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Aphra Behn#8217;s #8220;The Widow Ranter#8221; Essay Sample. Essays? Upon reading Aphra Behn#8217;s, #8220;The Widow Ranter#8221;, it is paper impossible not to notice the similarities and wedding essays parallels between the block quotes in term, events and arnolfini essays characters of the play and papers delivery those of the English Civil War. These similarities may at first appear to be mere coincidences, it is arnolfini true that may civil wars are innately comparable to a book report each other; however it is not the arnolfini wedding, case of The Widow Ranter. In The Widow Ranter, Behn artfully constructs and construes a story which carries a message. In order to research drug delivery clarify and justify Behn#8217;s intentions, it is wedding important to research papers targeted delivery first review and relate the events and characters of The Widow Ranter in comparison to those of the English Civil War. The primary characters of arnolfini, interest are Bacon, the Jamestown Counsel, and the Indians/ Indian King and Queen. Block In Term Papers? Clearly Bacon, who is called both a #8220;rebel#8221; and arnolfini a #8220;general#8221; in block papers the play is meant to represent Oliver Cromwell; the arnolfini wedding essays, Indian King, who is called the #8220;Monarch#8221; represents King Charles I, and the Counsel of research targeted drug, Jamestown represents the English Civil War Parliament. This theory of arnolfini wedding essays, character representations is supported by the parallel plots of history essays, [a portion of] The Widow Ranter and [a portion of] the English Civil War. In The Widow Ranter, the Counsel and Bacon are initially on the same side, opposing the wedding, Indians; in quotes in term papers fact he was a member of the counsel before he broke the law and wedding disobeyed the Counsel by attacking the good write, Indians. Arnolfini Wedding? Then Bacon#8217;s Army forces the block papers, Counsel to release Bacon and grant him a commission to wedding essays continue his war on collection the Indians (and subsequent goal of killing the wedding essays, Indian King).

The resulting situation is an papers increasingly hostile relationship between the Counsel and Bacon, who is arnolfini essays again at war with the Indians. Characters of about childhood, all three parties overtly lack complete loyalty to their causes and/or leaders, and the scene is a chaotic battle in arnolfini essays the woods with everyone fighting everyone. In the parallel account of the English Civil War, Cromwell and apa citation the Long Parliament are initially on the same side as well, in wedding essays opposition to King Charles I and the Royalists. Then, in 1649, [Cromwell#8217;s] New Model Army turns against the Parliament, forcing them to approve the ann hood essay, execution of wedding essays, [former] King Charles I, whom they have been holding in prison. Apa Citation Of Essays? The remaining #8216;Rump#8217; Parliament and essays Cromwell#8217;s Army are now also in a strained relationship as The New Model Army returns to combating Royalist uprisings. As you can clearly see, both accounts portray triangular relationships between the main characters/parties partaking in nearly synonymous plots. Write Essay? Yet this is merely the arnolfini, start of the analogous elements shared by The Widow Ranter and mla set [this portion of] the English Civil War.

Upon closer examination, notable similarities between the corresponding characters of these plots can be observed as well. To begin with, in addition to essays both Bacon and Cromwell being military champions of the collection, people fighting against monarchy, they share many of the same personality traits and characteristics. Both men are #8220;honorable#8221; military leaders, with an attitude of essays, respect and mercy for their enemies, as well as for neutral parties and properties. Research? Cromwell maintained that his troops behave in a #8220;gentlemanly#8221; manner by treating civilians (of any loyalty) with respect and taking extra care to wedding not damage or destroy their property. Bacon commands similar principles, insisting that his supporters, whether it be his troops or the pushcart ann hood essay, mobbing supportive public; do not act rashly without genuine justification for their behavior.

Also, Cromwell and Bacon both believe in the preservation of life, whether it be theirs or the enemy#8217;s. Bacon expresses this attitude by arnolfini essays, taking the noble women of Jamestown hostage (but treating them with the utmost of research papers targeted drug, dignity) in order to force the arnolfini essays, surrender of the up for, Counsels forces without great #8220;loss of arnolfini essays, blood.#8221; Cromwell#8217;s army accommodated this outlook by your child write a book, purposely not shooting [to harm or kill] at the Royalist soldiers (evident when reviewing casualty counts), as well as by not executing the wedding essays, surrendering forces. Mla Set Research? Perhaps most strikingly unanimous however, is wedding Bacon and Cromwell#8217;s policy of pushcart ann hood, allowing surrendering enemy troops/subjects to arnolfini either #8220;join forces#8221; with their army or simply #8220;go home#8221;. Apa Citation Collection Of Essays? The next parallel of characters which Behn suggests is between the Counsel [of Jamestown] and the Long Parliament of the arnolfini essays, English Civil War, both of which are subject to history of globalization essays mutiny and arnolfini wedding coercion [by Bacon or Cromwell#8217;s Army, respectively]. Both of these legal assemblies are in write essay the highest government position of wedding, power as a result of/ due to the absence of a higher singular authority, whether it be the Governor or the King. They consist of an array of members who vary in mla set up for research quality of character as well as allegiance, to each other as well as the state, and consequently suffer from arnolfini wedding a lack of unity. In Parliament this dissonance is help write report evident by their inability to agree to take decisive action against King Charles I; while some members demand his execution, others maintain that he can still be negotiated with, despite failure thus far to reach an agreement. Similarly, The Jamestown Counsel continually debate over essays, whether to support, arrest, or kill Bacon for his actions. The Counsel, like the block quotes in term, Long Parliament, expresses a preference to negotiate [peace] with the Indians/ Indian King, but is forced to allow Bacon to pursue his actions against the Indians, and subsequent murder of the Indian King. Additionally, the Counsel and Parliament are also similar in that they both are apprehensive of the power Bacon/ Cromwell possess as popular leaders of troops comprised primarily of arnolfini essays, common (non-nobility) people, and papers targeted drug thus feel inclined to arnolfini wedding disband the army(s). The final significant character comparison of research papers delivery, The Widow Ranter and [this portion of] the English Civil War is between the arnolfini wedding essays, Indian King and King Charles I. This parallel is mla set research interesting because it seems so unlikely, yet Behn makes certain that it is arnolfini wedding essays not overlooked or dismissed by explicitly calling the Indian King the #8220;Monarch#8221;.

Aside from essay about a memorable event merely holding the same respective title, King Charles I and the Indian King are similar in other ways as well. To begin with, both insist on attacking a superior enemy army, despite the advice and support of wedding, their advisors. King Charles I (prior to the Civil War) had disregarded the research papers, wishes of Parliament and the interests of arnolfini wedding, his subjects by essay about a memorable event, repeatedly engaged in military assaults on arnolfini wedding neighboring countries (France and Spain especially). Similarly, the Indian dismisses the pushcart ann hood, Indian Queen#8217;s pleading advice and predictions of arnolfini, inevitable defeat. Research Papers Targeted Drug Delivery? Also, let us not forget that just as King Charles I was renowned for his tendency to arnolfini wedding essays blatantly and of essays repeatedly break peace agreements, the Indian King of The Widow Ranter also breaks an agreement of temporary peace with the colonists and arnolfini essays Bacon#8217;s army. Another parallel which is essay notable is the arnolfini wedding, practice and pushcart ann hood essay importance of religion by arnolfini, the Indian King as compared to that of King Charles. The Indian King engages in a religious ceremony involving bowing to history of globalization #8220;the Idol,#8221; then #8220;Priests and Priestesses#8221; leading himself and wedding the Indian Queen to an #8220;alter,#8221; as well as a prayer to #8220;the God#8221; inquiring about the events of their #8220;war against research targeted delivery, the English General.#8221; The significant elements of the wedding, Indians#8217; religious ceremony are blatantly a comparison to the practices of the Roman Catholic Church, of essay, which King Charles I was a relentless advocator. Next, the arnolfini essays, response that #8220;The English General shall be, a captive to his enemy; and childhood event you from all your toyles freed, when by arnolfini wedding essays, your hand the foe shall bleed….#8221; pleases the Indian King who declares that the Gods are taking care of them, and history announces that he will #8220;perform the arnolfini wedding essays, Office of history of globalization essays, a Priest#8221; when he returns from wedding conquering Bacon. Subject Descriptive Essay? Through this statement the arnolfini wedding, Indian King asserts his belief in the Devine Right of collection of essays, Kings, also a belief firmly expressed by arnolfini essays, King Charles I. As you can see, both the how to help your child report, plots and characters of The Widow Ranter and [this portion of] the English Civil War are nearly identical to arnolfini essays each other. Yet the research papers targeted, events and arnolfini essays characters of mla set up for research, The Widow Ranter are not consistent with the historical account of Bacon#8217;s Rebellion.

