amongst the how to a conclusion majority of Evangelical Protestant (and even other) Christians in write on environmental the United States. In America, good Christians are flag wavers. Few, if any, of these fiercely patriotic minds ever seem to realize that narrow-minded patriotism is both selfish and non-universal at its core.

That patriotism and Christianity go hand-in-hand in write a conclusion of an the minds of many people is just an example of how we can be blindly sucked into moral relativism without even realizing it. According to Judaism, Christianity and papers Islam, right and wrong are ordained by Almighty God. As such, morality does not change over time based on our whims, desires or cultural sensitivities. In cultures where there is no Divinely revealed ruling on an issue, what is how to, right and what is wrong is determined by cultural norms. In such cases, a person would only essays be considered immoral if they violated the write a conclusion paragraph of an accepted norms of their society. As we will demonstrate, the Prophet Mu h ammad's (P) marriage to essay, c Ai sh ah, viewed both in the light of Absolute Morality and the cultural norms of his time, was not an immoral act, but was an act containing valuable lessons for generations to come. Additionally, this marriage followed the norms for how to write a conclusion of an essay, all Semitic peoples, including those of Biblical times. Based on this, and other information that we will provide below, it is grossly hypocritical for Christians to criticise the Prophet's (P) marriage to c Ai sh ah at such a young age. In case Christian readers are under the false impression that their values today are timeless and research papers somehow reflect those of Biblical times, please consider the following points which are directly related to the question of at what age a person is properly ready to be married: Keeping in mind the ideas of political correctness and absolute morality, in how to a conclusion Biblical times the age at which a girl could marry was puberty. However, during the Middle Ages it was usually twelve years old.

Now in most Christian countries it is between fourteen and sixteen years old. Writing A College Transfer. I live in how to write paragraph essay country where some states allow partners of the narrative essay same sex to legally marry, but consider an eighteen year old boy who sleeps with a sixteen year old girl a statutory rapist. So even though Christians might disagree with much of what is how to write paragraph of an, becoming all too prevalent in Western society today - whether it be drug abuse, gay marriages or abortion - they too have been swallowed up (possibly unknowingly) by the ugly monster of moral relativism Certainly, they might be giving in less quickly than people who have no Divine basis for hospital narrative, their morality, but they're giving in nonetheless. Historically, the age at which a girl was considered ready to how to paragraph essay, be married has been puberty . This was the case in Biblical times, as we will discuss below, and is still used to determine the age of marriage in what the writing essay culturally arrogant West calls primitive societies throughout the world. How To Write A Conclusion Of An. As the a h âdîth about writing transfer essay c Ai sh ah's age show, her betrothal took place at least three years before the consummation of the marriage.

The reason for this was that they were waiting for her to come of age (i.e. to have her first menstrual period). Puberty as a biological sign shows that a women is capable of bearing children. Can anyone logically deny this? Part of the write a conclusion essay wisdom behind the Prophet's marriage to c Ai sh ah just after she reached puberty is to essay, firmly establish this as a point of Islamic Law, even though it was already cultural norm in all Semitic societies (including the one Jesus (P) grew up in). The large majority of Islamic jurists say that the earliest time a marriage can be consummated is on the onset sexual maturity ( bulugh ), meaning puberty. Since this was the norm of all Semitic cultures and it still is the norm of many cultures today: it is certainly not something that Islam invented. However, widespread opposition to such a Divinely revealed and of an accepted historical norm is certainly something that is comparisson, relatively new. The criticism of Mu h ammad's marriage to write of an essay, c Ai sh ah is something relatively new in that it grew up out of the values of Post Enlightenment Europe. Comparisson Essay. This was a Europe that had abandoned (or at least modified) its religious morality for how to a conclusion paragraph essay, a new set of humanist values where people used their own opinions to determine what was right and wrong. It is interesting to note that Christians from a very early time criticized (again hypocritically) the transfer essay Prophet's (P) practice of how to a conclusion essay polygamy, but not the marriage to c Ai sh ah. Certainly, those from topis, a Middle Eastern Semitic background would not have found anything to a conclusion paragraph, criticize, since nothing abnormal or immoral took place.

It is modern Westernized Christians who began to essay, criticize Mu h ammad on paragraph of an this point, not earlier pre-Enlightenment ones. It is upon reaching the age of puberty that a person, man or woman, becomes legally responsible under Islamic Law. Essays About. At this point, they are allowed to make their own decisions and are held accountable for their actions. How To Write Paragraph Essay. It should also be mentioned that in Islam, it is hospital narrative, unlawful to force someone to marry someone that they do not want to how to a conclusion paragraph essay, marry. The evidence shows that c Ai sh ah's marriage to the Prophet Mu h ammad (P) was one which both parties and their families agreed upon. Based on the culture at writing a college that time, no one saw anything wrong with it. On the contrary, they were all happy about it.

None of the Muslim sources report that anyone from the society at that time criticized this marriage due to c Ai sh ah's young age. On the contrary, the marriage of c Ai sh ah to write paragraph essay, the Prophet (P) was encouraged by c Ai sh ah's father, Abu Bakr, and was welcomed by the community at large. It is reported that women who wanted to help the Prophet (P) , such as Kh awlah bint al- H akîm, encouraged him to marry the young c Ai sh ah. Due to the Semitic culture in which they lived, they certainly saw nothing wrong with such a marriage. Society's ideas of love, family and marriage are much different in the so-called modern and persuasive topis civilized West of today than they were in Biblical or Qur'ânic times.

Unfortunately, many of write a conclusion paragraph essay us carry the baggage of romantic love and ideas about sex that have managed to poison our minds since the Europeans (and their ideas) came to dominate the globe. These ideas have not only penetrated into the minds of Muslims, but actually permeate many of comparisson them. The European colonial powers have pulled out of almost all Muslim lands, but the how to write paragraph of an essay colonization of the minds continues! As we mentioned above, the sad part is essay topis, that most people do not even realize that they are under such un-Godly influences. Just to reference the way things have changed, a statement in how to a conclusion paragraph essay The New Encyclopaedia Britannica makes it clear that values regarding the proper age of marriage have been changing over the years: . . . in the United States and parts of Europe the association of adult status with sexual maturity as expressed in hospital essay the term puberty rites has been unwelcome . 2. The significance that sex and sexuality are thought to play in human psychology has its roots in Freudian thought. Even though many of Freud's ideas are being heavily challenged today, many of his ideas still play a role in the thinking of many people. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) taught that humans are basically sexual beings whose childhood sexual urges are the key to understanding them.

He developed the methodology of psychoanalysis and his ideas on how to essay sex, repressed guilt and sexuality, the unconscious sex drive, the Oedipus complex and other ideas have come to almost haunt the a college transfer Western view of sexuality (almost as much as the repressive views of the Roman Catholic Church). Write A Conclusion Of An Essay. Needless to say, Freud's ideas have been criticized by believing Jews, Christians and Muslims since they basically deny human moral responsibility. In Freud's view of things, human beings are prisoners to the effects of on environmental unconscious forces and their sex drive. How To A Conclusion Of An. Such ideas are always welcomed by liberals, humanists and others like them. The point of a college all this in how to write regards to young marriage, however, might be less clear. What needs to be pointed out a college transfer essay is the contradictory modern Western view of how to paragraph essay sexuality. They are taken aback by the thought of marriage at the age of puberty, even though it's an age old custom. However, they have junior high schools where sex education is taught and a society where sexually promiscuous dating is considered the norm.

Sometimes sex is simply a natural pleasure to be enjoyed, but at hospital essay other times it is a psychological demon of far reaching consequences. In short, everything from their private lives to their court systems, have fallen victim to the moral relativity of the psychiatrists and psychologists. A Conclusion Essay. The attitude that any experience in life can be seen as some sort of trauma is very widespread. Many people go through life constantly obsessed about what sort of a college complex they may be suffering from due to experiences they've had in their relatively normal life. The morality which is produced by such attitudes all but does away with human responsibility. Write A Conclusion Paragraph. People who are guilty of serious crimes, instead of being held responsible for their actions, are themselves considered victims, since they are only doing what their psychological makeup causes them to do. Puberty = Maturity = Marriage. These points having been presented, some additional details on good a few of them is worthwhile.

An interesting article on how to write of an essay the age at which people married in Biblical times is Ancient Israelite Marriage Customs , by Jim West, ThD - a Baptist minister. This article states that: The wife was to be taken from within the larger family circle (usually at the outset of puberty or around the good essays about goals age of 13) in write essay order to maintain the purity of the family line; This is just one reference to the fact that the comparisson essay onset of puberty was considered the age at which young people could marry. That people in Biblical times married at an early age is widely endorsed. While discussing the meaning of the word 'almah , which is the Hebrew word for young woman or adolescent female , Gerald Segal says: It should be noted, however, that in biblical times females married at paragraph of an an early age . 3.

In spite of its somewhat arrogant Western talk of primitive cultures , An Overview of the World's Religions makes it clear that puberty is an age old symbol of adulthood: Almost all primitive cultures pay attention to puberty and marriage rituals, although there is a general tendency to pay more attention to the puberty rites of males than of females. Because puberty and marriage symbolize the essay on environmental fact that children are acquiring adult roles , most primitive cultures consider the rituals surrounding these events very important. Write A Conclusion Paragraph Of An Essay. Puberty rituals are often accompanied with ceremonial circumcision or some other operation on the male genitals. Female circumcision is less common, although it occurs in several cultures. Female puberty rites are more often related to the commencement of the menstrual cycle in writing a college transfer young girls. Some female authors agree:

Puberty is defined as the age or period at which a person is first capable of sexual reproduction, in other eras of history, a rite or celebration of this landmark event was a part of the how to a conclusion culture. ( Rites of Passage: Puberty , by Sue Curewitz Arthen) Getting your period marks a rite of passage for young girls entering womanhood. (From the Women's Resource Center ) Another contemporary reference relating marriage age to puberty is an article on Central Africa, which says: There are many other references which should prove to any intelligent person what anthropologists and historians already know: in centuries past, people were considered ready for marriage when they reached puberty . It should be mentioned that from an Islamic point of about career view, many problems in society today can be traced back to the abandonment of early marriage. Due to the way that Almighty God has created man and woman, i.e., with strong sexual desires, people should marry young. In the past, this was even more true since life expectancy was very low (i.e. you were considered old if you made it to 40!) Not only does marriage provide a legal outlet for people with strong sexual desires, but it usually produces more children. How To A Conclusion Paragraph. One of the main purposes of marriage is to produce children - be fruitful and multiply as the Bible says (Genesis 8:17). This was especially important in essay topis the past, when people did not live as long as they do now and how to paragraph of an essay the infant morality rate was much higher. The Age Of Puberty. Even though we have established that puberty has been the ferpa research historical, cultural and religious norm for indicating readiness for marriage, some may wonder at which age puberty normally takes place. This is somewhat meaningless in regards to our specific discussion of Mu h ammad (P) and c Ai sh ah, since the hadith literature makes it clear that she had reached puberty. However, in write paragraph regards to puberty and at what age most girls have their first menstrual cycle, c Abdul- H amîd S iddiqî says:

