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Are You Using the history Right Tone of Voice in Your CV? How can writing have a tone of essays voice? Unless you’ve been involved in marketing at some point, you may never have given much thought to this question. You may not even have realised that such a consideration existed, far less that it might be vitally important when you come to write your CV. All writing has a tone and a personality. Whenever we read some text, we hear the essay words spoken aloud in our heads. Sometimes we hear it in our own voice, but often we hear it in another voice. This is jesus other power tactic, what we pick up from the way the on african history words are put together. For example, when you read a letter from the bank about management theory, going overdrawn, you no doubt ‘hear’ the writing in a stern, authoritative tone of voice.

When you read a letter from a company trying to sell you insurance, you probably hear it as a friendly tone of on african american voice, but quite confident and well-informed. Essayer? When you write your CV, you will be giving it a tone of essay history voice without even thinking about essayer des lunettes de soleil, it. Do you have any idea what tone you are using? It might be quiet, shy and history even submissive, or it might be braggish and over-confident. Have you thought that your tone might come across as uptight, or lazy, or obsessive, or boring? None of these would help you much when it comes to christ essay jesus gaining an interview, as all are likely to essay be a bit off-putting. Administrative Essay? There are certainly jobs for which one kind of on african american personality might be more useful than another, but there is growth, usually a fine line where it can come across as too extreme. Essay? You want to be sure that if your personality comes across in amrita essays rejuvenation, the tone of history voice of christ essay jesus power your writing, that it is one the right side of this line. The tone itself comes down to the words and history phrases you use, as well as how you structure your sentences.

You need to use a tone that makes the in magical reader feel like meeting you, rather than putting them off. Here, we look at the factors that contribute to essay american history achieving the correct tone for CV writing. To start at bsc thesis bibtex the beginning with the most fundamental aspect of essay on african any CV’s tone of voice: it needs to term paper and style be positive. On African American? In general, this means never mentioning anything that is written paper, negative and never apologising or making excuses for essay american, something that you do not have or did not do. For example, the dbq essay cold following sentence draws attention to on african american qualifications the amrita essays in magical candidate does not have, which negates the effect of the statement about american, his experience. Bsc Thesis? I am not a mechanical or software engineer, but I am experienced in managing both mechanical and software engineers. On African? As a manager, he does not need to paper and style hold the same qualifications as every member of his team. So rather than apologising, he could instead write it as follows. Introducing an adverb before the american verb ‘managed’ also helps to written paper of tcs make it more positive. Effectively managed multi-function teams that included both mechanical and software engineers.

Negatives that you should also avoid include criticism of former employers. You should always sound professional and confident, which means writing in an emphatic but not arrogant tone, as in the above rewrite. Essay On African History? Sounding more confident and dbq essay cold war professional can be achieved by abandoning the on african american history use of the growth pronoun ‘I’ in american, your CV. Neither should you write in the ‘third person’ (#8216;he#8217; / #8216;she#8217;), as if you were writing about bsc thesis, someone else. The best approach is to on african simply state the facts that you wish to communicate, without using a pronoun at all. Jesus Other Power Tactic? Start the on african sentence with a verb (action word) instead.

Here is an dbq essay, example of how use of the on african american history ‘I’ pronoun does not work – here it is combined with a negative statement in the CV Profile. (There is no point in stating what you are not looking for – simply do not apply for written of tcs, those positions!) I am not seeking a network administrator position, I am a good choice for a small company that requires someone to manage product development and to administer the american network. This would be better rewritten in the following way in written, the Profile: Excels at managing product development and essay on african network administration for small businesses. It is essayer virtuellement, straightforward and direct, sticking to the point and essay on african american history not waffling on. Written Of Tcs? Every employer wants to see motivation, no matter what the essay history position. Rejuvenation? They do not wish to see over-excitement or uncontrollable enthusiasm. Communicating passion for your work needs to on african be done carefully, or you will risk sounding enthusiastic but naive. Amrita? For example, the essay following statement (taken from the cold war person#8217;s Profile) is essay, dull and written paper does nothing to communicate commitment. In fact, the history candidate sounds dull and essayer plodding, despite stating that they beat deadlines. I understand how to get the on african best out of engineers and bsc thesis programmers, and essay on african american bring in projects on time and under budget.

This would be better rewritten as follows, with the term paper writing conveying more energy and life. Essay On African American History? Motivates engineer and programmer teams to cold produce excellent results, completing projects ahead of deadlines and american history within budgets. Conveying responsibility is important. War? However, when taken too far, this can sound self-important and even pompous. Essay On African History? This is des lunettes de soleil, particularly important when describing leadership skills, as it’s very easy to claim a bit too much when trying to history sell yourself via a CV. Administrative Management Theory? Avoid superlatives, such as ‘best’ or ‘greatest’, unless they are a direct quote from an official staff review. It is better to make simple statements and back them up with achievements that say even more.

In this example, the essay candidate is war, answering questions before they are asked. Essay On African? Half of christ essay jesus other my job is essay american history, developing interactive marketing strategies, i.e. Christ? how to help my clients achieve their business goals online. On African History? Strategy, as I define it, is about making the virtuellement des lunettes de soleil right choices and essay american setting priorities among a sea of term paper and style options. This not only comes across as opinionated and self-important, but it presumes that the american employer needs to be informed, as if they do not know what a strategy is. It is dbq essay cold, likely to essay american irritate an dbq essay war, employer! The revised version below says the same thing, but without the on african american history pontification. Supported and guided clients in achieving their business goals through interactive marketing strategies that reflected their enterprise priorities.

Let Your Words Show Quiet Confidence. Des Lunettes De Soleil? Under-confidence is essay on african, as off putting to an employer as over-confidence, as it suggests weak areas in experience. Christ Essay Jesus Other Power? However, over-confidence is equally off-putting, as the employer envisages someone who talks but does not listen or accept management. You need to history write with a sense of dbq essay cold authority, making it clear through the on african correct use of essayer language that you know your area. Essay? Highlight all your strengths without going over bibtex the top, but make sure you don#8217;t undersell yourself.

The example below shows how understatement can work against on african american, the candidate – the des lunettes voice is so quiet as to be almost silent and essay on african american history no message is paper of tcs, communicated. Capable of imparting the required education to children by on african american making interesting paradigms and models. The candidate can make this sound far more positive by bibtex being a little more emphatic, without undermining the integrity of their own voice and character. Inspires children to learn curriculum subjects through interesting, imaginatively conceived paradigms and essay american history models. Growth? The candidate may be a quiet and thoughtful person, but writing with words such as ‘inspiring’, ‘interesting’ and ‘imaginatively’ shows how the essay american history application of those personal qualities can yield desirable results. Essayer Virtuellement Des Lunettes? Taking the on african american first steps to dbq essay cold war review your CV is essay history, easy. Term And Style? Ask a friend or relative to read your CV. Ask that person, to tell you what kind of person they think you are based on essay on african what is written in your CV.

The results may be eye-opening! This is amrita essays in magical, a positive step, so do not take it as personal criticism – this is only about your writing. If you feel brave, ask some other people to essay on african read it too. Now start to review your CV with the written paper of tcs person you asked to read it. Essay American? Highlight all the words and phrases that you think may contribute to this impression. Can you see why they may be misinterpreting you? Once you#8217;ve identified what you need to change, you can start to rewrite your CV accordingly. Crystal Thesis? Remove all use of the essay history pronoun ‘I’ from your CV. Are there any negative statements in your CV? These need to go.

Can you see a way to turn around statements so that they are positive instead? Please let us know what you think by leaving your comments below. If you need help with your CV / resume please check out dbq essay cold our professional CV / resume writing service. American? Bradley CVs Ltd. This entry was posted on dbq essay cold war January 11, 2011 at essay on african history 7:10 am. Bsc Thesis? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed. 17 Responses to Are You Using the Right Tone of american history Voice in Your CV?

