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Essays on quicksand by nella larsen

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3 The Application Program Interface. This section describes the C API for on quicksand larsen, Lua, that is, the set of C functions available to the host program to communicate with Lua. All API functions and on the berkeley, related types and constants are declared in on quicksand by nella, the header file lua.h . Even when we use the google history 5th century term function, any facility in the API may be provided as a macro instead. All such macros use each of their arguments exactly once (except for the first argument, which is by nella larsen, always a Lua state), and so do not generate any hidden side-effects. As in most C libraries, the Lua API functions do not check their arguments for google scholar history essays, validity or consistency. However, you can change this behavior by essays compiling Lua with a proper definition for the macro luai_apicheck , in file luaconf.h . Lua uses a virtual stack to pass values to and from C. Each element in this stack represents a Lua value ( nil , number, string, etc.).

Whenever Lua calls C, the called function gets a new stack, which is independent of previous stacks and essay on colombia america, of stacks of C functions that are still active. This stack initially contains any arguments to the C function and it is essays, where the C function pushes its results to be returned to the caller (see lua_CFunction ). For convenience, most query operations in the API do not follow a strict stack discipline. Essay? Instead, they can refer to any element in the stack by using an essays on quicksand by nella index : A positive index represents an absolute stack position (starting at 1); a negative index represents an offset relative to the top of the philosophy stack. More specifically, if the stack has n elements, then index 1 represents the first element (that is, the element that was pushed onto the stack first) and index n represents the last element; index -1 also represents the last element (that is, the element at the top) and index -n represents the first element. Larsen? We say that an index is valid if it lies between 1 and descriptive essay store, the stack top (that is, if 1 ≤ abs(index) ≤ top ). When you interact with Lua API, you are responsible for ensuring consistency. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? In particular, you are responsible for essays aegidius, controlling stack overflow . You can use the function lua_checkstack to grow the essays by nella stack size. Whenever Lua calls C, it ensures that at least LUA_MINSTACK stack positions are available. LUA_MINSTACK is defined as 20, so that usually you do not have to worry about stack space unless your code has loops pushing elements onto google scholar history essays aegidius the stack. Most query functions accept as indices any value inside the available stack space, that is, indices up to the maximum stack size you have set through lua_checkstack . Such indices are called acceptable indices . More formally, we define an acceptable index as follows:

Note that 0 is essays on quicksand, never an difference and contrast essay acceptable index. Unless otherwise noted, any function that accepts valid indices can also be called with pseudo-indices , which represent some Lua values that are accessible to C code but which are not in the stack. On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? Pseudo-indices are used to access the thread environment, the function environment, the registry, and the upvalues of a C function (see §3.4). The thread environment (where global variables live) is always at make good essay, pseudo-index LUA_GLOBALSINDEX . The environment of the running C function is essays by nella larsen, always at pseudo-index LUA_ENVIRONINDEX . To access and change the value of global variables, you can use regular table operations over an environment table. For instance, to access the value of and contrast essay a global variable, do. When a C function is essays on quicksand larsen, created, it is possible to associate some values with it, thus creating a C closure ; these values are called upvalues and are accessible to scholar history aegidius 5th century, the function whenever it is called (see lua_pushcclosure ). Whenever a C function is called, its upvalues are located at specific pseudo-indices. These pseudo-indices are produced by the macro lua_upvalueindex . The first value associated with a function is at position lua_upvalueindex(1) , and so on.

Any access to lua_upvalueindex( n ) , where n is greater than the number of upvalues of the current function (but not greater than 256), produces an by nella acceptable (but invalid) index. Lua provides a registry , a pre-defined table that can be used by any C code to store whatever Lua value it needs to store. This table is always located at pseudo-index LUA_REGISTRYINDEX . Essays On The Philosophy Of George Berkeley? Any C library can store data into this table, but it should take care to choose keys different from those used by other libraries, to avoid collisions. Typically, you should use as key a string containing your library name or a light userdata with the address of a C object in your code. The integer keys in the registry are used by by nella the reference mechanism, implemented by the auxiliary library, and therefore should not be used for other purposes.

Internally, Lua uses the C longjmp facility to handle errors. Essay? (You can also choose to use exceptions if you use C++; see file luaconf.h .) When Lua faces any error (such as memory allocation errors, type errors, syntax errors, and runtime errors) it raises an error; that is, it does a long jump. A protected environment uses setjmp to set a recover point; any error jumps to the most recent active recover point. Most functions in essays on quicksand by nella, the API can throw an error, for google scholar essays aegidius, instance due to a memory allocation error. The documentation for on quicksand, each function indicates whether it can throw errors. Inside a C function you can throw an descriptive store error by calling lua_error . Here we list all functions and types from the C API in alphabetical order. Each function has an indicator like this: [-o, +p, x ] The first field, o , is how many elements the function pops from the stack.

The second field, p , is how many elements the function pushes onto the stack. (Any function always pushes its results after popping its arguments.) A field in the form x|y means the function can push (or pop) x or y elements, depending on by nella the situation; an interrogation mark ' ? ' means that we cannot know how many elements the function pops/pushes by looking only at its arguments (e.g., they may depend on what is on the stack). The third field, x , tells whether the function may throw errors: ' - ' means the function never throws any error; ' m ' means the function may throw an error only due to not enough memory; ' e ' means the function may throw other kinds of errors; ' v ' means the function may throw an conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast essays error on purpose. The type of the memory-allocation function used by Lua states. The allocator function must provide a functionality similar to realloc , but not exactly the same. Its arguments are ud , an opaque pointer passed to essays on quicksand by nella, lua_newstate ; ptr , a pointer to the block being allocated/reallocated/freed; osize , the original size of the block; nsize , the new size of the block. ptr is NULL if and only if osize is and contrast, zero.

When nsize is zero, the allocator must return NULL ; if osize is on quicksand larsen, not zero, it should free the block pointed to by ptr . Essay On Colombia? When nsize is by nella, not zero, the allocator returns NULL if and only if it cannot fill the request. When nsize is not zero and and contrast, osize is zero, the essays allocator should behave like malloc . When nsize and good conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast, osize are not zero, the allocator behaves like realloc . Lua assumes that the allocator never fails when osize = nsize . Here is a simple implementation for on quicksand by nella larsen, the allocator function. It is used in descriptive essay, the auxiliary library by luaL_newstate . This code assumes that free(NULL) has no effect and that realloc(NULL, size) is equivalent to malloc(size) . Essays By Nella Larsen? ANSI C ensures both behaviors. Sets a new panic function and returns the old one. If an error happens outside any protected environment, Lua calls a panic function and then calls exit(EXIT_FAILURE) , thus exiting the host application. Good Paragraphs And Contrast Essays? Your panic function can avoid this exit by never returning (e.g., doing a long jump). The panic function can access the error message at the top of the stack. Calls a function. To call a function you must use the essays larsen following protocol: first, the function to be called is pushed onto good for compare essays the stack; then, the arguments to on quicksand by nella larsen, the function are pushed in direct order; that is, the descriptive first argument is pushed first. Finally you call lua_call ; nargs is the number of arguments that you pushed onto the stack. All arguments and the function value are popped from the stack when the function is called.

The function results are pushed onto the stack when the function returns. The number of results is essays by nella larsen, adjusted to nresults , unless nresults is LUA_MULTRET . Store? In this case, all results from the function are pushed. Lua takes care that the returned values fit into the stack space. The function results are pushed onto on quicksand by nella larsen the stack in direct order (the first result is pushed first), so that after the call the last result is on the top of the stack. Any error inside the store called function is propagated upwards (with a longjmp ). The following example shows how the host program can do the equivalent to this Lua code: Here it is in C: Note that the code above is essays, balanced: at its end, the stack is make good, back to its original configuration.

This is considered good programming practice. Type for essays by nella, C functions. In order to communicate properly with Lua, a C function must use the following protocol, which defines the way parameters and store, results are passed: a C function receives its arguments from Lua in its stack in direct order (the first argument is pushed first). So, when the function starts, lua_gettop(L) returns the number of arguments received by the function. The first argument (if any) is at index 1 and essays on quicksand by nella, its last argument is at index lua_gettop(L) . Good? To return values to Lua, a C function just pushes them onto the stack, in direct order (the first result is on quicksand larsen, pushed first), and returns the number of results. Make Essay? Any other value in the stack below the results will be properly discarded by Lua. Essays By Nella? Like a Lua function, a C function called by Lua can also return many results. As an example, the following function receives a variable number of numerical arguments and returns their average and sum: Ensures that there are at least extra free stack slots in the stack. It returns false if it cannot grow the store stack to that size.

This function never shrinks the stack; if the stack is already larger than the new size, it is left unchanged. Destroys all objects in the given Lua state (calling the corresponding garbage-collection metamethods, if any) and essays on quicksand by nella, frees all dynamic memory used by this state. On several platforms, you may not need to call this function, because all resources are naturally released when the host program ends. On the other hand, long-running programs, such as a daemon or a web server, might need to release states as soon as they are not needed, to avoid growing too large. Concatenates the n values at the top of the stack, pops them, and leaves the result at the top. If n is essays, 1, the result is the single value on the stack (that is, the function does nothing); if n is 0, the result is the empty string. Concatenation is performed following the larsen usual semantics of on the of george berkeley Lua (see §2.5.4).

Calls the C function func in protected mode. func starts with only one element in its stack, a light userdata containing ud . Essays Larsen? In case of errors, lua_cpcall returns the same error codes as lua_pcall , plus the essay on colombia error object on the top of the stack; otherwise, it returns zero, and essays by nella larsen, does not change the stack. All values returned by essay america func are discarded. Creates a new empty table and pushes it onto essays the stack. Difference Comparison And Contrast Essay? The new table has space pre-allocated for narr array elements and nrec non-array elements. This pre-allocation is useful when you know exactly how many elements the on quicksand table will have. Otherwise you can use the function lua_newtable . Dumps a function as a binary chunk. Receives a Lua function on the top of the stack and produces a binary chunk that, if loaded again, results in make essay transition, a function equivalent to the one dumped.

As it produces parts of the chunk, lua_dump calls function writer (see lua_Writer ) with the given data to essays on quicksand by nella, write them. The value returned is the error code returned by good essay the last call to the writer; 0 means no errors. This function does not pop the Lua function from the stack. Returns 1 if the two values in acceptable indices index1 and on quicksand by nella larsen, index2 are equal, following the good paragraphs semantics of the Lua == operator (that is, may call metamethods). Otherwise returns 0. On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? Also returns 0 if any of the indices is non valid. Generates a Lua error. The error message (which can actually be a Lua value of any type) must be on the stack top. This function does a long jump, and therefore never returns. (see luaL_error ).

Controls the garbage collector. This function performs several tasks, according to the value of the parameter what : LUA_GCSTOP : stops the garbage collector. LUA_GCRESTART : restarts the garbage collector. LUA_GCCOLLECT : performs a full garbage-collection cycle. LUA_GCCOUNT : returns the current amount of memory (in Kbytes) in make essay transition, use by Lua. LUA_GCCOUNTB : returns the remainder of dividing the current amount of bytes of memory in use by essays larsen Lua by 1024. LUA_GCSTEP : performs an incremental step of garbage collection. Descriptive? The step size is essays by nella, controlled by data (larger values mean more steps) in a non-specified way. If you want to control the step size you must experimentally tune the value of data . Essay? The function returns 1 if the step finished a garbage-collection cycle. LUA_GCSETPAUSE : sets data as the new value for the pause of the collector (see §2.10).

The function returns the on quicksand by nella larsen previous value of the pause. LUA_GCSETSTEPMUL : sets data as the new value for the step multiplier of the collector (see §2.10). The function returns the google scholar history essays previous value of the step multiplier. Returns the by nella larsen memory-allocation function of a given state. If ud is not NULL , Lua stores in store, *ud the opaque pointer passed to on quicksand, lua_newstate . Pushes onto the stack the environment table of the value at the given index.

Pushes onto the stack the value t[k] , where t is the value at the given valid index. As in Lua, this function may trigger a metamethod for the index event (see §2.8). Pushes onto google history essays 5th century the stack the value of the essays on quicksand larsen global name . It is defined as a macro: Pushes onto the stack the metatable of the value at the given acceptable index. Google Scholar? If the index is not valid, or if the value does not have a metatable, the essays by nella larsen function returns 0 and pushes nothing on the stack.

Pushes onto the stack the value t[k] , where t is the value at the given valid index and k is the value at the top of the 5th century stack. This function pops the key from the essays on quicksand larsen stack (putting the resulting value in good conclusion paragraphs and contrast essays, its place). As in essays, Lua, this function may trigger a metamethod for make essay transition, the index event (see §2.8). Returns the essays on quicksand by nella larsen index of the top element in the stack. Because indices start at store, 1, this result is equal to the number of elements in the stack (and so 0 means an empty stack). Moves the by nella top element into between comparison essay, the given valid index, shifting up the elements above this index to open space. Cannot be called with a pseudo-index, because a pseudo-index is not an essays by nella larsen actual stack position. The type used by the Lua API to represent integral values. By default it is a ptrdiff_t , which is usually the largest signed integral type the machine handles comfortably. Returns 1 if the value at scholar roman history essays aegidius 5th century, the given acceptable index has type boolean, and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the value at the given acceptable index is a C function, and essays, 0 otherwise.

Returns 1 if the value at the given acceptable index is a function (either C or Lua), and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the good for compare and contrast value at the given acceptable index is a light userdata, and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the by nella value at the given acceptable index is nil , and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the google scholar essays aegidius given acceptable index is not valid (that is, it refers to essays by nella larsen, an element outside the current stack), and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the given acceptable index is not valid (that is, it refers to an element outside the current stack) or if the value at this index is nil , and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the value at good paragraphs for compare and contrast, the given acceptable index is by nella, a number or a string convertible to a number, and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the value at the given acceptable index is a string or a number (which is scholar roman aegidius, always convertible to a string), and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the value at the given acceptable index is a table, and 0 otherwise.

Returns 1 if the value at the given acceptable index is a thread, and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the on quicksand larsen value at the given acceptable index is a userdata (either full or light), and 0 otherwise. Returns 1 if the value at america, acceptable index index1 is smaller than the value at acceptable index index2 , following the semantics of the Lua operator (that is, may call metamethods). Otherwise returns 0. Also returns 0 if any of the indices is non valid. Loads a Lua chunk. If there are no errors, lua_load pushes the compiled chunk as a Lua function on top of the stack. Otherwise, it pushes an error message.

The return values of lua_load are: 0: no errors; LUA_ERRSYNTAX : syntax error during pre-compilation; LUA_ERRMEM : memory allocation error. This function only loads a chunk; it does not run it. lua_load automatically detects whether the essays by nella larsen chunk is text or binary, and south america, loads it accordingly (see program luac ). The lua_load function uses a user-supplied reader function to essays on quicksand, read the chunk (see lua_Reader ). The data argument is an opaque value passed to the reader function. The chunkname argument gives a name to the chunk, which is used for error messages and in debug information (see §3.8).

Creates a new, independent state. Returns NULL if cannot create the state (due to lack of memory). The argument f is the allocator function; Lua does all memory allocation for descriptive, this state through this function. The second argument, ud , is an opaque pointer that Lua simply passes to the allocator in every call. Creates a new empty table and pushes it onto the stack.

It is essays larsen, equivalent to lua_createtable(L, 0, 0) . Creates a new thread, pushes it on descriptive essay store the stack, and returns a pointer to a lua_State that represents this new thread. The new state returned by on quicksand larsen this function shares with the original state all global objects (such as tables), but has an independent execution stack. There is good, no explicit function to close or to destroy a thread. Threads are subject to garbage collection, like any Lua object. This function allocates a new block of by nella larsen memory with the given size, pushes onto the stack a new full userdata with the block address, and difference essay, returns this address. Userdata represent C values in essays larsen, Lua. A full userdata represents a block of memory.

It is an object (like a table): you must create it, it can have its own metatable, and you can detect when it is essay on colombia south, being collected. A full userdata is only equal to itself (under raw equality). When Lua collects a full userdata with a gc metamethod, Lua calls the metamethod and marks the userdata as finalized. When this userdata is collected again then Lua frees its corresponding memory. Pops a key from the stack, and pushes a key-value pair from the table at the given index (the next pair after the on quicksand given key). If there are no more elements in the table, then lua_next returns 0 (and pushes nothing). A typical traversal looks like this: While traversing a table, do not call lua_tolstring directly on a key, unless you know that the key is actually a string.

Recall that lua_tolstring changes the value at the given index; this confuses the next call to lua_next . The type of numbers in Lua. By default, it is double, but that can be changed in luaconf.h . Through the configuration file you can change Lua to operate with another type for numbers (e.g., float or long). Returns the south america length of the on quicksand by nella value at the given acceptable index: for strings, this is the string length; for tables, this is the result of the make essay length operator (' # '); for userdata, this is the size of the block of memory allocated for the userdata; for other values, it is 0. Calls a function in protected mode. Both nargs and nresults have the same meaning as in essays larsen, lua_call . If there are no errors during the call, lua_pcall behaves exactly like lua_call . However, if there is any error, lua_pcall catches it, pushes a single value on the stack (the error message), and returns an error code. Like lua_call , lua_pcall always removes the descriptive essay store function and its arguments from the stack. If errfunc is 0, then the error message returned on the stack is exactly the original error message.

Otherwise, errfunc is the stack index of an error handler function . (In the essays current implementation, this index cannot be a pseudo-index.) In case of runtime errors, this function will be called with the error message and its return value will be the transition message returned on the stack by lua_pcall . Typically, the error handler function is used to add more debug information to the error message, such as a stack traceback. By Nella Larsen? Such information cannot be gathered after the return of google history lua_pcall , since by then the stack has unwound. The lua_pcall function returns 0 in case of success or one of the following error codes (defined in lua.h ): LUA_ERRRUN : a runtime error. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? LUA_ERRMEM : memory allocation error. For such errors, Lua does not call the error handler function. South America? LUA_ERRERR : error while running the error handler function. Pops n elements from the on quicksand larsen stack. Pushes a boolean value with value b onto the stack.

Pushes a new C closure onto the stack. When a C function is created, it is possible to on the, associate some values with it, thus creating a C closure (see §3.4); these values are then accessible to the function whenever it is called. To associate values with a C function, first these values should be pushed onto the stack (when there are multiple values, the on quicksand by nella larsen first value is pushed first). Essay? Then lua_pushcclosure is called to create and push the C function onto the stack, with the argument n telling how many values should be associated with the essays by nella function. lua_pushcclosure also pops these values from the stack. The maximum value for n is 255. Pushes a C function onto the stack.

This function receives a pointer to a C function and pushes onto the stack a Lua value of type function that, when called, invokes the and contrast corresponding C function. Any function to be registered in on quicksand, Lua must follow the correct protocol to receive its parameters and return its results (see lua_CFunction ). lua_pushcfunction is defined as a macro: Pushes onto the stack a formatted string and returns a pointer to descriptive essay, this string. It is similar to the C function sprintf , but has some important differences: You do not have to allocate space for the result: the result is a Lua string and Lua takes care of by nella memory allocation (and deallocation, through garbage collection). Essay Transition? The conversion specifiers are quite restricted. There are no flags, widths, or precisions.

The conversion specifiers can only be ' %% ' (inserts a ' % ' in the string), ' %s ' (inserts a zero-terminated string, with no size restrictions), ' %f ' (inserts a lua_Number ), ' %p ' (inserts a pointer as a hexadecimal numeral), ' %d ' (inserts an int ), and ' %c ' (inserts an int as a character). Pushes a number with value n onto the stack. Pushes a light userdata onto by nella the stack. Userdata represent C values in Lua. A light userdata represents a pointer. It is a value (like a number): you do not create it, it has no individual metatable, and google scholar roman 5th century, it is not collected (as it was never created).

A light userdata is by nella larsen, equal to philosophy of george, any light userdata with the same C address. This macro is equivalent to lua_pushlstring , but can be used only when s is essays by nella, a literal string. In these cases, it automatically provides the essay string length. Pushes the string pointed to by s with size len onto the stack. Lua makes (or reuses) an internal copy of the given string, so the memory at s can be freed or reused immediately after the function returns. The string can contain embedded zeros. Pushes a nil value onto the stack. Pushes a number with value n onto the stack. Pushes the zero-terminated string pointed to by s onto on quicksand by nella larsen the stack.

Lua makes (or reuses) an internal copy of the given string, so the google roman essays aegidius memory at s can be freed or reused immediately after the function returns. The string cannot contain embedded zeros; it is assumed to end at the first zero. Pushes the thread represented by L onto the stack. Returns 1 if this thread is the main thread of its state. Pushes a copy of the element at the given valid index onto the stack. Equivalent to on quicksand larsen, lua_pushfstring , except that it receives a va_list instead of a variable number of on colombia america arguments. Returns 1 if the two values in essays on quicksand by nella larsen, acceptable indices index1 and index2 are primitively equal (that is, without calling metamethods). Essay On Colombia America? Otherwise returns 0. Also returns 0 if any of the indices are non valid. Similar to larsen, lua_gettable , but does a raw access (i.e., without metamethods).

Pushes onto the stack the value t[n] , where t is the value at the given valid index. The access is raw; that is, it does not invoke metamethods. Similar to store, lua_settable , but does a raw assignment (i.e., without metamethods). Does the equivalent of t[n] = v , where t is the value at essays on quicksand by nella larsen, the given valid index and v is the essay value at the top of the essays larsen stack. This function pops the value from the stack. The assignment is difference, raw; that is, it does not invoke metamethods. The reader function used by lua_load . Every time it needs another piece of the chunk, lua_load calls the reader, passing along its data parameter. The reader must return a pointer to a block of memory with a new piece of the on quicksand larsen chunk and set size to the block size. The block must exist until the essay south reader function is called again. By Nella Larsen? To signal the end of the chunk, the reader must return NULL or set size to zero. The reader function may return pieces of any size greater than zero.

Sets the C function f as the new value of global name . It is defined as a macro: Removes the element at the given valid index, shifting down the elements above this index to fill the transition gap. Essays Larsen? Cannot be called with a pseudo-index, because a pseudo-index is not an actual stack position. Moves the top element into the given position (and pops it), without shifting any element (therefore replacing the value at the given position). Starts and resumes a coroutine in difference between comparison and contrast essay, a given thread.

To start a coroutine, you first create a new thread (see lua_newthread ); then you push onto its stack the main function plus any arguments; then you call lua_resume , with narg being the number of by nella arguments. This call returns when the coroutine suspends or finishes its execution. When it returns, the stack contains all values passed to lua_yield , or all values returned by the body function. lua_resume returns LUA_YIELD if the coroutine yields, 0 if the coroutine finishes its execution without errors, or an error code in case of errors (see lua_pcall ). In case of difference between and contrast essay errors, the stack is not unwound, so you can use the debug API over it. The error message is on on quicksand by nella the top of the stack. To restart a coroutine, you put on its stack only the values to essay, be passed as results from yield , and then call lua_resume . Changes the on quicksand larsen allocator function of a given state to on colombia, f with user data ud . Pops a table from the stack and sets it as the new environment for the value at the given index. If the value at on quicksand, the given index is neither a function nor a thread nor a userdata, lua_setfenv returns 0. Otherwise it returns 1. Does the equivalent to t[k] = v , where t is the value at the given valid index and philosophy of george, v is the essays on quicksand by nella larsen value at the top of the stack. This function pops the value from the good conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast essays stack. As in Lua, this function may trigger a metamethod for the newindex event (see §2.8). Pops a value from the on quicksand by nella larsen stack and sets it as the new value of global name . It is defined as a macro:

Pops a table from the stack and sets it as the new metatable for the value at the given acceptable index. Does the essay on colombia south america equivalent to essays larsen, t[k] = v , where t is the value at essay transition, the given valid index, v is the value at the top of the stack, and k is the value just below the top. This function pops both the key and larsen, the value from the stack. As in Lua, this function may trigger a metamethod for essay store, the newindex event (see §2.8). Accepts any acceptable index, or 0, and sets the stack top to essays on quicksand by nella larsen, this index. If the make good essay new top is larger than the old one, then the new elements are filled with nil . If index is 0, then all stack elements are removed. Opaque structure that keeps the whole state of a Lua interpreter. The Lua library is fully reentrant: it has no global variables. All information about a state is kept in this structure.

A pointer to this state must be passed as the essays by nella larsen first argument to every function in the library, except to lua_newstate , which creates a Lua state from scratch. Returns the status of the difference comparison and contrast essay thread L . The status can be 0 for a normal thread, an essays on quicksand error code if the thread finished its execution with an google scholar history error, or LUA_YIELD if the thread is suspended. Converts the Lua value at the given acceptable index to a C boolean value (0 or 1). Like all tests in Lua, lua_toboolean returns 1 for essays on quicksand by nella larsen, any Lua value different from false and nil ; otherwise it returns 0. It also returns 0 when called with a non-valid index. (If you want to accept only actual boolean values, use lua_isboolean to test the value's type.) Converts a value at difference comparison, the given acceptable index to a C function. That value must be a C function; otherwise, returns NULL . Converts the Lua value at on quicksand larsen, the given acceptable index to the signed integral type lua_Integer . The Lua value must be a number or a string convertible to a number (see §2.2.1); otherwise, lua_tointeger returns 0. If the number is not an integer, it is truncated in some non-specified way. Converts the Lua value at the given acceptable index to a C string. If len is not NULL , it also sets *len with the string length.

The Lua value must be a string or a number; otherwise, the essays on the philosophy function returns NULL . If the value is a number, then lua_tolstring also changes the actual value in the stack to essays on quicksand by nella, a string . Essay On Colombia South America? (This change confuses lua_next when lua_tolstring is applied to larsen, keys during a table traversal.) lua_tolstring returns a fully aligned pointer to a string inside the Lua state. Good For Compare Essays? This string always has a zero (' 0 ') after its last character (as in C), but can contain other zeros in its body. Because Lua has garbage collection, there is no guarantee that the pointer returned by lua_tolstring will be valid after the corresponding value is removed from the stack. Converts the Lua value at the given acceptable index to the C type lua_Number (see lua_Number ). The Lua value must be a number or a string convertible to essays on quicksand, a number (see §2.2.1); otherwise, lua_tonumber returns 0. Converts the value at the given acceptable index to on the, a generic C pointer ( void* ). The value can be a userdata, a table, a thread, or a function; otherwise, lua_topointer returns NULL . Different objects will give different pointers. Essays Larsen? There is make essay transition, no way to convert the pointer back to its original value. Typically this function is used only for debug information.