Islam has laid down no age limit for puberty for it varies with countries and races due to the climate, hereditary, physical and social conditions. Those who live in cold regions attain puberty at a much later age as compared with those living in hot regions where both male and female attain it at a quite early age. The average temperature of the country or province, say the well-known authors of the book Woman , is considered the chief factor here, not only persuasive topis with regard to menstruation but as regards the whole of sexual development at puberty. How To Essay. 5. Raciborski, Jaubert, Routh and many others have collected and writing collated statistics on the subject to which readers are referred. Marie Espino has summarised some of these data as follows: (a) The limit of age for the first appearance of menstruation is write paragraph of an, between nine and essay twenty-four in write the temperate-zone; (b) The average age varies widely and it may be accepted as established that the nearer the transfer Equator, the how to write a conclusion paragraph essay earlier the average age for menstruation. 6. Additionally, an article entitled Puberty in Girls by an Australian government Public Health organization, says: The first sign of puberty is usually a surge of growth: you become taller; your breasts develop; hair begins to grow in ferpa research the pubic area and under the a conclusion paragraph of an arms. This may start from 10 years to 14 years - even earlier for some and essay topis later for others . During puberty, a girl's body changes, inside and write a conclusion paragraph of an essay out, into the body of a woman . The changes don't come all at once, and they don't happen at the same time for good about career, everybody. Most girls start showing physical changes around age 11, but everyone has her own internal schedule for development.

It's normal for changes to start as early as 8 or 9 years of age , or not until 13 or 14. Even if nothing looks or feels different yet, the changes may have already begun inside your body. Many will readily agree with the information above, but still might harbour reservations about whether a marriage to an older man could be happy for how to paragraph, such a young girl. Putting aside the papers modern Western notions of write a conclusion essay happiness for a moment, the hospital narrative essay marriage of c Ai sh ah and the Prophet (P) was a mutually happy and write loving one as in expressed in hospital narrative numerous h adîth and seerah books. How To A Conclusion Of An Essay. That happy marriages occur between people with a fairly large difference in ages is known among psychologists: When the differences (in ages) is great, e.g. exceeds fifteen to twenty years, the results may be happier. The marriage of an elderly (senescent) not, of comparisson course, an write paragraph of an old (senile) man to a quite young girl, is often very successful and harmonious. The bride is immediately introduced and accustomed to moderate sexual intercourse. 7. More Wisdom Behind It. In his comments on the ahadith in Sahîh Muslim which mention c Ai sh ah's young marriage to the Prophet (P) , c Abdul- H amîd S iddiqî shows three other reasons for this marriage: c Ai sh ah's marriage to the Prophet Mu h ammad (P) at an early age allowed her to be an persuasive essay eyewitness to the personal details of his life and carry them on to the succeeding generations.

By being both spiritually and how to write a conclusion of an essay physically near to the Prophet (P) , the marriage prepared 'Ai sh ah to be an example to all Muslims, especially women, for all times. She developed into comparisson essay, a spiritual teacher and scholar, since she was remarkably intelligent and wise. How To Write A Conclusion Essay. Her qualities help support the Prophet's work and good essays goals further the cause of write paragraph of an essay Islam. c Ai sh ah, the Mother of the good essays goals Believers, was not only a model for wives and mothers, but she was also a commentator on the Qur'ân, an authority on h adîth and knowledgeable in Islamic Law. She narrated at least 2,210 a h âdîth that give Muslims valuable insights into the Final Prophet's daily life and behaviour, thus preserving the Sunnah of Mu h ammad (P) . At that time, this marriage refuted the how to paragraph notion that a man could not marry the daughter of a man who he had declared to be his brother (even in the religious sense). Essay. Since the Prophet (P) and Abu Bakr had declared each other to be brothers , this notion was done away with. This is demonstrated in the following h adîth: Narrated 'Ursa: The Prophet (P) asked Abu Bakr for c Ai sh ah's hand in marriage. Abu Bakr said, But I am your brother.

The Prophet (P) said, You are my brother in God's religion and His Book, but she ( c Ai sh ah) is lawful for me to marry. ( Sahîh al-Bukhârî, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 18 ) The marriage did away with the pagan Arab superstition that it was a bad omen to a conclusion paragraph of an essay, be married in the month of Sha wwal. They thought that the month carried this omen since the word Sha wwal was derived from Sh aala, which carried a bad omen. The authentic ahadith indicate that the Prophet (P) and essay c Ai sh ah were married in this lunar month. Not Much Ado Back Then. Above, we established the fact that getting married at puberty was an accepted practice amongst not only today's primitive cultures , but specifically amongst the Semitic (i.e. Hebrew, Arab, Syriac, etc.) peoples of the Middle East. How To A Conclusion Of An. In order to provide additional proof that Mu h ammad's (P) marriage to ferpa research papers, c Ai sh ah did not raise any eyebrows at that time, I submit here quotations from two Western female scholars who have studied Islam in detail: It is not clear just when the how to a conclusion marriage actually took place. According to some versions, it was in the month of Shawwal of the Year 1, that is, some seven or eight months after the ferpa papers arrival at Medina; but, according to others, it was not until after the Battle of Badr, that is, in Shawwal of the second year of the Hijrah . In no version is how to write, there any comment made on writing a college essay the disparity of the how to write a conclusion ages between Mohammed and Aishah or on the tender age of the bride who, at the most, could not have been over ten years old and who was still much enamoured with her play. 8.

In the above quotation, the sources which are given for the latter are Nawawi and Tabari . Both Imâms al-Nawâwî and al- T abarî were great Muslim scholars, but their works contain material that is less than authentic by Islamic standards, which is probably the research reason over her questioning which date is write paragraph of an, authentic. This is all beside the point, since we've already shown that authentic Islamic sources state that c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her, was nine years old . Ferpa. The main point to note is that no version was any comment made on how to a conclusion essay their age difference or on c Ai sh ah's young age. Why? Such an early marriage was normal in good essays about career goals all Semitic societies - such as the ones that Abraham (P) , Moses (P) , Jesus (P) and write a conclusion of an essay Mu h ammad (P) grew up in! Another author, Karen Armstrong, has this to add: Tabari says that she was so young that she stayed in good essays about her parents' home and the marriage was consummated there later when she had reached puberty . 9. This further establishes that the marriage took place at puberty and that, as such, no eyebrows were raised.

Tabari , it should be mentioned, refers to Abû Ja c far Mu h ammad ibn Jarîr al- T abarî (225-310 AH / 839-923 CE), who was a great Muslim scholar who is well known in the West for paragraph of an, his Qur'ânic commentary and history of the world. It is persuasive, no surprise that both of the write paragraph of an above authors agree on essay the fact that the marriage of c Ai sh ah and Mu h ammad (P) took place when the former had reached puberty and that this was normal at how to essay the time. This is no surprise, since anyone who studies the Muslim sources and Semitic culture would be forced to come to the same conclusion, since it is simply a historical fact. It should be pointed out that both of the above quoted female authors do not hesitate to good about career, misrepresent Islam (intentionally or unintentionally) in their other writings. Suffice it to say that if there was some other damaging information available, they would not hesitate to bring it to light. How To Paragraph. Nabia Abbott, who has done some useful research on Islam in some areas, was basically an hospital narrative essay Orientalist in the classic sense.

Her book which was quoted above, Aishah-The Beloved of Mohammed , is how to write a conclusion paragraph of an, actually nothing but a disgusting second-guessing of comparisson c Ai sh ah's life. If a book with a similar mix of speculation and inauthentic sources were written about someone of significance in the West, it certainly would not be sitting on scholarly bookshelves. How To Write A Conclusion Paragraph. It has long been established that Orientalists with a bone to a college, pick with Islam liked to decide on the authenticity of a story based on their preconceived notions. If an essay inauthentic story seemed to belittle the Prophet of persuasive essay topis Islam, it became oft quoted. However, any authentic material that contradicted their theories was simply ignored. It's analogous to writing a historical biography of Jesus (P) and using quotations from how to write a conclusion, apocryphal gospels to override the Canonical ones whenever whimsically deemed appropriate. Comparisson Essay. This is how Orientalists and Christian missionaries have been treating Mu h ammad (P) for how to write paragraph of an essay, centuries. For those who want to write essay education, know more about this, please read our article Orientalism, Misinformation and Islam . So What's The Verdict? Overcoming cultural bias or admitting your own double standards is not always easy. For some people, it takes years for them to admit that they've been hypocritical.

Hopefully, the thoughts presented here will plant the seed of reflection in some people so that they may reflect on the truth. Admitting that there's a problem is often half the battle, so before the reader heads off to make a final personal judgment on where they stand on this issue, I want to provide some more food for thought. Write A Conclusion Paragraph Of An. Montgomery Watt, a long time scholar of Islam, had some choice words on how the West should judge Mu h ammad (P) . I have never agreed with many of Watt's conclusions about a college essay Islam, but I have always viewed him as one of the more open-minded and open-hearted Orientalist scholars. Possibly, this is because he was more of a promoter of understanding than a narrow-minded Christian missionary. Years of paragraph studying Islam brought Watt to this conclusion: The other main allegations of moral defect in Muhammad are that he was treacherous and lustful . . . Sufficient has been said above about the interpretation of these events to ferpa papers, show that the case against Muhammad is much weaker than is sometimes thought.

The discussions of these allegations, however, raises a fundamental question. How are we to judge Muhammad? By the standards of how to write paragraph his own time and country? Or by those of the most enlightened opinion in the West today? When the sources are closely scrutinized, it is clear that those of Muhammad's actions which are disapproved by the modern West were not the object of the moral criticism of his contemporaries . They criticized some of narrative his acts, but their motives were superstitious prejudice or fear of the consequences. How To Write. If they criticized the writing a college transfer essay events at write a conclusion essay Nakhlah, it was because they feared some punishment from the transfer essay offended pagan gods or the how to write paragraph of an essay worldly vengeance of the Meccans.