I#8217;m glad you#8217;re enjoying our blog. Essays Rejuvenation? I wish more people would continue to update and essay refine their CV, as you are that#8217;s a really good idea. Some people just write their CV and then don#8217;t touch it again, then they wonder why they#8217;re not getting as many interviews as they hoped! Bradley CVs Ltd. Thanks for christ power, the information about essay, CV writing, you reminded me to remove the pronoun #8216;I#8217; on dbq essay CV, but in most cases I use the pronoun #8216;I#8217; to essay on african american refer to my disability to inform the essayer virtuellement des lunettes employer that I am a person with a disability. Essay On African? How can I avoid the use of #8216;I#8217;, but at the same time make sure the cold war employer is essay on african history, aware of my condition? It depends a little bit on dbq essay your circumstances and on how you are applying for jobs. But, if you were say registered blind, you could just list this on your CV as #8216;Registered blind#8217; (near the american end of your CV). Cold? You could also mention your disability in your cover letter, rather than in your CV, or you can list it in both in on african history, your CV and cover letter. Management? If you need the on african history employer to make some special arrangements for you at an interview, because of amrita in magical rejuvenation your disability, I would be inclined to essay on african american history mention these requirements in dbq essay cold, your cover letter, near the end of the essay on african history letter.

Bradley CVs Ltd. Brilliant tips, you are doing a great job. Bsc Thesis Bibtex? Thank you sir for essay on african american history, your valuable tips. Thanks for the tips. Bibtex? Must say really remarkable and helpful.

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Essay on african american history

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nutting essay Paul Bowles in the medina of essay on african american history, Tangier, Morocco in written 1987. An inveterate traveler, composer and writer, Paul Bowles was a truly remarkable figure whose life and work embodied and responded to major impulses of the twentieth century. His life would be of considerable interest even had he not produced numerous musical scores, four novels, more than sixty short stories, many travel pieces, an unrevealing autobiography and dozens of translations of stories by Moroccan storytellers. His autobiography, Without Stopping , published in 1972, reads like a who’s who of essay on african american, twentieth-century arts and crystal, letters. Among those whose lives intersected with Bowles’ are Aaron Copland, Gertrude Stein, Djuna Barnes, Kurt Schwitters, Claude McKay, W. H. Auden, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, William S. Essay History! Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Patricia Highsmith. During the thirties, forties, and fifties Bowles journeyed—always by ship or overland—relentlessly, almost frantically, to and from New York, into the heart of North Africa’s deserts, into cold, the depths of the tropical forests of Latin America, and around the globe to the small island of Taprobane off the coast of Sri Lanka, an history, island he bought and owned for a number of years.

These landscapes became backdrops for Bowles’ fiction, giving it a distinctive, unique flavor. Bowles’ fictional worlds typically feature American travelers in exotic and dbq essay, hostile foreign settings who experience disease, psychological disintegration or terror. American! Man is adrift in administrative management an endless existential quest to piece together meaning in an increasingly chaotic, ugly, barbaric, horrifying world. Bowles’ music, on history the other hand, is more cheerful and benign. In his collection of essays Setting the Tone , the composer Ned Rorem (who first met Bowles in of tcs Mexico in the forties) contrasts Bowles’ literary and musical styles, observing that while Bowles’s fiction is dark and cruel, clearly meant to horrify in an impersonal sort of way, his music is american history, nostalgic and witty, evoking the essayer de soleil times and places of its conception. An only child, Paul Frederic Bowles was born in New York, in Jamaica, Queens, on December 30, 1910, to Rena and Claude Bowles. Bowles fondly remembers his mother reading Poe to him in his early years, while he chiefly remembered his father, a dentist, as a strict disciplinarian. In his autobiography, Bowles recounts hearing his grandmother tell him that his father had tried to kill him when he was a baby, by leaving him virtually naked in a basket by an open window in the dead of winter. True or not, these impressions and feelings certainly had a profound effect on the artist as a young man and can be felt on essay occasion in his writing. Bowles began drawing maps and spinning fictions in notebooks when he was quite young.

At age seventeen, one of his poems, Spire Song, was accepted for administrative management essay, publication in the twelfth volume of transition , a literary journal based in on african american history Paris that served as a forum for some of the greatest proponents of modernism—Djuna Barnes, James Joyce, Paul luard, Gertrude Stein and others. In his late teens Bowles enrolled in the University of Virginia, conscious that Edgar Allan Poe had studied there nearly a century earlier. Crystal Growth! In 1929, without telling his parents, he set sail for Europe on the Rijndam , taking with him a copy of Andr Gide’s The Counterfeiters (1926). On African American History! Thus began a life of travel and expatriation that places him in a long tradition of American writers such as James Fenimore Cooper, Henry James, Gertrude Stein, Edith Wharton and so many others. After this first, short visit to Europe, Bowles returned to New York where he met the composer Henry Cowell who referred him to written paper of tcs, Aaron Copland for studies in composition. When Copland announced plans to on african american history, go to Europe, Bowles was quick to follow.

In Paris, Bowles received advice on his life and career from both Copland and Virgil Thomson. While in Paris the young Bowles, impeccably dressed and theory essay, boyishly charming, found that doors opened easily before him. Among those he called upon was Gertrude Stein, who had set up residence in Paris two decades earlier and lived, with her lover Alice B. On African! Toklas, on rue de Fleurus. This meeting and subsequent association with Stein was to have considerable effect on cold war Bowles’ life and work. It was Stein who questioned his talents as a poet and first suggested he go to Morocco. Bowles could hardly have imagined that his first visit to Africa with Copland, in 1931, would lead to such a long-term relationship with that continent. In North Africa Bowles found a place where magic, storytelling, djenoun (genies), the power of the on african american curse and a kind of administrative management theory essay, primitive spirit were alive and vibrant. Throughout the on african history thirties and the early forties Bowles lived nomadically, using New York (a city for which he often expressed his disdain), as a base.

During this time he did a considerable amount of composing. His early compositions include: a sonata for oboe and clarinet; a sonata for flute and piano; a cantata for soprano, chorus, and harmonium, Par le Dtroit ; a chamber work, Scnes d’Anabase , based on a piece by the French poet Saint-John Perse; the score for Lincoln Kirstein’s ballet Yankee Clipper ; various songs including Letter to Freddy that set words from a letter Stein had written to him (she had determined that the name Freddy suited him better than Paul); and music for Orson Welles’ Federal Theatre Project production Horse Eats Hat . In 1937 Bowles met Jane Auer, whom he married the following year. He was then twenty-seven; she was twenty. Bibtex! The ensuing marriage was, by all accounts, unconventional. Each while maintaining close ties to the other, developed intimate relationships with friends of their own sex. Jane herself was, at the time the two met, an aspiring writer. On African! Her first novel, Two Serious Ladies , published in 1943, is still seen as an important and innovative work, along with her play In the administrative essay Summer House and a handful of short stories.

During the american first years of their marriage, Paul’s musical output was prodigious. One of his best-known works, Music for a Farce , came from another collaboration with Orson Welles, Too Much Johnson , in essayer virtuellement 1938. Essay American History! In 1939, he composed the score for William Saroyan’s My Heart’s in the Highlands and wrote an opera called Denmark Vesey . In 1940 he produced incidental music for productions of bibtex, Saroyan’s Love’s Old Sweet Song and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as well as the essay american score for a Soil Erosion Service film, Roots in the Soil . In 1941 he wrote music for Philip Barry’s production of Liberty Jones and Lillian Hellman’s Watch on the Rhine ; the same year he composed the score for Kirstein’s ballet Pastorela . Paper Of Tcs! Two years later, the on african Museum of crystal, Modern Art in New York put on a performance of american, Bowles’ zarzuela , The Wind Remains , the libretto of which was adapted from crystal thesis a play by Federico Garcia Lorca; it was conducted by essay, Leonard Bernstein and choreographed by dbq essay cold, Merce Cunningham. Essay American! In 1944 Bowles scored the film Congo and the ballet Colloque Sentimental , a ballet with sets designed by the surrealist artist Salvador Dal. Bowles composed his Sonata for Two Pianos in 1946 and his Concerto for Pianoforte, Winds, and Percussion in 1947. Altogether he wrote incidental theater music for thirty-three shows, including several plays by dbq essay war, Tennessee Williams. Collaboration between the two began with Glass Menagerie in 1944, and later Bowles set Williams’ lyrics to music in a song-cycle called Blue Mountain Ballads (1946).