To begin with, the character of Bacon is essays grossly misportrayed. Good Essay? The real Nathaniel Bacon was not a noble, honorable general who had a friendly relationship with the Indians and a respect for wedding essays, the Counsel; in fact, the Counsel was not even the ruling authority at the time, that position belong to the Governor, who was present and actively attempting to arrest and repress Bacon and his rebel #8220;army#8221;. Nathaniel Bacon in help your child write a book reality, was a radical dissenter who recruited an #8220;army#8221; of arnolfini, volunteers and savagely attacked and raided random Indian tribes, then out of a memorable childhood, lust for arnolfini wedding essays, power and revenge, led a violent revolt against the Governor. Additionally, Bacon and subject write his troops were not only merciless toward the Indians, but toward the arnolfini wedding, colonists as well, plundering and seizing the of globalization, property of arnolfini wedding, nobles and destroying all signs of the aristocratic gentry in their upraising. As you can see, the pushcart, story of The Widow Ranter is arnolfini wedding clearly not an mla set paper accurate historical account of the arnolfini essays, events of Bacon#8217;s Rebellion, mainly due to Behn#8217;s misleading portrayal of Nathaniel Bacon. Because the alterations [from history] to research targeted drug The Widow Ranter have to do mainly with Bacon, it stands to reason that Behn is attempting to convey a statement about Oliver Cromwell, implying that our conceptions about his character and role in the English Civil War are faulty. Essays? Behn suggests that Cromwell was not the of globalization, moral, heroic General history paints him as, but instead a dangerous rebel, driven by lustful vengeance and a Machiavellian pursuit of power. A second interpretation of Behn#8217;s alterations [to the historic account of Bacon#8217;s Rebellion] in The Widow Ranter is that she was not trying to convey a message about Oliver Cromwell at wedding essays, all, but instead one about Nathaniel Bacon. If this interpretation is block adopted, it stands to arnolfini wedding essays reason that Behn was trying to elevate Bacon to the status of the honorable #8220;people#8217;s hero,#8221; as Cromwell was viewed by ann hood essay, many.

Both of arnolfini wedding, these theories are affected by Bacons actions after killing the Indian King and help child a book then also accidentally the Indian Queen (whom he loves). Arnolfini? At this point, Bacon commits suicide, making the dying declaration, #8220;while you are victors make peace with the help write, English Counsel and arnolfini essays never let ambition, love, or interest make you forget, as I have done, your duty and allegiance….#8221; This alternate suicide ending with Bacon recanting his actions may have been written as intentionally divergent to imply either something about block quotes papers, Cromwell or something about wedding essays, Bacon, depending on which theory you subscribe to. Write? If The Widow Ranter was meant to arnolfini essays diminish Cromwell, it implies that he never made peace with the help child write a book, parliament, and that ambition, love, or interest made him forget his duty and essays allegiance. Or, if The Widow Ranter was meant to celebrate Nathaniel Bacon the passage implies that while he was a great leader with noble intentions and the interests of the people at heart, but that his ambition, love, and/or interest made him forget his duty and allegiance, and that he made a mistake by not making peace with the parliament. In conclusion, after compulsively analyzing the play The Widow Ranter and faithfully examining the events and ann hood essay characters of the arnolfini wedding essays, English Civil War, it is clear that Aphra Behn is drawing parallels between the subject write essay, two. What remains frustratingly unclear is arnolfini wedding exactly what she is about a memorable childhood attempting to imply to the reader/ audience.

There are many theories, all with their collection of sound evidence, but none seem to fit the play quite perfectly; indeed, this literary work seems most effectively to wedding convey a message not about a person or event, but about the nature of personal interpretation. Every individual sees precisely what they are looking for, sometimes blind to history the reality that there is arnolfini nothing there at all. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and how to help your write order Aphra Behn#8217;s #8220;The Widow Ranter#8221; essay editing for wedding, only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Aphra Behn#8217;s #8220;The Widow Ranter#8221; Introduction Oroonoko was written by Aphra Behn during a time when there was a glorious revolution in about a memorable event which catholic King James II was removed from power. Arnolfini Essays? The writer being a#8230; ?Oliver Cromwell – Hero or Villain? Oliver Cromwell was born on April 25th 1599 in Huntington, England and targeted drug died September 3 1658. He was an English military and essays political leader and later Lord Protector of history essays, the#8230; Parliament in English politics.

During the essays, 16th and 17th centuries, many European nations grew into the mold of of globalization, absolutism. Starting with the role of essays, James I, England underwent absolutist reforms as Parliament was often#8230; Increasing Power in the 17th Century. Pushcart Ann Hood? Governmental systems in both France and England were greatly changing during the essays, 17th Century. In England, absolute monarchies lost power while Parliament gained supremacy. France, on the other hand, saw#8230; Bacons Rebellion was the help write a book report, first stirring of the essays, revolutionary sentiment in America.

It began in Jamestown Virginia in 1676. Write Descriptive Essay? It was a short rebellion between two stubborn men wanting all#8230; Explain why Henry VIII and his government sought a marriage alliance with Cleves in 1539. Essays? The year of good subject write, 1539 found the arnolfini, post-Reformation England in a delicate situation, facing the imminent peril of an allied invasion on religious grounds from both France and the Holy Roman#8230;

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Prudence Concept Essays and Research Papers. accounting concepts are rules and arnolfini wedding essays guidelines which the essay accountant follows and uses when deciding between differing options to arnolfini wedding essays make. They help . to ensure the accounting information is presented accurately and consistently. All formal accounting statements should be created, preserved and presented according to the concepts and conventions’. The following will look at each of the concepts and conventions and relate them to the profit and loss account for a sole trader. GOING CONCERN This concept assumes. Asset , Business , Concept 1080 Words | 3 Pages. The Concept on Prudence: Dead or Alive? The Concept of Prudence : dead or alive? FEE Conference on Corporate Reporting of the Future, Brussels, Belgium, Tuesday 18 . September 2012 Hans Hoogervorst, Chairman of the IASB ______________________________________________________________ Ladies and gentlemen, I am grateful to quotes in term papers the Federation of European Accountants for the opportunity to participate in today’s conference.

As has often been said, Europe kickstarted the move towards global accounting standards when it and essays others adopted IFRSs. Asset , Balance sheet , Concept 2768 Words | 9 Pages. Telemachus-Odysseus Father Son Relationship. or blossomed. The attained virtues expressed in the books are courage, wisdom, and prudence . An example of Telemachus’ courage is displayed . when Telemachus decides to avoid Nestor's house rather than proceeding through it, Nevertheless Telemachus sails out to sea knowing that an essay ambush may await him. This wisdom is demonstrated in his knowledge that if he stops, Nestor's xenia will hinder him even more. And prudence is made obvious in essays Telemachus' adeptness to control his lust for tranquility in Nestor's. Family , Homer , Odysseus 978 Words | 3 Pages. virtues: prudence , justice, fortitude, and temperance.

Prudence is the virtue that allows us to correctly know what is up for research paper right and arnolfini wedding essays . wrong in any given situation; to choose between virtuous and vicious actions. When we think back to the popular example of help your child courage, an act of prudence would be being able to distinguish the arnolfini wedding difference between the two vices. When acts are courageous rather than rash or cowardly. Research Targeted. Like the other three virtues, prudence is a virtue that can be adapted by anyone. Prudence is an. Aristotle , Cardinal virtues , Courage 2741 Words | 7 Pages. Seek the Good Life, Not Money by George Bragues: Summary. insists upon the importance of exercising the virtues, of habitually acting in ways that fulfill the highest human potentialities.

People are then asked to . display courage, self-restraint, generosity, magnificence, magnanimity, sociability, justice, prudence and wisdom. Arnolfini Essays. Each of these virtues is to be practice not for the sake of financial success but financial success is defined by what is necessary to support a virtuous life. Let’s go through these nine virtues. Beginning with courage of the seven. Aristotle , Business , Business ethics 1465 Words | 4 Pages. in his soul. The psychic harmony of the soul, according to research papers delivery Plato, expresses itself in four cardinal virtues, which are each related to the three basic . energies of the soul.

In relation to Reason, the happy or just person possesses Wisdom (or prudence ). In relation to Emotion, the just person has the virtue of Courage. In relation to Appetite, the arnolfini wedding essays just person owns the virtue of Temperance, which is the control of natural desires. How To Help Write A Book. Flowing outward from this psychic harmony is the fourth cardinal. Cardinal virtues , Ethics , Morality 785 Words | 3 Pages. The Accruals And Going Concern Concepts. ?The accruals and wedding going concern concepts are regarded as fundamental in the preparation of financial statements. Discuss the advantages and . disadvantages of these concepts , explaining the reasons why these concepts may be difficult to apply or may be inconsistent with other concepts . Accounting statement and records are a periodic summary of account activity within a period and the documentations involved in the preparation of it (Thomas and Ward, 2012: 4). They are done based on a set of in term rules.

Accrual , Balance sheet , Concept 1443 Words | 4 Pages. sacrifice happiness for achievements. Strong points in the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari revolves around 7 key teachings. Robin calls them the Seven . Virtues of arnolfini Enlightened Learning. He uses stories and symbols to help you learn these key concepts and essay easily apply them to your life. Seven Virtues of Enlightened Learning 1. Master Your Mind (Symbol: The Garden) The garden is wedding essays a symbol for your mind.

Master it. Pushcart. Cultivate it daily. Essays. Be mindful of what you let into your mind stream. . Consciousness , Mind , Personal life 1236 Words | 5 Pages. ?The Concept of Ethics among Greeks 1. Athens and mla set research Sparta two states 2. Preached Virtue Ethics Virtue ethics emphasizes the role of one's . character and the virtues that one's character represents for determining or evaluating ethical behavior. A virtue is arnolfini a habit or quality that allows the help a book report bearer to succeed at his, her, or its purpose. Wedding Essays. The first in this regard are the Sophists who were the experts of giving arguments. They taught their students to win the arguments by fair means or foul.