If they were amazed at the mass execution of the Jews of the clan of Qurayzah, it was at the number and danger of the blood-feuds incurred. The marriage with Zaynab seemed incestuous, but this conception of incest was bound up with old practices belonging to a lower, communalistic level of familial institutions where a child's paternity was not definitely known; and this lower level was in process being eliminated by Islam . . . From the essay topis standpoint of Muhammad's time, then, the how to write a conclusion of an essay allegations of treachery and sensuality cannot be maintained. Writing Transfer Essay. His contemporaries did not find him morally defective in any way. How To Paragraph Essay. On the contrary, some of the ferpa research acts criticized by the modern Westerner show that Muhammad's standards were higher than those of his time. In his day and how to write a conclusion of an essay generation he was a social reformer, even a reformer in the sphere of morals. He created a new system of social security and a new family structure, both of which were a vast improvement on what went before. By taking what was best in hospital the morality of the nomad and adapting it for settled communities, he established a religious and social framework for the life of many races of write paragraph of an men. That is not the work of a traitor or 'an old lecher'. 10. From Abraham (P) To Pick-And-Choose / Feel Good Religion

Everything that we have discussed above logically frees Mu h ammad (P) from the unjust criticism that he has received (at least amongst those who can be intellectually honest and fair-minded). One point, however, still needs to be made a bit more clear. Hospital. Even though we've mentioned it in passing, the hypocrisy and how to write a conclusion essay double standards of Christians who criticize Mu h ammad (P) for his morality needs to transfer essay, be more thoroughly analysed and how to paragraph exposed. Before moving on to an analysis of Biblical morality, I would like to offer some advice and encouraging words to my fellow Muslims. On Environmental. My main piece of advice is to not be discouraged by slanderous attacks on Islam or how it is distorted in the media. Certainly, we all hate to write a conclusion paragraph of an essay, see such things occur, but in the Information Age which was brought about by writing transfer a culture that (allegedly) places a supreme value on freedom of speech, there is not much that we can do to of an, stop it. The flip side to this coin is the topis fact that the Truth of Islam is still out there and people are finding it.

Yes, Islam is a conclusion paragraph of an essay, spreading in spite of a comprehensive these hypocritical methods that Christians and others are using to stop it. From the moon god lies of Robert Morey to how to paragraph of an, the almost daily distortions in the media, Islam is still spreading in the West. Comparisson Essay. Actually, the how to write a conclusion paragraph of an essay fact that those who make a career out of attacking Islam, such as Christian missionaries, have to resort to lies and distortions when they discuss Islam, is a good sign. Certainly, if they discussed Islam as it was meant to write essay education, be understood, they would only be hurting their own cause. When Islam is presented by non-Muslims in the West, usually matters of peripheral importance are addressed and criticised.

The core beliefs of Islam, if discussed at all, are presented in a distorted manner. If Islam was just some ridiculous Third World religion with no appeal, they would not have to treat it this way. As a matter of fact, a great deal of the anti-Islamic literature that fills Christian bookstores (and the Internet) is not designed to convert Muslims, but to turn Westerners off to Islam. The people who write these lies are just trying to how to write paragraph of an, poison the minds of people so that they won't be receptive to writing a college essay, the message of write Islam when they hear it. Their methods, however, are failing. In Europe especially, the Christian religion is in a severe state of stagnation and people are looking for truth elsewhere. Persuasive Essay Topis. Christians have always been embarrassed by their almost complete inability to how to a conclusion of an, convert a notable Muslim to comparisson, Christianity.

Certainly, they have their converts that they hold up as examples, however all of them seem to have been only nominal Muslims (at best) when they converted. However, many notable Westerners have embraced Islam, recently as well as in the past. One of the how to write most interesting things about writing a college transfer this is many (if not all) of these people could be called Searchers for the Truth. By this I mean that they were the type of people who were spiritual, open-mined and write a conclusion essay read books on many subjects. They were not brainwashed simpletons who simply wanted to join an easy religion and the dominating culture of the time.

They were people who knew a lot not only research papers about religion, but about history, philosophy and other disciplines. Suffice it to say that the truth of Islam is out there, in spite of how to a conclusion of an essay all the negative press that it gets today. The following is just one testimony that Islam is spreading in the West: Unprecedented numbers of British people, nearly all of them women, are converting to Islam at a time of deep divisions within the Anglican and Catholic churches. The rate of conversions has prompted predictions that Islam will rapidly become an important religious force in this country . . . Write A Comprehensive Education. Within the next 20 years the number of British converts will equal or overtake the immigrant Muslim community that brought the faith here, says Rose Kendrick, a religious education teacher at a Hull comprehensive and the author of a textbook guide to the Koran. She says: Islam is as much a world faith as is Roman Catholicism. No one nationality claims it as its own.

Islam is how to a conclusion of an, also spreading fast on ferpa research papers the continent and in how to write paragraph America. ( The Times , London, Tuesday, November 9th, 1993, Home-News page) Thanks be to goals, God that many of us who are former pew warmers finally decided to go out and how to write essay investigate what they try to spoon feed us from the pulpit and write on environmental education TV. Why does Islam succeed in attracting Christians and how to write a conclusion paragraph of an essay others? Because it's the Clear Way of Abraham . No other religion today can honestly claim this! Islam isn't just a feel good religion where they just tell you what you want to hear and read selected verses from the Bible. Most Christians today approach religion like they do Sunday brunch: they take what they like and a comprehensive on environmental education leave what they don't like. They have this attitude in spite of the how to write paragraph of an essay fact that Abraham is held up in their Bible as a towering example of faith. Abraham (P) , who was going to sacrifice his own son because Almighty God commanded it, certainly knew the basis of morality.

It is essay, clear in both the Bible and how to write the Qur'ân that Abraham knew that whatever God commands is the right thing to do. Essay Topis. However, how many Christians today can say that they honestly believe that on how to write essay all issues? How many of them have reflected on the moral ramifications of what is narrative, contained in their Bible? Seemingly, not even their learned apologists who attack Islam have reflected on it too deeply! The question What is our basis for morality? is an how to write paragraph of an easy one for those who follow the faith of Abraham (P) - and about goals that's what Islam is. Islam is submission to the Will of Almighty God - We hear and paragraph essay we obey - the faith of our father Abraham. If it was good enough for Abraham (P) , Moses (P) , Jesus (P) and hospital narrative essay Mu h ammad (P) , then it's good enough for me! It is this truth and this attitude that attracts people to a conclusion paragraph, Islam.

The entire basis of Islam, which produces this attitude, is Unity - the Unity of Almighty God and the unity of mankind. Ferpa. To be sure, the message of Islam appeals to the very nature of a conclusion of an man. No wonder it is spreading! A Christian theologian, relatively recently, observed: It is probable that early in the twenty-first century Islam will have become numerically the largest of the world religions. 11. Quite possibly, if you count only Sunni Muslims (which are at least 85% of persuasive Muslims), we are already the largest religion in the world when compared not to Christians as a whole, but to either the Orthodox, Roman Catholics or Protestants each separately. A Case Study In Biblical Morality.

Now that we've taken a detailed look at an alleged moral difficulty in the life of Mu h ammad (P) , for how to a conclusion paragraph essay, the sake of balance, let's take a look at topis a moral difficulty in write paragraph of an essay the Bible. We've already made statements above concerning the nature of Biblical morality, but many readers may be unaware of research some of its difficulties . For better or for worse, in Sunday school they generally skip the verses which we are going to deal with below. However, these verses certainly are useful tools in putting intellectually honest Christians in the same moral dilemna that they think Muslims should be in due to Mu h ammad's (P) young marriage to c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her. It should be kept in mind that the purpose of this discussion is the basis for how to of an, morality, not the inspiration of the hospital essay Bible (or lack thereof). How To Write Paragraph. For the writing a college purposes of this discussion, we accept the Bible as is paragraph of an, . However, this should not be interpreted to mean that we are endorsing it as the Word of God in a comprehensive on environmental education toto . How To Paragraph Of An. On the other hand, it should not be interpreted to mean that we are attacking the Word of persuasive essay God, since we are discussing it simply because Christians consider it to be the Word of write paragraph God (whatever their particular definition might be). For those wanting more detailed information on the Muslim view of the Bible, please click here . The portion of the Bible that we want to persuasive topis, look at begins with the Book of Numbers, Chapter 31, verses 17 and 18. Here, Moses (P) , following the write a conclusion of an Lord's command , orders the Israelites to kill all the Midianite male children. The order continues with the essay following: . How To. . . kill every woman who has known man by lying with him, but all the female children , that have not known a man by essays about lying with him, keep alive for yourselves . One can only how to paragraph guess how the Israelites determined who the virgins were. Most probably, they did it based on age and persuasive essay topis maturity, assuming that all of the female children who had not reached puberty were virgins. Keep in mind that this was done, according to the Bible, on God's command to how to write a conclusion of an, Avenge the Israelites on the Midianites . Later, God gives Moses (P) instructions on how to writing essay, divide up the booty, whether persons , oxen, donkeys, sheeps or goats . Based on this command, thirty-two thousand persons in all, women who had not known a man by lying with him were divided up. This was done so that the how to of an essay Israelite soldiers could have these young girls for themselves . I do not suspect that anyone reading this is either so naive or ignorant of King James English to not know what this means!

Moving along to another great example of Biblical morality, . . . in Deuteronomy 21:10-14 the Biblical God of comparisson Love gives the following command: When thou goest forth to war against thine enemies, and the Lord thy God hath delivered them into write paragraph essay, thine hands and thoust has taken them captive, and seest among the captives a beautiful woman , and had a desire unto her , that though would have her to thy wife, then though shalt bring her home to thine house . . . and after that you may go into her and be her husband, and she shall be your wife. Write On Environmental. But if though have no delight in how to of an her, then thou shalt let her go. This should serve as sufficient proof that the a college morality that is taught in the Bible often is not what Christians make it out to be. In spite of what they teach in write of an Sunday school, the above mentioned verses demonstrate the following: * Almighty God, at least according to the Bible, ordered innocent babies to be killed; and. * He allowed young women to be forced into sex against their will.

Before moving on, it should be noted that killing women and transfer children in war is never permitted under Islamic Law (the actions of some ignorant Muslims around the world notwithstanding). Some Christians may take issue with the write words innocent babies above, since they believe that even babies are tainted with Original Sin. Hospital. However, this is how to a conclusion of an, not the topic of the narrative discussion at hand. Suffice it to say that Biblical support for the Doctrine of Original Sin is contradictory at write paragraph of an best. There are some verses that seem to support it, but there are others that seem to clearly deny it. One strike against Original Sin, besides the fact that it's simply unjust, is the fact that the Jews - who read the Old Testament - never believed in it the comparisson essay way Christians do. Write. But anyway . Essay. . . when faced with the problematic parts of the a conclusion of an Old Testament, Christians react in various ways. Many offer up the ill thought out Well-That's-in-the-Old-Testament defense.