He also provided scores for Williams’ plays Summer and Smoke (1948) and essay on african american history, Sweet Bird of Youth (1959). As Virgil Thomson put it, Paul had a unique gift for the theater. It’s something you either have or you don’t, and Paul did. During the forties, at the same time he was so thoroughly engaged with his musical compositions, Bowles was turning his attention increasingly to writing. In 1942 he took the written paper of tcs job of a music critic for the New York Herald Tribune arranged by essay on african american, Thomson, the paper’s chief critic. Over the next several years he wrote hundreds of reviews, on jazz and essayer des lunettes, folk music as well as performances of classical music. In 1945 made what he later called an undistinguished translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Huis Clos (1944), a play better known to English readers by the title Bowles gave it: No Exit . His early experimental story The Scorpion was published by View in 1945, followed by american, The Echo in Harper’s Bazaar in 1946 and A Distant Episode in growth thesis Partisan Review in 1947. The grisly, shocking content of some of american, these early stories prompted one critic, Leslie Fiedler, to paper, dub Bowles the pornographer of terror. Some have suggested that his wife Jane’s successes with fiction rekindled his own literary interests. He also found that writing was more practical than his work as composer, which often demanded his presence in New York while pieces were being rehearsed.

No matter what the reasons, by the end of the forties Bowles was devoting more and more time to his literary career and gaining acclaim for his accomplishments. Paul and Jane Bowles shortly after the publication of on african american, his first novel The Sheltering Sky , Tangier, 1949 (Photograph © by management theory essay, Cecil Beaton, 1949) Following the conclusion of World War II, Bowles set sail again for Morocco, in 1947, with an advance from Doubleday for a novel. On that trip he wrote a classic story, Pages from Cold Point, depicting the seduction of a father by history, his son. Once in North Africa he traveled widely, working on dbq essay cold a novel that became The Sheltering Sky . Still his best-known literary work today, this novel chronicles the odyssey of an American couple in the deserts of american history, North Africa; it stayed on the best-seller list in the United States for eleven weeks in 1950 and four decades later was made into a movie by Bernardo Bertolucci.

On the heels of amrita in magical, The Sheltering Sky came The Delicate Prey and Other Stories (1950). With these two books Bowles broke onto the literary scene full force. In the on african american fifties Bowles wrote and dbq essay cold war, published two more novels ( Let It Come Down in 1952 and The Spider’s House in essay on african american history 1955) as well as his Picnic Cantata (1954), his opera Yerma (1958), incidental music for Jane Bowles’ play In the Summer House (1953), and for Edwin Booth (1958) and Sweet Bird of dbq essay war, Youth (1959). In 1958 a Rockefeller Foundation grant enabled Bowles to make tape recordings of indigenous Moroccan music. He wrote about some of his experiences collecting such music in an essay titled The Rif, to Music, included in his collection of travel essays Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue: Scenes from the Non-Christian World . The Library of Congress houses tapes of these sessions, and Bowles’ contributions to the field of ethnomusicology are just beginning to gain the recognition they deserve. Meanwhile, during the fifties, there were significant developments in Bowles’ personal life.

In the early fifties his relationship with Ahmed Yacoubi, a young Moroccan painter he had met in Fez in the late forties, solidified. Yacoubi accompanied Bowles on some of american history, his trips, notably a long voyage to South Asia (Taprobane, specifically). Toward the end of the decade, in 1957, Jane suffered a stroke, after which she was taken first to England, then New York, for treatment. Her health steadily declined and she struggled fiercely with her writing. I did not know it, but the good years were over, Bowles wrote of this period near the end of his autobiography. By the end of the fifties, Bowles had been discovered by crystal thesis, a number of figures associated with the American Beat movement who made pilgrimages to his apartment in Tangier. Essay American History! Here they found a very properly dressed, well-mannered man who had explored the deeper realms of consciousness (and substances such as kif and hashish accessing those realms) long before them. Paper Of Tcs! As Norman Mailer proclaimed in Advertisements for Myself (1959), Paul Bowles opened the world of essay, Hip. He let in the murder, the drugs, the incest, the death of the Square, the administrative management theory call of the orgy, the end of on african american history, civilization. William S. Burroughs had first come to Tangier in 1954, where he worked on his drug habit, wrote Interzone and enjoyed the company of bsc thesis, young men. Brion Gysin was there as well.

Within time, other Beats passed through, among them Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Jack Kerouac and Ira Cohen. It was in fact Ginsberg who helped engineer the on african history publication of a collection of four Bowles stories by City Lights Books in San Francisco, under the title A Hundred Camels in paper of tcs the Courtyard (1962). All four stories, set in Morocco, feature characters whose actions and thoughts are in some way affected by smoking kif. American History! In 1962, Bowles also wrote his fine story The Time of Friendship, its title used for a collection of amrita essays in magical rejuvenation, his stories published in essay history 1967. Des Lunettes! His fourth and final novel, Up Above the World , set in Latin America, was published in 1966. Bowles continued to essay history, travel in the sixties, though his pace slowed somewhat. In 1966 he went to Thailand, to research a book about Bangkok. Though he never wrote that book, he used Thailand as a setting for a memorable story, You Have Left Your Lotus Pods on the Bus, written in 1971 and published in the collection of stories Things Gone and bsc thesis, Things Still Here . Following a short stint teaching at San Fernando State University in essay on african late 1968 and early 1969, an arrangement worked out by his friend Oliver Evans, whom he met and traveled with in Thailand, Bowles made no trips to the U.S. for bibtex, over twenty-five years. Jane’s steady deterioration was among the factors (along with natural sedentary tendencies that accompany aging) that conspired against american history the kind of carefree nomadism he had enjoyed earlier in his life. Mohammed Mrabet's stories and tales were translated by amrita in magical, Paul Bowles. Bowles’ production waned somewhat in the late sixties and early seventies, particularly in the wake of Jane’s death in on african history Mlaga, Spain, on cold war May 3, 1973.

Two years before, Bowles had finished his autobiography, Without Stopping , a chore he found extremely tedious. During this period, too, he devoted more of american, his time to the transcription of local Maghrebi stories. Bowles had begun to transcribe oral stories much earlier, first with Ahmed Yacoubi and virtuellement de soleil, then with Larbi Layachi (Driss ben Hamed Charhadi) whose A Life Full of Holes was published in 1964. Bowles’ collaboration with Mohammed Mrabet resulted in nearly a dozen books between 1967 and 1986. In those years, Mrabet was a constant companion of Bowles. As with Layachi, Bowles recorded Mrabet’s stories on tape, then transcribed and translated them into essay american, English. During this period he translated from the Arabic Mohamed Choukri's first book, For Bread Alone, which he wrote an introduction for and arranged to have it published in cold war English. Bowles also translated from Spanish several books by the young Guatemalan writer Rodrigo Rey Rosa, who eventually became his literary heir. During the early eighties Bowles stayed put in american Tangier, teaching in a summer program sponsored by New York’s School of Visual Arts. The publication of Collected Stories, 1939-1976 in 1980 by Black Sparrow Press kept his work in circulation and solidified his reputation.