The. Ethics , Morality , Philosophy 1483 Words | 5 Pages. Virtue of Aquinas and Machiavelli. deeply into the specifics of these virtues it is important to in term establish some ground work. Thomas Aquinas defines virtue as a good habit bearing on . activity. We can also relate this definition to a good faculty, namely habit. Wedding. Intrinsic to essay a memorable childhood event the concept of virtue is habit. Habit according to Thomas can be within the natural order or elevated to the Divine by Grace. Habits are seen as stable dispositions, or qualities, that guide the faculties to act a certain way. Arnolfini Wedding. Habits can be infused or acquired. Aristotle , Cardinal virtues , Political philosophy 2495 Words | 7 Pages.

Socrates on Living a Good Life in Regards to His Daimon. or nobility, but from prudence , truth and the condition of their soul. “Are you not then ashamed to care for money and reputation, and public . honor, while yet having no thought or concern for wisdom and truth and papers the greatest possible excellence of your soul?” (29d). Socrates clearly stated here that the essays most important aspects of a life should not be materialized. He believed that in order to be successful, one needs to mla set research have the proper intentions and be focused on wedding prudence , truth, or wisdom and everything. Ethics , Life , Meaning of life 1224 Words | 3 Pages. the opportunity to escape his death sentence but his morals prevented him from in term papers doing so, making him a virtuous man until the very end. Plato came up with . the idea of the “Cardinal Virtues”, his four cardinal virtues consisted of wisdom, justice, prudence and courage which he believed must be present in a person to live a virtuous life. Arnolfini Wedding. “Following the pushcart lead of his teacher Socrates, he [Plato] seems to be convinced that moral progress, in arnolfini his own words ‘the care for one’s soul’, has to being with liberation. Aristotle , Ethics , Morality 2653 Words | 11 Pages.

University Just 303 January 23, 2013 Instructor Robert Aucoin Table of pushcart ann hood Contents Introduction 3 Conclusion 5 Reference 6 Introduction . Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) wrote about many virtues. In particular he wrote about “temperance, prudence , fortitude, and justice” (p 5). He wrote that he believed justice was the highest virtue and explained what justice was and why he believed justice to be the highest virtue. Aquinas (1225-1274) explained that virtues are behaviours. Virtues. Cardinal virtues , Courage , Ethics 676 Words | 3 Pages. poorly” (p. 78).

The second cardinal virtue that was discussed was the virtue of prudence . Mattison describes this as “the virtue that disposes . Essays. us to research papers drug see rightly, the way things are in arnolfini wedding essays the world around us, and to employ that truthful vision to act rightly” (p. 98). Pushcart Essay. More simply stated, the virtue of prudence is about seeing the arnolfini essays truth in in term papers the world and also acting in a truthful manner. Mattison continues, stating that “ prudence is arnolfini wedding needed to apa citation of essays effectively exercise any virtuous action” (p. Wedding Essays. 99). The third virtue. Cardinal virtues , Christian ethics , Ethics 1889 Words | 6 Pages. The theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity furnish a strong basis for all other virtues.

The cardinal virtues of prudence , justice, . fortitude, temperance, are the foundation of all moral virtues. The theological virtues define our relations with God; the moral virtues define our relations with ourselves and our fellowmen. Write Report. If we have these virtues, we are on arnolfini essays the way to perfection. | 43. In Term. Moral Virtues Are there any other virtues besides the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity. Cardinal virtues , Christian ethics , Patience 1170 Words | 3 Pages. Cardinal Virtues? (Give a definition of arnolfini wedding cardinal and each of the virtues)? Cardinal virtues are virtues which are common to all people, Christian or not. It . is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘the hinge of a door’ because they are pivotal d. About. Prudence – practical common sense; harmless as doves but also as wise as serpents e. Temperance – putting a limit to one’s “addictions” f. Justice – “fairness” g. Fortitude – 2 kinds of courage, faces danger and sticks it under pain; guts. Courage , Love , Mean 857 Words | 3 Pages. VIPinoy (Virtues In Pinoy) A Filipino with the arnolfini wedding exemplary practice of the apa citation collection of essays four cardinal virtues of arnolfini wedding Prudence , . Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love over an extended period of time out of just and worthy service by contributing to ecological balance, cultural cohesiveness, and essay about a memorable childhood event moral-spiritual consensus. METANOIA VIRTUES • Virtue ( Latin virtus) is moral excellence of a person; a trait valued as being good.

In. Cardinal virtues , Christian ethics , Prudence 851 Words | 3 Pages. the character virtues such as; love, caring, compassion, kindness, courage, truthfulness, temperance.Virtue ethics of practical wisdom or . prudence becomes truly virtuous; or lives a good life without a personal history of making good decisions and the prudence is the virtue of decision making this emphasis on decision making and virtue.Practical wisdom or prudence means that ancient virtue ethics is arnolfini strongly intellectual and is about making wise decisions. Therefore, making a decision means that we. Aristotle , Courage , Ethics 711 Words | 3 Pages. have intrinsic value within yourself, and share in your own pleasures and research papers drug pains. 9) What is the arnolfini essays difference between theoretical wisdom and practical wisdom, . or prudence ? How is each acquired? P90 Practical wisdom or prudence – a state of grasping the how to your child write report truth, concerned w/action, things that are good or bad for arnolfini, a human being prudence and virtue are necessary and sufficient for one another 10) What is the difference between continence and virtue?

Is incontinence or vice easier to cure and research papers drug why. Aristotle , Emotion , Ethics 1241 Words | 5 Pages. The traditional list of wedding essays cardinal virtues was: Prudence Justice Fortitude / Bravery Temperance The modern theologian James F Keenan . suggests: Justice Justice requires us to treat all human beings equally and help your impartially. Fidelity Fidelity requires that we treat people closer to arnolfini essays us with special care. Self-care We each have a unique responsibility to care for ourselves, affectively, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Up For Research Paper. Prudence The prudent person must always consider Justice, Fidelity. Alasdair MacIntyre , Courage , Ethics 667 Words | 3 Pages. the ordering of character-types according to what sort of character one would like to have. But they differ about what character-types humans can hope to . have (an issue in philosophical psychology), and they differ about how to structure the wedding concept of 'virtue' (an issue in the philosophy of language).

And these differences conspire to research papers targeted drug delivery explain their different labeling of character-types. They agree about which character-types deserve praise. But they differ over essays, whether there is a specifically. Aristotle , Ethics , Morality 1187 Words | 4 Pages. Unlike the theological virtues of faith, hope, and essay charity, the moral virtues are immediately directed toward morally good actions. 1. . Prudence enables us to make correct moral judgments. A prudent person can recognize what needs to be done, and arnolfini wedding what morally good means should be used to do what is pleasing to God. St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that prudence is composed of no less than eight elements: * the memory of papers targeted past experiences on which a person draws when making a moral decision. . Ethics , Human , Morality 2377 Words | 7 Pages. Our Decisions Determine Our Destiny. the theological virtues.

They are gifts from God that help us develop a better relationship with God. By living faithfully, hopefully, and lovingly, we . cooperate with God’s gifts of faith, hope, and love. God also gives us the cardinal virtues of prudence , justice, fortitude, and temperance. Arnolfini Wedding Essays. We strive to have these personal character strengths that direct us toward Christ-like behavior and provide discipline for our passions and paper emotions. The final line of the poem states “Watch your character. Cardinal virtues , Good and evil , Mind 804 Words | 3 Pages. genus, a general category, and species, a specific difference. The genus of virtue is made up of emotion, capacity and characteristic. Everyone has character . Essays. which is a settled state or disposition. Your Child A Book. 4 Aristotelian moral virtues 1) Temperance 2) Prudence 3) Justice 4) Courage 2. Explain how moral virtues are acquired.

We become good human beings by doing good actions. The result of habits and practicing to be good are moral virtue and these must be developed early. We must be able to train. Ethics , Human , Meaning of arnolfini life 1347 Words | 5 Pages. Comparison of Plato, Aquinas, Aristotle and Augustine. we are talking of, He speaks by mla set research paper the direct impact of the truth, to anyone who is arnolfini wedding capable of hearing with the mind instead of with the ears of the body. The . mind or intellect which is open to the truth is presented by God with truthful ideas, the concept of Divine illumination of the intellect.

Reason What reason engages in is always its own manifestation, be that language with its power of your write report signification or be that harmonious numbers. In and through the sciences, reason searches for itself. Cardinal virtues , Christian ethics , Plato 1473 Words | 5 Pages. Aristotle and the Doctrine of the Mean. some form of addiction, perhaps genetically, would choose to wedding essays forego the a memorable childhood event pleasure she would take from drinking because she wanted to stay as far away from . drunkenness as possible. Does that lead to a deficiency of pleasure?

I would say that it is prudence , and essays is therefore a virtue. Essay. Let me offer another example. In my faith it is common practice to fast from certain types of wedding food for a period of time. I would call that person far more virtuous who chose to give up that pleasure for a time, rather. Arithmetic mean , Epistemic virtue , Ethics 2053 Words | 6 Pages. from the Latin word cardo, which means hinge.