Equivalent to lua_tolstring with len equal to by nella larsen, NULL . Converts the value at the given acceptable index to a Lua thread (represented as lua_State* ). This value must be a thread; otherwise, the function returns NULL . If the value at the given acceptable index is on the of george berkeley, a full userdata, returns its block address. If the on quicksand by nella larsen value is a light userdata, returns its pointer. On Colombia South? Otherwise, returns NULL . Returns the type of the value in the given acceptable index, or LUA_TNONE for a non-valid index (that is, an index to an empty stack position). The types returned by on quicksand by nella larsen lua_type are coded by essays on the philosophy of george berkeley the following constants defined in lua.h : LUA_TNIL , LUA_TNUMBER , LUA_TBOOLEAN , LUA_TSTRING , LUA_TTABLE , LUA_TFUNCTION , LUA_TUSERDATA , LUA_TTHREAD , and by nella larsen, LUA_TLIGHTUSERDATA . Returns the name of the type encoded by the value tp , which must be one the values returned by lua_type . The type of the writer function used by lua_dump . Descriptive? Every time it produces another piece of chunk, lua_dump calls the writer, passing along the buffer to essays, be written ( p ), its size ( sz ), and the data parameter supplied to lua_dump . The writer returns an google scholar roman history error code: 0 means no errors; any other value means an error and on quicksand, stops lua_dump from calling the writer again. Exchange values between different threads of the same global state. This function pops n values from the stack from , and philosophy of george berkeley, pushes them onto the stack to on quicksand, . Yields a coroutine. This function should only be called as the return expression of a C function, as follows:

When a C function calls lua_yield in that way, the running coroutine suspends its execution, and the call to lua_resume that started this coroutine returns. The parameter nresults is the number of philosophy berkeley values from the by nella stack that are passed as results to good conclusion paragraphs, lua_resume . Lua has no built-in debugging facilities. Instead, it offers a special interface by means of functions and hooks . This interface allows the by nella larsen construction of different kinds of debuggers, profilers, and other tools that need inside information from the interpreter. A structure used to carry different pieces of information about an active function. And Contrast Essay? lua_getstack fills only the private part of this structure, for later use. To fill the other fields of essays by nella lua_Debug with useful information, call lua_getinfo . The fields of lua_Debug have the store following meaning: source : If the function was defined in a string, then source is that string. If the function was defined in a file, then source starts with a ' @ ' followed by the file name. short_src : a printable version of source , to be used in error messages. linedefined : the line number where the definition of the function starts. lastlinedefined : the larsen line number where the definition of the essay on colombia america function ends. what : the string Lua if the function is a Lua function, C if it is on quicksand by nella larsen, a C function, main if it is the main part of a chunk, and tail if it was a function that did a tail call. In the latter case, Lua has no other information about the function. currentline : the current line where the essay south given function is executing. When no line information is on quicksand by nella, available, currentline is set to -1. name : a reasonable name for the given function. Because functions in Lua are first-class values, they do not have a fixed name: some functions can be the value of scholar roman essays 5th century multiple global variables, while others can be stored only in a table field. The lua_getinfo function checks how the function was called to find a suitable name. If it cannot find a name, then name is set to on quicksand by nella larsen, NULL . namewhat : explains the name field.

The value of namewhat can be global , local , method , field , upvalue , or (the empty string), according to how the difference comparison function was called. Larsen? (Lua uses the empty string when no other option seems to apply.) nups : the number of upvalues of the function. Returns the current hook function. Returns the current hook count. Returns the current hook mask. Returns information about a specific function or function invocation. To get information about a function invocation, the parameter ar must be a valid activation record that was filled by a previous call to lua_getstack or given as argument to a hook (see lua_Hook ). To get information about a function you push it onto the stack and start the what string with the character ' '. Store? (In that case, lua_getinfo pops the function in the top of the stack.) For instance, to know in which line a function f was defined, you can write the following code: Each character in larsen, the string what selects some fields of the good essay structure ar to be filled or a value to be pushed on the stack: ' n ': fills in the field name and namewhat ; ' S ': fills in on quicksand, the fields source , short_src , linedefined , lastlinedefined , and conclusion essays, what ; ' l ': fills in the field currentline ; ' u ': fills in the field nups ; ' f ': pushes onto the stack the function that is running at the given level; ' L ': pushes onto the stack a table whose indices are the numbers of the lines that are valid on the function. (A valid line is a line with some associated code, that is, a line where you can put a break point. Non-valid lines include empty lines and comments.) This function returns 0 on error (for instance, an invalid option in what ).

Gets information about a local variable of a given activation record. The parameter ar must be a valid activation record that was filled by a previous call to lua_getstack or given as argument to a hook (see lua_Hook ). The index n selects which local variable to inspect (1 is the first parameter or active local variable, and so on, until the last active local variable). Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? lua_getlocal pushes the variable's value onto the stack and returns its name. Variable names starting with ' ( ' (open parentheses) represent internal variables (loop control variables, temporaries, and C function locals). Returns NULL (and pushes nothing) when the make essay index is greater than the number of essays on quicksand by nella larsen active local variables. Get information about the interpreter runtime stack. This function fills parts of a lua_Debug structure with an identification of the activation record of the function executing at a given level. Level 0 is the current running function, whereas level n+1 is the google roman history 5th century function that has called level n . When there are no errors, lua_getstack returns 1; when called with a level greater than the stack depth, it returns 0.

Gets information about a closure's upvalue. By Nella Larsen? (For Lua functions, upvalues are the difference comparison external local variables that the function uses, and that are consequently included in its closure.) lua_getupvalue gets the index n of an upvalue, pushes the upvalue's value onto the stack, and returns its name. funcindex points to the closure in essays on quicksand by nella, the stack. (Upvalues have no particular order, as they are active through the whole function. So, they are numbered in an arbitrary order.) Returns NULL (and pushes nothing) when the index is greater than the number of google history aegidius 5th century upvalues. For C functions, this function uses the empty string as a name for all upvalues. Type for debugging hook functions. Whenever a hook is called, its ar argument has its field event set to the specific event that triggered the hook. Lua identifies these events with the following constants: LUA_HOOKCALL , LUA_HOOKRET , LUA_HOOKTAILRET , LUA_HOOKLINE , and LUA_HOOKCOUNT . Essays Larsen? Moreover, for line events, the field currentline is also set. To get the value of any other field in ar , the hook must call lua_getinfo . For return events, event can be LUA_HOOKRET , the normal value, or LUA_HOOKTAILRET . In the latter case, Lua is of george, simulating a return from a function that did a tail call; in this case, it is useless to call lua_getinfo . While Lua is on quicksand, running a hook, it disables other calls to hooks. Therefore, if a hook calls back Lua to execute a function or a chunk, this execution occurs without any calls to hooks. Sets the debugging hook function.

Argument f is the hook function. mask specifies on which events the good paragraphs hook will be called: it is on quicksand larsen, formed by a bitwise or of the constants LUA_MASKCALL , LUA_MASKRET , LUA_MASKLINE , and LUA_MASKCOUNT . The count argument is only meaningful when the descriptive mask includes LUA_MASKCOUNT . For each event, the hook is called as explained below: The call hook: is essays on quicksand by nella, called when the interpreter calls a function. The hook is called just after Lua enters the google roman essays new function, before the function gets its arguments. The return hook: is essays on quicksand by nella, called when the interpreter returns from a function. The hook is called just before Lua leaves the function. You have no access to essays philosophy of george, the values to be returned by the function.

The line hook: is called when the interpreter is about to start the execution of a new line of essays by nella larsen code, or when it jumps back in for compare and contrast, the code (even to the same line). (This event only happens while Lua is executing a Lua function.) The count hook: is called after the essays on quicksand interpreter executes every count instructions. (This event only essays on the philosophy, happens while Lua is executing a Lua function.) A hook is disabled by by nella setting mask to zero. Sets the value of a local variable of a given activation record. Parameters ar and n are as in lua_getlocal (see lua_getlocal ). lua_setlocal assigns the value at the top of the stack to the variable and returns its name. It also pops the make good transition value from the stack. Returns NULL (and pops nothing) when the index is greater than the number of active local variables. Sets the value of by nella a closure's upvalue. It assigns the value at the top of the stack to the upvalue and returns its name. It also pops the value from the stack.

Parameters funcindex and n are as in the lua_getupvalue (see lua_getupvalue ). Returns NULL (and pops nothing) when the descriptive store index is by nella, greater than the number of upvalues. The auxiliary library provides several convenient functions to scholar essays aegidius, interface C with Lua. While the basic API provides the primitive functions for all interactions between C and Lua, the on quicksand larsen auxiliary library provides higher-level functions for some common tasks. All functions from the auxiliary library are defined in header file lauxlib.h and have a prefix luaL_ . All functions in the auxiliary library are built on top of the scholar roman essays basic API, and so they provide nothing that cannot be done with this API. Several functions in on quicksand by nella, the auxiliary library are used to check C function arguments. Their names are always luaL_check* or luaL_opt* . All of these functions throw an error if the check is not satisfied. Because the error message is formatted for arguments (e.g., bad argument #1 ), you should not use these functions for other stack values. Here we list all functions and on the berkeley, types from the auxiliary library in alphabetical order. Adds the character c to the buffer B (see luaL_Buffer ).

Adds the string pointed to by s with length l to the buffer B (see luaL_Buffer ). The string may contain embedded zeros. Adds to the buffer B (see luaL_Buffer ) a string of length n previously copied to the buffer area (see luaL_prepbuffer ). Adds the zero-terminated string pointed to by s to the buffer B (see luaL_Buffer ). Essays By Nella Larsen? The string may not contain embedded zeros. Adds the value at the top of the stack to philosophy of george, the buffer B (see luaL_Buffer ). Pops the value. This is the only function on string buffers that can (and must) be called with an extra element on the stack, which is the on quicksand larsen value to google scholar 5th century, be added to the buffer. Checks whether cond is true. If not, raises an error with the following message, where func is retrieved from the on quicksand call stack: Raises an error with the following message, where func is on the philosophy berkeley, retrieved from the call stack:

This function never returns, but it is an idiom to use it in C functions as return luaL_argerror( args ) . Type for a string buffer . A string buffer allows C code to essays on quicksand larsen, build Lua strings piecemeal. Its pattern of use is as follows: First you declare a variable b of type luaL_Buffer . Then you initialize it with a call luaL_buffinit(L, b) . Then you add string pieces to the buffer calling any of the luaL_add* functions. You finish by calling luaL_pushresult(b) . Difference Comparison Essay? This call leaves the final string on the top of the stack. During its normal operation, a string buffer uses a variable number of stack slots. So, while using a buffer, you cannot assume that you know where the top of the stack is. You can use the stack between successive calls to by nella, buffer operations as long as that use is balanced; that is, when you call a buffer operation, the essay stack is at the same level it was immediately after the previous buffer operation. (The only exception to on quicksand larsen, this rule is luaL_addvalue .) After calling luaL_pushresult the stack is back to its level when the buffer was initialized, plus the final string on good and contrast its top. Initializes a buffer B . This function does not allocate any space; the buffer must be declared as a variable (see luaL_Buffer ). Calls a metamethod. If the object at index obj has a metatable and this metatable has a field e , this function calls this field and passes the object as its only argument. In this case this function returns 1 and pushes onto on quicksand by nella the stack the descriptive store value returned by essays the call.

If there is no metatable or no metamethod, this function returns 0 (without pushing any value on the stack). Checks whether the function has an argument of any type (including nil ) at position narg . Checks whether the function argument narg is a number and returns this number cast to an int . Checks whether the function argument narg is a number and returns this number cast to a lua_Integer . Checks whether the function argument narg is google history essays 5th century, a number and returns this number cast to a long . Checks whether the function argument narg is a string and returns this string; if l is not NULL fills *l with the string's length. This function uses lua_tolstring to get its result, so all conversions and caveats of that function apply here. Checks whether the function argument narg is a number and returns this number. Checks whether the function argument narg is a string and essays larsen, searches for this string in the array lst (which must be NULL-terminated). Returns the descriptive index in the array where the string was found. Raises an error if the argument is not a string or if the string cannot be found. If def is not NULL , the function uses def as a default value when there is no argument narg or if this argument is essays by nella larsen, nil . This is a useful function for mapping strings to C enums. (The usual convention in Lua libraries is to use strings instead of numbers to select options.) Grows the stack size to good conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast, top + sz elements, raising an error if the stack cannot grow to that size. msg is an additional text to go into the error message. Checks whether the essays on quicksand larsen function argument narg is a string and returns this string.

This function uses lua_tolstring to get its result, so all conversions and caveats of that function apply here. Checks whether the essay function argument narg has type t . See lua_type for the encoding of essays on quicksand by nella types for t . Checks whether the function argument narg is roman history essays aegidius, a userdata of the on quicksand larsen type tname (see luaL_newmetatable ). Loads and runs the paragraphs given file. It is essays on quicksand by nella larsen, defined as the essay transition following macro: It returns 0 if there are no errors or 1 in case of errors. Loads and runs the given string. It is defined as the essays by nella larsen following macro: It returns 0 if there are no errors or 1 in good conclusion for compare, case of essays on quicksand by nella errors. Raises an on colombia america error. The error message format is on quicksand by nella larsen, given by fmt plus any extra arguments, following the same rules of essay store lua_pushfstring . It also adds at the beginning of the message the file name and the line number where the error occurred, if this information is available.

This function never returns, but it is an idiom to use it in C functions as return luaL_error( args ) . Pushes onto the stack the field e from the on quicksand metatable of the object at index obj . If the object does not have a metatable, or if the metatable does not have this field, returns 0 and pushes nothing. Pushes onto the stack the metatable associated with name tname in essay transition, the registry (see luaL_newmetatable ). Creates a copy of string s by replacing any occurrence of the string p with the string r . Pushes the resulting string on essays the stack and returns it. Loads a buffer as a Lua chunk. On Colombia South America? This function uses lua_load to load the chunk in the buffer pointed to by buff with size sz . This function returns the same results as lua_load . name is the chunk name, used for debug information and error messages. Loads a file as a Lua chunk. This function uses lua_load to load the chunk in the file named filename . If filename is on quicksand by nella, NULL , then it loads from the scholar roman history 5th century standard input.

The first line in the file is ignored if it starts with a # . This function returns the on quicksand same results as lua_load , but it has an extra error code LUA_ERRFILE if it cannot open/read the file. As lua_load , this function only essay store, loads the chunk; it does not run it. Loads a string as a Lua chunk. This function uses lua_load to load the chunk in the zero-terminated string s . This function returns the same results as lua_load . Also as lua_load , this function only loads the chunk; it does not run it. If the registry already has the key tname , returns 0. Otherwise, creates a new table to be used as a metatable for userdata, adds it to the registry with key tname , and returns 1. In both cases pushes onto the stack the final value associated with tname in the registry. Creates a new Lua state. By Nella? It calls lua_newstate with an allocator based on the standard C realloc function and descriptive essay store, then sets a panic function (see lua_atpanic ) that prints an error message to the standard error output in case of essays fatal errors. Returns the new state, or NULL if there is a memory allocation error.

Opens all standard Lua libraries into the given state. If the function argument narg is a number, returns this number cast to an int . If this argument is absent or is nil , returns d . Otherwise, raises an error. If the function argument narg is good conclusion for compare, a number, returns this number cast to essays on quicksand larsen, a lua_Integer . If this argument is absent or is nil , returns d . Otherwise, raises an between and contrast error. If the function argument narg is by nella larsen, a number, returns this number cast to a long . If this argument is absent or is nil , returns d . Otherwise, raises an transition error. If the function argument narg is a string, returns this string. If this argument is on quicksand by nella, absent or is nil , returns d . Otherwise, raises an conclusion for compare and contrast error. If l is not NULL , fills the position *l with the results's length. If the on quicksand by nella larsen function argument narg is a number, returns this number. If this argument is absent or is nil , returns d . Otherwise, raises an error. If the function argument narg is a string, returns this string.

If this argument is absent or is make good essay transition, nil , returns d . Otherwise, raises an error. Returns an address to a space of essays on quicksand by nella larsen size LUAL_BUFFERSIZE where you can copy a string to be added to buffer B (see luaL_Buffer ). After copying the essay store string into this space you must call luaL_addsize with the size of the string to actually add it to the buffer. Finishes the use of buffer B leaving the essays on quicksand larsen final string on the top of the difference between comparison essay stack. Creates and returns a reference , in the table at index t , for the object at the top of the stack (and pops the object). A reference is a unique integer key. As long as you do not manually add integer keys into table t , luaL_ref ensures the uniqueness of the key it returns. You can retrieve an object referred by essays by nella larsen reference r by calling lua_rawgeti(L, t, r) . Function luaL_unref frees a reference and its associated object. If the object at philosophy berkeley, the top of the stack is nil , luaL_ref returns the essays on quicksand by nella larsen constant LUA_REFNIL . The constant LUA_NOREF is guaranteed to be different from any reference returned by luaL_ref . Type for arrays of functions to be registered by luaL_register . name is the function name and func is a pointer to the function.

Any array of luaL_Reg must end with an sentinel entry in which both name and func are NULL . Opens a library. When called with libname equal to NULL , it simply registers all functions in the list l (see luaL_Reg ) into the table on difference between essay the top of the stack. When called with a non-null libname , luaL_register creates a new table t , sets it as the value of the global variable libname , sets it as the value of package.loaded[libname] , and registers on it all functions in the list l . Essays By Nella? If there is good, a table in essays larsen, package.loaded[libname] or in variable libname , reuses this table instead of creating a new one. In any case the essays on the of george berkeley function leaves the table on the top of the stack. Returns the essays by nella larsen name of the type of the descriptive essay store value at the given index. Generates an error with a message like the following: where location is on quicksand by nella, produced by luaL_where , func is the name of the current function, and essay on colombia south, rt is the type name of the actual argument. Releases reference ref from the table at index t (see luaL_ref ). The entry is removed from the table, so that the essays by nella larsen referred object can be collected. The reference ref is also freed to be used again.

Pushes onto make the stack a string identifying the current position of the control at level lvl in the call stack. Typically this string has the following format: Level 0 is the running function, level 1 is the function that called the running function, etc. This function is used to build a prefix for error messages. The standard Lua libraries provide useful functions that are implemented directly through the by nella larsen C API. Some of these functions provide essential services to the language (e.g., type and getmetatable ); others provide access to outside services (e.g., I/O); and others could be implemented in Lua itself, but are quite useful or have critical performance requirements that deserve an implementation in C (e.g., table.sort ). All libraries are implemented through the official C API and are provided as separate C modules. Make Essay Transition? Currently, Lua has the following standard libraries: basic library, which includes the coroutine sub-library; package library; string manipulation; table manipulation; mathematical functions (sin, log, etc.); input and output; operating system facilities; debug facilities. Except for the basic and package libraries, each library provides all its functions as fields of a global table or as methods of its objects.

To have access to essays by nella larsen, these libraries, the C host program should call the luaL_openlibs function, which opens all standard libraries. Good Transition? Alternatively, it can open them individually by calling luaopen_base (for the essays by nella larsen basic library), luaopen_package (for the package library), luaopen_string (for the string library), luaopen_table (for the make essay table library), luaopen_math (for the mathematical library), luaopen_io (for the on quicksand I/O library), luaopen_os (for the difference comparison essay Operating System library), and luaopen_debug (for the debug library). These functions are declared in lualib.h and should not be called directly: you must call them like any other Lua C function, e.g., by using lua_call . The basic library provides some core functions to Lua. If you do not include this library in your application, you should check carefully whether you need to provide implementations for some of its facilities. This function is on quicksand larsen, a generic interface to the garbage collector. It performs different functions according to its first argument, opt : collect: performs a full garbage-collection cycle. This is the google scholar history aegidius default option. Essays On Quicksand Larsen? stop: stops the garbage collector. restart: restarts the garbage collector. count: returns the essay total memory in use by on quicksand by nella Lua (in Kbytes). step: performs a garbage-collection step.

The step size is good essay transition, controlled by arg (larger values mean more steps) in a non-specified way. If you want to control the step size you must experimentally tune the value of arg . Returns true if the step finished a collection cycle. setpause: sets arg as the new value for the pause of the collector (see §2.10). Returns the previous value for larsen, pause . setstepmul: sets arg as the new value for the step multiplier of the south collector (see §2.10). Returns the previous value for step . Usually, error adds some information about the error position at on quicksand by nella, the beginning of the message. The level argument specifies how to get the error position. With level 1 (the default), the essay on colombia south error position is where the error function was called. Level 2 points the on quicksand by nella larsen error to where the function that called error was called; and so on. Passing a level 0 avoids the addition of error position information to the message. If object does not have a metatable, returns nil . Descriptive Store? Otherwise, if the on quicksand larsen object's metatable has a __metatable field, returns the associated value. Otherwise, returns the essay transition metatable of the given object. Returns three values: an iterator function, the table t , and 0, so that the construction.

will iterate over the pairs ( 1,t[1] ), ( 2,t[2] ), ···, up to the first integer key absent from the table. Loads a chunk using function func to get its pieces. Each call to func must return a string that concatenates with previous results. A return of an by nella larsen empty string, nil , or no value signals the south america end of the on quicksand larsen chunk. If there are no errors, returns the between comparison and contrast essay compiled chunk as a function; otherwise, returns nil plus the error message. The environment of the returned function is the on quicksand by nella larsen global environment. chunkname is store, used as the chunk name for essays, error messages and debug information. When absent, it defaults to =(load) . Similar to load , but gets the chunk from file filename or from the standard input, if no file name is given. Similar to load , but gets the chunk from the between comparison given string.

To load and by nella, run a given string, use the idiom. When absent, chunkname defaults to the given string. Allows a program to traverse all fields of a table. Its first argument is a table and its second argument is an index in this table. next returns the next index of the table and its associated value. Essay On Colombia South? When called with nil as its second argument, next returns an initial index and its associated value. When called with the last index, or with nil in an empty table, next returns nil . If the second argument is absent, then it is interpreted as nil . In particular, you can use next(t) to check whether a table is empty. The order in which the indices are enumerated is essays on quicksand by nella, not specified, even for numeric indices . (To traverse a table in numeric order, use a numerical for or the ipairs function.) The behavior of next is google roman history essays aegidius 5th century, undefined if, during the traversal, you assign any value to a non-existent field in the table. You may however modify existing fields. In particular, you may clear existing fields.

Returns three values: the next function, the table t , and by nella, nil , so that the construction. will iterate over and contrast essay all keyvalue pairs of table t . See function next for the caveats of modifying the table during its traversal. Calls function f with the given arguments in protected mode . This means that any error inside f is not propagated; instead, pcall catches the error and returns a status code. Its first result is the status code (a boolean), which is true if the call succeeds without errors. In such case, pcall also returns all results from the call, after this first result. In case of any error, pcall returns false plus the error message. This function returns table . If index is a number, returns all arguments after argument number index . Otherwise, index must be the string # , and select returns the total number of extra arguments it received. Sets the environment to be used by the given function. f can be a Lua function or a number that specifies the function at that stack level: Level 1 is the function calling setfenv . setfenv returns the given function. As a special case, when f is 0 setfenv changes the environment of the on quicksand by nella running thread.

In this case, setfenv returns no values. Sets the essays of george metatable for the given table. By Nella? (You cannot change the metatable of other types from essay Lua, only from C.) If metatable is nil , removes the metatable of the by nella given table. If the original metatable has a __metatable field, raises an error. This function returns table . An optional argument specifies the base to interpret the numeral. The base may be any integer between 2 and 36, inclusive. In bases above 10, the letter ' A ' (in either upper or lower case) represents 10, ' B ' represents 11, and so forth, with ' Z ' representing 35.

In base 10 (the default), the number can have a decimal part, as well as an optional exponent part (see §2.1). In other bases, only unsigned integers are accepted. If the metatable of e has a __tostring field, then tostring calls the corresponding value with e as argument, and uses the result of the call as its result. except that the above code can be written only for a fixed number of elements. By default, i is 1 and j is the length of the list, as defined by the length operator (see §2.5.5).

This function is similar to pcall , except that you can set a new error handler. xpcall calls function f in protected mode, using err as the error handler. Between Comparison Essay? Any error inside f is essays larsen, not propagated; instead, xpcall catches the error, calls the err function with the original error object, and returns a status code. Its first result is the essays on the of george status code (a boolean), which is true if the call succeeds without errors. In this case, xpcall also returns all results from the call, after this first result. By Nella Larsen? In case of any error, xpcall returns false plus the result from err . The operations related to coroutines comprise a sub-library of the basic library and come inside the table coroutine . Scholar History Aegidius? See §2.11 for a general description of essays by nella larsen coroutines. Creates a new coroutine, with body f . f must be a Lua function. Returns this new coroutine, an object with type thread . Starts or continues the descriptive essay store execution of coroutine co . The first time you resume a coroutine, it starts running its body. The values val1 , ··· are passed as the arguments to the body function. If the essays by nella larsen coroutine has yielded, resume restarts it; the values val1 , ··· are passed as the results from the between comparison essay yield. If the coroutine runs without any errors, resume returns true plus any values passed to yield (if the coroutine yields) or any values returned by the body function (if the coroutine terminates).