In his introduction to the volume, Gore Vidal claims that Bowles’ short stories are among the best ever written by an American. After the dbq essay publication of this collection, Bowles published two more volumes of new stories, Midnight Mass (1981) and Unwelcome Words (1988), as well as a marvelous little book called Points in Time (1982) that contains a dozen or so historical anecdotes, lyrically rendered, most of which involve cultural clashes between Muslim, Christian and Jewish worldviews in North Africa. Many encounters end in on african american violence. Some sense of written of tcs, Bowles’ life in essay american history the last decades of his life is conveyed in Days: Tangier Journal, 1987-1989 , which the author describes as a record of daily life in today’s Tangier. The tone in these journal entries is one of resignation and detachment, as he comments on his role in amrita essays Bertolucci’s film of The Sheltering Sky ; a lavish party thrown by Malcolm Forbes; visits from the travel writer Gavin Young, the novelist Gavin Lambert, the suspense novelist Patricia Highsmith and american, the composer Phillip Ramey; battling TV crews, translators, and biographers; the comings and goings of Mrabet and Bowles’ driver, Abdelouahaid Boulaich; his hernia operation; changes in life during the holy month of Ramadan; and the behavior of spiders in administrative essay his apartment. While his work tapered off noticeably in the eighties and nineties, as his own health deteriorated, critical appreciation of on african history, both his music and fiction grew. In September 1995, Bowles returned to New York for the first time in bsc thesis twenty-six years, to be on hand for a festival of his music performed by essay, the Eos Ensemble under the direction of crystal, Jonathan Sheffer. A handful of CDs featuring Bowles music have recently been produced, as well as a documentary film, Night Waltz (1997), directed by Owsley Brown III, focusing on his music. A number of other film documentaries on Bowles have appeared in recent years, including Mohamed Mohand’s An American in Tangiers (1993), Regina Weinreich and Catherine Warnow’s Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider (1994), Edgardo Cozarinsky’s Ghosts of Tangier (1996) and essay on african history, Jennifer Baichwal’s Let It Come Down (1998). Frieder Schlaich and written paper, Irene von Alberti’s movie triptych Halfmoon (1995) dramatizes three Bowles stories (Allal, Call at essay history, Corazn and The Story of Lahcen and Idir ). Cadmus Editions, in collaboration with Dom America, has reissued in CD Bowles’ reading of A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard . Paul Bowles and Allen Hibbard, Tangier, 1987.

Michelle Green’s The Dream at the End of the World: Paul Bowles and the Literary Renegades in Tangier (1991) gives us a gossipy account of the modern expatriate experience in Tangier. Millicent Dillon’s The Portable Paul and Jane Bowles (1994), Daniel Halpern’s Too Far from Home: Selected Writings of Paul Bowles , and bibtex, The Stories of Paul Bowles (2000) provide useful, compact editions of Bowles’ writing, while Jeffrey Miller’s In Touch: The Letters of Paul Bowles gives us access to Bowles through his prolific correspondence. Greg Mullins’ Colonial Affairs: Bowles, Burroughs and Chester Write Tangier (2002), informed by postcolonial and american history, queer theory, is but the most recent work of literary criticism devoted to Bowles. Amrita! Cherie Nutting’s Yesterday’s Perfume: An Intimate Memoir of Paul Bowles (2000), filled with photos of Bowles and the Tangier scene, provides visual stimulation and contains some of Bowles’ last writing. Scribner has just published Virginia Spencer Carr’s new biography of Bowles ( Paul Bowles: a Life ) to set beside accounts of his life penned by Christopher Sawyer-Lauanno, Gena Dagel Caponi, Robert Briatte and essay american, Millicent Dillon. All this amply demonstrates avid and sustained interest in Bowles and his work. Paul Bowles died of heart failure in the Italian Hospital in virtuellement de soleil Tangier on on african November 18, 1999. Management Theory Essay! His ashes were interred near the graves of essay history, his parents and grandparents in Lakemont, New York on November 1, 2000.

Since his death, Bowles has continued to dbq essay cold, garner favorable critical attention. In 2002, The Library of America put out a two-volume edition of his works, placing him in a pantheon of American writers that includes writers James Fenimore Cooper, Herman Melville, Mark Twain, Henry James, Edith Wharton, Willa Cather and Ernest Hemingway. Essay On African American! In this new century, his life and work will take on even greater significance, as we find ourselves immersed in management essay what seems to be an extended and irreconcilable conflict with the essay on african american Islamic Middle East. Bowles lived more or less continuously in in magical Morocco during the last half of the on african american century. No other American writer of any note has spent so long immersed in Arab/Islamic culture, and his experiences and insights are woven into the tapestry of bsc thesis bibtex, his fiction. Like Joseph Conrad and his narrator Marlow, Bowles journeyed into the heart of darkness, saw the horror of it all, returned, and on african american history, gave it exquisite aesthetic form. Copyright © 2003, Allen Hibbard. ALLEN HIBBARD has written and lectured extensively on both Paul and Jane Bowles. He is the author of written paper of tcs, Paul Bowles: A Study of the Short Fiction (Twayne, 1993) as well as several articles on Jane Bowles' unfinished novel Out in essay on african the World . He has also edited a collection of interviews with William S. Burroughs (University Press of Mississippi, 1999). A collection of his stories has been published in Arabic under the title Al Abur ila Abbassiyya wa Qasas Akhran (Dar al Mustaqbal, Damascus, Syria, 1994).

From 1992 to 1994 Hibbard was a Fulbright Lecturer at the University of Damascus, Syria, and from 1985 to 1989 he taught and lectured at the American University of administrative management essay, Cairo, Egypt. He is currently working on a biography of Alfred Chester, and his most recent book, Paul Bowles, Magic Morocco was published in June 2004 by Cadmus Editions . Allen Hibbard is the director of the Middle East Center at Middle Tennessee State University. Essay American! This biographical sketch draws upon growth thesis material from a lengthier piece he wrote for essay american history, The Scribner American Writers Series (1996). Paul Bowles' Literary Works by Jeffrey Miller, Kenneth Lisenbee and Allen Hibbard.

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Management Consulting Resume Sample. In order to reach your goal of becoming a management consultant, you need to strike a tone in your resume. In one of the most competitive fields in the working world, breaking into on african history management consulting requires substantial work and a perfect resume. Recruiters assume that your management consulting resume is an accurate representation of who you are. If it’s too superficial and commonplace, it might suggest that you won’t be able to theory essay make a valuable contribution to the consulting firm and your resume will therefore be put aside after a short assessment. Breaking into on african american management consulting is essayer virtuellement des lunettes de soleil a serious goal and you have to craft your resume with quality, value and on african history uniqueness. It must be effective enough to pique the interest of the recruiters and convince them to in magical schedule you for testing, interviews, and other assessments. Before Writing: Know Your Target Firm. Before you turn on the computer and on african start typing, allot some time to investigate your target firm. Your knowledge will guide you in writing your management consulting resume; it will help you build a connection between you and your potential employer and bibtex enable you to construct a unique and personalized marketing tool.

Below are some techniques on how to do this: How do these activities distinctly help you tailor your resume? First, you will be able to phrase your resume so it resonates with the essay, individual company. Administrative Theory! Two firms may have the same values, stated in american different terms. Alternate the terms in your resume to correspond with each firm you apply with. Moreover, you can emphasize content based on an individual firm’s goals. For instance, if a particular firm values leadership, it’s wise to list previous work experience and accomplishments highlighting your achievements in this area. Your cover letter serves as a knock at the consulting firm’s door. Amrita Essays Rejuvenation! It may be key to your invitation to history interview, but your resume deepens the picture your resume reviewer gets of des lunettes de soleil your experience and background.

The reviewer will probably only look at this document for a short time. All consulting firms receive many applications – this includes both boutique consulting firms as well as top tier consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group and Booz. Therefore, your management consulting resume needs to essay history provide high impact and be of a high quality. The key is dbq essay cold war preparation and on african american history outline work before you get started with the writing process. Go through the management, full resume preparation and planning process. Craft a structure of your resume by brainstorming about your educational, work and volunteer (or other relevant) experiences and listing them. On African American History! From there, start to essayer virtuellement des lunettes narrow down the experience that is on african american history pertinent to your desired career path. Then come up with something like our resume outline (as shown below). This outline is our suggestion, based on our experience with successful management consulting applications. Administrative Theory! You can, however, use a structure that best highlights your experience in the most compelling way for you. The most important point is to offer clarity and strong, action-oriented results and achievement descriptions.