In spite of the fact that they usually don't brush the comparisson essay Old Testament aside so quickly when they are being shown alleged prophecies which match Jesus (P) , a few other thoughts can be presented. Some of the things that make brushing aside the how to write a conclusion paragraph essay Old Testament a bit more difficult (at least for Christians who want to remain intellectually honest) are: 1) the same God that inspired the Old Testament inspired the writing a college transfer New Testament; 2) this same God is unchanging according to the Bible; 3) Jesus (P) in the New Testament endorses the Law and the prophets (i.e. the Old Testament) in how to a conclusion of an essay several places; and.

4) without the Old Testament there is a comprehensive on environmental, no basis for Christianity. When put in how to a conclusion paragraph this predicament, Christians have one of two choices: 1) Stop thinking about it and fall back on a liberal pick-and-choose religion that just makes them feel good but does not answer any of life's more difficult questions; or. 2) Accept the Divinely Revealed morality of the Bible as is . There are Christians out there who claim to accept the Divinely Revealed morality of the Bible. Topis. They understand what's at stake and essay the issues at hand. If people are allowed to writing a college transfer, whimsically decide what is right and what is write paragraph of an essay, wrong, there would be chaos. Writing A College Transfer Essay. Just as importantly, if people decide what is God's Word and what is not His word based on their preconceived notions and modern sensibilities, nothing would be left of the Bible. As such, there are Christians who, in principle, say that killing babies is moral as long as God clearly commands it. For someone who understands the nature of how to a conclusion paragraph of an essay Divinely Revealed morality, we would have to agree in principle but with certain reservations.

As mentioned above, Almighty God - according to Islam - never commands the killing of research innocent children. That is one difficulty that I am glad that Muslims don't have to explain their way out of! Killing babies is okay as long as God commands it. So much for paragraph, having Christians as baby-sitters! The bottom line is that morality comes from Almighty God and from Him alone. However, if ones studies the Bible, it is comparisson essay, plain to see that it is not a foundation for morality. The examples above are just a few that can be provided from both the Old and the New Testament.

The people who promote Biblical morality pick and choose from the text as they please. Only in Islam can one with good conscience accept the whole package without ignorantly or hypocritically denying things that they don't like. This is how to write a conclusion paragraph, how true internal peace and comparisson balance are achieved. If one belongs to a religion without accepting everything in how to write paragraph its scripture (real or alleged) one is not only bearing false witness against persuasive topis oneself but against God Himself. With all the false ideas in the modern age, it's easy to be lead astray.

The liberal Western morality that has now touched all corners of the globe is, culturally speaking, something like an eight-hundred pound gorilla. It's very hard to stand in its way or speak out against it. However, being encouraged by how to write of an essay others to follow vain desires has been an eternal problem for mankind, as Almighty God makes clear in persuasive topis the Qur'ân: Say: 'I will not follow your vain desires: if I did I would stray from the path and be not of the company of those who receive guidance.' Guideposts To Be Thankful For. The Prophet Mu h ammad (P) was a great example for all of how to write a conclusion of an essay humanity and persuasive essay topis peoples of different cultures (from modern Europeans to the aborigines of Australia). A Conclusion Paragraph Essay. Not only was he a great Prophet and Messenger, but he was also a statesman, military leader, ruler, teacher, neighbor and friend.

Family life was one of the most important areas where he was a great example, since he was both a husband and a father. Due to God's wisdom, His last and final prophet experienced a wide array of marriages and family situations. Due to this, he is an example for comparisson essay, people who are monogamous, for those who are polygamous, for those wishing to marry those older than themselves and for how to write a conclusion, those wondering how early someone can rightfully marry. Mu h ammad (P) reestablished the ferpa papers Religion of Abraham (P) so that it would continue to the Last Day. As Muslims, we should be thankful for these guideposts in our moral journey through life. Reflecting on them aids us in avoiding being led astray into moral relativism . This is how to paragraph of an, a very dangerous thing, since it can lead to the worst of all sins - associating others with Almighty God in worship, belief and/or Lordship. By knowing the essays career goals Prophet's (P) life we can see how to how to paragraph of an essay, stay within the boundaries laid by Almighty God and stay on the Natural Religion of Islam which was made to suit the natural disposition ( fitrah ) of mankind. I pray that we, as Muslims, make Almighty God's limits our limits, and that we are not influenced by other societies and cultures. A College Transfer. If it was good enough for Abraham (P) and Moses (P) , then it's good enough for me . . . That's the way I see it, but God knows best . . . 4 Central Africa , The New Encyclopaedia Britannica , 15th Edition (1987), Volume 15, page 646. See also Aboriginal Australia , The New Encyclopaedia Britannica , 15th Edition (1987), Volume 14, page 425. For additional references to the marriage customs in Biblical times, see Israel: Its Life and Culture , by Johannes Pedersen, Volume 1, page 60ff.

5 Herman H. Ploss, Max Bartels and Paul Bartels, Woman , Volume I, Lord Bransby, 1988, page 563. 6 English-translation of Sahih Muslim , Volume 2, International Islamic Publishing House, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, page 715.

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20 Basic Resume Writing Rules That#39;ll Put You Ahead of the Competition. If you’re thinking about taking a new step in your career, your resume’s probably high on how to essay, your mind. When’s the last time you updated it? How will you transfer the skills from persuasive essay, your current job or industry to a new one? How will you set yourself apart from other candidates? How long and horrible will this revision process actually be? Just asking these questions can be exhausting, let alone actually answering them. And, if you’re not fresh off the job search, the thought of write a conclusion paragraph of an, thinking everything through and a comprehensive essay education, creating an interview-worthy resume can be exhausted. Fear not! We’ve come up with the 20 basic rules that will get you that much closer to success.

This is a biggie! If a hiring manager’s spending six seconds looking at your resume, he or she might not even get to the second page! Unless you’re applying to be an how to a conclusion paragraph executive or a partner somewhere, one page will be sufficient and is a widely accepted “best practice.” To cut it down, remember the about goals, purpose of it—it’s not to how to write a conclusion paragraph of an, showcase everything you’ve ever done, but rather to hospital narrative, show that you have the background, skills, and a conclusion paragraph of an, experience for the job at hand. Ferpa! 2. Avoid Spelling or Grammar Errors. How To Write Of An Essay! Another biggie.

There are some recruiters who will discount your resume the persuasive, second they see a spelling or grammar error. Although it can be painful, make sure you don’t just read over your resume several times, but also that you have a friend take a peek, too. This is another common error that can really hurt you in the eyes of hiring managers. As a general rule, if something on your resume is in the past, use the past tense (managed, delivered, organized) and if you are still actively in the role, use the present tense (manage, deliver, organize). 4. Avoid the First Person Pronouns. As a general practice, don’t use words like “I” or “me” or “my.” So, instead of saying “I hit and write a conclusion, exceeded company sales quotas 100% of the time” say “Hit and exceeded sales quotas 100% of the time.” Saving your resume as a PDF (rather than a Word and document) freezes it as an image so that you can be sure hiring managers see the same formatting as you. If you send it any other way, there’s a chance that the essay, styling, format, font, and so on, could look different on their computer than yours. 6. Label Your Resume File Correctly.

Too many people save this important document with random or generic file names like sgks123.pdf or resume.pdf. Of An! Remember that recruiters can see the name of the file that you send them and also remember that they get tons of resumes every day. Write On Environmental Education! Make it super clear whose resume they should click on by saving it under a logical name like FirstName_LastName_Resume.pdf. Even more important than naming the file in a logical manner is laying out your resume in a logical manner. How you lay it out a conclusion paragraph of an really depends on where you are in your career path and what you’re looking to do next. While chronological the default, it’s not always the best way to career goals, make your case. Muse writer Lily Zhang lays out the write a conclusion of an essay, other options that might work better for a comprehensive essay education, you. You might be tempted to just shrink the text to write a conclusion essay, get your resume to fit on a page. (Which is funny, because remember all those times in school when you made it 12.5 to make it longer?

Life!) While you can adjust the ferpa research, size to how to write a conclusion essay, some degree, never go below 10-point font. 9. Essay! Keep it Organized and Visually Appealing. Remember how hiring managers usually spend just six seconds looking at your resume? Help them maximize that time by write a conclusion of an essay making your resume super clear and easy-to-read. You want each section bolded (maybe capitalized) and each job title bolded.

Make your life easier by write a comprehensive education using a template. Just like you want your verb tenses to be consistent throughout, it’s also important that the formatting is, too. If one title’s bold, the other titles should be bold. If one bullet point has a period at the end, the other bullet points should have that as well. When you list out your experience, be sure to include context.

What city, state (or country) did this job take place in. How To Write A Conclusion Of An! Did you travel and operate in multiple cities? What dates did you have that experience? Was it for five months or five years? Context matters! Anyone can say that he or she excelled at his or her last job.

So, you need to essay, prove to the hiring manager that you truly did. Numbers, percentages, and supporting facts go a long way in showing that you have a track record of success. For example, rather than saying “successfully hit sales quotas” as a bullet point in your resume you should say “successfully hit sales quotas 100% of the time and exceeded goals by 25% in the last 5 months.” You can even do this if your position doesn’t involve using numbers. 13. Name Drop (and Title Drop) Like You’ve Never Done Before. This is write paragraph of an, your chance to brag. If you got a promotion or a raise because of your performance, you should mention it.

If you worked with the CEO of the company or were a point of contact for hospital, a large, corporate customer, mention their names! This goes a long way in write paragraph of an essay showing that you can run with important people. Persuasive Topis! It shows that you’re confident. It shows that you’re capable. (Of course, make sure you’re presenting the how to a conclusion paragraph, facts accurately and not exaggerating.) WANT AN EXPERT TO HELP YOU PERFECT THE RESUME. . and get you way ahead of the competition? Don’t use any of your precious space to include the names and contact info for your references (or to write things like “references available upon comparisson, request”). This document’s for how to paragraph, recruiters to decide if they want to comparisson, talk to you, not your references. If they get to the point in the application process where they want to speak to these people, they will reach out to you and paragraph essay, ask for writing a college transfer essay, those names. Until then, no need to mention. 15. Use Your Judgement When it Comes to Creativity. Some industries are more creative than others.

If you’re working in digital media or design or elementary school education, it might make sense for how to write a conclusion essay, your resume to ferpa, be creative and colored. If you’re applying for a job in finance, operations, or most corporate jobs, you probably want to keep it black and white and structured. Be thoughtful when it comes to your creativity (or lack thereof). 16. Don’t List Everything You’ve Ever Done. There should be a purpose for every word. When you’re writing and how to write a conclusion of an, editing, ask yourself this question, “Will this sentence help me get the persuasive, job I want?” If not, you should consider editing that sentence or removing it. 17. Think About the Person Reading Your Resume. It’s important to write paragraph, remember that there’s a real person reading this.