If there is any error, resume returns false plus the error message. Returns the running coroutine, or nil when called by the main thread. Returns the larsen status of coroutine co , as a string: running , if the store coroutine is running (that is, it called status ); suspended , if the coroutine is suspended in on quicksand by nella, a call to yield , or if it has not started running yet; normal if the coroutine is active but not running (that is, it has resumed another coroutine); and dead if the coroutine has finished its body function, or if it has stopped with an error. Creates a new coroutine, with body f . f must be a Lua function. Returns a function that resumes the coroutine each time it is called. Any arguments passed to the function behave as the extra arguments to resume . Returns the same values returned by resume , except the scholar aegidius first boolean. In case of error, propagates the error. Suspends the execution of the essays on quicksand by nella larsen calling coroutine.

The coroutine cannot be running a C function, a metamethod, or an iterator. Any arguments to good essay transition, yield are passed as extra results to resume . The package library provides basic facilities for loading and building modules in Lua. On Quicksand Larsen? It exports two of its functions directly in the global environment: require and module . Scholar Essays? Everything else is exported in a table package . Creates a module. If there is by nella larsen, a table in and contrast, package.loaded[name] , this table is the module. Otherwise, if there is on quicksand larsen, a global table t with the given name, this table is the module. Otherwise creates a new table t and sets it as the value of the global name and the value of package.loaded[name] . This function also initializes t._NAME with the given name, t._M with the module ( t itself), and t._PACKAGE with the package name (the full module name minus last component; see below). Finally, module sets t as the new environment of the current function and essay america, the new value of essays on quicksand by nella package.loaded[name] , so that require returns t . If name is transition, a compound name (that is, one with components separated by dots), module creates (or reuses, if they already exist) tables for each component. For instance, if name is a.b.c , then module stores the module table in field c of field b of global a . This function can receive optional options after the module name, where each option is on quicksand by nella, a function to be applied over the module.

Loads the given module. Google Roman History Essays 5th Century? The function starts by looking into the package.loaded table to on quicksand by nella larsen, determine whether modname is already loaded. If it is, then require returns the value stored at package.loaded[modname] . Otherwise, it tries to find a loader for good, the module. To find a loader, require is essays, guided by the package.loaders array. By changing this array, we can change how require looks for a module. The following explanation is based on the default configuration for package.loaders . First require queries package.preload[modname] . Good Essay Transition? If it has a value, this value (which should be a function) is the loader. Otherwise require searches for a Lua loader using the by nella path stored in package.path . If that also fails, it searches for a C loader using the path stored in package.cpath . Between And Contrast? If that also fails, it tries an essays on quicksand larsen all-in-one loader (see package.loaders ). Once a loader is found, require calls the loader with a single argument, modname . Google Roman History Essays Aegidius 5th Century? If the loader returns any value, require assigns the returned value to package.loaded[modname] . By Nella? If the loader returns no value and has not assigned any value to package.loaded[modname] , then require assigns true to this entry. In any case, require returns the final value of package.loaded[modname] . If there is difference between comparison and contrast essay, any error loading or running the module, or if it cannot find any loader for the module, then require signals an error. The path used by require to on quicksand, search for a C loader.

Lua initializes the C path package.cpath in the same way it initializes the Lua path package.path , using the environment variable LUA_CPATH or a default path defined in luaconf.h . A table used by difference essay require to control which modules are already loaded. When you require a module modname and package.loaded[modname] is essays by nella, not false, require simply returns the value stored there. A table used by require to control how to descriptive store, load modules. Each entry in this table is essays on quicksand by nella, a searcher function . When looking for a module, require calls each of these searchers in ascending order, with the module name (the argument given to require ) as its sole parameter. The function can return another function (the module loader ) or a string explaining why it did not find that module (or nil if it has nothing to transition, say). Lua initializes this table with four functions. The first searcher simply looks for a loader in the package.preload table.

The second searcher looks for a loader as a Lua library, using the path stored at package.path . On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? A path is essay america, a sequence of on quicksand larsen templates separated by semicolons. For each template, the searcher will change each interrogation mark in the template by filename , which is the module name with each dot replaced by a directory separator (such as / in Unix); then it will try to open the resulting file name. So, for instance, if the Lua path is the string. the search for a Lua file for module foo will try to open the files ./foo.lua , ./ , and /usr/local/foo/init.lua , in that order. The third searcher looks for between comparison essay, a loader as a C library, using the path given by the variable package.cpath . By Nella Larsen? For instance, if the C path is the difference comparison and contrast essay string. the searcher for module foo will try to open the files ./ , ./foo.dll , and /usr/local/foo/ , in that order. Once it finds a C library, this searcher first uses a dynamic link facility to on quicksand larsen, link the paragraphs for compare application with the library. Then it tries to find a C function inside the library to be used as the essays by nella loader. The name of this C function is the string luaopen_ concatenated with a copy of the module name where each dot is replaced by an underscore. Scholar Roman History? Moreover, if the module name has a hyphen, its prefix up to (and including) the first hyphen is essays on quicksand larsen, removed.

For instance, if the module name is a.v1-b.c , the function name will be luaopen_b_c . The fourth searcher tries an all-in-one loader . It searches the C path for a library for the root name of the given module. For instance, when requiring a.b.c , it will search for a C library for essays, a . If found, it looks into it for an open function for the submodule; in our example, that would be luaopen_a_b_c . With this facility, a package can pack several C submodules into one single library, with each submodule keeping its original open function. Dynamically links the essays on quicksand by nella larsen host program with the C library libname . Inside this library, looks for a function funcname and essay, returns this function as a C function. (So, funcname must follow the protocol (see lua_CFunction )). This is essays larsen, a low-level function. It completely bypasses the package and module system. Unlike require , it does not perform any path searching and good conclusion for compare essays, does not automatically adds extensions. Essays By Nella? libname must be the complete file name of the essays of george berkeley C library, including if necessary a path and extension. Essays By Nella Larsen? funcname must be the essay store exact name exported by the C library (which may depend on the C compiler and linker used).

This function is essays by nella larsen, not supported by ANSI C. As such, it is only available on some platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD, plus other Unix systems that support the south america dlfcn standard). The path used by require to search for a Lua loader. At start-up, Lua initializes this variable with the value of the environment variable LUA_PATH or with a default path defined in luaconf.h , if the environment variable is not defined. Any ;; in essays larsen, the value of the environment variable is replaced by the default path. A table to store loaders for essay america, specific modules (see require ). Sets a metatable for module with its __index field referring to the global environment, so that this module inherits values from the global environment. On Quicksand By Nella? To be used as an option to function module . This library provides generic functions for difference essay, string manipulation, such as finding and extracting substrings, and pattern matching. When indexing a string in essays larsen, Lua, the first character is at position 1 (not at 0, as in on the, C).

Indices are allowed to be negative and are interpreted as indexing backwards, from the end of the string. Thus, the last character is at position -1, and so on. The string library provides all its functions inside the table string . It also sets a metatable for strings where the essays larsen __index field points to the string table. Therefore, you can use the google roman essays 5th century string functions in object-oriented style. For instance, string.byte(s, i) can be written as s:byte(i) . The string library assumes one-byte character encodings. Note that numerical codes are not necessarily portable across platforms. Note that numerical codes are not necessarily portable across platforms.

Returns a string containing a binary representation of the essays on quicksand by nella given function, so that a later loadstring on this string returns a copy of the function. function must be a Lua function without upvalues. string.find (s, pattern [, init [, plain]]) If the pattern has captures, then in a successful match the captured values are also returned, after the two indices. will produce the string: The options c , d , E , e , f , g , G , i , o , u , X , and x all expect a number as argument, whereas q and s expect a string. This function does not accept string values containing embedded zeros, except as arguments to the q option. As an example, the following loop. will iterate over all the words from google scholar roman history essays string s , printing one per line.

The next example collects all pairs key=value from the on quicksand larsen given string into a table: For this function, a ' ^ ' at the start of a pattern does not work as an anchor, as this would prevent the iteration. If repl is a string, then its value is used for replacement. The character % works as an escape character: any sequence in repl of the form % n , with n between 1 and 9, stands for the value of the n -th captured substring (see below). The sequence %0 stands for difference between comparison and contrast, the whole match. The sequence %% stands for a single % . If repl is a table, then the table is queried for every match, using the first capture as the key; if the larsen pattern specifies no captures, then the whole match is used as the key. If repl is a function, then this function is called every time a match occurs, with all captured substrings passed as arguments, in of george berkeley, order; if the pattern specifies no captures, then the whole match is essays by nella larsen, passed as a sole argument. If the value returned by the table query or by the function call is a string or a number, then it is used as the replacement string; otherwise, if it is false or nil , then there is no replacement (that is, the original match is kept in the string). Here are some examples:

A character class is used to represent a set of characters. The following combinations are allowed in describing a character class: x : (where x is not one of the magic characters ^$()%.[]*+-? ) represents the character x itself. America? . : (a dot) represents all characters. %a : represents all letters. %c : represents all control characters. %d : represents all digits. %l : represents all lowercase letters. %p : represents all punctuation characters. %s : represents all space characters. Essays? %u : represents all uppercase letters. %w : represents all alphanumeric characters. %x : represents all hexadecimal digits. %z : represents the character with representation 0. % x : (where x is difference between and contrast, any non-alphanumeric character) represents the character x . This is the standard way to escape the essays by nella magic characters. Any punctuation character (even the scholar 5th century non magic) can be preceded by a ' % ' when used to represent itself in a pattern. [ set ] : represents the class which is the union of all characters in set . Essays By Nella? A range of characters can be specified by between and contrast essay separating the end characters of the range with a ' - '. All classes % x described above can also be used as components in set . All other characters in set represent themselves. For example, [%w_] (or [_%w] ) represents all alphanumeric characters plus the underscore, [0-7] represents the octal digits, and [0-7%l%-] represents the octal digits plus the lowercase letters plus the ' - ' character. The interaction between ranges and essays by nella larsen, classes is not defined.

Therefore, patterns like [%a-z] or [a-%%] have no meaning. Roman Essays Aegidius 5th Century? [^ set ] : represents the complement of set , where set is interpreted as above. For all classes represented by essays on quicksand single letters ( %a , %c , etc.), the corresponding uppercase letter represents the complement of the class. For instance, %S represents all non-space characters. The definitions of roman history essays aegidius letter, space, and other character groups depend on the current locale. Essays By Nella Larsen? In particular, the class [a-z] may not be equivalent to %l . A pattern item can be a single character class, which matches any single character in the class; a single character class followed by essays on the philosophy of george ' * ', which matches 0 or more repetitions of characters in the class. These repetition items will always match the longest possible sequence; a single character class followed by ' + ', which matches 1 or more repetitions of characters in essays by nella, the class. These repetition items will always match the longest possible sequence; a single character class followed by ' - ', which also matches 0 or more repetitions of characters in the class. Unlike ' * ', these repetition items will always match the shortest possible sequence; a single character class followed by ' ? ', which matches 0 or 1 occurrence of a character in the class; % n , for n between 1 and 9; such item matches a substring equal to the n -th captured string (see below); %b xy , where x and good paragraphs and contrast, y are two distinct characters; such item matches strings that start with x , end with y , and where the x and essays, y are balanced . Descriptive Essay? This means that, if one reads the essays by nella larsen string from left to right, counting +1 for an x and descriptive store, -1 for a y , the ending y is the first y where the count reaches 0. For instance, the item %b() matches expressions with balanced parentheses. A pattern is a sequence of pattern items.

A ' ^ ' at the beginning of a pattern anchors the match at the beginning of the subject string. A ' $ ' at the end of a pattern anchors the match at the end of the subject string. At other positions, ' ^ ' and ' $ ' have no special meaning and represent themselves. A pattern can contain sub-patterns enclosed in essays larsen, parentheses; they describe captures . When a match succeeds, the substrings of the subject string that match captures are stored ( captured ) for future use. Captures are numbered according to their left parentheses. For instance, in the pattern (a*(.)%w(%s*)) , the part of the string matching a*(.)%w(%s*) is stored as the make good essay first capture (and therefore has number 1); the character matching . is captured with number 2, and the part matching %s* has number 3.

As a special case, the empty capture () captures the current string position (a number). For instance, if we apply the pattern ()aa() on the string flaaap , there will be two captures: 3 and essays on quicksand by nella larsen, 5. A pattern cannot contain embedded zeros. On The Philosophy? Use %z instead. This library provides generic functions for essays, table manipulation. It provides all its functions inside the conclusion paragraphs table table . Most functions in the table library assume that the table represents an array or a list. For these functions, when we talk about the length of a table we mean the result of the on quicksand larsen length operator. Inserts element value at position pos in essay on colombia, table , shifting up other elements to open space, if necessary.

The default value for pos is n+1 , where n is the length of the table (see §2.5.5), so that a call table.insert(t,x) inserts x at on quicksand by nella larsen, the end of table t . Returns the largest positive numerical index of the given table, or zero if the table has no positive numerical indices. Of George? (To do its job this function does a linear traversal of the whole table.) Removes from table the element at position pos , shifting down other elements to close the essays on quicksand larsen space, if necessary. Returns the essay south america value of the removed element. The default value for pos is n , where n is the length of the table, so that a call table.remove(t) removes the last element of table t . The sort algorithm is not stable; that is, elements considered equal by the given order may have their relative positions changed by the sort. This library is an interface to the standard C math library. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? It provides all its functions inside the table math . Returns the absolute value of x . Returns the arc cosine of essays berkeley x (in radians).

Returns the arc sine of x (in radians). Returns the arc tangent of x (in radians). Returns the arc tangent of y/x (in radians), but uses the essays on quicksand signs of good essay transition both parameters to find the quadrant of the result. (It also handles correctly the case of x being zero.) Returns the smallest integer larger than or equal to x . Returns the cosine of x (assumed to be in radians). Returns the hyperbolic cosine of x . Returns the angle x (given in radians) in degrees. Returns the value e x . Returns the largest integer smaller than or equal to x . Returns the remainder of the division of x by on quicksand larsen y that rounds the quotient towards zero. Returns m and e such that x = m2 e , e is an integer and the absolute value of m is in the range [0.5, 1) (or zero when x is zero). The value HUGE_VAL , a value larger than or equal to any other numerical value. Returns m2 e ( e should be an essays on the berkeley integer). Returns the natural logarithm of x . Returns the base-10 logarithm of x . Returns the maximum value among its arguments. Returns the minimum value among its arguments.

Returns two numbers, the integral part of x and the fractional part of x . Returns x y . (You can also use the expression x^y to compute this value.) Returns the essays on quicksand by nella larsen angle x (given in degrees) in radians. This function is an interface to the simple pseudo-random generator function rand provided by ANSI C. (No guarantees can be given for its statistical properties.) When called without arguments, returns a uniform pseudo-random real number in the range [0,1) . When called with an integer number m , math.random returns a uniform pseudo-random integer in the range [1, m] . Good Paragraphs And Contrast? When called with two integer numbers m and n , math.random returns a uniform pseudo-random integer in the range [m, n] . Sets x as the seed for larsen, the pseudo-random generator: equal seeds produce equal sequences of numbers. Returns the make good sine of x (assumed to be in radians). Returns the hyperbolic sine of x . Returns the square root of x . (You can also use the expression x^0.5 to compute this value.) Returns the tangent of x (assumed to be in radians).

Returns the essays hyperbolic tangent of x . The I/O library provides two different styles for file manipulation. The first one uses implicit file descriptors; that is, there are operations to set a default input file and south, a default output file, and all input/output operations are over these default files. The second style uses explicit file descriptors. When using implicit file descriptors, all operations are supplied by table io . When using explicit file descriptors, the operation returns a file descriptor and then all operations are supplied as methods of the file descriptor. The table io also provides three predefined file descriptors with their usual meanings from C: io.stdin , io.stdout , and io.stderr . Essays By Nella Larsen? The I/O library never closes these files. Unless otherwise stated, all I/O functions return nil on failure (plus an error message as a second result and a system-dependent error code as a third result) and some value different from nil on success.

Equivalent to file:close() . Without a file , closes the make good default output file. Equivalent to on quicksand by nella larsen, file:flush over the default output file. When called with a file name, it opens the named file (in text mode), and sets its handle as the default input file. When called with a file handle, it simply sets this file handle as the default input file. When called without parameters, it returns the current default input file. In case of conclusion paragraphs for compare essays errors this function raises the on quicksand by nella error, instead of returning an error code. Opens the essay on colombia south given file name in read mode and returns an iterator function that, each time it is called, returns a new line from the file. By Nella Larsen? Therefore, the construction. will iterate over all lines of the essay on colombia america file.

When the iterator function detects the end of file, it returns nil (to finish the loop) and automatically closes the file. The call io.lines() (with no file name) is equivalent to io.input():lines() ; that is, it iterates over by nella larsen the lines of the default input file. In this case it does not close the south america file when the loop ends. This function opens a file, in the mode specified in the string mode . It returns a new file handle, or, in case of errors, nil plus an on quicksand by nella larsen error message. The mode string can be any of the following: r: read mode (the default); w: write mode; a: append mode; r+: update mode, all previous data is preserved; w+: update mode, all previous data is erased; a+: append update mode, previous data is essays on the philosophy, preserved, writing is only allowed at the end of file. The mode string can also have a ' b ' at the end, which is needed in some systems to open the file in binary mode. This string is exactly what is used in the standard C function fopen . Similar to by nella, io.input , but operates over the default output file.

Starts program prog in a separated process and returns a file handle that you can use to read data from essay this program (if mode is r , the default) or to essays on quicksand larsen, write data to this program (if mode is w ). This function is system dependent and is not available on all platforms. Equivalent to io.input():read . Returns a handle for essay, a temporary file. This file is opened in update mode and it is automatically removed when the program ends. Checks whether obj is essays on quicksand by nella larsen, a valid file handle. Returns the string file if obj is an open file handle, closed file if obj is a closed file handle, or nil if obj is not a file handle. Equivalent to descriptive, io.output():write . Closes file . Note that files are automatically closed when their handles are garbage collected, but that takes an unpredictable amount of on quicksand time to happen. Saves any written data to file . Returns an iterator function that, each time it is essay, called, returns a new line from the essays larsen file. Therefore, the construction. will iterate over all lines of the file. (Unlike io.lines , this function does not close the file when the loop ends.) Reads the file file , according to the given formats, which specify what to read.

For each format, the function returns a string (or a number) with the characters read, or nil if it cannot read data with the specified format. When called without formats, it uses a default format that reads the entire next line (see below). The available formats are *n: reads a number; this is the only format that returns a number instead of a string. *a: reads the essay whole file, starting at the current position. On end of file, it returns the on quicksand by nella larsen empty string. *l: reads the scholar roman history next line (skipping the end of line), returning nil on end of file. This is the default format. number : reads a string with up to this number of characters, returning nil on end of file. If number is zero, it reads nothing and on quicksand by nella larsen, returns an empty string, or nil on end of file. Sets and gets the file position, measured from the beginning of the file, to the position given by offset plus a base specified by google roman 5th century the string whence , as follows: set: base is position 0 (beginning of the essays larsen file); cur: base is scholar, current position; end: base is end of file; In case of success, function seek returns the final file position, measured in on quicksand by nella, bytes from the beginning of the essay on colombia south file. If this function fails, it returns nil , plus a string describing the error.

The default value for essays by nella larsen, whence is cur , and for good, offset is 0. Therefore, the call file:seek() returns the essays on quicksand current file position, without changing it; the paragraphs for compare call file:seek(set) sets the position to the beginning of the file (and returns 0); and the call file:seek(end) sets the position to the end of the file, and returns its size. Sets the buffering mode for an output file. There are three available modes: no: no buffering; the result of any output operation appears immediately. full: full buffering; output operation is performed only when the buffer is full (or when you explicitly flush the file (see io.flush )). line: line buffering; output is buffered until a newline is output or there is any input from some special files (such as a terminal device). For the last two cases, size specifies the size of the buffer, in bytes. The default is an appropriate size. Writes the on quicksand by nella larsen value of each of its arguments to the file . The arguments must be strings or numbers. To write other values, use tostring or string.format before write . This library is implemented through table os . Returns an approximation of the amount in seconds of CPU time used by the program. Returns a string or a table containing date and time, formatted according to the given string format . If the time argument is present, this is the time to be formatted (see the os.time function for a description of this value).

Otherwise, date formats the current time. If format starts with ' ! ', then the date is formatted in google history aegidius, Coordinated Universal Time. After this optional character, if format is the string *t , then date returns a table with the following fields: year (four digits), month (1--12), day (1--31), hour (0--23), min (0--59), sec (0--61), wday (weekday, Sunday is 1), yday (day of the year), and isdst (daylight saving flag, a boolean). If format is not *t , then date returns the date as a string, formatted according to the same rules as the essays by nella larsen C function strftime . When called without arguments, date returns a reasonable date and time representation that depends on the host system and on the current locale (that is, is equivalent to descriptive essay store, ). Returns the essays on quicksand by nella number of seconds from time t1 to essay, time t2 . In POSIX, Windows, and some other systems, this value is exactly t2 - t1 . This function is equivalent to the C function system . It passes command to be executed by essays on quicksand by nella larsen an operating system shell. On Colombia South? It returns a status code, which is system-dependent. If command is absent, then it returns nonzero if a shell is available and zero otherwise. Calls the C function exit , with an optional code , to essays on quicksand by nella, terminate the host program. The default value for code is the success code. Returns the value of the process environment variable varname , or nil if the good transition variable is not defined.

Deletes the file or directory with the given name. Essays By Nella Larsen? Directories must be empty to good transition, be removed. If this function fails, it returns nil , plus a string describing the error. Renames file or directory named oldname to newname . If this function fails, it returns nil , plus a string describing the error. Sets the current locale of the on quicksand by nella program. locale is a string specifying a locale; category is an optional string describing which category to change: all , collate , ctype , monetary , numeric , or time ; the default category is all . The function returns the difference between and contrast name of the new locale, or nil if the request cannot be honored. If locale is the empty string, the current locale is set to an implementation-defined native locale. If locale is the string C , the current locale is set to the standard C locale. When called with nil as the on quicksand by nella larsen first argument, this function only returns the name of the current locale for good conclusion and contrast essays, the given category. Returns the current time when called without arguments, or a time representing the essays on quicksand by nella date and time specified by the given table.

This table must have fields year , month , and day , and may have fields hour , min , sec , and isdst (for a description of these fields, see the function). The returned value is a number, whose meaning depends on your system. In POSIX, Windows, and on the philosophy berkeley, some other systems, this number counts the essays on quicksand by nella number of seconds since some given start time (the epoch). In other systems, the meaning is not specified, and good essay, the number returned by time can be used only on quicksand by nella, as an argument to date and difftime . Returns a string with a file name that can be used for a temporary file. Essays Of George? The file must be explicitly opened before its use and explicitly removed when no longer needed. On some systems (POSIX), this function also creates a file with that name, to avoid security risks. Larsen? (Someone else might create the file with wrong permissions in the time between getting the good essay transition name and creating the file.) You still have to open the file to use it and to remove it (even if you do not use it).

When possible, you may prefer to use io.tmpfile , which automatically removes the file when the program ends. This library provides the functionality of the debug interface to Lua programs. You should exert care when using this library. The functions provided here should be used exclusively for debugging and similar tasks, such as profiling. Please resist the temptation to use them as a usual programming tool: they can be very slow.

Moreover, several of these functions violate some assumptions about Lua code (e.g., that variables local to a function cannot be accessed from outside or that userdata metatables cannot be changed by Lua code) and by nella, therefore can compromise otherwise secure code. All functions in this library are provided inside the debug table. All functions that operate over a thread have an essays philosophy of george optional first argument which is the thread to operate over. The default is essays, always the descriptive essay current thread. Enters an interactive mode with the user, running each string that the user enters. Using simple commands and other debug facilities, the user can inspect global and local variables, change their values, evaluate expressions, and essays by nella, so on. A line containing only the word cont finishes this function, so that the caller continues its execution. Note that commands for debug.debug are not lexically nested within any function, and so have no direct access to local variables. Returns the descriptive essay store current hook settings of the thread, as three values: the current hook function, the current hook mask, and the current hook count (as set by the debug.sethook function).

debug.getinfo ([thread,] function [, what]) Returns a table with information about a function. You can give the function directly, or you can give a number as the essays on quicksand by nella value of transition function , which means the function running at level function of the call stack of the given thread: level 0 is the current function ( getinfo itself); level 1 is the function that called getinfo ; and so on. If function is a number larger than the number of active functions, then getinfo returns nil . The returned table can contain all the fields returned by lua_getinfo , with the string what describing which fields to fill in. The default for what is to get all information available, except the table of valid lines.

If present, the option ' f ' adds a field named func with the function itself. If present, the option ' L ' adds a field named activelines with the table of on quicksand larsen valid lines. For instance, the expression debug.getinfo(1,n).name returns a table with a name for the current function, if a reasonable name can be found, and the expression debug.getinfo(print) returns a table with all available information about the print function. This function returns the name and the value of the local variable with index local of the function at level level of the stack. (The first parameter or local variable has index 1, and so on, until the on colombia last active local variable.) The function returns nil if there is no local variable with the given index, and raises an error when called with a level out of range. Essays On Quicksand By Nella? (You can call debug.getinfo to check whether the level is valid.) Variable names starting with ' ( ' (open parentheses) represent internal variables (loop control variables, temporaries, and C function locals). Returns the metatable of the given object or nil if it does not have a metatable. Returns the difference between comparison and contrast registry table (see §3.5).

This function returns the essays on quicksand by nella larsen name and the value of the upvalue with index up of the good conclusion for compare and contrast function func . The function returns nil if there is no upvalue with the given index. Sets the environment of the essays on quicksand by nella larsen given object to the given table . Returns object . debug.sethook ([thread,] hook, mask [, count]) Sets the given function as a hook. The string mask and america, the number count describe when the hook will be called. The string mask may have the following characters, with the given meaning: c : the hook is called every time Lua calls a function; r : the hook is called every time Lua returns from essays larsen a function; l : the hook is called every time Lua enters a new line of essays on the philosophy of george code. With a count different from larsen zero, the hook is called after every count instructions. When called without arguments, debug.sethook turns off the difference and contrast essay hook.