All other virtues hinge upon these four virtues. Ann Hood. Unlike the essays theological virtues, which are gifts of God . through grace, the cardinal virtues can be practiced by anyone. Quotes Papers. The four cardinal virtues are prudence , justice, fortitude (or courage), and temperance (or moderation). You can find an in-depth discussion of each in The Cardinal Virtues. The Seven Corporal works of Mercy The seven corporal works of mercy are: -Feed the hungry -Give drink to. Cardinal virtues , Christian ethics , Courage 770 Words | 4 Pages. has too much courage, they will be reckless, and if one has too little courage, they we be cowardly. Secondly, one's soul must contain . prudence . Prudence is the ability to control one's soul in the sense of essays wanting material things.

One must know, while it is ok to want and acquire material possessions, when to stop acquiring these things, or the virtue of prudence will turn in to one acquiring too many material things, and not being able to stop. Mla Set Research. This is also known as the vice self-indulgence. Arnolfini. One. Courage , Ethics , Nicomachean Ethics 1294 Words | 4 Pages. Mercy to the Criminal May Be Cruelty to mla set up for paper the People. arguing that virtuous conduct must occupy some middle ground between behavior that is excessive and wedding behavior that is deficient. Aristotle called this . concept the Golden Mean, and so a person of about childhood event moral maturity is one who seeks that mean in all that she does. For both Plato and wedding essays Aristotle, the Golden mean of justice could be located in the concept of fairness.

Justice, as fairness, means that people get exactly what they deserve - no more, no less. If they get more, something is excessive; if they. Aristotle , Cardinal virtues , Ethics 1069 Words | 3 Pages. The Comparison of Pamela Andrews and Moll Flanders. no internal repudiation. She is aware of what she wants and quotes needs in the moment of doing it even though she regrets it in arnolfini wedding later years. Beauty is feature of . Pamela as well as of Moll. But Pamela has a pattern how to cope with it in a modesty and prudence manner – her Christian education and apa citation collection of essays influence of her parents. However she is acting like a martyr, it is clear she admires her image she sees in a mirror. She is still talking about wedding how her Lady, later her Master and others tells her she is a real. Christianity , Girl , Human sexuality 1841 Words | 5 Pages.

linked to what is the very best within us,” which is the ability to reason. Rational thought is mla set paper what distinguishes humanity from other species. Aristotle . Arnolfini Essays. sets forth five principles to define the mla set research activity of contemplation. First, reason is the key concept of essays contemplation. Humanity is distinguished by the use of block quotes in term papers reason. Other life forms are not capable of contemplating problems like humans. Second, reasoning is continuous.

While writing a philosophy paper, a student may contemplate other situations. Core issues in ethics , Ethics , Life 983 Words | 3 Pages. Ching. More recently, courage has been explored by wedding the discipline of research targeted psychology. Ancient Greece[edit] There is a tradition moving back to Ancient Greek . philosophy for counting courage or fortitude as one of the four cardinal virtues, along with prudence , justice, and temperance. (Cardinal in this sense means pivotal; it is wedding one of the four cardinal virtues because to possess any virtue, a person must be able to sustain it in the face of difficulty.) As a desirable quality, courage is discussed. Cardinal virtues , Courage , Ethics 1089 Words | 4 Pages.

related to mla set research Leonitus. The four virtues used by Plato are prudence , courage, temperance, and justice. Plato relates the virtues to a . community, which is made up of the rulers, army, and workers. Now the base line is the workers, and they do not try to blend with the army as the army doesn't blend with the rulers. When all of these do their own job, the community becomes one. Wedding Essays. The first virtue to be discussed is prudence . Prudence , also known as wisdom, is found in research paper the rulers. The people.

Courage , Ethics , Justice 1357 Words | 4 Pages. ?ACCOUNTING CONCEPTS What are the Account Concepts ? In order to maintain uniformity and consistency in wedding essays preparing and . maintaining books of papers delivery accounts, Certain rules or principles have been evolved. These rules/principles are classified as concepts and conventions. These are foundations of wedding essays preparing and maintaining accounting records. “Accounting concept refers to the basic assumptions and rules and principles which work as the basis of recording of business transactions and preparing accounts. Asset , Balance sheet , Business 1240 Words | 6 Pages. invalidating law, or irritant laws, whose universal observance is demanded by the common good. c.) cannot be applied to laws originating from the Divine . law d.) Should be appealed only in absolute necessity 4. Mla Set Research Paper. It must therefore be used with great prudence 5. Great care should be taken to essays avoid acting out of apa citation collection of essays self-interest or against arnolfini the common good 6. Habitual and general use of childhood event epikeia is an obvious abuse Applications: A mother presumes that she may miss Mass on Sunday when there is no one present. Aristotle , Cardinal virtues , Justice 702 Words | 2 Pages. The Intellectual Virtues • Intellectual Virtues – habits pertain to the intellect. Moral virtues – those that pertain to the will. • Intellectual Virtues: . Wedding Essays. 1. Understanding Speculative intellect 2. Science 3. Wisdom 4. Art Practical intellect 5. Prudence The Moral Virtues • The moral values are those that build the targeted character of wedding person. • Justice – is the research targeted drug virtue which inclines us to render to another what is due to him. Wedding. • Fortitude – is the virtue which gives us the strength in facing dangers and.

Courage , Ethics , Good and evil 1096 Words | 19 Pages. Peer-Reviewed Concept Analysis Article Grand Canyon University Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice: NUR-502 July 24, . 2013 Peer-Reviewed Concept Analysis Article Woman-centered care in childbirth is the process in which a woman can make choices, be involved in, and has control over her care and relationship with her physician or midwife (Maputle Donavon, 2013). Woman-centered care is a philosophy of care which gives priority to the wishes and needs of the female. Concept , Midwifery , Nursing 1106 Words | 4 Pages. delivering the how to help write report desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do. The Selling Concept . This is another . common business orientation. It holds that consumers and businesses, if left alone, will ordinarily not buy enough of the selling company’s products. The organization must, therefore, undertake an aggressive selling and promotion effort. This concept assumes that consumers typically sho9w buyi8ng inertia or resistance and arnolfini must be coaxed into buying. It also assumes. Business , Concept , Consultative selling 1107 Words | 4 Pages.

The Concept of the Self in a memorable childhood the Social World University Of Phoenix Understanding What Self Concept is Self . Concept is the gathering of information about self, including ones personality, character, capabilities, and values. Self concept begins as an early as infancy, during this time the individual begins to formulate information about themselves. This process allows them to prepare and began to understand how they are related to others in their social world. Individuals’ going through. Concept , Conceptions of self , Educational psychology 1526 Words | 5 Pages. LIST OF SIX MARKETING CONCEPTS Following are the six concepts of marketing • Production concept • . Product concept • Selling concept • Marketing concept • Societal marketing concept • Holistic marketing concept THE PRODUCTION CONCEPT : DEFINITION BY KOTLER: “It is the idea that customers will favor products that are available and highly affordable and that the organization should therefore focus on improving production and distribution efficiency.” EXPLANATION: . Business , Concept , Consultative selling 1456 Words | 6 Pages. The concept of “we learn something new every day” is not just a saying but is a saying, which holds truth. We learn something new in school, . our careers, our daily lives, and in the world. Some of our learning may change our behavior or our way of wedding essays thinking. To fully understand the help your write a book report concept of learning, let us look at an in-depth knowledge, which will be addressed in the following: describe the concept of learning, distinguish between learning and performance. Last I compare and contrast the conceptual.

Abstraction , Concept , Idea 1384 Words | 5 Pages. Venture Concept Geri Rowland University of Phoenix FIN/375 Kent Moser December 24, 2012 Venture Concept Venture . concept is business idea individual search to essays venture to profit big. New business idea takes more than just launching the new idea in of essays hope its target consumer accept and support it and call it a success. Venturing out new business idea is a high risks to take because no one knows for sure if the arnolfini wedding targeted consumer will accept the new business idea; therefore planning for success. Baking , Bread , Business 920 Words | 3 Pages. ? Laura Balmer “Politics is a many sided concept only to mla set up for research be understood if viewed from various angles”. Discuss. Wedding Essays. Every . day we will experience the activities and ideas of essay childhood politics around us, despite not knowing its definition. When the majority consider politics they instantly think of wedding essays government, laws, debates and collection of essays scandal.

However, the wedding real question of what politics is your child write has been pondered for arnolfini, thousands of years by many profound names, one of the many reasons why Aristotle referred. Aristotle , Collective , Concept 1343 Words | 5 Pages. desire to belong as portrayed by essay event the individual, and it is thus that my personal views on belonging have been altered. An individual can forge . relationships and arnolfini wedding essays a sense of belonging or not belonging through interests. Emily Dickinson explored this concept through her love and passion for pushcart ann hood essay, writing, especially in arnolfini essays her poems ‘A word dropped careless on a page…’ and ‘This is my letter to the world…’. In ‘A word dropped careless…’ she describes a sense of belonging through her literary works, stating that.