And it’s also important to remember that it’s her job to find awesome candidates to interview and present to her boss or team. It’s also not her job to do you any favors. So you should think about her when you’re writing your resume. How can you make her job easier? How can you write your resume in such a way that she gets excited when she sees it, thinks you’re perfect for the job, and is willing to put herself out there by presenting you to her team. 18. Think About What Makes You Different. It’s important that you be yourself during the application process (obviously putting your best foot forward).

This includes what you write on your application materials. Don’t hesitate to show who you really are, your likes and interests, your personality, what makes you unique, and so on. While this definitely requires some judgment calls (for example, expressing personality when applying for a traditional role in ferpa a traditional industry might not be the best move) it could ultimately be the thing that sets you apart and a conclusion paragraph, gets you hired. After all, these are real people hiring you and they’d probably prefer to work with someone who’s enjoyable and a good culture fit. Good Career Goals! And if your personality isn’t a fit for the job, you probably wouldn’t have been happy there any way so it works out for of an essay, everyone. Hospital Essay! 19.

Think About the Specific Job You’re Applying To. One of my favorite tricks to how to a conclusion of an essay, help communicate that you are the ferpa research papers, perfect person for a job is to read the job description and list out key phrases. Write A Conclusion Essay! Then, when you’re writing or editing your resume, find ways to incorporate those words and good essays goals, phrases from the how to a conclusion of an essay, desired job description into your resume. This can be super useful when a machine or human recruiter skims it. 20. Think of write a comprehensive essay education, This as a Storytelling Document. Many of the how to write, tips that I’ve mentioned all point to the general idea that your resume should clearly and concisely tell the story of “you”—helping hiring managers understand why you’re the writing transfer essay, right person for how to a conclusion paragraph, the job. This is, in writing a college transfer fact, the entire purpose. Ultimately, when you re-read and edit it, make sure that it tells the story of your background, the a conclusion paragraph essay, skills you gained along the way, the narrative, experiences that you’ve had, and write of an, makes it crystal clear why you’ve ended up where you are today and why the role that they are hiring for ferpa research papers, is the perfect next step for write, you.

Photo of research papers, hands on computer courtesy of write paragraph of an essay, Dougal Waters/Getty Images#46; Jody loves anything that has to essay, do with people, business, and technology. Write Paragraph Of An! With these passions (and perhaps the fact that her parents are a psychologist and a counselor) it only makes sense that Jody manages Coach Connect at The Muse. In her spare time, Jody enjoys writing, spending copious amounts of time outside, falling in love with NYC, and visiting friends and family in North Carolina. (Go Heels!) Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for this class. While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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Essay: Die Familie wird wirtschaftskompatibel gemacht. Seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt herrscht in a conclusion of an essay, Deutschland parteiubergreifend Konsens, was moderne, familienfreundliche Politik bedeutet: den Ausbau von Kinderkrippen, Kindergarten und Schulen, sodass die Kinder moglichst den ganzen Tag betreut werden und die Eltern den ganzen Tag arbeiten konnen. Writing A College Transfer Essay? Manche Politiker fordern inzwischen, die Einrichtungen auch nachts zu offnen, damit Eltern in how to write of an, Nachtschichten arbeiten konnen. Hospital? Die Begrundung lautet, ahnlich wie bei der Einfuhrung von Hartz IV: Sozial ist alles, was den Menschen hilft, sich ihren Lebensunterhalt selbst zu verdienen. Die neue Familienpolitik agiert keineswegs ohne Eigennutz. Es gilt weiterhin: nur Erwerbsarbeit wird entlohnt. Damit wird aber zementiert, was Frauenrechtlerinnen vor Jahrzehnten beklagten: Die Arbeit von Frauen (und auch Mannern) hat nur einen Wert, wenn sie als Erwerbsarbeit erbracht wird. How To A Conclusion Of An Essay? Deswegen forderten zum Beispiel die Grunen in ferpa, ihrem Grundungsprogramm 1980, Hausarbeit und Kindererziehung als voll entlohnten Beruf mit Rentenanspruch anzuerkennen. Write? Alles langst vergessen. Goals? Wer sich heute noch entschlie?t, mit Rucksicht auf die Kinder allzu lange zu Hause zu bleiben, riskiert, den Wiedereinstieg in paragraph of an, den Beruf zu verpassen und spatestens im Alter zu verarmen.

Das ist der gro?e Makel der heutigen Familienpolitik: Sie unternimmt wenig, um die Wirtschaft familienfreundlicher zu machen, aber viel, um die Familien wirtschaftskompatibler zu machen. Kritik an research papers, der neuen Familienpolitik gilt schnell als reaktionar und frauenfeindlich. (*) Diese Felder sind Pflichtfelder. Sie sprechen mir aus der Seele! Meine beiden Töchter sind 1985 und 1988 geboren, damals gab es Kindergarten und Schule v.a. How To A Conclusion Paragraph Of An Essay? am Vormittag und manchmal hätte ich mir ein wenig mehr Betreuung gewünscht, aber keinesfalls vor dem 3.-4. Hospital Essay? Lebensjahr. Nun sitze ich zwar in how to a conclusion of an essay, der Teilzeitfalle, weil ich nur ca. Narrative Essay? 17 Versicherungsjahre aufzuweisen habe und bin darauf angewiesen, dass mein Mann weiterhin seine Rente mit mir teilt - dafür haben unsere Kinder jede Menge schöne Erinnerungen an how to a conclusion, ihre frühen Jahre und sagen es uns auch deutlich, dass sie froh waren, dass ihre Mutter jeden Tag nachmittags und abends verfügbar war, solange sie in essay, die Schule gingen. How To Write A Conclusion Paragraph? Und es ist für sie jetzt ein arges Dilemma, wenn sie sich vorstellen, sie müssten eigene Kinder schon ab 3 Jahren oder gar früher den ganzen Tag über fremdbetreuen zu lassen.

Ich finde es ignorant und ärgerlich, dass die Politik so tut, als wäre Fremdbetreuung die bessere Alternative, für die auch eine Menge Geld eingesetzt wird, während die Erziehung der eigenen Kinder nichts gilt - höchstens ein paar Pünktchen auf dem Rentenkonto. Endlich mal ein guter Artikel zu diesem Thema. Good Career Goals? Vielen Dank für den Mut, den alternativlosen Weg der Regierung zu hinterfragen und die dahinterstehenden Motivationen aufzudecken. Write Essay? Es tut gut zu sehen, dass es auch noch Journalisten gibt, die bzgl. Hospital Narrative Essay? dieser Thematik eine eigene Meinung vertreten. How To Write Paragraph Essay? Weiter so! Endlich mal ein guter Artikel zu diesem Thema. Ferpa Research? Vielen Dank für den Mut, den alternativlosen Weg der Regierung zu hinterfragen und die dahinterstehenden Motivationen aufzudecken. How To? Es tut gut zu sehen, dass es auch noch Journalisten gibt, die bzgl. Essay? dieser Thematik eine eigene Meinung vertreten. How To Paragraph Of An Essay? Weiter so!

Warum erhalten nichterwerbstätige Mütter, die aber zu Hause 3 Kinder großgezogen haben, gerade einmal 100 Euro RENTE . Writing Transfer Essay? wie ich auf dem Rentenbescheid einer von mir wertgeschätzten Bekannten selbst gesehen habe? Was ist es dem Staat wert, dass Mütter ihr Leben für gesunde, gut gebildete Kinder investieren? Sie können dazu beitragen, dass allen Müttern und Vätern, die ihre Kinder selbst erziehen wollen, geholfen wird und ihre Arbeit auch bei der Rente berücksichtigt wird. Write Essay? Das geht aber nur durch die Stärkung von Elternverbänden, die politisch aktiver werden können als Einzelpersonen. About Goals? Sehen Sie doch z.B. A Conclusion? mal auf die Internetseite . Ferpa? Vielleicht werden Sie sogar dort Mitglied. Ein Aspekt der hier nicht zur Sprache gekommen ist, ist der rasante Anstieg der Inobhutnahmen seit 2005. Write Paragraph Of An Essay? In den Koalitionsverhandlungen der großen Koalition wurden die Weichen dazu gestellt. Essay Education? In 2013 haben die Landesjugendämter, im Rahmen ihrer Werbekampange „Jugendamt, Hilfe die ankommt“ unverhohlen damit geprahlt, dass die Kinder und Jugendhilfe Branche die höchste Wachstumsrate aller Branchen hat. Richard Moritz schrieb:

Ein Aspekt der hier nicht zur Sprache gekommen ist, ist der. rasante Anstieg der Inobhutnahmen seit 2005. Paragraph Of An Essay? In den. Koalitionsverhandlungen der großen Koalition wurden die. Weichen dazu gestellt. In 2013 haben die Landesjugendämter, im Rahmen ihrer. Werbekampange „Jugendamt, Hilfe die ankommt“ unverhohlen. damit geprahlt, dass die Kinder und Jugendhilfe Branche die.

höchste Wachstumsrate aller Branchen hat. Gegensatz zur Außerhaus-Betreuung noch den Vorteil, dass. ein riesen Heer von Anwälten und Gutachter Arbeit und Brot. erhalten. Persuasive Topis? Der jahrelange Kampf um die Kinder führt nicht. selten zum finanziellen Ruin. Bild 5 Bild 5.1 Aber die Taktik: „Kind zur Welt bringen, beim Jugendamt abgeben und zurück ans Fließband“ mag. für Wirtschaftsexperten und fürs Finanzamt interessant. sein, für die Mütter aber gewiss nicht.

Welche Frau. möchte schon Kinder zur Welt bringen, nur um sie beim Staat. abzugeben? Ein Geburtenrückgang ist vorprogrammiert. Als Eltern dreier Kinder 1974, 76,78 geboren sehen wir jetzt unsere Enkel heranwachsen, und müssen feststellen, dass die Wertschätzung von Familienarbeit immer stärker sinkt. Write A Conclusion Paragraph Of An? Musste ich mir in write a comprehensive education, den 70igern noch anhören wann arbeitest du eigentlich Wieder?, so muss sich heute unsere Tochter mit 3 Kindern große Sorgen machen, ob sie je eine Rente bekommen wird. A Conclusion Essay? Obwohl sie die Arbeit einer Mutter, Erzieherin, Managerin z.B. Comparisson Essay? von Arztbesuchen, Krankenpflegerin, oft auch in write a conclusion paragraph of an, Nachtschicht, qualifiziert und hochmotiviert ausübt, muss sie sich auch noch über die Ignoranz der Familienpolitiker ärgern, die meinen, Kinder könne man wie Pakete, wo und wann man will außer Haus, außerhalb der Familie abstellen. Good About Career? Beispiel: die Vorsitzende des BLLV schlägt doch glatt vor, kranke Kinder in write a conclusion, der Schule durch eine einzustellende Krankenschwester betreuen zu lassen, damit Eltern ja nicht zu oft ihrer Arbeit fernbleiben bzw. Persuasive Essay? um ihren Arbeitsplatz fürchten müssten! Sozialethische Ganzheitsperspektive - eine Wohltat.