When the hook is called, its first parameter is a string describing the essays on quicksand larsen event that has triggered its call: call , return (or tail return , when simulating a return from a tail call), line , and conclusion paragraphs for compare essays, count . For line events, the hook also gets the new line number as its second parameter. Inside a hook, you can call getinfo with level 2 to by nella, get more information about the running function (level 0 is the getinfo function, and level 1 is the hook function), unless the event is essay on colombia south, tail return . In this case, Lua is only simulating the return, and a call to getinfo will return invalid data. debug.setlocal ([thread,] level, local, value) This function assigns the essays on quicksand by nella value value to the local variable with index local of the function at level level of the stack. Make Essay Transition? The function returns nil if there is no local variable with the given index, and raises an error when called with a level out of range. (You can call getinfo to check whether the level is on quicksand, valid.) Otherwise, it returns the name of the local variable. Sets the metatable for the given object to the given table (which can be nil ). This function assigns the value value to the upvalue with index up of the function func . The function returns nil if there is no upvalue with the given index. Difference Between And Contrast? Otherwise, it returns the name of the upvalue. debug.traceback ([thread,] [message [, level]]) Returns a string with a traceback of the call stack. An optional message string is appended at the beginning of the on quicksand traceback.

An optional level number tells at which level to start the traceback (default is 1, the function calling traceback ). Although Lua has been designed as an extension language, to be embedded in a host C program, it is also frequently used as a stand-alone language. An interpreter for Lua as a stand-alone language, called simply lua , is provided with the standard distribution. Between Essay? The stand-alone interpreter includes all standard libraries, including the essays by nella larsen debug library. Its usage is:

The options are: -e stat : executes string stat ; -l mod : requires mod ; -i : enters interactive mode after running script ; -v : prints version information; -- : stops handling options; - : executes stdin as a file and stops handling options. After handling its options, lua runs the given script , passing to it the given args as string arguments. When called without arguments, lua behaves as lua -v -i when the philosophy standard input ( stdin ) is on quicksand by nella, a terminal, and as lua - otherwise. Before running any argument, the interpreter checks for an environment variable LUA_INIT . If its format is @ filename , then lua executes the difference between comparison and contrast essay file. Essays Larsen? Otherwise, lua executes the string itself. All options are handled in order, except -i . For instance, an invocation like. will first set a to scholar roman history essays aegidius, 1, then print the value of a (which is ' 1 '), and on quicksand by nella, finally run the essays on the of george berkeley file script.lua with no arguments. (Here $ is the shell prompt. Your prompt may be different.)

Before starting to run the script, lua collects all arguments in the command line in on quicksand, a global table called arg . The script name is stored at index 0, the first argument after the script name goes to index 1, and so on. Any arguments before the script name (that is, the interpreter name plus the options) go to negative indices. For instance, in the call. the interpreter first runs the file a.lua , then creates a table. and finally runs the file b.lua . The script is called with arg[1] , arg[2] , ··· as arguments; it can also access these arguments with the vararg expression ' . '. In interactive mode, if you write an incomplete statement, the interpreter waits for its completion by issuing a different prompt. If the global variable _PROMPT contains a string, then its value is used as the difference between prompt. Similarly, if the on quicksand by nella larsen global variable _PROMPT2 contains a string, its value is used as the secondary prompt (issued during incomplete statements). Therefore, both prompts can be changed directly on the command line or in any Lua programs by assigning to _PROMPT . See the on colombia south america next example: (The outer pair of quotes is for larsen, the shell, the paragraphs and contrast essays inner pair is for on quicksand by nella larsen, Lua.) Note the use of -i to enter interactive mode; otherwise, the program would just end silently right after the essay transition assignment to _PROMPT . To allow the use of essays on quicksand by nella larsen Lua as a script interpreter in Unix systems, the conclusion paragraphs and contrast stand-alone interpreter skips the first line of a chunk if it starts with # . Therefore, Lua scripts can be made into essays by nella, executable programs by descriptive using chmod +x and the #! form, as in.

(Of course, the essays by nella location of the Lua interpreter may be different in difference comparison, your machine. If lua is in essays by nella, your PATH , then. is a more portable solution.) 7 Incompatibilities with the Previous Version. Here we list the incompatibilities that you may find when moving a program from Lua 5.0 to Lua 5.1. You can avoid most of the incompatibilities compiling Lua with appropriate options (see file luaconf.h ). However, all these compatibility options will be removed in the next version of difference between comparison and contrast Lua. The vararg system changed from the pseudo-argument arg with a table with the extra arguments to the vararg expression. (See compile-time option LUA_COMPAT_VARARG in luaconf.h .) There was a subtle change in the scope of the implicit variables of the for statement and for the repeat statement.

The long string/long comment syntax ( [[ string ]] ) does not allow nesting. You can use the new syntax ( [=[ string ]=] ) in these cases. (See compile-time option LUA_COMPAT_LSTR in luaconf.h .) Function string.gfind was renamed string.gmatch . (See compile-time option LUA_COMPAT_GFIND in luaconf.h .) When string.gsub is called with a function as its third argument, whenever this function returns nil or false the replacement string is the whole match, instead of the empty string. Function table.setn was deprecated. Essays By Nella Larsen? Function table.getn corresponds to the new length operator ( # ); use the operator instead of the function. (See compile-time option LUA_COMPAT_GETN in luaconf.h .) Function loadlib was renamed package.loadlib . (See compile-time option LUA_COMPAT_LOADLIB in comparison and contrast, luaconf.h .) Function math.mod was renamed math.fmod . (See compile-time option LUA_COMPAT_MOD in luaconf.h .) Functions table.foreach and table.foreachi are deprecated. You can use a for loop with pairs or ipairs instead. There were substantial changes in function require due to by nella larsen, the new module system.

However, the new behavior is mostly compatible with the old, but require gets the path from package.path instead of from LUA_PATH . Function collectgarbage has different arguments. Conclusion For Compare And Contrast Essays? Function gcinfo is deprecated; use collectgarbage(count) instead. The luaopen_* functions (to open libraries) cannot be called directly, like a regular C function. They must be called through Lua, like a Lua function. Function lua_open was replaced by on quicksand by nella larsen lua_newstate to allow the user to set a memory-allocation function.

You can use luaL_newstate from the standard library to create a state with a standard allocation function (based on realloc ). Functions luaL_getn and luaL_setn (from the auxiliary library) are deprecated. Use lua_objlen instead of luaL_getn and nothing instead of google history essays 5th century luaL_setn . Function luaL_openlib was replaced by luaL_register . Function luaL_checkudata now throws an error when the given value is not a userdata of the expected type. (In Lua 5.0 it returned NULL .) Here is the complete syntax of larsen Lua in extended BNF. (It does not describe operator precedences.)

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Essay/Term paper: Domestic violence. Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. If you need a custom term paper on Domestic Abuse: Domestic Violence , you can hire a professional writer here to essays on quicksand by nella write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Our writing service will save you time and grade. national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultural, racial and class. distinctions. It is a problem without frontiers.

Not only is the problem. widely dispersed geographically, but its incidence is also extensive, making it. a typical and accepted behavior. Only recently, within the past twenty-five. years, has the issue been brought into comparison the open as a field of concern and. study (Violence Against Women in the Family, page 38). Domestic violence is by nella larsen not an isolated, individual event but rather a. pattern of repeated behaviors that the abuser uses to gain power and control. over the victim. Unlike stranger-to-stranger violence, in domestic violence. Essays On The Philosophy Berkeley? situations the same perpetrator repeatedly assaults the same victim. These. On Quicksand By Nella? assaults are often in google scholar 5th century, the form of physical injury, but may also be in essays on quicksand by nella larsen, the form. of sexual assault. However the abuse is difference essay not only physical and sexual, but also. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? psychological. Psychological abuse means intense and repetitive humiliation, creating isolation, and controlling the actions of the victim through. intimidation or manipulation. Domestic violence tends to become more frequent.

and severe over time. Oftentimes the abuser is physically violent sporadically, but uses other controlling tactics on a daily basis. All tactics have profound. Google Scholar Roman History Essays? effects on essays on quicksand, the victim. Perpetrators of domestic violence can be found in all age, racial, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, linguistic, educational, occupational and. religious groups. Domestic violence is found in all types of intimate. relationships whether the make essay individuals are of the same or opposite sex, are. married or dating, or are in a current or past intimate relationship. There are. two essential elements in every domestic violence situation: the victim and. abuser have been intimately involved at essays by nella larsen, some point in time, and the abuser. consciously chooses to conclusion use violence and other abusive tactics to larsen gain control. over the victim. In some instances, the abuser may be female while the victim is. male; domestic violence also occurs in gay and lesbian relationships. However, 95% of reported assaults on conclusion paragraphs essays, spouses or ex-spouses are committed by men against. women (MTCAWA e-mail interview) It is a terrible and recognizable fact that for many people, home is. the least safe place (Battered Dreams, 9).

Domestic violence is real violence, often resulting in permanent injuries or death. Battering is a widespread. societal problem with consequences reaching far beyond individual families. It. is conduct that has devastating effects for essays by nella larsen individual victims, their children. and their communities. In addition to these immediate effects, there is growing.

evidence that violence within the family becomes the breeding ground for other. Good Conclusion Paragraphs And Contrast Essays? social problems such as substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and violent. crimes of all types (MTCAWA e-mail interview). Domestic violence against. women is not merely a domestic issue; but, rather a complex socio-economical. crisis that threatens the interconnected equilibrium of the entire social. (Violence Against Women: The Missing Agenda, 29). Domestic violence against women accounts for approximately 40 to 70% of. all violent crime in North America. However, the figures don't tell the by nella larsen entire. story; less than 10% of such instances are actually reported to police (The. Living Family, 204). The causes of domestic violence against women are numerous. Many claim. stress is the make good essay transition substantial cause of domestic conflict resulting in violence.

Though stress in the workplace is a contributing factor, it is by no means the. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen? substantial one. Many people suffer from stress disorders, but most don't. resort to violence as a means of release. It is apparent that the substantial. causes have more to do with the conditioning of males culturally, and within. the family of orientation than anything else. Historically, women have been treated more as belongings than human. beings; Old English Common Law permitted a man to america abuse his wife and kids, as. long as he didn't use a stick thicker than the width of his thumb--Rule of. Thumb (The Living Family, 201). Culturally, men have been conditioned to. repress their feelings of emotion--always acting like the tough guy, the. linebacker, the cowboy. But, when confronted with an emotionally difficult. conflict, one which is impossible to shove down deep, they irrupt in volcanic. proportions, often taking out years of repressed rage on those closest to them, in particular their own family. However, what seems to be the most significant cause of the male tactic.

of violent conflict resolution is violence within the essays by nella larsen family of orientation. Statistics show that 73% of male abusers had grown up in a family where they. Essay On Colombia South? saw their mother beaten, or experienced abuse themselves (MTCAWA e-mail. interview). Using the (relatively accepted) Freudian model, which claims that. all mental illness stems from traumatic childhood trauma, one can see how there. is a direct correlation between violence in the family of orientation and. Essays On Quicksand By Nella? violence within the family of procreation. And, indeed, abusers are mentally. ill, though the of george illness tends to be more subtle than others: many abusers. display a JekyllHyde personality, where they are nothing like their domestic. selves outside the home. In most cases the cycle of violence starts slowly; it usually consists. of a slap in the face or a hard shove.

But the frequency and on quicksand by nella larsen, degree of violence. escalates with time. The abuser will justify the abuse by pointing out his. wife's inadequacies and faults. But, no matter how wrong the difference between comparison wife is, there is. little, if no, justification for spousel abuse within a civil society. The real issue at hand is the neurosis within the essays on quicksand larsen male psyche. Just as. in rape, the key issue is control. Male abusers are laden with fear about. losing power. Philosophy? They inflict physical abuse on their spouse to prove that they. have, still have, and will have control over on quicksand by nella, their spouses (and/or children.) They won't stop there either.

The pattern of abuse involves severe mental. torture and humiliation--blaming, threatening, ignoring, isolating, forcing sex, monitoring phone calls, and restricting any form of social life. It is a. vicious cycle of conclusion paragraphs and contrast abuse, where the wife is almost literally chained to the. husband. Essays By Nella? Her self-esteem has been obliterated. She is financially, emotionally, and functionally helpless. She is incapable of reaching out for help for. herself or for her children. At this point the abuse gets more routine; the. abuser sites his partner's pathetic state as more reason to beat her. And the. victim sinks deeper, and more beatings ensue. She has been infected with. psychological-AIDS; she has no defense (immune system) to combat the disease. For women, escaping an abusive relationship is VERY difficult. And the. abuse usually doesn't stop at the discretion of the male.

An in-depth study of. all one-on-one murder and non-negligent manslaughter cases in Canada from 1980. to 1984 found that 62% of female victims were killed by a male partner (Violence. Essays Philosophy Of George? Against Women Homepage). It is painfully clear that victims have little but two. choices: leave or die. On Quicksand Larsen? Sadly, the latter is the easier one. physical, mental and social well-being and good transition, not merely the absence of larsen disease or. infirmity (In the Health of Women: A Global Perspective, 78). Based on this, domestic violence against women is clearly a health problem. In 1984, the U.S. Surgeon General declared domestic violence against women as the number ONE. health problem (Violence Against Women Homepage). Physical violence is the most basic form of domestic violence, leading. to extensive injury, unsuccessful pregnancies and even murder. As mentioned. above, in Canada 62% of good paragraphs and contrast essays women murdered were killed by an intimate male partner.

These are deaths caused by a preventable social problem. Actual or threatened physical violence, psychological violence and the. denial of physical and economic resources all have an essays on quicksand by nella larsen enormous impact on women's. mental health. A history of victimization is seen as a strong risk factor for. the development of mental health problems (MTCAWA e-mail interview). These. Difference Between Comparison And Contrast? problems take many forms, all affecting women's ability to attain a basic. quality of life for herself and on quicksand by nella, her family.

Abuse is strongly associated with. alcoholism and make, drug use in women (Facts About Domestic Violence). It also can. lead to fatigue and passivity coupled with an on quicksand by nella extreme sense of worthlessness (Violence Against Women in the Family, 78 ). These symptoms together remove any. initiative and make good essay, decision making ability from the essays by nella larsen victim. This lethargy, coupled. with economic barriers, makes escape from the situation very difficult. The lack. of initiative also thwarts women's abilities to participate in activities. outside of the store home.

High levels of stress and essays on quicksand by nella, depression are also extremely. common mental health problems for victims of essays philosophy berkeley family violence, often leading to. suicide (Facts About Domestic Violence). In the United States, one quarter of. suicide attempts by essays by nella white women and one half of attempts by African American. women are preceded by difference between comparison abuse (In the Health of Women: A Global Perspective, 128). The World Bank's analysis found domestic violence to be a major cause of. disability and death among women; the essays on quicksand by nella larsen burden of family violence is comparable. to that of HIV, tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease or cancer (Domestic. Violence Against Women: A Global Issue, 29). In industrialized nations one in. Paragraphs? five healthy days of life are lost to women age 15 to 44 due to domestic. violence (Fact Sheet About Domestic Violence) Domestic violence diverts the scarce resources of national health care. systems to the treatment of a preventable social ill (Violence Against Women. in the Family, 87).

Medical costs for essays the treatment of google scholar roman history essays aegidius 5th century abused women total at. least 3 to 5 billion dollars annually in the United States. Battered women in. the United States are four to five times more likely than non-battered women to. require psychiatric treatment, and over one million women in the U.S. use. emergency medical services for injuries related to battering each year. Finally, families in by nella larsen, the United States in which domestic violence occurs use doctors. eight times more often, visit the emergency room six times more often and use. On Colombia South America? six times more prescription drugs than the general population (Facts About. It is an important social issue. Using the Systems Theory as a theoretical. Essays? framework helps show the resonating effect of such violence. The family unit. is one of many sub-systems. Together, all these different sub-systems make up. the one big system (i.e., society). The human body serves as a good example: when one organ (sub-system) is malfunctioning, all other organs are effected. Roman History Essays? (other sub-systems). Essays On Quicksand By Nella? This will have an descriptive store effect on the whole body itself. (society). Although the family unit is only one among the many sub-systems, it. is considered to be the larsen most important of them all--the heart, if you will.

Since the family unit is responsible for the socialization of children who will. later go on descriptive essay, to participate in other sub-systems, than it is logical to assume. that a deterioration in the crucial family unit can result in essays by nella, a deterioration. within other sub-systems, and of course, the entire system itself. As mentioned above, the sub-system of health care is feeling the. pressure. Something as preventable as domestic violence against women is. Descriptive Essay Store? diverting funds from an already under-funded health care system. There are. people out there who need serious medical treatment, but will never, or at the. very most, will get insufficient treatment.

In the U.S., domestic violence. against women ranks as one of the most expensive health problems (Facts About. Domestic Violence). Monies allocated to the medical treatment of abused women (3. to 5 billion dollars annually) diverts much needed funds from such already. under-funded institutions as education, law enforcement, social services etc. On Quicksand By Nella? Therefore the possibility exists that adults of the future will be sparsely. educated delinquents; crime will be on the increase; and important social.

services won't be able to look out for the welfare of the people--such as. shelters for on the berkeley abused women. The result is on quicksand larsen long term decay within the entire. system, which will add further to the decay within the family, which will cause. the entire vicious cycle to continue. As previously mentioned, 73% of male abusers were abused, or saw abuse. as children. Thus an epidemic of violence within the family of google scholar aegidius orientation is a. primary cause of psychological disfunction--in specific, violent conflict. resolution--which is on quicksand responsible for the breakdown of the entire social order. U.S. Justice Department statistics show that at descriptive essay store, least 80% of men in prison grew. up in essays on quicksand by nella, violent homes (Facts About Domestic Violence.) And in at least half of. the wife abusing families, the children were battered as well. And 63% of on colombia boys. On Quicksand Larsen? ages 11 to 20 who commit homicide, murder the man who was abusing their mother. breeding ground for other social problems such as substance abuse, juvenile. delinquency, and violent crimes of good essay all types. The all important family unit is. the centre of social universe. All other institutions revolve around it. If. the sun were to blow up the entire galaxy would go with it. problem rather than a private issue imbedded within family -- a domestic issue. which can be easily ignored.

It must receive appropriate attention from the. various institutions within our society as an issue affecting the overall. standard of living. It is not only a women's issue, but also a problem that.

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Contact Burger King Customer Service. Burger King is an international restaurant chain with more than 50 years in the business. The company is known for its unique branding strategy, “Have It Your Way”, as well as its signature flamed-broiled sandwich. Serving more than 11 million customers on a daily basis mean Burger King must perform at a high level in each of the restaurants. Larsen! When problems and essay, concerns regarding levels of service, the on quicksand larsen company wants to know in order to address the issue. Customers have the ability to contact the customer service department is several ways, including phone, customer contact form and through social media such as the Facebook page or Twitter page.

Click here to leave a comment about on the berkeley, your customer service experience. When contacting the customer service department by phone, customers will need to call during regular business hours. Essays On Quicksand! The customer service department is open Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm EST. Customer service department: 1-866-394-2493 Corporate headquarters: 1-305-378-3000. Customers wanting to send a message to the customer service department at essays philosophy, the corporate offices will need to essays on quicksand larsen, send correspondence here:

Burger King Worldwide5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.Miami, FL 33126. When customers visit the official Burger King website, they have the ability to review the menu options, find nutritional information and learn more about the corporate responsibility program. Customers can also sign up for make transition BK Alerts, a program which send promotions to your mobile device. Since Burger King is a franchise, customers can learn about franchise opportunities. Burger King does not have a direct email address for the customer service department; instead, they have a customer feedback form located here can select the type of feedback they want to by nella, send to the customer service department, either restaurant experience or general communication.

We sent correspondence to comparison and contrast essay, the customer service department asking who we contact in the event the customer care department is closed for on quicksand by nella the day, considering the restaurants are open late. According to the automated response we received, a representative will answer or concern within two business days from receipt. When we contact customer service departments, we look for timely service, pleasantries and a dedication to service. The representatives at Burger King provided all three. Calling the customer care line was simple and the call went directly to a representative in less than 60 seconds. The agent asked how they could help and offered further assistance prior to ending the call. We wanted information on checking the balance on a gift card. The question was answered.

The overall experience was great. As a Burger king customer, how was your experience contact the customer service department? Share your thoughts below. In burger king sotre manger hire his family, if u dont belief go check in 390 Foxon Blvd, New Haven) chaudhry mangers. Responding to difference comparison, the recent request on the restaraunt that myself and my wife visited on the 12th of Jan of this year. The address you asked for was 1723 N. Division in Spokane, WA phone number is 509-327-5339. By Nella! As stated in my comment on the 12th. The place was filthy.

The tables were nasty (everyone of them) we had to wipe off a table to sit at. Food on the floor/ nasty. Difference Between Essay! There were only us and three other customers in on quicksand larsen the place and there were three employees standing behind the counter VISITING with each other. Difference Between And Contrast! That will be the last time we will ever go there. Very disappointing to Burger King for this to happen. Wouldn’t be surprised if a health official goes there and shuts the place down . VERY upset!I was told that the order screen didnt “read” that I had pulled up which is why I sat in essays on quicksand by nella the drive thru unanswered for essay south roughly 10mins. There were 8 other cars behind me many were honking.

I pulled forward to see Howard, sitting on essays on quicksand by nella, the counter. I asked him why noone bothered to glance out the window when they didnt hear any orders for over 10mins. He said Sundays were dead so its not weird.He then told me that I could wait 5 mins for a burger as he looked me up down. Never apologized. Good morning, my name is Osiel Giraldo and i am a student at google scholar essays aegidius 5th century, Miami Dade College, i am currently doing a research paper on the customer service that Burger King offers. i’ve been trying to find a website where i can see the customer service policies but haven’t found anything. How can i be helped with finding this. Feel free to contact me via email. Thanks and have a good day.

Hiii my name is ashley…I sent u an email sometimes last week about the stupid wifi down STILL here in medicine hat alberta.. Essays Larsen! duno if suppose to descriptive essay, get an email back somerimes soon from u orr u able to on quicksand by nella, get on it and geting it fixed. Conclusion Paragraphs For Compare Essays! I AM still avoiding to go. I have always enjoy going there on essays on quicksand by nella, weekends to use it and to eat their food..still they tell me and other ppl there been asking if working how good of an on colombia america place is by nella larsen it. Why dont u alls either ge the damn thing fixs or takes it down for good.tvery frusturted still over google roman history aegidius 5th century 2 months it still not delt with so wat happening here. I heard these ppldont even care wat ppl say or feel when it comes to essays on quicksand by nella larsen, getting somethn get ur ass in gear. Enough already…geez.

Thanx ak. Attention Burger King. The Turkey Burger is a hit! So much that I have tried to get a Turkey Burger FOUR times at two different locations in a week and a half to be told they don’t have any. Make it happen, make the order Bigger! No make it a continual item on the menu.

Its amazing! i was at store number 12428 which is in Shelby, Ohio. at 6:37:07 on 4/27/2013 and let me tell you about my horrible experience with the manager, who would not tell me her first name for me to write a complaint about her. i spend 28 dollars every week for my family to have a. fast easy night of dinner. each time we go there. there is always something that is missing from our. order so i must go in essay store and get it figured out, hopefully BEFORE i get home and get even more upset. The manager who need i say is a large African American woman actually laughed and smiled when i told her of the missing item within my order.i told her it is not that hard to count 4 milkshakes and she told me to leave as i was searching through the essays by nella ONE bag full of 28 dollars of food.

i told her that i certainly will leave once i ensure that all of the on the philosophy of george berkeley items that i paid for were accounted for. i had said, your not going to even say sorry? she replied sarcastically in my opinion, Sorry for what? i said sorry for getting my order wrong and making this fast food processes a continuing nightmare weekly.**end. if it were not for customers like myself, this store locating would not be able to stay in business. lets be real BK will not make a profit off of just them dollar sandwiches, enough to keep at lease 3 employees there to work.I never have had to complain like this but it is so disrespectful that here i am trying to help local businesses by essays on quicksand, buying there products and i get treated like this by essay transition, of all people a manager!

In my profession when we have a customer complaint of this magnitude we take it very seriously and essays on quicksand by nella, actitoons need to be taken to ensure that our business continues be as profitable as it can be.REMEMBER there ARE other people out there who struggle to find a job and conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast essays, would greatly appreciate a BK Manager job unlike the manager in on quicksand by nella larsen witch i dealt with today.keep in mind that she appeared to be in her thirties and not just a teenager. she should have done things with a bit more professionalism. She should be fired with out a doubt in my mind no exceptions. ons need to be taken to ensure that our business continues. I went to make good essay, bk on Madison ave. in Lakewood today and saw something disturbing. Essays By Nella Larsen! Came through drive-threw window and saw employee mopping and another making my coffee drink and good paragraphs essays, she dropped plastic lid for drink on floor mind you floor still wet. Then it was picked up and essays larsen, used for berkeley next drink she made. That was so disturbing so many germs on floor. Will not be going to that store again and essays, I hope some thing will be done so that doesn’t happen again and so that someone doesn’t get sick. I complained on the website about food missing food, terrible service from between comparison essay store # 2557 In Maple Shade, NJ. 2 nights ago we went to get take out ordered and paid for 2 dbl. whoopers w/cheese . . and only got one with one patty on it, not even a double ! We also ordered and paid for essays by nella larsen 2 orders do cinnabuns and got only one!! I’ve written several times about the essay on colombia south same store To no avail.

There is always food missing or wrong items…as well as the fact that half of the staff doesn’t even speak English. On Quicksand By Nella! Pasted below is the response I received ! Dear Catherine Gotti, Thank you for difference between and contrast essay taking the time to contact BURGER KING® restaurants. As a. valued guest, your comments and observations are very important to us. We strive to essays on quicksand, exceed expectations for essay south america all of on quicksand our Guests and your feedback. is valuable in helping us to continuously work towards providing the best. possible Guest experience. As your patronage is important to south america, us we hope that you will continue to. dine with us, we are sending you a WHOPPER® coupon that may be used at essays by nella larsen, any. of our participating restaurants.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to essay on colombia south, receive. your coupon by mail. Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention and on quicksand, rest assured. that your comments have been forwarded to descriptive essay store, the appropriate management team. so that they may be aware of your concerns. We value your opinion and look. forward to serving you again in essays by nella the near future. BURGER KING® Restaurants Guest Relations.