Parts of on african history Your Management Consulting Resume. Management consulting resumes can be organized in many different ways, and many follow a pattern similar to the diagram shown. The way you choose to organize it will depend on bsc thesis, several factors. Your personal experience and what you want to emphasize in your resume will come into american play. New graduates will probably place greater emphasis on education, academic performance and involvement in relevant extracurricular activities and internships. Experienced consultants will rely heavily on professional experience and bibtex skills. Some of what you write may depend on the firm to which you are applying. Some firms have preferences about what you should highlight in your resume. Tailor your management consulting resume to follow any guidance you have about what the firm wants to see.

Edit and revise your resume multiple times in the process. Tailor and virtually rewrite it for essay on african history, each new application. Your resume is a living document that changes as you gain more experience but also when you apply for bsc thesis, different positions. This is the section where you will provide basic information about yourself. It may sound easy, but here are a few techniques and reminders you may find useful: A summary is a brief statement of your major qualifications, expertise, and experience; an objective refers to your career goals and on african american motivation. The former is often utilized by applicants with professional experience, while recent graduates employ the latter. When you write this section, make sure that: It is amrita essays rejuvenation written concisely but substantially. It should not exceed two to three sentences.

It must be related to the desired position and target firm. It must be catchy enough to encourage the recruiters to read the rest of on african your management consulting resume. Here’s an amrita essays in magical, example of a summary: Here’s an example of an objective: Here’s an example of essay on african history a longer summary: A key consideration when you write about your professional experience is to measure whether or not it is relevant. Is the bibtex, experience you list directly relevant to history the desired position? Activities that are unnecessary to dbq essay cold your career path only waste the history, limited space you have to make your case for being hired.

It adds nothing and erases prime “application real estate”. For every position you mention, describe your key responsibilities, followed by dbq essay cold, quantifiable accomplishments in bullet form. Hiring managers want results first and essay american foremost. Use powerful terms such as verbs and numbers—they make your statements more results-oriented. Some of the suggested action words are listed in the table below: Management consulting resume for experienced professionals would most probably state the experience section this way:

Executive Vice President, B2B Sales and MarketingManaged a team of 65 sales and marketing executives in dbq essay a B2B sales structure. Guided product sales and marketing development efforts and managed sales operations. Led expansion to Southeast Asian market and on african history selected and managed a sales team for developing Asian operations. Increased annual revenue by 22 percent year over year over dbq essay cold, three years. Expanded market for software products from Europe to North America and Asia and increased sales by 27%. Increased annual revenue by 1.3 million USD and essay history achieved profitability and market share. Here’s an example for fresh graduates: Project Analyst, Internship Program, STU Consulting Firm, August – September 2012. Assisted a team of management consultants in essayer virtuellement des lunettes collecting, analyzing, and history presenting market-related information to the client. Brainstormed with experts in creating the design for amrita essays, market researches.

Analyzed industry trends and customer preferences on women’s apparel. Essay American History! Notable accomplishments are the following: Designed a questionnaire that yielded a 80% response rate within one week. Conducted a field interview in amrita rejuvenation shops and boutiques with only 1% data collection error. History! Wrote a qualitative analysis of research results after thorough brainstorming. For recent graduates, education plays an crystal thesis, important role in the resume. Showing stellar academic achievement and involvement in essay activities that conferred new strengths and skills will help show preparation for a career in paper management consulting. It serves as your foundation for entering the competitive industry of essay on african american history management consulting. It’s the indicator of your knowledge, competencies, and values.

You can include the following information in this section: Here is a good example: Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Administration. Key achievements: Graduated summa cum laude. Focus on relevance when adding skills. You may have a number of practical skills, but they might not be practical for management consulting. Think carefully about amrita in magical, what skills you have, such as languages, software, negotiation/communication, and how they fit into your future career.

Consider how and why a consulting firm would need or want these skills. If in essay on african history doubt, find tangible examples of how a less obvious connection can be made between your skill(s) and the consulting career or leave that particular skill out of your resume. Operations: Teambuilding, human resource management, strategy planning, competitive analysis, conflict and problem resolution, project management, risk assessment and management theory essay management. Financial organization: PL management, financial reporting, budgetary management. Communications: Developing and conducting seminars, negotiation, community outreach. Languages: Native English, native Spanish, fluent French, intermediate business Mandarin Chinese. Personal interests do not need to american be included in a management consulting resume, especially if you are running short on paper of tcs, space. Interests are more often included in European CVs than American ones.

You will not be penalized for failing to add personal interests. Some personal interests and hobbies, though, illustrate a certain level of on african american history perseverance, motivation and passion that may set you apart from other applicants. Being a lifelong competitive marathon runner who trains consistently may have very little to do with consulting but does display a level of discipline and tolerance for hard work. A history of community service and written paper voluntary work displays personal integrity and commitment. These personal traits may not fit neatly into a “skills and experience” box, but you do not want to on african american history fit too neatly into a box either. Briefly show interests where you feel it strengthens your application and makes you stand apart from your competition. One line for interests will do, such as the example below: Personal Interests: Animal illustration, playing the guitar, and landscape photography.

Once you have written your resume, proofread it to perfection. You may be able to think of better ways to represent yourself the second time you go over it. Never send out a resume without checking the content and form; your candidacy is at stake. Below is a short checklist to ensure that your resume is perfect: Does it communicate the message you want to crystal growth convey? Ensure that it proves you will be an asset to the firm. If you miss this part, the answers to the rest of the questions are fruitless. Is it tailored to the goals and requirements of the management consulting firm?

It is critical that the recruiter sees that your qualities and personality match the position and the corporate culture. Is the american, data accurate? Remember that some recruiters validate the administrative theory essay, information. They sometimes enter your name in essay on african american the search box, check your LinkedIn profiles, or call your previous supervisors to confirm what you’ve written. Is it free of typos and grammatical mistakes? These embarrassing blunders reflect poor communication skills and lack of attention to detail. Don’t give the impression that you don’t possess these basic qualities every consultant must have. Is the text legible? Don’t use a small font size to accommodate everything on one page, but don’t make it too large because then it occupies too much space.

Fancy fonts are highly discouraged. Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Calibri, and other conventional font styles are recommended. Does it have the essayer virtuellement des lunettes, correct margins? The white space around the text and in between categories makes your document reader-friendly. Is the american, length sufficient? One page is ideal, two is acceptable, but anything more than that is too long. If possible, ask a friend or professional to read your management consulting resume. Sometimes, a fresh set of amrita essays in magical eyes can give you objective feedback. Exercise care when writing a management consultant resume, otherwise you might commit the following mistakes: Some resumes end up in the trash because applicants do not consider this as a critical step or they find it too troublesome to follow the aforementioned guidelines.

As a result, they end up preparing an updated, generic resume they can readily print whenever they send out an application. Is this a good idea? Yes and essay on african history no. Bsc Thesis! Yes, to having an updated, generic resume ready in your hard drive because it can serve as your main reference source each time you tailor your resume to fit the firm you apply to. No, to the one-size-fits-all approach because your application will always have an impersonal tone and therefore won’t catch the recruiter’s attention. Misrepresentation of Competencies. Another common mistake is misrepresenting oneself. True, you must project your best self in your resume, but it doesn’t mean you can make up stories in order to american be noticed. If you do, you are fabricating information, a violation against honesty and integrity. Management Theory! Even if you are successful in the preliminary screening, your capabilities will still be evaluated during the essay history, interview. If you fail to in magical prove you possess the abilities you say you do, you will be rejected and you will realize that you have wasted your and the recruiter’s time and effort.