Herrn Rainer Stadler ist wegen seines Realismus und seiner ethisch langfristig relevanten Darlegungen mit hohem DANK zu antworten! Der Aufschrei der Öffentlichkeit blieb bisher aus. Welch ein interessanter Artikel. Paragraph? Vielen Dank dafür. Hierzu kann ich selbst eine kleine Geschichte beisteuern: Inzwischen hat auch mein Mann Elternzeit in persuasive, Teilzeit in paragraph essay, Anspruch genommen bis zum dritten Geburtstag unseres Sohnes im Mai 2018, sodass der Papa nun noch zwei Tage zusätzlich bei uns verbringen kann. Zudem war geplant, dass ich mit NRW Familienministerin Christina Kampmann zusammen gebracht werde, die mir zusätzlich noch mal den Wind aus den Segeln nehmen wollte und mich noch einmal darin bestärkt, dass ich natürlich zur Wahl gehen solle. Schön, dass auf diesem Wege jetzt, das Thema doch noch in writing a college transfer, die Öffentlichkeit findet.

Wir werden immer älter und arbeiten länger: Warum muss dann ausgerechnet auch noch die Zeit der frühen Elternschaft ausgeschlachtet werden? Für viele, viele andere Familien stellt sich dies aber als schier unmöglich dar. Wunderbar wäre es doch finanziell wie auch in how to write paragraph of an essay, der gesellschaftlichen Akzeptanz - die Wahl zu haben. Dies würde sicherlich auch der Qualität von Krippen und Kitas zu gute kommen, für die sich eben jene Menschen entscheiden, deren individuelles Lebenskonzept wirklich darauf ausgelegt ist, die Kinder frühbetreuen zu lassen. Re: Der Aufschrei der Öffentlichkeit blieb bisher aus Hallo Frau Weisgerber, es gibt eine Partei, die Sie wählen können: die ÖDP - Ökologisch Demokratische Partei. Essay? Die ÖDP ist die einzige Partei, die Familienarbeit mit einem Erziehungsgehalt stärken und anerkennen möchte. How To? Auf der Homepage der ÖDP finden Sie dazu mehr Infos und dann wünsche ich Ihnen eine gute Wahl und viele Grüße, Beate Fuchs Wow, Danke für diesen Artikel! Es gab Zeiten, da reichte das Gehalt eines Fabrikarbeiters, um eine vierköpfige Familie zu ernähren.

Davon können heute selbst viele Akademiker nur träumen. Topis? Der Grund für diese Entwicklung ist eine verfehlte Wohnbau- und Lohnpolitik. Wie wahr. How To A Conclusion? Weitere Gründe sind: -das jahrzehntelangen Leben auf Pump der EU. -eine Steuer- und Sozialpolitik, die Kinderlosigkeit besserstellt. Pro Kopf haben Familien die höchste Steuerquote sowohl bei Einkommens- als auch bei den Verbrauchssteuern und obwohl sie die zukünftigen Rentenzahler mit hohem zeitlichen und finanziellen Aufwand stellen, werden diese weder bei den Sozialabgaben noch bei der Rentenberechnung ernsthaft berücksichtigt. Unsere Gesellschaft hat grob ungerechte Sozial- und Steuergesetze geschaffen, welche die Kinderlosigkeit im Laufe eines Lebens mit netto ca 300.000 Euro belohnen und das Aufziehen von Kindern mit ca 200.000 Euro Strafe belegen. About Career? BGH Entscheid zum Betreuungswechselmodell. Passend dazu hat ja nun sehr aktuell der BHG entschieden, dass zukünftigt ein Betreuungswechselmodell bei Eltern in how to a conclusion essay, Trennung einfacher durchgesetzt werden kann. Der bisher betreuende Elternteil verliert mit Einführung eines Wechselmodells also die Woche-Woche Betreuung bei beiden Eltern den Anspruch auf Unterhalt als auch Unterhaltsvorschuss. Der Nachwuchs kann dann neben der Verarbeitung der Trennung auch bis abends in essays about career, die Betreuung gehen.

Kaum ein Elternteil ist so flexibel, dass es eine Woche 60 Stunden, die andere nur 20 Stunden arbeiten kann.. Gibt es Vereine oder Organisationen, die sich mit dieser Thematik befassen, die wir unterstützen könnten? Dieser Artikel spricht uns aus der Seele und wir möchten uns gerne engagieren. A Conclusion? Mit der klassischen Konstellation, zwei Kinder + zwei berufstätige Eltern fühlen wir uns weit entfernt von dem, was wir als gutes und gesundes Familienleben erachten. Ich würde es mit Birgit Kelle und ihrem Verein Frau 2000 plus e.V. Comparisson? versuchen. Gibt es Vereine oder Organisationen, die sich mit dieser.

Thematik befassen, die wir unterstützen könnten? Dieser. Artikel spricht uns aus der Seele und wir möchten uns gerne. engagieren. How To A Conclusion Paragraph? Mit der klassischen Konstellation, zwei Kinder + zwei berufstätige Eltern fühlen wir uns weit entfernt von. dem, was wir als gutes und gesundes Familienleben. Ein Schiff, dass zu sinken droht, verlässt man möglichst beizeiten: Über`s Rettungsboot oder ggf. Narrative? Springen. Write A Conclusion? Wer`s zu spät schafft, läuft Gefahr, vom Strudel in about, die Tiefe gezogen zu werden. Ich bin dem Autor so dankbar, das ENDLICH jemand schreibt, was ich seit Jahren denke und damit bin ich nicht alleine ich kenne einige Mütter, vor allem die Akademikerinnen unter ihnen die ähnlich denken. Diese Meinung von doch nicht wenigen Müttern oder Vätern in how to write a conclusion paragraph essay, Elternzeit und Beurlaubung die es ja mittlerweile auch gibt wird komplett ignorniert von der Politik.

Warum erhält eine Tagesmutter oder Kinderbetreuuerin für die Betreuung von 4 Kinder sonundsoviel arbeitslohn, ich hingegen erhalten für die Betreuung meiner 4 Kinder wovon eines noch besonders ist gekürzte Rentenansprüche? Ich habe meine Kinder nicht in topis, die Welt gesetzt um sie ab der GEburt in write a conclusion paragraph of an essay, die 24 Stunden Krippe abzugeben. Essays About Goals? Ich habe vor den Kindern lange genug gearbeitet um versichern zu können, dass die 24 Stundenbetreuung von Kinder sehr viel mehr Arbeit bedeutet als ein normaler 40 Stunden job. Bedingt dadurch dass eins meiner Kinder ein besonderes Kind ist, an write a conclusion paragraph essay, dem diverse Einrichtungen bei den Betreuungsversuchen komplett gescheitert sind, habe ich in writing, den langen Jahren die Einrichtungen auch angefangen kritisch zu sehen und nachzufragen und bin zum Schluss gekommen, dass Mütter vielleicht selten schlechter ausgebildet sind, als die Hortbetreuerinnen oder Kindergarten betreuerinnen, dafür aber ihre eigenen Kinder mit LIEBE erziehen oder unterrichten. Dass Mütter nicht jedes Jahr wechseln. How To Write A Conclusion Essay? Kinder brauchen eine nicht ständig wechselnde Bindungsperson um lernen zu können.

Ich beherrsche die deutsche Rechtschreibung. Writing A College Essay? Ich musste suchen um eine Hortbetreuung zu finden, die die Rechtschreibung beherrschte. Of An Essay? Die die die Rechtschreibung beherrschten hatten jedoch die Deutsch Hausaufgaben von bis zu 30 Kindern zu betreuuen. Persuasive Essay Topis? Für jedes einzelne Kinder daher überhaupt keine Zeit. Ich halte die Aussage dass die Kinder in how to write a conclusion of an, Fremdbetreuung viel besser gefördert werden als bei einem ihrer Eltern für eine fürchterliche Elterndiskriminierende Lüge der Politik. Ich gehöre nicht zu den Frauen, die die Herdprämie kassiert um sie dann zu versaufen. Ferpa? Ich habe mich bewußt für die Rentenkürzung und eine weitere Beurlaubung in how to, meinem festen sicheren Job entschieden, weil ich meinen Kindern ein menschenwürdiges Großwerden unter menschenwürdigen Bedinungen - wie Anwesenheit der Hauptbindungsperson, Schwimmenlernen usw. Research Papers? schulde! Wie viele Schulkinder können heute nicht schwimmen?

Viele. Write Of An? Warum? kann eine Kindergrippe mit den ganzen Kindern oft ins Schwimmbad? Nein, sind zu viele. Eine Mutter, egal wie ausgebildet kann dies. Der Blanke Neid dann wenn mein Sohn mit 4 Jahren sicher schwimmt und die Krippenmütter bei verzweifelten Schwimmversuchen ihres 10 Jährigen im Schwimmkurs zusehen. Am fürchterlichsten finde ich dies Förderlüge der Politik. Kein Mensch kann 12 Kinder gleichzeitig so fördern, wie das ein Elternteil mit wenigen eigenen Kindern machen kann. Und die vorgehaltene schlechte Ausbildung der selbst betreuenden Elternteile - was soll ich dazu sagen, als Jurist - der sich bewusst für Wärme und Bindung für seine Kinder enscheidet? Ich hab es leicht, aber Wärme und Bindung kann JEDE Mutter egal wie ausgebildet geben und keine fremde ständig austauschbares und ausgetausche Kinderbetreuerin, die da Billiglohnsektor von vorn herein ja eine schlechte Ausbildung haben.

Wer macht denn einen Job auf niedrigstem Lohnniveau freiwillig? Der der keine anderen Möglichkeiten hat. Persuasive Essay Topis? Ich fürchte es ist sogar umgekehrt. How To A Conclusion Of An Essay? Durch das Lohndumping im öffentlichen Betreuungssektor werden die Weichen gerade in persuasive essay topis, der öffentlichen Förderung für schlechte Fördung gestellt, was die Politik vertuscht. nun zu diesem Thema war ich bisher Einzelkämpferin in a conclusion, meiner Umgebung mild belächelt, weil ich mich nicht dieser Politik bzw. About Career Goals? Gesellschaft angepasst entwickelt habe. How To A Conclusion? Ich sehe Erziehungsarbeit als Leistung an. Write A Comprehensive Essay On Environmental? Meine 3 Söhne durften immer spielen zuhause oder eben auf der Straße und sie kennen noch die bedingungslose Liebe ihrer Eltern. How To Write? Ich bin nicht bildungsfern oder sonstiges, sondern ich habe mich bewusst für Kinder entschieden, meine Kinder die ich selbst erziehe und nicht vom Staat erziehen lassen will.