And the response I sent back..again with no answer : Wow I’m impressed ( NOT) a whole Whopper ? I can get that merely by using my receipt. One coupon for constant mix ups ? No thanks ! Not interested! I get one coupon and need to spend money to between comparison essay, feed the rest of my family! Don’t think that’s gonna happen ! We spent almost $30 last evening! Thanks but no thanks..I’ll stick to McDonalds. Catherine A Gotti. 7/18/13 around 7:40 pm, I had arrived at larsen, the drive thru at Burger King in make essay Hixson, Tennessee. Vehicle in essays on quicksand front of and contrast essay me at a drive thru window with a white pit bull looking dog with his head out the window. The girl at the window had her hands all over essays larsen the dog and transition, hands and forearms in the dogs mouth.

It was disgusting. We pulled up immediately to find the same girl bagging food. I have two other witnesses. I called attention to this, to the girl actually working the window. Her response was the girl in question didn’t bag our food. By Nella Larsen! Needless to say, our appetite was out the window. (no pun intended) It was so repulsive. It was obvious she did not wash her hands.

Won’t be back if she is still there!! I live in essay baker Louisiana and the burger king store in goin down they are fixing food anyway! And I waited dam 1 hour! i have been trying to write my review on the site on the back of my reciepts but the essays larsen location number doesnt seem to be valid. i have been going out of on the philosophy berkeley my way to give feedback on my experience @ the bk in milwaukee Wisconsin on locust street on the east side. the number that was on the ticket was 101624. Essays Larsen! anyways i feel that the company should know how terrible of an experience i had there. Conclusion Essays! i love burger king and by nella, have been going there ever since i was young. i have been to this particular bk 3 times and have had the same experience everytime. each time i have gone i have waited 5 go 10 minutes with no one in front of me to first hear from good someone over the order speaker. once they finally acknowledged me they said yup and nothing else… no hi or can i take your order. then i proceed to order and i become aware that they are out of the 5 items i wished to order all three times i have been there. i dont understand how bk doesnt have shakes (at all), cinabuns,toppings for hamburgers,and a few other items every time i have been to that particular restraunt. the way i was told was that i dont have that… no sorry and when i asked why i was told because i said so one time. 20 mins later when i finally get my food all three times and it was cold and i drive away feeling like i was unwelcome and larsen, without thanks. Essay Store! all of the staff i have run into at this bk is slow, rude, and essays on quicksand larsen, seemingly ungrateful for their jobs in a time where there are a lot of people looking for essays on the philosophy berkeley jobs. i have never felt this strong of by nella a resentment before nor have ever been disappointed enough to write a bad review. these experiences take the cake and i am positive that i am not the only customer that feels this way. i hope this gets to the right hands because this location is very convenient but i will not go back until something changes. Well me and my friends came in to google scholar history, get food and there were workers outside re-striping the lines in the parking lot and she had to go move her car and by nella larsen, there were 2 other employees in scholar roman essays 5th century there and she said “you guys need to get your ass out of here” and grabbed my pop from essays by nella me, Ive seen her constantly late at night sitting in the lobby talking to descriptive essay, her husband for 30mins to an hour, this burger king is in by nella Knox, Indiana, i have a good friend that also works there and tells me she does this all the time, he hates his job because of good paragraphs for compare and contrast essays this manager! I have alot of disappointing trips to burger king. We live near waterford, Wi. It seems every time we go through the drive thru, we have to wait for on quicksand by nella one thing to cook, while our burgers are most of the time cold. my husband had a terrible chicken sandwich . I have called the bugerking and conclusion for compare essays, explained our food being cold. It seems that no one wants to improve their service.

I get apologize but no better service. all I ask is for orders to come out right and hot. Very disappointed they even forgot one chicken sandwich. Order 4 items got 3. Terrible, long line to go back so went to Taco Bell. Hygiene of BK 7158 is by nella terrible, burger freezer remains open etc check them out. Never going to BK again lost 7.99 plus tax from order 51 @ 11:56 pm.

Every Saturday afternoon for google history essays aegidius 5th century the past 3 months I go to essays on quicksand, Burger King # 6962 and I order the same item a kids meal. I go to this Burger King because it is right next to essays on the philosophy of george berkeley, the last stop on my route and I get it for my Daughter as she loves Burger king. By Nella Larsen! There is a Wendys and a Mc Donalds a block from our house but she likes Burger King and so do I. Every Saturday when I pull up to the speaker the good paragraphs first thing I hear is essays by nella Ill be with you in a second (every time) this second turns into a couple of minutes. Then I pull up to the window and I sit there and wait and wait a couple of times I must admit before I get to google scholar history 5th century, give them my money I pull away because Im so tired of waiting. I can understand if this happened once in awhile but it is every time.

It is not only me some times I pull up behind a car who is still waiting to give them there order. We sit there and then the larsen employees comes on and says go ahead with your order. It dosent matter if they are busy (the wait is worst) or slow you still have to wait. There is either an employee shortage or they are just slow. At either rate this is not how a Burger King is suppose to difference between comparison and contrast essay, be, this is the only Burger King that I encounter this problem. On Quicksand Larsen! I really wish I did not have to go to this one but I hope you will be able to correct this and bring it up to parr with the way other Burger Kings are Run. Thank you.

The Burger King in Falls Church, Virginia clearly advertised the difference comparison barbecue sandwich for a dollar, or one could get the 2 for 5 deal (a whopper and essays on quicksand, a fish sandwich). I asked the fat Hispanic lady who could barely speak English for the 2 for 5 deal, and google roman history essays, she would not honor it. I then asked for the barbecue deal which she did not honor. OK…if she is not going to on quicksand by nella, honor the essay store deal, she needs to take it off her FRICKEN window. Nuff said! I won’t go back!

I was recently at essays on quicksand larsen, one of your Burger Kings in descriptive essay Panama City FL. I was sorry to hear your employees have to work so late on Christmas Eve! Is Burger King THAT greedy and desperate that they can not allow their employees that special time with their families? Or IF you need those few dollars THAT much? Why don’t all of you leave your families to work later, I’m sure they won’t miss you! This is essays shameful for Burger King.

I have decided i will NOT be returning to Burger King. Ever. Not only roman aegidius 5th century do your employess have to work but you can’t spare the essays larsen expence to difference comparison and contrast essay, decorate for the holidays to make dining experience enjoyable! Burger King has really gone down hill. I’ll take my money where they allow their employees to share the holidays with their families. Hi my wife and I with our two teenage daughters went into the BK in pride park Derby on the 9/1/14. We ordered our food noting that there was no precooked stock of essays larsen burgers etc under the lights, so realised it would take a short time to scholar history essays 5th century, cook. Our food arrived shortly after. We sorted out drinks napkins etc but my younger daughter was hungry and started wolfing her food down, as kids do. My wife went to eat her burger and said it was cold, myself and essays, my other daughter, felt and checked ours we didn’t taste but knew they were tepid at make good, best. I asked my younger daughter about her burger , she said hers was cold but was embarrassed and didn’t want to cause a fuss.

I called over essays on quicksand the assistant , who had served us, Megan, who at that stage apologised and said she would get the manager. I explained they were tepid and she asked what that meant as she didn’t know, I explained lukewarm. She returned and said she would reorder burgers taking the tepid burgers away saying they would be replaced. While this was happening my wife and eldest daughter could see Megan and , I now know Shift Manager Olivia , check thru the food which we had sent back. Whilst I appreciate that you need to check on complaints, the way this was handle in difference full view of essays on quicksand my wife and daughter. This was done in a derogatory way, with looks at my family and descriptive store, loud voices saying “ its half eaten” , she lifted my daughters burger and threw it back unto the essays by nella larsen counter. Store! The shift manager, Olivia then started probing the on quicksand larsen food and comparison and contrast, chuntering away to the other member of staff, Megan. A short time later a customer, who was standing at the counter ordering his own food , came over with our food tray saying, they’ve been calling you as your foods ready, we thanked him and he joked I could get a job here!

This food was very warm or as my youngest said, as cheese was dripping out of her burger ,“ it’s been nuked “ . We left after eating our meals, my daughters and wife were disgusted at our treatment by your staff . I ask you, would you eat a tepid burger or better still would you eat 4 tepid burgers that you’d paid for. I suspect the answer is no, you’d complain , get an apology , get replacements and take it as just one of those unfortunate incidents. I feel that due to essays on quicksand, the incompetence of your staff, not only did we get served tepid food, we then genuinely complain, get treated with contempt and derogatory remarks both voiced and animated, in front of other listening customers. History Essays Aegidius 5th Century! We then get replacement food served by another kind customer and by nella, not a word of apology. I asked your employee Megan for paragraphs essays a comment card she said you didn’t have any so she asked the essays larsen shift manager Olivia , who said print of his receipt it’s on the back . I said I wanted to give some feedback and at that stage was asked by the shift manager Olivia if “ everything was ok “ I replied, it was now as we were leaving. I await you response ,as I feel if this is not adequate, I will have to contact the DCC to complain about standards of food preparation in your restaurant. Good! This complaint was seriously mishandled and essays larsen, has now resulted in several customers, embarrassed and angry with the shabby treatment we received for food not fit for purpose and which we had paid for.

Martin Mc Quillan. Just got burger king to go. Whoopers fries .this is the third time in a row that we couldn’t eat the store fries – way to much salt ,couldn’t even taste the essays fries ,only salt .pretty sad when a 4 yr old won’t eat them .i work hard for my money will not go to burger king again when I have to throw the fries out . Burger king # 351 4024 Davison Rd Flint ,Mi . It’s sad because we do enjoy the google history burgers but tired of throwing money away on food that you can’t eat is unhealthy to have that much SALT. There is a very annoying pot hole at the end of the drive through lane and the rest of the essays on quicksand by nella parking lot isn’t much better. BEWARE the store is located in Oxnard CA and america, it is on quicksand by nella larsen store number 6439 WATCH OUT FOR TIRE DAMAGE. I had gone to Burger King in Spanaway Washington and witness how they allow their employees to talk to their manager this is the second time that i have witness this behavior and i feel something needs to be done about good paragraphs for compare, this situation. I enjoy eating at burger King my food is always correct and by nella, hot when i receive my food. Please do not contact me at all. I had gone to Burger King in Spanaway Washington and witness how they allow their employees to good paragraphs essays, talk to their manager this is the second time that i have witness this behavior and i feel something needs to be done about by nella larsen, this situation.

I enjoy eating at burger King my food is and contrast always correct and hot when i receive my food. Please do not contact me at all. On April 5,2014 at about 10 to 4 we stopped at larsen, one of your stores in on the of george east Peoria,IL and went thru drive thru when we pulled up we were told to hold on after they took our order we pulled around the we’re two cars before us we wait over ten minutes to get to essays on quicksand larsen, the window when the handed us the food it was cold not lukewarm COLD they then gave es two different ones they sill we’re not not just lukewarm they were both your new one big kings I believe. It one thing to wIt so long if you at essay transition, least get hot food but to have to wait and then get cold food is satisfying your customers. Today, 04/13/2014, my husband bought me a salad at the Burger King in Jennings, Louisiana.

I had to essays larsen, remove and discard almost a third of the lettuce because it was ROTTEN…slimy nasty rotten. There is no excuse for serving customers food that is spoiled. This is the good conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast essays worst Burger King. Terrible slow service, always missing parts of the order, sandwiches sloppily made (meat falling off bun), cold food. I am sick and tired of paying money for on quicksand by nella low quality food and service. I work for Burger King, and there is a significant problem with management at the moment. I don’t feel comfortable going to any of the managers for assistance and there appears to be no alternative avenues. I was hoping for there to be some sort of email address I could go to. Stringtown Road, Grove City, Ohio is a joke! The rudest people I have ever encountered in essays on the philosophy of george berkeley my life. If you do not feel like working quit your job.

I went thought the drive thru, wasn’t even finished order and was shouted at “IS THAT ALL”. Like she was completing my order for me. I told her I had other things to order, well that really pissed her off. On Quicksand Larsen! I get to the drive thru window, hand her the cash and change. She grabbed the scholar roman aegidius cash out of my hand so hard, she dropped the change all over the ground. She looked at essays by nella, me and said “JUST FORGET IT, I’LL GET IT LATER”. Then my food was basically thrown to me. I didn’t get a have a nice day or nothing. Good Transition! My teenage daughter witnessed this. Absolutely NO REASON to be that damn rude or mean.

She needs to essays on quicksand by nella larsen, be fired! Immediately! Alyssa was the drive thru attendants name. On April 21, 2014 at 1:15 pm. I missed the customer survey deadline…but i wanted to make good, let your organization know a little about essays larsen, your store #10928..I don’t smile.. but not only conclusion for compare essays did they make me smile I am taking time out to let you know they did! started right from the start w/ the register person ( believe his name was Brandon) EXCELLENT customer service.. And the store Mgrs. On Quicksand! I interacted with were very professional….I just thought you needed to know….this occurred at your location 3706 E. Descriptive Store! Nazareth Highway on on quicksand by nella larsen, sat. America! 4-26-2014 at 11:50 AM. I used a coupon I received in the mail for essays on quicksand larsen buy one chicken sandwich and get one free.

I started to eat one of them and the salt was terrible. Good Essay! I was only able to essays on quicksand larsen, eat half of it. Stopped eating it about 20 minutes ago and my tongue is still burning from too much salt. Cut it back, PLEASE. Scholar! I can always add salt if there isn’t enough, but I cannot take it out. That is definitely unhealthy. I will never buy another chicken sandwich from essays on quicksand Burger King. I have to throw away a whole one and a half of one. How much money did I save with that stupid coupon. I put a complaint about a health BK branch in Mexico since last May 8 and to date have not made any comment.

Alsea is the company that manages franchises in Mexico. Where I can send the complaint to the corporate level? No more BK for our family…gay burger over the top….dhc. I have been very frustrated with the service at good conclusion, the Ozark, AL Burger King. McDonald’s and Hardees recently closed for renovations making Burger King the only other breakfast option in this small town.

This would have been a golden opportunity for essays Burger King to pick up new customers but the drive through service takes at least 30 minutes for breakfast when people are trying to get to paragraphs for compare essays, work. Twice in the past month I have waited at least 30 minutes only to essays by nella, find, after getting out of the drive thru, that my order was incorrect! I had already decided to make good essay, eliminate Burger King as a fast food option and then learned today that Burger King supports gay rights and now has a “Proud Burger” showing their support of gay rights. Don’t bother sending me free food coupons; I will no longer be frequenting your establishment. This is the essays on quicksand by nella Bible belt and I am a card-carrying member! God loves all people but the Bible is very explicit about his feelings toward homosexual activity. Please note that I said “homosexual activity”; not “homosexuals”. I cannot support an establishment that supports an difference between comparison essay activity that is contrary to the heart and essays larsen, nature of God. I have been to several Burger Kings in the Chicago area. However, I have repeatedly visited the one at roman history essays, 1242 Lee St Des Plaines IL. This is my favorite.

I don’t go anywhere else anymore. The food is on quicksand by nella good and hot. The store is clean and employees are friendly. I visited the store today and was delighted to see the essay south america manager that was on essays on quicksand larsen, duty. He always has a very pleasant smile and attitude. Philosophy Berkeley! He seems to genuinly care about essays larsen, his job and on the philosophy, the employees that are working with him. On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! I don’t know his name. But, what an asset he must be to the company.

The cashier was both efficient and essays aegidius 5th century, friendly as well. Great visit! I’ll be back! Gahanna ohio burger king drive thru customer . You will never see me or my two passengers there again . What a company disgrace. Total lack of managment . Dont send me cupons unless they are mc donalds or taco bell….and read the complaints and train your people to act like professionals.

You should be ashamed. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! Im sure everyone that went thru before or after me feel the same total disgust for difference and contrast essay this restaurant. By Nella! To bad your manager lets this behavior go on. Paragraphs For Compare And Contrast! Thats a big flame broiled black eye. On Quicksand Larsen! Truely horrible treatment of your ex customer. Hi I m Azim I have a good hospitality experience in KFC restaurant in India conaugh place as a senior team member doing B.A PROG in Delhi university and I m interested in work of burger king restaurant in comparison essay India. Burger King is moving their address overseas to essays on quicksand, avoid US taxes. Descriptive Store! BOYCOTT!

I just ate my last Burger King – have it your way – Tax dodgers. and I will remind everyone of “your way” Having My Way: Goodby Burger King! Hello Wendy’s! Burger King is by nella larsen one of the few fast food restaurants that I like. Heard they might move corporate offices to Canada to reduce tax liability. Essay! If that were to occur then I will not be a customer again. I am not a regular fast food visitor.

I will not be even considering Burger King in my future plans. When my grand kids want to go out I will direct them to other offerings. Essays On Quicksand! In this day and age you might consider that you have been an American company and supported America. Now you have made other choices on your national identity you might need to consider a new marketing program. I really don’t know of too many Tim Hortons in this country. I have not really looked nor care. I think in hind sight you will find a mistake has been made. remember “New Coke” what in essay store the world is that woman saying?

The Bk staff at qurum in muscat oman charged me for three sandwiches and larsen, delivered only two, he even did not give the bill. They are cheating gullible customers , authorities should check this. I drove through drive-thru and south america, wanted to use a coupon, however, I cannot drink coffee so I asked for an orange juice. I was told that they could not do that? They didn’t even offer me water. What? So, I drove off very unsatisfied and will NEVER go back to a Burger King again. On Quicksand! They lost a customer over a substitution issue. Essay South America! Very sad. Whatever happened to true customer service with a smile?

I arrived at 1145 on a Sunday night and ordered my food It was hot and essays, the woman waiting on descriptive essay, me was very professional even though she looked very tired. Polite courteous and very nice. This was in Herkimer NY. Had to repeat order 3 times for: 2 jr. Cheeseburgers plain. 2 chicken sandwiches plain. The order was not complicated! Had to on quicksand by nella larsen, wait at between, least 5 minutes since the chicken was not done. Two frustrated grandsons and grandmother!! I see why they have little business right after school!

My wife and I recently ate a Hamburger at the Burger King in Knoxville, Tennessee. They used to be very good, but evidently these had been pre-cooked and essays on quicksand by nella, left under the heat lamp so long they were as dry as whit leather. We shall never eat at the Burger king again unless a vast improvement has been made. Harford Michael Shaffer, Veteran of descriptive store the. Air Force and Army, both of which had VERY good chow. Hi Burger King. I was at my local Burger King in Dixon Illinois last nite, around 5p. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! I asked for a salad and difference and contrast, while eating it they staff member came over to ask how it was, I said it tasted sour, she said its probably the blue cheese dressing, I said I have ranch, she said there is blue cheese in it, I said no-one told me, she just made a sad face, at that point I hadn’t eaten much and couldn’t finish it.

I originally wanted chicken strips but when I heard the price for three opted for the salad, but later that nite on essays by nella larsen, t.v. your ad said mc nuggets 10 of them for $1.49. so why didn’t the cashier say so. There wasn’t even a soul in scholar history essays site, so buzy was not an excuse. There were three employees and no customers. Around 3:50pm Wednesday. A car had finished ordering through drive thru. When I got to essays on quicksand by nella, the speaker the girl said if I could hold on a moment and said yes, but she took so long and so I said hello about 3 times and google scholar roman history aegidius, someone said hello mocking me very disrespectful.

It was not busy and no car after me. On Quicksand! 12 min wait two car showed up so I went to the front to see why no one was taking my order. Roman Aegidius 5th Century! no 1 was there at the window I said hello and someone comes she looks at on quicksand larsen, me ignoring me and doesn’t take my order she takes the scholar history aegidius order of the car behind me when I had said no one had taken my order. So I left. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! Bad Customer service. The location on Collins Blvd. Is PATHETIC.

When we entered cashier leaning across fry station talking to conclusion, cook about whoever in jail. Then, no strawberry jelly, had I known I would not have bothered placing and paying for order, then I sit notice a layer of dust and dead flies in window sill as cashier continues to flop across the fry station to continue the he’s in jail and she pregnant conversation, realize I need salt…no packets available. Essays On Quicksand By Nella! I left food sitting on the table…I will NEVER return to this location. My husband ad I do not eat a lot of scholar history essays 5th century fast food, so maybe we are not use to poor quality food, but we stopped at on quicksand larsen, a Burger King in Richland WA #14778 and ordered a couple of meals because we were in a hurry and my chicken sandwich was not fully cooked the essay meat had a red tinge to it and the fries were luke warm and on quicksand by nella larsen, not cooked all the way through, they still had the google scholar history essays crunchy feel on the inside where they were not cooked through all the way, My husbands hamburger had cold bacon and the burger was just barely warm and neither sandwich had the cheese melted, neither of us were able to finish them, we took the left overs out to our Lab who will eat practically anything and even he turned his nose up at the food. I do not want anything I just wanted to let you know so you could address the issue’s. The Burger King in Tucson at on quicksand by nella, Broadway and Wilmot is between essay one of the coldest an worst places to go to to have breakfast or dinner! I have asked several times for by nella larsen them to turn o the heat in the mornings and make good essay transition, it never has been done, The outside temperature is essays on quicksand by nella larsen 36 degrees and the air conditioning is going, Too cold to sit inside!

I was at of george berkeley, the Buger King at essays by nella larsen, 340 167th in Harvey Il. on difference comparison and contrast essay, the date of. November 25,th at about 7:pm, after I’d placed my order at the drive thru, came pay window, I viewed one of the by nella larsen staff, had to have been a cook, had his pants sagging, not a little below the waste, I mean under the buttocks, cashier/ manager asked for the pay, I told him,I didn’t want any any food served there in essays on the philosophy of george that condition I’ve told my folks they all agree on essays by nella, filing a complaint. I went to bugerking King #216 on 500 Fulton ave in hempstead New York . On Tuesday 12/9/2014. On Colombia America! The sing simple say they open at 7am I got there a little after seven and essays on quicksand, the door was lock sw 2 employees there but the young man said he couldn’t open the register to take my order because the resturant manager is not ther to open the draw.So I drop my kids at roman history, school and came back at 7:45 because it’s close to my house the manager still was not there and there was other people waitng also . This is bad business ! Where is the on quicksand company owner really know what’s going on in this Resturant. Good! If business keep going like this you all will go out of business soon .bad managment.

I just had lunch at Burger King in Kalkaska Mi and I couldn’t believe the size of the Whopper Jr. There was nothing Whopper about on quicksand by nella, it. Good Essay Transition! I’ve seen kids meals with bigger burgers that this. Why does the essays by nella price continue to go up and essay on colombia america, the size decrease? I suggest you rethink the names of your burgers.. maybe mini me?? I went to a Burger King in Paterson N.j. Essays Larsen! And ordered a double burger and was charged $.20 more than per burger than a double cheese burger, I asked why and was told that was the system.I thought that getting a cheeseburger was more than a burger but I guess that is now not the case. Getting less costs more now, I might be wrong but this might be why your losing you customer base.


I just left your Decatur, Ga store on Memorial Drive at essays on quicksand larsen, I-285/494 740 1519 (Onaje Bashir) angry. My sister and between, I were ordering almost 20.00 in food to dine in-I was declined a cup of water without paying .27 cents. Essays! Do the math: 2 freq customers live near your store. On this occasion, 1 asks for a cup of water. Google Essays Aegidius! Is it best business sense to lose .27 or 2 customers? Another example of American Greed. I feel a strong desire to protest and contact my local news station.

Poor customer service at it’s worse. Water. I’m very disappointed. Burger King at Edwards AFB, CA: Imagine my surprise when my Whopper Jr was boosted by larsen, 65%! It was not until I had ordered that they shared the price, making it a bit of difference between and contrast a “gotcha” kind of moment. Not pleased. You sell the Whopper for by nella $2.50 when purchasing two, but now get $1.99 for the Whopper Jr? The good news – there are several other alternatives for me to choose from.

I will no longer be a “BK First” guy and in fact will take extra steps to avoid BK now. Bad news, 65%? Really? BURGER KiNG on lvbld SAD by BELZ outlet. Came here early to use internet. They said it’s always down?

Right by make essay, Hilton Garden in?? Sad customer service” Never greeted me three or four people looked at me and never acknowledge me. I would let them all go” GLOB of mayo and ketchup” laughed when I told them really” A few weeks ago, one evening (it was either a Wednesday or a Saturday)

I did a drive through at your Bury store. (UK) I decided to essays on quicksand, get a burger king as my normal choice is McDonalds but your adverts were saying you had a cheaper menu and how good they were so I went to try one. I bought a Chicken Royale and it was awful. Store! The bread was limp, McDonald’s bread is by nella larsen like a baguette, the filling was not as good as the McDonalds Chicken Legend which I normally buy and essays, the coffee was undrinkable. I told them I was unable to have milk products so they gave me a milky coffee, when they changed it for my requested black coffee the coffee was bad tasting. Not a patch on essays, McDonald’s coffee.

I rang and told them and they said I could have another one for free on my next visit but why would I do that when it was so horrid? I don’t know if it is good essay just that branch but it has put me off ever trying Burger King again……oh yes, and it cost more than McDonalds as well. All in all not good. By no means am I a prude. With that being said I feel compelled to say that I am truly offended by your newest commercial. Essays On Quicksand By Nella! The beautiful young lady portrayed as being naked.

You are (in my opinion) selling sex to your younger audience and essay on colombia south america, not the burger. By Nella Larsen! Where have your family values gone? It offends me that you used this young woman as a sex object to promote your burger. I feel that this commercial sends a very negative message to our younger generation. I was never so insulted as I was at essay, the Casselberry Fl Burger King. There was no one showing as present, I called to essays on quicksand by nella, see if there was then a man appeared and told a woman to get to essays philosophy berkeley, order area. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! She took my order and didn’t pay attention for take out.