Andrew Niccol , Candide , Concept 1350 Words | 4 Pages. Concept of pushcart ann hood Learning The concept of learning is having an essays understanding of how humans think. Research. Having an understanding of wedding essays how . individuals think and learn, one will have a better understanding of the mental processes of the how to write report brain. This paper will review the wedding concept of quotes in term papers learning and distinguish between learning and performance. This paper will also compare and essays contrast the conceptual approaches to the study of learning. Defining the Concept of Learning The concept of learning can be defined as a change. Behaviorism , Cognition , Cognitive science 788 Words | 3 Pages. ?The Concept of Power Existence – Does it Exist? 1) Many people at different times have felt the need to attach the research papers targeted label “Power” to . something. So it must exist. So it should be studied.

2) But it has different meanings in different cultures, so it must be many “Things”. Study – To Study or Not? 1) Due to this complexity, students think that its study will lead to no conclusion. Arnolfini Wedding Essays. 2) This is a paradox. So there is not enough evidence that a systematic study will give a lot of apa citation scientific. AirTrain Newark , Concept , Definition 758 Words | 4 Pages. Prejudice can be defined in one of several ways. There is an intellectual as well as a behavioral aspect to the concept of prejudice. Wedding. Prejudice . encompasses negative thoughts and feelings that a person has toward another person. Thoughts and feelings linked to prejudice are generally not based upon the experience the individual, but rather the prevailing thoughts and attitudes of the society within which the individual has been socialized.

These thoughts and feelings may also have an impact on the. Concept , Human , Measurement 803 Words | 4 Pages. ? Concept Analysis Hope Background on mla set research paper Hope Identification on the Concept of Hope Defining hope can be equivocal and wedding essays . yet it is commonly associated with a particular experience. Hope reflects an individuals moral values, it is required for human survival; hope is often needed when there is a sense of uncertainty for the future (Tanis DiNapoli, 2008). In healthcare, hope is described as one of the pushcart ann hood essay most important concepts associated with spirituality; without it everything else seems. Concept , Definition , Health care 2145 Words | 9 Pages. marketing concepts with its relevance in arnolfini essays today’s marketing environment. Marketing Concepts : Studies reveal that different . Mla Set Paper. organisations have different perceptions of marketing. Wedding. And these differing perceptions have led to pushcart the formation of different concepts of marketing such as[ad#l] 1. The Exchange Concept 2.The Production Concept 3.The Product Concept 4.The Selling Concept 5.The Marketing Concept 6.The Societal Marketing Concept . 1. The Exchange Concept : The exchange concept of marketing.

Business , Concept , Consultative selling 1184 Words | 4 Pages. Mental Images, Concepts and wedding essays Schemas. brief description of what will be covered in the essay. In this case it will be using mental images, concepts and schemas. How we use these in . our everyday use, like trying to remember what shopping is needed at home. Main body • Explain different ways of how we can improve our memory by using the topics mentioned above. • Give a written example of each of the following, Mental images, concepts and schemas. • Stating the where and when the study was done and who studied it. Conclusion • Recap. Concept , Concepts , Idea 1310 Words | 4 Pages.

Response Essay to The Banking Concept. Katelyn Rudisill ENG 111, Sec 303 10/07/14 A Response to “Paulo Freire’s ‘Banking Concept of Education’” In Paulo Freire’s “The Banking . Concept of Education”, arguments are made by apa citation collection of essays Freire about politics in a classroom. Freire uses two different ideas to make these arguments. They are the wedding essays Banking concept , in which students are seen as containers into which knowledge is deposited and the Problem-Posing concept , in which students and teachers participate in delivery dialogue in order to create knowledge. Alternative education , Concept , Education 898 Words | 2 Pages. for the reader. Arnolfini Wedding. Service concept is collection of essays defined by Heskett as “ The way in which the organisation would like to have its services perceived by its . Arnolfini. customers, employees, shareholders and lenders. Edvardsson and Olsson (1996) refers to service concept as the prototype for service and define it as the “detailed description of what is to help a book report be done for arnolfini, the customer (what needs and childhood wishes are to be satisfied) and wedding how this is to be achieved” ” There are four types of service concept including: 1. service. Concept , Customer service , Developmental biology 927 Words | 3 Pages.

Legal Concepts Worksheet University of Phoenix Online Enterprise Risk MBA/560 David Weischadle, II April 13, 2008 Legal . Concepts Worksheet | Concept |Application of essay a memorable childhood Concept to the Issue of Downloading |Reference to arnolfini essays Concept in Reading | | |For all the public confusion, a long series of essay event court rulings| | |Copyright law |has made it very clear. Concept , Copyright , Idea 539 Words | 3 Pages. The Concept of Administration and Organization. THE CONCEPT OF ADMINISTRATION AND ORGANIZATION A: WHAT IS ADMINISTRATION First definition: “Administration can be defined as the . Wedding. activities of groups cooperating to accomplish common goals”. There are particular key elements of collection administration. Cooperative: the word cooperative is the arnolfini essays first key element in this definition. Human activity is cooperative if it has the effects that would be absent if the cooperation did not take place. * Group Activity: Administration includes activities. Chemical element , Concept , Definition 633 Words | 3 Pages.

Three Powerful Marketing Concepts. THE THREE MOST POWERFUL MARKETING CONCEPTS Rachel Pechacek Tarleton State University Marketing Management MKTG 508 April 10, 2010 The . Three Most Powerful Marketing Concepts The three most powerful marketing concepts are customer focus, marketing imagination, and market segmentation. Each of the three concepts when used alone establishes an papers targeted intimate customer following (further described individually below); as they are aimed at satisfying a customer’s needs rather than persuading a customer. Concept , Consultative selling , Customer 970 Words | 3 Pages. Concepts Leading to arnolfini essays Inaccurate Perceptions.

inhabit it. Apa Citation Of Essays. Going from Point A to Point B is wedding very rarely a straight line anymore, the path is often filled with twists and turns that could end up leading . to a point you never saw coming. In psychology especially lies a wide range of topics and concepts that can lead to inaccurate perceptions, cognitions, and conclusions of certain situations. How To Help Your Write A Book Report. Ideas such as the afterimage effect, availability heuristic, ethnocentrism, groupthink, the lack of object permanence, non-random assignment of essays research participants. Availability heuristic , Book of Optics , Cognition 1583 Words | 5 Pages. Understanding Concept of Learning. Understanding the Concept of help your child report Learning Learning occurs daily for arnolfini, all humans and nonhumans. There are different cultures present in the United . Targeted Delivery. States and learning varies not only from wedding each culture but also within those cultures as well.

Learning emphases many other aspects and variables this is essay a memorable event important to recognize differences between key concepts such as learning and performance. Learning also involves different conceptual approaches that affect this concept . Arnolfini. Concept of Learning Learning. Cognition , Concept , Education 787 Words | 3 Pages. Applying the Concept of Team Management. Chapter 12 APPLICATION CASE Inserting the Team Concept into Compensation --------or Not Outline ?IntroductionQ1------TYT ?Q2------LWS . ?Q3------TFT ?Q4------WXJ Sandy Caldwell, a new human resource manager at Hathaway Manufacturing wanted to improve productivity through teamwork. Block Quotes In Term. He started by arnolfini wedding essays installing the in term papers concept of wedding team management at research papers targeted drug the highest level, then he also conveyed the essays team message to employees. He changed Hathaway long-standing policy into team-based pay for performance and he. Abstraction , Cognition , Concept 355 Words | 17 Pages. SCRIPTS PERCEPTUAL SCHEMA PHYSICAL CONSTUCTS ROLE CONSTRUCTS INTERPRETATION: PAST EXPERIENCES SEL CONCEPT EXPECTATION KNOWLEDGE . ASSUMPTIONS FACTORS INFLUECING PERCEPTION: PERCEPTION OF PERSON PERCEIVED: COMMUNICATION PHYSICAL APPERANCE PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS VALUES NEEDS GOALS INTERESTS BELIEFS EXPECTATIONS EDUCATION WANTS PERCEPTION OF THE PERCEIVER: RESPONSE SELF CONCEPT EXPERIENCES PERCEPTION OF THE SITUATION ROLE SOCIAL CONTEXT LOCATION PART B ANALYSE. Cognition , Concept , Decision making 538 Words | 5 Pages. five competing concepts by which firms and business are guided in collection of essays their marketing effort.

The first three concepts production, . product and selling, focus all on essays the product. The last two concepts marketing and block papers societal marketing, focus on the customer. However, the commonality in all five philosophies is arnolfini that they all have the same goal which is organizational profit. The choice as to which concept or philosophy to adopt depends on research papers targeted drug delivery the circumstances of the arnolfini wedding essays situation The first concept , the research papers targeted production. Concept , Consultative selling , Customer 988 Words | 3 Pages.

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essay patriarchy T he word “Patriarchy” seems to essays be everywhere. In newspapers, online magazines, talk shows or social media, as soon as the in term papers issue of gender relations or rights is raised, so is the specter of “the patriarchy.” Battles rage over what it means, whether it exists now and whether it ever did exist. Arnolfini Essays! My area of research focuses on the ways in how to your a book report, which English women negotiated patriarchy using religion in the late medieval and early modern period, so I am fairly confident it did. A historical understanding of patriarchy rejects both the claim that it was a straightforward form of male domination and the claim that it is a feminist fabrication and never really existed. Arguments that patriarchy exists in the UK, US or much of the western world today are largely dependent on reinventions of the arnolfini concept that I argue would be better dispensed with. Instead, they should be replaced with more rigorous investigations of whether gender discrimination exists and apa citation a more positive attitude towards individuality. Patriarchy literally means “rule of the father” and on wedding essays, the most basic level, refers to literal fathers having the right to direct the family which includes sons.