Kinder brauchen ein Nest, egal ob Mutter, Vater oder Oma etc. Narrative? aber Familie .Viele meinen ich hätte nichts zu tun oder mache Urlaub zuhause, ich für mich möchte nur nicht die Belastung von Arbeit die bezahlt wird und Arbeit die nicht bezahlt wird. Write A Conclusion Paragraph Essay? Ich liebe meine Kinder viel zu sehr insofern ich sie fremd erziehen lassen möchte oder dem Staat überlassen will. Ferpa Research Papers? Ich denke es wird soviel Geld heute ausgegeben für die Ganztagesbetreuung und wir die unsere Kinder zuhause erziehen oder erzogen haben, gehen leer aus und werde noch milde belächelt. Write Of An? Nur Kinder, nur Erziehung zuhause, wir hatten noch nie so viele Kinder die angeblich gefördert werden müssen wie jetzt. On Environmental Education? War es vielleicht doch besser die Kinder in paragraph of an, ihren Familien aufwachsen zu lassen? Sonst bin ich in essay, Zukunft für Gebärfabriken und dann die sofortige Abgabe in how to write paragraph of an essay, Einrichtungen ohne Elternschafft. Stadler: Wirtschaftskompatible Familie. Ich habe soeben alle Kommentare gelesen - alle unterstreichen das Anliegen von Herrn Stadler, der übrigens mit seinem Buch VATER-MUTTER - STAAT die Ganztagsghetto.Misere beleuchtet. Viele Kommentare fragen nach Initiativen zum Thema FAMILIE.

Hier einige Vorschläge: Da ich langjährig als Erzieherin tätig war kenne ich die Probleme vieler Eltern. Write Essay On Environmental? Es ist so, dass einige diese Wahlfreiheit, die Ihnen versprochen wurde einfach nicht nutzen können. How To Write Paragraph? Es gibt Vorgesetzte, die Müttern oder Vätern ganz deutlich machen, dass diese nach einem Jahr wieder voll in a college transfer, Arbeit kommen sollten, man hätte ja den rechtlichen Anspruch. How To Paragraph Of An? Die Mütter und Väter der Kinder würden zu einem sehr großen Teil lieber weniger Arbeiten und mehr Zeit mit Ihrer Familie verbringen.

Natürlich, sollte es für jedes Lebensmodell auch das richtige Betreuungsmodell geben, die Wahlfreiheit scheint mir hier jedoch eher eine einzige Richtung zu gehen. Wenn unsere Kinder einmal so mit uns umgehen, wie wir es derzeit machen, dann können wir uns warm anziehen. A Comprehensive Essay On Environmental Education? Eine Gesellschaft, in write of an essay, der sich Kinder und Alte nur noch als Betreuungsproblem gezeichnen lassen müssen, verarmt menschlich und geht letztendlich zugrunde. Kommentar zum Artikel: Die Familie wird wirtschaftskompatibel g. Danke, für diesen Artikel. Persuasive Essay Topis? Familie erfüllt viele Aufgaben im sozialen Bereich.

Gerade Kinder kriegen, Kindererziehung ist eines ihrer Hauptaufgaben. How To A Conclusion Paragraph Of An Essay? Aber auch die Altenpflege, die Krankenpflege, Behindertenpflege. About Career Goals? Der Artikel beschreibt meines Erachtens genau die Ursachen, die unseren sozialen Problemen zu Grunde liegen. A Conclusion Paragraph? Für mich gehört da ein totaler Umbau hin, der auch die Geburtenraten steuert. Papers? Statt Kindergeld ein Muttergehalt, das den Familienanspruch auch steuert und deckelt. Write A Conclusion Essay? So dass derzeit Familien mit mehreren Frauen und einer ganzen Kinderherde eben nicht gefördert werden. Sehr geehrter Herr Stadler, ich gebe Ihnen in comparisson essay, allem Recht, mit dem was Sie schreiben. How To Paragraph Of An? Am schlimmsten finde ich die Fremdbetreuung vor dem 3. Comparisson? Lebensjahr.

Weiß man doch, dass die ersten drei Jahre im Leben eines Menschen die Wichtigsten sind. Und Ganztagsschulen, wenn dann nur mit gesundem Essen und Bio-Lebensmitteln. Das heutige Kindergarten-, Schulessen-weils billig sein muss- ist eine einzige Katastrophe. Write A Conclusion Paragraph Of An Essay? Es kümmert sich niemand darum. Write Education? Die Kinder werden wie Objekte verwaltet. Write Paragraph? Der billigste Anbieter bekommt den Zuschlag. Viell. Comparisson? hat es mit den Pegida-Anhängern zu. Write? tun. Ferpa Research Papers? Im Osten wurden die meisten Kinder schon nach einem Jahr in a conclusion paragraph of an, Krippen gesteckt, weil die Eltern arbeiteten. Das hängt den Kindern ihr ganzes Leben nach. Narrative? Aber wer fragt schon nach den Kindern, wo es um Geld geht? Vielen Dank für den Artikel!

Sie sprechen mir aus der Seele. Paragraph Essay? Als alleinerziehende arbeitende Mutter sehe ich meine Kinder kaum. Persuasive Topis? Die Erzieherin aus der Kita verbringt mehr Zeit mit meinem Kind als ich. How To Write Essay? Ich habe aber leider keine Wahl. Essay Education? Die Familienpolitik hat versagt und die Kinder rechte werden weiter massiv verletzt BGH Urteil zum Wechselmodell. Danke für diesen Artikel, der es wagt, die Einheitsfront der angeblich so alternativlosen modernen Familienpolitik in how to write a conclusion essay, Frage zu stellen! Gut so! Weiter so! Familienpolitik soll es um das Wohl von Eltern und Kindern gehen, nicht um Ideologie oder Wirtschaftsförderung. Vielen Dank für den tollen Artikel und endlich mal Mut zur Wahrheit!

Ich bin Mutter einer 15 Monaten alten Tochter und arbeite 9 Std die Woche in papers, der Zeit wird meine Tochter von meinem Mann oder ihren Großeltern betreut. How To Essay? Ich hab mich bewusst gegen eine frühe Betreuung entschieden, weil die Zeit einfach zu kostbar zwischen Kind und Mama ist. Hospital? Ich sehe es jeden Tag an how to write a conclusion, meinem Mann der erst, wenn er nicht auf unsere Kleine aufpasst um 18 Uhr nach Hause kommt. Essay? Die Kleine ist nocht 1 Std wach und geht dann schon ins Bett, Er selber beklagt selber jeden Tag wieviel er verpasst. Paragraph Of An? Ich kenne in persuasive, meinem Freundeskreis leider einige Mütter die die Kinder schon früh über 30 Std abgeben, was mir in write of an, der Seele weh tut. Good? Ich habe mich um einen Kita Platz mal informiert, da unsere Tochter mit 3 Jahren nur vormittags in how to write essay, den Kindergarten soll sowie ich es als Kind hatte und gut fand. Narrative? Das schlimme ist man bekommt überall nur 35 bzw 40 Std Plätze angeboten, in write a conclusion paragraph, meinem Bezirk Leverkusen ist es sowas von teuer. Research? Man kann das Kind zwar früher abholen, was manche Kitas nicht gerne sehen weil das Kind sich dann angeblich nicht an how to paragraph of an essay, die Kita gewöhnt -Schwachsinn. Essays? Aber man zahlt die vollen 35-40 Std, bei einem U2 Platz bspw. How To Write A Conclusion Of An? zahlt man je nachdem 600€ im Monat dazu. Comparisson? Das heisst man würde entweder nur für die Kita arbeiten gehen oder sogar noch drauf zahlen. How To Write Of An? Da kann doch was nicht stimmen am System.

Man müsste sich eigentlich mit vielen Leuten zusammen tun und eine Großdemo organisieren, damit man finanziell unterstütz wird beim betreuen seines Kindes, als das man anderen Leuten das Geld in writing essay, den rachen schiebt unseren netten Politikern! Ich werde mich von dem System nicht uterkriegen lassen - besonders leid tun mir die zahlreichen alleinerziehenden Mütter oder die szialschwachen Familien den am Ende nicht weiter übrig bleibt. Ich hoffe das man Gehör findet auf das Problem und das dies System wach gerüttelt wird. How To Paragraph? Das wäre wirklch mal an good essays career, der Zeit. Vielen Dank für diesen Artikel. How To Paragraph Of An? Er spricht mir aus der Seele. Schön, was hier mal so alles auf den Punkt gebracht wird!

Pegida hat natürlich noch ein paar mehr Ursachen. Hospital Narrative? Viele Ossis haben ja die Wende psyschich nicht verkraftet. How To A Conclusion Paragraph? Aber mir fällt insbesondere im Osten auf, dass es wenig Menschen gibt, die Wärme, Liebe und vor allem Stärke ausstrahlen und Rückgrat haben. Good Essays? Und das führe ich unter anderem auch auf die Fremdbetreuung zurück, welche wenig Rückversicherung und Nestwärme gibt. Als Kinderarzt sehe ich mit großer Sorge die Entwicklung mit zunehmender frühkindlicher Betreuung ab 1 Jahr und früher. How To A Conclusion Of An Essay? Es tut mir in hospital narrative, der Seele weh die Kinder bei der U6 mit 12 Monaten zu sehen, die intensiv beginnen, ihre Bindungen aufzubauen, die sich an how to write paragraph of an essay, die Mutter oder den Vater klammern, eigentlich keinen Fremden zulassen wollen und zu wissen, dass diese Kinder demnächst nebst anderen 10 Kindern in persuasive, eine Gruppe gezwungen werden sollen, in write a conclusion, der sie von mehreren, wechselnden Erzieherinnen betreut werden.

Von Personen, die sich Eltern nicht aussuchen können. On Environmental Education? Nein sie müssen froh sein, dass sie überhaupt einen Platz gefunden haben. Write A Conclusion? Krippenkinder sind viel häufiger krank und das nicht nur mit Schnupfen, sondern eben auch mit schweren Bronchitiden, ständigen Mittelohrentzündungen und und und. Ferpa? Das liegt nicht daran, dass es in write paragraph of an essay, der Krippe mehr Keime gibt sondern weil die Kinder unter massivem Stress stehen. Write Essay Education? Wir züchten uns die Burnoutler der Zukunft.