When she brought it, I said I asked for descriptive essay take out. She g runted and essays on quicksand, threw the plastic ware at descriptive essay, my tray and huffed away. What a l ousy way to treat customers. The Burger King on Greeno Rd. On Quicksand Larsen! In Fair hope. Has the google scholar aegidius 5th century worst and essays larsen, most rude help ever. My husband and I went there to use the buy one get one free crossiant . I stood at the counter for a few minutes then finally a female came from the drive in window and asked what I wanted. I gave her my coupon , she went to the drive in between and contrast essay register rang up the coupon told me that it would be $4.07. I told her that I also wanted drinks, which she never asked if I wanted, then she proceeded to slam two cups on by nella, the counter all the while saying that Ididn’t say anything about wanting drinks.

Then we exchanged a few words . She was rude and south america, VERY unprofessional. I talked to the mgr. and was told the employee was having a bad day and she would talk to her. I will never go to that B’King again. Never have I been treated so rudely in a resturant of any type. I hope they fire her.

I have been going to Burger King #4354 and this morning was the first time that I felt totally disrespected. This also was the first time that I encountered this manager(african-american female w short hair cut). I was using my coupon and had to purchase a frie and drink in order to use it! My total came up to $4.02 and I told the cashier that I wanted to take $1.90 off my debit card and pay the rest in essays on quicksand by nella larsen cash. He didn’t know how to do it, so he requested the manager and she proceeded to take over. History Essays 5th Century! She said we first had to pay the on quicksand by nella cash which was $2.12, so I handed her $3 and she gave me my change of .88 cents! However she didn’t know how to do the debit card part to charge $1.90, so she called on two other employees all the while there was a customer behind me and I had to go back to work! The customer behind me told them that he would pay the $1.90 because they were having problems locating what to do in my case. So I thanked the good transition guy and the manager took his order all the while my order was siting on the counter getting cold. The other customer got his food and by nella, left, then I proceeded to store, leave and they stopped me! I was confused so I asked them why are they taking up more of essays on quicksand by nella my time and they told me I had to still pay the $1.90 and I asked them didn’t the other customer pay!

And the manager told me that she didn’t charge him! My food was getting even colder, especially my fries! I gave my card to another employee and also my change (.88)! After it went threw I asked for my change back and they told me that they took the difference between $3 and charge the $1.02 to on quicksand, my card! I was very upset because I told them to make essay, take $1.90 not $1.02 for my own reasons! My food was cold and by nella larsen, I had to good conclusion essays, get back to work so I left! I’m not leaving this alone, I want something done about this and this BK is catacornered to by nella larsen, my job! It’s very convient for me to go there but I was treated so badly that I don’t want to anymore, especially if the same manager is there!

I ordered for breakfast hash brown with cheese and bacon and it looks nasty.I returned the order in BK because they don’t gave as I requested.Bad customer service and poor breakfast. My husband and I and a friend were in the Burger King in Cleveland, TN earlier this week (Wednesday I think). The service and food were as expected. The service was quick and the staff was friendly. What impressed me about descriptive essay, this visit was the care and attention 3 of the larsen female staff showed an elderly man that was obviously having a medical emergency. They not only essay transition responded quickly to call an ambulance, but also took turns walking out to by nella, the dining area to conclusion and contrast, check on him, bring him water, and essays on quicksand, attempted to keep him awake by asking questions that would later help the google essays 5th century EMS workers. These 3 ladies went above and on quicksand larsen, beyond what would be expected of anyone in this very scary situation. They stayed calm and profesionnal, yet caring and of george, compassionate. I don’t know what happened to this man after leaving on the ambulance but I believe these ladies saved this man’s life.

I went through the drive thru at essays on quicksand, bk at clear acre exit or selmi drive and conclusion, had a horrible experience. I was trying to order a icee and rodeotburger. The gentlemen was very rude. I tried to on quicksand by nella, order the food several times and google scholar roman essays aegidius, then the guy said without knowing I could hear “he said “come take this order before I trip out on this nigger”. So, I pulled around without receiving my food and went inside in fear that this very establishment might do something to my food. I talked to one of the managers(hispanic lady). Her excuse was the system is crap. I also recognize the gentlemen(african americans/glasses).

I vow to never eat there again. I called the establishment on by nella, rock blvd and spoke to difference comparison, Steve(mgr) and he advised me to come by on quicksand larsen, he would take care of make me and advised me to essays larsen, make a serious complaint . My advice is if you don’t like your job then don’t get another one or treat people like you wanna be treated. I’ll never eat there again. I would rather drive an extra 15 minutes out of my to eat at google scholar history essays 5th century, rock blvd than to go clear acre. This is my third and final time to by nella larsen, visit your BK at east Washington store…reason being is customer service is argumentative is educating your customers. what happen to the policey the customer aka paying customer is shown respect? I like the food, I’m willing to store, pay for the food, I just don’t need to be educated, if I miss pronounce a item or ect. Ps. She is not funny nor is her coworkers who then laughed when she was strongly trying to prove herself correct.

Bad taste, terrible manners I say! Shame. I am writing this complaint on your store in Henderson, Nevada off East Serene and Eastern. Advertisement says Free WiFi……..the WiFi doesn’t work. The assistant manager has rebooted the modem several times and still no WiFi.

The date is May 26, 2015 at 10:10am. They said the WiFi never works and have already reported the problem with their superior. This is unacceptable. The management should take down the free WiFi sign or change carrier. I happen to own shares with the company. On Quicksand Larsen! Please resolve ASAP. Consumer and Investor. I stopped at store #11685 on my way home and ordered 1 original chicken sandwich 1 BK Fish sandwich 2/$5 deal. I asked that they both be made fresh off the broiler. I was asked to essays on the berkeley, park around front (which is expected) Only a couple of min. went by and the young lady came out with my order. I thought I might have had good timing today and went through the essays on quicksand drive thru just as fresh ones were being made.

I get home and store, open up the sandwiches to find them really dark brown on the outside and essays, luke warm on google aegidius 5th century, the inside. Apparently this BK store likes to twice fry existing fish and chicken that has already been cook once. Is that legal/permissible in the health codes? Needless to say the essays sandwiches were nasty and they have lost my business forever. Where I live there is every fast food joint known to man with in 3 miles of the house. Who needs the good paragraphs for compare essays aggravation of a BK store that conducts themselves like this? My daughter and essays, I are staying at a motel a couple buildings down from difference comparison Burger king of only essays by nella 24 hour restaurant! We are without transportation and google scholar roman essays, walked up to the drive thru window and were denied service, because they don’t take walk UPS.I know there is no truth in that my daughter and I were very hungry and already going through some things and then she does this! When we approached the building she was already staring at us like really and she frowned at essays on quicksand, us at the window this was clear discrimination and I wont rest until she no longer works there!as we speak I am having my black husband walk over essays n see if he gets served will do a follow up because.

To whom this may concern, my last dollar was spent at on quicksand larsen, burger king last night.I will never eat there again, period.This goes for whoever reads this, if you eat there, you get what you get. Vegetarianism(V·e·ge2tarianism):Eating not flesh of animals. i tried to fill out this survey to get a free whopper if i got the fries and drink but it dint work for me. a waste of time , i work to scholar history 5th century, many hours for this . but i will say the whopper was great and the fries were to , also the ketchup you use make it much better.the service was great but the price was a little high 6 dollars and 8 cents . 499 would be acceptable. First of all I am not writing this to receive a burger or get any type of promotional offer. Nor do I know anyone who works at Burger King.

I am writing this solely for essays larsen the recognition of good paragraphs essays one of essays your employees, who in my opinion, exemplifies all that an employee from a fortune 500 company could at the highest level. I was having lunch with a neighbor when I overheard a sales meeting conducted by her in which she touched all areas of fast food operations. Including but not limited to areas of essay south america personal performance and marketing with the tact and motivation on essays on quicksand by nella, par with any executive existing. A week later I returned for lunch again and during that experience watched her go out of the building, on a very hot day, and pick up trash located in the parking lot. Descriptive! I was so impressed I had to ask her name. Her name is by nella Jen Clary. The Store is #10706 located at 368 12th Street Ogden, Utah 84404. This individual is descriptive a fantastic example of what a dedicated employee could be.

Thank you Burger King for the great atmosphere created by by nella, employing this woman. South! Hopefully she will not be forgotten if and when raises in on quicksand larsen salary are considered. Google Roman 5th Century! As previously stated I do not nor have I ever met here. But, I certainly do appreciate the fact there are people like her in the world. Sincerely Bryan Swenson Ogden, Utah. YOUR CUSTOMER SURVEY STINKS! NOT WORK THE TIME.

McDONALDS IS MUCH BETTER. I AM A GOOD BK CUSTOMER, AT LEAST ONCE A DAY. MALE,67 YEARS OLD, OWN MY BUSINESS 42 YEARS. YOUR CUSTOMER SURVEY SUCKS! I had worst experience ever today, where i had to larsen, literally discard the philosophy berkeley meal i bought with the fear of getting my kids sick. While waiting for order to be delivered my coke was filled and set on table to be given with ordered burger and same moment i saw a big fly sitting on on quicksand, my cup.

I took picture of it and paragraphs, while employee hand still holding the glass. He saw me taking pic and on quicksand larsen, changed the comparison and contrast lid of glass but didn’t discarded drink. I was given my order and essays by nella, i came home. While serving it to my kids i thought what if there are many flies in their kitchen too and what if my kids get sick because of it. Descriptive! My wife didn’t knew all this and she took sip from coke and spitted out essays as it was not regular coke. Essays Philosophy Berkeley! Or else it was messed up filthy coke with such lousy and filthy taste. I had been a loyal customer and had Burger King around the world, this experience has shaken my loyalty towards this brand.

I am not concerned with the money wasted, but worried about essays, safety of store other people who love Burger King like me and my family. The BK King is on quicksand beyond belief he is very scary and the food thrown on google history aegidius 5th century, the table is essays by nella not very clean. We live within half a mile of this burger king and visit it frequently and have never visited store 14809 in Nashua NH and had it gone smoothly. Place is a total nightmare, no cars in the parking lot but drive thru is good conclusion paragraphs and contrast backed up 9 cars! people honking trying to back out of essays on quicksand larsen line, always out of products, never a polite response, often no slips received with order, tables dirty and sticky, Rude help, have been going for 10 years going to drive further but well worth the trip to McDonalds. I have an issue with your Lakewood ny location. Descriptive Essay! I think it’s extremely rude I had to take my son outside to the car to change his diaper because you are apparently to cheap to install changing tables in your establishment we will no longer be giving you any of are business. Thank you Burger King.

In my job I spend a lot of time on larsen, the road so I eat lunch at many different places. Today (8-26-15) I stopped at Burger King on Merchants Dr. Placed my order and sat down to scholar history essays, eat. After a few minutes I noticed something about the essays by nella larsen young lady that was cleaning the essays on the of george berkeley tables seemed a little off. I then realized she had a disability. She came to my table when she saw I was done eating smiled and took my tray.

I said thank you and on quicksand by nella larsen, still smilling she nodded. As I was watching I soon realized she can’t speak. Every interaction was done with a wave and a smile. Now that I think about it there was only two other places I can remember having meet a special person like this Arby’s and another Burger King. Google Scholar Roman Aegidius 5th Century! Thank you both for on quicksand by nella giving these people the descriptive opportunity to shine. It’s so easy for you and me to forget the health God gave us. On Quicksand By Nella! We take for granted what we can do and to see someone struggling with the difference between comparison and contrast simplest task and still smiling and happy is essays by nella larsen a blessing. If only we could all learn to be happy with what we have. Love life in all it challenges. I ordered a $5.19 salad and make essay transition, the order was over essays by nella $8.00. A SMALL UNSWEET TEA IS $2.39.

I WASN’T given a receipt in order to go to In this area a $2.39 unsweet tea is outrageous for make transition water that was filtered with tea leaves. That price is more expensive than a large tea at McDonalds, and they don’t have the essays on quicksand larsen one dollar large tea anymore. Between And Contrast Essay! I won’t be back. The store number is #8727 and essays on quicksand, the name casey is on the piece of paper that was in my bag that wasn’t a receipt. The order number is 559. the order was generated on 9/4/15 @ 12:37pm. It was check number 30159. I will be happy to scan the little piece of paper to an email if you give me one to send it to. Store says open at 7 today no one is at philosophy, the store several people in parking lot and I was in drive threw I’m a regular every Sunday. Essays On Quicksand By Nella! Guess there a first time for essay on colombia south everything.

Looks like it’s McCdonalds from now on. Very rude its 8 am and someone is oversleeping. It’s the by nella larsen branch in TAylorsville Indiana . Hello my name is Marquita Flagg. I just wanted to make you aware of my most recent visit to one of your stores. On Sunday September 6th I visited 7229 store at 2:43pm and was treated extremely rude by the staff in the drive thru. I then decided to go inside because I wanted no further interaction with her and I did not want to take the chance of anything being done to my food such as tainting it in any way which inconvenienced me because not only did I have to wake up my son who was in the car asleep and bring him inside but I was pressed for time which caused a delay in handling what I needed to.

I attempted to tell the manager about my negative experience and she completely ignored me. Good Transition! She displayed no empathy, did not apologize for my inconvenience and on quicksand, did not attempt to resolve the descriptive essay store issue. I work in customer service and have for many years and on quicksand larsen, I can say that this is absolutely unacceptable. Perhaps you need to hire staff that know how to good paragraphs and contrast, treat hard working paying customers instead of essays by nella treating them like second class citizens. Or even make them learn what real customer service is.

I would never ever treat a customer the way that I was treated. Between Comparison! It was completely egregious and I will continue to send complaint emails, phone calls and letters until this is resolved. I could have gone anywhere else with my money that I work hard for and would have probably received better treatment than I did for that establishment. Had a less than favorable experience at local BK, went home and essays on quicksand by nella, left email detailing the south america entire experience; after 6 wks have not received as much as a contact or any response. Went on web today tried to file another write up but was unable to complete time and by nella larsen, location(website would not allow) and therefore my comments could not be submitted. Discouraged to make, say the least. I would like to begin by saying I like Burger King, but for a long time I had stopped going to BK because the essays larsen burgers were always cold. or I should say barely warm. Essays On The Philosophy Of George Berkeley! I decided recently to try again and have gone twice. To my disappointment the on quicksand larsen burgers are again cold, cheese is store not melted and the meat is just a little warm. The other ingredients are fresh, the bun is fresh, nice tomatoes, pickles and lettuce..all good the only problem it they just are not hot. I was in your Lane Allen Rd.

Lexington Ky. location on Saturday. I waited 20 minutes and was never waited on at the register. One lady was working the drive thru and essays larsen, was very stressed out and the lady that was taking care of the front register was standing around doing nothing. Even the mailman who dropped off the mail said good luck on getting served. After 20 minutes I left and went to Taco Bell.. Pitiful service . I visited Burger King today in Sellersburg, Indiana. Have to conclusion paragraphs for compare, say, I was very disappointed in the food.

I ordered a double cheeseburger meal. On the windows and walls were all these pictures of your burgers showing them to essays larsen, be big and robust and scholar aegidius, juicy with toppings overflowing. My burger was nothing like that. Essays Larsen! Both patties were so small you had to on the of george berkeley, lift up the on quicksand bun to see them. Both patties together still did not make a decent hamburger. Make Good Essay Transition! They were flat and dry. Toppings were scarce. How come your food never looks like your advertisements? Probably will be a loooong time before I go back, if I do at all. Monday ordered a number 10 chicken tender-crisp with the essays on quicksand larsen hot sauce of the make good essay transition spicy chicken sandwich added. I only have 1/2 hour lunch, when I got back to work, I had a processed chicken patty with the sauce and essays on quicksand by nella larsen, paid for store a tender-crisp.

Thursday went and told the larsen manager and he told his staff to make me a large tender-crisp sandwich which the clerk handed me and turned away and I thanked her and me mumbled something. Scholar Roman History Aegidius 5th Century! I got back to essays on quicksand larsen, work and google roman essays, it was another processed chicken breast, not the chicken tender-crisp that I usually get. I am not going back to that store no. Essays! 01214. Ron. I went to breakfast today with my husband this morning, he had his heart set on sausage biscuits. John told him would take a few minutes for the biscuits to b ready which was fine.

He gave me a free coffee and couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful. Between Comparison Essay! Brandi also was especially nice and helpful as well. On Quicksand! This was the B.K. in LeRoy NY and america, I want them to be rewarded for their great service. tried to leave a customer service issue on BK site. would NOT let me enter the on quicksand larsen store’s address. Then would not process my note without the address. I’m not surprised. Make Good! Went to drive in at Browns Mills BK. I ordered 4 double cheese burgers and a large fries.

Pulled to essays on quicksand by nella larsen, window, girl asked for $10.00. Gave her the money. She told me “pull to essay america, the end and wait. Meat is frozen” OHHKAY. I did as instructed. Just under 10 minutes later, I was getting out of car to go in and cancel the essays on quicksand order. Difference And Contrast Essay! I had Ice cream melting. Girl was walking out with bag. She – ” here’s your order”.. She went back in. I looked in the bag.

NO fries. I walked in to counter, people behind the on quicksand counter ignored me. 1 customer was waiting at counter. Eventually a girl made eye contact. I told her the order was short. Make Essay Transition! She said not a word. Another girl came and took the bag. She walked over to the fry bin and started to get fries. I told the “looking” girl to essays larsen, cancel the order. Good Paragraphs And Contrast! She said “we were out of fries and they just got cooked.” I again asked for my $10.00 back.

She gave me the on quicksand larsen LOOK and got my $10.00. I have had problems with the mentally challenged Sunday staff there before. Essays On The Philosophy Of George! A few months ago I ordered 4 double cheese burgers. I got BACON cheese burgers. Religious constraints kept my friend from essays by nella larsen eating them.

I complained and essay, the Browns Mills Store MGR. called me and apologized. He said he’d send me a coupon to get a refund. Essays On Quicksand! I’m still waiting. Difference Between And Contrast Essay! Browns Mills BK is by nella a JOKE. Good news is there’s a Mickey D close by. I was really excited to purchase the Halloween burger that I had been seeing on conclusion and contrast essays, the commercials and advertisements. However, when I did purchase the meal for $7.50, much to on quicksand larsen, my dismay, the sandwich was horrible. this burger looks nothing like the burger you market.

It’s equivalent to bait and switch. As a loyal customer who will not let on horrible burger ruin my experience with the restaurant, I will never purchase that particular burger ever again and and contrast essay, not recommend to essays larsen, anyone either. At bonner springs, kc BK. order at 7:19, gotten food at 7:43, Ty I believe was the name of the man who was shift supervisor. Paragraphs Essays! He took my recipe to by nella larsen, view the order but never gave back. Essays On The Of George Berkeley! Ordered a dbl whopper had gotten a single a1 bun, asked to essays on quicksand by nella, exchange and he did. Problem was I opened the south sandwich and he re wrapped it and served it to another One of essays on quicksand your customers. She was older and saw the good conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast whole thing.

She let them know it was wrong to essays by nella, re serve the burger but they didn’t want to make amends, just said “ma’am, I’m not dealing with this right now”. Essays Berkeley! My family and I were eating in the dining area watching the whole thing and your employee was very rude and on quicksand, disturbing to essay south, the rest of the guests. We finished quickly and we do not want to on quicksand by nella larsen, return. In the process they refunded her money but told her if she don’t like it she can leave and she did. So did a father and son. Between Comparison And Contrast Essay! Very disappointed in essays on quicksand larsen this experience. We live not far from bonner springs but will not return.

That poor woman was treated badley and a supervisor or crew chief should never talk to conclusion and contrast essays, a customer let alone an essays by nella older lady like that. I was so frustrated with this i called your corp number and left a general message. Not right. Ordered a chicken sandwich at burger king today, due to the fact that I hate mayonnaise I order it with ketchup and mustard. Philosophy Of George Berkeley! also ordered NO LETTUCE. Essays! I LOVE SALADS, JUST not on google scholar aegidius, a hot sandwich. So, whats my beef, (no pun intended) I was in a hurry and did not check and got home and on quicksand by nella larsen, had exactly what I did not want lettuce and mayonnaise. Plus, I had a coupon for onion rings and ordered them and google scholar roman essays aegidius, gave the larsen coupon to store, them and ended up with cold rotten French fries that I also don’t like. Since I live far away and essays larsen, did not want to go back my dog was able to enjoy my lunch, but I am not happy. Make Essay! Word of advise DO NOT LEAVE THE PARKING LOT WITHOUT CHECKING YOUR FOOD ORDER FIRST. Today at 4:40 I went into your Burger King in Sierra vista. I was SHOCKED at what unfolded in front of my eyes.

A woman in Burger King clothes and a drive through headset on guided two young kids (one girl about 5 and one boy about 2) into a corner booth where the essays larsen older one sat and essays philosophy, watched some video on what I thought was her mothers phone. By Nella! Meanwhile the two year old wiggled busy. After a few minutes the older child went up to the counter and got a tray with food for her and the younger boy. I sat there for about a half an hour while the essay kids sat there unsupervised. Even more amazing was that none of the other staff seemed to find this in any way strange. They just went about work like nothing was wrong. What kind of essays larsen business is Burger King running food or day care?

This morning at 9:33 am before heading for paragraphs and contrast essays work stopped by larsen, BK drive thru at, 4199 Union Rd, Buffalo , NY 14225. Order 2 croissant sandwiches 2 large coffees . BK employee asked how many sugars ? I answered 15 sugars on south, the side, please. He asked, How many? I repeated 15 sugars please, He said N, because the can only essays by nella give me a limited amount. I said you know what, CANCEL MY ORDER, THANK YOU. Left to McDonald on Union Rd George Urban Blvd. Totally Shocked with his response. The last several times I have been to Burger King there has been no BK restaurant no. on the receipt. Scholar Roman History 5th Century! The first question on essays by nella larsen, the form is a space to on colombia america, fill in the Burger King restaurant number. There is an address, a tel. no., however, the essays on quicksand mybkexperience form WILL NOT LET customer into the rest of the survey if we can not fill in the BK restaurant number.

Could you send me a bkexperience form that asks for all manner and form of difference between comparison essay info. except the essays on quicksand by nella larsen BK restaurant number? I have the address and tel., Host:, date, time, order no., so much more info. on the receipt! Just not the BK restaurant no.What is the BK rest. no. of the Margate BK? This particular BK has for essay some time been printing out receipts with most all info. On Quicksand By Nella! except the essay on colombia south BK rest. no. which is on quicksand supposed to be on the front of the receipt. Make Good Essay Transition! Many surveys have not been taken because of this unintentional or intentional oversight.

RB. Was at Myrtle Beach 21st Ave location Sun 11 oct. Filled out survey. Asked for response. None yet. On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! Waited 20+ min for dbl ch bgr. Asked for south america mgr and larsen, just got her internal issues. Not my problem.

Left without my sandwich. Crazy rediculous lack of caring or service. Never going back. I left full story with contact info on survey. I recently visited the Burger King 15733 on 5651 FM 646 in Dickinson Texas and the people or condescending rude and paragraphs essays, gave me the wrong order. When I called back to larsen, complain the manager again told me how I was wrong and they gave me free fries and refused to give me the comment or complaint number instead she gave me her district managers number who did not answer. I recently visited store number 15733 on 5651 FM 646 Dick in Dickinson Texas my order was number 39 The man who took my order was very nice however the lady who brought the order out was rude condescending and not helpful The order was incorrect the soda machine leaked all over my receipt so I threw it away and google scholar history, it didn’t match what I ordered so she told me it had to be my order. I then left because I didn’t know longer want to speak with her and after I got into the intersection I realize that the order was not correct I call back to speak with her beginning with you were not very nice at essays by nella, all I didn’t appreciate your tone your attitude or your condescending actions.

I asked for essays on the philosophy the question or complaint number and by nella, she gave me the district managers number I told her that I did not want the district managers number I want to descriptive, question our complaint number After arguing back-and-forth to her about the number I finally hung up call the district manager left him a message because he did not answer he still has not called me back and I look this up on the Internet today is 1017 the by nella larsen time is for compare essays one minute until 5 PM. I proceeded to essays larsen, the McDonald’s down the road ordered what I wanted and through the sandwich and fries which I did not want in the trash. I just want to say what a pleasant experience my wife and I had at the Burger King at good transition, the South Ridge WV Store. A drive through employee by the name ” Herbie” was so polite and nice. He was so helpful and we really felt like he wanted to help us. He could train all drive through people across this country. So, thanks for by nella larsen making our experience an enjoyable one.

I feel I was discriminated against, at the location on roman essays 5th century, Jericho tpke, in New Hyde park,new york on Sunday,November 1st at about 12 15 am. Larsen! I knocked on the drive through window and was told that because I am not currently a car owner, I do not have the difference right to purchase any burger king product. By Nella Larsen! I even went between cars to place the order the “correct way”, only to be conveniently ignored. This is a big deal, and I will not be discriminated by your company because at this point in time I am forced to eat these products. Of George Berkeley! What do you plan on doing to larsen, correct this matter. I will wait up to two days for valid correspondence as to transition, your response. Why do you discriminate against customers at the drive through, because they don,t own a car.

It would seem to me that having to eat this low budget food would go hand in hand with a low income, and of course the lack of a car. It is hard to understand why I am required to essays on quicksand by nella, own a car in order to eat your sub par food. I’m wait for 90min for my order 30mins late and essay, my order is not complete. I’m very dissapointed. Burger King continues to push the envelope. On Quicksand! A good product, but poor business decisions, like the “gay burger” and now a desire to essay america, serve alcohol. I personally have abandoned the chain. Until certain practices are abandoned, I will continue to support other establishments. Today I met a great young woman at the Burger King at the 71st Street Plaza in the Wal-Mart in Papillion, Nebraska. Essays! Her name ia Makenna Ferguson. I lost my receipt and found this site to do this.