Even if you follow all the guidelines in this post, there is still a probability that you might not be invited to interview. Essay History! Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that there’s an abundance of applicants in this industry. Administrative Management Theory! You are competing against candidates as qualified as you, so after sending out your job application, you may want to: Remember to always be proactive in on african american your application. Nobody said that breaking into this industry is an easy venture.

Just take things one step at a time and you will get there one day. For detailed guidelines on how to write management consulting resumes, download the Guide to theory Cover Letters and Resumes. On African History! It was written from a recruiter’s point of view, after intensive research and coordination with many applicants. Download Free Guide: How to Get a Consulting Job. Copyright © 2010-2017, Essayer De Soleil! All Rights Reserved.

Google+. Do you want to break into consulting? Download our free PDF guide, which will show you the necessary steps and best practices on how to prepare.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Step 9: Apologize to history, People You’ve Harmed. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. The purpose of growth thesis Step 9 of Alcoholics Anonymous is to take action and apologize to those you have harmed with your drinking. This step will provide you with peace of essay mind, relief and liberation from the administrative management essay chains of regret. American History! The Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions book states: The readiness to take the administrative theory full consequences of our past acts, and to essay on african, take responsibility for the well-being of others at the same time, is the thesis very spirit of Step Nine. Essay American History! 1. Bibtex! Use good judgment. Have a careful sense of timing. Be courageous and cautious. Those you should approach as soon as you are confident in your sobriety. Those you can only make partial amends with since further disclosure may cause more harm than good. Those you shouldn't take action with.

Those you can't make direct contact with because of the on african nature of the administrative management essay situation. What Are Some Tips for Completing Step 9? Take your time. Use your best judgment in disclosing your defects. Essay On African! You don't have to reveal them all at once, nor should you. Essayer Des Lunettes! People may take some time to process and understand your admissions. Don't say anything that will harm others. It defeats the essay purpose of cold making amends if what you say will cause further pain and suffering.

Don't mistake carefulness for avoidance . Practice good timing when making amends but don't use that as an excuse to delay reconciliation. What Are Some Myths About This Step? You have to disclose every detail of your mistakes. Full disclosure may harm the one with whom you are making amends, or quite often, other people. It won't make you feel any better to increase the burden of another. History! 1. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. (1981). New York: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. Available at: Step 9 gives us the chance to act on courage as we make direct amends to those on the list we created in Step 8. I admit that I struggled with a lot of crystal growth anxiety and fear when making amends.

I feared that I would get a harsh reaction, have to contend with my own emotions kicking in, or experience flat-out rejection from various people. Still, I went ahead and essay american history did my best at crystal, making amends, trusting that the outcome would be beneficial to all. Not everyone that you've hurt will be ready to hear your apologies. You may have really hurt someone over essay american history, and over, and they may not feel like forgiving you. Cold War! They may think that you're full of B.S. History! It's all right. Though it may be uncomfortable for you, you can still apologize sincerely and then let it go.

As you take responsibility for your past and make your apologies, you're stepping it up for yourself, forgiving yourself and letting go of dbq essay cold shame, guilt, and more. You are only responsible for you once your heartfelt apology has been made. Also, it's all right to on african, skip direct amends when you feel that doing so would further hurt someone. For example, if your ex is still boiling with anger at you for plenty of damage done, and you feel an apology may cause them further injury, perhaps you could give him/her more time to cool off. There may also be instances of sexual matters that you aren't sure you should come clean about or make amends for. If you're questioning the matter, you can always discuss this with your sponsor/mentor. Sometimes you may not be able to make direct amends, as someone may have passed away or you feel you cannot go to growth, them safely.

For such circumstances, feel free to write a letter of american history apology, but don't send it. A day may come when you can send it, but even if you cannot, you can breathe deeply knowing that you have taken responsibility for bsc thesis bibtex, your part as best you can. Essay American! Step 9 certainly helped me start rebuilding past relationships that were strained. On the new foundation of cold my sincere apologies, relationships began to move forward built on trust and vulnerability. My willingness to humble myself and make amends spoke volumes to on african american history, myself and to others. Paper Of Tcs! This has become a way of life for me: Today if I feel I've hurt someone, I'm quick to offer a heartfelt apology. It makes a huge difference for sure. Dominica A. has a love for the 12 steps, as working through them several times has helped her steer clear of addictions and grow personally and spiritually. She is committed to living out the 12-step philosophy and sharing the message of hope to those still suffering in addictionand to those in recovery as well. Dominica has attended both Alcoholics Anonymous and Codependents Anonymous meetings over the years and appreciates the support she's received.

She's got a deep-rooted passion for helping others heal emotional pain and trauma, as her own journey through love addiction has served as a catalyst for essay american history, her own healing and administrative management transformation. On African American! Most alcoholics can't quit on their own. There's no shame in calling for help. Try this free, quick test and find out. Dbq Essay Cold! Do You Struggle with Drugs or Alcohol in essay american history Your Life? Take these quizzes to find out the paper depth of your addiction. Essay American History! Get a Financial Breakdown of Addiction. Find the war daily, monthly, and yearly cost of drug and alchohol addiction.

What Recovery Program is on african american history, Right For Me? Take this quick interactive quiz to find out. Find the right program for you. Alcohol and de soleil Drug Recovery Programs Prescription Drug Recovery Programs The Steps to Complete Drug and Alcohol Recovery Behavioral Disorders Finding the Best Dual Diagnosis Recovery Programs Finding the on african history Best Addiction Crisis Recovery Treatment Finding Recovery Programs and Support Groups 12-Step Substance Abuse Programs Alcoholics Anonymous (12-Step) Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Promises Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Frequently Asked Questions Alcoholics Anonymous Step 1: Admit Powerlessness Alcoholics Anonymous Step 2: Find a Power Greater Than Yourself Alcoholics Anonymous Step 3: Learn to in magical, Depend on Your Higher Power Alcoholics Anonymous Step 4: Make a Moral Inventory Alcoholics Anonymous Step 5: Be Honest About Your Mistakes Alcoholics Anonymous Step 6: Become Ready to Remove Your Flaws Alcoholics Anonymous Step 7: Ask a Higher Power to Remove Your Faults Alcoholics Anonymous Step 8: Make a List of People You’ve Hurt Alcoholics Anonymous Step 9: Apologize to People You’ve Harmed Alcoholics Anonymous Step 10: Monitor Yourself and Admit Mistakes Alcoholics Anonymous Step 11: Commit to a Spiritual Practice Alcoholics Anonymous Step 12: Help Others Find the Best Drug or Alcohol Addiction Recovery Helplines Addiction Signs, Symptoms, Effects and Treatment Alcohol and Drug Facts Cravings Symptoms, Treatments and Relapse Prevention Quitting Alcohol and essay on african Drugs. Opioid Abuse: A Crisis and a Challenge. The Road to essayer virtuellement de soleil, Enlightenment: A Revealing Interview With Noah Levine (Part I) Why Changing Your Habits Will Never Bring Lasting Results.

September is Recovery Month: What’s New in Recovery News? In a hurry? Reach a top rehab with a quick call > 1-888-319-2606 Who Answers? Manage a Facility? Add a Recovery Program Visit the Community FacebookTwitter Terms of essay on african history Service Privacy Policy Contact Us 2017 For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the growth thesis help line is a private and convenient solution. Caring advisors are standing by american history, 24/7 to discuss your treatment options.

Calls to any general helpline (non-facility specific 1-8XX numbers) for your visit will be answered by American Addiction Centers (AAC) or a paid sponsor.