Wir können uns heute noch gar nicht ausmalen, welche psychischen Probleme in write of an essay, Zukunft auf und zukommen werden durch diese Entwicklung. Den endlich. Research Papers? Reaktionen kann ich nur beipflichten. Write Paragraph? Der wichtigste Aspekt jedoch wird von den meisten übersehen: Es ist Absicht und Programm, Kinder zu instabilen, bindungslosen und leicht lenkbaren Stimmsubjekten zu formen, die blindlings jedem, der ihnen das Gefühl von Wärme vermittelt, nachlaufen im Medienmund Populisten genannt. Ferpa? Die bedingungslose Liebe und Akzeptanz, die in how to write a conclusion of an, der Familie gelebt wird und den Kindern die Sicherheit gibt, trotz abweichender Meinungen als Personen geliebt zu werden, muss unbedingt gestört und zerstört werden nachzulesen bei Marx, und zwar nicht dem Bischof. A College Transfer Essay? Für eine sozialdemagogische Kleptokratie ist es unerlässlich, dass das Volk blöde gehalten wird, damit Eliten die Schulzen stellen können, die ihre ausgemerkelten Bürger weiter hinters Licht führen. Die Familie wirtschaftskompatibel zu machen, ist ja nur ein Vorwand! In Wahrheit geht es darum, die Familie als Keimzelle des Staates zu vernichten, damit ja keine reaktionäre Meinung mehr entstehen kann.

Wehret den Anfängen! So traurig, so wahr. How To Write A Conclusion Paragraph Of An? Besonders der Aspekt, dass die Politiker doch im Interesse der Bürger handeln sollten und nicht im Interesse des Staates, hat mich weiterhin nachdenklich gestimmt. Ihre Jenniffer Ehry Überzeugte Vollzeit-Mama. Artikel Wirtschaftskompatible Familie. Endlich! Ich dachte schon, Familie und Muttersein seien inzwischen verboten. Persuasive Essay Topis? Als Mutter von 3 Kindern hab ich Unsägliches erlebt, was ich niemandem wünsche.

Gebärmaschine ist das richtige Wort. A Conclusion Paragraph Essay? Aber bitte SOFORT wieder arbeiten! Ich bin so traurig gewesen, nirgends Rückhalt. Good About Career? Auch nicht bei Verwandten. Write A Conclusion Of An Essay? Asozial durfte ich mich schimpfen lassen. Career Goals? Und heute, wo ich privat ein Familienzentrum betreibe, um Müttern den Rückhalt zu geben, den ich so vermißt habe: Da kommt niemand. Write A Conclusion Paragraph Essay? - Mit den meisten Kommentaren bin ich TOTAL d#039;accord! Die Familie wird wirtschaftskompatibel gemacht. Das sind interessante Informationen in ferpa research papers, diesem Bericht und man sieht mal wieder in how to paragraph of an, der Politik geht es nur ums Geld, nicht um die Mensch, die Natur und die Tiere. Essay? Man mag es kaum glauben aber wir leben in paragraph essay, einer Demokratie und wir dürfen frei wählen, leider haben das noch ca. Hospital Narrative? 30% nicht erkannt, die größte Partei der Nichtwähler, über die sich alle großen Parteien freuen, denn die Nichtwähler halten die großen Parteien an how to write a conclusion, der Macht. Good? Man kann aber die großen Parteien auch abwählen und wenn dann alle Nichtwähler plötzlich die Familienpartei wählen dann werden sich die anderen Parteien schon umsehen.

Geht zu Wahl, macht die etablierten Parteien klein, wählt nicht die AfD die keine Alternative ist, wählt eine andere Partei die Euch am meisten entgegen kommt, dann werden sich die anderen Parteien schon umschauen, wenn die CDU/CSU bei nur noch 18% ist und die SPD bei 12 und die Familienpartei bei 30% Das ist unsere einige Chance, ansonsten müssen wir weiterhin als Sklaven leben. How To Write Paragraph? Als Sklaven der Fußballspieler die Millionen von uns bekommen, aber das reicht nicht, Sie müssen auch noch Werbung für Chips machen. Ferpa Papers? Oder ein Herr Jauch dessen Vermögen auf 45 Millionen geschätzt wird. Paragraph Of An? Die Tartortkommissare, die bis zu 250.000 € für einen Tartort haben wollen und noch weitere Einnahmen wenn die Filme nochmal gezeigt werden, all das bezahlen wir. Essay? Warum haben einige Menschen sehr viel Geld, weil viele Menschen ganz weinig haben.

Die 8 reichsten Menschen haben die Hälfte des Geldes auf der Welt aber Sie helfen nicht den Armen! In Afrika, Haiti. Der Autor beklagt zu Recht die Ökonomisierung der Erziehung und ihre Folgen. Write Of An? In dieser oekonomisch durch organisierten Gesellschaft hat der Großteil der Familien keine wirkliche Wahl von familiären Lebensentwürfen. Topis? Die Gesellschaft fällt dabei vom einem Extrem Hausfrauenehe ins andere Erwerbsfamilie. Write Of An? Wie so oft werden Kinder die Leidtragenden sein. A Comprehensive Essay? Mit pluralen Lebensformen hat das wenig zu tun.

Von Herzen Dank für diesen gelungenen Artikel. Es gelingt selten, so sachlich und richtig über dieses Thema zu schreiben- vielen Dank im Namen aller betroffenen Eltern, die sich in how to write paragraph of an, punkto Kinderbetreuung betrogen, unfrei und entrechtet fühlen! So sehr sich die familienpolitische Situation an writing a college transfer essay, der Basis zuspitzt, wird es über kurz oder lang ? eine Veränderung geben müssen. How To Of An? Ich freue mich drauf.w. Herrn Stadler ist zu danken, dass er als wesentlichen Punkt der Diskussion das Kindswohl identifiziert, aber es gibt keine seriösen Studien, die das belegen, was er sonst sagt.

Herrn Stadler ist zu danken, dass er als wesentlichen Punkt. der Diskussion das Kindswohl identifiziert, aber es gibt. keine seriösen Studien, die das belegen, was er sonst sagt. Kindertageseinrichtungen auf das Verhalten und die. Leistungen der Kinder ist sehr komplex, sie hängt unter. anderem ab von der Qualität der Einrichtung, den Kindern. und der Qualität der elterlichen Fürsorge. alle Kinder schlecht sind.

Im Gegenteil, eine gute. Qualität der Kindertageseinrichtungen kann sogar die. Leistungen von Kindern aus Elternhäusern mit wenig. Fürsorge verbessern und schadet den Kindern von. fürsorglichen Eltern nicht.

Schlechte Qualität der. Tageseinrichtungen geht dagegen einher mit mehr. Verhaltensschwierigkeiten und schlechterer Leistung der. schlechte Qualität der Kindertageseinrichtungen ist stark. abzulehnen, ihre negativen Konsequenzen sollten publik.

Kindertageseinrichtungen schlecht sind. A College Transfer? Wir sollten von der. Politik fordern, die schlechten Einrichtungen so zu. unterstützen, dass sie zu guten werden, damit Eltern, die. arbeiten möchten, einen Platz für ihre Kinder in write a conclusion of an essay, einer. guten Einrichtung finden.

Aber es gibt, und darin sind sich die Experten sehr wohl einig, Risiken, wenn kleine Kinder zu früh und zu lange außerhalb der Familie betreut werden. About? Diese Risiken wurden u.a. in write paragraph of an, der groß angelegten amerikanischen NICHD-Studie, der Wiener Krippenstudie oder der Quebec-Studie nachgewiesen. Comparisson Essay? Belegt ist insbesondere, dass der Krippenaufenthalt für Kinder großen Stress bedeuten kann, das haben die so genannten Cortisol-Studien in write a conclusion, verschiedenen Ländern ergeben. Education? Dieses Risiko kann, wie Sie richtig schreiben, durch ein gute Qualität der Krippe abgemildert werden, und gerade Kinder aus benachteiligten Familien können von guten Krippen profitieren. Aber leider existiert diese gute Qualität in paragraph of an, Deutschland kaum, wie die vom Bundesfamilienminiserium geförderte NUBBEK-Studie ergeben hat, die ich im Text zitiere.

Einer Studie der Bertelsmann-Stiftung zufolge fehlen dazu bis zu 120 000 Erzieherinnen und Erzieher. Essays About Goals? In der Altenpflege gibt es bekanntlich einen ähnlichen Mangel, und es hat sich gezeigt, dass er nicht zu beseitigen ist, weil es einfach nicht genug Personal für diese schwere und vergleichsweise schlecht bezahlte Arbeit gibt. Write A Conclusion Essay? Deshalb ist zu befürchten, dass sich die Qualität der Kitas in narrative essay, Deutschland nicht großartig verbessern wird, vor allem wenn die Einrichtungen von noch mehr Kindern besucht werden als das heute schon der Fall ist. How To Write A Conclusion Of An Essay? Gerade im Sinne des Kindeswohl wäre es angezeigt, die Eltern, die ihre Kinder zuhause großziehen wollen, zu unterstützen, damit die Kitas entlastet werden - und diejenigen Eltern, die auf Kitas absolut angewiesen, ihre Kinder dort auch mit gutem Gewissen unterbringen können. Essays About Goals? Doch solange das nicht geschieht, bleibt der Verdacht, dass es beim Ausbau der Kinderbetreuung in write of an essay, Deutschland eben nicht um das Kindeswohl geht, sondern in writing, erster Linie um die Freisetzung der Eltern für den Arbeitsmarkt und die Belange der Wirtschaft. Familie - Zwischen traditioneller Institution und individuell gestalteter Lebensform. Seit Jahrzehnten finden tiefgreifende Veranderungen statt, die Wesen und Gestalt von Familie und das Verhaltnis von Familie und Gesellschaft betreffen. How To A Conclusion Paragraph Of An Essay? Der Wandel hat die Familie fraglos verandert. Research Papers? Grundlegende Regelma?igkeiten von Familienstruktur und Familienentwicklung bestehen aber fort.

Weiter. Die soziale Situation in write a conclusion paragraph, Deutschland. Trotz der wachsenden Bedeutung alternativer Familienformen machen Ehepaare mit Kindern immer noch knapp drei Viertel der Familien in hospital narrative essay, Deutschland aus. Write A Conclusion Paragraph Of An? Allerdings variiert der Anteil auf Landerebene zwischen 53 Prozent in essay, Berlin und 80 Prozent in how to write a conclusion of an essay, Baden-Wurttemberg. Write Essay On Environmental Education? Weiter. Zu- und Auswanderung, Geburtenrate, Sterblichkeit - die sind die drei zentralen Faktoren fur die demografische Entwicklung. A Conclusion Of An? Der demografische Wandel wird unsere Gesellschaft spurbar verandern - ob auf Kommunal-, Landes- oder Bundesebene, im Bereich der Sozialversicherungen, der Arbeitswelt, der Infrastruktur oder der Familienpolitik. Persuasive? Das Dossier beleuchtet die wichtigsten Bereiche und skizziert den Stand der Debatte.

Weiter. Demokratie stärken - Zivilgesellschaft fördern.