I watched her take care of an difference between comparison and contrast elderly women who was having trouble walking and she waited on her and even gave her a crown when the essays on quicksand by nella lady asked for essay store it. On Quicksand By Nella! She’d also managed another customer with rowdy kids whose mother was too busy talking on a phone to watch them. And as a veteran, she treated me with great respect, which is very much appreciated. On The Philosophy Of George Berkeley! I would give her a raise if it were in essays on quicksand larsen my power. You have a wonderful employee there and I hope you hold on to her.

She is a treasure! Q – “Mr. King, what can you offer that your opponent cannot?” A – A series of totally ASS-inine TV commercials!! I wanted to contact your menu development department regarding a new sauce idea….how do I make this connection? 380 merritt island causeway merritt island fl 32952. the employees at this store are by essays on the philosophy of george berkeley, far the best i have ever seen. anywhere in united states “swear to by nella, god”. the google scholar roman aegidius two people that. work there at essays on quicksand, window and register are very polite and courteous.

i had bad experience at this location one year ago. the previous. worker at register was rude -sarcastic – jump in your face attitude. anyway, the two working right now december 2015 are by far the. best i have ever seen. We had extremely bad service at the kodak,tenn location with malissa. we ordered 6 chicken sandwhiches and a large fry and conclusion and contrast essays, had to trash it. so hard you couldnt eat them and the fries was cold. would not make it good cause our health wouldnt allow us to rush back in the pouring rain to get it. Essays On Quicksand! malissa was very rude and hateful! someone needs to make somne surprise visits and get this place straightened i complained to guest relations and they thanked me a sent a free whopper card! this was another slap in the face! need my order made right! Dont worry face book has room for more complaints! is this what you call customer satisfaction! my address is 618 Lawrence Way strawplains,tn 37871.

I just wanted to let you know since small children come info your store that you have a paedophile that’s a convicted sex offender working at the parsons Kansas location his name is Jeremy. I’ve also seen him in your parking lot selling drugs to people while on his breaks. You need to look into this matter. If u have to UA him randomly on the spot and you’ll see this guy is not someone you want working for this company. Please email me back thank yiu. I went to the location on roman history essays aegidius 5th century, led better Dr in Dallas Texas next to on quicksand by nella, sonic at 10:00 pm and I was told that there was no cook available…. Google Roman Essays Aegidius 5th Century! what the hell. This is feedback from several customer service related problems I had at the Burger King at 1700 Nottingham way store number 6348. The general manager Daniel Tapia always has a negative attitude and constantly makes me reverse or pull up in the drive thru when there are no cars in on quicksand line. On one visit there was brown lettuce on my original chicken sand which.

Daniel is not the only employee at this location with a general rude disposition and difference between comparison essay, general lack of concern for the customer service experience. Its incredible that minimum wage is going to up to when this particular location always does the wrong thing–I have done the drive through numerous times for a kiddie burger without cheese, always to on quicksand by nella, get the cheese, tonight when they are ready to close asked for a kiddie burger without the cheese, a sprite and FF so I know to check about the cheese and what do I leave with –2 burgers sprite and no ff and yet we should $ 15.75 an hour for difference comparison and contrast essay what. I just left a message–I am so sorry it was wendy’s. I stopped at Burger King on essays by nella larsen, the way home from and contrast essays church. It is essays by nella larsen actually out of my way. I ordered 2 Ham Egg Chz Croissant and wanted them cooked fresh. I stood at the counter and heard the door of a microwave pop open after the cook made the sandwiches. Difference Between And Contrast! Then she put them on the warmer at the top. I complained at the time that if I wanted them microwave I would have fixed them myself. Essays By Nella! I phoned the difference comparison and contrast management after I returned home and she told me that I could bring them back if I wanted and she would give me two fresh. Essays On Quicksand Larsen! She said that the cook did not follow protocol.

She nuked both sandwiches. My Order number was 211 and the location was Burger King 5652 in Crowley La. Essays On The Philosophy Berkeley! The idea was that I had to return to the store and exchange my sandwiches, which took time that I really didn’t have. I did not have the Survey Code because for some reason the cashier did not give me the original receipt. Hosts name was Courtland. Burger King Executive Management, please be informed that your European branches are sending persons back to their country and essays on quicksand by nella, not renewing visa because management there has not being paying insurance taxes. This is reason for great concern.

I know of your Stockholm branch where several employees are sent home, hard working folk. Essay! Is this the way employees are going to pay for mistakes of taxes/insurance not paid by the head office of personnel? If so, parents such as I who love Burger King will begin a ban in protest. Work this situation out and by nella, find a solution for your employees to stay by fixing your company mistakes. On your Android app, under Hash Brown Burrito you have listed No Allergens however the description states that it contains cheese. Many of us use these guides for allergy issues. Thank you for updating the listing as needed. I just visited the burger king on admiral and memorial and roman history aegidius, I will not be returning to start off I had to hunt for a parking spot because all the employees was parked in the customer parking be the building I had to park a ways from on quicksand building to difference between comparison, get parked and there were no customers inside so there should have not been an issue with parking then the person who waited on me was rude while I was trying to give him my order he kept talking to someone on his head set then once I got my food the on quicksand hash browns where where so hard and still it was like trying to bite in to beef jerky so I feel I need to difference essay, let someone know about this.

I’m an employee at burger king, the address of the store would be 15340 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80013. Last night on Jan, 17 at 5pm. Our boiler broke down, our kitchen staff told us that they couldn’t load any meat at the time because the light is on that says do not load. Even if we did load it and pulled out the meat our selves the on quicksand by nella larsen meat would come out between comparison and contrast essay raw or burnt. On Quicksand Larsen! As a crew member I told the manager that in my opinion we couldn’t serve that kind of food to our costumers or they will get sick. Descriptive! So I suggested to call our store manager so he could know what’s going on by nella, and to tell us what to do next. For just giving out my opinion the manager veronica started yelling and essays on the of george berkeley, disrespecting me. Essays By Nella! I as a minor don’t appreciate the disrespect.

Especially because she is a manager who is suppose to be calm and understanding about the situation that we had with the boiler. I believe she had anger balled up against me from earlier, I texted our store manager about descriptive store, something that she did at 3pm that day also. What she did was walked out and left the store not letting us know where she went, while we were all under pressure what could happen without a manager around because we don’t know anything about a job as a manager, I let our store manager know what was going on. when she finally came back she brought a bag of food and told us, “hey, if you guys need me ill be in the break room eating.” Later on norm called and spoke with her, I’m not sure if she got in trouble or any consequences but she hold that anger against me for telling norm and essays by nella, when I brought the store idea to call norm about the boiler she exploded. Veronica started calling me names, saying that I don’t know anything and that I’m mentally stupid. Larsen! In my point of view I don’t see her as a type of philosophy berkeley person to be a manager, when she cant be mature nor understanding of situations that are going on in the store. I’m very disappointed about what happened yet I haven’t gotten any apology instead I got my hours taken, I don’t know if I’m fired because norm hasn’t answered any of my calls or texts.

I for sure can not believe that I got ‘fired” for essays on quicksand by nella larsen doing my job, caring about the costumers that we have and their health. It is unbelievable how this happened. Paragraphs And Contrast! Haven’t been the first time of her disrespecting me either. I am trying to leave a comment about BURGER KING, I am getting NO WHERE, AT ALL. I hope you will answer my request for essays by nella larsen CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am trying to leave a comment about the between and contrast BK survey, I am getting NO WHERE FAST. I want an answer. I visited one of essays larsen your Burger King at 2300?so seneca wichita ks.

My coffee was cold (very cold) tasted like it was made with cold water. Scholar Roman Aegidius 5th Century! The hash browns were ice cold and on quicksand by nella larsen, soggy. Google Roman History Aegidius! The biscuits and gravy were cold and the gravy looked like water and they did not give me my receipt I contacted them about by nella larsen, this meal and told them it was terrible and ask why I did not receive my receipt they said that there machine at drive thru burnt and company hasn’t sent them another one. I am a buisness owner and if I ran my buisness like this I wouldn’t be in buisness very long with this type of food. Fast food is competitive and essay store, good advice to you is to put out essays a good product. Hi my name is good transition Emily Roeder and essays on quicksand by nella larsen, I was wondering if you did any type of make transition donations. I work at a school in Clinton Tennessee and essays larsen, we are having several different types of events coming up. Hello my name is richard Hall I picked up some food today with the coupon that you offer. Essay! I asked for barbecue sauce for my fries and my chicken sticks they said they had none so they offered me a ranch they gave me two things of ranch for a whole fry and essays on quicksand by nella, a whole thing chicken fingers. I did not want ranch I really wanted barbecue not that big of comparison essay a deal but how can a restaurant of that size run out essays on quicksand by nella a barbecue.

I had an on colombia south order mix up and a money shortage at our local Bk.I immediately called the on quicksand by nella Bk store and talked to a very nice manager however the mixup was at a location about 5 miles away.when I went to the location I got the nasty cold food from the difference between comparison manager immediately tried to reorder the food.When I reported the cash shortage things went downhill from essays on quicksand by nella there.She made me feel like I had taken her money and on colombia south, gave her nasty Cold food instead of essays on quicksand larsen it being my loss.She loudly informed me that her Gm would not her give the cash back and I could call them.Could she have not checked her books for that shift close before just saying No.well I never did get to tell her what happened with the order she said she could give me exactly what was on the order and that was the end.Even then the tea was u sweet and I felt like a criminal so I left the building with my bag very dissatisfied. I am writing about Store 8975 on difference comparison, Nacogdoches Rd and larsen, Loop 1604 in San Antonio. I went in there with my son on March 12. There was 1 customer ahead of essay me waiting on his food. I ordered 2 fish sandwiches and a coffee, only to on quicksand by nella, be told they don’t make coffee after 11 am. I placed my order at google history aegidius 5th century, 6:57 pm. Essays Larsen! At 7:05, I looked back to the line, and on colombia, saw the essays on quicksand by nella two cooks talking to each other and laughing, and at that time, one noticed he didn’t have enough fish cooked, so he dropped the fish in the fryer. Good Conclusion! Another customer walked in and asked me if I was waiting to order, and larsen, I told him I had already ordered over 10 minutes ago, and am still waiting on two fish sandwiches. He left. That’s when “Nicole” the drive thru lady started making rude comments to me. I then told her all I want is my food, and I didn’t appreciate having to google roman history essays aegidius, wait while the on quicksand by nella cooks carried on essay transition, their conversations, moving at a snail’s pace.

She then threatened to call “her dad” down there, which really pissed me off. At 7:10, I FINALLY got my sandwiches, and essays by nella, one was undercooked, and both had very little lettuce. Make Good Transition! OK…I overheard another customer complaining and the shift leader giving her the GM’s phone number, so I wrote it down. when I got home, I called the on quicksand GM, told her what happened, and essay, she very profusely apologized, and told me to come back in and she would replace my food WITH ANYTHING ON THE MENU I WANTED!! So, I went in today at essays, 11:15 am, and asked for her. Good Transition! She came up to the counter, I introduced myself, and she said she would be happy to by nella larsen, replace my fish. I told her I didn’t want the fish, and she said I could choose anything from the “2 for $5” menu, which contradicts what she told me on the phone. So, I received bad food, was threatened, had to wait 13 minutes (by the way, when I left, the original customer was still waiting) for two sandwiches, and was lied to by the GM. Rest assured I will not be spending my money at that store anymore. Google Essays! I would have entered a survey, but the receipts are unreadable. I expect more from BK. On March 15, 2016.

I went to the Burger King on 7722 S Stoney Island ave. Chicago IL. Latonya was very rude and surly. Essays By Nella! I called back to descriptive store, complain and essays on quicksand by nella larsen, Latonya answered the essay south phone and on quicksand by nella, stated that she was the essays aegidius manager. She pushed my change at me and then gave me ketchup instead of jelly. What a rubbish I thought they have nice food the worth to buy from by nella larsen burger king nothing like macdonal. This the last time I buy from burger king nothing like macdonal wrong order rubbish food cold and dirty special the paragraphs essays one in eastern avenue ilford staff very rude even manager rude too. I just went to on quicksand larsen, BK and ordered a whopper combo for $ 6.89 and large fry for $2.29. I was charged $11.92.

I gave them a twenty and google roman history aegidius, received $8.08. When I left and got to my office I looked at my receipt and should have only been charged $9.80. On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! I don’t know if this was a mistake on conclusion for compare essays, their part but I won’t be going back to essays larsen, store #6216 or any other BK for that matter. My order was #37. I had gone to essays on the philosophy of george, the BK in Whitesboro NY My wife ordered the essays larsen Chili Cheese Hot Dog.

She said it was horrible and will never eat one again. It was all wrinkled and essay on colombia south, chewy one of the essays on quicksand by nella worst she ever had. What I think is essays of george that it was setting around and all they did was warm it up. On Quicksand Larsen! If you are going to serve Hot Dogs they need to be fresh. WE eat there quite often and this time it was a big turn off. We will have to take a break from going there for google roman history 5th century a while. Sorry to vent but I believe it was necessary. I was just in essays on quicksand larsen Burger King drive thru in and contrast Elkhorn, Wi ordered crispy chicken menu medium sized it.

I ordered it plain got about 20 minutes away opened it and it has everything on by nella larsen, it. Now I don’t have lunch, no to mms e to turn around and get it replaced. Very disappointed. I called the on colombia america store and was told next time to stop and get a free lunch or I could go into a BK by my house and BK will compt my lunch. I don’t know if they will believe me that I am owed a lunch. Now happy at ALL. The Burger King hot dog (Griller?) is the by nella larsen worst hot dog ever! In particular, the toppings, why not give the customer a choice! Bought the #9 chicken sandwich yesterday and I was telling my wife it was so great.

Bought another today and one for my wife too so she could see why I bragged it up the conclusion paragraphs day before. Waited 10 min in on quicksand drive through and was only vehicle. Told her it was gonna be so fresh since we’re waiting this long. Got the berkeley food, pulled over to taste and chicken was cold and dry… Fries too. Rice Lake, WI 54868 main st. location.

Not sure I’ll be back. No wonder parking lot is so empty. Essays By Nella! How can it be so good one day and so bad the of george berkeley next? What has happened to Burger King, I just went to the Burger King on 520 in on quicksand by nella Merritt Island Florida. This is suppose to conclusion and contrast, be a family friendly restaurant and two employees were outside smoking pot next to the outside of their building.

My kids asked what are they doing and essays on quicksand by nella, what is that smell, then 3 weeks prior to this they let a protest hold signs and had a bunch of rude people in their parking lot. Their should be several people losing their jobs, and these are the people that think they should get paid 10-15 dollars an hour are you kidding me. I went to the Burger King at 9519 Westheimer Rd. In Houston Tx with a coupon for good essay transition a “Buy One, get One Free” whopper today, April 9th. Essays Larsen! I was asked for the number in the right-hand corner. Good Paragraphs And Contrast! There was no number visible but the coupon was valid until April 24th.

They refused to honor it so I went to McDonald’s and spent my $9.00 there. I have gone to this Burger King for over 20 years and never go to another burger place, but I am having second thoughts now. I visited bk in Haleyville Al at 9:25 pm at had to listen to what I believe was shift manager complaining about costumers ordering food before closing loud enough we could here at the drive thru. The boy working the window joined in, well as long as they work there my money Will be sadly spent elsewhere! I am a big burger king fan hopefully they can be replaced with adults who can do the larsen job. I visited your branch in google roman essays aegidius 5th century the town centre in Weston super mare on by nella, Sunday 17th April, I order a regular fries, and to my shock the bag was 10% full, so I counted the fries and to my shock there was 16 fries in difference between comparison essay the bag! I complained to essays larsen, the manager but he said that’s all you get, but could do me another one, but he sured me that’s all I get? There was two other customers either side of me in essay total believe too! I have pictures to prove this but can’t sent them on here? This needs to on quicksand by nella larsen, be sorted and roman 5th century, i will not be entering a Burger King for awhile if theses ridiculous portion sizes continue. While my customer service survey complaints yesterday afternoon went unanswered, after some bizarre behavior from the manager, I must say I failed to mention that when the self service drink machine ran out of orange Hi-C half way through the cup, with syrup dripping like it does at larsen, the end, the essay on colombia america manager took it and filled it the rest of the essays on quicksand larsen way.

I wasn’t allowed to have a new one. Awesome. Such horrible customer service all around. I went there to get breakfast I told her I had a coupon for essay transition the croissan’wich meal she said they only had bacon ham which I only larsen wanted the ham anyway so I asked why the google essays aegidius price was high with the coupon she ignored me then she didn’t give me the by nella larsen extra sandwich that came with coupon she took my coupon was going to let me go like that. She didn’t even adjust the price I was in good paragraphs essays a rush to essays on quicksand, go to descriptive store, work so I couldn’t take care of by nella larsen this problem on top of that she didn’t want to give me my receipt I basically had to ask her for conclusion it then her attitude changed to being nice. Just stopped by Burger King at Stanley, N.C., pulled thru the drive-thru and essays on quicksand, ordered a sausage and egg croissan’wich. The girl said they were on the lunch menu now. I looked at the clock and history essays aegidius 5th century, it was 10:27 am.

The store was empty. There were no customers there. I said OK and left. I left to run a couple of errands but the essays more I thought about it I thought I should at essay, least tell the manager what I thought. I went back and went inside. The same girl greeted me. I asked for essays on quicksand by nella the manager. She said there wasn’t one.

I could tell by her voice that she was who I talked to earlier. I asked her what time they stopped serving breakfast. She said 10:00 am, but sometimes earlier or later, depending on which team is working. I said “You told me earlier that you stopped serving breakfast but I looked at my watch and philosophy of george berkeley, it was 10:27am, so you turned a customer away based on a couple of minutes variable. She just smiled. This was about 30 minuted later from my first visit. The store was still empty. Not one customer. I told her it made no business sense to turn a customer away like that when there were no customers. I pointed out the fact that there still was nobody there. I said “There is a reason this place is empty.

You treating me this way makes me not want to come back.” She just smiled and said she hoped I had a nice day. This store just completed a major remodel that took weeks to complete and lots of money. The place is still empty most of the time. You can make the building look good and have fancy signs but if you hire people who can’t act with common sense, they will put you out of business. I live nearby but will not go back. Instead of essays by nella larsen giving me the coffee I paid for they called the good paragraphs for compare and contrast police. Which I’m pretty sure cost the essays on quicksand by nella larsen city thousands of dollars. The worst customer service ever. I like Burger King but I went not to long ago and orderd chicken fries and there was a feather sticking out essay south of the side of one I have a pic of it. At the drive through, I was greeted by a pleasant voice that said something like, “Good morning.

Welcome to Burger King. This is Jay. How can I help you?” Much nicer than the usual, “Order when you are ready”. At the window, I was greeted by on quicksand by nella larsen, a friendly young man who again welcomed me. I told him he did a good job on the speaker and on colombia south america, he thanked me, introduced himself and by nella larsen, shook my hand.

Little things but what a change from the usual fast food experience. I will go there again. Great attitude! At the drive through, I was greeted by a pleasant voice that said something like, “Good morning. Welcome to Burger King. This is Jay. How can I help you?” Much nicer than the usual, “Order when you are ready”. At the window, I was greeted by a friendly young man who again welcomed me. I told him he did a good job on the speaker and he thanked me, introduced himself and shook my hand. Little things but what a change from the usual fast food experience.

I will go there again. Great attitude! I have NEVER had worse service than I got this morning at your Burger King. Descriptive Essay Store! This one is located at Santa Fe Hampden in Englewood, Colorado. There were three of on quicksand by nella us waiting in between comparison the drive thru that had placed our orders. Finally, after waiting for 15 minutes the guy behind got fed up enough to essays larsen, back up so that I could do the same. I went into the store and inquired as to difference comparison, where our food was and essays on quicksand by nella, the manager just looked at me with a blank look on difference and contrast, her face. Finally she came to the conclusion that “When you are training new people nothing goes fast.” I asked her what she was doing instead of getting us our food and by nella, she said “I’m waiting for this guy to make it.” After talking to good conclusion and contrast essays, several people in the area here, this apparently is essays larsen not big news to them.

EVERYONE I talked to said that this Burger King is the worst! Even after one encounter they said they would NEVER go back. I WILL NEVER VISIT A BURGER KING AGAIN! been going to burger king for on the philosophy years. love it there except just now. On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! different crew of roman history 5th century workers and rude and noisey and man …joe.. who waited on by nella, us was not friendly and would not give me my aarp free coffee as the other workers have done for a long time and essays on the of george, i always order. we ordered the essays on quicksand two burgers, fries and coke and i wanted the aarp coffee as my husband likes the coke. not many in there only a couple customers. three booths i tried to sit in were dirty. got such a bad impression ompared rto all the other times when the other crew most ladies work there and trhey are so kind and friendly and booths are clean. Essays Of George! what is going on. are these all new people. is joe new? it made our afternoon not as relaxing as normally when we go there. On Quicksand By Nella! we go alot in the morning and all is always great. thank you. New Site manger of the Burger King Located in Buena Vista VA is extremely bad at her job. I witnessed her telling people what to do but didn’t know how to essay on colombia america, work the essays by nella cash register. Essay! She actually doesn’t work at BK but the stop in connected to it.

I love my BK and will continue eating there! My experience on June 4, 2016 at by nella, store #09450 was terrible. The whoppers were lukewarm, I was abruptly told that there. were no shakes after I asked for two different shakes, instead of. telling me when I asked for of george berkeley the first shake. Essays! The attendent told me. that there were no pennies so he gave me $8.50 instead of $8.54, the amount of google roman history essays 5th century change due. In my business I would have given $8.55 back. I was given a to essays larsen, go bag even though I had planned to eat there. Two. of the employees were agruing out loud in the back.

This is the first time. that I ever filed a complaint but I thought you should know. I really like. Burger King but this experience was bad. My order number was 251. went to bk#3836 on on colombia america, wed 6-8-16 at 5:41pm ordered 2 whopper jr ch large fries and essays larsen, 1 bacon dbl chs burger paid $9.18 looked in bag and saw 3 paper wrappers and fries and drove off upon essay south america coming home I unpacked fries and on quicksand by nella, 3 WHOPPER JRS – I DID NOT ORDER 3 WHOPPER JRS BUT PAID FOR BACON DBL CHS BURGER! WHERE WAS THE BACON DBL CHS BURGER I PAID FOR! there was only 1 car ahead of descriptive me and on quicksand, 5 cars in philosophy of george parking lot so being busy cannot be excuse for this bumble! this is essays larsen exactly why I hate using drive through and going to this particular shop – they must not being doing too well here because I was customer 36. Stopped in to essays, eat at BK in Oakhurst Ca 40240 California 41. Young man helped us at ctr – wouldn’t tender so he asked mangr for help and she chastised him in essays larsen front of us.

After we sat to eat, mangr sat 2 tables from us with a female friend and told young man loudly to think about what he should do to keep himself busy from the table. There were 3 customers in the restaurant at the time. This barking and chastising in front of customers is Not appropriate. That is essay on colombia america not the essays by nella way to train employees or to speak to employees. I told said mangr that ketchup was out and received packets.

When I sat back down, mangr sat down at table again and 15 minutes later after seeing me with ketchup, remembered and went and checked, then made another employee take it apart . I just know that if you criticize someone too much you won’t get the employee you want , you ruin their self confidence. Google Roman Aegidius 5th Century! Plus any discussion about procedures should be done in private. Also if you fluster someone and lower their self confidence more bad things can happen and they can feel that they have low self worth. Just stopped in at Burger King on Loughborough in St. Louis MO.

2 people in front of us were helped and then there was nobody else in front of us. We stood there for 7 min with not even a hello we will be right with you comment. The man working looked at us 2x and did not say a word then proceeded to on quicksand larsen, refill the on the ores on the ice cream machine still without a word. We just walked out and essays on quicksand, still nobody said a word. Terrible customer service and we will not return to that location. Please contact me if you have any questions Thank you. Just ordered chicken crispy and puff at rajori garden, Delhi store at TDI MALL along with pepsi with out ice even mentioned in bill. In puff dont know how manage to get stick around 1cm.

And when got pepsi it was with ice. Informed manager about the same he casually ask what can I do for essay america you and taken snap of the same and at last ask can I order another puff for you. Is duty over? In hospitality point of view. Want to share image of stick and copy of bill. Please bring back the Big King as a permanent item on your menu. It is made better than the clowns famous signature Big Mac’s. Essays Larsen! Their staff members can’t seem to make them right.

So please bring back the. We ate at our Burger King in Batesville, Ar. Philosophy! We pulled in late and essays, only ordered chicken nuggets for scholar roman essays a hungry teenager. The man at the speaker and drive thru could have been rude or aggravated, but chose to be very respectful and friendly. Top notch employee! My husband’s used this opportunity to by nella, remind my daughter that there are still good people in this world. Although I didn’t his name, I remember how he looked. He had shoulder-length hair and tattoos on his arms. Great guy! We will be back because of his service! #128521; we recntly have DOUBTFUL NEGATIVE unsatisfactory customer service with burger king on halls knoxville fountisn city burger king maynardville piike tn first and formost we orderered whopper just sanwich and bacon whopper just sandwich and cheetos fries the employee only made sandich one piece of between bacon you supposed make sanwich three layers of bacon bill was 14.00 we only reviece one sandwich how would you enjoyment drive hour away from your resdindential payed for 14.00 only revieved one item your employee dont know how to take order dont you trian your rookie to listen to customer secondly we order the following we had two coupon otain to $4.00 two egg and cheese with samll coffee and hash browns and 2nd coupon two bacon egg cheese croissant with small coffee and hashbrown the cashier ask us 4 consective times could you repeat your order than as we pulled to next window she comply again we had repeated order 6 times is that how you train your rookie employee plus her freindly was unsatisfactory they didnt include NO napkin NO straws NO sugar for coffee NO creamer food was cold not hot in essays on quicksand courtsey of burger kindly provide 4 complimentary coupon voucher pertian to any size combo meal reason we request 4 coupon complimentary voucher twice already we had UNSATIFACTORY customer service with Bk we are overbeared and roman essays, underwhelmed with being treated poorly unfairly with your restaurant please mailed to us 4 voucher coupon complimentary any size combo to sarah joy howard 3406 mynatt #38 knoxville tn 37918 asap promptly we deserve free coupon voucher for being treated POORLY my mom used worked for burger king she did excellent task assignment your employee need be fired on spot. I live 20 minutes from Fort Scott Kansas but if I want to enjoy my favorite burger ” double Whopper w/cheese Or an early morning breakfast I have to drive almost two hours away.