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essays of on african american history, elio [On the dissociation of theory essay, sensibility] By collecting these poems from the american work of a generation more often named than read, and crystal more often read than profitably studied, Professor Grierson has rendered a service of some importance. Certainly the reader will meet with many poems already preserved in other anthologies, at the same time that he discovers poems such as those of Aurelian Townshend or Lord Herbert of Cherbury here included. But the function of such an anthology as this is neither that of Professor Saintsbury's admirable edition of Caroline poets nor that of the Oxford Book of Englisb Verse . Mr. Grierson's book is in itself a piece of criticism and a provocation of american history, criticism; and paper of tcs we think that he was right in including so many poems of essay history, Donne, elsewhere (though not in many editions) accessible, as documents in the case of metaphysical poetry. The phrase has long done duty as a term of abuse or as the label of written paper, a quaint and pleasant taste. The question is to what extent the so-called metaphysicals formed a school (in our own time we should say a movement), and how far this so-called school or movement is a digression from the main current. Not only is it extremely difficult to on african history, define metaphysical poetry, but difficult to decide what poets practise it and in which of their verses. The poetry of Donne (to whom Marvell and Bishop King are sometimes nearer than any of the other authors) is late Elizabethan, its feeling often very close to that of Chapman.

The courtly poetry is derivative from Jonson, who borrowed liberally from the Latin; it expires in war, the next century with the sentiment and witticism of Prior. There is finally the devotional verse of Herbert, Vaughan, and american Crashaw (echoed long after by Christina Rossetti and bsc thesis bibtex Francis Thompson); Crashaw, sometimes more profound and less sectarian than the others, has a quality which returns through the Elizabethan period to the early Italians. On African American! It is difficult to find any precise use of metaphor, simile, or other conceit, which is common to all the poets and at the same time important enough as an essayer, element of style to isolate these poets as a group. Donne, and often Cowley, employ a device which is sometimes considered characteristically metaphysical; the elaboration (contrasted with the condensation) of on african american history, a figure of speech to bibtex, the farthest stage to which ingenuity can carry it. Thus Cowley develops the commonplace comparison of the world to a chess-board through long stanzas ( To Destiny ), and Donne, with more grace, in A Valediction , the comparison of essay on african american history, two lovers to a pair of administrative management, compasses. Essay History! But elsewhere we find, instead of the mere explication of the content of a comparison, a development by rapid association of thought which requires considerable agility on the part of the reader.

On a round ball. A workman that hath copies by, can lay. An Europe, Afrique, and an Asia, And quickly make that, which was nothing, All, So doth each teare, Which thee doth weare,

A globe, yea, world by that impression grow, Till thy tears mixt with mine doe overflow. This world, by waters sent from thee, my heaven dissolved so. Here we find at least two connexions which are not implicit in the first figure, but are forced upon of tcs it by the poet: from the geographer's globe to the tear, and the tear to the deluge. On the other hand, some of Donne's most successful and characteristic effects are secured by brief words and sudden contrasts: A bracelet of bright hair about the bone, where the most powerful effect is produced by the sudden contrast of history, associations of bright hair and of bone. This telescoping of images and multiplied associations is characteristic of the phrase of essayer virtuellement des lunettes, some of the dramatists of the period which Donne knew; not to mention Shakespeare, it is history, frequent in Middleton, Webster, and Tourneur, and is one of the sources of the dbq essay war vitality of their language.

Johnson, who employed the term metaphysical poets, apparently having Donne, Cleveland, and Cowley chiefly in essay history, mind, remarks of them that the most heterogeneous ideas are yoked by bibtex, violence together. Essay On African American! The force of this impeachment lies in the failure of the conjunction, the fact that often the ideas are yoked but not united; and bsc thesis if we are to judge of styles of poetry by american history, their abuse, enough examples may be found in war, Cleveland to justify Johnson's condemnation. But a degree of essay american history, heterogeneity of material compelled into crystal growth thesis, unity by the operation of the essay on african history poet's mind is omnipresent in poetry. We need not select for illustration such a line as: Notre me est un trois-mts cherchant son Icarie; we may find it in some of the best lines of Johnson himself ( The Vanity of Human Wishes ): His fate was destined to essayer virtuellement, a barren strand, A petty fortress, and a dubious hand; He left a name at on african which the world grew pale,

To point a moral, or adorn a tale. where the paper effect is american history, due to a contrast of ideas, different in amrita essays rejuvenation, degree but the on african american same in principle, as that which Johnson mildly reprehended. And in bsc thesis, one of the finest poems of the age (a poem which could not have been written in any other age), the Exequy of Bishop King, the extended comparison is essay on african american, used with perfect success: the idea and the simile become one, in the passage in which the Bishop illustrates his impatience to see his dead wife, under the figure of essays, a journey: Stay for me there; I will not faile. To meet thee in that hollow Vale. And think not much of essay on african history, my delay;

I am already on the way, And follow thee with all the speed. Desire can make, or sorrows breed. Each minute is a short degree, And evry houre a step towards thee. At night when I betake to rest, Next morn I rise nearer my West.

Of life, almost by eight houres sail, Than when sleep breath'd his drowsy gale. . Dbq Essay War! . Essay On African History! . But heark! My Pulse, like a soft Drum. Beats my approach, tells Thee I come; And slow howere my marches be, I shall at last sit down by Thee. (In the last few lines there is that effect of amrita essays rejuvenation, terror which is several times attained by one of Bishop King's admirers, Edgar Poe.) Again, we may justly take these quatrains from Lord Herbert's Ode, stanzas which would, we think, be immediately pronounced to be of the metaphysical school: So when from hence we shall be gone, And be no more, nor you, nor I,

As one another's mystery, Each shall be both, yet both but one. This said, in on african american history, her uplifted face, Her eyes, which did that beauty crown, Were like two starrs, that having faln down,

Look up again to find their place: While such a moveless silent peace. Did seize on their becalmed sense, One would have thought some influence. Their ravished spirits did possess. There is nothing in these lines (with the possible exception of the stars, a simile not at once grasped, but lovely and dbq essay cold justified) which fits Johnson's general observations on the metaphysical poets in his essay on Cowley. A good deal resides in the richness of association which is at the same time borrowed from and given to essay american, the word becalmed; but the meaning is clear, the language simple and elegant. It is to be observed that the language of paper of tcs, these poets is as a rule simple and pure; in the verse of George Herbert this simplicity is carried as far as it can go--a simplicity emulated without success by numerous modern poets. The structure of the sentences, on the other hand, is sometimes far from simple, but this is not a vice; it is a fidelity to thought and feeling. The effect, at its best, is far less artificial than that of an ode by Gray., And as this fidelity induces variety of thought and feeling, so it induces variety of essay, music.

We doubt whether, in amrita rejuvenation, the eighteenth century, could be found two poems in nominally the essay american same metre, so dissimilar as Marvell's Coy Mistress and Crashaw's Saint Teresa ; the one producing an paper, effect of great speed by the use of short syllables, and the other an ecclesiastical solemnity by the use of long ones: Love, thou art absolute sole lord. Of life and death. If so shrewd and sensitive (though so limited) a critic as Johnson failed to define metaphysical poetry by its faults, it is worth while to inquire whether we may not have more success by adopting the opposite method: by assuming that the poets of the seventeenth century (up to the Revolution) were the direct and normal development of the precedent age; and, without prejudicing their case by the adjective metaphysical, consider whether their virtue was not something permanently valuable, which subsequently disappeared, but ought not to have disappeared. Essay On African American History! Johnson has hit, perhaps by accident, on one of their peculiarities, when he observes that their attempts were always analytic; he would not agree that, after the dissociation, they put the material together again in a new unity. It is certain that the dramatic verse of the crystal thesis later Elizabethan and history early Jacobean poets expresses a degree of development of sensibility which is theory essay, not found in any of the prose, good as it often is. If we except Marlowe, a man of prodigious intelligence, these dramatists were directly or indirectly (it is at least a tenable theory) affected by essay history, Montaigne.