When sons marry, they become the help child write a book report head of arnolfini their own family and when daughters do, they come under the rule of their husbands. In patriarchal societies, women are excluded from essay event, positions of ruling power and denied autonomy in their own lives. This was imposed by law and social expectation for most of recorded history. Wedding Essays! In Christian cultures, the idea of the help your child a book patriarch became closely related to the idea of God, the Father. Although the likelihood is that God was depicted as a father because the concept of the arnolfini father as one who both loves and disciplines and is to pushcart ann hood essay be respected and obeyed was already widely accepted, Christianity perpetuated this as a moral imperative. When considering patriarchy in historical terms, it is often pointed out that a naive view of society in which all men had power over all women fails to arnolfini take account of class and that women of the apa citation of essays ruling class had rights and advantages that men of lower ones did not.

This is undoubtedly true. Hierarchical class structures required men to arnolfini essays defer to women of a higher one in many ways throughout the medieval period and only changed gradually in pushcart, the modern one. However, it is a mistake to arnolfini wedding try to “even things up” in this way and argue that because nearly everyone was oppressed for most of history, gender inequality was insignificant. There existed throughout medieval and essay a memorable event early modern English history a deeply gendered structure of society in wedding, which ruling class men had authority over how to help your child ruling class women and working class men over working class women. Women were required to obey their husbands and nearly always required to marry either by family or by financial necessity. Wives had no right to own property until 1870, no right to decide their own movements, no right to their children or to work without their husband’s consent. Professions and roles of public authority were simply closed to them. On a deeper ideological level, there was an understanding of the masculine as that which rules and the feminine as that which is ruled. This was so deeply entrenched that murder of a husband was considered treason in England. Wedding! The Petty Treason Act of up for 1351 recognized three cases of aggravated murder in which a superior is betrayed by a subordinate: servants killing masters, clerics killing prelates and wives killing husbands . Arnolfini Wedding Essays! This was not abolished until 1828. When Elizabeth I came into power in 1558, she needed to about childhood event use a considerable amount of rhetorical skill to overcome the very real skepticism of her advisers and subjects about a female leadership.

For this, she depended upon a medieval understanding of the king’s “body politic” and “body natural” in which the king was both a divinely appointed ruler and a mortal man to enable her advisers and subjects to wedding essays feel they could separate her female form from her royal authority. We see this in her speech at Tilbury in 1588, “I know I have the help your a book body but of essays a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too” Of course, she never married. Queen Elizabeth I. A better criticism of the concept of how to help patriarchy as a simplistic gendered power-structure is essays, that this ignores the research papers targeted drug fact that there are different spheres of power and arnolfini wedding essays different ways to exert it and that whilst women may not have had much legal power, they possessed it in other forms. Much of help your child write a book my work has focused on the ways in which women obtained autonomy and authority for essays, themselves using the systems of law, social expectation, community justice and religion. Recent social history attempting to uncover women’s history has revealed a far more active role for women than was previously assumed. A naive reading of history could assume that because records relating to women so often take the form of sermons and treatises telling women to stay at home and be quiet, this is quotes, how women lived. In the popular mid-fourteenth century text, “How the Goode Wife Taught Hyr Doughter” young women are instructed to be “meke and myld,” particularly to husbands referred to as “your lord” and to stay at home. Go not as it wer a gase [goose] Fro house to house, to seke the mase [entertainment]

Ne go thou not to no merket. To sell thi thryft, bewer [beware] of itte. Ne go thou nought to the taverne, Thy godnes for to selle therinne; Wherever thou comme at ale other wyne [beer or wine] Take not to arnolfini wedding myche, and leve be tyme;

Ne go thou not to mla set up for research paper no wrastylynge [wrestling] Ne git to no coke schetynge [cock shooting] However, it should be clear that there would be no need to keep telling women to avoid talking a lot, talking loudly, talking angrily, arguing with husbands, visiting friends, markets, taverns, getting drunk and attending wrestling and blood sports if they weren’t doing all those things fairly consistently. Christian cultures also gave women the arnolfini wedding opportunity for a limited autonomy and authority via religion despite religious doctrine frequently being the justification for denying them both. In a patriarchal Christian society, the ultimate patriarch was God and it was understood within medieval Catholicism that God talked to men and women. This enabled holy women and those who would be saints to become figures of spiritual authority and it also provided lay women with some power to “go over the heads” of their husbands and fathers and cite communication from God himself. About Event! Within early modern Protestantism, it was understood that women could and should interpret the bible for themselves. Drawing on wedding essays, Christian Humanism in 1611, Aemilia Lanyer was enabled to write an intensely logical rhetorical refutation of the idea that women should be subordinated due to the sin of Eve by pointing out that it was men who killed the son of God and saying, very much tongue in event, cheek, that she was prepared to let bygones be bygones if they were. Wife and husband. Historians have uncovered records of women using a strong knowledge of law to their advantage and arnolfini consistently organising and essay managing Church events around which communities were based.

The latter in particular put them very much in charge of the social lives of communities. Women could also call upon and enact forms of community justice to support them, and before the advent of policing, this was often the strongest form of law. There is wedding essays, a remarkable account from the late 14th century of mla set up for a Leicestershire priest named William de Swynderby (William the wedding Hermit); who preached so frequently about the failings and pride of women (de mulieribus defectibus et superbia) that the townswomen plotted to block stone him out of town. Hearing of this, he hastily turned his attention to merchants. He seems not to wedding essays have felt that he could depend on the men of the town to stop the women and, in fact, his contemporary, Henry Knighton, describes this incident as an example of quotes in term papers his flaw of “not knowing when to stop” (finem facere nesciebat). Further complicating simplistic ideas of patriarchy is the fact that women were generally accepted to have the essays right to police the moral behaviour of report other women.

On the 24th September 1531, the arnolfini Venetian Ambassador, Lodovico Falier, wrote: “It is said that more than seven weeks ago a mob of from paper, seven to eight thousand women of London went out of the town to seize Boleyn’s daughter, the sweetheart of the king of wedding England, who was supping at a villa on a river, the king not being with her; and having received notice of this, she escaped by crossing the pushcart river in a boat. The women had intended to kill her; and wedding amongst the pushcart ann hood mob were many men, disguised as women. Nor has any great demonstration been made about this, because it was a thing done by arnolfini women.” Falier’s observation that nothing was done “because it was a thing done by how to child report women” can only be understood by wedding recognizing the gendered spheres of power and authority. If men were to try to kill the write later queen, this would be regarded as a punishable political act, an arnolfini wedding act of pushcart essay treason against the king, a protest against the rise of Protestantism or an opposition to the rising power of the Boleyn/Howard faction. Arnolfini Essays! If women tried to attack Anne, this was more likely to be regarded as part of the unwritten right of block in term papers women to punish other women; in this case, one who was attempting to steal another woman’s husband, and therefore none of men’s business. If Falier was correct and arnolfini wedding essays men disguised as women were part of the mob, this would have been done to conceal a political element and “legitimize” the assassination attempt as an established form of female community justice. If we read only laws and sermons on the rights of women and the behaviour required of them by the Church, we get a simple picture of an oppressed and subordinated class but accounts by individuals of how society worked in practice show things to have been more nuanced. Communities had a tendency to work justice and fairness out pushcart essay among themselves around the rules of church and arnolfini wedding essays state, as did individual couples.

The most detailed account of a late medieval couple from the research targeted drug delivery woman’s perspective is found in the Book of Margery Kempe written in the 1430s but lost until the wedding 1930s. This autobiography of a woman’s religious life has been of most interest to historians as social history. We see evidence of patriarchy when Margery is asked for research, evidence she had her husband’s permission to travel, when she is told she must not preach because she is a woman and when her protection from being thrown in jail for doing both is the names of her powerful father and high-status husband. However, the book also revealed that she owned a considerable amount of wedding money and started two businesses, one against her husband’s wishes. More significant is that neither she nor her male scribe felt it necessary to explain how this was possible suggesting that her readers did not need an explanation. Pushcart Essay! Further research has suggested that whilst all businesses needed to be registered in men’s names, some were, in practice, owned by women. There were also private arrangements in which women’s husbands accepted them as the owners of the arnolfini wedding essays money they had inherited or earned even though, legally, they had no right to it. Margery describes her husband, John, as “always a good and easy man to her” and gives us glimpses of block quotes papers her marriage, “It happened one Friday, Midsummer Eve, in very hot weather — as this creature [Margery] was coming from York carrying a bottle of essays beer in her hand, and her husband a cake tucked inside his clothes against his chest — that her husband asked his wife this question: ‘Margery, if there came a man with a sword who would strike off my head unless I made love with you as I used to do before, tell me on essay childhood, your conscience — for you say you will not lie — whether you would allow my head to arnolfini wedding essays be cut off, or else allow me to make love with you again, as I did at one time?’ ‘Alas, sir,’ she said, ‘why are you raising this matter, when we have been chaste for these past eight weeks?’ ‘Because I want to know the pushcart essay truth of your heart.’ And then she said with great sorrow, ‘Truly, I would rather see you being killed, than that we should turn back to our uncleanness.’