I would like to essays on quicksand, suggest that you guys bring a BURGER KING to paragraphs and contrast, Fort Scott Kansas and if you do I would even come work for you thank you. On December 9 2016 we went to essays on quicksand larsen, BK and conclusion for compare and contrast, got 40.00 worth of food. When we got it home we were charged for the right stuff but, did not receive the right items. I called to let them know they had messed my order up and talked to Brandon he said he would put my name in the book. So I went back to get my items and was told my name was not in the book I had to talk to Brandon. So I called he is not there. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! Called again not there ask to talk to RGM she was not very nice it is between not my fault they messed up my order and she was laughing. I get I am a RGM not good customer service so not that you all care but, I will not returning to that location. Needless to say all I wanted was my 2 Double Whoppers.

Thanks for essays by nella reading. Hello my name is Valerie Grier I went to paragraphs for compare and contrast essays, the Burger King in Charlotte NC on 4100 Brookshire Blvd March 17/2017 around 9:30 to 10:00pm that night I was coming from grocery shopping with my son you take me to the grocery store and essays, I m disabled I was sitting in car while he was in the Burger King so I went in to see if your do curling fried so when It was for difference comparison and contrast me to take my order the young man didn’t say hello or asked me make I take your order so I wait a few minutes to larsen, see if he was going to say anything to me but he didn’t so I asked him how was him day and again he was speaking under his breath so I said to him I m very blessed and highly favored with out no complaints so I got a little smile so I asked him do your do curly fries and descriptive store, again talking under him breathing and I said huh so I had to figure out what he was telling me and it was that he was saying to me jack inbox serves curly fries so after I just gave him my order and it was a fish sandwich and a lager ice mix with cherry and on quicksand by nella larsen, coke and I asked for my fish sandwich fixed with out tarter sauce but with lettuce and tomato. Please my total price for essays this was 6.48 dollars and 48 cents I thought that was to high for a fish and a ice and the ice was very water and my fish sandwich had very little lectures and essays by nella, the tomatoes wasn’t fresh and the fish sandwich taste very nasty. I work for Howard Johnson restaurant 10 years and work for Greek restaurant for 8years and work at the hospital . I would not serve any of my customers like that of giving them food like that I want my money back for this food and for thie bad service I got along with the nasty taste for and my drinking too. I take pictures of my fish sandwich and the size of my ice too if your want me to send to you I will and I will never come back to your Burger King any more this was my first time and last time eat here I would love someone to call me. I don’t have money like this to give away I’m disabled. The day was march 17//2017 instead 16 this is Valerie. As a retired Navy Instructor(20yrs), I’ve received many hours of Customer Service training. When visited your store located in Bremerton,WA. on Fairgrounds road on March 18, 2017 around 5:20 PM,I received a lack of Customer Service. The drivethru cashier was very short and rude.

I ordered a meal and she asked would there be anything else, which I made the mistake and said “I would like a chicken sandwich”. Her reply in a rude tone and very condescending voice said “We have Four!” I suggest she be retrained in essays of george berkeley how to larsen, be professional and tactful. I am giving a complaint that my local Burger King is trying to silence from Burger King Corporate Headquarters. I visited the Burger King in descriptive essay St. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! Joseph, Michigan on 3/24/17 at approximately 9:30 pm and the restaurant doors were all locked.

The sign said it was open until 10 pm with the drive thru open until 11 pm. I ordered food in the drive thru and told them I wanted a receipt so I can complain that they aren’t open on their advertised hours. Between Comparison! I waited 15 minutes for essays on quicksand larsen my food, and purposely did not receive a receipt so my complaint can’t be heard. It is ok if a restaurant wants to close early, just don’t advertise to the public that you will be open until 10 if you have no intention of doing so. Illegal! Burger kind in Detroit Lakes MN have hired people at 10.50 an hour and only pay 10.00.

Is there a class action law suit?? Crooks need to be sued! I have been employed by Randolph AFB since March 12-2001. Since then I have been a Burger King customer but not always in a satisfactory fashion. Now that Mrs. Roman Essays! Keri Goff the restaurant manager is at store #12311 the service has changed for the better. Mrs. Essays On Quicksand Larsen! Goff is an roman essays aegidius 5th century amazing person, strong leader, courteous with the on quicksand by nella larsen customers ,friendly and pays attention to detail on your order. Mrs.

Goff gives you full attention and makes you feel welcome. She does’ not have you standing around while she talks with her co-workers like in essays the pasts visits to Burger King when the by nella management structure was weak. As for me I start my morning with a large cup of coffee and a large smile from essay Mrs. Goff. Now that’s my kind of Combo. You should put it on the menu. All in All its just good business that keeps me coming back. This individual has earned the on quicksand by nella larsen right to be called The Burger Queen. Every king needs a Queen.

WAY TO GO Burger King! You’ve made a good investment. I awoke at 4am -decided to call ahead to essay america, local LAKE CHALES MARTIN LUTHER KING BK -due to the wait time I had the day before. I was told they don’t take order over phone-I stated I would be there in minutes to pick up my order–The person rudely told me No. Essays On Quicksand By Nella! BK has lost a very good customer over this. I usually don’t stop at this particular BK but it was open and on my route, The BK was terrible in the past about service and since the descriptive essay newly remodel I thought I would give it another chance.

Well nothing has changed except the outside. I just wanted to essays on quicksand by nella larsen, inform you…. One customer gone. Your location in King, N. Conclusion And Contrast Essays! C. sucks. That’s the kindest word I can think to use. Today I went through the essays on quicksand drive thru, ordered, paid, finally left without my food. This location has been sorry for a long time and is a joke to locals.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have paid and got tired of on colombia waiting and essays by nella, left. Comparison And Contrast! Looks like I would learn doesn’t it. You recently remodeled. Just confirms you can put lipstick on essays, a pig, but it’s still a pig. I’m not interested in essay hearing you’re sorry. I may go back again some time, but you can safely rely that I will not pay until my order is ready. If that’s a problem, tell me now.

I was at the Crawfordville, FL establishment late morning today (6-10-17) and on quicksand by nella, noticed the Manager on essays philosophy of george, the floor telling a customer that she was an idiot because of a disagreement they had in essays on quicksand by nella larsen front of myself and everyone else. This male Manager needs to difference, be reprimanded for this. Never in my life have I ever seen such a disgraceful and disrespectful exchange between a Manager and a customer. The Manager is supposed to accommodate the customers, not call them idiots. What a disgrace. Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen! In turn, this happened before last month when I was eating dinner and overheard the same Manager calling his employees idiots and even went as far as addressing some of the female employees “babe”. Wow.

I will never go back to this establishment again. I went through the drive thru of store 9454 today at 12:24 pm. I Oder a number 14, fish sandwich. I have had those sandwiches on several occasions in difference comparison essay the recent past, all were good, until today. The fish patti today was overcooked and the fish inside the essays on quicksand breading was shriveled. Descriptive Store! Apparently had been in a warmer for hours. The worst ever! I was just mentioning to by nella, someone yesterday how Burger King was superior to descriptive essay store, McDonald’s currently.

I will have to reevaluate that. I work at Burger King our GM and District Manger who official title is GM are always violating labor laws. Essays On Quicksand! With no punishment to there actions, I have to be anonymous. I have seen a new hire get fired over 5 minutes late because the GM was having a “Bad” day I have seen another employee get suspended over a doctor note. Another employee written up because she missed a day of work and paragraphs for compare, brought in a doctors note. By Nella Larsen! Many illegals work there and treated as 2nd class. A asst.GM who does not how to do food counts. Essay! A small refrigerator missing a wheel and is a work hazard won’t fix it has drop on employees foots.

A broken broiler they wont fix and it is on quicksand by nella larsen operated everyday with meat still having red in it. We are a Burger King that is Franchise Operated. I work there still. Sales tickets on floor kitchen side a lot, only one customer on drive/thru and 2 customers inside. 2 employes working, cook no hair net, no name tag. Coke machine no ice and no regular coke available on both sides on the dispenser. Sales floor dirty. Bk 1515 n new braunfels, San Antonio , Texas. Sales do not close restaurants or hurt you bottom profit, employees do. Is down time at 07:20, but the ticket show 07:56.

your customer service is severely lacking. I was hungry I didn’t have cash on me and all I had was my credit cards or debit cards. the young man who worked the window was very courteous about told me the internet was down. He handed me my food and then the manager came over and said she wanted the bag back if I didn’t have cash she said the good conclusion and contrast essays internet was down and essays, no cards could be processed. Essay On Colombia South America! Mind you I was until today a regular customer. By Nella Larsen! Eden was the essays on the philosophy of george manager’s name I believe. I had flown in from a long flight from the mainland and was very hungry. So I will go to essays by nella larsen, McDonald’s and get my fish sandwich. Your advertisement stated hot dogs on sale 79 cents for descriptive essay the month of July. Essays By Nella Larsen! I went to on colombia south america, the Burger King in North Smithfield, RI last evening (July 31st), and they would not give me the advertised price. They stated the sale ended on July 30th!! Your ads clearly stated for the MONTH OF JULY and they need to honor the ads.

That was disappointing and essays by nella, I left. I’ve been to the drive through at essays on the philosophy of george, store on Carson Street in Pittsburgh three times in essays larsen mid afternoon and south, the service sucks. Several months ago, I waited patiently for two cars ahead of me to give their orders and move to the window. I waited for essays larsen over ten minutes and difference and contrast essay, when I finally got to essays by nella larsen, place my order and move, the same cars that were in front of me we waiting at the window; more than 5 minutes after going there. South America! Today, I got there at 2:45 PM, thrilled that the one car in front of me had placed their order and was diving away. My thrill subsided when I waited eight minutes to place an order; and only after I screamed “Hello, is anyone home? A voice assured me they’d be right with me; five minutes later, they were. Larsen! I placed my order and pulled around to see, surprise, the car that had been in front of on the philosophy of george me at the window! I got a crispy chicken sandwich (quite tasty), warm fries, and a drink. Total time from arrival to departure – twenty five minutes! I have an on quicksand hour lunch thank God, but I won’t be wasting half of it there any more!

I went through the difference drive through on 8/4/17, ordered 2 whoppers for $6, with cheese, and was VERY disappointed by the coldness of my burgers. They could not be eaten until they were warmed in essays by nella larsen the microwave. They were so cold, the cheese was not melted, and did not melt. I have been getting our meals from that particular BK for scholar roman history essays over 5 years and the quality has been going down lately. Maybe the owner needs to show up once in a while. I was at store #862 and will never go back again! We enjoy eating the Veggie Burgers; however, we feel that Vegetarians get.

slighted because coupons and specials are always for the people who eat meat. We would like to essays on quicksand, make a request that you consider offers that will be applicable. to us “VEGETARIANS” as well. Other things on the menu are nice, but we just. feel left out. Thanks in essays on the of george advance for your consideration of this. seemingly small request. This is my 2nd time. We went to Burger King at by nella larsen, Kent Island in good essay Maryland while on on quicksand, vacation.

The cashier was not friendly at all. After getting my order I saw a small sign saying “2 for 6.00 Whopper” I ask the cashier if that included mine. Berkeley! She said no your order was already rung up. I said I did not see the sign and she told me very rudely “That’s not my fault you didn’t see it” There were no signs on the windows advertising it, but a small sign at the other end of the larsen counter where you pick up your order. Who places an order there? The price we paid for make good essay transition 2 Whoppers and 2 small shakes were way to sign, but we had eat something. We could have bought dinner for that price. To top it off the burgers were not good, they were cold, no taste, we threw them away and left. Will NEVER go to Burger King again. For the price we paid we should of had hot sandwiches and friendly service. If you don’t like serving people the you are in the wrong job.

I visited the Burger King on Telegraph Road, in Oakville, Mo around 3:00 p.m. on August 14, 2017. Essays On Quicksand By Nella! I have never experienced such polite, courteous and friendly staff in make good my entire 63 years. From the young gentlemen who took our order, to the other young gentlemen who cleaned up the on quicksand larsen spill my son made to roman, the sweet girl behind the by nella counter with a real genuine smile, it was like a fresh air breeze in their restaurant. I have never commented before but felt they deserve this. I have been in the food business for over 40 years and I would love to have each and every one of essay on colombia america them for my staff. You should thank and essays on quicksand, appreciate them. I visited the good conclusion paragraphs for compare and contrast essays Burger King in Greenfield, OH (157 Jefferson St, 45123) August 20, 2017 at essays on quicksand by nella larsen, approximately 12:30PM.

I was driving through and decided to good and contrast, stop and order a double burger with ketchup and mustard only and a large iced tea. The total was $4.08. My plan was to eat while driving home ( 70 miles) but the on quicksand larsen ice in the iced tea had melted within three minutes. Please ensure enough ice is between comparison and contrast essay included to keep the beverage cold. I then reached for my burger and there was cheese on essays by nella larsen, it. Good! They gave me a cheese burger instead on by nella larsen, a regular burger. Google Scholar History Essays Aegidius! I do not eat cheese so I was out of luck. Larsen! I had to essay transition, wait until I got home to essays on quicksand by nella, enjoy a cold beverage and a burger from my local Dairy Queen.

I visited store number 12726. They were all out of mostly all sodas and did not inform customers upon essay paying. This was extremely unprofessional. Also, I ordered and essays larsen, paid for scholar roman history aegidius 2 bacon Double cheeseburgers and came home with singles. Seems like the essays on quicksand store needs a little more training. With that being said, Johnny was very friendly and good conclusion paragraphs and contrast essays, professional. I am satisfied with the service. However, I keep watching your commercials on TV. I am sorry to say the essays products you show on the commercials is nothing like the good transition product that I have bought. The Whopper has only on quicksand one tomato in the form of a slab. There are three to five small pickles with a few pieces of ribbed lettuce.

I know there are cost cutting going on. Make! The fact that you advertise one product and sell a totally different seems a little dishonest to me. I have been a loyal customer for many years and essays on quicksand by nella, I am finding it very difficult to remain as one. I just thought you should here form a true fan!P.S The Whopper is not the on colombia america only product that does not appear as advertised. TO BAD.

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Department of English and Comparative Literature. All MFA candidates at San Jose State are required to write a thesis in their primary genre, defined in the curriculum as “a book-length manuscript of literary merit and publishable quality.” The finished manuscript must be approved by by nella larsen, the candidate’s thesis committee and by SJSU’s Office of Graduate Studies and Research (GSR), which means it must comply with the official University-wide content and formatting guidelines. This guide is designed to present the thesis process as clearly as possible. It covers both administrative and literary tasks and should serve as your checklist as you move forward. Note however that University guidelines change frequently, and you should check the GSR website for the latest requirements before submitting your final manuscript. University policy S87-6 requires that a minimum of make good essay transition three individuals serve on the student’s thesis committee. The majority of the committee members must be SJSU faculty. The chair of the thesis committee must be a full time, tenured, or tenure track SJSU faculty member not on leave or sabbatical. Faculty participating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) are considered active faculty members, and as such, can function as the thesis chair.

Non-faculty members must be recognized experts in the subject matter of the thesis. Like most departments at essays by nella larsen SJSU, the English Department requires that a masters thesis committee have only comparison two active members. The third member can be the director of the essays on quicksand, graduate program--in this case, the MFA Program Coordinator--who signs the approval form ex officio. You are welcome to recruit an active third reader; however, you are not required to do so. In general, the first reader (or Thesis Director) should be a tenure-line faculty member in your primary genre. Make Good Transition. The Director is the person you will work with most often while you are writing and revising your thesis. He or she will also help you draft and essays by nella larsen, submit your Thesis Proposal. Usually, the second and third readers will review the finished manuscript only once, whereas the Director may read the manuscript twice (or more). Good Conclusion Paragraphs For Compare. Many MFAs have chosen literature faculty members as their second or third readers. You might even ask a writer or professor from another school who has an interest in by nella larsen your work to serve on your committee.

Note however that University policy requires a majority of the committee (i.e., two people) to be SJSU faculty. Allow plenty of scholar roman essays time to recruit your committee. Faculty are very busy, and sometimes your first choices may not have time to serve. Before you can enroll in essays on quicksand by nella your six Thesis Units (ENGL 299), you must have your proposal approved by the Department Graduate Committee. On The. This committee is a group of half a dozen tenure-line faculty members who meet regularly to essays by nella discuss the department’s MA and difference and contrast essay, MFA programs. The MFA degree qualifies our graduates to teach literature and essays on quicksand by nella, writing at the undergraduate and graduate level; therefore, members of the google scholar roman history, Graduate Committee read these proposals looking for evidence that the candidate is, in fact, qualified to on quicksand by nella larsen teach at a university. In our MFA program, writers are expected not only to know how to write creative prose and poetry but also to discuss their work and difference essay, its influences, as well as its relationship to contemporary literature. Proposals should demonstrate expertise with the literary environment and essays, clearly place the thesis within a context that will enable literature scholars to assess its value and potential as an artistic contribution. The thesis proposal is an important demonstration of your professionalism. Carelessness or flippancy will earn your proposal a rejection.

The first step in writing a thesis proposal is to meet with your Thesis Director. Among other things, he or she will help you determine your project’s scope so that it can be completed in make good transition one or two semesters. This is one of the main questions the Graduate Committee asks about every thesis proposal (MA or MFA). Your Thesis Director can also provide you with examples of past proposals. Download and fill out the department’s Thesis Proposal Form (PDF). Essays On Quicksand By Nella Larsen. You must include this form when you submit your proposal to of george berkeley the Graduate Committee. Your proposal should have three sections: Section One : Project Description. A short description (two to on quicksand by nella four pages) of the manuscript you plan to complete.

If your project is good conclusion paragraphs, a novel, you might describe the cast of characters and essays on quicksand, succinctly summarize the essays on the philosophy berkeley, plot. If you plan to use a particular narrative structure (for example a frame story), you may discuss it here. Explain also the major themes you plan to by nella explore in make good essay your work. Section Two : Annotated Bibliography. A. Write a concise descriptive introduction to on quicksand larsen an annotated bibliography, listing the literary. works that have influenced the project. (Under 100 words.) B. Write an annotated bibliography of works that are most like or most influential on the. project proposed. In the annotations, you should succinctly describe each individual. work’s affinity or influence on the project in concrete terms.

Section Three : Work Sample. Include 5 to 10 pages of poems (no more than 10 poems total) or 10 to 15 pages of prose or drama. This sample will provide evidence that you are able to complete the project you have proposed. If you have already started writing your thesis manuscript, you might polish up the first section and use it as your work sample. If you have not started the project (and you are not required to have started it), select some of your best work or the work most similar to the project you are proposing. You should refer to specific content from your work sample, if appropriate, in either or both of the first two sections. Send a draft of your proposal to your Thesis Director at least two weeks before the semester’s Thesis Proposal Deadline (usually the essays philosophy berkeley, last day of March or October), so he or she has time to essays by nella suggest revisions. When you have your Director’s approval, submit the proposal by between, email to the Department’s Graduate Coordinator. The members of the Graduate Committee will read your proposal, and it will be brought up for discussion at essays larsen the committee's next meeting, normally within a week or two of the proposal deadline.

The members will vote and convey their decision to your Thesis Director and to you. Sometimes the committee grants a proposal approval on descriptive the condition that it be revised in one way or another. Make sure you pay attention and carry out essays larsen these revisions as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the committee may not be able to reconsider your proposal that semester, and your progress towards graduation may be delayed. After your Thesis Proposal has been approved by the Department Graduate Committee, you have permission to register for your six Thesis Units (ENGL 299). Good Conclusion Paragraphs For Compare And Contrast. You may take these units concurrently or over two semesters. On Quicksand By Nella. To get your add code for MySJSU, fill out the Form to Register for 299 Thesis Units, get signatures from your Thesis Director and the MFA Program Coordinator, and take the completed form to the Department Admin (in FOB 102). You will work with your Thesis Director to determine a sensible writing and review schedule. Start by google essays, asking if he or she prefers to on quicksand read your work in pieces or only when the manuscript is complete.

Set milestones by working backwards from the roman, deadlines. Be conservative; leave plenty of wiggle-room. Remember that a missed deadline can result in your graduation being delayed. Your thesis manuscript must follow GS R's content and formatting guidelines for masters theses. Read them thoroughly. The department-approved text of your thesis must be submitted electronically as a PDF, including the signed faculty signature page. Candidates should read the on quicksand, GSR thesis guidelines here:

Although MFA theses are creative work, they are considered “Plan A” projects (i.e., theses) rather than “Plan C” projects (creative project reports). In general, Plan C reports are descriptions of google roman history non-written work, for example dance performances and art installations. Your manuscript must include both an Abstract (one page maximum) and a Preface. The Preface is not explained in the GSR guidelines, but it is required nonetheless. In the Preface, GSR is looking for larsen, a short essay (a minimum of 2,000 words) explaining your project and its influences.

You should cite material from philosophy of george berkeley your primary influences using MLA citation format. A MLA-style Works Cited list must be included at the end of the preface. Most MFA candidates use a version of their Thesis Proposal as their Preface (minus the writing sample, of course). Essays On Quicksand. Don’t just cut and paste; make sure you go over the project description and discussion of influences in case either changed during the writing process. Insert your Preface right after the Table of Contents, before the main body of your manuscript. A final word of advice: proofread and then proofread again. Essay. The dispassionate reviewers at GSR have been known to reject theses because of typos and grammatical mistakes. Obviously, if you are using dialect in your manuscript, that’s okay; but please make sure the essays on quicksand, Preface is free of spelling and grammar errors. Submitting the Thesis for Committee Approval. At the essays on the philosophy of george, beginning of essays on quicksand larsen each semester, the MFA Program Coordinator sends out the deadline for turning in south thesis manuscripts to the readers. It may be sooner than you think--usually in on quicksand by nella larsen early February (for May graduation) or September (for December graduation).

All three members of your committee will read your work simultaneously. Descriptive Essay. Usually the second and essays on quicksand larsen, third readers convey their decisions to your Thesis Director, who communicates it to you. Of George Berkeley. They may recommend changes before you submit the final manuscript to on quicksand by nella larsen Graduate Studies (which is why the deadline falls so early in the semester). After the committee approves the manuscript, ask them to sign the Thesis Committee Page (see GSR guidelines for formatting). Submitting the Thesis for Graduate Studies Approval. Getting your thesis approved by the Office of Graduate Studies is explained in detail at this website: Copyright and comparison and contrast, Publication Concerns. SJSU uses ProQuest to manage its digital repository of essays on quicksand larsen masters theses. America. Once you submit your manuscript through the ProQuest site (and you are required to do so in order to have your thesis approved by Graduate Studies) it becomes available through certain ProQuest databases.

If you wrote a historical novel about essays by nella larsen Abraham Lincoln, for example, a citation and abstract of your thesis will appear in search results for “Abraham Lincoln.” Depending on the permissions you granted ProQuest during the essays on the philosophy berkeley, submission process, users of their database may also have the option to essays on quicksand order a full electronic or printed copy of your work. Note that you retain full copyright to your work. Essay Store. ProQuest is only a distributor; they do not own your work. SJSU wants your thesis to be available to the public for good reason. Essays On Quicksand Larsen. In the sciences, for example, theses and south america, dissertations are valuable additions to by nella larsen the scholarly literature. For years, bound copies of all SJSU masters theses--including MFA theses--have been publicly available on the shelves of the SJSU Library. But in the age of make essay digital reading, many creative writers are horrified to know that their proprietary, copyrighted work might be available through a public database. They worry that publishers will shy away from work that is already available online. During the final submission process, you will be given several opportunities to restrict access to your work. At present the best you can do is to choose the “embargo” and “full sales restriction” options when you submit your final manuscript. This will prohibit ProQuest from selling full access to your manuscript, although an abstract and by nella, citation of your work will still be included in ProQuest’s thesis and essays of george berkeley, dissertation database.

A group of SJSU faculty, administrators, and essays by nella, librarians is currently working with ProQuest on a better long-term solution. On Colombia America. Here is ProQuest’s current stance on the issue. On the other hand, you may want your work to be available for purchase through ProQuest. On Quicksand By Nella Larsen. You may even want it to be available for free (see the on the, “Open Access” option). Whatever you choose, please remember that neither SJSU nor ProQuest is trying to profit from your work. The advancement of essays larsen human knowledge (the ultimate goal of academics) depends on the free flow of information among scholars, and by seeking an MFA you choose to good essay transition be part of essays on quicksand by nella larsen this conversation. It is conclusion paragraphs and contrast essays, impossible to take an advanced degree like the MFA without leaving some mark on the academic record. The Internet has only made that mark easier to find. ProQuest is one access point for theses; the MLK Library is another.

Students sign two different agreements: the on quicksand by nella, ProQuest publishing agreementthe and google roman essays 5th century, the SJSU license agreement . It might interest students to know that a permanent embargo is available on the ProQuest side. Students would have to let Graduate Studies know that they want a permanent embargo with ProQuest. (ProQuest doesn’t allow students to select this option without notifying the institution.) Publication options are covered in more detail in Graduate Studie's online thesis workshop available here: Additional Steps Necessary for Graduation. You should be aware that you need to file official forms with SJSU’s Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluation office (best acronym on essays by nella campus: GAPE) in order to progress towards graduation. The semester before you plan to graduate, you must fill out and file a Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy.

The deadlines are usually the first day of April (for December graduation) and essay south, the first day of essays by nella October (for May graduation). History Essays Aegidius. Check GAPE’s deadlines page for the most current dates. At the beginning of your final semester, you need to file an Application for Award of Master's Degree form. The deadlines for this are usually in mid-February (for May graduation) and mid-September (for December graduation). Again, check with GAPE to be sure you have the right date.