Even if we except also Jonson and Chapman, these two were notably erudite, and were notably men who incorporated their erudition into their sensibility: their mode of feeling was directly and freshly altered by their reading and thought. In Chapman especially there is a direct sensuous apprehension of thought, or a recreation of thought into feeling, which is exactly what we find in bsc thesis, Donne: in this one thing, all the discipline. Of manners and of manhood is essay on african american history, contained; A man to join himself with th' Universe. In his main sway, and make in paper of tcs, all things fit. One with that All, and on african history go on, round as it; Not plucking from the whole his wretched part,

And into straits, or into nought revert, Wishing the complete Universe might be. Subject to such a rag of it as he; But to consider great Necessity . We compare this with some modern passage: No, when the fight begins within himself, A man's worth something. God stoops o'er his head, Satan looks up between his feet--both tug-- He's left, himself, i' the middle; the soul wakes.

And grows. Prolong that battle through his life! It is essayer de soleil, perhaps somewhat less fair, though very tempting (as both poets are concerned with the perpetuation of love by offspring), to compare with the stanzas already quoted from Lord Herbert's Ode the following from Tennyson: One walked between his wife and essay on african american child, With measured footfall firm and mild, And now and then he gravely smiled. The prudent partner of his blood. Leaned on him, faithful, gentle, good, Wearing the rose of womanhood. And in their double love secure, The little maiden walked demure,

Pacing with downward eyelids pure. These three made unity so sweet, My frozen heart began to beat, Remembering its ancient beat. The difference is not a simple difference of degree between poets. It is something which had happened to the mind of written paper of tcs, England between the time of essay history, Donne or Lord Herbert of Cherbury and the time of Tennyson and Browning; it is the difference between the intellectual poet and the reflective poet. Tennyson and Browning are poets, and bsc thesis bibtex they think; but they do not feel their thought as immediately as the essay on african history odour of a rose. A thought to Donne was an experience; it modified his sensibility.

When a poet's mind is perfectly equipped for its work, it is growth, constantly amalgamating disparate experience; the ordinary man's experience is on african american, chaotic, irregular, fragmentary. The latter falls in essays in magical, love, or reads Spinoza, and these two experiences have nothing to do with each other, or with the essay on african history noise of the typewriter or the rejuvenation smell of cooking; in the mind of the poet these experiences are always forming new wholes. We may express the difference by the following theory: The poets of the seventeenth century, the successors of the dramatists of the sixteenth, possessed a mechanism of sensibility which could devour any kind of on african american, experience. They are simple, artificial, difficult, or fantastic, as their predecessors were; no less nor more than Dante, Guido Cavalcanti, Guinizelli, or Cino. Amrita Essays In Magical! In the seventeenth century a dissociation of sensibility set in, from history, which we have never recovered; and this dissociation, as is natural, was aggravated by the influence of the two most powerful poets of the century, Milton and Dryden.

Each of these men performed certain poetic functions so magnificently well that the magnitude of the effect concealed the absence of management essay, others. The language went on and in some respects improved; the best verse of Collins, Gray, Johnson, and even Goldsmith satisfies some of our fastidious demands better than that of Donne or Marvell or King. But while the language became more refined, the feeling became more crude. The feeling, the essay american sensibility, expressed in the Country Churchyard (to say nothing of Tennyson and Browning) is bibtex, cruder than that in the Coy Mistress . The second effect of the influence of Milton and on african Dryden followed from the first, and virtuellement des lunettes de soleil was therefore slow in manifestation. The sentimental age began early in the eighteenth century, and continued.

The poets revolted against the ratiocinative, the descriptive; they thought and felt by fits, unbalanced; they reflected. In one or two passages of Shelley's Triumph of Life , in on african, the second Hyperion , there are traces of a struggle toward unification of sensibility. But Keats and Shelley died, and Tennyson and Browning ruminated. After this brief exposition of a theory--too brief, perhaps, to carry conviction--we may ask, what would have been the fate of the metaphysical had the current of poetry descended in a direct line from them, as it descended in a direct line to them? They would not, certainly, be classified as metaphysical. The possible interests of a poet are unlimited; the more intelligent he is the in magical better; the on african american more intelligent he is the more likely that he will have interests: our only condition is that he turn them into poetry, and not merely meditate on essays in magical, them poetically. A philosophical theory which has entered into poetry is established, for its truth or falsity in one sense ceases to matter, and essay american history its truth in another sense is proved. The poets in question have, like other poets, various faults. But they were, at best, engaged in the task of trying to cold, find the verbal equivalent for essay on african states of mind and feeling. And this means both that they are more mature, and that they wear better, than later poets of certainly not less literary ability.

It is not a permanent necessity that poets should be interested in philosophy, or in any other subject. We can only say that it appears likely that poets in essayer des lunettes de soleil, our civilization, as it exists at essay history present, must be difficult . Our civilization comprehends great variety and thesis complexity, and essay american history this variety and essayer des lunettes complexity, playing upon essay on african american a refined sensibility, must produce various and complex results. War! The poet must become more and more comprehensive, more allusive, more indirect, in order to force, to dislocate if necessary, language into his meaning. Essay American History! (A brilliant and extreme statement of growth thesis, this view, with which it is not requisite to associate oneself, is that of M. Essay! Jean Epstein, La Posie d' aujourd-hui .) Hence we get something which looks very much like the bsc thesis conceit--we get, in fact, a method curiously similar to that of the metaphysical poets, similar also in its use of obscure words and of simple phrasing. O graniums diaphanes, guerroyeurs sortilges, Emballages, devergondages, douches! O pressoirs.

Des vendanges des grands soirs! Layettes aux abois, Thyrses am fond des bois! Relevailles, compresses et l'ternal potion, Anglus! n'en pouvoir plus. De dbcles nuptiales! de dbcles nuptiales! The same poet could write also simply:

Elle est bien loin, elle pleure, Le grand vent se lamente aussi . . . Jules Laforgue, and Tristan Corbire in many of his poems, are nearer to the school of Donne than any modern English poet. But poets more classical than they have the same essential quality of transmuting ideas into sensations, of transforming an observation into a state of mind. Pour 1'enfant, amoureux de cartes et d'estampes, L'univers est gal son vaste apptit. Ah, que le monde est grand la clart des lampes! Aux yeux du souvenir que le monde est petit! [Baudelaire] In French literature the great master of the seventeenth century--Racine--and the great master of the nineteenth--Baudelaire--are in some ways more like each other than they are like any one else. The greatest two masters of diction are also the greatest two psychologists, the most curious explorers of the soul. It is interesting to american history, speculate whether it is essayer virtuellement, not a misfortune that two of the greatest masters of diction in our language, Milton and Dryden, triumph with a dazzling disregard of the essay on african american soul.

If we continued to produce Miltons and Drydens it might not so much matter, but as things are it is a pity that English poetry has remained so incomplete. Those who object to in magical, the artificiality of Milton or Dryden sometimes tell us to look into our hearts and write. But that is not looking deep enough; Racine or Donne looked into a good deal more than the heart. One must look into essay on african history, the cerebral cortex, the nervous system, and the digestive tracts. May we not conclude, then, that Donne, Crashaw, Vaughan, Herbert and dbq essay war Lord Herbert, Marvell, King, Cowley at his best, are in the direct current of English poetry, and that their faults should be reprimanded by this standard rather than coddled by antiquarian affection? They have been enough praised in terms which are implicit limitations because they are metaphysical or witty, quaint or obscure, though at their best they have not these attributes more than other serious poets. On the other hand, we must not reject the criticism of Johnson (a dangerous person to disagree with) without having mastered it, without having assimilated the Johnsonian canons of taste.

In reading the celebrated passage in his essay on Cowley we must remember that by wit he clearly means something more serious than we usually mean today; in his criticism of their versification we must remember in what a narrow discipline he was trained, but also how well trained; we must remember that Johnson tortures chiefly the chief offenders, Cowley and Cleveland. It would be a fruitful work, and one requiring a substantial book, to break up the essay on african classification of Johnson (for there has been none since) and exhibit these poets in all their difference of kind and of degree, from the massive music of essays rejuvenation, Donne to the faint, pleasing tinkle of Aurelian Townshend--whose Dialogue between a Pilgrim and Time is one of the few regrettable omissions from the excellent anthology of Professor Grierson.

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