And he replied, ‘You are no good wife.’” Margery is showing her readers her commitment to her holy vow of celibacy but modern readers have typically found this account humorous. On a psychological level, John’s thought experiment looks very much like a test of his wife’s feelings and his need to know he is important to wedding her following the end of their sexual closeness due to her newfound religiosity. Mla Set Paper! Margery’s book is full of her power struggles with patriarchal Church authorities, but with her husband, we see more of a personal, emotional negotiation between her intense, zealous personality and his easy-going, gentler one and much mutual affection. Essays! When looking at power relations, it’s necessary to consider not only the official rules but also the papers community’s sense of fairness and the couple’s bond and need to make their relationship work.

The reality of English history shows that people who claim patriarchy to have utterly removed any power or agency from arnolfini essays, women are wrong. Women have always been an influential part of society, deeply involved in forming and regulating cultural norms. They’ve also been loved by men who wanted them to be happy. However, people who claim that this and the class structure which gave some women more power than some men show that patriarchy did not exist are also wrong. Women were still explicitly and systematically subordinated to apa citation of essays men by a system of laws and church and community enforced rules. When married women did run their own businesses, decide their own movements and own their own money, this was because their husbands allowed them to and even then there were still many doors resolutely closed to them.

We cannot judge a system by the way the most just and compassionate people treat those they have power over but by arnolfini wedding essays how it allows the most unjust and cruel to essay treat them. A woman being visibly and severely abused would be likely to draw condemnation from the community and the Church might intervene and insist he stop it or even give permission to the woman to leave him, but there was still a considerable amount of arnolfini essays abuse which was quite legal and respectable. A man could refuse to allow his wife to leave the house, set her unrealistic amounts of work and beat her within accepted limits (a few strokes with a thin stick and not on the head) daily for any infraction with little consequence. He would be regarded as a “strict” husband but still respected in the community and approved by research the Church. This was the experience of the Puritan Anne Wentworth in the late 17 th century but by this time there was a printing press she could use to arnolfini publish her grievances. With his “barbarous actions,” Wentworth claimed her husband had “over-done such things as not only in the Spirit of them will one day be judged a murdering of, but had long since really proved so if God had not wonderfully supported and apa citation collection of essays preserved me.” [He so over-did husbandly discipline that not only would he be judged guilty by arnolfini wedding essays God of a murderous spirit but could have literally killed her.] Her community did not protect her because “all esteem my husband as he is an honest, moral man full of blind zeal and hath the gift of his tongue. Quotes! A man very fit for business and employment in this World, for essays, he will not cheat or cozen any man” (p12.) It was simply true that men ruled women and a memorable childhood so patriarchy — the rule of the fathers — existed in a literal form, as it does today in some parts of the world. Women did not have the right to autonomy or authority, to own property or control their own movements and activities without their husband’s consent. They could not vote or access most positions of power or professions.

Although women with loving husbands and no ambition to essays access positions only open to research papers delivery men could be happy in a patriarchy, it was an unjust system which restricted women and left them vulnerable to abusive men. Women partaking in the market. The dismantling of arnolfini patriarchy in Britain began in the 19 th century, at the end of which married women began to be able to pushcart ann hood own property and money and started to arnolfini wedding essays access professions including medicine and accountancy and to be able to live independently. Apa Citation! This phenomenon was known as “the revolting daughters.” Throughout the arnolfini wedding essays 20 th century, rights and quotes freedoms increased until women had attained the vote, access to all professions and arnolfini wedding qualifications, the right to equal pay for equal work and the right to decline sex within marriage. By all historical understandings of of essays patriarchy and by looking at patriarchal societies that exist now, it seems clear that the UK and the US and much of the Western world are not patriarchal. Women are no longer obliged to obey their husbands and have full legal equality with men and access to all of the arnolfini essays public positions that men do. Papers! Yet, within feminism in particular and to wedding essays some extent in wider society, the word “patriarchy” is used to describe a problem in society that still needs to be overcome. How is this justified? Most often people point to statistics showing that men are very much over-represented in politics and business and say that this is evidence of a society ruled by men. However, there is no law that only men can access these positions and some are held by women. Our current Prime Minister is, after all, a woman.

There is little evidence that the imbalance is collection, due to discrimination against women rather than different choices made by men and women. Since women have had access to all professions, they have quickly come to dominate education, healthcare, publishing and psychology. Does this make these heavily social fields, which guide how society thinks and feels, matriarchal? It is perfectly possible that some sexist discrimination against women is going on in male-dominated professions but we cannot discover this or the extent of arnolfini wedding it if we only apa citation collection of essays look at those areas and do so with an a priori assumption that discrimination is the arnolfini wedding essays cause whilst ignoring the ample evidence that men and help your child a book women have different interests and priorities on arnolfini wedding, average. We need data which incorporates the whole field of employment and factors in men and women’s choices and does not assume that male-dominated fields are superior and collection of essays the only ones which have power in society. Another common argument for patriarchy is the fact that rapists and boorish men still exist. Arnolfini Wedding Essays! This is said to be evidence of about childhood event a rape culture and essays is presented along with the fact that violent criminals, and block in term papers particularly sex-offenders, are much more often men as evidence of a society which devalues women and in which men feel entitled to arnolfini wedding essays abuse women. The problem with this claim is block quotes papers, that we have a society in which violence by men against women is taken very seriously and punished more harshly than violence by men against men and much more than violence by women against essays anyone. Your Write! Violence against women is also despised culturally and arnolfini essays men are by far the up for research greatest victims of violence. We have shelters for women and very few for men. We have a special register for sex-offenders and they have to be segregated from other violent offenders in arnolfini essays, prison because hatred of them is collection, so profound.

It is very difficult to arnolfini wedding essays argue that a culture which regards sexual abuse of women as so abhorrent is a rape culture or that one which is so much more concerned about female victims of violence than male victims is a patriarchy in which women are devalued and abuse of pushcart ann hood them is acceptable. A more modest claim of patriarchy is that it is seen in the fact that sexist and wedding domineering men still exist and can even attain positions of power. There are men who feel that patriarchy should still exist or act as though they think so by belittling women, doubting their capabilities, talking over help child write them or condescending to arnolfini essays them. Many of these accusations are justified. I have been told both rudely and politely that I am not the intellectual equal of men and cannot cope with public positions of responsibility and research targeted drug delivery should stay at home and have babies.

This is a recognized ultra-conservative view. It is not reflected in arnolfini wedding essays, wider society which recognizes my intellectual capabilities by awarding me academic qualifications and job opportunities. The mirror image of it is to pushcart essay be found in people who belittle men and generalize them according to the least ethical, intelligent and productive male members of arnolfini wedding essays society. However, it is demonstrably false to claim that society approves more of sexist men than sexist women. We saw Tim Hunt reduced to in term papers tears, contemplating suicide and feeling compelled to resign following a joke about sexist attitudes and recently an Uber director resigned following outrage that he had said a meeting with more women in it was a meeting with more talking. Meanwhile prominent female figures including politicians have been able to use the term “mansplaining” without comparable censure. The most reasonable and well-supported claims that contemporary society continues to be affected by its patriarchal history relate to gender role expectations. Arnolfini Essays! Men can be expected to be the pushcart main provider even if this means they see less of their children whilst women can be expected to be more responsible for children and domestic chores even if this limits their ability to focus on their career.

Men can experience much pressure to be emotionally and physically strong and dominant whilst women can feel pressure to be socially skilled, empathetic and conciliatory. Even though there are good evolutionary reasons for gendered differences in these preferences and arnolfini traits on average, there is much variation and overlap and social pressure to targeted drug delivery comply with them cannot be justified. Essays! Criticism of ann hood essay such pressure is warranted but it is unclear that perpetuating claims of patriarchy and thinking in terms of gendered class oppression will be more helpful than advocating individuality, challenging assumptions and supporting gender non-conformity. Patriarchy has existed for most of recorded history and its complete dissolution in law is wedding essays, recent. My 75-year-old mother remembers not being able to block quotes papers get a mortgage without a male guarantor and being told “there’s no accounting for women” when she asked to essays be able to take her employer’s accountancy exam. This is illegal now. If there is hidden discrimination against mla set paper women, it will be found by rigorous investigation rather than assumptions based on arnolfini, “blank slatism” and ideological readings of mla set up for research statistics. There is still a hangover of patriarchal attitudes in the form of socially conservative ideas of gender roles but now, for the first time, men and women are able to defy them and we get the chance to arnolfini wedding see what a society in which everybody gets to access everything will look like. It probably won’t result in men and women making exactly the same life and work choices in exactly the targeted same numbers, but women are already everywhere.

It is this ability to exercise autonomy and individuality to access every opportunity that we need to seize and the confidence to defy any social pressures we experience that we need to encourage. Approaches to gender equality which perpetuate ideas of women’s weakness and need for special protections in the public sphere can only wedding essays undermine this goal. We have smashed patriarchy in the systematic sense and we can smash any residual cultural hangover with individual assertion of our own choices and respect for other people’s. Latest posts by Helen Pluckrose (see all) How to your a book Tell If You’re Living in a Patriarchy: A Historical Perspective - July 10, 2017 Sokal Affair 2.0: Penis Envy: Addressing Its Critics - May 21, 2017 Where Now for New Atheists? - May 15, 2017. Helen Pluckrose is a researcher in the humanities who focuses on late medieval/early modern religious writing for and about women. She is critical of postmodernism and cultural constructivism which she sees as currently dominating the humanities.

24 thoughts on wedding, “ How to Tell If You’re Living in a Patriarchy: A Historical Perspective ” Karen’s already pointed out the other side to the “patriarchy” coin, but I’d like to add that, at least as far back as biblical times, patriarchs not only ruled the family/tribe/clan, but were legally responsible for the wrongful actions of its members. The price of total control was total responsibility. So if a member of one group stole the goat of another group, that person could come to the patriarch of the first group for recompense. Helen, thanks very much for this insightful and research targeted balanced commentary on the topic. I helped me understand the issue much better. Essays! It also satisfied me greatly to see that it is block quotes, apparently possible to talk about topics like this in a respectful way without getting drawn into entrenched gender warfare. It is arnolfini, a bit long, though. #128521; subviationfulmination: “Men have evolved socially in leaps and bounds (save for help child write a book, the area of dealing with women), whilst women have been largely stagnant since our cave days.”

I don’t think -because I haven’t seen evidence- such a general statement can be valid. Social evolution can be observed in societies or rather in wedding essays, sub-cultures and these communities, all of them, are made of men and women. Indeed, when ritualistic social norms and practicies survive, this social ‘evolution’ will go backwards. Thanks, this was useful. People tend to gravitate to easy, one-sided conclusions that could fit on an info-poster, and then hammer them home. But the real work is branching out ones understanding and reaching for the truth, whether one likes it or not. So, this essay sorta’ hurt my head, in a good way, because it added complexity to my understanding of the topic, mostly in terms of the essay childhood historical realities I was unaware of. I’m sure the idea that women aren’t under the iron fist of patriarchy in the present, along with white supremacy, rape culture, white privilege, and all the rest will upset many who have woke to find an easy enemy/scapegoat in essays, the anonomous, average, melanin-challenged individual. Further amusement is that the men’s rights advocates are finding fault. I had to stop to laugh out ann hood essay loud.

I think a YouTube bebate between you and Karen might be very instructive as you both might knock out some boundaries or falsehoods, while also having some common ground. The great thing is people just picking away at the truth, as oposed to reinforcing foregone conclusions. For this, I am grateful. “ideological readings of statistics.” lol wtf. Still a unidimensional equivocating piece of garbage if you ask me. This is not the way to save the wedding humanities. Some of the examples she gave may have seemed to indicate patriarchy, and the author trots out the tired old examples of how positions of apa citation of essays power, i.e. businesses, politics, etc. are the only things that matter. I swear women are obsessed with these things. Wedding! They see the power inherent in some of these institutions whilst ignoring them in research, others. Women have always been the true rulers of the home.

They are and always have been more likely to essays coordinate and act as a bloc, specifically to apa citation of essays attack the other gender. Whilst women could not own property, they could not own debt either, So this is irrelevant. The institution of marriage is a classist institution. That they were ever arranged, is for the establishment of social order. Now women will whine that it blunts their hypergamic impulses, but firstly, this does not constitute a dominance hierarchy because it is simply parasitic from male dominance hierarchy. Moreover, women have no desire for the details and machinations of policing other women (they want to outsource this to essays male dominance hierarchy as well), though I am pleased that there was some recognition of this necessity in some of these pre-modern European cultures. Finally, there is not evidence that a female-only dominance hierarchy can be engineered around the concept of hypergamy, or that such a system can lead to research papers targeted drug delivery a stable and peaceful society.

In fact, quite the contrary. In short, author needs to recognize that women have historically been children, and that the ways modern society has addressed this has been entirely wrongheaded. Giving women handicaps and whatever they want has simply enabled more childish behavior, which is arnolfini essays, why femtards keep chirping about a patriarchy. The way you show yourselves to be adults and matriculated in a social sense is to mature. Research Targeted Drug! To police yourselves effectively. NOTHING HAS EVER STOPPED WOMEN FROM DOING THIS (and so it is very telling that it really has never happened). To do this, you need to know yourselves and keep your darker impulses in check. It doesn’t even have to arnolfini look anything like a male dominance hierarchy, though it should be able to work with it.

Look, for a male child going through adolescence acting unruly, you would not think it right he falls prey to apa citation collection of essays some Oedipal complex and kill his father to wedding take his place. He should make his own path for true matriculation and maturity (bizarre that these words are rooted in the feminine, but perhaps the idea is to be suggestive?) Yet it is open season for women to do this? Just give it to me because I am a modern empowered woman [who knows fuck all what to do with her ‘power’]? I have said this before. Men have evolved socially in leaps and bounds (save for the area of dealing with women), whilst women have been largely stagnant since our cave days. These are not chauvinistic statements but red pill ones of pushcart essay truth (which the author was obviously worried about trying to preclude). Women have a lot of wedding essays work to do, and it must be amongst themselves. Leave men out of how to your child write it, leave your face-scratching, hairpulling, proxy-violence, outsourcing, hypergamic, endless diversity-loving shit out of it. Show you can be mature and stable as an essays ADULT gender.

Fuck, you wouldn’t think it would be that hard, but you idiots are having a hell of a time with it. Help Child Write! Perhaps because you have never really done the work. You all think you are entitled lottery winners amongst yourselves, that every woman can win at one time or another. In any dominance hierarchy, there are winners and losers, you fucks need to wedding essays sort these out. I really enjoyed this essay as I have your other writings on the site.

It’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve been troubled with claims of The Patriarchy as if I belonged to some secret woman-hating club with a secret handshake. “Karen, the strongest evidence that Anne Wentworth was telling the truth is that her church charged her with having published her account of her abuse even though her husband admitted the truth of it and in term promised to stop. You can find bibliographic details of arnolfini essays her writing in the references here:” That’s a long list of references. I’ll take your word for it that there is an official public record that he admitted to it and to the extent of it. I will say, from what I read of your essay, she sounds absolutely bonkers. “It is true that men had legal responsibilities to provide that women did not and an essay looking at patriarchy from men’s perspective could look at this usefully (and many have.) That isn’t what this essay is, though. This is a look at patriarchy as it is argued by feminists to have affected women and still affect women. Papers Delivery! By all means, write your own from arnolfini essays, your own point of mla set research paper interest.

I expect you already have.” Well, this is just the thing: under coverture, women’s restrictions are mirrored by men’s obligations, and their legal disabilities are compensated (however poor one might judge such compensation nowadays) in arnolfini essays, the law by entitlements and protections. That is, a married woman gave up the right to own property, but received the obligation of her husband to financial support and the right to act as his legal agent when purchasing necessaries on credit *in return for a memorable childhood event, that.* When you say married women didn’t have the right to own property and leave it at that, you are not just leaving out the man’s perspective, you are also leaving out part of a *woman’s* perspective. You’re not just telling half the story, you’re telling half of HER story. This failure to address the benefits of arnolfini coverture to women was what led to situations like that of Mark Wilks. Help Your Report! Both advocates, and those within the arnolfini system who enacted the changes, seemed to come to how to your write a book report view the wedding essays deal as one that unfairly burdened only your child write report women (and not men), and one that ONLY unfairly burdened (and did not benefit) women. That for women it was all bad and no good, and for men all good and no bad, if you will. Or else perhaps (and even more cynically, to my mind), they clearly saw and understood the burdens on men and wedding essays the benefits women enjoyed, but were simply content to leave them as they were when they began fiddling with the system.

After reading a paper on pushcart essay, women and coverture, which included descriptions of and excerpts from legal actions taken by wives against husbands in the 1600s (“he has mismanaged *my* portion”, “he has sold *my* livestock without my permission”), there is an argument to be made as to arnolfini wedding essays how the handicaps of coverture impacted the block papers average woman (at least in arnolfini wedding, terms of block papers property ownership), yet at the same time, they seemed to be VERY aware of their rights and entitlements, exercising them daily and also in some cases weaponizing them (such as racking up huge debts on wedding essays, his credit as a form of marital coercion). That is, the restrictions and legal disabilities on women would not be felt by most women, and certainly not on a daily basis, but more often in extraordinary circumstances (such as separation or abuse) or on how to your write report, occasion (when selling a property). The benefits and entitlements were experienced by them in their day to day lives. I think this might be best evidenced by the women (I forget her name) who started the push to change property rights in wedding, marriage after being robbed, and being shocked at the fact that the mla set up for stolen money was described in official reports as belonging to her husband. She’d had no idea the money was not her own. Yet I bet if you had asked her to list the things the law entitled her to from her husband, she’d have been perfectly able to name most of them off the wedding top of research targeted delivery her head. And yet this terrible thing she was suffering without even being aware of it (lack of property rights) was changed once enough women demanded it, and all the entitlements remained. If this is what a patriarchy does when enough women demand it, then I would say this is arnolfini wedding, another refutation of the feminist understanding of patriarchy, no?

If, when women in a patriarchy claim they are being treated unfairly, the patriarchy removes the unfairness toward women while leaving the mirror-image unfairnesses toward men intact, it becomes a bit difficult to argue that patriarchy is a system that privileges men at the expense of women’s oppression.